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#Pokemon Hunting Club
sheensparklesparkle · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Meet Cranberry the Mawile! They're such a sweetie, and when the Mega Evolve, they get a second mouth so he can eat even more Cranberries! After I got Wabbit, I decided to hunt for Mawile, since it was another Mega I wanted to have shiny.
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sheensparklesparkle · 7 months ago
Hunt the Wabbit!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I spent part of my weekend shiny hunting for a Sableye. No luck yet, but I did get this cutie!
Carbine makes me reminisce about what lore could have existed between Diancie and these funky little dudes. I think we got a little, but I always hoped for more. Story of XY, huh?
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xyipprocessjournal · 19 days ago
Initial Proposal Idea
20 January 2021 #7
This is what we included as an initial proposal idea as a group.
Onboarding Process – The user is greeted with an interactive film about mental health awareness and throughout the film, the user will be presented with “problems” and the choices they can take which will lead them to an outcome based on their choice (Ref: Royston Tan High Video). The interactive film will also serve as a diagnostic report at the end based on the user’s choices, to predict if they have any pre-existing mental health conditions (for users that feel they need help) and steps to take to raise awareness on mental health issues (for users that want to learn more).
Main App Interface – The user will then be given the choice to create their own avatars through a character creation process and then enter a lobby where there will be other users roaming around as well (Ref: Club Penguin). There will be 2 rooms that their avatars can enter: (1) GAME – to learn more about mental health & (2) CONSULTATION – to seek advice.
(1) GAME – Users will be greeted with a visual map of locations (Ref: Pokemon Go) that they can go locally in real life like a treasure hunt where they can complete a challenge that will teach the user more on a specific mental health condition and attain a reward upon completion. The game will also have a levelling system where their levels will be higher with each completion. The main goal of the game is to allow not only for the user to understand more about mental health locally but also how countries around the world have created ways domestically to curb mental health conditions. With the current lockdowns across the globe, the game will also incorporate virtual reality elements for those from a different country. For example, Singaporeans are encouraged to play the game in real life but in the event that they would like to go to Japan to learn more, they can enter the virtual reality section where there will be visuals from Japan’s landmarks, cities, etc. The virtual reality section will mimic as closely as possible to the real-life treasure hunt to not break the immersiveness. There will also be an integration of activities from art therapy, music and smells through the game where the user can relax and enjoy away from the actual treasure hunt game as a break.
PHASE 1. We will start with landmarks that surround the city of Singapore. 
PHASE 2. We will expand and include the global map.
 (2) CONSULTATION – Users can enter the consultation room to talk to an expert that is ready 24/7 to help them or enter an online meeting session with strangers across the world to talk more on their problems or help one another. 
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crystalnet · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Current X-book Mood-Ring Guide
There are an awful lot of X-books on the shelves right now. They are most of my monthly haul. No joke it is at least 12 books at this point. So, in order to cope with that, I’ve organized all the books into one of four different categories, aka “booster-pack” themes. Click through if you want to jump aboard the best X-men run since Morrison before the boat pushes off for the Hellfire Gala this summer! These are the 4 categories:
-Mainline Blue/Gold-style 
-Jr. Mutants Academy 
-2nd-Wave Krakoa Niche (aka “the good stuff”)
Tumblr media
#1. Mainline Blue/Gold-style
Mood-color/vibe: Actually 90s-style Blue/Gold and like bright primary colors (but also muddy-ass colors from X-factor). 
Books included: X-men, Excalibur, Marauders, X-force
Typical Pokemon: Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Betsy Braddock, Kate Pride, Beast, Black Tom, Storm, Bishop, Emma Frost, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, Kid Omega, Domino, a Pyro, Iceman, Avalanche. Rare drops: Apocalypse, X-23, Synch, Darwin, Kid Cable, Fantomex (in that Giant-Sized!)
Tumblr media
These be the books for someone who wants those direct, mainline, core-members-style lineups. On the main book (adjective/word-play-less X-men) Hickman/Yu have worked wonders with their run, but it hasn’t been a stable team, instead focusing on Scott and his adventures dealing with some of the more prominent threats to Krakoa. 
So it’s essentially been a revolving door of a book with Cyclops sometimes leading assaults against major problems and sometimes just being a dad to teenagers from the future, and it’s been generally great. 
Meanwhile, the teams we find on the other 3 books could basically be a main X-men team if you just throw Jean/Scott/Logan onto them (except for X-force because Logan is usually on that one, actually, and Jean sort of is..)
X-force: Wolverine usually, Kid Omega, Beast, Jean (quitting?/back-up), Domino sorta, Sage, Black Tom Cassidy, Colossus once? Forge sorta. [Lot’s of backup or sometimes-members on this team but kinda centers on Beast, Omega, Wolverine and Jean or Domino]
Excalibur: Betsy Braddock, Rogue, Jubilee, Gambit, Avalanche, baby/dragon Shogo, Apocalypse (honorary, mia)
Marauders: Kate Pride, Storm, Emma Frost, a Pyro, Iceman, Bishop
Tumblr media
On X-force, you get a little Morrison-homage energy going on what with Beast being sus, Quentin Quire having a character arc and dating a cuckoo and then all the body-horror. This one hasn’t been amazing and the art sometimes has issues for me but it’s been a solid expansion on Krakoa-Era lore. 
On Marauders, you get a book centered on Kate Pride and the Hellfire Club. It’s been aight but I’m not the biggest Kate fan. Definitely has heart and the art has been beautiful. 
Excalibur started a little weird for me... I lack the references or attachment to Otherworld or Davis/Moore-era Excalibur so I don’t think I’m even really the target demo, but I will say it recently, post-X of Swords-- which it set up single-handedly basically [along w/ one ish of X-men]-- has gotten more interesting in recent months. The Betsy + Kwannon stuff was great! And Howard did great with Apocalypse before he went off to another dimension. (points off for iffy color-palettes sometimes). 
#2. Jr. Mutants Academy
Mood-color/vibe: Pastel
Books: New Mutants, X-factor, Children of the Atom, Cable
Common Pokemon: Magik, Cable, Rachel Summers, Doug, Warlock, Armor, Boom Boom, Scout, Dani, Warpath, Karma, Glob, Beak, Daken, Eye-boy, North Star, Rachael, Prodigy those Children of the Atom kids, Magma, Rahne, and a lot of lil kid mutants runnin’ around in Akademos/the Wild Hunt area of Krakoa whose names I don’t know yet.
Tumblr media
This is the junior-crew club. New Mutants would be in the Blue/Gold books practically due to being part of the first wave of post-HoX/DoX books, but its basically been 3 different books/teams over its run and along w/ Children/Cable/X-Factor, it feels like there a whole handful of books offering up junior-crew shenanigans specifically. 
So New Mutants has been all over the place, starting with a lineup of OG Claremont era New Muties, then focusing on a team consisting of Glob, Armor and Boom Boom (perpetual...”young adult” I guess?), now settling on a new team under Vita Ayala with Magik and Warpath heading up a squad of young ‘uns (beautiful art on the recent stretch). Hopefully it’s settling into its self now, because I can see longevity for this new squad... maybe. 
I still have to read the 2nd issue of Children of the Atom,  but am intrigued by it. X-factor meanwhile seems to be focusing on queer representation with people like Prodigy, Daken, North Star and Rachel on the same group together. Polaris started out the lead of that title only to be plucked out by Duggan (or the fanbase) for the main X-team coming up. This honestly makes sense, because even though she isn’t drawn this way, shouldn’t Polaris be considerably older than someone like Rachel? Eh. 
Also, in issue #4 of X-factor we had a beautiful homage to the Academy X mutants, with several cameos, so it seems like Marvel is intentionally using these junior-crew books to acknowledge all the various junior-crews, whether it be OG Claremont kids, Generation X people, the kids intro’d under Morrison and Whedon, or even the dang ‘ol Academy X ones, they seem to all be getting at least some representation in some book. 
Also Cable owns. Didn’t know I’d like the Kid-Cable guy until this book and his appearances in the main title, but now it’s confirmed. Him dating Esme, Kid Omega dating Phoebe? These crazy telepaths! Anyway, I hope Duggan’s main-team book is more like Cable than Marauders, in terms of pacing and characterization, but they both have beautiful art!
New mutants: Karma, Magik, Mirage, Scout, Warlock, Warpath and Wolfsbane
X-factor: Daken, Eye-boy, Polaris (quit?), North Star, Rachael, Prodigy
Tumblr media
#3. 2nd-gen Krakoa Niche aka “the good stuff”
mood-color/vibe: purples, metaphysical/cosmic pallets, tertiary colors
books included: Hellions, S.W.O.R.D., Way of X
common Pokemon: I mean they’re basically all rare drops
Tumblr media
This is the good stuff! Who would have thought. And when I think about it,  Way of X and S.W.O.R.D., as part of the second wave of Krakoa-era books that started with Cable, both address some of the core issues and ideas that the whole HoX/DoX mini kicked off better than-- or at least more directly-- the other books. So I guess the non X-men, first-wave Krakoa books feel “mainline” in terms of their team lineups, but in terms of content, these newer ones almost feel more relevant by design. S.W.O.R.D. focuses on the cosmic context of the mutants post-Krakoa and Way is Kurt’s first spot-light moment in the era and is expressly concerned with Kurt’s addressing of the deeper moral quandaries that a people who have conquered death will be faced with. I mean, it's expressly about religion and like, spirituality-- a very tall order, but first issue pulled it off super deftly.
Also Hellions is better than it has any business being! Read this if you want savagely dark humor and some very obscure mutants + Havok/Psylocke/Sinister. But if I had to reccomend one, it’d be a tie b/w S.W.O.R.D and Way. First issue of Way was exceptional and got right into things and Kurt’s very well-written and will surely prove a meditative lead for a book like this, whereas S.W.O.R.D is epic in scale while still have sick character moments/dialogue. Manifold had a great issue or two and is now my favorite new mutant, even in the context of a somehow-actually-good King in Black tie-in. Damn! And everything going on b/w Magneto and Fabian Cortez (who was made to argue for why mutants should be allowed to murder “flatscans”/humans to the whole Krakoan council this week whilst naked. It’s fantastic. Hell, even the Snark-War sounds...interesting? What’s happening to me. 
S.W.O.R.D.: Fabian Cortez, Magneto, Abigail Brand, Peeper, Manifold, Wiz-Kid, Mentallo, Fenzy
Children of the Atom: Cherub, Marvel Guy, Cyclops-Lass (?), Gimmick, Daycrawler
Hellions: Havok, Psylocke, Empath, Orphan-Maker, Nanny, Wild Child, Sinister, Greycrow
Tumblr media
#4. Cetera
Mood-color/vibe: colorless, “normal” element
Books included: Fallen Angels (complete 6-ish mini), All the damn Wolverine books, the uh Sword of X “guidebook” and the new Peach Momoko Demon Days books and whatever X-men Legends is.
These are titles which are either complete or don’t fit in with other things or in Demon Days or the X-men Legends’ books’ case, I think don’t even occur in-universe. And per usual of course there are multiple Wolverine books... the main one seems fine. 
Anyway all-in-all, these books are doing weirdly well. Mutants as a concept shouldn't be able to be spread this thin story-telling wise, but the books don’t really feel redundant and most are filling a specific niche or purpose. I may be dropping some of the first-wave Blue/Gold style books (Marauders and X-force I'll probably just check in on from time-to-time), but S.W.O.R.D., Way, the main book under Hickman or Duggan and Hellions all have me verrrrrry satisfied. Even standard stories in the Krakoa era feel special, and that speaks to the power of Hickman’s vision. Hellfire Gala, here we come. 
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foopeach · a month ago
Also I saw that Olivia did this on their main so so I thought it would be cool to do it too. Personal favs are bolded.
List of anime I have watched:
Jojo (obviously)
Yakusoku no neverland
Psycho pass (my favorite anime)
Made in Abyss
Ouran HS host club
Koe no Katachi
Most Ghibli films
Keroro gunsou
Baka to test
Rosario + Vampire
Diabolik Lovers (all versions)
Vampire Knight
My Little Monster
Shigatsu Wa Kimi Na Uso
Dragon Ball
Fairy Tail (it was my fav when I was little)
Devilman: Crybaby
Sidonia no Kishi (dropped, I hate it)
Mirai Nikki
Kono Subarashii: Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2
Mushishi (BEAUTIFUL 👌)
Ghost Hunt (another personal fav of mine)
Black Butler
Akame Ga Kill
Castlevania (does that count???)
High school of the dead
Soul Eater
One Piece (currently unfinished. Made it halfway)
Deadman Wonderland
Magi (Sinbad and regular magi)
Seto no hanayome
Skip beat (only read the manga, anime sucks)
Durarara (dropped, found it boring)
Nanatsu No Taizai (read the manga)
Re: Zero
Violet Evergarden
Gurren Lagann
Kill la Kill
Bleach (binge read the manga)
Yamada’s First Time
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Death Note (unfinished, it is too slow)
Snk/AoT (dropped. Fucking hate it. No eating pls)
Tokyo Ghoul
Food Wars
Great Pretender
Saiki. K.
There’s like a few more but they’re small and I can’t remember their names ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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emily-scytherblog25 · 2 months ago
Continuing the genderbend this here is who is next!
Tumblr media
- Lilake (Genderbend name: Jax)
Fandom: Disney, Pixar, and Sander Sides.
Tumblr media
- Koneko (Genderbend name: Hageshisumaira. It's long- I know)
Fandom: My Anime's (Assassination Classroom, BNHA/MHA, AOT, Naruto, Danganropa, Pokemon, Yuri on Ice (in progress), Yarichin Bitch Club (can't watch but I know rather little))
Tumblr media
- Laira (Genderbend name: Percy)
Fandom: Spider-Man into the: Spider-verse, DC (wonder woman movie 1984), Guardians of the Galaxy, Fnaf, Roblox Ronald.
Tumblr media
- Charlotte (Genderbend name: Jackson)
Fandom: Dreamworks (Puss in boots, madegascar panguins (movie only), ROTG, HTTYD (seasons not included, so movies only), Megamind, Kung-fu Panda (all movies but not seasons)), Coraline, Babysitters guid to monster hunting (Movie only, idk the books yet)
Tumblr media
- Kitt (Genderbend name: Cole)
Fandom: BL (my Engineer, 2gether and still 2gether, Theory of love, SOTUS) Adventure time, We bare bears.
(hope you like them! :D
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ghostsapling12-13 · 2 months ago
Ok, so. Free parking in colorado for the national guard for two weeks, and we're holding a pokemon chairoprachtors club meeting for t-zone hunting in kansas.
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hairachick · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stolas  ... Made my day . Stop for gas, look down at pump, and find a rock painted owl. Signature on back appears to be a local painted rock club that hunts these stones like a Pokemon Go game. This is a  matrix consciousness manifestation as so many elements here   connect to my trans friend in Toronto. 
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bmaxwell · 4 months ago
Best Games of 2020
2020 was a lot. It will be remembered for many things far above and beyond video games. COVID-19 shut the world down in a way never seen in my lifetime. It changed day to day life for many of us, and cost many of us loved ones. It was also the year when the ugly parts of our capitalist society were shown in broad daylight. It feels like 2001 again in that our lives will be divided into pre-2020 and post-2020.
For me personally, I was able to keep my job and work from home, and no one close to us died to the pandemic. We stayed home as much as possible, wore masks, wiped down groceries, and did our best to control what we could. It can be hard to talk about stuff like video games and sports with the usual sort of fervor when the world feels like it’s falling apart around us. It feels like playing the violin aboard the Titanic. But self-care is especially important in times like these, and it’s healthy and necessary to close Twitter, or for-the-love-of-god fucking Facebook and get a breather sometimes. Finding a balance where I could stay informed without completely submerging myself in misery wasn’t always easy. 
And so. 2020 was a pretty good year for games, though it must be noted that there is a cost to that escapism - the industry is rife with stories of abuse, burnout, and coverups from companies such as Ubisoft and CD Projekt Red, Naughty Dog, and many others. That can add an additional layer of exhaustion to what is supposed to be a relaxing escape. So I can understand the people who say they don’t want to hear about abuse in industry, they just want the games. But also, fuck those people. “I don’t care if you suffer to entertain me, I just don’t want to hear about it.” Fuck the whole entire way off.
But I digress. Like most years, I played a lot of games. I played a lot of coop beat-em-ups with my kids this year. Minecraft Dungeons and Streets of Rage 4 didn’t make the list, but I spent hours playing them with my middle child. And it wasn’t a 2020 release, but I had a blast playing River City Girls with firstborn. It was a good year for fans of tactics games with stuff like Gears Tactics, Troubleshooter, Wintermoor Tactics Club, and Fae Tactics. 2020 also saw new console releases, though the launch lineups were especially thin. 
Gaming-wise, 2020 was the year of Xbox Game Pass for me. I spent most of this console generation (justifiably) dogging Xbox for their lack of platform exclusives, but I decided to pursue an Xbox Series X before a Playstation 5. Game Pass is the main reason for this. The “Netflix for games” thing has finally become a reality, and Sony just doesn’t have an answer for the bonkers value of Game Pass. We head into the new console generation with Microsoft leaning heavily on Game Pass subs, Sony still banking on a few console exclusives, and Nintendo, uh, doing their own thing over there. What a fascinating time for the industry.
Honorable Mention
It’s an honor just to be nominated.
Monster Sanctuary
Tumblr media
If you start with Pokemon, strip away the anime, and mix in a healthy dose of metroidvania, you have Monster Sanctuary. This means there are monsters to collect, level, and evolve, and lots of combat revolving around elemental strengths and weaknesses. And I am here for that shit. A game like this lives and dies by its combat, and it’s very satisfying here. The game has plenty of choices about which skills to focus on for each monster, which gear to equip, and which monsters to keep in your active roster.
That said, between a couple of nasty difficulty spikes and some super-frustrating puzzle rooms, I was close to walking away from the game on multiple occasions. It’s a testament to the game’s quality that I kept coming back to it.
Animal Crossing
Tumblr media
Animal Crossing on the Gamecube is one of my favorite games ever.  Each game in the series since the first has felt like a small incremental change from the original. I played Wild World on the DS quite a bit, City Folk a bit less, and A New Leaf not at all. I was thinking that maybe enough time has passed that I could get wrapped up in New Horizons, but I fell off it after a month or two. 
I’m wondering what I would want from a new Animal Crossing game, and the answer is nothing. How much can you change the game and still have it be Animal Crossing? I don’t think the game is bad by any means. My whole family shared an island community for a couple of months. It’s impossible for a new game in the series make me feel the way that first game did. 
The most memorable part of New Horizons is the museum. The museum is huge and absolutely lovely, with fish, bugs, fossils, and art each having their own wing. There were a few nights where the tranquility of the museum made for a nice end of the day.
Tell Me Why
Tumblr media
My wife, firstborn, and myself have made a nice routine of playing through “choices matter” games together (starting last year with Detroit Become Human and following up with Life is Strange 2). Tell Me Why is the latest one one of these we tackled as a group. These game have created some memorable moments for us; who could forget their child yelling for them to “shoot the hooker”? (thank you, Detroit Become Human). 
Tell Me Why was on my radar because it’s One of These, but also because it features a transgender protagonist. As a parent of a trans child, I was both excited at the prospect of this and also worried that it is such an easy thing to fumble. I’m pleased to report that DONTNOD handled the writing of the trans person very well without being hamfisted, preachy, or tryhardy with it. The character of Tyler is a believable trans man, and the topic is spoken of matter-of-factly without placing special focus on it; being trans is a part of Tyler’s story, but it’s not the entirety of his identity.  
Less impressive to me was the story itself - especially the way it wrapped up its main conflict. The game trades in the idea of memory being imperfect, which is fascinating in and of itself, but I did not like it as a game mechanism. How did this REALLY happen? One character remembers it one way, and the other remembers it differently. Choosing between them felt cheap and hollow to me; I want you to tell me what happened, don’t ask me to choose. Still, I enjoyed my time with the game, and it feels like a step forward in mainstream storytelling for LGBTQA characters.
Ghost of Tsushima
Tumblr media
Ghost of Tsushima is flat out gorgeous. Practically every area and every moment in the game is begging to screenshotted to the point where it can sometimes pull me out of the game world a little bit. That’s not necessarily a complaint because, as I said, the game is freaking beautiful. But every part of the world looking like a painting makes it feel more like it takes place in a fantasy world and less like a game from feudal Japan. 
I also had some ludonarrative dissonance going on with the game; you play as Jin, one of the few surviving samurai in his homeland which has been invaded by the Mongols. His uncle is being held prisoner, and combatting the occupying force would be impossible without using dishonorable techniques like hiding, attacking from a distance, and ambushing from the shadows. I, however, have no qualms and savored every opportunity to catch my foes unaware. So Jin voices his doubts, then goes into a camp and proceeds to cut his enemies down from shadows as I cackle with glee.
Ghost of Tsushima also combines dark souls-esque* combat with Ubisoft-style open world gameplay where you’re hunting down icons on a map. That kind of open world game is hard for me top stick with, especially after I spent ~30 hours with Assassin’s Creed Origins early in the year. All of makes it sound like I’m pretty down on Ghost of Tsushima, which I’m not. I’m hoping I’ll come back to it at some point when I have more of an appetite for One of These. 
Crown Trick
Tumblr media
My Dungeons of Dredmor hole has not been properly filled in a long time. Chcocobo’s Mystery Dungeon is the closest I think. These games are what I think of as roguelikes, though the progression between runs makes them roguelites. *tips fedora*
Crown Trick is a turn-based dungeon crawler where the map is a grid, and each time you act, the enemies act. Add to this clockwork puzzle gameplay a good variety of weapons, relics, and events and you’ve got a lot of replayability. It doesn’t have Dredmor’s ridiculous combination of skill classes, but it does have a neat Mega Man-esque system where you defeat minibosses and add their skill set to your build.
Top 10
10. Star Renegades
Tumblr media
Star Renegades was not on my radar at all until I heard Austin Walker talk about the game on Waypoint Radio. Two things gave me pause:
- It’s a sci-fi-ass game. It’s a setting I don’t care for. Star destroyers and aliens and galactic battlecruisers aren’t my jam. - Austin Walker’s enthusiasm is infectious. I’ve tried games after hearing him gush over them and those games haven’t worked for me.** That’s not an indictment, he and I just have different tastes.
Star Renegades ticks a few important boxes for me: it has a lot of characters to unlock, it’s highly customizable, and the combat is turn-based with a twist. Every action, whether friend or foe, appears on a timeline. Some attacks will push their target’s action back on the timeline, so there’s a puzzle element to the combat that keeps it feeling fresh. You can choose the makeup of your party on each run, which helped give the game a buttload of replay value.
It’s not flawless by any means. The writing tries a little too hard to be cheeky and ends up feeling tryhardy and a little flat. A decent run in the game would often take 2-3 hours, which makes it feel deflating when it ends in failure - which it frequently did. The sections of the game where you move between zones on an overhead map feels needlessly clunky, and sometimes I ended up with movement points I couldn’t spend because of how the game handles that system.
I enjoyed Star Renegades a lot, but my time with it was weird. The game has unlockable characters, so unlocking them all was my first priority. The game’s runs are pretty long, I was playing sub-optimally trying to unlock things, and the game is more difficult than I’d expected. It took me a long time to complete the unlocks, then I had a hard time actually finishing a run successfully. Eventually I was ready to be done with it and turned the difficulty down to easy**** just to finally get a W. Still, the positives far outweigh the negative here, and Star Renegades is one of my favorite games of 2020.
9. Immortals Fenyx Rising
Tumblr media
Man, something happened to me this December. I’m currently finding myself playing a lot of Forza Horizon 4, Destiny 2, and Immortals Fenyx Rising. None of these is My Kind of Game. Immortals is probably the least surprising of these, because it at least has swords and bows and stuff. 
Still, I dismissed and mocked Immortals Fenyx Rising when it was first shown. It was called Gods & Monsters back then, and the idea of Ubisoft making yet another open world game, this time aping Breath of Wild was not appealing at all. I only ended up with the game after trading in Cyberpunk 2077 for Xbox credit and looking into Immortals because I was very surprised to see it on Game Informer’s game of the year list.
To get a few things out of the way, it absolutely recycles a lot from Breath of the Wild: you’ll be hang gliding, scaling walls as a stamina meter drains, finding shrines that contain puzzles and combat and climbing towers to get a vantage point and find points of interest on the map. The latter feels the most fumbled in this game  - you can zoom in and survey the landscape, and your controller vibrates when you are looking near a point of interest. Move the cursor over it and press a button to reveal it on the map. They split the difference between Assassin’s Creed’s “all the icons pop in automatically” and Zelda’s wonderful “manually mark places that look interesting to you on your map” system and ended up with something neither functional nor interesting. 
That’s where my complaints end though. The game’s art style is similar at a glance, but it’s vibrant and gorgeous, and never feels like Breath of the Wild. The combat is snappy, responsive, and challenging. The puzzle design is often creative, clever, and rarely frustrating; most of my frustration has come from my overthinking the puzzle solutions. There is plenty of gear to find, and the game’s cosmetic options are intuitive and welcome. The game’s narrative is better than I expected;  it feels like a B-tier Disney movie. The writing has made me smile a few times, and made me roll my eyes a few times. Zeus as comic relief is a pretty major miss, but it’s fine apart from that. It helps that I’m already familiar with Greek mythology. 
It’s a huge, beautiful world where traversal and combat feel great. It’s sometimes hard to get anything done because I am constantly distracted by tracking down an icon on the map, or just exploring because I saw something cool or strange. Not all of the puzzles and challenges work, but that’s okay because I can move onto something else. Immortals Fenyx Rising is this year’s Dragon Quest Builders 2: gaming comfort food where it feels good to sit back and check things off a list at the end of a long day. Still don’t like the name though. And fuck Ubisoft.
8. Atomicrops
Tumblr media
The first mention of Atomicrops I remember was “What if Stardew Valley was a twin stick shooter?” which is bullshit, because the games bear no resemblance beyond “there’s farming”. Beyond that first blurb, what appealed to me is the idea that the game’s days take place in 2 phases: during the daytime, you go out and fight baddies to gather seeds, and at night the baddies invade your farm and you fight them off while planting and watering crops.
It’s also a run-based roguelike, and I am 1 of 26 remaining people who is still psyched to play those. Give me a challenge, mix up the details, let me upgrade stuff between sessions, and turn me loose. The game has a good variety of weapons and the challenge is satisfying and rarely feels unfair (apart from the bullet hell problem of too much stuff on the screen at times). I don’t love the art style, but the music sure makes up for it.
7. Wintermoor Tactics Club
Tumblr media
A game needs more than charm to be memorable and enjoyable. Charm can go a long way though, and Wintermoor Tactics club has it in spades. It takes place at a small college, and you play as a girl named Alicia. She and her friends are members of the school’s tactics club, and much of the game takes place around a table littered with graph paper, rulebooks, and snacks. As someone who loved tabletop RPG’s in simpler times, and never had the traditional college experience, a prettied-up version of that appeals to me in a huge way. It’s not wholly idyllic though, and it touches on issues of discrimination and what it’s like to be an outcast.
The gameplay itself is pretty straightforward tactics stuff and it works fine but isn’t really the draw here. I was propelled through the game largely by a desire to meet the next character, get the next story bit, and keep basking in the game’s wonderful aesthetic and smart writing. There’s something lovely about sitting around the table and playing a game with friends, and this game really captures that.
6. Ratropolis
Tumblr media
Ratrpolis is “A fusion of roguelite, tower defense, city-building, and deck-building!” which sounds like a hodgepodge of nonsense. And it kind of is. It’s a city building game where you are periodically being invaded from either the left or right side of the screen (or both). You choose from 6 leaders, each with their own pool of cards and play style, start with a basic deck of cards and slowly evolve it. The cards consist of buildings, military units, and various economic and military buffs. The major things that set this apart from favorites like Slay the Spire are that it happens in real time, and there is an economic aspect to manage. Tax money comes in every few seconds, and it’s possible to make poor decisions early on and not understand why you feel hamstrung later.
I spent a lot of games like that, not really understanding why I’d be doing okay and then get overwhelmed. I had a few rage quits early on, but I could tell that there was something there. I started approaching it with the mindset of building an economic engine in the early game, and I started having a lot more fun and success. Each of the 6 leaders feels distinct, and figuring them each out has been a lot of fun. Runs are usually no more than about 30 minutes, which feels about right.
5. Final Fantasy VII Remake
Tumblr media
Despite identifying as a big JRPG fan, I’ve never enjoyed a mainline Final Fantasy game enough to finish it. This year I finished 2 of them: Final Fantasy XV and the Final Fantasy VII Remake.*** I played the original Playstation Final Fantasy VII release, I think I got through disc 1 and a little ways into disc 2. It didn’t resonate with me, so I came to this year’s remake with no reverence for the game. When many of the original game’s fans got upset with how much the remake changed the script from the source material, I didn’t have a horse in that race.
The remake is gorgeous, the combat and upgrade systems are engaging, and the story is interesting enough to keep me wanting to see what’s next. The 1997 release of the game had some stuff that isn’t going to play the same in 2020 like the scene where Cloud is crossdressing, the game’s themes of environmental activism, and, uh, the entire Don Corneo storyline come to mind. But the game handled all of this pretty well. I’m glad to say that this is one of the best RPG’s I played this year, and I look forward to the next entry whenever the hell it comes along. Cloud is still an unlikable punk though.
4. Monster Train
Tumblr media
Slay the Spire was a surprise hit a couple of years ago, and inspired a lot of folks in the indie space to take a crack at the deckbuilding genre. Monster Train managed to to take inspirations from Slay the Spire but still feels like very much its own thing. Both games have you progressing through a series of encounters consisting of battles, shops, or small events trying to defeat the big bad at the end of a journey. You start with a deck of basic cards and upgrade them and add new cards along to way. You can’t really start a run planning on making a certain style of deck, you just choose from the cards available and watch the strategy form. The way this process tickles my brain makes these games endlessly replayable. The “one more run” is very strong here.
Monster Train differentiates itself in a couple of ways. First, where Slay the Spire was always just your one character battling one or more enemies, here you are summoning multiple creatures on the lower 3 levels of a 4-level train (I don’t know either). If the enemies reach the top floor of your train, they attack your core directly and eventually defeat you. This adds a strong spatial planning element - now you’re thinking about which combatants you want on each floor, and in what order.
The other notable difference between the games is that while Slay the Spire has four heroes, each with their own unique pool of cards, Monster Train has five factions. It’s one better. The first three factions feel pretty standard from a creativity point of view - red/green/blue are fire/nature/ice. The last two factions you unlock feel wholly unique though: there’s a faction that summons weak, cheap units and feeds on them for combat bonuses, and one that is made of candle beings who are powerful, but melt away. Okay, the real reason is that each time you play, you’re choosing a main faction (each has 2 champions to use from) and a secondary faction (you don’t get their champion, but you get access to their pool of cards). This makes each run feel unique and makes the game feel endlessly replayable. Even after unlocking all of the factions and their cards, and winning a run on the hardest challenge setting with each faction, I’m still playing Monster Train.
3. Spiritfarer
Tumblr media
If Kentucky Route Zero is my “It’s Not You, It’s Me” game this year, Spiritfarer might be my “Love at First Sight” game of the year. The game’s striking visuals grabbed my attention immediately when I first saw the trailer at E3 2019, and it was billed as a game about saying goodbye. My only reservation was that it was coming from Thunder Lotus Games, whose previous titles (Jotun and Sundered) both fell flat for me.
Spiritfarer ended up being everything I was hoping for. You play as the newly-appointed ferryperson for the boat that transports souls from the land of the living to the land of the dead. Your ship acts as your base of operations, and you build living quarters, a kitchen, a forge, and lots of other facilities on it. The beings who join you on your ship are anthropomorphized animals, each with their own story. Your job is to help them be at peace, then send them to the next life once they’re ready. 
In practical terms, you’re spending a lot of your time sailing from island to island to talk to people and find resources. There’s a plenty of crafting and time sinks in the game, and I appreciated the excuse to luxuriate in this game world. No game made me cry this year, but Spiritfarer (Alice’s story in particular) sure did try. It was the perfect respite for the nightmare that was 2020.
2. Yakuza: Like a Dragon
Tumblr media
A lot of Yakuza fans were concerned over this game’s switch from the series’ usual brawling combat to turn-based RPG combat. I was not one of them. Everything about this game sounds like the sort of fan fiction someone like, well, like me would come up with on a late night drunken bender. “What if it was Yakuza, but like, JRPG battles? Why would that happen.....OH oh oh what if the main character was a big fan of DRAGON QUEST so he just, like, saw the world in those terms? You could have party members, and a Pokedex of all the weirdo scumbags you fight, and you could change jobs by going to a temp agency!”
All of that is in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. And I love it. The series’ producer says they decided to pivot to a turn-based combat system after positive reaction to an April Fools Day Yakuza RPG joke they put online. And there are some rough spots. Your party members get caught on the world’s geometry sometimes, and combatants are constantly milling around so AOE abilities feel like a crap shoot. The Yakuza series has always had about 30% too much combat, so translating it into a genre known for grindy gameplay feels like a perfect storm of sorts. Thankfully, I’m a fan of grindy RPG’s so all of this is directly in my wheelhouse.
This eighth game in the Yakuza series is the first with a new protagonist - goodbye Kiryu Kazuma, hello Ichiban Kasuga. Where Kiryu was very stoic, Ichiban is a hothead with the perfect mix of kindness, earnestness, and stupidity for a JRPG hero. He is an incredibly likeable and charismatic character, and I hope Ryu Go Gotoku Studio tightens up the battle system and keeps this iteration of the series running.
1. Hades
Tumblr media
Hades seemed like a slam dunk. My favorite studio was making an action RPG based on Greek mythology. The announcement was the best possible version of “AND you can play it right now!” I bought it (in early access) immediately and played it a bit, but I didn’t want to burn out on it so I only briefly checked in on it every few months. As a result, my hype was pretty low when the game reached its 1.0 release. 
Once I decided to fully engage with the game though, I was unable to put it down. SuperGiant’s games have the best writing, music, and voice acting in the business. That’s a pretty high bar to aim for, and they hit it once again with Hades. Both of their post-Bastion games (Transistor and Pyre) are games that I have to recommend with an asterisk though; the gameplay parts of each game is an acquired taste and will put some folks off. 
Hades, however, I can give a full throated recommendation for. The gameplay is tight and the combat feels good. There’s a lot of variety in the weapons, so you can either find one that fits your style and stick with it, or do what I did and change it up every run. They also managed to achieve something incredible - they largely took the sting out of losing in a run-based game. There are things to unlock between runs as you’d expect from a roguelite. I found myself enjoying chatting with the denizens of hell as much as the moment to moment action gameplay. I’d respawn back home and make my rounds, taking to people and spending my cash. I had a route I’d travel each time, and that route ended with Skelly in the weapons room. Oh, the gauntlets grant a bonus if I use them this time....the door to start a new run is just right over there....okay I can do one more run tonight.
That personality and dialogue is sprinkled throughout the runs themselves too, in the form of the various Greek gods you talk to and get boons from. The variety in weapons and boons give the game tremendous replayability and give the game a deckbuilding feel. Every character in the game is incredibly well developed and well-acted. Zagreus is a likeable and relatable protagonist. He wants to get away from his disapproving father and find his estranged mother, and he and his father can’t see eye to eye. 
The story and gameplay in Hades do equal lifting, the game is an incredibly complete package. The game also provided a couple of the most memorable moments of the year. Hades might just be SuperGiant’s best game. It’s certainly their most complete game. 
*It’s very much on the lighter side of this gameplay style, akin to 2019′s Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Plus there are difficulty settings, which I appreciate.
**Invisible Inc, Dragon’s Dogma, and The Outer Wilds come to mind.
***Final Fantasy VII Remake is only the first installment in a series
****Cloaked in shame and failure.
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thornstocutyouwith · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Name:  Lucian Zoltán Xurxo Edu Faust
Meaning of Name:  Lucian: Light, Zoltán: Life, Xurxo: Farmer, Edu: Wealthy Guard, Faust: Fortunate One
Nickname(s):  Luci, Freak, Cian,
Age: Unknown
Birthday: September 14, 1494/1990
Species/Nationality:  Hybrid between a Gold Dragon and an Elf, A Fantasy Realm called Aseara.
Accent: Yes
Language spoken: Elvish, Common, English,
Dragon Physiology
Elf Physiology
Metal Dust Manipulation
Graphic Vision
Chemical Breath
Gamma Radiation Manipulation
Fire Breath
Dark Elemental Attacks
Weaknesses/Illness/Allergies: No
Pet: Spider Monkey named Sparrow
Occupation:  Strip Club Owner/Pirate Captain
Faceclaim:  Xavier Samuel
Description: His hair is short and black, with natural gold and blue flecks of hair/feather sticking out here and there. His iris are a blue purple color, and the rims are naturally blackened with the edges of the whites of his eyes tinted in a golden color that fades the when going in closer to his iris’. His fingernails are black. He has scars on his left shoulder , they are thick and puff out from his skin, and are an natural color from the rest of his skin. He is tan with scaled elbows and knee’s, the scales are black.  His ears are pointed, with black tips that fade into blue farther down. He has fangs, both on the bottom and the top of his mouth.
Outfit/Accessories/Jewelry: Swords, 
Height: 5′9″
Weight: 134
Body Build: Slender/Athletic
Lucian was born a long time ago, on a night of a full moon. In the middle of winter, to an elven mother.  She had been banished from the elven kingdom just after becoming pregnant with Lucian. Being viewed as a curse who would bring an abomination into their world. After her exile she had been hunted. Dragons and demons alike wanting her dead, or to capture her in order to obtain the child she was carrying.
After one such attack seventeen months after becoming pregnant, the elven woman finally went into labor. Though prematurely for her kind, as well as for the dragons, even more so. Being stalked into a cave, she collapsed and started to feel immense pain, her body lighting up in pain.  Before she could contain herself, she was found. She was captured and her head chopped off.  Still pregnant with Lucian at the time, her body was tossed into a nearby river.
The body floated for several days then, before washing up on a beach miles and miles away from the site of the elven woman’s execution. Several days after this, a pair of scavengers were walking along the beach, searching for items to sell at the local market. Spotting the body they run up to it, hoping there was something of value in it. Upon finding nothing,  one of the scavengers kicks the body in the stomach, hitting something solid.
Curious, they cut the body open, and fine an egg, not just any typical egg, but a golden colored egg. Taking the egg to the market, the pair easily sell this rare egg for riches that should of lasted them for months, possibly even years to come. Though they were probably going to end up spending it all on stupid things. The egg sat at the market for some time. For the most part, the shop owner didn’t even want to sell the egg.
Years passed, and the egg sat waiting, but for the longest time, no one came for it. And it from shop owner to shop owner, each one finding it hard to part with the strange egg, it was passed. Often times falling into the wrong hands, but it was never used for anything but decoration.
Lucian currently owns one of the most popular strip clubs around. It has quickly become a mythical being hotspot for more than just it’s strippers. Lucian’s fame stretches from the mythical all the way into the human world. There are many stories about his origins floating around. But no one knows exactly where it was he came from, or how he got where he is now. Many of the beings who know of him have an innate fear of getting on his bad side. But Lucian has never given anyone a reason to think of him as an evil presence. Lucian cannot remember much as his memory erases every thirty years, due to a curse that was placed on him by another creature hundreds of years before now.
Each time his memory is erased, he starts over as if his previous life hadn’t happened. It has been ten years since the last time his memory erased itself. Lucian is unaware of the curse because of it’s nature. Those who have claimed to know him after his memory is erased often find this annoying and often don’t want to be his friend anymore because they think that he just is being an asshole. Lucian over all isn’t effected by it and continues to find success in his life, going down different paths every thirty years.
At some point he comes to fight a creature that could teleport. Soon they were both transported to the natural world, where seemingly no one has power or features the same as beings from Aseara. There he came across a young woman during the fight which had almost been killed by the teleporting creature. Lucian however protected her from the monsters attack but lost his chance to return home, back to Aseara in the process. Stranded now the Woman, who had been at first frightened of his appearance, since he had been in his dragon form, initially tried to flee. When he reverted back to his more humanoid form she had however changed her mind and decided to help him.
It took some time before they became comfortable with one another. The woman most of all. She had seemed often far too gentle. Lucian was not used to many like her. Along with being in a strange world he had certainly felt out of place. However the two grow closer, sometimes even being attracted to one another. Lucian had come to learn that the woman was the personification of what is known at the Astrological Sign of Cancer. Also learning that not all these Human’s are the same as they looked at times, in the process. That even in a world so seemingly devoid of differences there were the subtle ones.
At some point Lucian and the young woman part ways and eventually Lucian moves on to find a way back home to Aseara once more. Hearing about another being who had been lost from their world named Jax, who was working on a portal to cross dimensions.
Lucian finds Jax and travels with the other trying to return home back to Aseara.
Sails a  ship called Eternity.
Finds out he’s a Dragon Prince
(Work In Progress)
Absent-minded, Adrenaline Junkie, Audacious, Bad Liar, Clumsy, Gullible, Idealist, Idiotic, Ignorant, Naive, Reckless, Timid, Ungracious, Unlucky, Unsophisticated, Courteous, Multi-leveled, Incorruptible, Punctual, Gracious, Adaptable, Upright, Humble, Neutral, Solitary, Glamorous, Noncommittal, Irreligious, Cute, Determined, Intense, Abrasive, Escapist, Argumentative, Careless, Nihilistic, Insulting, Odd, Demanding,
Quirks/Savvies/Other: Plays the drums, Startles easily, Prone to stumbling, Smells things, Accidentally breaks things often, Nibbles on peoples necks and ears, Flicks at people, Easily distracted by baubles or treasures,
Likes: Food, Music, Magic, Cooking, Crafting, Leaves, Clean (Warm) Clothes, Mud, Rain, Riverbeds, Cinnamon, Grapes, Peaches, Banana’s, Water, Wine, The Moon, Tea, Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate, Summer, Nighttime, Carving pumpkins,
Dislikes: Puns, Vegetables, Taller people, Philosophy, Being inside, Gossip, Monsters, Scary Stories, Grapes, Bats,
Fears: None
Personality Tests:
Other: Virgo
  -> Father: Unknown(Dragon)
  -> Mother: Unknown(Elf)
Sibling(s): None
                                                                              Alternate Universes
Lost Twin of Enzo (From Plush, Book/Movie (Fissarsi)) AU
Academy AU
Neko AU
Collar Colors: Grey, Black
Collar Charms: Wizard hat, sword, microphone,
Bell Color: Gold
Vampire AU
Doll AU
Greek God AU (Chrysus)
Lion King AU
Power Rangers AU (Green/White Ranger)
Alien AU
Zodiac AU
Harry Potter AU
Divergent AU
Pokemon AU
Hunger Games AU
Planet AU
Boogeyman AU
Phantom Family AU
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sassytimetraveltheorist · 6 months ago
Donkey Kong Country Returns Free
Tumblr media
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Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze
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Donkey Kong Country Returns is a side-scrolling platformer video game developed by Retro Studios and published by Nintendo for the Wii console. The game was released first in North America in November 2010, and in PAL regions and Japan the following month.
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Tumblr media
Good thing that you are along for the ride. With Donkey Kong Country Returns, Retro Studios brings Donkey Kong back to a banana and platforming hungry public in a new side-scrolling adventure with familiar characters and new levels that reignite the passion players had for the Super NES original and all things Donkey Kong. Dec 30, 2018 Donkey Kong Country Returns (Renewed): Video Games. Skip to main content. Try Prime Video Games. Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: FBA items qualify for FREE Shipping and Amazon Prime. If you're a seller, Fulfillment by Amazon can help you grow your business. Learn more about the program. Donkey Kong Country Returns (Renewed). Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: FBA items qualify for FREE Shipping and Amazon Prime. If you're a seller. Dec 21, 2011  Donkey Kong Country Returns is a Action/Platformer game published by Nintendo released on December 21, 2011 for the Nintendo Wii. Screenshots: Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii ISO Download Download Size: 3.50 GB Show Download Links. He can also help Donkey Kong with this ability by hopping on to Donkey Kong's back. In two player mode, a quick shake of the Wii Remote will give him the ability to fire his Peanut Popgun to assist Donkey Kong. The levels in Donkey Kong Country Returns are beautifully rendered and creatively designed with lots of hidden items to discover.
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Pokemon Prism - Summer 2010 Beta (gold hack)
Alright Pokémon PRISM.This game was one of the best Pokémon hacks I have personally ever lay ed my eyes upon.Ever since brown the first ever hack koolboyman ever made people were craving for his next hack.And, he thought up of this masterpiece.Gotta hand it to Koolboyman for thinking up such a great storyline new evil team, and not to mention new and very catchy pieces of music in this g..
Latest Screenshot Tenshi no Uta - Shiroki Tsubasa no Inori no 8120
Latest Video Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu Alex19820106
Latest Comment Final Fantasy VI (uncensored)
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ScarTheScarab 1st: 1,495,000 Gradius III
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Retro Game Room News and UpdatesScreenshots Completely Revamped Screenshot Data Submitted After December 2017 Was Lost Upgraded RetroArch from 1.7.7 to 1.7.8 Highscore and Speedrun Submissions Work Again Upgraded RetroArch from 1.7.5 to 1.7.7
P = RGR Plugin Available J = Java Emulator Available
Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze
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Donkey Kong Country Returns Review
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Tumblr media
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