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#Pokemon Fanart
kisenth · 28 minutes ago
Mistakes were made when I thought this pic was a good idea jkdhsfksdhfjksdfhsk
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Don’t mind Kira playing around w a bunch of flower Pokémon like some sorta mutant fairy thnks
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georgel0l · 2 hours ago
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Have My character from swsh with my shiny leafeon (my fave pokemon) cos I recently complete the game and today is my birthday :))
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talking4the1 · 2 hours ago
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Pokemon cards for the Entities
The Buried
the attacks include:
-Buried alive (good luck with that)
-Hand me my shovel I'm going in! (tunnel life)
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sigma-science · 2 hours ago
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"Snake's feet" (or serpent's legs/limbs, whatever you like) means "unnecessary addition" in general, but what if I make it does mean unnecessary "limbs."
So... behold.
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jorgeburgos8 · 2 hours ago
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It was very difficult for me to just be able to choose 6 pokemons from the 5 generations, but looking at my past games these are the ones I usually catch
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beatradical · 3 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Brush and brush!
☀️ RAPUNZEL x PIERS 😈 🦎 PASCAL x TOXEL🍼 As the years go by, managing his long, indestructible hair has proven to be an arduous task, even with Toxcal's earnest attempts to help.
 Holographic Prints of this piece are available on my Shopify . :)
Piers, Toxel © Pokémon Sword & Shield
Rapierzel AU, Fan Art by Fuyu
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thecaillic · 3 hours ago
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New Icon inspired by my recent holiday in the Northern Territory.
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fablefire · 4 hours ago
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Re-ment is doing a series of Pokemon bonsai figures and I needed to draw them. 🤤
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robo-goosey · 9 hours ago
Pokemon every day challenge.
Day 132:
5/12/2021 No.132 Ditto
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misquitz · 10 hours ago
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⭐My commissions are open and updated!⭐
✔Can/Will Do:✔
-Slight gore
🚫Can't/Won't Do:🚫
-Full suits of armor
-reference sheets
-heavy gore
-religious pieces
PayPal(USD) Only:
Sketch: $5
Coloured: $10
Sketch: $10
Coloured: $15
Sketch: $20
Coloured: $25
Icon Sketch: $5
Icon Coloured: $10
Full Sketch: $10
Full Coloured: $15
⭐ Extra people add $10 to the original price
⭐ Animals/Pets add $5-$10 to the original price depending on the complexity
⭐ Special effects add $5 to the original price
⭐Detailed backgrounds add $10 to the original price
❗Upon requesting an OC, please prove a VALID reference (using pre-existing art such as anime characters or someone else's art as "an example of their hair style" will not be accepted. It must be your own art or art that you have paid for.)(Picrews will be accepted)❗
⏰Turnaround time varies from mere hours to a few days depending on my IRL schedule⏰
💰I take payments up front💰
Please DM me if interested
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