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penguinkiwi-writes · 2 days ago
The Sith Detection Method Progress/Draft Update 1
I figured that each chapter, if I do full length chapters, which is likely, will be roughly 1-2k words each. I have no idea whats going on but I’ve accepted that this is my life now
I don’t plan on doing one of these regularly, but I did want y’all to know I am writing
Sometimes, Mace Windu wondered if there was something wrong with his friends.
Specifically, if there was something wrong with Kit Fisto— Master Jedi, member of the Council, part of the reason why almost everyone’s Lightsabers had duel crystals to work under water, and duelist protégé just like his two Lineage Brothers, Yan Dooku and Cin Drallig.
“Run that by me again, Master Fisto?” He asked, arms crossed. The Nautolan just grinned a bit, tresses curling.
“I have a full proof plan on figuring out who the Sith behind Dooku is,” he said again, “It’s actually really simple too.”
Mace was two parts exasperated and one part curious, because often when Kit said “really simple” it was either much more difficult than he meant or it was actually rather asinine.
But still he closed his eyes, took a breath, and then looked back at the other Councilor. 
“Very well. What is it? And it better not be the same as Adi and Stass’ ‘taunting them on the holonet’ plan, Master Fisto.”
He just laughed. “Relax, Mace, it’s not that bad.”
That gave him zero clues on what his so-called plan was.
Kit’s grin was just widening now. “So we all know how, like, everyone in the Temple loves Plo, right? I mean, obviously, I do, I had to fight six different people when we first filed for Union in the Order.”
“Where is this going, Master Fisto?” Mace asked, feeling a headache coming on.
“Look all I’m saying is that he’s decently liked outside the Order too right, I mean not like Kenobi and Skywalker are, but that’s just the whole human thing—“
“Please get to the point.”
“— and so basically, I’ve concluded that if someone doesn’t like Plo, they’re super shady, if not flat out evil.”
There was silence as Mace just stared at Kit.
He had hoped too much that this plan of Kit’s — it wasn’t really a plan, just a theory— wouldn’t be absolutely insane.
He would humor the other Master for a bit— after all, this was probably just Kit’s way of shaking off emotion from a rather rough campaign. Though he wasn’t far off the mark, Plo Koon was rather well liked among the Order (a beloved figure, really) and a good chunk of the Republic Worlds.
“I assume you have someone in mind, Kit Fisto? Because this sounds more like a theory than a plan to me.”
Kit waved him off. “Of course I have someone in mind, I’m not stupid— don’t comment on that.”
Mace wisely kept his mouth shut, raising a brow in a ‘well, get on with it’ sort of way.
“The Chancellor.”
“The Chancellor, former senator of Naboo? Sheev Palpatine? The one we keep meeting with for some reason?”
Mace rubbed his eyes. Yep, this was it. Kit Fisto had officially lost it. The War had officially driven the Nautolan to madness.
He sighed. “Fisto, how did you even come to the conclusion that the Chancellor dislikes Master Plo in the first place.”
The Nautolan raised a brow at him, tresses curling and flicking. “I know you’re overly tired like ninety percent of the time, but have you seriously not noticed?”
“Are you sure you’re not just being biased over this?”
Kit gave him a flat look. “Mace. I know I have a reputation as a loving husband who would give Plo anything he asked for and also as the resident Council idiot, but I’m not that stupid, and you know this.”
“Yes, apologies, but still… are you certain you’re not reading too much into it?” Mace asks. Kit hums, shaking his head. 
“No,” he tells him. “I talked to a few others, Shaak, Saesee, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka—“
“Padawan Tano has bias as well, she’s your child.” “She’s Plo’s kid, but good points! Depa agrees with me, right Depa?” 
The Nautolan turned, calling out into the hall as he asked Mace’s former Padawan. Mace rubbed his temples again as his former Padawan poked her head into Mace’s office.
“Is this about the Chancellor being a Sith Lord because he obviously doesn’t like Master Plo and how Dooku totally isn’t a true Sith because he definitely spared Master Plo’s life on Geonosis?” she asked and Kit nodded.
“Well, the Chancellor part, I’m still not on board for Master Kcaj’s Dooku theory because I don’t like Dooku.”
“Fair enough, I don’t either.”
Just some notes: 
If you’re new here:  Obviously, I’m the local PloKit writer apparently. Therefore, biased Kit is biased but also the biggest dork of a husband. Also, I herded Cin into the Yoda lineage with the rest of em because Yoda is listed as his teacher in saber training so like. why not. 
This is crack taken seriously, so it’s not how I normally write Kit (mostly) but either way. I might change some things up in final post depending on how it goes
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penguinkiwi-writes · 3 days ago
The Sith Detection Method Plot List (or some junk like that)
Just a heads up not all of these points will be gone over in the fic in detail or at all, I’m not sure how long I want to make it, because this was initially just going to be a dumb oneshot and I have yet to finish the Mando Fic and I want to finish that up before starting another long fic
but!! this is a rough general outline? idk y’all are crazy but I love you
Obviously Kit has the Plan ™ and Mace has the galaxy’s biggest fucking headache ever
“If they don’t like plo, they sus, i would know. I married him.” “That’s just being biased” “Nah bro, I had to fight like six people”
Kit actually isn’t a dumbass and has actual reasons why Pal Friendpatine probably doesn’t like Plo (ie the Malevolence
Now we gotta bring Plo into the convo because you cant discuss a plan like this without telling him
“As flattering as this is, Kit, how do you even plan on confirming your theory?” “Pshh that’s easy, Plo— HEY ANAKIN!”
Anakin is very confused but goes along with it
“you do realize that if Palpatine tries to deny he dislikes me, I might have to fake-date him” “Yeah, I know, and I’m not happy about that option but we do what we must for the republic.”
Palps’ initial dislike. Anakin is even more confused because “But master plo is awesome?? Why wouldn’t you like Master plo? is it because he’s friends with Master Fisto and Master Ti and Master Tiin? that’s kinda racist”
Also Palps is both homophobic and racist but he’s gotta figure out a way to make it work because Plo’s got that electric judgement and Baran Do secrets
Fake Date AU start I Guess???
Oh No Sheev Gets Feelings (You fool, you absolute buffoon)
Maul shows up to do some revenge against Palps because apparently that kel dor is palpatine’s (fake) lover 
Dad Koon intensifies and ol’ sheevie can’t kill Maul or Savage now (rip feral you died too soon)
Maul is the asshole cat son who keeps hissing at sheev and “tells” plo that Sheev is the sith
Plo’s just like “yes, yes, i know” “Then what the hell are you doing?” “Well currently stealing all of his assets and also the control data for the Clones’ implant chip from him :)“ “Ohh... can I have the house on Glee Anselm?” “Which one, son? Because your real father would probably like to keep one for the two of us, being a Nautolan and all” “OHHHHHH” (Savage: “can we have the one with the trees? I’ve always wanted a treehouse”)
Plo Koon takes the house in the divorce and also all of the assets and also exposes him as the sith
Palps attempts to attack? only to get yeeted by the Real Husband™ and also their like 300 sons
Maul is still the asshole cat-son to Kit
Wolffe and Maul both give Kit the beat down™ i guess
Maul’s hate boner for Kenobi is curbed because Bultar and Lissarkh can and will kick his ass for waking them and Ahsoka and also Nahdar and Bant up at ungodly hours of the morning for screaming “KENOBI”
They Siblings™ go back and rescue Feral
idk maybe Plo has to fight Shaak ti for rights to train Savage because “he’S MY SON??” “NEITHER YOU NOR YOUR UNCLE TRAINED YOUR RELATIVES, PLO KOON, DON’T START NOW”
Eeth Koth who did not leave the order (he was just on an undercover mission guys) gets to train Feral
Plo Koon still has all of Sheev’s assets :)
The Jedi Order is no longer broke uwu
Jk they’re a little broke. Just not as much​
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Vokara: What's your type?
Kit: Older, responsible, a bit of a self-depreciation problem, but really kind and parental, also rather sarcastic at times—
Vokara, smacking him: We all know you like Plo Koon, I need to know your blood type, idiot!
Kit: Oh.
Kit: Red.
Shaak: Just let him die, Vokara, his stupidity isn't worth it.
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Dooku: And why would Master Fisto like you?
Plo: Oh, well, I guess he somehow overlooked my terrible personality and hideous face.
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rendar-writes · 8 days ago
Chapters: 13/? Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Kit Fisto/Plo Koon Characters: Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Yoda (Star Wars), Original Characters Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Eventual Romance, Pre-Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Jedi Business, jedi dorks falling for each other, Undercover Missions, Undercover as a Couple, resort shenanigans, eventual canon-typical action, references to legends material, Rarepair, Falling In Love, Slow Build, Jedi Appreciation (Star Wars), Mutual Pining Summary:
Decades before the Clone Wars, masters Plo Koon and Kit Fisto are dispatched to the ocean world of Glee Anselm to assist with a trade dispute. But with the Republic keeping them at arm's length, the Jedi seemingly have a free week to themselves on a tropical paradise. They'll discover that not all is as it seems, though - least of all between themselves.
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Mace: [knocks on the door]
Kit: You can’t come in!
Mace: Why not?
Kit: Because, uh, Plo’s naked!
Plo: What?
Kit: Well, I couldn’t tell him I was naked, I don’t mind people seeing me naked.
Plo: Why does anyone have to be naked, Kit?
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Kit: Okay, so I figured out a foolproof method of determining if someone is a Sith.
Mace: And that is?
Kit: If they dislike Plo, they’re evil.
Mace: Yeah, okay, that’s pretty solid logic.
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penguinkiwi-writes · 17 days ago
What Once Was, Now Moving Forwards
Fandom(s): Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: The Expanded Universe, The Mandalorian
Rating: T (Swearing, Canon-Typical Violence, Moff Gideon (derogatory))
Summary: Bo-Katan was right when she told The Mandalorian that there was a Jedi on Corvus… she just got the name entirely wrong, and thus forgot to mention that this Jedi happened to have a pack of wolves that followed after him.
Notes: Alternative Universe, Heavily AU and Headcanon Heavy, Some Major Figures Survived Order 66! AU
Nav: 8/? || <Prev | Next > || Start || AO3
Chapter 8: The Cantina and the Mandalorians
Sorry for the sudden halt in chapters. I ran into a massive wall of writer's block and it's still not 100% cleared up enough to write plot-heavy works. I have a few oneshots and AUs on here that can be read in the meantime
The moment the five of them— Wolffe, Boba Fett, Din, Plo, and him— stepped into the Cantina they had caught the attention of a good majority of the occupants. Two Mandalorians, a Clone donning a helmet that was modeled in the Mandalorian style in order to blend in, and two non-humans. That was already suspicious.
But Din had his eyes set on the two others, unmasked, sitting at a table. With a few side looks, the five of them had broken apart. He and Plo to the bar, Kit ordering a shot of Anselm Whiskey as a courtesy, while Wolffe fell in step with Din and Boba.
Kit didn't like the redhead's tone as she and Din talked, he decided as he downed the burning liquid. Condescending and haughty.
He chose to inspect the tumbler instead, as he and Plo kept an ear out for any sign that the negotiations would turn hostile.
And as expected, they had.
"Hey, we don't need these two," Wolffe grunted and from the corner of his eye, he noticed the redheaded woman— who Din had told them was named Bo-Katan— stiffen.
"You are not a Mandalorian."
"He never said he was," Boba sneered before turning to Din. "The al'verde is right. Let's get out of here. We have enough firepower already."
"I didn't know sidekicks were allowed to talk," Bo-Katan's lackey said suddenly and Boba chuckled as a deep growl came from Wolffe. A signature reason why he had been named as such, Kit had learned.
"Well, if that isn't the Quacta calling the Stifling slimy," The green-clad bounty hunter commented as he slowly stepped towards her. "Easy there, little one."
The dark-haired woman stood to meet him, eyes narrowed. "You'll be talking through the window of a bacta tank."
"I'd like to see you try and make that happen," Wolffe growled but Bo-Katan put a hand up.
"All right, easy. Save it for the Imps."
Kit scoffed softly, tresses flicking as Plo seemed to roll his eyes from behind his goggles. As if a scuffle here would burn out Wolffe's desire to destroy the remnants of the empire that destroyed his home and family.
He ordered another shot.
"—The Moff has a light cruiser. It could be helpful in your effort to regain Mandalore," Din was saying when Kit tuned back in from downing it.
By now, neither he nor Plo were trying to be discreet, both turned to watch their trio— Kit wondered when Boba and Din started to become 'their' boys anyways— and the two other Mandalorians. Boba turned to Din.
"You gotta be kidding me," he uttered, "Mandalore? The Empire turned that planet to glass."
"You're a disgrace to your armor," Bo-Katan hissed and instantly, Kit knew that Boba was bristling. Wolffe's own 'hackles' were raised, most likely he was bearing his teeth under the modified helmet he donned.
"This armor belonged to my father," Boba snapped and the redhead sneered.
"Don't you mean your donor?"
"Careful, doll," Wolffe growled stepping forwards and Kit nudged Plo, glancing at him with a raised brow. Plo's tusks just flexed in amusement.
Even if he hated Boba because of what happened to Ponds all those years ago, Wolffe was still Wolffe through and through. Once someone was under his wing— so long as they weren't a certain golden protocol droid— they were under his protection.
"You are both clones," Bo-Katan stated as she and her lackey stood. Din stayed where he was, but Wolffe and Boba took the challenge, moving to meet them. "I've heard your voices thousands of times."
"Might be the last ones you'll hear," Wolffe taunted before he moved out of the way of the lackey's swing. Boba easily sidestepped as well. A silent agreement went between the two of them before Boba ducked back and Wolffe grabbed the Mandalorian by her collar and threw her into a table.
She easily rolled back to her feet, launching at the former Commander. He grabbed her, staggering back a bit with a snarl before he tossed her off of him again.
Wolffe was one of the strongest of the vode, Kit knew, able to match some of the ARCs in the latter half of the war— hell, he had tossed Fives and Echo around like it was nothing before clashing with Rex head-on.
And Boba seemed more than inclined to sit back and watch as the other Mandalorian activated her flame thrower. Wolffe slammed his foot down, throwing up a table to block the stream of fire before Plo moved.
"Enough," he rumbled, standing and walking over. Kit set down some credits before following as Bo-Katan and her lackey's heads turned. Something flashed in the redhead's eyes.
"You're a long way from your planet, Kel Dor," she said, tone laced with something that Kit didn't quite like, teeth bearing. Plo simply inclined his head.
"So I've heard over the years," he said simply as Wolffe moved to his side. Bo-Katan gazed between the two of them and Din for a moment before relenting and turning back to Din.
"We will help you," she told him, "In exchange, we will keep that ship to retake Mandalore. If you should manage to finish your quest, I would have you reconsider joining our efforts. Mandalorians have been in exile from our homeworld for far too long."
Din considered this. "You can keep the ship," he told her after a moment. "We will see about Mandalore."
"One more thing," She continued, as if Din hadn't spoken. "Gideon has a weapon that once belonged to me. It is an ancient weapon that can cut through anything."
Her lackey glanced over. "Almost anything," she corrected and Bo-Katan nodded.
"It cannot cut through pure beskar," she confirmed. "I will kill the Moff and retake what is rightfully mine. With the Darksaber restored to me, Mandalore will finally be within reach."
The Darksaber, huh?
Well, there was another thing that it couldn't cut through.
"Beskar is one thing," Plo spoke up and eyes turned to the two of them again. Apparently, he had thought the same thing that Kit had. "But there is another thing that the Darksaber cannot cut through."
Bo-Katan's Lackey scoffed. "Certainly, but those are long gone. Relics of the Republic," she said and Kit glanced to Plo, whose tusks flexed in amusement again as he reached into his cloak and pulled out his lightsaber.
"I'd like to think I hung onto mine," he said simply and both Bo-Katan and her Lackey recoiled.
"You are a Jedi?" Bo-Katan hissed but Plo simply inclined his head.
"I was." 
"I had thought all the Clones," she cast a look at Wolffe and Boba, "Killed the Jedi."
Wolffe growled lowly, but Kit held a hand out in front of the former Commander, stopping him from advancing on the Mandalorian woman. He saw her eyes flicker to his own on his belt before back to Plo.
"Some did, yes," Plo said simply, "I happened to be lucky."
Doctor Pershing, the Doctor that The Slave I crew— Boba Fett, Fennec Shand, Cara Dune, and, of course, Din— had abducted while the crew of the Hunt and Jag in Kit's old Delta-7B had done a routine sweep to make sure there were no other Imperials were around Tython, had given them all some vital information. And for that, Plo supposed that he could hold the vode back for a bit. Wolffe had wanted to rip the man's head off of his shoulders the moment that he heard that the Doctor was a Clone Engineer. He didn't blame him, but that was something to deal with after they got Grogu back.
It turns out that those Dark Troopers were— in fact— called as such, and they were being held in cold storage in a cargo bay while Grogu was being held on the Brig with an armed guard. And they were... the perfected form of the Phase Zero type, something Plo and the boys had been forced to fight when they were still in use.
"We split into two parties," Bo-Katan decided as they stood aboard The Slave I. Of the Pack, only the original Three were with the rest of them, all crowded into one room while Boba Fett remained up in the cockpit. He, Warthog, Comet, and Wildfire aboard The Hunt and Jag on the Delta-7B (and both were still making wide rounds around the planet to avoid landing) were all listening in via Comms as they planned.
Din shifted, glancing to Bo-Katan. "I go alone." There was silence, but she nodded after a moment. "Fine," she agreed before continuing. "Phase one, Lambda Shuttle issues a distress call. Two, we emergency land at the mouth of the fighter launch tube, cutting off any potential interceptors."
She indicated to the said launch tube on the holo map of the Cruiser. "Koska, Fennec, Dune, the Clones, the Jedi, and myself disembark with maximum initiative. Once we've neutralized the launch bay, we make our way through these tandem decks in a penetration maneuver."
"And me?"
"Who the hell made you boss?"
Din and Wolffe glanced to each other after a moment of silence, the two having spoken up at the same time. Plo shook his head, though his tusks flexed in amusement.
"Wolffe, down."
"Ugh… yes, buir…"
Bo-Katan barely hid her disgust, he noticed, but he didn't have time to call her out on it. She cleared her throat.
"We'll be misdirection," she told him. "Once we draw a crowd, you slip through the shadows, get the kid."
Cara shifted. "Those dark troopers," she started. "Those are gonna be a real skank in the scud pie."
Plo glanced to the doctor, who shrunk back as Kit's tresses flicked, also looking at the human man.
"Their bay is on the way to the brig," he asked. "Is it possible to make it there before they deploy?"
There was a pause but Pershing nodded s bit. "It's possible…"
Fennec moved over to Din as Kit turned to Plo.
"You or me?" he asked lowly and he hummed in return to the other's question.
"Would you like to see battle or slink through the halls?" he asked back and Kit snorted.
"Fine, fine," he chuckled before he spoke up. "If Djarin's going to be taking care of the Dark Troopers, we're going to have to alter the plan."
"What do you mean?" Fennec asked. "The code cylinder should do it, right?"
Kit shrugged. "Sure, provided that none of them get out first."
"Then what do you propose, Jedi?" Koska asked, raising a brow. Kit just bared his teeth at her and Plo sighed.
"Kit and I will split up, one of us with Djarin, the other with you. Certainly, a party of nine will be enough to cause trouble while two of us sneak away?" he asked, tone neutral and even, yet holding a challenge. Sinker snorted, Boost nudging him.
Bo-Katan's lips were pursed but she nodded. "Very well, which one—"
"Plo will. I'm not missing a chance to see combat," Kit said, cutting in easily, much to Bo-Katan's apparent ire.
"Are you sure?" Din asked, looking over to him. "You were almost killed by one earlier."
Plo inclined his head, "That might be so, but unlike last time, I will not be focused on protecting someone from being captured, nor am I bracing myself for feeling Wildfire's life get snuffed out because the was thrown from the top of the ridge."
Din was silent for a moment but nodded. "Right… then, we'll meet at the bridge."
Just like it had been aboard The Slave I, there was a clear tension aboard the Lambda-Class shuttle was very prominent.
Though this time, it wasn't between his sons and Bo-Katan, but between Cara and the Mandalorian princess.
Kit had, for the most part, decided to ignore them.
"Prepare to exit jump space," came Warthog's voice as the comms crackled to life.
"Copy that," Bo-Katan answered, flipping a few switches. "Get the hell out of there as soon as they clear us to dock. And your shots have to look convincing, you lot."
"Power up those shields, princess," Boba drawled. "We know how to put on a good show."
"Watch out for those deck cannons."
"You're positive you want those intact?" came Jag's voice from the Delta-7B. "Taking them out would be easy."
"Do that and you'll be the next to get shot down, Clone," came the snapped response, and Wolffe growled in warning.
"Don't worry about us," Comet cut in, "Just be careful in there.
"Exiting hyperspace in three, two, one…"
And with a jolt, all four ships dropped out of Hyperspace. Almost instantly, The Slave I and The Hunt's red bolts flew past the Lambda shuttle, followed closely by the Delta-7B's blue. Bo-Katan veered to the side as Jag shot past them before circling back around. He was careful to miss each shot, but still, part of Plo's heart seized and his throat closed up.
Because suddenly he was back in his own ship, feeling the tension that the Force had coiled into snap violently before his Com went off. Before Wolffe had shouted "dodge!" and Jag had been forced into firing on him— before Warthog and Cable and Tracer had open-fired.
The feeling of flames licking his skin and the impact of the crash, the broken bone, and the taste of smoke and blood as he forced his way from the wreckage. The sharp pains and tears as lives were torn from the galaxy one after another and—
He jerked as Kit gently squeezed his hand.
"Breathe, Plo," he murmured and he felt his shoulders ease just a bit as he felt the Nautolan's presence against his own mind, like a warm tide wrapping around him. He let out a breath, pushing the memories away as his other hand dug into the material of Bo-Katan's seat.
"—Deploying fighter squadron," he heard a female voice say over the Comms. Bo-Katan and Koska glanced at one another as they approached Moff Gideon's ship.
The first of the TIE Fighters were launched and Plo saw Jag veer off to the side, blasting one of them as he flew past. The red Delta-7B continued on, turning and circling back around as The Slave I and The Hunt continued their faux attack.
"Request denied!" Cried the Comms Officer, "Please clear launch tube until fighters deploy!"
"Negative! Negative!" Bo-Katan responded back, brows furrowed in concentration. "We are under attack!"
Plo tensed as green blaster bolts were fired from the remaining TIE fighter, just barely missing The Salve I as The Hunt pulled up and out of the way.
"Hold onto something," Kit called back to Din, Cara, and the original Pack as Bo-Katan brought them in closer to the Launch Tube of the ship. Fennec echoing his warning and Plo jerked a bit, vision swimming when the side of the shuttle hit the side of the launch tube. Kit squeezed his shoulder again, keeping him grounded as the Nautolan grit his teeth against the rough landing and sliding down the Launch Tube.
They lurched a bit as they finally jerked to a halt and Plo slowly loosened his grip from the seat, heart thudding in his chest as Kit threw his hood up over his head.
Bo-Katan lowered the ramp and the Nautolan squeezed his shoulder once more before moving to it. Smoke curled around and into the ship as Storm Troopers approached. Wolffe and Sinker flanked Kit as he moved to the ramp, Boost on Sinker's other side.
"Clear the launch tube!"
"What are you doing? Get that thing out of here!"
Plo looked over to Din and nodded as Bo-Katan and Koska joined Fennec and Cara behind Kit and the Pack.
Before the Troopers could get any closer, Wolffe and Fennec both fired on the two Troopers approaching.
"Move in!" another yelled. "Blast 'em!"
"May the Force be with you, and let the hunt begin!" Kit called over his shoulder to them before he shot out from the ship, his lightsabers igniting with a snap.
From what Plo could see, as soon as Kit made himself known, the landing bay erupted into absolute chaos. Because whatever they were expecting, it hadn't been a hooded Jedi. Boost and Sinker shot out after, with Wolffe of course, all three falling into sync easily with Kit, even as Bo-Katan and Koska flew out, blasters all lighting up and Kohska wasted no time with her Jetpack, drop kicking one in the face and back into Kit's lightsabers.
The sound of blaster fire along with the sound of Kit's lightsabers echoed in the landing hanger for a while before the group sent as a distraction continued on.
Plo and Din waited a moment more before Din moved first, slowly moving from the ship. Plo followed, hood up and footsteps light.
Aside from corpses, the area was clear. Din glanced back and Plo nodded to him quietly before they continued on.
In the distance, he could faintly hear blaster fire before it got too far for them to hear. Despite that, he could feel not just Kit's but Wolffe, Sinker, and Boost's blinds with him pulsing with the thrill of a fight, Kit's blood was most likely— in the Nautolan's own words— singing by now. He always did like a good fight.
Nonetheless, Plo kept his hands on his sabers as he and Din moved throughout the ship, ducking to the side to avoid the few Troopers still around.
The Force was twisting, and he could feel Grogu aboard the Ship, faintly, and there was definitely the pull of the Dark Saber— but it wasn't near where Kit was. Concerning... But there was time to ponder it later, as he and Din rounded the corner to where the Dark Troopers were being stored— only to see the doors opening as smoke spilled out from the cold storage chamber and across the floor.
"No. No!" Din cursed, surging forward and Plo ignited his Lightsaber as the Mandalorian thrust the Code Cylinder into the control panel's port. The doors began to close and Din moved to fire into the chamber, though the blaster bolts simply ricocheted off of the Dark Troopers' armor.
There was a crunch as one of the Dark Trooper's grabbed the edges of the closing door, prying it open and Plo threw his hand out, grabbing Din with the Force and yanking him back as the Dark Trooper threw a punch towards the Mandalorian.
Din stumbled when Plo let him go, leveling his blaster at the Dark Trooper as it forced its way out, the doors slamming shut behind it but the others were still in there and still advancing.
Plo slid between Din and the Dark Trooper, throwing his hand out again and sending the mechanical monster down the hall.
"Take care of the others," he told Din before he rounded on the Dark Trooper as it got back up. Plo moved forwards, Lightsaber flashing as he cut through one of its arms as it raised it to shoot at him. With another slash, it had been cut in half, the parts crashing to the floor.
He gazed down at the remains for a moment as he sheathed his Lightsaber. Certainly, one on one there was little trouble when dealing with them. And, if there had been more than one escaping, Din could protect himself. Grogu couldn't have back then, and he hadn't risked going all out then. A mistake, he knew now. Sighing, Plo turned back to Din, walking back over to him in a few quick strides.
"Let us hurry," he told the Mandalorian, who nodded and took the lead. The two were quick and silent as they moved through the halls again, the stillness of the Cruiser more than eerie.
It didn't take them long to get to where Grogu was being held, Din easily took care of one Storm Trooper guarding the door while Plo sent the other one flying with the Force. He kept his hood up as Din opened the holding cell with the Code Cylinder.
Just then, Plo's Com beeped.
"Plo, Gideon isn't up in the bridge," Kit's voice said through and Plo turned, gazing through the doors as they opened.
"Indeed," he told the Nautolan calmly, thumbing the ignition button on his lightsaber upon seeing the black-colored blade over Grogu. It was just as he thought. "No need to worry. We've found him."
I skipped Morak because even if they had been there, none of the Tython Crew could’ve really been a part of the whole ordeal since the Pack are all clones and therefore would be recognized, and Plo and Kit wouldn’t even be able to sneak in. I also skipped the capture of Dr. Pershing.
If you haven't seen quickguig’s Mandalorian Wolffe art, you need to. It's beautiful/
I fully believe that Wolffe could throw around some of the non-commander class arcs. Everyone talks about how Cody kicks droids, but I have zero doubts the 'Pack just went at sepps with their bare hands at times too.
Yes I know, the Darksaber is apparently canonically stronger than a lightsaber now. I’m choosing to ignore that.
I very much do not like how this chapter is written. I hit a wall of writer's block when working on this.
al'verde: Commander
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Shaak: Next question. You’re into Plo.
Kit: That’s not a question!
Shaak: So you agree it’s a fact.
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penguinkiwi-writes · 21 days ago
just another wip
“ARC Commanders,” High General Windu greeted, “Master Plo Koon, we welcome you back to Coruscant.”
“Sir,” Commander Fordo saluted before he reached up, taking his helmet off. The Alpha ARC was just as Cody remembered him from when he was a cadet, though his hair was longer, but that mohawk was still there. He had more scars than before and Cody knew he wasn’t the only one whose eyes widened when the ARC in blue next to Fordo removed their helmet next.
He hadn’t known there was a woman— A sister— in their ranks. She had a few scars across her face, and the litheness of her form made sense now. General Ti smiled gently at the ARC.
“It’s good to be back home, Master Windu,” General Koon was saying as the other ARCs took their helmets off. “The vode have been anxious to see their siblings.”
“Aw, shit, Master Plo,” one of the ARCs grumbled, his hair a blonde color (natural or dyed, Cody couldn’t be sure, but it was most likely the later) and messy “No need to rat us all out.”
“Yeah, Plo-Buir, we have a rep to uphold!” one of the gray ARCs cried and the Kel Dor let out a rumbling laugh. Cody was reeling at the blatant use of the Jedi’s first name and buir thrown in. Fordo just rolled his eyes.
“Striker, Sinker, don’t be rude,” he barked, “General Plo took out over half the droid forces just to get us back here faster.”
“Sorry Plo-Buir.” came the two voices and Fordo just rolled his eyes again. Koon placed a hand on Fordo’s puldron and Cody had to do a double take back at the trio of Gray ARCs and — yes, those were Wolffe, Boost, and Sinker. Boost and one of the blues were both picking on Sinker, the larger ARC holding him in a headlock while Boost messed up his hair. Wolffe had the softest kriffing look that he had ever had in a long while on his face as he watched before snapping back to attention as General Ti cleared her throat.
“I’m certain that all of them are ready for a rest,” she mused, “As are you my friend. Traveling with thirteen Commander-class ARCs must have been quite the story.”
Plo chuckled but Wolffe butt in before he could start. “All due respect, General, but General Buir is the one who caused the most trouble.”
“Tell the nice Togruta how you don’t kriffin’ eat until we’re all done, General,” Fordo added and Cody tried not to feel a pang of jealousy that Wolffe had found someone outside of their batch he could rely on like he once had with him, Fox, Ponds, and Bly.
General Windu raised a brow and General Koon let out a sigh. “Still not out of that habit, I see.”
“My friend, if I have told you once, I have told you many times over—”
“Kel Dor wait for children to be fed first, yes I’m aware,” the Kuron Jedi drawled. “And are you still refusing to sit in chairs? That’s not a Kel Dor thing.”
The said Kel Dor let out another sigh as both Wolffe and Fordo grabbed ahold of his shoulders and shoved him at General Fisto— much to Cody’s confusion.
“General Fisto, make sure he Kriffin’ eats between the two of you’s tango in the—”
“FRODO!” The ARC grunted, staggering a bit as the female clone kicked his knees out from under him. “Don’t be rude!”
“Wise you brat!”
Cody chanced a glance at the two Jedi, both flush with embarrassment as Windu trembled, a hand over his mouth and— Shaak Ti wasn’t even trying to hide her laughter.
this was for that one concept idea where the M10 was assigned to Plo after the Malevolence? Idk i never did much else for it.
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Coleman: If you had to date any member of the Council, who'd you choose?
Obi-Wan: Um-
Ki-Adi: I'm not answering that.
Eeth, blushing: Er, yes, me neither-
Kit, without missing a beat: Plo.
Literally the entire Council:
Plo: Wait-
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Kit: How is the most beautiful person in the world doing?
Plo: I don’t know, how ar-
Sha, from the other side of the room: I’m doing great!
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Kit: This is my ex-boyfriend, Plo.
Plo: You’ve got to stop introducing me like that.
Plo: I’m his husband.
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Mace: Can we talk about the note you handed out to everybody?
Kit: It was a critical update
Saesee: It just says “still eternally and irrevocably in love with Plo”
Kit: The team needed to know
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Kit: I hate people. Life sucks, nothing good ever happens—
Plo: [walks in]
Kit: A miracle has just occurred, my skin is clear, my legs feel better, I feel whole again—
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rendar-writes · a month ago
Chapters: 12/? Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Kit Fisto/Plo Koon Characters: Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Yoda (Star Wars) Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Eventual Romance, Pre-Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Jedi Business, jedi dorks falling for each other, Undercover Missions, Undercover as a Couple, resort shenanigans, eventual canon-typical action, references to legends material, Rarepair, Falling In Love, Slow Build, Jedi Appreciation (Star Wars) Summary:
Decades before the Clone Wars, masters Plo Koon and Kit Fisto are dispatched to the ocean world of Glee Anselm to assist with a trade dispute. But with the Republic keeping them at arm's length, the Jedi seemingly have a free week to themselves on a tropical paradise. They'll discover that not all is as it seems, though - least of all between themselves.
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Kit: Hey, can we do something?
Plo: Hm? Yes, of course.
Plo: What do you want to do?
Kit, tearing up: Enjoy your company
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Plo: Oh spirits, I think I have feelings for Kit...
Shaak: Congratulations Plo, you’re officially the last person to know!
Shaak: Except Saesee, who thought you were jealous of Kit and forgot you were gay, I guess?
Saesee: In my defense I have no defense...
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