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#Phineas and Ferb AU
dumbausfromdanville · 17 hours ago
An AU where...
One time, Doof pissed Perry off so bad that Perry pinned him down and pulled all of his nose hairs out.
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dumbausfromdanville · a day ago
Apparently PnF ended on this day, six years ago...
I don’t really have a sappy message prepared ehgdhjkddk
Just a thank you to the most wonderful animated cartoon ever made (about humans - dm me if you want more info, but the real ones know what I mean :3) and such a big part of all of our childhoods.
I’m so honored I have the ability to make people smile because of it. <3
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coolartist1110 · 2 days ago
Phineas and Ferb AU where everything is the same except Candace is always voiced by Dan Povenmire (a la Jerk de Soleil) except for when she’s having an allergic reaction to wild parsnips, in which case she’s voiced by Ashley Tisdale
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duelistkingdom · 2 days ago
Your doma final battle post reminded me of how much I love phineas and ferb
a platypus??? PERRY the platypus????
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galaxina-the-pyro · 3 days ago
I really wanna draw more for my Mafia AU now, thanks @lyllaotterofhalfworld 😂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lyllaotterofhalfworld · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
>:V. Going to bed now but Team-Up
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dumbausfromdanville · 4 days ago
An AU where…
2nd Dimension Doof was captured by the TVA instead of Loki.
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dumbausfromdanville · 4 days ago
An AU where...
In order to be initiated into the PnF gang, you have to sit through two hours of Phineas staring forward at you.
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dumbausfromdanville · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
HOLY CRAP YALL (damn you guys are fast fjfjfjdj)
I have five hundred people in the world who like my stuff. For the folks who maybe can’t count, that’s a LOT
I wanna thank all of you so much, you mean the absolutely world to me. I cannot tell you how many times this blog has brought me so much happiness in dark times. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 6 days ago
Hey! I'm very glad you liked my Pots and Punz idea for the merchant Punz AU! I didn't give you a signature, I'm sorry.
Anyways, this is for the Phineas and Ferb au. I know it's in character for Dream to invent time travel on purpose, but I want the comedy of him inventing it on accident. Just-
Dream looking over the portal or something: ... That's new.
Punz (I think that's who's dating Sam): Is-... Did you just invent time travel?
Dream: How fast can you get Sam Nook here?
Punz: He's busy today. I can get Karl Jacobs?
Dream: Please.
Just, I think it would be hilarious. I don't know if Karl has a part in this already but can that happen? Please?
Also, you can call me Ace of Spades or just Spades.
He just creates it on accident and god that is hilarious. And yes, Punz is dating Sam Nook. Awesamdude and Sam Nook are two different people here though.
Anyways, Karl is one of the guys who participate in the kids wacky inventions but he may or may not have been studying timelines a lot so there's that.
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 6 days ago
About phineas and ferb au, I need purpled to be Buford because theres this one episode where they make a restaurant and he's the baunser and dr. Duf bribes him to get ahead of the line. When questioned he says:"he didnt bribe me, he drew my attention by financial means." And my dad still quote this to this day
Oh don't worry. That happens. That absolutely happens.
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detectivedamian · 7 days ago
Damian, crashing in through a wall: Starling!
Ayumi, hanging from the ceiling: Da-- I mean, Pandion!
Villain: Wha--? Why would you--? Why would you not just knock on the door? It was unlocked! Why must you always do this?!
Villain: Well this time, you’re going to pay.
Villain, holding out their hand: That’s right, fork it over.
Ayumi, mumbling: Oniisan, that’s solid oak, you know.
Damian, sighing: This never happened back in Gotham...
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 9 days ago
Okay but who's the Giant Floating Baby Head in the Phineas and Ferb au 😳
No one. It's just a Giant Floating Baby Head. It remains the same. Nothing can replace the Giant Floating Baby Head.
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 9 days ago
sally being jeremy means sally canonically goes larping
As she should. She LARPS as a princess pirate mermaid who shapeshifted to be on land and to go help a revolutionary who is our good friend Wilbur. And now they are kissing and are in love with each other.
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 9 days ago
What if, for the Phineas and Ferb au, Sally is in Jeremy's place so you have Wil basically tripping over himself trying to go out on a date w Sally (and Eventually you have them dating and such and it's cute)
Absolutely. She is absolutely the Jeremy in this au. Wilbur is trying to go get a date with her and the kids always tries to help because oh god look at them! They love each other!
They get together rather early in the au and love each other very much :]
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 9 days ago
Ranboo & 5up, going over to the others' house for the first time: Do you have a pet raccoon??
Tommy: Oh, that's just Sam Nook. He doesn't do much.
Sam Nook: *begs to differ*
He kicks ass and he goes and is dating Punz on the side. It's fun and I like it.
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 9 days ago
Phineas and Ferb au
May I point out there are time travelers in the Phineas and Ferb universe? And that dr doofenshmirtz officially invented it?
Also, maybe the Murphy's law crew can be hermit craft or smth, idk if they're going to be included but I think it'd be fun if they were the hermits if they are included.
Dream invents Time Travel and that's fun.
Also, Murphy's Law isn't really going to be prominent here but yeah. They going to be the ones who are in the Murphy's Law Crew. I can see it. Or maybe the 3rd Life Crew I don't know.
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 9 days ago
A typical Phineas and Ferb au scene:
Dream: Ah, Sam Nook the Raccoon. I see you have fallen into my Minecart Trap. So come on, I'll just...roll you over. Give me a sec. Man I really wished that I invested in those rails.
Punz, looking at his phone for a bit: Oh hey Nook, we're still on at 6?
Sam Nook: *Raccoon Noises of affirmation
Punz: Cool. Alright, Dream. Please don't use all 10 of your pages for your speech. Just pages 1, 3, 5, and 8 are fine.
Dream: Oh yeah don't worry I know that you two have a date, I'll try to go and keep this short.
Dream: Right, so, behold! My Unbox-Inator!
Dream: God George was right it does sound like a youtube thing. Oh man.
Dream: Anyways, right so, you see Sam Nook. When I was a young child, I was bullied by a lot of the kids back in my day and then one day, a bully named uh...
Dream: Actually I can't really remember his name. I think it was Warden? Right whatever.
Dream: Warden went and came up to me, picked me up, and shoved me in the box and taped it shut. I was shut in that box for about a whole week and basically had to ration my chips and my bottle of water I had so that I can survive and stuff.
Dream: Eventually I got out but ever since that day, I would always hate small spaces and boxes. And that's why I have the Unbox-inator here!
Sam Nook: *worried Raccoon noises
Punz, under his breath: Oh boy that's another thing he has to tell his therapist.
Punz: Hey boss don't forget you have a therapy session in a few hours!
Dream: Oh shit right! Anyways, let's get on with it shall we?
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