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#Peter Parker x sister!Reader
Hiiiii!! I was wondering if you could do a one shot/blurb/head cannon were the reader is Peter Parker’s younger sister and they’re at the beach with all the avengers and she gets sunburn and Peter being the overprotective, dorky brother he is starts panicking and if you don’t mind, could you add the dialogue “But I don’t usually get sunburn”. Thanks a bunch love ❤️🥰🥰
Notes: I’d like to thank @alexandriagrindlewald for the suggestion! I hope you enjoy it.
I don’t own any of the pictures/gifs used.
Warnings: Unedited, dorky Peter, spelling/grammatical errors, poorly written? probably, anything else I missed
Masterlist: Click Here
Word Count: 508 (give or take)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ah yes
A beach day
On the hottest day of the year
But it makes sense right?
Hot day = beach
Your older brother Peter invited you to join him and the avengers on their beach day, and you excitedly said yes
Who wouldn’t want to spend a day with earth’s mightiest heroes?
A n y w a y
So peter decided he’d just have you lather yourself in sunblock, two different types just to be safe, so you don’t cook once you step outside
Even though you’ve never been sunburnt before
Peter is just overprotective 🤷🏻‍♂️
The ride to the beach was nice
You talked to Tony, the very man who took your big brother under his wing
And the very man your big brother wouldn’t stop talking about for w e e k s
Months actually
Tony’s nice
Sarcastic but nice
So’s all the avengers tbh
But once y’all made it to the beach that’s when the fun began
Clint and Natasha paired up to challenge steve and bucky to volleyball
Sam and Thor went straight to the water and dove in
Tony chose to lay back so he could, and I quote, “start my summer body off looking golden”
Peter hung with you for a minute — only cause you weren’t sure what to do, you were so overwhelmed — before deciding to join sam and Thor in the water
So you just stood there
Like a nerd
After five minutes, you took off the shirt and shorts you were wearing
Your bathing suit was underneath
But you decided to just walk along the beach
Everyone else looked like they were enjoying themselves
You didn’t want to intervene
Until Peter called you over to join him in the water
Which you happily did
You were having so much fun in the water you didn’t notice the burning sensation on your skin
It took you a good minute or two to really be like wow something doesn’t feel right
You look at your arms and they’re red
Your thighs are red
Your face and neck are probably red too
Peter notices too
He freaks out
He immediately gets you out of the water
“We gotta get you back to the car!” he sputters. “Fuck what was I thinking! How could I be so careless?!”
“But I don’t usually get sunburn,” you exclaim. “And you pretty much made me bathe in sunblock before we came here.”
Peter looked at you, his eyes big and full of worry
God he looked like a kicked puppy
“What’s May gonna think?” he mutters
“I don’t think she’ll have a heart attack over it,” you sigh, “just calm down okay?”
“Tony brought some beach umbrellas,” you continue, “I’ll stay under one of them for a bit. How does that sound?”
Peter nodded. “Fine, I’ll get it. Stay in the shade, okay? I don’t want you getting even more burned.”
You roll your eyes but nodded
But what did you expect?
Peter’s always looked out for you
Even if it’s from the sun ☀️
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julesjohansson · 21 days ago
Hi! I absolutely love your work and was wondering if I could request a Peter Parker one shot where the reader is Peter’s younger sister and she is Bi and dating MJ but Peter doesn’t know either of those things until the reader accidentally lets it slip one day when talking to Peter. Thanks! ❤️
Secrets - Peter Parker x Sister!Reader
Tumblr media
Peter Parker wasn't dumb.
He knew something was going on. Call it spider senses - or just big brother's intuition - but he knew something was going on.
"Peter, I'm home!"
"I'm in the kitchen!" he shouted, and you dropped your backpack on the table.
"Good day at school?" Peter asked, passing you a sandwich before taking a bite of his own.
You shrugged.
"Eh. It was okay."
"Y/N, I... kinda wanted to talk to you about something."
You set the sandwich down and threw your head back, rolling your eyes.
"Oh, my God - I knew the sandwich was too good to be true. It was a ruse. It had to be."
"Come on, Y/N. It's about MJ."
Your heart stopped in your chest.
"Uh... what about her?"
"Earlier, at lunch. I tried to get you to come sit with me, her and Ned. You didn't want to."
"Yeah, so?"
"So, you've known Ned since first grade. So I'm guessing... you don't like MJ."
You almost laughed out loud.
"Um, Peter... that's not exactly it."
"Well, what is it, then? It's getting really awkward, 'cause Ned's always wondering why you don't hang out with us anymore, and-"
"MJandIaredating," you said quickly, hoping he wouldn't hear you. But Peter's eyes widened.
"MJ. And. I. Are. Dating," you mumbled, taking another bite of sandwich. "She's... my girlfriend."
"Wow. Whoa," Peter choked out. "That's... that's really cool, Y/N - sorry, I didn't know you were... you like girls?"
You nodded, and a grin broke out on Peter's face.
"I like guys and girls. I'm, um... bi."
The words had barely left your mouth before Peter threw his arms around you, squeezing you tightly.
"Thank you," you whispered.
Peter kissed the top of your head, lightly.
"...For what?"
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idyllicmei · 23 days ago
Harley, Peter and Morgan run up to Y/n and hug her:
Y/n, tense: What?
Tony, softly: I told them about what happened
Y/n: Oh...
Peter: We still love you
Morgan: Yeah, this makes you cooler now
Harley: You're still our family
The symbiote that has attached itself to Y/n: We must protect them no matter what
Y/n, hugging back: I know. We will
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canarypoint · 27 days ago
hi i’ve been kinda gone for the past few days, but i wanna do a tiny little 200 follower celebration, so send me an mcu or dc (arrowverse & titans) character from the list below the cut and a line from a song (tell me what song it is/who it’s by obviously), i’ll listen to that line of the song (and that line only), and then write whatever comes to mind. (also please specify if you want gender-neutral!reader or fem!reader, i don’t write male!reader)
also i’m gonna try to get started on old requests still in my inbox i’m sorry😭
MCU characters:
Natasha Romanoff
Wanda Maximoff
Carol Danvers
Peter Parker
DC characters:
Kara Danvers (not romantically)
Alex Danvers (not romantically)
Nia Nal
Maggie Sawyer (not romantically)
Zari Tomaz/Zari 1.0 (not romantically)
Donna Troy
Koriand’r/Kory Anders
Dawn Granger
Jason Todd
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housepartyprotocol · a month ago
Chapter 8
Summary: Bucky Barnes’ little sister, ex-winter soldier was taken as a child and trained. In and out of cyro for years she has the physical age of a 17-year-old. After being in Wakanda for two years, she is rejoining society and going to school. What happens when she meets a boy, and what happens when somebody wants her back?
Warnings: language, mentions of death, its just kinda sad, but very cute
Series masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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housepartyprotocol · a month ago
Chapter 7
Summary: Bucky Barnes’ little sister, ex-winter soldier was taken as a child and trained. In and out of cyro for years she has the physical age of a 17-year-old. After being in Wakanda for two years, she is rejoining society and going to school. What happens when she meets a boy, and what happens when somebody wants her back?
Warnings: language, mentions of death
Series masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Holland Family X Sister!Reader
Summary: A day at Disney with your family as a diabetic.
Warnings: Diabetes, low blood sugar, fluff, idk probably more.
Reader's age: 14
Original ask: "Tom Holland’s sister where she is diabetic thx"
A/n: Yep! Thank you for the request I hope you like this! Everything I know about Type 1 comes from the Internet, it probably won't be accurate. Sorry I accidentally posted this before I finished it so I lost the ask.
Tumblr media
You were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when you were around 6. It was worrisome for your parents, and your oldest three brothers, while you and Paddy didn't really understand how dangerous it really is. Harry, Sam, and Tom were able to better understand seeing as they were 14 and 16. You on the other hand just knew that you brought gummies along with you, each of your brothers also brought a bag of gummies along with them if they were with you, you had an insulin pump, and you were learning how to check the pump along with your blood sugar levels. Your family also learned how. The key was keeping you safe, and while you were still young, it was best if everyone in your family knew how to help. Eventually, Harrison even learned just by watching you and your brothers. Only in a few emergencies did he actually need to help you. Mostly when you were still little.
You were in the states for vacation. Your family was at Disney land. You were currently in the room you, your parents, and Paddy had at the hotel filling your bag up with the necessities for going to Disney, well as a diabetic at least. An autograph book, extra insulin, blood pressure monitor, emergency gummy bears for in case you need to raise your blood sugar, glucose meters and test strips, lancets, alcohol wipes, and a tiny bin to toss your used lancets in, and then two reusable water bottles one with water another with juice. Once it was all in you were ready.
"You ready to go?" Paddy asked walking into the mini kitchenette area of the hotel room. He grabbed one of the small bags of gummy bears stashing it in his pocket. It was a habit he has picked up, he has done it since you were 6. Even now when your able to be responsible for yourself, each of your brothers still find themselves grabbing a bag. Even if they aren't with you.
"Yep!" You zipped the bag up putting it on your back. "Where are we meeting Mum and dad?" You asked him smiling.
"The lobby. Tom, Harry, and Sam should be waiting there too. You have everything?" He asked.
"Yep! Let's go!" You grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the hotel room. He laughed making sure the door was locked before following you to the elevator.
"Slow down Princess!" He exclaimed.
"Speed up slowpoke!" You mocked sticking your tongue out at him.
"Div!" You rolled your eyes clicking the button.
"See you got here." You crossed your arms.
"I did." He rolled his eyes. You laughed walking into the elevator.
Once downstairs your family were all in the lobby waiting for you two.
"You got everything?" Nikki asked you. You sighed, that was the most frequently asked question in your house.
"Yes mum."
"Gummies? A juice just in case?" She interrogated some more.
"Yep and Paddy grabbed a pack, I have juice in that flask and water in this one." You pointed at the two reusable bottles on either side of your bag.
"And you have extra insulin?"
"Mum I think she's got." Tom came to your rescue. "Did you grab the autograph book I got you though?"
"Yep! It's all in my bag!"
The day was going great, you met multiple characters, you went on multiple rides. Right now you were standing in line for Splash mountain with Tom and Harry. You shuffled a bit feeling dizzy. You leaned on Tom as you grabbed your bag off your bag.
"You okay?" Harry asked.
"Yeah I'm just dizzy." You stated, grabbing your glucose meter, and Lancet.
"Maybe you should sit down. At least on the floor?" Tom asked you. You nodded moving forward in line before parking yourself down on the ground. "How's your blood sugar?"
"I haven't checked yet." You mumbled before pricking your finger with the Lancet, then putting your finger on the glucose meter. After doing so you sucked on your finger and looked at the meter.
"Well?" Harry asked you.
"I'm fine always am." You assured before taking a sip of your juice
then grabbing your gummy bears.
"Mate that doesn't mean we aren't going to worry. You sure you can go on the ride?" Tom asked you watching you eat a handful of gummy bears before rolling the pack closed and shoving it into your bag again followed by your glucose meter
"Yeah." You smiled putting your lancet in the designated trash bin that is in your bag. Tom helped you up and moved in line. You took a swig of water before putting both water bottles in their original places.
"Maybe after the ride you should head back to the hotel. I'll come with you." Tom offered. Luckily you guys were staying at a hotel in the park.
"Fine." You mumbled.
Nikki smiled walking into your's and Paddy's bedroom in the hotel room. You were curled into a ball laying up against Tom who was asleep on his side in the direction of the tv that was playing a move of some kind. They had come to get you and Tom to go out to dinner.
"Get up." She said quietly shaking the both of you gently.
"Morning mum." Tom mumbled tiredly.
"It's 6pm darling." She said.
"Oh. Y/n get up." He shaked you a bit.
"Go away." You mumbled rolling away.
"Don't make me do it." Tom teased. You peaked at him, glaring at him before going back to sleep. "You forced my hand." He stood then picked you up over his shoulder.
"Put me down!!!" You screamed kicking him. He laughed setting you down.
"I warned you."
"Whatever." You grumbled grabbing your bag and following your family out of the room.
Tom laughed giving you a big smile. "Her Majesty is cranky." He said as you glared at him. What other way would you want to spend a day at Disney than with your brothers.
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housepartyprotocol · a month ago
Chapter 6
Summary: Bucky Barnes’ little sister, ex-winter soldier was taken as a child and trained. In and out of cyro for years she has the physical age of a 17-year-old. After being in Wakanda for two years, she is rejoining society and going to school. What happens when she meets a boy, and what happens when somebody wants her back?
Warnings: language
Series masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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housepartyprotocol · a month ago
Chapter 5
Summary: Bucky Barnes’ little sister, ex-winter soldier was taken as a child and trained. In and out of cyro for years she has the physical age of a 17-year-old. After being in Wakanda for two years, she is rejoining society and going to school. What happens when she meets a boy, and what happens when somebody wants her back?
Warnings: don’t think anything, Y/N kinda being dumb
Series masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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housepartyprotocol · a month ago
Chapter 4
Summary: Bucky Barnes’ little sister, ex-winter soldier was taken as a child and trained. In and out of cyro for years she has the physical age of a 17-year-old. After being in Wakanda for two years, she is rejoining society and going to school. What happens when she meets a boy, and what happens when somebody wants her back?
Warnings: language
Series masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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housepartyprotocol · a month ago
Chapter 3
Summary: Bucky Barnes’ little sister, ex-winter soldier was taken as a child and trained. In and out of cyro for years she has the physical age of a 17-year-old. After being in Wakanda for two years, she is rejoining society and going to school. What happens when she meets a boy, and what happens when somebody wants her back?
Warnings: don’t think anything
Series masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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housepartyprotocol · a month ago
Chapter one
Summary: Bucky Barnes’ little sister, ex-winter soldier was taken as a child and trained. In and out of cyro for years she has the physical age of a 17 year-old. After being in Wakanda for two years, she is rejoining society and going to school. What happens when she meets a boy, and what happens when somebody wants her back?
Warnings: minor swearing and sex hints
Series masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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housepartyprotocol · a month ago
Spiderman and winter soldier’s sister
Completed - but open for more chapters
Summary: Bucky Barnes’ little sister, ex-winter soldier was taken as a child and trained. In and out of cyro for years she has the physical age of a 17 year-old. After being in Wakanda for two years, she is rejoining society and going to school. What happens when she meets a boy, and what happens when somebody wants her back?
Tumblr media
Twitter Profiles
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
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side-shawty · a month ago
Burn XVI (Stark!Reader)
XVI: Standing on the Sun
Fandom: Marvel (MCU)
Type: series
Prompt/Summary: True love comes in many forms.
Pairing(s): Peter Parker x Stark!reader, Tony Stark x daughter!reader
Tumblr media
Three weeks later and things were better. You had gone back to New York with the team just in time for Peter’s graduation. Even though the whole team wanted to be there Peter decided that he didn’t need a spectacle and in the end, his girlfriend and mentor would be the only ones attending while the rest set up for a surprise party later.
Girlfriend. You couldn’t get over how nice that sounded. As you stood in front of the mirror in Peter’s favorite multicolored sundress you smiled.
It was off the shoulder hugged your body perfectly and ended just above your knee in a ruffled hem. You left your makeup light on account of the heat and pulled your hair back in a curly bun with a few curls framing your face and your edges expertly laid.
You absentmindedly brushed the scar on the back of your neck. It brought back all kinds of horrors that you had to push aside. That was something for therapy.
As you were spritzing perfume on yourself there was a knock at your door.
“Y/N you ready? Car’s running,” your dad called from the other side of the door.
“Yeah,” you replied and opened the door to face your father dressed neatly in a blue button-down, pants, sneakers, and his signature glasses, “Handsome,” you told him simply hooking your arm around his and beginning to walk down the hall towards the elevators.
“Beautiful,” he replied and you reached the entrance in no time, the doors open and waiting.
You got to Peter’s school in no time having left early enough to evade the worst of the traffic. The ceremony itself was swift, the graduating class was small but to your surprise, as you and your father were waiting with the other families outside for the graduates you felt a light tap on your shoulder.
Confused, you turned around only to be met with the beaming smile of your favorite Princess.
“Shuri?!” You asked incredulously.
“Y/N! I’ve missed you how are you?” She asked pulling you into a hug which you gratefully accepted.
“I’m good! What are you doing here?” You asked pulling back, still a little shocked.
“Well, it just so happens that someone I am seeing is graduating today as well,” she smiled and wiggled her eyebrows at you.
You tilted your head in question but before she could answer you heard her name being called. You both turned around at the sound to see MJ practically running towards her.
Shuri opened her arms and instead of a hug, MJ planted a sweet kiss on her lips.
You were shocked, you put your hands on your hips and glared playfully as they pulled away.
“So neither of you were planning to tell me about this?” You questioned and they just smiled at you, threading their hands together.
“Oh you would’ve figured it out at the party later,” Shuri giggled, leaning into MJ’s side. You rolled your eyes but couldn’t hide your excited smile.
“I think it’s sweet, you guys are a great match,” Tony spoke up, smiling at the two young ladies
“Thanks, Stark,” Shuri said and MJ nodded in agreement, she’d never admit it but the man still made her nervous.
“Shuri, my mom wants us to take pictures before we leave,” MJ said and her girlfriend nodded.
“No problem, see you guys at the party later,” Shuri spoke.
“Bye guys,” MJ waved and they both walked away, giddy as ever.
You and your father both waved back.
“Wow they’re so cute together,” you told him and he hummed in agreement. “Speaking of cute, where is my boyfriend?”
“Gross Y/N,” he replied but began looking around regardless.
“Found him, Hap and May got to him first,” he said pointing to the trio.
The excitement you felt just from seeing the back of his head was almost too much, you practically sprinted and threw your arms around him. He jumped slightly at the contact as you pressed yourself against his back.
“Congratulations Peter!” He turned around in your arms and smiled down at you.
“Thank you, Y/N,” he beamed and cupped your face in his hands, pressing a soft kiss to your lips.
“Hey, don’t hog the graduate,” Your father complained and you rolled your eyes before releasing him.
Your father was quick to give Peter a hug as he walked up to him, “Congrats kid. Allow me to be the first—”
May cleared her throat.
“Second,” Tony tried again.
Happy silently shook his head in response.
“Fine third you a graduation present,” he finally finished.
With that, he fished a set of keys out from his pocket and handed them to Peter.
“Is this...” Peter began but was slightly stunned into silence.
“Yup, the Spyder with a few Stark modifications, enjoy it,” he smiled.
“Wow, thank you so much, Mr. Stark,” Peter gave your father another big hug which also knocked the man over.
“Wanna take it for a test drive?” You offered.
Peter nodded excitedly and you handed your own keys over to Tony before taking your boyfriend's hand.
“We’ll meet you guys at the tower!” You called over your shoulder as you waved goodbye to the group.
When you were both out of earshot May spoke absentmindedly to the two men.
“I can’t wait to plan their wedding,” she smiled.
Tony rubbed at his eyes.
When you got to the car Peter was quick to open the door for you and then toss his cap and gown in the trunk before slipping into the driver's seat.
“I think this might be too nice for me, Y/N” he spoke, taking in all the upgrades and sheer beauty of it.
“Please, you deserve this and so much more,” smiled taking his hand, prompting him to look in your eyes and smile back.
He took the hand that was on the steering wheel and expertly avoided your low bun to place his hand on the back of your neck to bring you in for a slow, loving kiss.
Once again you thought about how much you loved him, how perfect everything felt when you were together. It was like every single star is the sky aligned just to shine on the two of you.
Just before things get too heated you place your hand on his chest and push him back slightly, resting your forehead on his.
“As much as I’d love to christen your new car, we should get back to the tower. No reason to keep them waiting,” you smirked.
Peter gave a dramatic sigh and sat back in his seat, “Fine~ I guess this is what I get for having the girl everybody wants,” he said starting the car.
“But don’t forget she only has eyes for you,” you have the back of his hand a kiss as he pulled out of the lot.
“And I for her,” he smiled.
Once the two of you got back to the tower you had to try you best to force Peter to avoid looking for the others. Nat had texted you on the way that they weren’t quite done with everything and you were tasked with distracting him.
And distract him you did.
Under the guise of your feet hurting from hours spent in the low heels, you were wearing. Peter looked skeptical but followed you to your room to grab a pair of slides nonetheless. Only, he questioned you further when you had him walk in first and then you locked the door behind yourself.
“Everything alright, Y/N?” He asked, but still kicked off his own shoes before relaxing on the giant bean bag chair beside the bed.
You turned around slowly, keeping your hands behind your back as you leaned against the door kicking off your heels and staring at him. Gosh, everything about him is perfect, you thought. He tilted his head to the side and you walked to him slowly. When you reached arm's length he sat up slightly and held your hips and smiled up at you.
“What is it, babe?”
You carded one hand through his hair and leaned down to capture his lips in a short kiss. Your words were a whisper against his lips.
“You’re so pretty.” Without a second's hesitation, Peter was laughing at your omission. It took no effort for him to pull you down onto him, across his lap. You let out your own giggle at his antics.
“All these theatrics because you think I’m pretty?” The skepticism was back in his voice and it made you roll your eyes.
“Is it such a crime to think my boyfriend is pretty?” You pouted.
“No, as long as you don’t forget how gorgeous you are.” Peter looked you up and down .”Especially in this dress. Do you know how hard it was to hold back when I saw you wearing this in the bleachers?”
“I was hoping you’d like it,” you grinned.
“Like it? I absolutely love it.” As if to prove this point he left a trail of kisses from shoulder to shoulder before going up your neck and leaving several more in his wake. It wasn’t long before his lips found your own and you were sharing a passionate kiss.
Your arms locked around his neck, fingers slipping through his hair again and tugging slightly even so often. Meanwhile, Peter had one hand locked around your waist, keeping him firmly against him while the other trailed slowly up your back. You could feel him beginning to tug at your zipper when a knock interrupted. The two of you halted. Breathing heavily as whoever it was stood outside silently for a few seconds.
“Yeah?” You called, almost breathless.
“We’re about to eat if you guys wanna, y’know join us,” Natasha spoke and from her tone, you could tell you were in trouble.
You glanced at Peter and the two of you shared a silent laugh.
“We’ll be right there!”
After straightening yourselves out and slipping on spare slides and sneakers, respectfully you grabbed Peter’s hand and led him towards the elevator.
“We’re not eating here?” He asked.
“Oh, we are.” You replied and hit the button for the roof as you got it.
“Y/N what are we—“
You pressed a finger to his lips. “Shh, all will be revealed, my love.” Peter only rolled his eyes before licking your finger and you recoiled.
“Gross!” You exclaimed
“Oh really? Well just wait until—“ But his words were cut off once again as the elevator reached its destination.
A shout of “Surprise!” Rang out from everyone on the rooftop which had been decorated with the utmost care as a ‘Congratulations Peter’ banner hovered over the crowd in red and blue. Everyone was there, all the Avengers, MJ and Ned, Strange and even Shuri. The genuine look of surprise and joy on Peter’s face was enough to have you praying that DUM-E was actually recording like you told it to. If not, it was going to be the new jungle gym for an elementary school.
As Peter gave his greets and thanks to his guests you drifted over towards your mom who was holding a sleeping Morgan in her arms.
“You two look happy,” She smiled.
You couldn’t help the grin that took over your features. “We are, we really really are.”
Pepper took a sip of her drink. “I hope you’re using protection, Morgan and I are a little too young to be grandma and niece.” You sputtered at that, grateful that you didn't have a drink in your hand.
“Mom please.”
“I’m just saying. Maybe next time,” she gestured to her own neck, “cover-up.” She winked.
You gasped and coved your neck quick as lightning, “I’m gonna kill him.”
“Here’s your chance.” She winked before walking off under the guise of wanting to put your sister down.
You felt Peter before you saw him, an arm wrapped around your waist and his lips kissed your temple. You wanted to be annoyed but you leaned in on instinct instead.
“I’m gonna kill you, Parker,” you spoke but your threat was weak.
“Whoa, and here I was about to thank you for this wonderful surprise,” he pouted, moving in front of you and placing both hands on your waist. The two of you were near the edge of the roof while the others were towards the center giving you a feeling of pseudo privacy.
“Well you’re welcome but our entrance would have been much better if it wasn’t for this.” You pointed accusingly at your neck and he squinted. You swatted at his chest at his antics.
“Ah, what? It’s really not that bad,” He leaned in close to whisper in your ear, “I could have done a lot more damage.”
You shivered even though at sunset it was still almost eighty degrees, Peter wasn’t playing fair and he knew it.
You whispered back. “Well, maybe next time you do it so I can enjoy I.” To accentuate your point you left a kiss just below his ear, heating your body up just enough to get a reaction out of him.
Peter groaned and his grip on your waist tightened as he placed his forehead against yours and smiled.
“I will. But seriously, thank you for all of this. I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend,” his voice was still quiet, like it was a secret just between the two of you.
You wrapped your arms around his neck. “Have I told you how much I love hearing you call me that?”
“Well how about I change that?”
You were confused as Peter removed one hand to fish around in his pocket. He took a hand step back from you and you let your arms fall back to your sides. He finally pulled out a blue velvet box and slowly opened the lid. You were met with a beautiful platinum ring with a gemstone — your birthstone — nestled beside Peter’s birthstone, peridot. You could feel the tears welling in your eyes.
“Peter is this…?”
“It’s not a formal engagement but it is most certainly a promise. We’ve been through a lot these last few years and I realized that the reason I got through any of it was you by my side. And when we’re ready I want to make this an engagement ring.” He explained and there was so much emotion in his eyes you wondered if he would cry too. “So what do you say?” “I love it, god, I love you,” You spoke and that was enough for him to push the box back in his pocket and place the ring on your finger. It was a perfect fit and you couldn’t help but stare at it for a few moments before you looked back at the love of your life.
“I love you too, Y/N. More than you know.” And with that, he pulled you into a loving kiss that probably would have gone on for too long if it wasn’t for the cheers and shouts behind you.
You turned around and hugged Peter around the middle, the two of you laughed at your friends and family together and you couldn't help be bask in this feeling of love and peace.
With Peter by your side, you knew anything was possible.
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!!! Whether you stuck around or not I am genuinely grateful and I hope you all enjoyed it!!
Much Love - Duckie
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 months ago
Everything Has Changed: Masterlist
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15
Summary: It started with the kid, it started when the youngest avenger had gone to the tower to work in Stark’s lab. It started when the kid was rushing through the halls because he was late and when he came around the corner after getting off the elevator, he had sideswiped them.
His apologies fell on deaf ears, they were focused more on the scent that had been clinging to him. The scent of an omega, unmarked and unmated, that spoke to Steve and Bucky like none had before. It was the scent that nearly trigged a rut on the spot, a new experience for both Steve and Bucky.
After the collision, the scent is at the forefront of their mind as they recognize that the scent Peter had been dragging along with him, belonged to their omega. That scent had registered in their hearts, bodies and minds as the one they had been waiting and looking for.
And with that realization, comes a sheer, willful and powerful set of alpha’s who will stop at nothing to take the omega they’ve been waiting for.
The kid, be dammed.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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angelcvsmic · 2 months ago
I have this idea for a fic but I’m a terrible writer so mcu writer that sees this please do this.
Plot: Reader is Tony Stark’s older daughter.She is basically the copy of Tony a genius.During Spider-Man:FFH reader is currently in retirement still coping with her father’s death at the Lakehouse with Pepper and Morgan.One afternoon she sees the news and sees mysterio and the “spider monkey” she immediately knows it’s Peter.She debates on going but goes anyways.She arrives at the final battle in London.She helps Peter out by hacking Edith.After saving the day Peter and Reader have a really intense conversation like Tony’s and Peter’s one on the rooftop.She decides that she will take the glasses until he’s more ready.And she goes kinda like this...
“When dad and I created the glasses I knew the responsibility it would take to have them.He said you would be ready but he didn’t exactly meant right now” “ but in the future I know you will be.” She said while taking the glasses and storing them back to there case.“I’ll keep these until you are.And promise me that you’ll come to me if the situation is getting out of hand.”
And something like that idk I’m not a writer.Also pardon my grammar English is not my fist language.
If you do this fic please tag me🥺
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Feeling faint
Tom Holland x Sister!Reader, Holland Family X Sister!Reader, Harrison Osterfeild X Platonic!reader
Summary: Your brothers comfort you after you faint at Tom's wedding.
Warnings: mentions blood, a concussion, fainting, fluff.
Reader's age: 15
Request: Anon
Tumblr media
A/n: Thank you for the request! Also so sorry bought the name though 🤣 also like I just made the bride an OC so ya.
Tumblr media
It was all going good, you were stood behind your brothers in a row, Harrison was the best man, your brothers were groomsmen and you had the honor of being a grooms woman. You were just behind Paddy, as you watched your soon-to-be sister-in-law come down the aisle. Once her dad was by his seat the officiant started.
"Thank you, please be seated. Today we gather to lift Tom Holland and Amelia Williams up in celebration of ever-lasting love. In the presence of their beloved family and friends, Tom Holland and Amelia Williams will pronounce their love through this ceremony and begin a lifelong journey together."
"On this day, we offer gratitude for the blessings that have been bestowed upon Amelia and Tom. In this fast-spinning, always-changing world they have at last found peace and comfort in one another." He continued, you started swaying slightly feeling faint. You subtly leaned forward putting a hand on Paddy's shoulder in an attempt to hold yourself up as you watched the ceremony.
The ceremony was just about over and you were still feeling faint, you were still leaning on your older brother as the officiant finished: "By the power vested in me by the Universal Life Church Ministries, before your families and your friends, I now pronounce you lawfully and spiritually united Please seal your marriage with your first wedded kiss." Once they pulled away from the kiss and were about to walk down the aisle a loud thud was heard along with Paddy exclaiming help. Everyone turn to looked seeing you laying there unconscious, Paddy was already down by your side. Harry and Sam moved quickly to come to your sides followed by Harrison, Tom, Amelia and your parents. Most of the crowd was standing but no one came much closer.
"She's breathing." Sam announced. After a few seconds, you were opening your eyes.
"W-what happened? Why does my head hurt so much?" You asked your family.
"You fainted your okay." Dom said. "Give her a bit of space.
"Oh... Sorry." You mumbled putting your hand up to your head where it hurt.
"It's okay." Your sister in law said softly. You moved you hand back to looked at it wide eyed.
"I don't think that's good." You said out of it.
"Yeah, that isn't." Your mom gently moved your hair out of the way to look at what happened. "We need towels over here." She said to which Harry hurried off to grab some.
"I don't feel so good." You mumbled eyes closing.
"Woah no Tom don't let her close her eyes." Dom said.
"Hey look at me." Tom said, your eyes opened slightly seeing Tom and Haz standing there.
"Oh hi. Did I ruin the wedding?" You said your words slurred a bit.
"Paddy go get her water please." Harrison asked.
"No you didn't ruin the wedding bun." Tom assured. "Just keep your eyes on us."
"Okay." You smiled, "did I ruin my dress? I wiked it." You slurred. Sam chuckled from behind you where he was standing with your mom and dad, while they looked at your head. "It wasn't a joke!"
"Your dress is fine. Sam don't be such div." Harry said handing your mom the cloth.
"Yeah don't be such div." You looked at your brother and stuck your tongue out. Paddy finally came back with the water bottle and passed it to Tom.
"Y/n drink this. Mum is she okay?"
"I'm gonna take her to the hospital I'll keep you posted don't worry." Nikki said. "Dom help me get her up."
You took a sip from your water and looked at your sister-in-law. "I'm sorry." You said once again.
"It's okay." Tom and Amelia answered.
"If you say so I guess." You mumbled eyes closing.
"Y/n look at me." Harrison said catching it immediately.
"What I'm tired." You said glaring at the man.
"You got to stay awake." Sam said as he and Harry got you to your feet, Nikki still holding the cloth to your head.
You were back from the hospital just into time for the reception. Tom was the first to greet you of course as he was quite worried, Sam and Paddy were close behind along with Harrison. Harry and Dom went along with you and Nikki. Harry was there to hold the towel and make sure you stayed awake. You were stitched up and had a bandage on your head but otherwise, you were fine. The doctors chalked your faint up to you not eating or drink enough that day. Once you got liquids and a snack you started to get back to yourself but you were feeling super embarrassed and bad about fainting and taking the attention off of the newly weds.
"How are you feeling?" Amelia asked when you came into the venue the reception was being held in.
"I'm fine, I'm sorry about early." You said giving an apologetic smile.
"It's fine stop apologizing." Tom interjected. "You couldn't avoid it."
"Yeah, I guess." You mumbled though you were still embarrassed.
"It really wasn't that big of a deal. Your fine." Amelia assured you once again. You shrugged, before turning around noticing your other two brothers and Harrison standing there.
"Are you okay?" Paddy asked.
"I'm fine.." You mumbled. You didn't like the attention, now normally you'd love it since you are usually over shadowed by your brothers but today was supposed to be about Tom and his wife then you faint. It was the one day that you didn't want any attention on you.
"That's good." Sam smiled. You shrugged rolling your eyes.
"She's fine look still as sassy as usual." Harrison teased. He was like a fifth brother to you so you two acted like siblings.
"Shudup." You grumbled.
"Okay what's wrong?" Tom asked you as his wife walked off to do something.
"Nothing... Just fainting in public is embarrassing.. And fainting at a wedding more so." You mumbled. "And I still feel bad about taking the attention off of you and Amelia." You added.
"Oh y/n. No one's mad at you for fainting at our wedding." Tom assured you once again.
"Everyone is just glad your okay." Sam added on smiling at you.
"I guess..."
"Are we not going to talk about the fact she was talking like she's fainted in public before?" Harry inquired.
"No we are not." You said simply.
"Okay. But really it was funny." Paddy said, "and explained why you were leaning on me the whole ceremony."
"It was kinda funny." Harrison said chuckling.
"Oh woah you found my pain funny." You said jokingly.
"There your back to yourself! Yes now we have a reception to get to come on." Tom said giving you a quick hug before leaving to find his wife.
"So when have you fainted before?"
Tumblr media
A/n: How was it? I'm not good at comforting people so writing it is semi-hard for me. Also, I think I wrote the wedding well... Idk I haven't been to one since I was 3. And I don't remember anything about that except walking up to a guy who I honestly know if he was the groom or the groom's brother. (The groom is an identical twin)
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imagineyourworld-old · 2 months ago
I’ll keep updating this as I write more! 
Imagine Jughead telling you, his girlfriend, that he is asexual (Jughead Jones x Fem!Reader) 
Imagine having a crush on Veronica but being scared to ask her out (Veronica Lodge x Genderneutral!Reader)
P.S. I am no longer writing for Riverdale, it’s just these two
Harry Potter 
Beautiful (Draco Malfoy x Fem!Slytherin!Reader) Draco tries to tell the self-conscious reader how he feels about her. 
Purely physical? (Draco Malfoy x Fem!Slytherin!Reader) Imagine having a friends with benefits situation with your best friend, who you had been in love with for years
Fantastic Beasts
New Jobs and old friends (Theseus Scamander x Fem!Reader) Reader starts a new job at the ministry, the only problem being her best friend’s brother who she has a complicated history with. But maybe Newt can help sort things out
Imagine being Sherlock’s little sibling (Sherlock Holmes x Genderneutral!Sibling!Reader) 
Imagine being Peter’s best friend and crushing on Spiderman (Peter Parker x Fem!Reader) 
Good for you (Peter Parker x Fem!Stark!Reader) The reader takes Peter out on a special date for their nine month anniversary.
Mischief Managed? (Loki x Fem!Reader)  After months of being away on a mission you return just in time for the annual Stark Industries gala, and to meet the newest member of the Avengers, who is… not from this world
Pirates of the Caribbean 
Imagine pretending to be Henry Turner’s girlfriend (Henry Turner x Fem!Reader) 
Dreams (Eggsy Unwin x Fem!Reader) You and Eggsy were friends with benefits until you ended it for your new boyfriend. And just then Eggsy realizes what he lost
Star Wars
Dating App AU (Poe Dameron x Genderneutral!Reader)  Your friend convinced you to try this dating app and while your date is cute and nice, there is just something about his flatmate... 
Just Friends (Poe Dameron x Genderneutral!Reader) You were tired of denying the assumption that you were dating your best friend, so you finally gave up. But what happens when Poe finds out that you’re supposedly dating?
Timing (Poe Dameron x Genderneutral!Reader) You are in love with your best friend Poe, your best friend Poe is in love with you. Is there a chance for you love even though you realize it at different times?
Big Brother Part 1 (Poe Dameron x Fem!Reader) Basically a bunch of short scenarios where you and Poe are getting closer and your older brother doesn’t like it
Clone Wars 
Cuddles (Rex x Fem!Jedi!Reader) You are extremely affectionate with everyone but Rex and even though the Captain knows why it bothers him, he refuses to acknowledge his feelings
The Duchess and the Captain Part 1, Part 2 (Rex x Fem!Duchess!Reader) Regency AU! Marrying Duke Palpatine was not your idea of a perfect marriage, but meeting a certain Captain in his personal guard might make up for it.
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just-dreaming-marvel · 3 months ago
It’s Always Been You MASTERLIST
Tony’s Ending to “Out Of Time”
Out Of Time Masterlist
Tumblr media
Avengers: Endgame
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Spider-Man: Far From Home
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