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#Peter Parker fluff
westcoastcigar · 9 hours ago
roadtrip to nowheresville
synopsis: it's the week before everyone goes off to college and the gang decides to go on a roadtrip. now, how does the old mantra go?
all secrets come to light.
pairing: peter parker x bestfriend!reader
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Tumblr media
“Jeez. Gwen - would’ya cut the shit? It’s just a lizard!”
The heat in Pennsylvania is no joke. Not when you’re tucked in a tiny mom van with six of your best friends and trucking it 55 miles per hour down the interstate. Not when it’s the middle of summer; a late July bloom that consisted of heat and humidity alike, and made you feel the way one might if they were shoveling sand deep down in the Sahara, despite all of the trees you were passing. And not when your hotheaded blonde of a friend would not, for the love of all that is good and gracious, quit complaining. The plan was simple. Stuff a couple of shirts into a bag, grab some snacks, and just hit the goddamn road. The Osborne’s shared a lake house with another family, who just so happened to be leaving for Germany this summer, which meant you had about 900 acres and a large body of water all to yourselves.
The plan was simple. At least, it was supposed to be.
About a half an hour in, Gwendolyne realized she had forgotten her sunglasses by the border of New York pavement and Pennsylvania green. Ned had misplaced his inhaler and nearly tipped the vehicle over with his rustling - which had turned out to be in his jeans pocket all along - much to Betty’s displeasure. Who, by the way, was engaged in a heated argument with Harry about the nation’s current state of the economy. Who, by the way, was sitting behind the wheel of the van, eyes bolted onto where the bitter blonde resided in the seat behind him.
The only calm among the chaos was Peter, who sat tranquilly in the passenger’s seat, a tender grin on his face as he gazed out the window, one earbud in hand. The other was in yours as you leaned over, pulled the device out of his ear, and offered him a book - “The Heart of a Woman” by Maya Angelou.
Then, as though the start of what should have been the best week of your life before college couldn’t get any worse, the car ran out of gas. Sputtering down the highway until Harry flicked his hazard lights on with a huff and pulled off the road. Whether he did or didn’t made no difference, though; there were no other cars around for miles. The seven of you had to push the damn thing down the road for an hour or two until you found a gas station - and Ned, literally, got down on both knees and kissed the earth beneath him.
Disgruntled now, the Pennsylvania sun is ruthless as its beams prickle over the skin the wife beater that hung lightly on Harry’s shoulders could not cover, flannel discarded and wrapped lazily around his waist. He looked like something straight out of an old James Dean film. Harry shifts his weight against the brick dwelling, arms across his chest, glaring daggers at Gwendolyne. The girl was climbing on Ned’s back, a grip like iron, as the reptilian abomination rested idly on a parking block a few steps away. In other circumstances, the lizard would have been considered cute, but as of current, it is Gwendolyne Stacy’s worst nightmare.
And Harry Osborne’s by extension because he knows she would not shut up about it for the rest of the ride if somebody didn’t do something fast.
“It’s right there! It’s staring at me! Ned! Ned!”
“Yeah...Yeah I see it, Gwen.” Stutters Ned, stiff as a board. His fedora tilts a bit over his eyes. “I really don’t know what you want me to do here.”
Meanwhile, you’re the last to exit the van. Hand your backpack, shuffling to scrape up what few dollars you can for a bottle of water. Then, there’s a noise, a knock once, twice against the window. But it’s not the kind of sound when skin and bone meet glass, no, this is thick. Turning, your eyes meet Peter’s through the glass pane and he offers a smile. The autobiography picture of Maya Angelou smiles as well.
He finished.
“Already?” You ask, a grin as the door slides open.
Peter just shrugs. “S’not like there was anything else to do if I did put it down. Besides, you already know I love everything you put in my hands.”
This was true.
Historically, you and Peter were not necessarily the closest. You know how it is. You know the unspoken agreement between sexes that coexist within a group: boys versus girls. A tale as old as time. Gwendolyne taught you the ropes. She taught you how to pull the Big Apple by the reins and how to drive it straight into the soft part of your heart and hold it down. She took you everywhere - house parties, beach parties, bonfires, the lot. You probably had her to thank for half of your high school experience and especially for the thick skin you developed from riding the subway all those years ago. Michelle reminded you of a safe place. The girl next door quite literally. She lived across the hall from you for your entire life. Michelle Jones was bookswaps and movie marathons and baking nights and everything else you could have ever wanted in a best friend. She knew all of your secrets - including the time you accidentally walked in on Harry Osborne naked - and you knew all of hers.
But despite not being as close to Peter, you still spoke to the boy. The two of you would still meet up at Delmar’s everyday after school - at first, arbitrarily; then, casually - and you still walked home together after. More so, he walked you home after what felt like hours of persistence. And the two of you would still share the books you liked from time to time and you would actually read them even if his taste differed entirely from your own. Peter preferred the adrenaline rush: action and thrillers. He liked the chase. You didn’t. You liked autobiographies and leaving teardrops to bookmark your last page.
Inside the convenience store, Michelle and Betty were moving up and down the aisles, scanning the fridges for drinks. In Michelle’s grasp were two or three cans of Bang! and a bag of potato chips, and a smirk tugged at the corner of your mouth. They were for Harry.
You knew all of her secrets, remember?
“C’mon, let’s see what they have.” Says Peter, then inexplicably, his fingers hook around your wrist and he pulls you down an aisle. The column blurs red and green and purple, and overhead, you can still spot Michelle lingering over by some coke tallboys. She was just that tall.
“Y/N! Hey!” You jerk to face the boy. He gleams with two bags of Warheads - Warheads: Extreme Sour, to be exact - in hand. The squinched caricature on the green bag takes you back to freshman year, sitting on a patch of grass at the front of the school with Peter. Both of you popping a piece into your mouths, waiting for the other to burst. “Warheads!”
“Oh my God.” You can’t help but chortle. You seize the bag from him, fingers brushing his ever so slightly. He still held on as you perused the memory, eyes wide like dinner plates. Then, they scrunch shut. “I can still feel the cuts on my tongue.”
“Maybe things are turning up.”
You lock your gaze onto Peter’s honey browns. The evening sun was beginning to take its rest, a golden sheen creeping over everything in his touch. Peter is gold - inside and out. His freckles spread across his cheeks like stepping stones under a bridge, pebbles in a valley between strong cheekbones and a nose broken one too many times. His curls were acting up, too. They dangled over his forehead in a way that made him look as though he was the star of one of those 80s sci-fi films that involved electricity. Must have been the humidity.
You hitch a brow at him, corner lip tilting lightly. “You seriously believe that?”
“Well, Gwen’s quiet now. So I’d like to think so.” He nods over to the window pane. The blonde is back in the passenger’s seat now, eyes fluttering shut, as Harry finished buckling her in. They must have gotten rid of the lizard.
“Well what’dd’ya know.” You snort. “Things just might be.”
Gwendolyne stole his seat. At least, it’s what you tell yourself. Everyone else is settled in their original seats, occupied with the provisions acquired from the gas station. You had actually managed to forage enough coins to purchase a water bottle, and the bag of Warheads Peter bought for you to share sits between you now.
Because Gwen stole his seat. That’s why he’s sitting beside you.
It’s what you’re telling yourself.
Your feet are propped against the headrest, Spongebob on your socks dancing as you wiggle your toes, back and forth, back and forth. Your nose is tucked in another Stephen King, Peter’s recommendation, but there’s an element in the novel that felt an awful lot like deja vu. Of course, it would be in the author’s nature to elicit whatever unease that had been brewing within you, all for the sole purpose of reminding you of what humanity in its rawest form is like. Absorbed, you nearly miss the sudden weight against your shoulder, the bushel of brunette that ghosts over your cheek and sends a bag of rocks down to the pit of your stomach. His book, your recommendation, rests on his lap, and from your peripheral, you can see him wrestling with sleep beneath long eyelashes.
You nudge your shoulder a bit. “Sleep. We won’t be there for another hour.”
Peter jolts up at this, palms his face over. He’s like a vacuum in the way he makes for a quick inhale and rubs desperate slumber from his eyes. When his gaze meets yours, it’s tired and it’s dazed. He smiles then; he was always smiling.
“No. No, I’m fine. Totally awake.” Says Peter, a low rumble at the back of his throat.
Just then, Michelle turns over and squints her eyes when they lock onto yours, inexplicably. You glare back. She had something of a simper plastered across her face as she discards the last of her earbuds, and you recognize it almost instantaneously. Be careful: the quiet ones are usually the most dangerous.
“Hey guys, Parker’s breaking the rules. He’s falling asleep.” Declares Michelle, beguiled. “We better do something.”
“I am not falling asleep!” Cries Peter, and look, he’s not.
Betty lets out a groan then. Her headband couldn’t restrain the vein protruding out of her forehead. “Peter, rules of the road! We all agreed to stay awake to get the full effect of the trip.” She says his name the way she says Ned’s whenever he begins his Star Wars tangents.
Silence, save for the droning of tires against asphalt as the van begins to pick up speed. Peter rocks his head back until he hits the headrest, eyes closed shut, a slow drag of an exhale out his nose. But he’s not asleep, no, he’s in too much trouble to even consider falling asleep now. Then, from the driver’s seat, Harry chimes in, “I have a suggestion.” His tone is slung heavy with something serpentine. “Let’s clear the air. We all won’t be seeing each other for, at least, the next four years, right? Statistically speaking. We should get everyone out, here and now, before we never see each other again.”
In the mirror, you catch that familiar glint of mischief latent in his eyes, an innocent shade of brown conjuring up something so wicked, they’re red.
Harry winks at you then, and your chest heaves. “No.” You all but blurt, “Seriously, you guys, I don’t think this is a good idea.”
But your voice was already drowned out by the hums of consideration that filled the vehicle. There’s a subtle exchange between Michelle and Harry. She reaches over and punches him square in the shoulder, and he lets out a laugh. Betty makes a noise.
“I’ll bite.” She shrugs, then faces her boyfriend. “Do you remember when we went on our first date. The movie theater? And I said I liked your hat? Well, I lied. I hated it, Ned. I hate your fedoras.”
Ned and Betty agreed to stay friends by the end of the summer, going off to different colleges and all. The first shot is fired. Blood has been drawn. You’re searching for No Man’s land now.
All but fuel to a dumpster fire it became. Once during an impromptu sleepover, Ned used Peter’s toothbrush, Harry and Brad Davis used to bet to see who could score your number first - spoiler: it was Harry - Michelle used to charge people if they wanted to copy Peter’s biology homework during freshman year, and Peter once devised an entire plan to impress Liz Allan but ended up with one of her bras instead. He swears it was an accident.
Michelle gasps, aims a finger toward you. “Harry and Ned used to high-five each other every time Y/N wore a white tank-top to school!”
Mouth agape, you cross your arms over your chest. It seriously didn’t help the fact that you were wearing one now. “Gross!”
From the driver’s seat, there’s a chuckle. White-hot fury surges through you. Through gritted teeth, you seethe, “Yeah? Well, Gwen and Harry made out in Liz’s bathroom at some party last year.”
“No, we didn’t!” Harry spits back.
Something of a shit-eating grin slides across your face. “No, I think I remember it quite clearly. Gwen literally came floating out of the bathroom - hammered to all high hell. Right up to me and told me the whole damn thing.”
And as though right on cue, Gwendolyne shifts awake. She hums, rubs sleep from her eyes, and the entire car breaks into laughter. “What.” Chirps Gwendolyne. She twists in the polyester, seat belt pulling after her. Her palm grips onto the headrest, her knuckles burn a bright white. “What’s going on?”
Then, Betty brings her up to date on the lot, and her confusion crumbles away. Instead, she gleams. “Oh, yeah, we totally did that! Harry tried to use some pick up line on me. I think he said-”
A wave of realization rushes through your arms, shoots through your fingertips. You giggle, “Here I am. What’re your other two wishes!”
The noise in the van crescendos.
Harry snorts.
“Shut it, Y/N. You’ve been in love with Parker for ages.”
Silence again. Your heart drops down to the pit of your stomach. The great battle of Philadelphia has come to an end.
It’s nightfall by the time you arrive.
Everyone is quiet - mostly. No one graced enough to brave bringing up the incident in the car, the one where Harry split you open by the chest till you were nothing but skin and bone and a beating heart. Scanning the place that chanted, Here, here, Peter Parker and all my love lies here! There was a chill that ran between the space where you and Peter broke apart, and if he ever looked at you, you wouldn’t have known. Your eyes were set, firmly, on the world outside.
You’re the first to claim a room - the one with the best view. There’s a balcony, and the lake is a glistening chrysalis of baby blue, silhouettes of sycamore trees sprouting along the shore. Below you, your friends have sparked a fire, the lot of them bundled up to fight the nippy summer breeze. Just for something to do, you count the tops of their heads. One, Ned. Two, Betty, Three and four, Michelle and Harry. Five, Gwen.
Six -
“Hey. Can we talk?” Your stomach churns at the sound of his voice. Gentle and calm, like he had a secret to share. He has a book in hand. “You disappeared pretty quickly back there.”
You shrug. “Well, y’know, had to pick the best view before Gwen.”
Peter chuckles, lip quirked slightly. Then, he shrugs a shoulder, nods over it toward the door. “Mine’s just across the hall.”
His smile swells. “Yeah, oh.”
Crickets. Peter moves to take a step forward when his gaze drops to your shoulders. You’re tense, you had been since he appeared. He stays put.
“You comin’ down to the bonfire later?” Asks Peter.
“Osborne gonna be there?” You snort.
“He’s cooking.”
“Then, no.”
Peter laughs again, but it’s softer, quieter this time. “I’ll bring you up a plate.”
“I’d like that.” You nod.
His eyes look golden in the pale moonlight. Always, always the golden boy. Quiet still, your eyes shift to the book in his hand. It’s none of the ones you’d read in the car.
This one is new.
You raise nothing more than a finger. “That for me?”
“Oh - yeah. Yeah.” “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. A classic, the classic. A grin, a piercing feeling you know why it’s here. Why he’d given it to you. You start for the first page when Peter stutters, “Just do me a favor, and don’t open it up until I leave this room, alright?”
He smiles then. There’s a hint of hesitation on his face, and you’re certain there’s a semblance of a similar feeling on yours. Before either of you can even act on it, Peter makes a noise, turns on his heels and leaves the room.
Attention on the book now, you flip open to the first page. You’re met with his handwriting; quick and sloppy, and it reminds you of all the times you tried to copy his homework but couldn’t.
You don’t even realize your eyes are brimmed with something close to nostalgia until a teardrop falls onto the page.
Freshman year, English class. I sat a couple of desks behind you. The back of your head just looked so pretty in those braids, I had to know what your voice sounded like.
Who’d have thought we’d ever end up here?
Thanks for being the first friend I made, and thanks for sticking with me ever since. You’re gonna kick ass in California!!!
Don’t miss me too much, I promise to SWING by every once in a while.
- Peter
There’s a burning at the back of your throat and in your ears. Inexplicably, you bring a hand up to your face and you don’t even realize that you’re crying until the faintest noise slips from your lips. You sob into your hand. In fact, you sob for a while. Then, sucking in all your pride, you make your way down stairs. Outside, everyone else is paired up on a log, sitting before the fire. Except for Peter. His brow is quirked at the sight of you, then he offers a smile.
The space next to him is empty.
Gwendolyne must’ve stolen his seat again.
Honestly, she must’ve.
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hiraethparkers · 10 hours ago
“you make me feel safe”
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
prompt: peter comforting you after a nightmare
warnings: description of violence at the beginning, a bit of angst, fluff
the violent crashing of a building. people screaming. a large blast right beside where you stood. a small child running from the rubble. the child. she looked six years old. the teetering construction site. you weren’t fast enough—
you sat up in your bed with a start. another nightmare. one would think you had gotten used to them, it had been a whole year, but oddly, it hadn’t gotten much better. normally you would just go back to sleep, but today you had a better idea. putting on some warm slippers, you slipped out of bed and walked out the door of your room. across the hallway was your best friend’s room. seeing the light under the door, you gently knocked. “come in,” you heard peter’s half-asleep voice call out. you opened the door and plastered a smile on your face. 
“hiiiiii” you sang out. he smiled softly at you. 
“lemme guess, another nightmare?”
“how did you know?” you joked, somewhat pitifully. he got out of bed, groggily walking over to give you a hug. 
“do you wanna talk about it?”
“not really. i kinda just didn’t want to be alone.” you bury your head into peter’s chest as he strokes your hair.
“hey do you wanna sleep over?” he asks, and you nod, plodding over to his bed. 
it wasn’t uncommon for you and peter to have sleepovers, it happened almost weekly. normally, however, it would be both of you passed out in the living room after watching a movie. this was a little different. peter crawled into his bed and you curled up on the other side of his bed. there was some awkward tension, but you fell asleep too fast to acknowledge it. peter on the other hand, laid still in his bed, glancing at you every few seconds. all was well until you sat up suddenly, now for the second time that night.
breathing heavily, you slowly curled up, hugging your knees into your chest. peter sat up too, scooting next to you and putting an arm around your shoulder.
“i’m sorry y/n. it’ll be okay, i’m here, i won’t leave you.”
“thank you so much peter. um, i’m gonna lay down again.”
“okay y/n/n, don’t worry you’ll be okay.” you both lay down, and you take a deep breath. tentatively, you roll over and cuddle up right next to peter.
“is this okay?” you whisper to him.
“yeah, yeah, um yeah, it- it’s great.” he gently wraps his arms around you, and you snuggle in closer. 
“hey peter?”
“yeah y/n?”
“you make me feel safe.” peter kisses your head and you fall asleep, finally having a peaceful night of sleep.
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cloverrover · 11 hours ago
Kentucky's Finest
A/N: I'm trying to get back into writing so here goes. My own little world where the Snap didn't happen but COVID did lol. let me live. cursing for sure? original character btw
You never thought that when you first starting riding horses, you would end up as a 5* Eventer much less being able to compete alongside international Olympians. But yet, there you sat on the big couch in the compound looking at the email your trainer had sent you.
“Don’t throw up. We have some work to do.” Mumbling more to yourself, ignoring the now cold coffee you put when you got the alert.
“Why aren’t we throwing up and what are we working on?”
“Jesus Christ Sam, bang a foot or hand on something I don’t need another heart attack!” Grabbing your chest when the man walked in, quieter then you expected. While he wasn’t the quietest of the bunch, you were rather distracted so for you know he could have been walking like an elephant and you still wouldn’t notice.
“My trainer sent me an email. I’m going to Kentucky?”
Thus began the stare. The same stare he managed to adopt from both Bucky and Steve. Looking straight into your soul and learning all your darkest secrets. This went on for what felt like hours when realistically it was probably less than 2 minutes. Next thing you know, you’re no longer on the couch but instead being bear hugged while hearing the clear sounds of poppers and suspiciously a confetti canon.
“Yeah girl we know, she sent us the email first because she wanted to surprise you.”
“Plus it gave me an excuse to finally use my confetti canon.” Peter chirps in from literally out of nowhere while the rest of team files in, also from out of nowhere.
“Girl if you thought you wouldn’t make it this year then you’re crazy.” Steve replies, acting like he’s forgotten how much of a fever dream the year had been. You give him the Nordstrom look. A look you inherited, apparently, from great Aunt. All he can do is blush and look at his feet.
Taking a look around the room, you see proud faces, even if they wouldn’t admit there’s the smallest bit of concern. COVID had really put a dent on things and for the longest time you had no physical contact with any of your friends. Yes you were isolating in one of the spare rooms above the barn and would talk to the team in one of the big fields, socially distant of course, it still wasn’t the same. Nothing ever was.
They’d still be going out on missions, improved suits with face masks to help protect, while you were still training, and only ever leaving for competitions, getting tested before and after to be safe. You and your grooms had gotten lucky. Tony and Pepper were hell bent on keeping you three safe. Not that any of you minded.
Pulling you out of the trance, Sam lets you go to make the rounds of hugs. Slowly but surely, working your way around the now crowded room, you also see Nina and Bekah somehow got into the compound, hugging you as well.
“You bitches! You both knew didn’t you?”
“Eh, we wanted to see if you’d notice anything.” Nina confirming your thoughts. You had noticed during your sets that morning the girls were being a bit more giggly than normal, but chalked it up to some tiktok they’d seen.
“Hey all that matters is you’re finally making your debut. And at Kentucky no less.” Turning around from the semicircle that seemed to surround you, eyes sparkling and face flushing; a smile is on your face quicker than white on rice.
“Bucky!” You squeal, do a hop, skip, and a jump move, before hugging him with the same ferocity you see in those movies with the airport scenes. Unbeknownst to you to looks from everyone else that the pair of you were receiving. All you could focus on was the smell of sandalwood and dirt, and the warmth, regardless of the difference in appendages.
He pulls back from you and simply holds you there, looking at you as though you hung the moon and stars. Not that you’re any better, but it takes Bekah pulling at your shoulder for you to get back to your senses.
“Besides Doll, if anyone’s earned it from this hellhole year, it’s definitely you.” Looking back at the man, you notice the slightest hint of red on his cheeks, going all the way up to his ears.
“Buck that means a lot to me.”
“Anytime Doll.”
Going back to the email she had sent, you start going over the dates and training schedules she’s mapped out. Morning sets with yoga midday, lifting in the afternoon, and a second yoga practice after to stretch all the muscles. You don’t even bother looking at the meal plan knowing she’s already sent it to Pepper, who in turn gave Friday all the specifics. You were all set, complete with a workout schedule for not just yourself but your boys as well.
And the thought honestly scared you. Yes you were most assuredly on the younger side of the start list, barely even 24 but making it to the same level as Olympians, but you knew you had gotten lucky while having talent at the same time. A combination of both knowing how to get what you need, and being at the right place at the right time. And you knew that, your trainer also knew to make sure you knew that too.
You weren’t her only student, but you were the most experienced; though that didn’t stop her from making you clean out the boys’ stalls every morning. Whenever the donkey of Ridiculous Six came by, talk about being humbled.
For the remainder of the night, while most of the group went back to their rooms, you stayed on the couch to go over timelines, costs, and general necessities, Bucky and Peter kept quiet company, providing a presence in your otherwise, now very stressful life ahead. Trying not to think too much about what this means for your career, you bid the boys goodnight and head off to your room, thankful you only share the floor with Scott, when he’s in New York at least, Peter, Bucky, and the girls. Though the did sometimes contribute to your stress levels.
“Friday turn the shower on please.” The A.I. turning it to the exact temperature of your preference; hot enough to still annoy anyone who’d happen to share shower space with you. The room you had was definitely too big for your liking, but Pepper was your godmother and she wanted nothing but the best. Being in charge of Stark Industries got you the best. Though that never stopped you from the occasional splurge at Target.
You took time to get all the knots in hair out, wearing a hairnet for 5 hours of the day was always 5 hours too many. But you weren’t about to tell Delilah that. Woman was scary enough as it was. Eventually you made your way out of the shower and continued with your post shower routine, however unaware of the presence lurking by the door.
With how large the rooms were you never bothered closing your room door until you were sleeping. Not to mention you had 2 very large mirrors in the bathroom that gave one rather flustered super soldier a view of tattoos he wasn’t even aware you had. Bucky didn’t peg you as a tattoo girl, but to be fair he never really pegged you as a girl who did much apart from riding. So the second he looked up and saw you switching out your belly ring too, his face may as well have been a tomato from how red it was. Bucky left pretty quick after that hoping he’s even able to get an ounce of sleep with this new knowledge in his head.
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queeen-goldfish · 11 hours ago
5 Stages Of A Heartbreak 5/5 Fluff Ending
Chapter 5 Angst ending
Peter Parker Masterlist
“I- I shouldn’t have said that”
“No you shouldn’t have”
“I didn’t mean it”
“Oh thanks that sure does clear everything up doesn’t it?” You say rolling your eyes
“Listen I know you don’t want me here-”
“And yet, here you still remain” You said with a sarcastic smile
“Can we just talk”
“I don’t want to talk”
“Y/n please!”
“You hurt me Peter!”
“I'm sorry!” He yelled his voice cracking. He allowed the words to float in the air for a moment before pulling the mask off his face. His eyes puffy and full of desperation, “I’m so very sorry Y/n. I practiced this conversation in my head 3000 times before I came over here and nothing I ever say seems close enough to an apology you deserve. I was stupid, heartless,a total jerk and if you throw me out and tell me you never want to see me again I wouldn’t blame you….But I’m really hoping you don’t.” He explained pleading with those warm puppy dog eyes of his.
Your emotions were everywhere, and who could blame you. This past month Peters had been your best friend, your enemy, your crush and your first heartbreak all wrapped in one. Giving him a once over you sighed and sat on your bed waiting for the excuses to flow out his mouth the same way they did before. Nothing really changed... Did it? He is still so close yet so far, like the stars that brighten up the night sky. You played with the strings of your sweatpants hoping it would distract you enough to keep the tears from falling. To say you were head over heels for this boy was an understatement and the thought of your friendship ending made you sick to your stomach.
Peter let out a sigh of relief before taking a moment to gather his thoughts. He sat on the far end of your bed praying you wouldn’t push him away again, ”These past couple of days haven’t been easy” he said with a nervous chuckle, “Even though I know it was my fault, you avoiding me hurt more than I thought it would. Everything reminded me of you, it's like it took me losing you to realize just how much I needed you. I missed the way your smile could brighten up a room. Or when you laughed so hard, letting out a cute little snort that you try but fail to cover up. I missed the way even on my worst days all it took was seeing you to make all my worries melt away. I love-“ Peter stopped making you look at him, he was staring at the floor in shock as if his words were news to him. His eyes connected with yours and a small smile tugged on his lips, “I love-I love you Y/n”
You sat there looking at him, your mouth hanging practically open. Your brain couldn’t process the words fast enough as your thoughts ran wild. The person you loved for forever just confessed his feelings to you. Where you are supposed to be happy, I mean that’s big, but what about-”Liz”. Crickets. Good job y/n, the love of your life says he loves you and the first thing you bring up was your love rival.
Peter chuckled a bit before rubbing his neck, “Right uh- she kind of broke up with me”
The two of you stared at each other for a moment before you decided that the silence was too deafening “Me too… I mean I love you too, for a while actually you’re pretty late to the party” The two of you laughed and for a moment everything seemed fine, almost like how it used to be.
“Great, well how about I take you on a date-”
“Woah, woah, woah. Slow it down Spider-Man, I'm still upset with you.”
“Oh? Is that so Ms. L/n” He asked with a flirtatious look,“Well I guess I will just have to earn that date huh?” He asked with a raise eyebrow.
“I guess so, Mr.Parker”
“Peter stop it” you said laughing hysterically as your boyfriend tickles you. You were currently in his bedroom studying- or rather supposed to be studying for your redo test. Apparently Peter had used his good reputation to charm your chem teacher to let you retake the test for your honors program.
“What’s the answer Y/n?” He asked calmly as if he wasn’t trying to tickle you to death
“I-I I don’t know!!! I’m gonna pee myself!! P-Peter pleasee” you begged on the verge of tears. Thankfully he stopped letting your breath.
“Okay imma give you five seconds, five-“
“Lead!! Lead! ’Pb’ is lead please don’t tickle me” you said laughing and he gave you a smile.
“Correct, see I knew you knew the answer babe” he said proudly placing a kiss on your lips, “You’re gonna ace this test love”
The kiss caught you a bit off guard but nonetheless you smiled at the boy. His hair floated above you as his face lingered above yours, he gave you his signature smile while caressing your cheek, “I don’t know what I would do without you” he said and you smiled back at him.
“Black Widow”
“Natashia?” He asked confused
“No the spider you idiot, because you would be a spider who is without his lover” you explained giving a dramatic gasp placing a hand on your forehead.
Peter rolled his eyes but failed to hide his smile, “that made no sense what’s so ever”
“It did too you’re just made because you didn’t come up with it”
Tumblr media
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remuslupinenthusiast · 14 hours ago
Marvel Characters as things my friends have said:
Scott after he gets fired from Baskin Robins: Honestly my life is a vine. Like my life is a joke.
Thor when he gets back to Asgard: I want Tim Tams but we don’t live in Tim Tam land.
Bucky: Peggy and Steve. Expired.
Sam: I’m not a dumb blonde.
Natasha: You’re not blonde.
Sam: Right. Where was the lie in my statement?
Shuri when Bucky was in Wakanda: He’s a white stick full of flavor
Peter to MJ: Your eyes are really pretty
Ned: Me too.
Wanda: I hallucinate. I see things that aren’t there.
Scott: Like Disney said “dream big princess.” And I’m a princess.
Skinny Steve: I Never kissed boy. Or girl.
The Avengers after wrecking entire cities every weekend: Sometimes people get died.
Pepper when Tony says he wants to have kids: Tube tie ! Tie your tubes !
Darcy after Thor says he’s a god: if you didn’t play monopoly you’re a peasant.
Bucky talking about Sam: He makes me feel perfectly straight.
Sam talking about Bucky: If I was a girl and I was gay I would still like that man.
Scott: I don’t even like men but... Steve
Loki: See when I say words...they don’t actually mean anything to me.
The Avengers trying to convince Clint to come out of retirement: If we get kidnapped, I’ll give you a dollar.
Carol: Well I have like 3 and 1/2 friends so...
Wanda raising a family while simultaneously mind-controlling a whole town: I’m gonna show everyone my cool balancing skills !!
Darcy: These cookies are actual trash
Jimmy: Do you want mine?
Darcy: Yeah
Tony after Morgan’s born: Pepper you’re such a sexy milf
Vision: How old were you?
Wanda: I don’t know. A witch or something.
Peter, genuinely curious: What does PMS mean?
MJ: Penis Mask Sanction 
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mywldflwers · 15 hours ago
Oh, Baby | Chapter One | P.P
disclaimer: sexual commentary/innuendos. mature audience advised. you can find the series: here
Tumblr media
C H A P T E R 1 : D E S T I N E D
The beginning of the school year started about a month after I came back home. It was hectic, trying to get new supplies and putting together my assignments due the first day while being a participant in the Hartford Editorial Co. internship program.
My first day was the week before school started which was nice, considering I had time to get a feel for what exactly I needed to do. Being the youngest intern meant I needed to prove I had every right to be there just as much as the older teens. It also meant I was the runt of the group who had to deal with some of the less fun things-coffee runs, taking calls and messages, or just running around with paperwork that needed to be transferred to other editors and writers.
The older kids were nicer than I first intended. They tried to help me as much as they could, but were determined to get me to know my place. I respected that, to be honest. I couldn’t just waltz in and attempt to act like I was better than them when they had plenty of experience than me.
“Try to relax, sweetheart. You’re just so young to be piling in on this kind of stress. You’re only fifteen!” My mother exclaimed, pouring me my cup of coffee as I wrote down notes from the island counter of our kitchen.
“Sixteen,” I corrected.
She paused. “Hm?”
“I’ll be sixteen in, like, two months.”
The woman chuckled at that. “You’re fifteen right now. Besides, you could be thirty years old and I’d tell you the same. We weren’t meant to endure this kind of stress.”
I huffed at her words, writing quickly as I noticed the time.
“Maybe you should calm it on the coffee.”
That was enough to get my full attention.
“Mom!” I whined, reaching for my cup from her as she taunted me with it.
“You’re too young to be drinking all this caffeine!”
“It’s all dads fault!”
As if on cue, my father walked into the room with a dumbfounded expression.
“What’s all dads fault?”
My mom cackled at his face, placing down my mug on the counter behind her. “Our daughter’s caffeine addiction.”
“Ah,” he nodded. “I confess.”
“Good, I’ll be sure to include that confession in my therapy appointment at rehab.” I stood from my seat, lunging behind my mother to retrieve my liquid courage.
She hadn’t bothered to fight me for it, instead taking a bite of her slightly burned toast. “The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I’m proud.”
I only shrugged, swiveling around my father as he tried to make his own cup of coffee. I sipped my warm beverage and hurried along the kitchen by gathering my piles of paper into my folders and backpack. My fingers piled up my hair above my head, tying a band around it all. The time was ticking and I was praying I wouldn’t be late my first day of school.
“Gotta go, see you tonight!” I called out to my parents as I threw my bag across my shoulders. My sneakers squeaked against the tiled floor of the kitchen as I rushed to kiss their cheeks goodbye.
“Be safe!” My mom called back.
My dad tried to yell with a mouth full of eggs. “Love you!”
As soon as I rushed into the elevators, I felt slightly light headed. I shook it off, though, noting that it may have been time to start being more active again.
When I made it outside, I was met by my loving boyfriend. He was leaning against the railing with his arms crossed over his chest. He was wearing his brown sweater with a blue flannel underneath. It suited him well.
The early September air was slightly chilly, probably the reason for his outfit, but that was normal for the city.
I lurched forward to drown Peter in a kiss, my arms flinging around his shoulders to steady myself. He laughed against my lips and kept me still against his chest.
“Morning, honey.”
Before I could reply, I heard mock kissing noises and quite prominent gag sounds. I looked over his shoulder to scold our close friends and their childish behavior.
“Very funny, you two.”
“Thank you, we try.” MJ smiled sarcastically. Immediately I noticed her curly hair pinned up in a bun today.
I rolled my eyes but looked back over to my boyfriend to properly greet him. “Good morning, sunshine.”
He grinned. “Ready for our first day?”
“As best as I could be! You?”
“I hope so.” He chuckled once before intertwining our fingers together.
“What about you, two? Did you finish the summer reading?”
Ned snorted. “Duh. This semester, though, I’m focusing on my engineer tech class. How can I be the chair guy for Spider-man when there’s still so much for me to learn!”
“I believe in you, buddy!”
The boy looked at my boyfriend fondly with a hand over his heart.
I rolled my eyes at their antics, but turned to MJ on my side. “How about you, Missy?”
“I already read all the books that were given to us for options, so I picked randomly. It was an easy A.”
My free hand smacked against her palm in a celebratory moment, smiling proudly. “That’s my girl.”
She only smirked before her eyes widened in realization. “Oh, hey, how’s your internship going?”
“Yeah! I heard you’re the youngest one?” Ned asked next.
I sighed, swinging Peter’s and I’s arms together. “It’s okay, but they’re pretty keen on grilling me anytime they get. Perks, I guess.”
Peter pulled me under his arm, holding me close to his side in a swift movement. “Aw, honey, I’m sorry. Anyway I could help?”
“Nah, Pete. It’s just how it is for now.”
“What the hell were you even gonna do?” MJ asked my boyfriend. Her scrunched up eyebrows judged him harshly, as usual. “Go down there and scold them? Tch.”
Ned’s laughter interrupted him. “‘Hey, leave my girlfriend alone!’”
Peter’s face was void as our friends grilled him and I giggled softly. He seemed to have notice my betrayal quite quickly and he pouted at me.
“Babe!” He whined. “Stick up for me!”
I couldn’t help to snort at his tone. But, I cleared my throat anyway and scolded my friends. “Hey, leave my boyfriend alone!”
MJ bursted into laughter at my joke as Ned cracked up harder. I couldn’t not join in.
“Very funny, ha ha.” Peter sighed.
The hallways were cramped as new freshman made their way in, searching for their assigned classes in a frenzy. They pushed and shoved through people, quite impatient to make it to class in time.
When one of them shoved me by the shoulder to get by, I grunted.
“Oh, God, were we this bad?” Ned asks as he watched the scene before us.
“I hope to God not, ‘cause this is bullshit.”
I agreed with MJ silently, tightening my hold on Peter’s hand.
“We have the same first period, right?”
When I nodded, he pulled me by the arm to lead me away. I turned back around to wave at our friends quickly, though.
“Good luck, see you guys at lunch! Text me!”
When Peter and I miraculously made it through the crowd, we found seats in the back. He held my hand to his chest as he asked about my morning.
“You’re mom is right.”
I scrunched up my nose. “Ugh, don’t say that.”
He rolled his eyes as I ended up smiling. “But she is and you know it. You gotta take a load off.”
My arms swiveled around his neck and I nudged my nose against his jawline. I could feel him tense, but I kept my body close to his anyways.
“You can help me destress, right?”
He laughed nervously, rubbing my sides to slowly push me off. “Definitely, but how about after school and not in front of our peers?”
It was my turn to roll my eyes. “As if I was even implying that, Parker. Such a perv.”
His eyes nearly bulged out of his skull. “What?! You’re the one— You—”
I shut him up easily with a kiss.
“You’ve been so mean to me today.” He was pouting now, fingers tightening around my waist.
My eyelashes fluttered at him innocently. “Me? Never.”
“Oh, sure!” He laughed, kissing my forehead now. “Do you have a new body soap?”
“Hm? No, why?”
He shrugged, pushing a piece of my hair behind my ear as he leaned into my neck. His lashes tickled my skin and I giggled, trying to pull away from his tightening grip. I could tell it wasn’t gonna happen, though, as he kept me close to his chest.
“You smell so good. I can’t tell what the flavor of the scent is, though.”
My head leaned back a bit more as he decorated my neck with butterfly kisses. “Pete! Stop, it tickles!”
He did as told with a smile. “Is it a flower? Or maybe a fruit of some sorts?”
I rose an eyebrow. “No, it’s just vanilla. The same one as it always has been.”
“Really? You sure?”
“Yes,” I snorted. “I think I know what I’m washing myself with.”
“I’m just— I don’t know. If I could, I’d spend the class period just smelling you!” He went to tickle my sides as I laughed, hitting at his chest.
“Okay, okay!” I squealed. “Let’s sit, sweetheart.”
By the time we got to lunch, I was exhausted. My arms were holding so many textbooks with countless notes on everything I needed to know about the class and lessons we’d be learning. But, I felt prepared.
“I got you,” A voice murmured from above me and swooped up the mountain of stuff I had.
I looked up at my savior and smiled gratefully. “Thank you.”
Peter kissed my forehead again, leading me towards our seats with an arm around my waist. “How’re your classes?”
When we sat, I waved at our friends. “They’re pretty interesting. A lil complicated, but nothing I can’t handle.”
“You look tired,” MJ muttered as she chomped on her fries.
“MJ,” Peter frowned before I could say anything. He glanced over at me before nodding. “Oh, yeah, she’s right.”
“Jeeze, thanks.”
Ned spoke up with a cheerful tone. “I think you look great, Y/N!”
I felt myself awe at his compliment. “Thank you, Ned.”
“Kiss ass.”
We chatted amongst ourselves for a couple of more minutes, until I smelled something incredibly nauseating. I held my stomach as it churned.
“What the hell is that?” I mumbled.
“Hm? What?” Peter asked as he munched on his turkey and Swiss sandwich that I was sure had tomatoes, too.
“Don’t you smell that?” I whispered, not trusting myself to speak louder.
He looked around the cafeteria, his eyes concentrated to find the culprit.
MJ eyed me suspiciously as she looked around as well.
“The cafeteria is serving sloppy joes,” Ned shrugged.
I almost gagged at his words. “God! Gross! What did they put in it this year? Rancid meat?”
“It smells better than the slop they served last year.”
I glared at my boyfriend and his words, but sighed as the back of my throat practically burned with bile. “I feel sick. Maybe I’ll just go to the library.”
“We’ll go, too!” Peter exclaimed as he scrambled up from his seat.
“No, you guys don’t have—”
Ned smiled, shrugging. He was even quick to sit up with his lunch consisting of a ham and cheese sandwich that I swear I could smell, too. “We don’t mind, Y/N. I wanna check out the new code section, anyways.”
“You sure?”
“Yes, loser, let’s go.” MJ rolled her eyes before grabbing her bag of McDonald’s.
I huffed, but we all gathered the rest of our things to head on out. When we finally reached the library and that detesting smell was finally gone, I sighed happily.
“That was disgusting. You guys weren’t bothered by it?” I asked as I sipped my water.
“No,” Peter chuckled. “Maybe you’re just traumatized from that time Phil Miller pu—”
I gagged. “Shut up!”
“Oh, my God!” MJ laughed, her hands slamming against the table. “I so remember that. It got all over the place!”
My head ached from the momentary visual. I kept my eyes shut as I tried to fight off the queasy feeling.
“Guys,” Ned warned.
I only shook my head, letting him know I was fine for now. “Ugh, I hate that kid.”
“Well, you have a reason to.” MJ snickered, chewing on her nuggets as she reminisced.
“Anyways,” I sighed. “How’re your classes?”
“I actually like my teacher from fourth period. Mr Abbott’s that new chem teacher.”
Peter perked up at that. “Y/N and I have him at the end of day.”
“He’s okay,” MJ shrugged. “Just another male teacher who probably gets paid more than Mel who’s been here for ten years teaching art.”
I nodded at that. “Gotta point there.”
We looked over at one another and spoke in unison. “Capitalism.”
Ned sighed. “You’re probably right. That’s too bad, I like Mel. She used to bring us snacks last year.”
“Ooh, I loved those truffles she brought from France that one time she visited that guy she met over the internet!” Peter exclaimed, his eyes wide in adoration.
“Wasn’t his name Gabriel or something?” I asked as I took a bite from my apple.
MJ shook her head. “I thought Gabriel was the guy from Italy?”
“The guy from Italy was Giovanni. Gabriel was the French guy.”
“Whatever happened to that Toni dude from Italy?”
“She left him for Finn in Germany.”
I pursed my lips. “Why does she still live here if all the guys she goes for are overseas?”
“Something about the love she has for New York. I, on the other hand, would love to head over to Cali. They’re way ahead in the tech world over there.”
Peter shrugged. “I think I’d be okay living here forever. Aunt May and I only have each other.”
My hand stretched outwards to clasp around his. “And me.”
He smiled warmly at that. “And you.”
MJ sighed, her hand scribbling doodles across her new notebook. “I think I’d love to live in the UK or maybe France or Italy, too. Think about the architecture and art.”
“I heard France hates Americans,” Ned pointed out.
That caused her to scowl. “Then we’ll get along perfectly.”
“How about you?” Peter asked me gently. “Do you ever dream about another place to live?”
I shook my head once. “I’m okay with the vacations to other places. This is my home.”
We shared a smile again, but continued the rest of our lunch talking about the teachers we still had to meet. I was slightly nervous when it was time to part again, but Peter reassured me that time would only fly by until the end of the day. I don’t know why I felt so attached to him today, considering I felt excited the night before to see the curriculums.
Watching him walk away almost made me tear up, but I snapped myself out of it with a pinch.
Like I assumed, it went by easily. I was in love with the syllabus in almost all of my classes, excited to get to learn about the multiple lessons. Although Chemistry wasn’t always my strong suit and I always needed Peter to help me study more, I was excited to see such an enthusiastic teacher. Mr Abbott was a good addition to the staff.
“I’m exhausted!” Peter yawned as we walked hand in hand outdoors. He was holding my extra set of notebooks in his other hand like the gentleman he was.
I was extremely tired, too. It felt like I was ready to collapse at any moment. My eyelids had even been a big droopy.
“Let’s take a nap when we head over to your place?” I could feel the excitement running through me at the idea of his comforter.
He gave me his boyish smile that I adored so much it ached my throbbing heart. “Yes, please.”
The walk wasn’t too long as he made sure to pull me when I started to fall behind. When my head finally hit the pillow, my eyes shut for the next couple of hours. It felt like I had a full nights rest by the time I woke up, I felt slightly energetic. I moved to sit up, but was jolted back into a warm body.
“Pete,” I whined, struggling to move. His body heat started to become almost suffocating. “I need to pee.”
He grunted, but moved his arm easily.
I sighed gratefully and hurried over to the bathroom across the hall. After finishing my business, I started to make my way back to Peter’s room. While I stood underneath his doorway, I admired the way his body twisted with his duvet. His bare torso was incredibly defined as he moved around, rubbing his eyes tiredly.
Sometimes I was grateful towards that spider.
I leaned against the wall as he woke up, blinking tiredly at the ceiling.
“You’re a creep,” his hoarse voice called out. “A cute creep, though.”
The smile on my face widened as he looked over at me. “I can’t help it. You just look good, baby.”
His eyebrows lifted at the nickname I used solely for certain activities. I watched the way his eyes trailed down my frame that was only dressed in one of his t-shirts. It barely reached mid thigh, but there was nothing he hadn’t seen before.
“Aunt May isn’t home early?” he asked slowly.
“I could’ve sworn I heard someone else. . .”
I shook my head slowly as I smirked. “Just us.”
His eyes glazed over immediately. He sat up with his forearms and nodded me over. “C’mere.”
That made me smile excitedly and I hurried on over.
When our festivities ended and we were out of breath, his arm held me close to him again. I was trying to relax my racing heart, but being so close to him made it difficult. His nose nudged against my neck, inhaling me deeply.
“God, how do you still smell so good after breaking a sweat?” he asked as his lips attacked my skin.
I sighed happily as he wrapped me in his arms. “I dunno, but thank you greatly.”
“No, thank you.”
I giggled at his flirtatious tone, kissing him deeply. “I gotta get ready.”
“Sweetheart, my parents wanted me home for dinner.”
He grumbled grumpily and held me tightly for a long moment. “I can’t wait until you don’t have to go. You’ll just stay here and let me love you all night.”
That idea almost brought me to tears. I clung to him, soaking in our moment.
“I love you, Peter.”
I felt him kiss my forehead softly. “And I love you.”
Eventually we got up to dress ourselves. When I wore the clothes I left my house in, I was ready to get going.
“Oh! My parents asked you for dinner next Saturday since my grandmother is coming. You think you could take a break, Spidey?”
He chuckled. “Yes, I’ll make time for you anytime.”
I rose an eyebrow at that. We both knew he wasn’t the most reliable nowadays. Not that I blamed him all the time, but it would be nice to count on my boyfriend when need be.
“Okay, but I’ll be there this time!”
My arms crossed over my chest.
His head fell in defeat. “I’ll try to be there. Let them know that Mr Stark has this important competition for the interns and that I’ll just die if I don’t win.”
“Not a bad lie.” I nodded my head in recognition.
“I hate to do it, but you know I have to.”
“I know, Pete.”
We kept our hands intertwined as we walked over to my apartment building. It was only about two blocks over, which made it easy to see one another.
When I kissed him goodnight, I made my way up the elevators and inside to be greeted by my father who was concentrated on getting something connected to the T.V.
“Hey, Dad.” I called out to him as I carried my bag to the island.
“Hey, Bunny! Come check out what I’m doin’.”
I chuckled, but headed over to him with my arms over my chest. “What’s up?”
“These are your baby videos! Chrissy, come here!”
My mom hurried into the room with her hair up in a ponytail and an avocado mask smeared around her face. Her eyes were wide as she stared at the screen.
“It’s Miles and Y/N.”
“Little people versions, but yeah.” I nodded as I inspected the scene unfolding in the video.
Her hands clasped over her heart in awe. “Look how small my babies were!”
My dad smiled fondly at her. “Weren’t they adorable?”
“Oh, you know what I mean, Bunny.”
I mumbled underneath my breath, but sat on the couch as I watched the videos. My mother got close next to me, her eyes watering as she watched the clips. My dad sat on the other side of me, his arm over my shoulders.
“I can’t wait to see my other baby. Do you know when he’s coming home?” My mom sniffled at me.
“Mom, he just left for college two weeks ago.”
“That’s such a long time!” She wailed.
I stifled a laugh as her mask began to slip down her face. My dad flicked the back of my head before telling her to wash up.
When she left, he and I giggled together.
We turned our attention back to the TV and my dad made a few comments as he explained where we were. He then switched out the tape with another one he dated back to the year I was born. By the time it was playing, my mom made back it back.
She gasped excitedly. “Oh, Y/N, look! This is the day I took the pregnancy test! We adopted Miles only a month before and we were still trying to transition him as smoothly as possible, but I knew something was going on. Isn’t the universe crazy, John?”
“What do you mean you knew something was going on?” I asked her as I watched her past self show the camera two lines on her test. My stomach churned just watching her cry happy tears in the video.
“Oh, I was so tired all the time and nauseous! For a month, I could hardly stand the smell of some things. It was awful. Obviously, I missed my period, but I was always a bit off schedule. Babe, remember my meat phase?”
While her and my father talked about their infertility issues, I let my mother’s previous words sink in. It was like everything had been happening in slow motion as my parents laughed together and the sound of the TV flooded the background in a blurred noise. I stood up shakily, whispering that I needed to use the bathroom.
When I shut the bathroom door behind me, my hands pulled out my phone to check the date. I couldn’t even get my hands to stop shaking.
“Fuck,” I hissed.
I was two and a half weeks late.
Usually I’d be a week or a few days behind, but never this long. I couldn’t blame my irregular schedule this time. Especially since I knew exactly what mistake I made just a month ago. The nervousness I could feel in my stomach was enough to get me to throw up, coughing up any remains into the toilet as tears streamed down my face.
After I finished, the tears only continued.
I choked on my silent sobs as I scrambled to look for a specific name in my phone. When she picked up on the second ring, her voice called out from the speaker.
“Y/N? What’s wrong?”
My long silence caused her to repeat herself. When I found the courage to speak, I whispered into the mic.
“MJ, I need your help.”
t a g l i s t : @lharrietg @peterbparkersbae @groovymoviesatpositivity
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t-hollanderr · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Rich Kid!Harry Holland x (fem) reader
Summary: Harry has always had his annoying rich kid sides. You normally ignored them, in the end you loved him for who he was. You had always been curious though why the felt the need to act so snobby and posh. After a quickie in the toilet at the golf course one normal Tuesday afternoon he finally confesses why he has been acting this way all along.
Requested by:  @snugglyducklingbrewhouse
Warnings: Smut
It was a fact and always will be a fact that Harry wasn't everyones cup of tea. He was brought up in a whealthy family in the middle of London, as he got older his fathers business grew more and more and the money plus wealth only grew. Harry didn't know any better than this life style.
That was exactly why you didn't blame him. He didn't know any better, at least he tried. Anytime you said you didn't have enough money to just randomly take a weekend off to ibiza he understood and was so nice to pay for you. At first it confused him a little, didn't you just have enough money to do what every you want?
Every person had that!
At least that's what he was used to, all his mates from his private school threw with their money like it was nothing, so to hear that some people didn't have that privilege was a big culture shock to him. Lucky for you that didn't make him love you any less, he had fallen in love with you as a person. Your laugh, the way you talked, your humour and how you were so kind to everyone you interacted with. His heart beated faster at every mention of your name, so he didn't care you were less wealthy. He didn't care that you rolled your eyes but than thanked him anytime he bought a way too expensive gift for you.
"Have you seen my golf shoes, my love?" Harry asked his voice laced with a little bit of annoyance. He had been looking for them for at least twenty minutes now and it was getting on his nerves. "Aren't they just in the downstair shoe reck?" You suggest, thinking he probably would've looked there already. "Back or front door?" He asks. "Jesus are you 12? I don't know Harry you probably threw them off as soon as you came home, you normally park the car next to your bently right? So that would mean front door".
"Ah they are! Thank you!" You hear him yell from downstaires a couple of seconds later. You roll your eyes, he was still getting used to not have a assistant do everything for him. He still had his dumb moments sometimes but at least he was learning. You and Harry moved in about two months ago, into a flat in the center of London. Just five minutes away from the London Bridge. To you the prices of the three bedroom place were insane, to Harry it was like buying some flowers for his mum. Dominic Holland was CEO of one of the biggest banks in England, he had been for years and the money was only building up more and more everyday. It was a little scary at first, you were just a normal girl. You worked as a server at the cafe of the golf course the Holland's always golfed at. You had served his parents and older brother loads of times, not really thinking much of them. They were just like all the other snobby rich people around, but one day he had walked in. Harry Robert Holland. To you it was love at first sight, suddenly you didn't care about who he or his family was. The snobby rich kid hatered was set aside as all you could see was his precious smile. The smile he gave you every weekend that he came in, ordering his usuall beer. The flirting that was thrown back and forth, it went on for weeks till he finally asked you on a date. And of course he had to take you to one of the most expensive and high star restaurants in London.
"Ready to go then princess?" He asks after you  came down the stairs in your golf outfit.
"Yes sir" you wink at him, resulting in a spank on your ass. "Don't call me that when we're not in the bedroom you naught girl" he smirks at you. Kissing your cheek quickly before opening the front door. "Let's take the Bugatti Centodieci today" Harry says throwing his arm around your shoulder, it was a habbit he had picked up. "Why?" You ask, he normally didn't have a prefrence, he had about six cars and he truly didn't care which one he took. As long as they drive he was fine with it, making you wonder why he wanted that many cars in the first place.
"We took the Bently last time my Buga needs some love to" he answers as if it was the most normal situation in the world. You try to hold in your laugh, not knowing if he was serious or not. Talking about his cars as if they were human. Either way he opened the door of the car for you and you stepped into it with a greatful smile on your face. Happy to have the love of your life next to you at, healthy and all.
"Hole in one!" Harry screams full excitment, making you look at him in disbelieve.
"How the fuck did you do that?" You gasp running towards the hole in full speed. Harry laughs at your actings, finding it funny how hard you were doubting his golfing skills.
"You're not supposed to go there alre-"
"I fucking know how golf works Baz I just- omg you're right it's in!" you grab the ball out of the well and threw it back to your boyfriend.
"I'm sure next time you'll be able to make one as well" he grins at you cockily kissing your lips.
"When you get a little better at golf, you play as bad as a five year old" he laughs.
"Don't be mean to me, i've only done this for a hand full of times go easy on me".
Harry giggles embracing your in a hug, kissing your cheek gently. "Don't know if I can ever stop being mean. You do know I love you tho" he whispers into your cheek. His words make your heart swell. "I know, doesn't mean you have to be so rough with me" you defend yourself playfully.
"But I thought you liked it rough.." he whispered in your ear making a chill go trough your spine. "We're in public" your say in disbelieve.
"Well I mean we could go into one of the toilet stalls inside, i'm sure you saw Tom go in there a million times when you still worked behind the bar" he wiggles his eyebrows at you.
"I swear don't bring your brother fucking his chicks in the toilet I had to clean up ever again or you'll not get your dick wet for at least a week!"
"Hmm" you groan against Harry's lips as they are pushing against yours firmly. Your boyfriend has you pressed against the toilet door. One leg hicked up on his hip. You two sneaked into the bathroom for the imployes which gave you plenty room for your naughty activities. If they'd found out you two were in here it could cost big trouble, but Harry could fix it all with three simple words.
'I'm Harry Holland"
And they would let you go with ease, that's one perk of having a boyfriend with a powerful name.
"Harry I need you" you moan, his hands had been wondering around your body for the past five minutes you had been making out. His touch made you extremely excited, if you know what I mean. "Yea? What do you want then sweetheart, my hands, tongue, mouth?" he raises his eyebrow, looking at you with a big smirk.
"I don't care baby anything, I just want you," you start kissing his cheek, slowly going to his neck.
"Ahw my whiny little baby, you're so horny aren't you?" you could hear the develish tone in his voice, he always enjoyed teasing you way too much.
"Get on your knees for me sweetheart" Harry says, placing his hands on your shoulders slowly helping you down to your knees.
"You know what to do" he cocks his head to the side looking down at you, his eyes filled with adoration. You slowly undid his belt to pull his trousers and underwear down with ease. His cock was already semi hard, making your mouth water instantly. You grabbed his member in your hand and slowly started to jerk him off. His forskin pulling back and forth in a slow motion.
"Put your mouth on it pretty girl" your boyfriend demends, you immediatly followed his orders. You started slowly licking his tip, his pre-cum tasting salty on your tongue. After a couple of seconds you took his head fully into your mouth, sucking on him gently.
"Touch yourself for me eh?" Harry suggest, his breathing heavier than normal.
"Touch that pussy for me, bet your soaking trough your panties", you groan at his words. Slowly pushing your hand into your panties, gathering your wetness from your hole and spreading it to your clit. Messasing it in softly.
"fuck I was right, I can hear your wet sounds from here darling" Harry groans, making you speed up the motion of your mouth. Wet noises now filling the room, not only from your mouth on his cock but also your fingers pumping in and out of yourself.
"Shit baby you always make me feel so good" Harry groans before putting his hand on the back of your head to help your motions.
You know he is close, you can feel the veins in his cock pulsing and his hips are gently thrusting forward. Without a warning you take him all the way in, your nose and cheeks pushing against the little pubic hair he has. His tip pressing into your uvula making you gag a little.
"Shit! Oh my god i'm going to cum!" Harry groans loudly, his breathy moans filling the toilet stall. You start moving your fingers inside of yourself quicker, his pleasure turning you on like crazy.
"Where do you want my cum baby doll?" He asks biting his lip to almost bleeding point.
"My mouth" you say without removing his cock, but he still understood. He grabed the base of his cock jerking himself off quickly while pressing his tip on your tongue. Within seconds his warm load was all in your mouth, taking over all your taste senses. "Shit that was good".
"Stand up for me baby", you whine at his words, not having reached your own limit yet.
"I wasn't saying it darling, that was a order" Harry growled when you gave him a bratty pout.
With a huff you stood up, removing your hands from your panties in the progress.
"Don't be a brat" Harry said, looking semi offended by your behaviour.
"Strip your shorts for me and bend over the counter" he says leaning back on the wall to see you undress for him. You quickly pull down your short before leaning over the sink, your nose just inches away from the mirror. You could see Harry grinning behind you, staring at your cunt.
"So wet for me eh? My sweet girl" he says it in a whispered voice as if it was meant for only him.
Without a warning a hard spank was giving to one of your cheeks making you squirm a bit "That was for your bratty behaviour a minute ago" he says making you huff. Slap.
"And that was for that huff, now spread your legs" he orders, you obey immediately.
"So pretty for me.." he murmers spreading your wetness around with his fingers.
"Ready for me?", you nod before he slides his cock inside your hole slowly, letting you adjust.
Not for long tho, after a couple of seconds he starts pushing in and out of you. He hits your
g-spot without having to try, making moans errupt from your mouth like a prayer.
"Yea you like that you naught girl?" Harry starts pounding into you as if his life depends on it.
"Bet you do, getting fucked like the little cock slut that you are. The only thing on your mind right now is cumming isn't it? Letting your dirty whore juices drip all over my dick.." he was rambeling but you didn't mind one bit. You loved how lost he always got. His mind not able to think clear anymore from all the pleasure.
"Yea baby feels so good" your voice came out more high pitched than normal but there wasn't a cell in your body that cared.
"Pull your shirt down for me, want to see your tits" Harry says placing his hands on your shoulders to lift up your upper body a bit.
You pull down your shirt making your tits fall out of your bra, exposed for your boyfriend to enjoy.
"Ahh yes look at them bouncing up and down.." he stares at your chest like a lost 15 year old boy, making you chuckle softly.
"Ah right there!" Suddenly you feel your orgasm built up as he starts hitting the exact right spot.
"You close? I'm close too baby" after his words he grabbing your shoulders to push you all the way against his chest. His face falling into your shoulder. He lifted one of your legs and put them on the counter for more excess, his hand traveling down to your clit to give you a little bit more attention down there.
"Shit.. oh my god I love you fuuuuck!" Before you could say anything your eyes roll back and intense pleasure takes over your whole body. If it wasn't for the counter infront of you and Harry holding you up you would have collapsed with no doubt. As your orgasm was still going Harry couldn't hold his own back. Not when you were squeezing him so tightly.
"You know I actually like this car as well" you say on your way back home from the golf course. "How come?" Harry asks, genuinely curious.
"It has space to put my seat back, now I can spread my legs. You fucked the shit out of me my legs need some room" you giggle.
Harry throws his head back in laughter.
"Need to take this one with us more often then" Harry jokes. "Why?"
"So I can fuck you everywhere we go".
"You're gross!" You laugh.
"Don't act as if you wouldn't like that' he smirks at you, already knowing your answer.
"You did break my shorts though trying to put them back on me. They were my favorite" you sigh looking down at your ripped pants.
"I'll buy new ones for you babe don't worry" he shrugs. It made you think, your first instict was to save up for new ones. His was obviously buying new ones without having to worry about it. Your worlds were so different and still you loved eachother like nobody else.
"Look at this mark" Harry groans noticing a little spot on the car dash. "What happened?" You ask letting your finger tips wonder over the spot.
"That one bitch who cleaned my car probably spilled bleach on it or something" he says, his voice wasn't angry but sure not happy either.
"It was probably just a accident, no need to call her a bitch babe. She does her best" you try defending the cleaning lady who you adored.
"Well she should look out next time".
When you arrived back at the house you both took a shower before falling down onto your bed ready for a movie night. As the scenes of the movie rolled on the screen you couldn't help but think about Harry's behaviour in the car. He normally was a little snobby towards others but not to this extent, he never called people names.
"Baz" you slowly say, not sure if he had fallen asleep. He hums, letting you know he is awake.
"Can I ask you something serious?" You ask. He paused the movie and turned his head your way.
"Yea go ahead sweets".
"Please don't take this in a bad way. We both know you and your family are.. well fucking rich. And we had a familiare coversation before where I told you i'm okay with it and I accept the way you are. You've grown up with loads of money and that formed you as a person, but why is it that sometimes you're just so mean to others. Even your own siblings! I can't count the amount of times on two hands that you pissed of Tom or Sam when they talked to me. You got mad for no reason! I cannot and will not believe that it has to do with the whole money thing. No way you're that stuck up your own ass. So please" you grabbed his hand "explain, I want to understand you. Because I love you".
Harry didn't expect your question to go there. This was something he had always held back, never talked about. He put it far inside his own heart, not wanting anyone to see. But he had let you into his heart. You were a part of his heart, so wouldn't it be fair to show you that ugly part  of himself as well?
"It's jealousy" he says.
"I've always grown up in Tom's shadows. He is of course older, but for him that also meant better. Better at everything! He is the one taking over my Dad, he is the one who always knows better and above all he is the one who gets all the girls".
"It's always Tom Holland this Tom Holland that, have you ever heard anyone talk about me? No because he is always and will always be better! I'm sick of it. The amount of times i've brought girls home just for Tom to seduce them and chose his side. Everywhere we go girls always look at him, I don't care if it's for his money it's still him! I'm always second, and God with Sam being there sometimes even third. I'm sick of it! The only way to not let myself slip is to throw with my money, to be cocky hell mean even in some occasions. And it sucks, I know. But I don't know what else to do, i'm scared shitless that one day you'll see that Tom is better than me. More money, more muscles, more attractive.."
"Tom is for sure not more attractive than you!".
Harry looked up at you with a soft smile.
"Thanks bu-"
"No buts Harry, I love you! With defenition on you. Not once have I had eyes for Thomas, I had seen him countless times before I had seen you and I couldn't give a shit. But when you walked it... fuck Baz you're one peng thing!" You flirt.
Harry laughed, for a second forgetting about the whole rant he had only seconds ago.
"And as for the rest, i'm sorry you've always felt that way. I can't imagine how it would feel like always feeling like you're less than your siblings. Having to live in their shadow. And you know, I can't change the past but I can make your future better. I'll be here as long as you'd let me baby, I care for you way too much to let you go. I'll give you the world" you whisper the last line while holding his face, looking into his eyes with pure love.
"God, what did I do to deserve you"
Tumblr media
the end
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love-chx · 16 hours ago
🍬 uh oh, not again
The entire room is silent, save for Bucky's occasional tapping on the hardwood conference table and Tony's expensive loafers clicking against the smooth floor as he paces back and forth.
Patience wearing thin, Steve lets out a sigh. "They're late, again."
"Give them a few minutes, they'll be here," Natasha responds with humor.
As if on cue, you come bursting through the doors, the glass slamming harshly against the wall as Natasha lets out a chuckle, quietly adding, "See? What'd I tell you."
"Kid!" Tony interrupts Natasha with a shout. "Where have you been?"
"I know, I know, I'm sorry. There was traffic on the stair well, but I ran up here as fast as I—"
"We can talk about this after, can we get this meeting started, please?" Steve can't help but snap.
"Grouchy today, aren't you, old man?" Natasha pokes at him, only for him to wave her off with a roll of his eyes.
"Star Spangled Banner is right," Tony starts, turning to the large presentation board as you take a seat. "Alright, let's go. Rodney, mission rep—"
"Uh oh," Bruce looks around the room. "Hold on. Where's the other kid?"
Collective groans could be heard around the room before all eyes are on you.
At the sight of your failed attempt at hiding your smirk accompanied by the shrug of your shoulders as you respond, "I don't know," the groans continue once more.
"Y/n, not again!" Sam complains.
"Kid, what did you do to Peter this time—" Tony begins to chastise.
"I'm here! I'm here!" Peter's strained voice could be heard as he slams the door in the same manner you did moments before. Hands on his knees, Peter's harsh pants fill the room as everyone looks to you with narrowed eyes.
"Peter!" you feign worry, gasping at the sight of him. "What happened to you?"
Peter points an accusatory finger towards you, giving you the deadliest glare he could muster as he yells, "She pushed me down three flights of stairs!"
"You snitch!" you stand up from your seat, arms crossed as you yell at Peter.
"Oh, well, excuse me for not covering your ass after you attacked me!" Peter retorts sarcastically.
"Attacked is such a strong word, you drama queen."
"Alright, alright, break it up—" Steve begins.
"You know what, Tony, this is kind of your fault," Sam muses.
"Excuse me?" Tony gasps.
"The elevators been broken for over a week now, they probably wouldn't have ran into each other on the stairs if—"
"No, no, no. Look at these kids, they're a mess, they would've found some way—" Tony's voice overlaps Sam.
"Well honestly, maybe if Peter wasn't so obnoxious in class today, I wouldn't have felt the need—" you begin to defend your actions.
"Me? Annoying? You're just mad I scored higher on the math test—" Now Peter's voice counters yours.
The entire conference room erupts into a series of shouts, several voices talking over others as Bruce agrees with Sam, commenting on the inconvenience, Rodney coming to the defense of Tony, claiming that the two of you were always like this, and you and Peter ignoring it all, continuing to go at it.
Natasha turns her chair to face Bucky. "Hey, how are you doing?" she starts casual conversation.
Bucky shrugs, "Eh, same old. Therapy's been good."
"Yeah?" Natasha smiles.
The two continue to converse with each other in low voices, immune to the absolute mayhem occurring in front of them.
In the midst of the complete chaos is Steve, head tucked into his hands as he shakes his head back and forth. "Every single weekly meeting, this happens. Every time..."
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ravenstakeflight · 17 hours ago
If I may leave a prompt.
Could you write a headcanon or fic your choice about Peter being ADHD and Tony just being like same Pete. But you need better copes so here are things you could do. Cue accepting and affectionate irondad. Please and thank you!
orion,,, did you know i love you(/p)
aight so peter’s just. jiggling his leg. jigglejigglejiggle
and tony walks in
whatcha up to, pete?
now, peter is used to masking with other-people-not-may in the room, so he stops and sits up
and instead, he’s biting at his cheek and scratching at his arms
tony notices. he’s a genius, after all.
rolls over to the kid, says hey kid. here.
peter looks up to see a plastic-looking tangle in front of him.
it’s a reinforced plastic-tripolymer thing tony made for peter’s tools bc peter can, will, and has accidentally dented multiple wrenches
peter is. very quiet for once.
looks up into tony’s understanding eyes, and whispers, how?
tony answers that you too, kid? d’you have a diagnosis?
at the head-shake, peter is drawn into a hug, pressed to tony’s front. his arms wrap around the older’s middle and squeeze. the tangle is being worked over very slowly.
they close up the lab soon after and put on star wars.
make Actual Italian food (noodles from scratch)
it’s very nice and they fall asleep leaning on each other :)
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lovelybarnes · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
main masterlist . avengers masterlist . requests
angst- * fluff- + humor- # sad- ^ requested- ·
helpless * after the loss of her father, y/n locks herself away, and her boyfriend wants her back.
stupid * y/n likes peter parker, the avengers have convinced her he likes her too.
high * peter parker has been kidnapped
nakey nakey # inspired by this
again # peter parker and y/n are benched.
peter # based off of the tiktok trend where you call your boyfriend by his name
family +· requested, peter meets your family
nicknames # tiktok trend where s/o’s call each other by increasingly weirder nicknames
bunny + y/n and peter foster bunnies for emma's birthday
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hoony-parker · 18 hours ago
Betraying Noise - Todd Hewitt
a/n: IT CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM THE MOVIE. this is my first time writing something about Todd. i actually enjoyed it a lot, and i hope you do, too :)
warnings: some swearing, and sweet sweet fluff
w/c: 1.5k
masterlist  -  prompt list
Tumblr media
"Girl, girl. Pretty girl. Pretty hair. Smile. Cute smile. Never seen a girl before. Fuck- I'm Todd Hewitt. I'm Todd Hewitt. Todd Hewitt."
Todd's noise kept rambling, breaking the peaceful silence that fell between the both of you.
Todd helped you escape. After running away from the village, the boy had helped you try and find your way to your original goal, Farbranch, where your spaceship could be fixed, and hopefully, put you back on track once again.
After long, energy-wasting hours of walking through the deeps of the forest, the sudden rain falling had made you stop, finding refuge under a plastic bag, tied to two standing sticks on the ground.  
Your last week had been like nothing you had ever experienced before. Meeting a boy your age- meeting anyone your age, was something you weren't familiar with. You've never even lived a proper childhood. All the stories about playing with classmates, a building were books, pencils, a bag and a notebook were required, where you went to learn new things, were only visible in your dreams, the ones you so eager waited to have every day as soon as you layed your head on the pillow. The smell of the dew-covered grass in the mornings, the scent of the recently grown flowers and their unique color, the feeling of soft material from shirts, sweaters and a warm bed, were something you could only imagine.
But now, you were starting to experience some of those things you could only wish to someday witness to see with your own eyes: The magnificent smell of the wet dirt after the rain, the rain itself. They were mesmerizing. Beyond beautiful, and clearly beyond anything your mind could have created to put an image to your wishes.
The daylight was still shining above your figures. Well, every bit of daylight you could have, the rain clouds shading the undying sun. Curious. The sun in this earth never sets. In almost two weeks you had been in this new planet, you had never witnessed the night. Never had the privilege to look at the breathtaking stars you were so familiar with, being the only available sight you had back in space. But, in a way, they were comforting. You could have had never grown tired of looking at them. How could you? They were your only source of entertainment when things weren't as great inside the ship. And, in its own way, it gave you the gift of creativity- your daydreaming increasing to entertaining stories inside your mind. Wishes you hoped would come true someday replaying inside your head, like a beautiful movie of unlived memories being created second after second in the back of your mind.
Your figure was lying on the floor, the wet earth beneath you making it able for you to smell all the natural essences around you. Your back was facing the boy, whom you guessed was still awake, judging by the uncontrollable, loud voices that still came from the cloud-like, colorful smoke around his head. You smiled, your eyes kept close as you could still hear his rambling, his inner consciousness trying hard to shut off his thoughts, and your inner self begging to hear more of them.
Yes, you had grown quite a liking on the sweet, adventurous boy that had made you company the past few days. You would scold yourself every time your thoughts came to the front of your mind- you were young, you were naive, you were romantic. Of course sooner or later you would have fallen in love. But it wasn't right. Not when you had a planet to get back to, not when you had-
Well, you didn't have anyone anymore.
You thought about it. In fact, you proposed yourself to sleep on it.
You had more things in this world, than in your own. You didn't have family left. You didn't have a proper home, you didn't have anything holding you back.
"Kiss her. Soft lips. Pretty girl, pretty girl. Soft hands. Could hold one. Could kiss her. Shut the fuck up- I'm Todd Hewitt. I'm Todd Hewitt. Todd Hewitt- Manchee, go to sleep, man. Todd. Todd. Todd Hewitt. I am Todd Hewitt."
You wished you would have turned around. You wished you could have had the courage to tell him everything about your feelings. Your stupid feelings. But the tireness finally consumed you, your body aching for a rest, your brain screaming for sleep.
When you woke up, you immediately began to continue your way to Farnbranch.
You had a bitter feeling clenching your chest while you followed behind Todd. Your thoughts from before your sleep wandering through your mind, and suddenly you were more than grateful that you didn't have a Noise yourself.
Hands brushed together, blushes creeping up both pairs of cheecks.
There was a sudden tension between the both of you.
You looked around, trying to put your attention on the birds around you, chirping over the trees, and the feeling of the plants brushing against your bare legs. You wanted to distract yourself from watching the boy next to you from peripheral vision open and close his mouth, the words he wanted to say aloud trapped on the tip of his tongue.
It frustrated you. Everything you had to know you heard from his Noise before going to sleep. You knew ke liked you, too. But you still wanted him to say the words because he wanted to, not because his Noise betrayed him. And, if you were being honest, you didn't know quite well how to express feeling through words.
He had been controlling his Noise pretty well that day, knowing he had to. It has been progressing with the days you've known each other: the first day, you had been afraid of him, not knowing what the thing around his head, a second voice following him around every breathing moment. Then, you let him explain to you what it was, how it worked, and how hard it was for him to try to control it. Now, he knew how to focus on small thing for them to be expressed through the Noise, and not his actual thoughts: his name, birds, plants, his dog.
You found it adorable how much he tried not to let you know his actual feelings for you. But it was beginning to be too much. And you already knew everything. What was stopping you from doing the first move?
"Stop blushing. Stop blushing. Soft hands. Delicate hands. Cute eyes. Pretty girl. Amazing girl. Sweet girl. Could kiss her soft lips- Shut the fuck up. I'm Todd Hewitt. I am Todd Hewitt. Todd. Todd Hewitt."
His thoughts were on display. You knew he was beginning to get frustrated.
You can't even imagine how it must be. Everyone can know everything about you. Everyone knows exactly what you're thinking at the time you're thinking it. There's no privacy, no secrets.
You can't have secrets.
You knew he sometimes forgot you could listen to his thoughts. Yes, he tried to control them. But that was mostly because he himself could listen to them like a second voice. It  must be annoying. There's no silence.
He mostly didn't say anything about it. And you, thinking he didn't like to talk about it, respected his wishes. However, you this time, you spoke up.
"Nothing's stopping you," you muttered, almost inaudible. You stopped walking, staying still and waiting for his reaction. You were looking down,
You saw him tense, also standing still a few steps in front of you. He held his breath, turning around to look at you, a blush evidently resting on his cheecks. "W-what did you say?"
"You could kiss her. She said she wants you to kiss her. She likes you. Shut the hell up. I'm Todd Hewitt. I'm Todd-"
"Don't," you stepped forward, now standing in front of the boy, looking in his eyes through your lashed, head still down. "D-don't hide your Noise, Todd," you whispered.
"Why?" he asked, confused. There was a moment of silence. The fist moment of silence there had been since quite a while ago. "Why don't you want me to hide it?"
You looked up, eyes wandering through his features rapidly, landing on his lips and looking up to his eyes again, then back to his lips, then eyes. You smiled shyly, reaching up your hand to take his that was before clutching to the stripe of his bag.
"I heard you a couple of hours ago. And yesterday. And again today," you laughed, touching his hand, smiling a little when it relaxed under your touch. It fell to his side, and your hand traveled down his arm, touch like feather, slowly reaching his hand. You took it, interwining softly his fingers with yours.
He closed your eyes, cursing under his breath. "But I like you, too, Todd," you said.
"Kiss her. Soft lips. Pretty girl. She likes you. Pretty girl."
You put a hand over his cheek and leaned in, closing the gap between the two of you.
It was a short kiss. Soft, slow and passionate. It shared exactly the words you wanted to be able to say yourself, but, to Todd, it was enough. You broke apart, and you interwined once again your fingers with his. A cheeky grin grew on your face. "Your Noise can shut up, now."
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jen27ny · 18 hours ago
Any hcs for Ned and May and Peter’s relationship? Ned and May seemed pretty close in smhc but there’s so little content for them and their relationship to Peter :):):)
May and Ned are family - not in the literal sense, of course, but more like when your friends become your family
May sees Ned as her kid, not like Peter is her kid, but more like the kid she's known since he and Peter became friends, the one she watched growing up and work on his own insecurities and watched him fail and succeed (cheering him on and consoling him if necessary), who she knows the favourite dishes of, who she looked after when he got sick during a sleepover, who she makes a cake (which she throws away because it turned out horrible and then buys one from the store) for his birthday, who she worries over almost as much as her own kid
and for Ned, May is an adult that is different from his parents or his teachers, but still someone who has some kind of authority over him, who he knows will look after him and does his best to stay safe, who he buys her favourite flowers for her birthday, who he hugged as tight as he could after Ben's funeral, who he tries to help anyway he can when he sees how stressed she is, who he asks for advice when he feels like he can't ask his parents about it, who he can call in an emergency
to put it simple: they are genuine friends who want to see each other happy
once they both find out about Peter being Spider-Man, they kinda team-up together to keep him grounded
and make sure he doesn't hide any injuries
it kinda brings them even closer together, a secret they can bond over
even though they do feel a bit more stressed out
Ned also asks May about some basic first-aid training, just in case
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jen27ny · 18 hours ago
If you're still taking headcanons, I always like the idea of Peter with a slight hoarding problem. He'll keep things that are broken and useless just for the "memories", and it's honestly driving Tony insane.
I feel called out because I have the exact same problem
the first couple of times, Tony thinks it's simply because Peter is a teenager and teenagers are notorious for having messy rooms
besides, in all fairness, the boy does have a lot going on
so maybe he really doesn't have that much time to tidy up
it's not until Peter starts to spend more time at the penthouse and at the compound, having his own rooms there and actually using them, that Tony notices he hasn't been exactly right
his rooms aren't filled with worn laundry on the floor or dirty plates or dust bunnies or anything - no, Peter actually does a pretty good job of tidying up
the problem is that he has simply so much clutter
it goes way beyond decor, Lego models, and salvaged tech
the shelves and every surface he has is overfilled with stuff
even stuff that clearly isn't usable anymore but somehow, Peter keeps them
when asked about it, the boy shrugs "it's more about the memories than the stuff itself, y'know? I remember fun times when I look at them"
Tony, whose godmother Peggy basically drilled into him to not hold on to the memories of the sentimental stuff instead of the physical objects themselves (percisely to avoid him turning into a hoarder, because as a young boy he did also have the tendency to collect every single thing he sees), does not know
however, he's not quite sure if he can say something about it - it is Peter's private space and he keeps it as clean as possible and May hasn't said anything about it
so, he simply avoids going into his rooms so he doesn't get an aneurysm and is just grateful that Peter keeps his work space tidy
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jen27ny · 18 hours ago
hi, i loved your peter is german prompt!! do you have anymore ideas how a german peter would act?
(i'm watching europe cup right now if that gives you any ideas)
The German!Peter headcanon was so much fun and while I myself am not really a football fan, I think watching foodball while having having a barbecue (on a very expensive charcoal barbecue with some way too cheap meat) on a hot evening in june, sitting outside if possible, wearing your Hausschuh-sandals and having a beer is one of the most german things you can do
Peter loves football, he's been playing it since he was little, even with his asthma
he has a favourite team (since I'm really not interested in football at all, I really don't have an opinion which team, but I can see him rooting for the underdog) and he gets so passionate about it
Ben and Peter have been to many games together and he has quite a bit of merch of his favourite team
when he moves to America, he is quite disappointed that it isn't as big as in Germany
Peter is also absolutely furious when someone calls it soccer
which, of course, makes everyone else call it soccer on purpose
due to time difference, Peter has to watch the games during lunch/the afternoon
however, on the plus side, Tony sometimes invites him over to watch the game on the big screen of his penthouse
it should be mentioned that while Tony has been to several games of several sports, it's never really been because he's a big sports enthusiast and more because he saw it as a social function, hanging out with other important people in the VIP lounge, having his picture taken and snacking on some food
which is why he's slightly concerned when he sees Peter enter the penthouse dressed head to toe in his team's colours because they're playing against their biggest rival
football is actually something Happy and Peter bond quite a lot over
after a bit of a thinking period, he actually joins the football team (or rather soccer team, which he grumpily says) of his school
but sometimes, when he's staying at the compound, he's having a friendly game with the other enhanced people where he doesn't have to hold back - at least after Tony made a ball that withstands his hardest kicks
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parkers-gal · 19 hours ago
he loves u P.P.
a/n | this is so short and bad lol but i don’t have much time today, and i just wanted to put this out in case anyone needed a lil love from our comfort character pete<3
It’s the way he looks at you when you’re giggling; the way he smiles to himself when you bite your lip and fiddling with your fingers; the way you swing his hand back and forth whenever you link yours with his; the way you play with his hands when you’re nervous. It’s the way he locks eyes with you from across the room and the two of you end up grinning from the familiarity. It’s the way he pours his heart out to you and then smothers you with his bear hugs. 
When you make cookies in the compound’s kitchen; when you train together; when you sing duets in the shower — there’s nothing that amounts to the love that fills Peter’s heart. You’re always on his mind, in his ears, at his fingertips. He loves the way you talk with May, and the way you discuss projects with Tony and theories with Thor and movies with Steve and Bucky. 
There’s nothing more calming than reaching the end of the day and finally feeling your hand in his, knowing you’re safe in his arms. 
He loves you so much. 
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𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐲’𝐬 𝐰𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞
summary: peter and y/n just want some time alone, but with avengers left and right, this seems to be a struggle for the teens.
Tumblr media
based off the friends episode, The One With Ross’ Wedding: Part 2.
peter parker x fem!stark!reader
warnings: basically they are trying to find a place to have sex? embarrassment (but when is there not), and fluff!
part one, part two.
word count: 1.5K +
please don’t steal any of my work, thanks!
the wedding was truly beautiful.
seeing your father marry the woman he would brag about to you the second he got home from their date, brought a few tears to your eyes.
but now it was your favourite part of the day, the food.
the after party was in swing, guests dancing with one and other and the usual bucky and sam arguing in the background.
you felt a hand tug you away from your meal. unimpressed, you turned around to be faced with your favourite brunette.
he was scratching the back of his head while walking closer to you, “hey..” he started off.
you repeated his words, looking around you to see if anyone was watching this encounter happening. because if they were, they could easily read your faces and instantly know what happened last night.
“oh, wow, i hope you don’t take this the wrong way but.” your heart dropped at his words, already knowing what he was about to say.
“i know we had plans to meet up tonight, and..” he scoffed at himself, but he knew this what he had to do for everything to go back to normal.
“ah, i’m just, i’m kind of worried about what it might do to our friendship.”
nodding your head slowly, you agreed to the boy in front of you. both of you had clearly shown you were ashamed of what you had previously done over this day. “i know” you said quietly.
“how could we have let this happen?” you looked up to him.
“seven times!” he growled, you doing the same.
with your stark brain, you came up with an excuse that you benefit both of you. “well, you know, look. we were away.”
peter smirked at you and your ways, “in a foreign, romantic country.” he winked.
giving him the utensils you were just using to scoop up your food onto the plate, you said “i blame london” while shrugging your shoulders.
peter whacked the food with the utensil you just gave him, yelling “bad london!”
most guests looked over at the two of you, wondering why in hell peter had just hit the mashed potatoes.
“so, look, um while we’re still in london,” you mentioned. “i mean, we can keep doing it right?”
peter was ecstatic with your thought, “well, i don’t see that we have a choice!” he nodded over enthusiastically.
walking around you, he leaned towards the other row of food stacked on the table. still holding his conversation with you, “but when we are back, we don’t do it.” you raised your eyebrows, nodding in his direction, “only here.”
neither of you spoke for a moment, both processing your words. wondering, did you really want to stop this when you got back?
“you know, i saw a wine cellar downstairs…” he whispered in your ear, trying to ignore the odd looks from natasha who was staring down the young avengers.
“meet you there in two minutes.”
“kay!” peter threw his plate into the food, skipping joyfully out of the room.
the black widow made her way over to you, as you frantically checked your appearance for the boy waiting downstairs for you.
you felt nat tap you on the back, turning around quickly, you were met with the classic smirk plastered on her face.
“i gotta ask you a question.” she inquired.
“now?” you spoke quickly, wishing to waste no time without being wrapped up in peters arms.
“you know, there are a lot of handsome guys here, don’t you think?” she winked, wanting to investigate this sudden change in dynamic with the spider boy.
you gulped, “really? wow i, i didn’t notice!” you coughed. of course you didn’t look at the other people here, you had the one you wanted waiting for you right now.
you didn’t listen to natasha’s words after yours, you were too busy trying to fix the dress you had on, trying to show off your best features.
noticing nat was still talking, you gripped her shoulders “nat, i cant listen right now i’m sorry! i need to go to the toilet, bye!” you rushed off, leaving the romanoff to only look further into the investigation with you and peter.
after waiting in the wine cellar for a total 30 minutes, you got frustrated and returned to where you previously were.
you were surprised to see peter back at the table off food considering he was the one that suggested to go down there in the first place.
“where were you? we were supposed to meet in the wine cellar?” you ran up to the boy, hovering by his side.
“forget it. that’s off.” he responded in a monotone voice, frustrated too.
“why?” you asked almost desperately, you wanted him and now her doesn’t want you?
“the next tour of the wine cellar will commence in two mi- i- inutes..” you heard a extremely drinker thor yell right in your ear from behind you.
all your worries of peter not wanting you were washed out after the drunken asgardain’s laughter filled the hall, peter smiling at you in the process.
walking down the hall to your room, you and peter were holding hands while discussing all the things you could do.
“look in the middle of everything, if i scream the word ‘yippee’ just ignore me.” he spoke like is was dead serious, you laughing at his antics.
you unlocked your door to your room you were staying in for the mean time, peters handing hot on your back, begging for you already.
the last person you expected to see sat on your bed was sam wilson.
you and peter let out the most comical gasps someone possibly could, “oh my god, sam. hi!”
“oh hello, sam” peter coughed awkwardly.
“y/n.” he said sternly, no joke, your heart stopped.
“nat told me your were sleeping with someone.” he said crossing his arms while staring you down.
your eyes widened as peter choked on his own spit.
“w-what?” you whispered, wondering how in the hell she figured this out, and told sam!
“she noticed you sneaking out, at first i thought you were sleeping with bucky-“
peters jaw clenched, “not bucky.” her swallowed.
“i know it wasn’t bucky, spider boy. that old man hasn’t left my side and there’s no way he would be able to score you!” he pointed at you, while squinting his eyes at peter.
you didn’t exactly know what to say. as normal, an awkward silence flooded the room.
“so, y/n, who is this lucky man?” he jumped up and down, clapping his hands together ready for the answer.
you instantly shook your head, “no, no! i’m not sleeping with anyone right now!”
sam hit his hands on the bedside table, “damn it! should have never trusted that red head!” he scoffed.
suddenly the phone rang, it was bucky asking where sam was ironically. while sam was preoccupied with the former winter soldier, you and peter snuck out the room.
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Mission Impossible//Peter Parker
Tumblr media
pairing: peter parker x reader
summary: peter and yourself joined the avengers around the same time and after spending time together it feels as though your feeling for the young man may have changed but getting peter to realise this almost seemed impossible
warning: swearing, slight angst and some smut
word count: 1.9 k 
main masterlist
peter parker masterlist
Tumblr media
When Captain America approached you and begged you to join the Avengers you were speechless as you never believed your powers were helpful. Once you joined the team you never expected to meet the cutest man alive. Peter Parker, chosen by Tony Stark was the other new recruit which meant you had to spend a large amount of time with him. It ranged from training, eating, drinking and sometimes even sleeping. Peter and yourself were never far apart, the anxiety about not being good enough for the team was something you both shared and allowed the both of you to bond and caused your friendship to blossom. 
The two of you had been apart of the team for a few months when you went on your first mission. This mission caused your feeling of friendship to change into something else. 
The team had been fighting for hours, everyone was exhausted but the aliens were nearly gone. You had lost the rest of the team ages ago and were running through an abandoned corridor looking for the others when a large, wet, tentacle type hand reached out and grabbed you. After hours of fighting you were exhausted and your powers felt drained. You weren’t sure if you’d be able to escape this time, especially as this creature was almost double your size and would be able to crush you if it tried. “It’s over for you earthlings! We will win this time!” The creature shouted at you as it slammed your body against the concrete wall. “Your kind has silenced us for too long and I will not let my kind be wiped out!” It continued this time throwing you across the room. As you tried to use your powers you could feel your energy draining and were ready to accept defeat. Hey! Ugly dude why don’t you fight somebody your own size!” Peter exclaimed when he appeared out of nowhere. He quickly webbed the alien down and called another team member in to deal with it. 
Swinging down to you the young man quickly picked you up and began running to the Quinjet so you could get patched up. “Thank you for saving me Peter.” You breathed out wincing in pain as you could feel all the bruises forming around your body. “Shh! You need to save your energy! You're going to be fine.” He said once he got you in the Quinjet, you were quickly placed down and Bruce began working on your injuries. “You need to be okay! I cannot do this without you.” Peter exclaimed whilst he held you praying you’d be okay. 
Whilst you were recovering from your injuries Peter rarely left you alone, he was constantly holding your hand and caring for you. This time together allowed you to examine how you really feel about the man. You were quick to realise you had strong feelings for Peter and definitely wanted to be more than friends. As the months passed you kept trying to make Peter aware of your new feelings but it seemed as though he was clueless.
“Do you wanna watch Star Wars with us?” He asked when he saw you enter the living room. “Umm, sure” You joined him on the sofa and were soon laying with your head on Peter’s shoulder and his arm around you. “So do you think Han Solo is to die for like Aunt May does?” He asked “No, there's a different brown haired boy I think is to die for.” You told him hoping he’d get the hint. “He lives pretty close to us and everyone on the team adores him.” You continued “Oh! Well I need to go.” Peter said before getting up and bolting out the room. 
After that encounter you didn't see Peter again until Sam called everyone in for a meeting. “Team it’s time for our first mission without Steve, Tony or Natasha so we need to do it right. It seems there's been a split in people who believe the snap made the world better; they believe Thanos did nothing wrong and have started attacking Civilian gatherings. Places such as museums, theatres and restaurants anywhere there's a large group of people this organisation targets, so far there's only been reports of them here in New York which is why we need to shut them down and fast before we end up with another flag smasher situation.” Sam explained and began pairing the team together once everyone was paired Sam explained that we would be going to the organisation's safe house and hopefully getting this under control quickly. 
At the safe house everyone split up leaving Peter and yourself together. “I’ll take the high ground and try and get as many as them webbed up as possible.” Peter said and quickly swung himself onto the ceiling. Whilst he was performing stealth attacks you were wandering around the area looking for those you could take down. “Well, what do we have here?” An unknown voice said and you were soon surrounded by members of this organisation. “Don’t even think about using any of your little powers, we already have your weird spider friend.” The unknown voice continued. Once you were aware they had Peter you quickly allowed yourself to be captured, multiple hands grabbed you and restrained you. Before long you were thrown into a vehicle of some kind and were blindfolded and bound. 
Before long the vehicle stopped moving and yourself and Peter found yourselves in a dark room with no way to contact the team. “Are you okay? I got distracted and two of them managed to grab me.” Peter explained with concern in his tone “Peter I’m fine I let them take me so you would be safe they didn’t harm me.” You told him hoping to calm his nerves. “You let them take you! Are you insane!” The young man said with anger showing in his tone “Peter! I didn’t want you to get hurt.” You explained, annoyed that he didn’t understand how much you care for him. “Okay well I don’t agree with your decision so how about we figure out a way out of this or we don’t speak.” With that Peter and yourself stopped talking and began to look for ways to escape your situation. “Peter, how tightly are your hands bound?” You asked hoping you’d be able to execute your plan. “I can move them a tiny bit, why?” He asked, obviously confused. “If you can reach your webshooters do you think you’d be able to send a distress signal to the team?” Peter quickly began working on your idea and before you knew it the team were on the way. 
Bucky was the one who found you both first and he was quick to untie the pair of you. “Thank god you're okay! Let's get you both home.” The soldier said and began leading you away. “Thanks Buck, I'm glad you found us.” You said before pulling the soldier into a hug. What you missed was the look of heartbreak on Peter’s face as he watched you and Bucky interact confirming his thoughts about how you felt for the assassin. 
As you arrived back at the compound Peter excused himself and fled to his room leaving everyone confused. “What’s his problem?” Sam asked, looking around for an answer that nobody seemed to have. “I’m going to talk to him. We had a rough day.” You explained and left the rest of the team. Once you were outside the man's door you began to feel anxious as you couldn’t understand the young man's change in behaviour “Peter can I come in?” You asked and received nothing in response. “Okay Peter I’m coming in.” You continued and started to enter his room. The sight before you made your heart shatter Peter was laying in bed sobbing, his eyes red and sniffles leaving his body. You pulled him in for a hug and began to ask what was wrong. 
“I’m absolutely in love with you and you want Bucky and I’ll have to watch the both of you cuddling and kissing and overall being in love.” Peter explained in between sobs. “Peter I don’t have feelings for Bucky, what makes you say that?” You questioned beyond confused about why he thought this. “You told me you wanted a different brown haired guy and then I saw the two of you today, it confirmed my thoughts.” He continued and pulled away from you. “Peter, I meant you! I’ve been trying to get you to understand this for months.” You exclaimed, becoming frustrated with him. The relief that flooded Peter’s face was noticeable and the young man quickly pulled you in for an intimate kiss. “Thank god you meant me.” Peter said and began placing kisses down your neck and pulling you up to him so you were straddling him. 
Whilst the kiss got more intimate you began to grind your core against his crotch in desperate need for contact. Peter groaned and you were soon laying on your back with your legs spread and clothes off. Peter shoved two fingers into your began hitting your G-spot. “Peter oh god.” You moaned out digging your nails into his back as you neared your release. Your kiss grew more frantic and your want for Peter increased. You were becoming desperate. Peter quickly got to work and began removing his clothes. “Peter please!” You begged just wanting to feel him inside of you. Peter took his hard cock in his hands and thrusted into your wet cunt letting out a moan at the feeling of your tight walls around him. “God! You feel amazing.” Peter moaned as he continued thrusting into you. “Peter, you're filling me so good. I want to cum.” You groaned into Peter's ear the feeling of him so deep inside of you was euphoric. “Is that what you want. You want to cum around my cock and have me fill you with my cum.” Hearing such dirty things come from Peter’s mouth brought you closer to the edge. “Yes. Peter I need you to fill me with your cum please pump me full of your seed.” With that Peter’s gentle resolve broke and he began to slam himself into you, swallowing every sound that came from you. Your cut clenched around his cock practically swallowing him, Peter continued to thrust into you even after you had reached your high. “Good girl. Feel so good around me! You were made for me. You’re mine.” He mumbled as you nipped at his neck “Yes Peter, I’m all yours my pussy is made to take you.” With that Peter groaned and filled you with hot spurts of cum. 
Both of you were breathing heavily as you came down from your highs. Peter placed a gentle kiss on your lips and pulled out of you slowly, getting up and putting clothes back on before grabbing a wash cloth so he could clean you up.
Once the pair of you came down from you post sex highs you realised the consequences of what you had both done. “Peter, what does this mean for us?” You asked scared about what he was going to say. The superhero pulled you into his chest and placed a kiss on your forehead, “I already told you. You’re mine.” He responded with a smile “Well I guess this clears up any confusion.” You said with a chuckle. “So my love, will you be my girlfriend?” He asked “Well people usually ask before the sex. But I guess it’s a yes.” You said with a smile before pulling your lover in for another kiss.
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Tumblr media
main masterlist smut=**
Tumblr media
↳ hold my heart** [30.4k; complete]
you met tom when you were twelve and you never thought he’d end up being such a big part of your life. you found a friend in him and maybe something more. (prince!tom)
Tumblr media
↳ ivy (coming soon)
you were forced into a marriage with the duke of hastings but you already promised your heart to the one you loved. (duchess!reader x stable boy!tom)
Tumblr media
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summer fling ♡
Tumblr media
➳ main characters intros
❥ summary: you meet a cute guy on summer vacation and you guys hit it off but you’ll never see him again cause he’s just a summer fling right?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: hiii guys i’m moving blogs so i’m moving my work here too!! i will get back to tag lists and everything else once the move is done!
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Imagine Peter doing little things for Tony like massaging his shoulders when he has been hunched over the lab table for too long, leaving little notes saying 'You're the best, I love you!' around, taking care of Tony's hands (lotioning them) when he's bored and Tony just watching him amusedly, wearing Tony's favourite sweatshirt, preparing him a nutritious milkshake with lots of love and care. Basically super domestic Starker with extremely caring and considerate Peter.
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