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#Peregrin Took
hetaczechia · 12 hours ago
Pippin: I want a piñata for my birthday
Merry: *handing him a bat* I’m pretty sure Boromir has candy in his pockets.
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hetaczechia · 12 hours ago
Pippin: Have you proposed yet?
Merry: Technically, no, but in my head, we have two kids and a farm.
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hetaczechia · 12 hours ago
Boromir: You broke into my car!
Merry and Pippin: We entered your car without your knowledge.
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hetaczechia · 12 hours ago
Sam: It’s so nice that Mr. Frodo trusts you two enough to sleep around you.
Merry: yeah he looks so peaceful
Pippin, whipping out a SHARPIE: And vulnerable
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randomfandomimagine · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Playfully teasing Pippin
Requested by anon
“Y/N” Merry called you, motioning with his hand so you would get closer to him. “I didn’t tell you, but I think you should know: Pippin likes you... a lot” 
Surprised by this revelation, you turned to look at Pippin. He was calmly eating as he talked with Frodo and Sam. Given that you had stopped in the path, you had some time to kill.
“Perhaps I like him too” You muttered to Merry. “But I think it’s time to tease our dear Pippin, don’t you?” 
“Precisely what I was thinking” Merry grinned, intently watching as you approached your friend.
“Hello, Pippin” You greeted him, earning a quiet hum from him as he continued eating. “You look very cute today” 
He immediately stopped chewing, raising his eyebrows in surprise. Merry was already chuckling, and you couldn’t help but fondly smile as well.
“What’s gotten into Y/N?” Sam muttered as he and Frodo observed you.
“Nothing” You sat by Pippin, leaning against his side. “He just looks adorable today”
“I do?” He replied, gulping down his food.
“Yes! Your hair looks soft and your eyes are shining under the sunlight”
Pippin paused for a moment, watching you in confusion. After a moment, his eyes lit up with realization and he glared in Merry’s direction.
“You told Y/N, didn’t you?” He exclaimed, making to stand up. Even if you laughed a little, you held on to his arm to keep him by your side.
“Calm down, Pippin” You chuckled. “I might be teasing you a bit, but I like you too”
He settled down, still throwing daggers at Merry. Still, he resolved to just sit by your side and enjoy your company given that the secret was out.
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randomfandomimagine · 21 hours ago
hello, maybe you can do LOTR headcanons? Being Pippin and Merry's friend, and dating Pippin would include?
Hello, and thanks for requesting! I also wrote a ‘Dating Pippin Would Include’ if you want to check it out, so this might be a bit shorter since it’s similar. Hope you still enjoy it!
Tumblr media
You had been hanging out with Pippin and Merry for years
Best friends and partners in crime, you three were never apart
The three of you would always be up to no good
People always knew you were together, that you were inseparable
So if they saw Pippin or Merry, they knew you’d be close by
The dynamic changed slightly when you started dating Pippin
Surely, the three of you were still friends, but it wasn’t quite the same
You and Pippin were now slightly closer, and this bothered Merry
Because you would whisper things ot each other and giggle
Or just do couple things that inevitably left him out 
Merry would also tease you two a lot since you’re so sappy
“You two are making my stomach upset, I won’t have second breakfast”
“Really, Merry?” “No, I wouldn’t let you ruin it for me, lovebirds”
It’s all in good fun, of course, even when the dynamic changes
Because at first things are a bit weird, but you’re all very close
And since you adore and trust each other, Merry would speak up
Say that sometimes he feels left out and that you’re very close to Pippin
Not wanting him to feel like that, you two would make an effort
And try to keep the sappy couple stuff for when you were alone
Even if you still had small gestures like kisses on the cheek and such
After that, the dynamic mostly returned to normal
Even if you do deliberately become sappy to annoy Merry
You would be sitting at the Green Dragon and you would kiss Pippin
And exaggeratedly say cute things to each other to wind him up
And Frodo and Sam sometimes as well, even if they’re on in the fun
And just laugh when Merry becomes pouty and annoyed
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Denethor: Oh please. You wouldn't hurt a fly.
Pippin: You're right. Because a fly is an innocent creature who never knowingly did anything to anybody. You, however, I would maim.
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Orc: and what are your names?
Pippin: don’t say anything, Merry.
Orc: Merry.
Merry: wow good job, Pippin.
Orc: and Pippin.
Merry: fuck.
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Pippin, pulling aside the curtain: do you want to - stop screaming, it's just me - do you want to watch Breaking Bad with me
Pippin: okay, well, when you're done, do you want to watch Breaking Bad with me?
Merry: yeah, sounds good.
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Merry: [about Éowyn] And then we had a little eye contact.
Pippin: Eye contact? I hope you were using protection.
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Merry: i helped you when you got your foot stuck in the toilet!
Pippin: no you didn’t! you just laughed and took pictures!
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Merry: Can you overdose on vitamin D?
Frodo: I mean, that's technically how Icarus died
Pippin, with tears in his eyes: iCarly is dead?
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Pippin: *hands Gandalf a piece of paper*
Pippin: Can you sign this?
Pippin: It's petition to make mayonnaise an ice cream flavor
Gandalf: What the FUCK makes you think I would sign that?!?
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Pippin: heres an idea-
Frodo: no
Pippin: you didnt even hear my idea!
Frodo: fine, tell me
Pippin: well before we start, im gonna need around 300 bananas
Frodo: ...i so badly want to ask but im genuinely afraid of what i might hear
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randomfandomimagine · 2 days ago
They Cheer You Up (Lord of the Rings Preference)
Characters: Frodo, Sam, Legolas, Aragorn, Eomer, Pippin, Merry
Fandom: Lords of the Rings
Requested by anon: Hi, could I please request a preference with Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Legolas Greenleaf, Aragorn, Eomer, Peregrin Took and Meriadoc Brandybuck cheering the reader up? Thank you!!
A/N: Sorry if it’s a bit short, today I’ve done so much writing that my brain is kind of fried, so I hope you still like and enjoy this anyway! 😅😋
Tumblr media
Frodo would just speak his mind, and give you reasons he honestly believes could cheer you up. He also compliments you, quite earnestly, and remind you why you are great and why he holds you so very dearly and close to his heart. He might also take a walk around the forest with you, hoping a chat and a calm evening outside will lift your spirits.
Tumblr media
With Sam, it comes naturally, so he has no problem in being optimistic and saying things to hopefully cheer you up. He reminds you of the good things in life, how beautiful the sun is as it shines high in the sky and how warm and comforting it is, or how lovely it is to see the little animals moving around in the grass, or how delicious food is and how there’s always something good and worth getting through your bad days for, and it warms your heart and makes you smile.
Tumblr media
Legolas doesn’t really know what to do, so he just stays by your side and promises himself not to leave you until you’ve at least smiled once. You spend the day together, chatting and walking and it seems to distract you enough that your mood improves, and Legolas’ stories of elves also help quite a lot ot keep your mind busy.
Tumblr media
Aragorn is incredibly intuitive, especially when it comes to you since he knows you so well. He’s also very empathetic and soon realizes why you need cheering up. For that reason, he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better and what to do to comfort you and he’s happy to provide you with affection and words of comfort.
Tumblr media
Eomer mostly gives you courage. You feel defeated and alone, so he reminds you that it’s not the case. At first you don’t listen, knowing that he cares too much about you to be objective, but then his words start sinking in. He says that you’re strong and brave and that not only you can live through that bad day and many others that may haunt you, but that he will also be ever at your side so you don’t have to suffer through them alone.
Tumblr media
Pippin is kind, emotional, sensitive and very empathetic. He makes you feel understood, he comforts, makes you feel like you’re not alone, like he can understand what you’re feeling and that it’s perfectly okay to feel that way. He doesn’t have a problem showing his emotions, and less so you talking about them, so he will listen to you if you want to talk and maybe even sing you a beautiful song to cheer you up.
Tumblr media
Merry would goof around. He’s not quite as emotional as Pippin, even if he too can be sensitive, so he prefers to make you laugh instead. Of course, if you want to talk he will intently listen, but he knows his jokes and playfulness will most effectively cheer you up and he keeps saying silly things and tickling you to get you to smile or laugh at him.
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn​​ / @wonderlandfandomkingdom​​ / @dancewaterdance02​ / @fortheloveofbenyandtom​ / @of-stardust-and-dreams​ / @caswinchester2000​ / @ikemencrossedmyth​ / @bravelittlesunflower​ / @lxncelot​ / @ta-ka-shi-ma​ / @okay-j-hannah​ / @suenami3​ / @swanimagines​ / @lovinghufflepuffgirl​ / @fedorable-killjoys​ // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, send me an ask!! // Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
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multifandom-incorrect · 2 days ago
Legolas: This is a list of possible places Merry and Pippin could be brought to.
Gimli: .....that’s a map of Middle-Earth
Aragorn: Yeah, we have no idea where they are
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yukitorisins · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
"shake your hair, have some fun / forget our mothers and past lovers, forget everyone / oh, im so lucky, you are my best friend / oh, theres no one, theres no one quite like you"
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