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#Percy Jackson and the Olympians
scwmander · 5 minutes ago
annabeth was tired. she had been working on her college project all day and it had been draining to say the least. she closed her laptop and looked up for what seemed like the first time that day. when she did, she saw percy leaning against the door watching her study, with a glass of water in his hands
“how long have you been there?” she asks as she gets up from the chair and stretches
“just a few minutes,” he says, approaching her “came to check on you but you were so concentrated i was afraid i’d scare you and get myself judo-flipped”
annabeth did that sometimes. not the judo-flipping part, that had only happened once, but there were times when she was so focused on what she was doing that she simply forgot the rest of the world existed. percy knew it happened. he also knew that if she got interrupted she would either slap someone by impulse (it had happened before. poor jason.) or it would take her a long time to actually manage to focus again, so he never interrupted her, but the scene of him leaning against the door while waiting for her to finish her work was not a first. annabeth loved him for not just leaving and waiting until she came out.
“got you water” he says as he hands her a cup and kisses the top of her head
“thanks, seaweed brain” she smiles and takes a sip, only to realize how thirsty she was. gods, had she drank any water for the past few hours? she really needed to work on that.
percy sits on the edge of the bed and looks at her “my mom invited us for dinner. says estelle misses you,” he says “strangely nothing about my own sister missing me though” he adds as his eyebrows knit and he scratches his chin, as if confused.
“oh, it’s not like you didn’t know i’m her favorite” annabeth responds, smiling at him. she gets up from her chair and places the glass of water on her desk “do you wanna go?”
“‘course” percy says as he gets up from the bed “you ready?”
“yeah” she responds “let me just go brush my teeth really quick”
they arrive at sally and paul’s house and as soon as they ring the doorbell, annabeth can already hear estelles excited squeaks and jumps telling her mom to open the door. she laces her fingers through percy’s and smiles at him. “someone’s excited to see me” she jokes, and he chuckles “i feel so appreciated as a brother” percy puts a hand on his chest.
seconds later, sally opens the door and estelle immediately jumps to annabeth’s arms.
“i missed you annie!!” says the little girl, smoldering her with kisses.
“i missed you too, este” annabeth smiles as she kisses estelle’s cheeks and gets some hair out of her face. “look who’s here too!” she ventures, turning to percy.
“hey squirt!” percy says, picking estelle up and kissing her cheek “remember me? your brother, percy? real nice, handsome guy, kinda looks like you?” estelle giggles, “you’re silly! of course i remember you!” percy jokingly sighs in relief “thank the gods!! cause mom said you only missed annabeth and i was starting to get worried” he throws his free hand up, as if praising the gods, then he kisses the tip of estelle’s nose and puts her down.
“hey, mama” he smiles and hugs his mom tight.
“hi, baby” sally releases herself from the hug as she cups percy’s face in her hands and kisses his forehead. she turns to annabeth and does the same to her.
“hi, sweetheart” she says. her voice as is soft and light as silk.
annabeth appreciated sally more than she could express. for someone who’s never had a mom who cared about her before, sally was a true angel on earth. she had taken annabeth as her own ever since she had percy became close friends.
“you look tired. working all day?” sally guesses and annabeth nods with a yawn, which answers the question better than any word. “oh, sweetie. come on inside then. i made everyone blue cookies!”
they walk in and the smell of the previously mentioned cookies make annabeth’s heart and soul warm up to the very core. she always loved sally’s blue food, but the cookies were something else. she already associated them with home. not to mention percy often smelt like that on the first day of camp when they were smaller (hence why she thought of it as home).
paul walks in and says hello to everyone as annabeth, percy and estelle sit on the couch, estelle on annabeth’s lap. she never was a huge fan of children, but she loved estelle like that little girl was her own. and besides, she was a small, sassy female version of percy, so, what’s not to love about that?
annabeth can feel her eyes getting heavier and her body giving in to the comfort of the couch, her head on percy’s shoulder and estelle’s warmth against her. she was about to fall asleep when sally walks in the living room, holding a plate filled with blue cookies that still have smoke coming out of them.
“cookies fresh out of the oven for my favorite people” sally places the plate on the table and sits down.
“thanks mama” estelle says with a smile on her face
“thanks mom” percy repeats reaching for the cookie
“yeah, thanks mom” annabeth says, without hesitation.
percy slowly turns his head and starts grinning. annabeth can feel her face getting redder and warmer by the second. estelle doesn’t seem to mind, she just carries on eating her cookie.
“i mean, i-“ annabeth buries her face in her hands. she can feel percy smiling hugely next to her as she feels a hand on her shoulder
“you’re welcome, sweetie” sally. annabeth lifts her head and smiles lightly, clearly mortified. sally chuckles and sits back on the chair.
percy looks at her with a smile from ear to ear and takes her hand. she’s embarrassed, but seeing him this happy about it kind of made it a little less bad.
they were at the door about to leave. paul was holding estelle, who almost asleep, because their dinners always went longer than expected and estelle was either almost asleep or asleep by the time they left.
percy gently stroked his baby sister’s hair and gave her a kiss on the top of the head
“night, sis. love you” he whispered.
annabeth took estelles hand and kissed the top of her fingers “good night, munchkin”
sally gives percy a hug and then goes to do the same to annabeth.
“i loved being called mom by a third voice,” she whispers while hugging annabeth “i’m your mom too, you know”
“thanks,” annabeth whispers back “i know”
they let go of the hug, and annabeth feels a wave of gratitude flowing through her. she finally had someone she could call mom. someone she knew would be there to take care of her no matter what. and she came with blue cookies, a sweet angel for a daughter and annabeth’s soulmate for a son. not too shabby.
as annabeth and percy walk to the car holding hands, she smiles and sighs in happiness.
“what’s up?” percy asks
“nothing” she looks over at him “i have a mom.”
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incorrectinfinity · 9 minutes ago
Children of the big three headcanons
This is about weaknesses
Percy: if underground or in the sky he gets really anxious, anxious to the point he can barely think straight
Tyson: if underground or in the sky gets he gets really antisocial, he is just avoiding everyone and anyone
Jason: if underground or in/on water he gets really spacey, he could literally look at a wall for 10 hours without noticing
Thalia: if underground or in/on water she gets really irritated, if you look at her for a second too long she will probably scream at you
Nico: if in the sky or in/on water her gets very tired, this is self explanatory
Hazel: if in the sky or in/on water she gets easily sick
Bianca: if in the sky or in/on water she gets very loopy, you probably should let her near anything hazardous
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readerromantic · 12 minutes ago
apollo/lester is absolutely hysterical and if you think otherwise you’re wrong
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annabethsyankees-cap · 18 minutes ago
i can already imagine percy watching teen beach movie and wanting to go to the beach with annabeth to burst into a random musical number.
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stanning-reyna · 52 minutes ago
Currently thinking about how Annabeth opened up to Percy so quickly. Yes, it took them going on a quest across the country together, but the 2 weeks or so they had known each other is a relatively short amount of time. And then by SOM, only a year later, she’s comfortable crying in his arms (granted she may have been more focused on her mental breakdown than what was going on around her). Annabeth really took one look at Percy and went “emotional support brunet”
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spazshipping · 58 minutes ago
Me: Oh the Percy Jackson t.v show will be perfectly fine for kids.
My thoughts: but what if they add "HOO"?
Me remembering how Rick explicitly explained Percy and Annabeth in tatarus and how Leo's mom died and how Piper's dad WAS LITERALLY ALMOST EATEN BY A GIANT: NOT KID FRIENDLY!!! KIDS ARE NOT WATCHING THIS!!!
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stanning-reyna · an hour ago
Annabeth Chase is the bravest person I know because she had the guts to ugly cry in front of someone she had only known a year. It takes me 3 years of close friendship just to be comfortable shedding a tear in front of someone. I don’t know how she had the courage to do that.
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stanning-reyna · an hour ago
The pjo movies really butchered Annabeth’s character. Like they took a meat cleaver out and started chopping away. Rip to our icon 😔
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rainnows · an hour ago
Some thoughts on Rick's sad excuse of a timeline:
to start - this assumes the first book takes place in June 2005, and the other books take place accordingly.
For example - if Percy, who was born in August, was already 12 in June 2005 - he was born in 1992, not 1993. If he was born in 1993, he would be 11 in TLT and thats not the case. Basically, shift most of the characters ages back a year from whatever they say on the fandom wiki.
Therefore, Sea of monsters is in 2006, and Titan's curse is also in 2006 - but Percy is 14 by then. Percy is still 14 in BOTL, which is in 2007, and 15 for the majority of TLO until his birthday in 2008.
That means that HoO takes place in 2008-2009, and TOA in 2010
Now theres the matter of Nico, which has been bugging me for forever. In TTC, hes said to be 10. But if he were, that would put him at barely even 14 by TOA - which doesnt match up with the way he's described at all. I dont think he's all that much younger than Percy, actually. Rick seems to age him up strangely quickly in order to set him up with Will, who he already claimed was 13 during the battle of Manhattan. (Personally I think he was a July birthday and therefore 14, more on that later)
Anyway. Nico would have to be 11, nearly 12, during TTC in order for him to be 15 during TOA. Basically, he was in the hotel for what he percieved as a year rather than a couple of weeks, and the same goes for Bianca, who was about to turn 14 when she died
Hazel's age, and Frank's for that matter, is the most inconsistent. Logically, if she died at the age of 13, and had been back for 8 months by SON, she would likely be over 14 by the time we meet her, and Frank barely 16. The age gap is still questionable, and Rick should have just made them the same age, but its logically not 3 years despite Rick's insistence. By TOA, she would be 15 and Frank not quite 17.
Annabeth, Luke, and Thalia are pretty straighforward - but I want to touch on thier timeline briefly anyway. Luke was 14, Thalia 12, and Annabeth 7/8 when they arrived at camp. If Annabeth was born in July 1992, then they probably arrived at camp sometime between July 1999 and December. This means Luke was born sometime in 1985 and Thalia in late 1986 (assuming Luke had already had his 14th birthday that year and Thalia was just shy of turning 13) I'm guessing they picked up Annabeth on the tail end of thier journey and she hadn't been on the run for long.
This would put Annabeth at 12, nearly 13 when we meet her in TLT and Luke at 19 (just to reiterate that Luke is a creep, by the way)
We're gonna ignore Thalia's tree years because thats Zeus's buisiness - her aging doesn't make sense because Zeus needed her to be 16
I dont even want to do the math with Jason and Piper and the others so they just get thier birthday shifted back a year as well (assuming the wiki is incorrect, idk)
Now, onto my favorite character in the series: Will. I have a lot of headcannons as to his arrival at camp. Im in the process of writing them down for a backstory fic rn, so bear with me here please:
Will was born in July 1994 (not cannon, just cause I said so) and arrived at camp in June 2003, age 8, nearly 9. In June 2005, when Percy enters the picture, hes like, on the cusp of turning 11. Hes like a year and 11 months younger than Percy (Nico, born in December, is roughly 5 months younger than him and thus 2 years and 4 months younger than Percy)
I might turn this into an actual timeline format eventually, if anyone wants that
I cant think of any other characters to add
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jasonandhisbrick · an hour ago
rachel would be the type to randomly draw will while he isn’t paying attention and give him the drawing. he would cherish it and she would be like “you can let go now, it’s just a drawing” while he hugs her
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If Percy became a god, what do you think he’d be the god of?
Hmm I feel like he would want to be the god of heroes so that he could help out, but since Hercules has that title he decides to go with “God if Demigods” specifically so he has claim to all of them even if they don't do heroic things. Then it is just him and Hercules getting competitive over it.
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rainnows · 3 hours ago
How did Nico and Bianca feel about the Lotus Hotel
Like they entered in the 40s and they come out 2 weeks later and its like 2006?
The hotel had arcade machines? In the 40s? And they just were ok with that? What? I mean Nico would be, bc he was like 10, but Bianca? No way
How did they cope with meeting kids from like the 70s and shit within two weeks
That brings me into another problem with Rick's timeline but thats a seperate post
Did they just not notice anything was astray?? Hmm?
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demigod-le0 · 3 hours ago
guessing pjo+hoo characters pronouns and sexualities:
-bi/bicurious • he/him
-demisexual • she/her
-straight ally • he/him
-pansexual • she/her or she/they
-asexual • he/him
-demisexual • he/him
-bicurious • she/her
-gay • he/him
-asexual or aromantic • she/her
-pansexual • he/him or he/they
-bisexual • she/her
-aromantic • she/her or she/they
-pansexual • she/her
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bilfro · 3 hours ago
Ok y'all I'm honestly over it.
Stop making Hades the abusive dad in your AUs. He's one of the rare good gods.
Sure, he neglected Nico so call him an absent father, not an abusive one.
Hades loves his son but similar to his son he pushes the people he loves away because he's scared they'll get hurt from him
You want an abusive father role for Nico? Try Minos.
He was manipulative, cruel, selfish and almost certainly emotionally abusive.
Make Minos the abusive dad in your AUs
Thank you
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I’m starting to realize that this post might be too long for a lot of pjo fans (I know text blocks often make mind go blank thanks dyslexia), so here’s an abridged version
An animated series means the other series can be adapted as well
Immortal characters won’t age (especially Thalia, Artemis, and Hestia, who would be portrayed by children)
The cgi won’t look good in a few years (look at any old movie whose cgi was considered good when it came out, it doesn’t hold up)
It’ll be out sooner and the wait between seasons will be shorter
No child actors
Animation is easier to relate to than live action
Fight scene won’t have to be cut (safety of child actors would (or at least should) come first)
The entire camp can be explored, not just the parts they built for filming
Actors are easier to replace, which with 18 books of content, will have to happen
No need to sacrifice small details
I suggest you check out the original post if you agree with this, but I get it if you don’t, that thing is a real monster
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transjasico · 3 hours ago
how to get over art block; draw pretty people in togas
Tumblr media
also rachel uses he/she/they pronouns because @transvalzhang says so
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andromedaa-starss · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
leo and annabeth my beloved <3333
[ID: Drawings of Annabeth Chase and Leo Valdez from the Riordanverse. Annabeth is in the top left; Leo is in the bottom right. Annabeth has long, wavy blonde hair in a ponytail, and stormy gray eyes. She is wearing a Camp Half Blood t-shirt, as well as the necklace with several different beads on it. She also has a coral pendant. In her left hand is a Yankees cap, which she is about to put on.
Leo has wavy brown hair and brown eyes. He appears to be in a darker room, and holds a little flame in his hands. He wears a Camp Half Blood t-shirt, and also has a necklace, but with two beads. He also has a bandaid on his nose. end ID]
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helpimstuckinafandom · 4 hours ago
Friendly reminder that Michael Yew had black hair, not blond
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