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makemefeellike · 3 minutes ago
hello sudden reobsession with caravan palace's about you where did you come from
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twentymuleteamborax · 3 minutes ago
I'm gonna start going to the bin goodwill to fill my home with knickknacks I purchase by the pound
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iguinn · 5 minutes ago
i think i should explain i would gatekeep Kazuya cause villain who obviously has ptsd and was abuse and broken down to fit the evil mold his abusive father wanted for him would like... be a character whose nuanced opinions towards would be few and far between. i do not want to see people try to go the irredeemable/redeemable villain route with him and just understand hes a tragic villain whose redeemability status doesnt matter and hes mostly a means to an ends showing how evil the main villain is and how abusive upbringing will fuck up anyone no matter their financial status.
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pocketramblr · 5 minutes ago
I read Last Dragon Chronicles forever ago and the part I remembered best is being really confused the first time I read Fire World
Fire World is so weird it literally plays out like a fanfiction of the rest of the series- an alternative universe where David gets to be the bio son of his found parental figures? Where his love interest gets to be introduced as his childhood friend? Where his future daughter just turns up?? Also everything is magical in a different way? I very much expected that Fire World would turn out to be an in universe story David wrote to get some kind of closure but then it turned out to be a 'normal' parallel universe and gadzooks was calling to this au David for,,, some reason?? For help I guess?? What happened at the end??
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thotpatroleum · 7 minutes ago
Greek life? You mean glorified college cults that make you pay money for friends and oftentimes abuse you in the beginning like some sort of sick initiation process?
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wrongtumbler · 7 minutes ago
I may be humble, delicate, kind and a lover of all things created; but don’t underestimate the hate I have.
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wlw0rm · 8 minutes ago
if u see me active on here but not replying to any of ur other messages no u don’t
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freshersonline · 11 minutes ago
In your own words why do people get obsess with their popularity?
In your own words why do people get obsess with their popularity?
In your own words why do people get obsess with their popularity? In your own words why do people get obsess with their popularity? Answer Here! Also read : Starlink should be fully mobile by the end of 2021
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softpedropascal · 12 minutes ago
can i just say, i love your work so so much. i can confidently say i have read almost all the fics you write about frankie and i love all of them. you are a wonderful writer, thank you for blessing my with your beautifully written words
Thank you so so much! I've been doubting my writing so much lately, comparing myself to others...but messages like this help me realize that my writing touches different people in different ways just like any other writer. I really appreciate this. Thank you again 💜
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moon1ike · 12 minutes ago
you do know that dark & light etc. academia is just a social media aesthetic, right??
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through-a-historic-lens · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
John F. Kennedy Campaigning Door to Door in West Virgina, 1960
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hurtsprincess · 13 minutes ago
I‘m glad that I was able to motivate you with my words☺️
Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying about putting too much pressure on yourself. I also do quite often so I know how stressing it can be🙄
But you shouldn’t really worry about that because I actually just read also some of your other stories like the Christmas story or the one in the bubble bath and they are all just so amazing! So I don’t think it’s possible for you to write something that isn’t good🥰
I really appreciate that you’re doing this story writing in your free time and bless us with so much Carlando content, cause I know how much time it takes to write such big 20k+ words stories❤️
Hope your having a great day and don’t try to pressure yourself too much for the next chapter! We can wait some time, because most important is that you have fun writing!🥰
Oh wow, anon, now you’re really making me blush! Thank you very, very much for your sweet words 🥺🧡
And yes, you really did motivate me with your message, and just again with this one 🙈
I have to say, though, that I probably can’t 100% take the compliment (although it’s very flattering! 🥰), since art is always up to personal taste and there’s no generally “good” or “bad” writing - but for the same reason, I’m all the more happy that I’ve met your taste with my style and that you also enjoyed my other stories! ☺️
(Wow, now you’re really reading, huh? :D)
To be honest, Among The Bubbles and Wherever You Will Go are my favourites from my own as well (so far), since I just had sooo much fun writing these! 😍 - and like you said, having fun is the most important thing (which is also the case for me most of the time, so no worries! 😉).
But like probably most artists (of whatever kind) who share their stuff online, I just need to remind myself from time to time that this is actually my hobby and not my occupation, and that it should make me happy instead of stressing me out 😅
But thank you mucho, mucho for your support and feedback! It really means a lot to me! ☺️🧡
(And did I get that right that you’re a writer as well?!1! 😱🤩)
Anyway, have a nice quali in a few minutes! I’ll move over to the TV now, too… where I’ll probably also stay the whole day, because of F1, FE and Euro 2021 😅
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hscharts · 16 minutes ago
Chart Update 2021-06-19 12:04 UTC
Treat People with Kindness:
Kworb Live iTunes UK: #733 (re-entry)
View all the current chart positions for Treat People with Kindness
Kworb Live iTunes US: #1460 (-47)
Kworb Live Apple Music US: #822 (+38)
View all the current chart positions for Falling
Kworb Live iTunes US: #801 (-25)
Kworb Live iTunes UK: #218 (-20)
View all the current chart positions for Golden
Fine Line:
Kworb Live iTunes Album UK: #99 (-17)
Kworb Live AppleMusic Album UK: #36 (+1)
View all the current chart positions for Fine Line
Watermelon Sugar:
Kworb Live iTunes US: #36 (-1)
Kworb Live iTunes UK: #50 (+3)
Kworb Live Apple Music UK: #50 (-1)
View all the current chart positions for Watermelon Sugar
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howclayisformed · 18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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