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puzzleiran · 12 minutes ago
Who else loves the sound of jigsaw puzzle pieces? 😍 صدای لذتبخش تکه های پازل.... #jigsawpuzzle #puzzle #پازل #eurographics #ravensburger #educa #heye #schmidt #artpuzzle #piatnik #clementoni #trefl #dtoys #deico #jigsaw #پیاتنیک #رونزبرگر #ادوکا #اشمیت #ترفل #آناتولین #آرت_پازل #anatolian مشاهده اطلاعات و خرید در فروشگاه اینترنتی پازل ایران
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okfate · 2 hours ago
      張哲瀚,中國男演員,歌手,屬於影視新秀,於2010年出道,雖然出道至今也十年有餘,但是名氣依舊沒有特別大的提升。今天是張哲瀚的生日,所以就從八字上來看看其命運人生如何。張哲瀚的生日是1991年5月11日出生。        八字上辛巳日柱,推其時辰大概爲己丑時,也沒有太多資料論證,原局官印旺,地支巳丑拱旺祿神局,表示身邊貴人多,機遇多,同時偏印也表示身邊的粉絲或支持者,所以這個八字組合還是比較穩定的命。時柱丑土遁藏辛金生癸水,表示命中帶有些音樂天賦。同時巳丑拱旺比肩,巳火遁藏庚金劫財,表示命中也帶有些演藝的天賦,所以命中能進入娛樂圈。但是這個八字沒有七殺,也就是未土遁藏了丁火七殺,由於是遁藏,並且早年大運沒有走七殺大運,所以在名氣上並不太大。巳火本身是庚金劫財的七殺,這個表示他四肢長相比較英俊帥氣。       …
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theonewhoknocks997 · 2 hours ago
You know what? I find the idea of Ethan running around the castle , breaking stuff and looking through Alcina and the girls personal stuff while Alcina and the girls are just...chilling is funny AS FUCK.
Imagine them having dinner and Ethan accidentally burst into the room
Ethan: umm..hi..can You help me find a typewriter on this floor?
Alcina: the room down the hall on your left..
Ethan: thanks *awkwardly leaving the room*
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hotanddistraught · 2 hours ago
listen. im not saying the avs won bc i started a new puzzle but. im also not not saying that :)
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compassionatedestiny · 3 hours ago
//I have ideas for an 03 FMA verse for Isabel, but I'm not entirely sure which to pick. Plus, I need to finish rewatching the series bc it's literally been over a decade since I watched it.
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beezusweezus · 4 hours ago
one time a group of my friends and I went over to one of our friend’s house for the first time, to make pizza and hang out. Most of them played video games and I sat at the kitchen table and finished his brother’s puzzle
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mothtrrash · 4 hours ago
henry’s epic gamer moment; manages to get the most kills in a PvP shooter game
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mybulle · 5 hours ago
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Let’s go to the pirate and watch the beautiful treasure Packaged in a unique box shaped Helps develop skills in problem solving, fine motor, concentration, memory, color and shape sorting, and visual reasoning Made from the highest quality materials that resist peeling, fading and creasing; precision cutting assures all pieces fit together smoothly Size: 7,5x 11,6x 2,4"- 36 pieces Age: +4 yo . . . . . #puzzle #puzzlesofinstagram #instapuzzle #pirate #treasure #djecotoys #djecousa #bookstore #toystore #toystagram (at New York, New York)
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wipeoutms · 6 hours ago
Guacamole Jigsaw Puzzle
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There is a special Multiple Sclerosis diet. Fact is there is no special diet for people with Multiple Sclerosis, some individuals have made claims of a diet that has helped them but there is no scientific data to back that up.
Basic recommendation would be to eat a diet that the USDA, the American heart association, and the American Cancer Society recommend. That is a diet that is low in fats, while being high in fiber from fruits, vegetables and whole grains
Brochure Food For Thought MS & Nutrition - National MS Society
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Use of this photo does not constitute any endorsement or connection to Wipe Out MS by either The National MS Society or the photo creator.
Image by Lebensmittelfotos from Pixabay
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2dart · 6 hours ago
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