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#Oppo Rancisis
Plo: I’ve organized your holo-calls into three categories
Plo: Calls from Master Yaddle, death threats, and death threats from Master Yaddle
Oppo: Shit
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Oppo: What's going on?
Ahsoka: Teenage rebellion.
Oppo: Fuck yeah! Stick it to the old people!
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dragoninawagon · 6 days ago
Obi-Wan walking in the club pimpin'
Tumblr media
Most especially:
Tumblr media
You know Obi-Wan isn't the only one pulling these ladies in.
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penguinkiwi-writes · 7 days ago
Who Am I But A Collapsing Galaxy?
Fandom(s): Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy)
Rating: Gen/T
Summery: Picking up the pieces is always harder with grief weighing on on you. Sequel to “When Night Falls”
Okay I admit, I thought about turning this into Cin/Shaak comfort smut but decided against it because I just wasn't feeling the vibes
minor note: Varrom Selon is the name I gave the Grand Inquisitor if you haven't read any of my other Temple Guard works yet.
Dantooine was decent enough, Cin supposed. The Temple wasn’t in as much ruin as Yoda had suspected— though it would take a lot of work that they might not have to get it restored. For now, the Jedi were settled in ships, the Elders and Masters shielding the younglings and padawans, with the Knights filling in the gaps. Yoda’s shields alone were enough to put Cin’s shoulders at ease for a little bit.
But still, he had his reservations.
Dantooine was too out in the middle of nowhere with two Hyperspace Lanes too close for comfort. It was too predictable— of course, the Jedi would want to hide out in the middle of nowhere. On top of that, Skywalker might be gone, but how many others did the Sith have with him? Varrom Selon had clearly turned his back on them as well, going after the other Guard during the Chaos that had been the siege of the Temple before Shaak had killed him. Once all the Guard had arrived— all those who had survived, at least— Cin had taken a headcount.
The numbers that had once totaled to two-hundred and fifty-six had been cut down to a meager eighty-three. Over half had been killed by either the Clones, Skywalker, or Selon.
The Core Guard, the Guards who were the closest to him, most trusted by him, it had been decimated.
Nira Tal killed by Selon, Hakra Dragoa shot over and over in the chest as he moved to protect a group of fleeing padawans, Tacar Anulig choked to death by Skywalker, and Saa Kowa, Adona Halis, and Lofanurra… had stayed behind with several others to ensure their escape. Sienna Tanneri and Styr Rox had both reported that Yin’Shinhen had been killed by Selon as well.
That meant that of the core, only Mari Gildow, Ashe Lark, and Syo remained along with the Charhound, Roq
Flin Ros-Vel. Mavvo Veenningels. Cimzo Mes. Ner Askau Maar. Kita Sheridan. Eder Rhis, Chahnoi Roka, Selah Mars, Dron Uttox, Kara Le, Eyal Trut…
And those were only a handful of those among the Guard whose names were among the dead— and still, hundreds more had yet to be fully noted down. Thousands more. The Jedi Order was gone, or at least the Order as Cin had known it.
Now, their already small numbers had been cut down even more.
Several killed because of the Yinchorri Uprising before Naboo, Qui-Gon dead on Naboo, over a hundred dead on Geonisis at the start of the war— and how many more had died throughout the War? How many were slaughtered and left to be unburied the night that the Temple Fell? The night when the Clones turned on them? 
Too many. And there were too many gaps left to fill.
Of the Masters who remained, only five of the twelve Councilors survived— Oppo Rancisis, who had met up with Tera Sinube when the Order had been Issued, Shaak Ti and Coleman Kcaj, who had both been at the Temple with Cin, and Obi-Wan Kenobi and Grandmaster Yoda who both survived the Order.
And the seven other seats needed to be filled somehow.
Fae Koon had taken his nephew’s seat with a grim look, and Cin had allowed himself to be set in Kit’s old seat. He didn’t dare look at Tholme as the Master sat where Saesee had once been. Jocata had gracefully taken her old position back, though sat where Ki-Adi had once been, while T’ra Saa had silently accepted the seat of her former Padawan between Yoda and Fae. Vokara Che had taken up Stass Allie’s seat, and a ‘rescued-just-in-time by Voolvif Monn’ Depa Billaba had taken up her old seat as well.
But a Council did not make the Order, only gave it a sense of stability. And even within the Council storms and tensions brewed. 
The sense of stability was a farce, with both he and Vokara rarely attending Council in person— Vokara preferring to listen from where she was in the makeshift Healing Ward and Cin from where he stood with the rest of the Guard watching the skies. Cin had tried to refuse a seat on the Council, but in the end, they had won out.
Still, Oppo Rancisis’ righteous anger that Skywalker had been made a Knight so soon— which had surely lead to his downfall as well— clashed with the deep-rooted grief that clouded Fae Koon’s presence, the eldest of the Koons had lost so much already, to lose the child who had been like a son to him… Cin could only imagine how much nearly four hundred years of time together hurt with Master Plo Koon gone now.
Vokara Che’s constant check-ins and interruptions from the makeshift Healing Ward only sparked more worry among the Councilors (It was strange to even think that he was counted among them anymore), and there was the minor detail that Anakin Skywalker had apparently been the father of two children, the two of which Kenobi had brought with him and Yoda.
And extremely powerful in the Force.
It was... worrying.
Furthermore, Yoda was wavering, wanting to step down from Grandmaster— wanting to leave the Order. Wanted to make him Master of the Order. Cin refused and would keep refusing. He had allowed himself to be seated as a Councilor, but he wouldn’t allow any other tasks to keep him from the Guard save for finishing up Bene’s training— even if some who had given up viewed it as pointless.
There were just too many things to do, Cin knew. But they all needed to be addressed... eventually.
There were many questions still, what were they to do now?
Rebuild, shore up defenses, and fight back, or scatter and hide and wait for an opportunity? Create a rebellion against this Empire that was rising or work in the shadows in silence? Try and contact those who had left like Ahsoka Tano or Eeth Koth or fade into obscurity?
And on top of that, there had been a storm brewing inside of Obi-Wan. Something violent and burning. Ready to burst forth and Cin knew what it was about. Like any parent, any Master, the other man was reluctant to believe the truth about Skywalker. That he had lead Clones onto the Temple’s grounds, had fought to kill, had done all that he had done. As if Cin didn’t have an ugly scar that went from shoulder to hip to prove it. As if Cin hadn’t lost full range of one of his arms because of Skywalker.
But Cin knew that a confrontation had been coming, he had been the one to kill Skywalker, after all.
He had hoped that it wouldn’t be today.
It rained more on Dantooine than it did on Courscant, despite both planets having temperate climates.
From what Cin could remember, Coruscant only had an average of a fifth to a fourth of the year having rainy days, and very rarely all day or weeks on end. And here on Dantooine, it had been raining for a week and a half straight.
The very young children who didn’t quite know what was going on were having fun splashing around under the watchful eyes of the Crèche Masters and members of the Guard who weren’t standing on lookout or patrolling the fields around their makeshift base. Some of the Padawans were as well, and maybe he saw one or two Masters and Knights sitting in the rain as well, but who knew. He didn’t leave the spot where he had positioned himself out in the front of the base.
Cin recalled that it rained much more on Lavisar. He had only gone back once or twice during his Padawan years, however. And if it wasn’t raining, the sky was still dark with smoke, smog, and dust. The cons of a mining and manufacturing planet, he supposed.
Rain made the new scars burn, an uncomfortable feeling accompanied by an equally uncomfortable itching feeling. Some days they ached, but that was beside the point.
He felt Obi-Wan Kenobi’s presence before he saw him stop next to him, the hood of his robes up and protecting him from the rain as best it could while Cin remained still and silent. Cin had since stopped tying his hair in a loose, partially back state, and the long strands remained in a tight bun out of his face, but it wasn’t as if it did much for him after standing in the rain for so long. It barely had time to dry before Cin was back outside, watching the skies for any danger.
Nonetheless, it wasn’t as if Kenobi’s cloak did much more for him in terms of keeping the rain off if he planned on just standing outside next to him.
“So,” Kenobi started after a long silence. “You killed him.”
Cin was silent for a moment longer, closing his eyes for a moment. It seemed as if they were doing this today.
“I did,” He confirmed after opening his eyes again. “I believe I gave a full report to the rest of the Council. If you still have doubts, then there are many others among our numbers who can give you the details and confirm what I had done.”
There was another pause.
“Killing is not the Jedi way, Master Drallig.”
“Is that so? Then by all means,” he starts, not looking over to the other Jedi. “Please, tell that to the numerous Guards he murdered in an attempt to get past us.”
“Is all you care about the Temple Guard?”
The sentence was blurted out, and Cin had to suppress a sigh. Obi-Wan Kenobi was grieving, was in so much pain. It would do Cin no good to lash out at his lineage… great-nephew. He knew that. Still, the comment dug deep. It was something that Cin was often criticized for— why not extend that care to the other Jedi as others do? But… it was because of that love for other Jedi that he didn’t.
“Kenobi. If I do not care for the Guard, who will? Do you remember where they stand all the time? Do you remember that they are there, that they live their lives without names in order to Serve other Jedi?” he asked him. “Remind yourself, that Skywalker marched into the Temple with part of the 501st Legion, into our home where our children, our elders, and injured were with the intent to kill them all. I did what I had to.”
“You could not have captured him?”
He turned fully to Kenobi at that, looking up at the slightly taller man.
“Kenobi, if he wanted to be captured alive, he shouldn’t have marched on the Temple and killed so many, ordered his men to kill so many. I watched him strangle one of my Core Guard in front of me, watched as she struggled, clawed at the invisible hands holding her, watched her fall limp and get tossed aside like a rag-doll— you tell me, Kenobi, how was I supposed to capture him alive when it was clear he was already gone?”
The silence stretched between them, the only noise that could be heard was the sound of the rain and the sound of the children playing far in the distance. Kenobi took a breath, tugging at his hood.
“I loved him, Master Drallig, he was my brother… like a son to me…”
Cin’s eyes softened a bit at that. “I know, I helped you train him in what little saber-fighting classes he chose to attend,” he told him softly. “It hurt, knowing that child had become so hateful, so swayed by the Dark.” He turned back to the fields, gazing straight ahead. “But, I could not show mercy. Because what hurt more was knowing that very few of the Guard that stood with us as the Iron Wall would not make it out alive.”
Silence fell between the two of them again and then Kenobi sighed, shoulders sagging. “I understand,” he murmured. “Like how Anakin was to me, the Temple Guard are like family to you. And you lost… much more than I have—“ “Do not downplay your grief, Obi-Wan Kenobi,” Cin said sharply, making the other Master startle. “The grief you feel, the betrayal, the pain, the sorrow, it is not something that is lesser than mine— your pain is not lesser, Obi-Wan Kenobi. It is just as painful as mine, as Shaak Ti’s, as Bant Eerin’s, as the Koons’, as the Grandmaster’s, as Master Saa’s. Do not downplay it. You are not in the wrong for feeling what you feel. You not only lost someone important to you, but you also lost many others with the betrayal of the Clones.”
He was silent for a moment, letting Keno— no, Obi-Wan take in his words before tilting his head up, looking at the skies above again. 
“Dantooine’s rain is beautiful,” he tells him. “And out here, no one can tell if it is rain or tears.”
Obi-Wan did not wish to be held, nor did he wish for others to see the tears he shed. And Cin continued to gaze up at the sky, giving the younger Master the privacy to let go of his emotions that he needed to in the Dantooine rains.
There was supposed to be a more explosive argument but I chose not to go that route
At least Depa lived!
I'm also very tired while editing this so it might be hella off.
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Adi: Curiosity killed the loth-cat, you know...
Oppo: Never speak of loth-cats dying around me ever again. All loth-cats are safe. I will protect them.
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Shaak Ti, dusting her robes off: I hope you didn't think I was dead because of that measly attack
Mace: Not at all, Master Ti
Kit: Nope, figured you'd be alright
Adi: Gonna take more than that to kill you
Saesee: Heard the Explosion and thought "she'll survive" and continued on with my fight
Oppo: I was certain we established that you were immortal
Plo: If an attack like that killed you, Shaak Ti, I'd be more disappointed than mournful, to be honest
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kittystargen3 · 12 days ago
Summmary: A time traveling Grandmaster, to the Prequel Era, trying to fix the mistakes the Jedi made, and get rid of a certain Sith too. Only Time Travel is not that easy, as Yoda will soon learn.
I've posted chapter 5 of my story, Time Travel: To the Past Yoda Goes. Below is a small selection. Click on the links to read more.
Chapter 5 - A Reason for Jar Jar
Things had all gone precisely as planned.  Sure, there was a little bit of anxiety as the Queen escaped Naboo, but then it only took a few minor revisions to put things back on track, getting her Highness ( spit, that should be no one but me!) herself to declare no confidence.  ( Genius, I impress myself sometimes.) The Queen even had the grace to clean up after the Trade Federation.  Sure, it meant he’d have to put his plans for a secessionist movement on hold temporarily, ( Five to ten, less with good behavior, pfah) but his grand scheme should still be possible.
His former apprentice, however…  Maul proved to be a disappointment.  To go up against six Jedi was unexpected.  It was supposed to be just Jinn and the Padawan.  Enough to make a statement, even if he failed to kill them both.  But he went up against Five Masters, and it was the padawan that took him down.  ' How embarrassing!'  He didn't even take one down!
Still, with him out of the way, Sidious would have to fit in the training of another apprentice.  And, speaking of which, the Jedi's newest recruit had a Midi-Chlorian count that was making this Sith envious beyond belief. 'The Power!'   That boy, turned, would make an excellent apprentice.  There was just one drawback:  The Jedi found him first.
'My master used to say…' gee it had been a long time since Palpatine used that line.  ' A Jedi's only use is as a tool .' Sure when they fell you could get them to cause trouble for their fellow Jedi easily enough.  And when carefully factored into a scheme, could be quite useful.  But a fallen Jedi can never be a proper Sith Apprentice.  In his Master's opinion they were too soft, fixated on whatever crisis led to their fall, and too rigid, stuck in their old patterns of doing things.
'But it would be such a waste not to try,' Palpatine thought.  He just needed to gain access to the youngling, 'What's his name? ' And he'd need to experiment with his methods in training.
Palpatine smiled. Nothing thrilled him more than learning new ways to cause mayhem. He just needed a Jedi test subject.
'Hhhh , I know the perfect tool,' thought Palpatine .  "Computer," He spoke up.  "Call the Count of Serenno."
Mace was with the Jedi, having a meeting to discuss their investigations regarding the Sith.  The lack of information they were learning was shocking.  He was starting to believe Yoda’s tale about them having a Sith under their noses for a decade as the Supreme Chancellor.  ‘ If they’ve learned to hide this well…’
“Masters,” Depa Billaba interrupted.  “Before we go on, I wanted to bring up the subject of Anakin’s training.  Obi-Wan has been bonding with him, taking him out to see Naboo, but where should we start his lessons?”
“Emotional control.... The Code… Beginning Lightsaber Forms…” The councilors started to throw out suggestions all at once.
“Reading,” Master Even Piell suggested last, with a tone like he was stating the obvious.  Everyone looked at him in surprise.  He sighed.  “I've been consulting Master Jinn about the details of Tatooine Slavery.  The boy's master, I understand, had him working in a shop all day.  Sithspit!  He was a slave!  It's not like they'd let him attend school!”
There was a moment of silence where everyone processed that answer.  Mace felt his Master, Yoda, react with shock as well.  He’d said that academic subjects were never Anakin’s strong suit, but Mace supposed he never did know the reason why.
"Alright…" Mace was interrupted by a tapping on the council door.
"Enter," said Yoda as he used the Force to push the door open.
"Master Jedi," a casually dressed Padme greeted.  "I come from the Queen with invitations to attend a Parade this weekend."
"Oh, uh…" Mace stuttered.  None of the Jedi would say anything, but the royal switcheroo wasn't an impervious technique.  Anyone with a strong Force sensitivity, and a little bit of training could tell it was really her.  "The council was preparing to finish our work here tomorrow.  Parades really aren't our thing, to be honest."
"But you have to stay.  The parade is for the people's recovery, as much as anything else.  And you've been so helpful for their recovery.  It's important that the people see you at the celebration as well."
"A very good point, you make..." Yoda answered her. For a moment Mace felt relieved.  He had always found these situations awkward, and was glad Yoda would refuse for him.  But then the Grandmaster spoke again.  "Attend these celebrations, we shall."
And the floor dropped out from under Mace.  He was not expecting that answer.
"Oh good!  And you have to attend a party the queen is throwing afterwards.  It'll be right here, in the palace.  All of her top councilors will be attending.”
“The Supreme Chancellor?” Yoda inquired.
“Umm…  He hasn’t confirmed either way yet.  He did ask me if young Anakin would be attending though.” The Queen Giggled.  “He’s been asking the queen about him a lot lately.  Apparently none of the times he’s tried reaching out to you, has young Ani been available.”
“Yes, a lot to teach him, there is.  Busy, young Skywalker has been.  But attend the Queen’s Party, he shall,” Yoda confirmed.
“Oh, thank you Masters.” Padme bowed in polite reply, and ran out of the chamber.
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kittystargen3 · a month ago
Summary: A time traveling Grandmaster, to the Prequel Era, trying to fix the mistakes the Jedi made, and get rid of a certain Sith too. Only Time Travel is not that easy, as Yoda will soon learn.
I've added chapter 2 to my story Time Travel: To the Past Yoda Goes.
Below is a small selection. Please click the links to read more.
Chapter 2 - Qui-Gon’s News
Yoda sat in his chair in the Council Chambers.  Making a semicircle around the room sat the rest of the council.  In the center stood the Master Qui-gon Jinn, and behind him, mast- no Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Yoda made a mental note to remember the man's old rank.
Meanwhile Qui-Gon was finishing his report.  "...My only conclusion can be that it was a Sith Lord."
Beside him Yoda could feel Mace Windu's blood pressure rise.  Yoda knew the man was still hoping it was all a clever prank.
Around the room the councilors whispered " Sith Lord ?" Some were fearful, others disbelieving.
"Impossible! The Sith have been extinct for a millennium," said Ki-Adi-Mundi.
For them all, Sith were an ancient legend. They were used in stories told to keep younglings in the Creches at night.
Yoda took a deep breath before the anxiety sunk in deeper.  They needed to focus now, he knew.  "The very Republic is threatened, if involved the Sith are."
Depa Billaba looked over to her speechless former Master.  When Mace didn't speak she voiced her defense.  "But would the Sith have returned without us knowing?"
"Hard to see, the dark side is," Yoda answered. “Discover who this assassin is, we must.”
“I sense he will reveal himself again,” Ki-Adi said again, right on cue.
This conversation was going with very few changes to what happened before, Yoda knew.  He would encourage his fellow councilors to different strategies, but that would take time.  For now he applauded his abilities to keep things consistent.
“I agree,” Mace spoke up at last.  “The Queen is likely his target.  We shall take the duty of protecting her.  You will have backup when you take the Queen back to Naboo.”
Yoda gave Mace a warning glare before he could reveal they knew too much.  The Queen was still appealing to the Senate to intervene, and hadn’t decided to return home yet, if the timeline was as Yoda remembered.
“Eventually she will be returning there, we presume.” Mace corrected.
Yoda nodded, “With this Naboo Queen you must stay, Qui-Gon.  Protect her.  May the Force be with you.”
Yoda watched as Obi-Wan turned to leave, while his Master stood there hesitating.
“Master Qui-Gon, more to say, have you?” Yoda asked as he tried to keep from smiling.
“With your permission, my Master.  I have encountered a Vergence in the Force,” Qui-Gon began.
“A Vergence, you say?” Yoda prompted.
“Located around a person?” This time Mace didn’t have to use the Force to read the Master.
“A boy… His cells have the highest concentration of midi-chlorians I have seen in a lifeform.  It is possible he was conceived by the midi-chlorians.
“You’re referring to the prophecy of the one who will bring balance to the Force… You believe it’s this boy?” Mace summarized for the others in the room.  He and Yoda had discussed this part in great detail earlier.
“I don’t presume…” Qui-Gon started.
“But you do… Revealed your opinion is,” Yoda interpreted.
“I request the boy be tested,” Qui-Gon stated.
Yoda allowed a moment for his fellow council members to all nod in agreement.
“Trained as a Jedi, you request for him?” Yoda asked for clarity.
Qui-Gon took a moment to form his reply, then stated confidently, “Finding him was the will of the Force, I have no doubt of that.  There is too much happening here…”
“Bring him before us then…” Mace ordered.
“Tested he will be.” Yoda confirmed.
After Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan left, the council recessed.  Yoda was tempted to order a ban on the archives for a day, so they could all rest after learning such drastic news, but Mace advised against it.
“It’s natural for us to order the research.  Whether or not they find anything, impeding it will only increase their anxiety,” he stated.
“Very well,” Yoda sighed.  “Join them, will you?”
“Uh, Yes.  I wanted to gather our references on the prophecy to review later.  And some of our oldest records on the Sith may help us understand our enemy.  I can at least ask Nu that the books be gathered.  Perhaps they should all be placed in the restricted section…”
“Trust you to do what is right, I do.” Yoda resigned.
“Thank you, Master,” Mace said.
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jedi-order-apologist · a month ago
I always forget council member Oppo Rancisis was a snake person. And the wiki says he survived the Purge! Even his lightsaber looks cool as heck. Stories about this guy. I have a MIGHTY NEED.
Yeah, he definitely looks pretty cool! I bet he’s hard to animate, though, so that’s probably why he didn’t get much focus in any TCW episodes (and the ones he did appear in were later when the animation was improved). But it would have been cool to get more stories about him. I know he was involved in the Legends Clone Wars comics (he dies in those though), so you could check those out if you were interested!
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penguinkiwi · a month ago
Shout out to whoever animated Oppo in the clone wars because that shit is good
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penguinkiwi · a month ago
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Oppo: Are you getting enough sleep, Plo Koon?
Plo: Sometimes when I sneeze my eyes close.
Oppo: ... I'm going to call your Uncle over.
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penguinkiwi · a month ago
Hey, you guys think Oppo has to sun himself like a normal snake does? Or that he goes into hibernation on colder planets? Aw man imagine the naps. Snake Grandpa laying in the sun with younglings trying to be helpful because they learned about normal serpentines who need to sun themselves due to being cold blooded. They’re trying to help!
Oppo assures them he’s fine but they still insist. Yaddle, Yarael (when they were both alive), and Yoda think it’s hilarious.
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penguinkiwi · a month ago
Oppo Rancisis lets younglings braid his hair and beard with flowers and beads I dont make the rules
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Oppo, raising a brow: I like your heart shaped glasses, Master Gallia. They’re very festive.
Adi: I’m in love.
Oppo: With who?
Adi: Myself.
Shaak: Oh, nice. Self care, girl!
Adi: Yes!!
Oppo: ... As long as you're having fun, I suppose.
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dib-leo-pard · a month ago
Oh look its everyone's favourite jedi, oppo rancisis :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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penguinkiwi · a month ago
Just some Oppo and Plo Friendship Headcanons because I was thinking about it
Tumblr media
Oppo Rancisis and Plo Koon first became friends through Yaddle, Tyvokka, and Plo Koon’s Uncle— Fae Koon. The three were very good friends, and while Fae was not Plo’s Master, he often was seen around Tyvokka. It simply made sense that Tyvokka and Yaddle would train their Padawans in tandem together— or at least, sort of. Oppo was several years Plo’s senior, but nonetheless, they learned certain things together.
As Knights and Masters, they would have academic spats (though nothing with the same vitriol that Tyvokka would get into when Dooku was finally a Master, upstart youths ™) and strategic discussions games like Dejarik. 
While they weren’t as close as Plo would be with Micah later on, they were very good friends to the point where Plo considered asking Oppo to take on Sha, though eventually asked Saldith instead, as he believed it would be good for Sha to both strengthen telepathic speaking and language learning under Saldith.
After Tyvokka’s death, however, the two ended up drifting apart, though remained distant friends despite that. Plo ended up slowly befriending other Jedi such as Micah Giiett, Shaak Ti, Kit Fisto, and Ima-Gun Di in the meanwhile while Oppo chose to befriend the older Jedi such as T’ra Saa, Jocasta Nu, and maintained a friendship with Yoda and Yarael Poof. It was slow though, considering how they both had rather reserved natures and Yaddle rolled her eyes watching.
Still, despite being distant friends after the Stark Hyperspace War, they did meet on occasion just to play Dejarik or would talk when they ran into one another.
Oppo remained rather firm to the Code, and had originally chastised Plo for forming a possible attachment to Micah, before backing down upon remembering that Kel Dor were highly communal and fell heavily back on emotional and mental webs of connections that were created. Plo Koon assured him that he wasn’t upset by the lapse in remembrance, because he wasn’t the first to have forgotten about that fact.
While Plo did not share Oppo’s assessment of Anakin when it came to his Knighting, he was ultimately in agreement that Anakin was not ready to be a Knight yet.
Before Khorm, Oppo was one of the few who knew Plo’s real age— though it wasn’t as if Plo keept it a secret, he simply thought it was funnier for others to figure it out themselves. And Oppo agreed, because he kept his own age out of introductions and such. If one does not ask, they do not know, after all.
So Oppo had a fun time watching Kit pour over the Kel Dor archives and doing the math for Dorin’s planetary rotation... before correcting him when he was three years off from the year number in Basic.
Going by Canon: Oppo felt Plo Koon’s death in the Force during Order 66 the strongest and immediately knew something was wrong and went into hiding. He had initially gone deep underground through Coruscant to hopefully look for Younglings and Sha who he knew was still at the Temple, but was only able to find two younglings who he managed to get off world with Senator Mon Mothma’s help before he vanished as well. 
Going by Legends: Plo felt Oppo’s death during the Siege of Saleucami and mourned his death, both because he was a good friend and the loss of a skilled warrior. He remained in a three day vigil for the other Master.
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