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#Once Upon a Time
k-leemac · 34 minutes ago
You guys, I truly have no excuse for being up until 1am making this other than me being absolute Captain Swan trash.
It screams Killian Jones and as soon as I saw it on tiktok, I just couldn’t get it out of my head so this happened. 🥲
(Sound is from a beautiful poem on tiktok by the user @its_.sam.03)
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cassandrabones · an hour ago
Quick hello to what- or whoever manages this whole existing thing:
Who decided to make me me and not a mysterious, sexy, funny, strong and smart supervillain turned antihero with no trace of morals?
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hannahhook7744 · 2 hours ago
Mad Love;
Tumblr media
Jefferson x Killian. Mad hatted x Captain Hook. I know it looks ugly because of the side eay quotes but that was the only way you'd be able to read it.
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justanoutlawfic · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Robin Locksley in "Out of the Frying Pan"
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justanoutlawfic · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
David Nolan Locksley in "Out of the Frying Pan"
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hello I need some opinions. so I'm doing a presentation night with some friends. what are some topics I should do I have a few ideas:
why I am gay. looking at my many gay awakenings.
rating all of my hyper fixations
the morality and ethicalness of fucking your clone (an: I think I'm going to give this topic to my other friend)
why I love Claire Novak
reading how likely my friends and I would survive in Supernatural universe
Once Upon A Time was on crack. let's look at some examples of some of the most unhinged choices the writers made.
top 10 Destiel l moments (don't worry they're heterosexual I swear)
I kind of want to do two to three presentations so I have to narrow it down.
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fangirl93 · 4 hours ago
Dr. Whale Should Have Had More Screen Time
I feel like we should have seen more of Dr. Whale on Once Upon a Time. The only times we really saw him was when someone was hurt and had to go to the hospital. The most we saw of him in an episode was episode 5 of season 2 when his backstory was explained. I thought that Dr. Whale was really funny at times and he could have been amazing if he had more screen time.
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k-leemac · 5 hours ago
This gave me all the Captain Swan feels. 🥺
If this isn’t Killian Jones idk what is 😤
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whumpkitty · 9 hours ago
Whumpay Day 1: “I wish you were dead.”
Tryna do all of Whumpay, gotta catch up haha
Danika gets pissed. Poor bean.
TWs: Toxic love, brief mentions of the following; things in skin, drugs, death, implication of needles, vaguely sui thoughts, permanent injury
Timeframe: A while after Danika has been Andrik’s Jewel
“Andrik, will this ever change?”
Andrik looked over at Danika. He was sitting next to the mafia lord on the sofa and leaning against his side with one of Andrik’s arms slung around his shoulders. He was frowning at the ground, hands twisting in his lap.
“What do you mean sunshine?”
Danika glanced at him before sighing and shrugging off Andrik’s arm, scooting a bit farther away from him.
“I mean, is this ever going to change? This... relationship?”
“I’m afraid I still don’t quite understand. If you’re asking whether I’ll ever stop loving you or if we’ll ever be apart, then no. Why do you ask, are you worried about something?” Andrik moved after him, putting a hand on the other’s knee. Danika pushed himself up, standing with a wince and limping away to lean against a table, knees shaking and face twisted in pain just from the short distance. Andrik watched him worriedly, moving to stand as well.
“Dani, if it hurts on your own, just let me-”
“No,” Danika shot him a glare, shocking Andrik into staying seated. The glare melted into a tired sigh as he rubbed a hand over his face. “That’s not what I was asking. I mean, is the nature of this relationship ever going to change? Or is it just going to stay like this forever? You in control and me stuck as your doll?”
“You’re not a doll sunshine, you’re-”
“Well you sure treat me like one!” He snapped. Andrik glared back at him, more than a little miffed at being cut off again. He stood, rolling his eyes.
“Dani, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re not a doll, and no one treats you like one. Now come on, calm down and sit down. What’s got you acting like this, are you feeling alright?”
Danika scoffed. “No one treats me like one? Then what do they treat me as? Your plaything? Because it’s certainly not whatever you’re envisioning.”
“You are my partner and you are respected as such. Stop whatever this little fit is sweetheart, it’s completely pointless.”
“I’m not your partner, I haven’t been for years!” He barks a laugh. “Don’t try and say you respect me, that’s a damn insult. You don’t even let me leave the room alone. I can’t do anything Andrik, you don’t respect me and you don’t trust me either!
“Of course I trust you, I just don’t believe you’ll always work in your best interests, which is why I watch you.”
Danika shook his head, hands running through and tugging at his hair. Andrik sighed heavily, taking a step towards him.
“No! Don’t call me that, you’re not allowed to, only Andi was allowed to do that and you’re not him, you’re not, no matter how much you try to tell me!”
Andrik stopped, an odd mix of pleading and exasperated on his face. “Dani, you’re just confused sweetheart, this is exactly why I have to keep you safe here.”
“You’re not keeping me safe, you’re keeping me trapped here, you used to keep me safe and I protected you back and we were in love, but this isn’t, I don’t,” he gave a short scream of frustration. “Andrik, please, we were happy once, we can be happy again, just… it’s not too late, we can make the promises again, we can go back, please.”
The mafia lord sighed again. “I’m sorry sweetheart, but this is all for your own good. You know I’m right, you’re just being stubborn for some reason. If you would calm down and see that, we can be happy, you’re the only one keeping us from that.”
Danika whirled on him.
“I’m not keeping us unhappy, none of this is my fault! It’s you, it’s your absolutely insane idea that this is in any way good!” His hands were shaking fists at his sides. “How could you possibly think that sewing things into me or taking away my ability to walk or drugging me with who knows what or killing my family is for my own good?” Andrik didn’t answer, watching him coolly even as Danika stumbled up to him.
“How can you not see that? Do you really think that all this shit you’re doing is for me, or are you just lying and, I don’t know, this is some sick fantasy you’ve had all this time and now you’ve finally got the chance to do it but you can’t say it to my damn face! God, what happened to you Andrik? What happened?” His voice pitched higher as he raised his fists. “We had dreams and you killed them all, you killed us! But you can still stand there somehow!”
“I wish you were dead! I-!” Danika slammed his fists against Andrik’s chest, pressing his forehead against him as his voice finally broke. “I… God, I wish I was dead.”
Andrik didn’t move, not even to look at his Jewel. Danika pressed closer, fingers twisting into Andrik’s shirt and tears gathering in his eyes. A few moments passed, the only sound Danika’s hitching breaths.
“No I don’t,” Andrik looked down at the other, eyes meeting Danika’s furious tear-filled glare. “I wish you never even existed, I wish I’d never met you and no one else ever did. Bastard,” Danika’s shoulders hunched up, shuddering sobs wracking his frame as his tears overflowed. Andrik remained still, watching the crying man with an unreadable expression. He hesitantly raised his arms, moving to hug Danika, but the smaller flinched hard and pushed himself back from Andrik. Danika tried to move away, but his shaking legs didn’t get him far and the mafia lord grabbed him by the arms to hold him there, head ducking to look his lover in the eyes.
“Dani, sweetheart, I know it’s been a big transition. I can understand why you’re distressed, you’ve been so deep in the terrible chaos of everything, but please, I’ve never wanted anything for you but the best. That’s exactly why I have you here with me, to make sure you get it and protect you from the bad things you’ve grown to depend on and expect.”
Andrik pulled him close, arms coming up around him in an embrace as one hand brushed through his lover’s hair. Danika tensed for a moment, trying to push away again before breaking down entirely at the gentle touch, sagging against Andrik as he sobbed. Andrik closed his eyes and exhaled slowly, looking down at Danika with a quietly rueful smile.
“It’s okay sunshine, I’m here.”
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n-d-a-y · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
ᴏɴᴇ ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛ ᴘᴇʀ ᴇᴘɪsᴏᴅᴇ | Pilot
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