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#On My Own
amerrymystery · 43 minutes ago
Duncan Likes Spiderman and The Hobbit, I can see They have Inside Jokes between Them.
Like Seriously, Clover can be a Ludopath but also Is a total nerd and Will be a fan of Spiderman comics and The Hobbit books (also Likes Narnia but Ssh)
also fun fact about clover: He was so disapointed that he can't conjure webs or anything that settle for conjuring spiders.
Nerds unite! I'm picturing them loudly discussing the logistics of webshooting and one of their classmates just looking on in confusion. Their such dorks and I love them both.
Duncan is, like, the biggest geek so he would love someone to discuss Spiderman and The Hobbit with, even if they get on their housemate's nerves.
I love that last face because honestly I used to be disappointed I didn’t have superpowers too. Maybe that was just my autism, I dunno.
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eroticcannibal · 53 minutes ago
youtube || com || watch?v=vyZWojeVhyA || here, since you want to insist we should be giving "food waste" to people instead of throwing it out. Here's an actual doctor explaining how that actually can murder someone. Educate yourself. (And no this is not an elaborate Rick Roll or something.)
Ok first of all please learn what murder is
Second of all a 1 day old donut will not kill anyone but u know what does? Starvation. Just say u have the hungry and go
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yukika · an hour ago
i'm remaking at some point in the very near future so if you'd like to keep the mutual please like this post!
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0-cal-dreams · an hour ago
i had a rlly bad binge day today and i literally wish i was dead
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sjlverhand · an hour ago
(AO3 link)
johnny silverhand x f!v (valerie) - NOT SFW. 
hhhhhhhh *posts a nutty buddys snippet* . :^) just a nice little hj w/ some fluff around it.
Johnny lets himself back into Val’s apartment, closing the door quietly. It'd been a long day of wrapping up some shit he'd left unfinished, from before this whole mess with Val- the killer, the injuries, the fights, all that. He hadn't wanted to leave her alone too long even though he knew she'd be fine. Today, however, she'd had a friend over for a bit, so he felt like he could handle shit and breathe easy knowing someone was here to keep an eye on her, and keep her company. She hadn't said too much about it, but he gets the sense she doesn't want to be alone much right now.
“Johnny?” He hears Val calling out from the other room. He drops his things off, padding along to find her. She’s sitting on the couch, legs resting on the table. When she sees his face she breaks out into a wide grin.
“Hey, missed you.” She says, opening her arms up and making grabby hands at him.
He smiles at that, stepping over to her so he can sit down carefully beside her, mindful not to jostle her injuries. Once he’s on the couch she’s got both hands on his face, tugging him into a gentle kiss, lips moving against his lovingly.
When they part he reaches up to cup her neck, thumb tracing her jaw.
“Well, won’t say no to that. Wasn’t gone that long though.” He teases, dropping his hand to settle back into the couch. Looks like she was watching some musicals earlier, a slew of them in a list on the TV as a random background channel makes some noise behind the menu. Val had probably been sitting there on her phone a while now.
“Didja have fun today?”
She nods, resting a palm on his bicep gently, fingers scratching it gently, “Yeah, we watched some good movies. Just wanna be with you right now though.”
The hand not on his arm comes to press against his chest, and she tilts her body more towards him, leg going across his lap. Her chest presses against his arm and he can feel his mouth drying out.
She’d been getting more and more antsy lately, starting to get annoyed with his self-imposed ban on anything sexual. This morning she’d insisted that she ‘felt much better’ and was ‘ready to fool around now’.
“Val.” He says sharply.
“Don’t ‘mmm’ me, you know you need rest while you heal.”
“Yeah, but I’m already feeling so much better, it’s been basically a week now, c’mon.” She pleads, sticking her lip out in a pout.
Fuck, she’s so warm and so soft and he’s missed touching her so much.
“Babe, it’s not a good idea and you know it.”
“It’s not like the doctor said no sex stuff, just to be careful with moving around too much, that’s all.”
“Yeah, but...” He trails off, looking at her, purple eyes hazy, lower lip colored a deeper red from her biting on it and their kisses. “I don’t wanna hurt you, Val. Think it’s better if I keep my hands to myself at least a little longer.”
She just frowns at that, though it quickly flips to a small smirk and he can see the flash of an idea in her eyes as she moves to straddle him a bit better, resting her hips flush against his own.
“How about I touch you?”
“I- you do have a wrist injury, I know it’s not serious b-”
“Yeah yeah, but I have the other hand working just fine.”
She sounds confident that it’s fine, but he still can’t shake the lingering concerns. He just doesn’t want to hurt her, doesn't want to see her hurting ever again. It’s tempting though he can’t lie about that. Fuck, it’s so tempting. All he’s wanted since they split is to have her back in his arms, on his lap, like this. Eager and willing to fuck him again- fuck it’s more than he even hoped for, she’s all but begging him, and it goes straight to his cock, heat pooling between his legs already.
“Valerie.” He half laughs, half pleads when she shifts purposefully in his lap, and he’s sure she can feel him twitch with interest at the movement.
“I want you baby, please.” She purrs, accentuated with another gentle rotation of her hips against him, breath hot on his neck as she leans in to nip and kiss his jaw and neck, pausing between words to continue the pattern, “Let me make you feel good, it’ll feel good, wanna do this for you, please baby please.”
Blood is rushing south in his body so fast right now his head is all but spinning, skin feeling warm already. God damn, how can he say no to that? His hands go to her hips.
“You’ll stop if it hurts or makes a single wound feel even a little weird?”
“I’ll be good.” She teases against his throat breathlessly.
“I’d stop, I’ll stop if I need to.” She smiles so he can feel it, “Just gonna jerk you off, nothing crazy. Deserve at least a little reward for being so good to me lately, love you.”
“...What about you?”
She hums and draws back slightly, hands coming to rest against his shoulders, smoothing over them, sliding down to his chest, then back up and repeating.
“Don’t worry about me.”
“But I-”
“Johnny, let me have this, huh?” She pleads again, though it comes out closer to a command. She lets one finger drag purposefully over a nipple, drawing a sharp inhale from him.
It’s really not his style to only receive. He might’ve been a selfish bastard in every other aspect of his entire life, but when it came to sex he always enjoyed giving just as much. Though, really, maybe it was selfish of him, because he did it more out of enjoyment of watching his partner coming undone at his touch than anything else. Orgasms are freakin’ preem, of course, but hearing Val whimper and whine beneath him, nails digging into his back, feeling her cunt tightening around him, her legs shaking as she comes, fuck, that’s just divine for him.
She kisses him out of his musings, sloppy makeout session taking his full attention, and when they pull apart with a lewd wet noise it makes his grip on her tighten briefly. He’ll ask again.
“Babe, are you sure you don’t mind-”
“Don’t mind what? Making my input come? I think I can handle the thought. If it makes you feel better, I don’t think I can even... Ugh, this is kinda embarrassing, but I’ll tell you if it’ll shut you up, so appreciate that.” She pauses to move her head back again, just a bit further from his, and her left hand stops on his chest, tracing the line of his collar bone over and past his shirt absently, “I don’t think I can even get off right now. I tried earlier in the shower but these stupid meds have me all out of whack, it’s annoying, like, I just can’t.”
He feels bad for her, he really does, but mostly he’s just thinking about her in the shower, all wet and shiny and soapy, trying to rub one out. Fingering herself, fuck, thinking about him, making those soft noises he loved so much, and- He files it away for later.
“Aww, Valerie.” He says as he rubs his hands up and down her sides apologetically, a mix of teasing and genuine sympathy, “My poor girl.”
“I know, it sucks majorly. But I’ll feel so much better about it all if you let me jack you off, so I’m going to only say this one more time because your ego is already unbearable- pretty please?”
Well. He could never really say no to her in the first place, and he isn’t about to start now.
“Alright, alright.”
She grins at him, stealing another kiss that he deepens eagerly, one hand winding in her hair to keep her close. He groans into her mouth when she wiggles her hips against his, fuck he’s already half hard and they haven’t even done anything.
She draws back, but not far, and the next moment her lips are on the corner of his mouth, his cheek, pressing wet kisses all over his face until she reaches his jaw, nipping at that instead.
One of her hands goes to his belt, working it off with practiced ease, her other hand guides his flesh hand to her breast, encouraging him to knead at it and moaning appreciatively when he does, hips canting against his again.
She tosses his belt aside when she manages to shimmy it off, and he can just barely feel her smiling when it hits the floor with a clunk. The hand on top of his hand on her chest guides him to cup it differently, squeezing again, and the way she whines his name when he complies makes his stomach feel tight.
“Val, c’mon.”
“I’m getting there baby, let me have some fun.” She teases before attaching her mouth to his neck.
He moans weakly as she sucks a rough hickey to his throat at the same time her other hand manages to get his pants open and down a bit. He lifts his hips to help her, chrome hand that had been sitting idle on her waist winding around her to hold her steady as he lifts them both up to help her get his pants and boxers down his legs some, cock finally springing free, and he breathes a sigh at the loss of the restrictions.
She moves back a bit as he settles back down and loosens his hold on her. She’s clearly mindful of her bad leg, which causes a swell of affection in his chest, for whatever reason, and she lets go of the hand he has on his chest in favor of bracing it behind his head on the couch. His blood pounds in his ears as he watches her work her other hand down the front of her own pants, working her pussy briefly as she whimpers a soft ‘Johnny, fuck, fuck-’ and when she withdraws her hand theres a generous amount of her own slick on it.
Fuck, he wants to eat her out so bad. She grips him loosely, stroking up and down slowly but firmly, and if he wasn’t fully hard before he sure as hell is now.
“Damn Val, that’s so fuckin’ hot babe.”
She makes an appreciative sound, leaning in to kiss him again as she picks up the pace with her hand. He palms her heavy chest again, and she whines against him. He’s bucking into her hand sporadically, trying to hold still with her still mostly resting on his lap but fuck, she’s got him way to wound up over this. Johnny doesn't know if it’s because it’s been a while or just because it’s her or what but he already feels so close, abs tensing and relaxing as that pit in his stomach drops lower and lower.
“‘M gonna cum soon Val, shit, ‘m close.” He groans, trying to warn her.
She smiles at him sweetly, picking up the pace and letting her forehead rest against his. The hand on the couch behind him twists to bury itself in his hair, and the little tug she gives it makes him jerk against her with his whole body, moaning brokenly.
“That’s fine, cum whenever you wanna loverboy. I got you, baby.” She purrs, watching his face intently, shifting her weight slightly to stoke him even faster, and fuck his body feels so hot all over-
“Love you, Val.” He pants. She’s his now, his girl, and he loves her, loves her so much he doesn’t know what to do with it sometimes.
“Love you too Johnny.”
She swipes a thumb over the head of his cock and he’s gone, chrome arm tugging her torso as close as he can, his head dropping to her shoulder and eyes squeezing shut as he bucks up into her hand weakly, chanting her name weakly over and over as his balls tighten, cock jerking, and he cums all over her hand and his stomach.
“Good boy, that’s the prettiest sounds I’ve ever heard.”
He’s vaguely aware of her kissing the side of his head as he comes down from his orgasm. He feels hot and sweaty and sticky and boneless. Johnny sags back down into the couch, both arms resting around her waist lightly now, whimpering when she gives his softening cock a few more playful strokes, only letting go at the sound of his whining.
He’s not sure if he’s ever cum that hard from a fuckin’ handjob, fuck. She kisses his hair again, petting his head gently with her clean hand as she rests her weight back on him more comfortably again.
“See? I didn’t do so bad a job, did I?” She taunts as he breathes heavy, chest heaving.
“Mmm. Wasn’t worried about that issue particularly.” He responds finally, sounding at least half as tired as he suddenly feels.
“That was an invitation to praise me heaps.”
“Amazing job Valerie, wow, awesome.”
“Thanks, I’ll take that.”
They sit like that for a few moments in comfortable silence, the position is a little awkward for her but she doesn’t seem to mind just yet.
“Good boy huh?” He says finally.
She chuckles by his ear, shifting once again in his lap to move her weight some, probably to keep a limb from falling asleep.
“Thought you might like it.”
“Yeah, I guess.” He did, he absolutely really did and she knows it, drawing back to look at his face again finally with a wicked grin.
“Are you blushing?”
He tugs her back against him, burying his nose into sweet smelling pink hair with a huff.
“Shut up.”
“Aww, Johnny Silverhand blushing all for me. You’re too cute.” She teases, pinching his side lightly.
“I said shut up already. Enough teasing me or I’ll make sure to pay you back twofold when you’re off your meds ‘n shit.”
“Oh please make it a promise.”
He rolls his eyes at that, though in the back of his mind he’s already making plans for when she’s finally in the clear. Should do something real special for her, he reckons, try to make up for everything. She deserves better than him, better than what he’s given her, but he’s gonna try, at least.
She kisses his cheek and starts to get up, saying something about washing up and swapping their pillows because he ‘has all the good ones on his side right now’. He doesn’t bother arguing with that, just getting up to follow her to get cleaned up and ready to sleep. He’s glad she’s in a better mood these days, and when she turns to playfully flick water droplets off her hands at him as she reaches for a towel his heart swells in his chest until it feels almost tight under his ribs, and the feeling doesn’t subside, not even when they’re both tucked tiredly into bed, her head against his chest as she starts to doze off.
“Night Johnny”
“G’night princess.”
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lovemug · an hour ago
thinking abt how i dreamt i had shorter hair again.... like yes bestie (my subconscious) but not just yet
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washingtonlowercases · 2 hours ago
Happy Oh-My-God-Everywhere-I-Look-On-The-Internet-Is-People-Posting-About-Their-Moms-My-Mom-Is-So-Mad-I-Haven’t-Posted-Even-Though-I-Don’t-Post-That-Much-And-We-Hate-Each-Other-Why-Do-I-Feel-Guilty-Ugh Day to all who celebrate
#not hockey#not to complain on my hockey blog#but my sister follows me everywhere else and she's the reason#well... shes not the reason but my mom loves her and not me#so its not her fault but it is like one of the main reasons i have a shitty relationship with my mom#but just seeing everyone elses post#and wanting to be like#happy mothers day mom#thanks for always body shaming me#you are the reason i hate myself#also the only person who had blantantly told me i dont have control over my own body and shes allowed to do whatever she wants with me#when i asked her to stop touching me one time#thanks for making sure ill never feel as worth while as my sister#even though she is a hot mess express and i am arguably doing better than her#but shes the skinny one with the college degree so anything i acomplish will never measure ip#thanks for barely congrautlating me on my promotion before asking me what my sister wants her to do with her mail#thanks for turning every conversation i ever try to have with you into talking about my sister#because its not like sometimes i need life advice or even just like normal comforting from my mom??#but god forbid we talk about something other than my sister for more than 3 minutes because my life is so irrelevant to your interests#thanks for telling me that the people i cared about growing up didnt care about me and making me straight up suicidal in middle school#thanks for more issues than vogue because you didnt have an abortion when you really should have#anyway long tags sorry to rant#this is just literally one of my least favorite days of the year#and all it does is remind me of all this and more#while somehow also making me feel like shit that i dont blubber all over social media about how much i love my mommy shes my best friend#like everyone else#even though she was arguably pretty pyschological abusive my entire life and ill have problem until the day i die because of her#and these fuckin bags under my eyes which is pure genetics#thanks a lot mom#anyway again if you guys are in the same boat then stick it out friends
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wildhorsee · 2 hours ago
Miliana W. Leonard - Untitled
At least I have the stars
And even if they aren't mine
They're there for me every time
I'm wandering alone at night
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wildhorsee · 2 hours ago
Miliana W. Leonard
Pillar candles, cellar spiders
Vivid light of the queen of the night
Sneakes into the house, through the window:
Frogs are croaking, almost singing
So pleasing for the ears
after month of silence
This world starts to breathe again
Peach tree blossom
Pink like cheecks kissed by
the chilly morning
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antirussia · 2 hours ago
i talked about this in the tags of a post i reblogged earlier (the post is really important u should go read it) but i think something that a lot of antizionist goyim don’t understand about zionism is like..... why so many jews are zionists? and i think that’s just incredibly important context because often people skip over this explanation and leave others assuming that jews are just zionists bc like..... jews are simply evil or whatever you guys have convinced yourselves of. disclaimer that i am not a zionist.
modern zionism sprung out of the dreyfus affair, when an assimilated french-jewish military officer named alfred dreyfus was accused of treason, a charge that relied on forged evidence and turned dreyfus into a scapegoat for the failings of the french government. this event shocked the jewish world — many jews at the time believed that assimilation was protection from antisemitism, and that france was a nation of equality that had left its antisemitic past behind, and this incident had shattered their sense of security. zionism also took off during pogroms in the early 1900s, during the 30′s, and especially during and after the holocaust — all times that made it perfectly clear that jewish existence in any form was unacceptable, and that living as a jew among goyim meant death.  
i grew up in a heavily zionist environment where i was essentially told that israel was the only thing standing between me and a second holocaust, and that one day my luck would run out in america, and i’d have to go somewhere else. i was told that my desire to live as a jew would be constantly demonized, and that there was no way i could ever make myself and my jewishness acceptable to goyim. this was the largest roadblock to me unlearning my zionism, because, to an extent, it’s true.
similarly to the jews of dreyfus’ time, modern jews see constant evidence that we are not welcome/safe in our diaspora homes. even more, we see messages that our presence in israel is inherently wrong, and that our desire to move out of places where we are not welcome is also inherently wrong. i don’t think goyim understand that there are very few countries where it’s safe to be jewish. despite what twitter threads might have you think, jews did not wake up one day, decide that we’re better than everyone else, and become zionists. zionism grew out of european antisemitism. zionism thrives off the idea that jews are not welcome anywhere, that wherever we live we will be demonized and hated, and goyische antizionists that don’t fight antisemitism in their own countries only feeds this narrative. 
there are jews that support israel and zionism out of religious fanaticism or a belief in jewish supremacy, but a vast majority of jews that are zionists (specifically in the diaspora, but also many in israel) are zionists because they’ve been taught their whole life that they are not safe in the diaspora. when you ignore the reality and history of antisemitism, and instead accuse jews of simply being greedy and racist, you feed this belief. when kosher slaughter is banned, when jews are attacked on the street and in our synagogues, when jews are scapegoated time and time again and you do nothing to fix it but demonize jews for wanting to move away to a place that claims to be a fix to antisemitism, you feed the belief. none of this, of course, justifies israel’s colonialism or occupation or treatment of palestinians — nothing could ever justify it — but antizionism without legitimate understanding of and opposition to antisemitism will do nothing but strengthen zionism. 
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