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#Omg this got so long i'm sorry XD
depressedhatakekakashi · 21 days ago
Kakashi is an immortal God, the God of Storm and Thunder, with hair of the purest of silvers and eyes grey just like the heavy stormcloud he can call on a whim
Many think of him as a capricious God, because many are afraid of the storms that he causes, but instead he's not. To be honest, he's curious and attracted to the human's lives, so fragile and short and yet always lived to their fullest
Despite being curious, Kakashi always makes sure to not get attached to any human, because he knows that they'll all eventually die. That's not to say that he's alone, he does have friends in other Deities, like Rin, the Goddess of the Sea and its ever-changing tides, or Obito, the God of the Moon that always gets grumpy whenever one of Kakashi's storms blocks him from view
However, he does care for the human race. He always makes sure that the rivers will not overflow because of him, and that his lightnings will never strike too close to them
One day, he decides to answers the call of someone praying for him. Not many decide to turn to him for things, because the majority of people are afraid of his power
A boy, barely adult, is the one asking for Kakashi's help, for a place where rain rarely strikes, his village on the brink of drought, and that's how Kakashi meets Gai
For him, an immortal Deity, it's not the first time. One way or the other, he somehow always meets a reincarnation of that boy that never seems afraid of the cracking of thunders and the deafening rain, and even if Kakashi always promises himself to not fall into that easy friendship ever again after the boy dies, he always breaks his promise when he meets him again in another life and place
A prince once, a traveler after. A knight. A rogue. A teacher. A fighter. He has met many versions of that same boy, and every time is a new experience, even if the boy never remembers him
For a while now, Kakashi has been thinking to look for a way to make a mortal become immortal...
Ahhh ok there is so much to talk about here <3 <3 <3
Kakashi is the god of thunder and storms. It's his gift that brings rain down on the world. Waters crops, fill lakes, etc. But people don't always see that. Sometimes all they see if the loud bright flashes of light that pierce the sky, because Kakashi thought they were pretty. Sometimes all they care about is the waters that rose too high because of Kakashi's rain, washing out craps, and destroying homes.
Kakashi has come to accept that people don't like him. That he'll never be as loved as Rin who people pray to before a long journey over the sea, or Obito who people weave tales about because of the beauty of the moon. He's ok with that because he knows his gift is useful and beautiful.
Every once in a while, when the rains are light, he gets to see people dancing outside. The odd person who enjoys the water falling from the sky. Who watches out the window as lightning cracks through the sky.
It's those people who make his work worth it, even if they are far and few between. The curiosity in their eyes. the joy on their faces when they see his work. They're the ones he keeps creating new interesting storms for.
the first time he meets his favorite mortal, he's still considered a young god. Getting the hang of his powers under his father's teachings. Crafting his first lighting bolt in his hands.
The mortal is from a small village that has been suffering without rain for months. Their crops are dying and they are starving. Kakashi can't do much for them, but he can make a little rain at this point so he gives it to them. Take's special care of this little village (while not neglecting his other duties) and watches as it slowly starts to flourish. He becomes the deity of the village. The first place to worship him above all else.
he keeps an eye on that village. Always making sure that they have the rain that they need, and specifically checking in on his favorite mortal. Never making himself seen, but keeping an eye out on him to make sure he's ok. That he's thriving.
The first time his favorite mortal dies, he's crushed. He doesn't want to believe it's possible, even though he saw him living a full life with a family that loved him. He hates the feeling in his chest, and his father ends up having to hold him as he cries. The world sees one of its biggest storms that day, and Kakashi's sadness goes down in human history as a destructive force of nature.
When he sees the mortal again, he's more cautious. refuses to let himself get attached and feel that pain again. besides, this time he's a prince. A being a wealth. He'll be fine without Kakashi.
But then one day because of Kakashi's avoidance of that mortal, he finds himself being prayed to again. the waters have dried up in the area, and the threat of starvation is great. They need rain, and no matter how much Kakashi wants to avoid that mortal he can't ignore his pleading. he sends down rain to help them, and when he hears those pray of thanks his heartbreaks. He knows he can't ignore that mortal. They're his favorite. so curious and playful.
This time he visits them, but he's disguised. A god doesn't make themselves known among mortals. He shows up as a simple villager, enjoying their day and playing with some dogs. The Prince is out in the village checking in on things when he sees him.
Kakashi doesn't mean to, but when the Prince walks up to him and starts talking to him he can't help but become friends. Kakashi's still very young (for a god) and he loves the excitement in the other boy's eyes.
He ends up visiting more. Spending his days by his friend's side, and whenever he notices that his friend is particularly sad he makes it rain. A gift, because he loves the way his face lights up when he sees rain falling from the sky.
When the prince is older, Kakashi comes for a visit one day to find him sulking in the corner of his room. When he asks what's wrong, the Prince tells him that he's set to get married.
Kakashi didn't think his heart could break again, but here he is. Another hurt that he doesn't understand.
He leaves that day and never returns. Watches from afar as the prince marries and has a family. Rules his kingdom with kindness. And every day he listens to his prays and turns away every time he hears that hope to see his friend again. Prays that the storm god can return that silver-haired boy he loved so much to his side.
When the King dies, Kakashi's storm is unrelenting. It wipes out a city, and it's only when Obito and Rin come to his side that he's able to calm himself enough to stop.
That's when the fear of the storm god starts to truly set in Mortals' hearts. When Kakashi becomes known as a destructive god, to be feared alongside Shisui, the god of war.
Kakashi removes himself from the mortal world after that. Only doing his job as the god of storms and enjoying his time alone in his home. He pays no attention to the worries of mortals, no matter how curious he is. No matter how much he wants to check in on them and watch them. See that excitement in a mortal's eyes when they see his lightning once again.
But then that voice is back. Soft pleas to a god that few call to anymore.
The pleas of a dying knight.
Kakashi doesn't know this version of his friend for long. He only sees him during his dying moments, but seeing the man lying in a field of bodies wishing for a little rain to say goodbye to the world in, Kakashi can't help but grant him that wish. Rain falls on the knight's face that day, and as he closes his eyes he swears he sees a silver-haired man showing up by his side. Ensuring he's not alone.
That's the day Kakashi decides to learn about mortals again, but this time he doesn't just want to watch them. He wants to find out if there's a way to turn a mortal immortal. To keep them by his side for all eternity, so that he never has to say goodbye again.
Susanoo is the name everyone knows Kakashi by. The god of storms and thunder. They fear his name and the destruction that his storms can bring down on them.
Kakashi doesn't mind though. The mortals leave him alone for the most part because of their fear. This allows him the time he needs to study. To find a way to make a mortal into an immortal.
Obito and Rin are always trying to get him to give up and focus on what he has. There are many gods and goddess who would love to be with Kakashi, so they don't think he should be so focused on a mortal who may never come back anyways.
He refuses to quit though and continues to study regardless. Sharing his time with someone new every once in a while but never getting attached.
And then one day while he's in his library doing some research he hears a familiar voice. This time the voice of a child, scared and alone. Looking in on his old friend, he finds him huddled under his bed praying for some rain to wash away the soldiers in his home. The ones who killed his father.
Kakashi doesn't know the story. He doesn't need to. He sees red and for the first time ever there are mortals who get to experience his wrath first hand. He appears in the boy's home raging with lighting in his hand and slaughters the soldiers. Washes them away with his rains.
He doesn't help the boy. Instead, he sends Rin to him. She was always softer and more capable of soothing people.
She takes him into her home and helps him grow. He's so expressive emotional, and there's nothing more he loves than the rain. Sometimes Rin will ask Kakashi to make it rain just so she can see that bright excited smile.
She finally understands why Kakashi likes this mortal so much, and years later when it's his time to go and Kakashi still doesn't have an answer to save him, he parishes with Rin by his side telling him stories of the storm god determined to turn his favorite mortal into an immortal. To raise him into the rank of God among others, if only just so he can see him every day.
The wait to see him again isn't so long this time, and the next time that Kakashi hears that voice he longs for, he's an adult. A teacher at a new school in his village. He's not asking for rain for crops or drinking water or survival. He wants to prove a point to his students.
He wants them to see the good of storms. The stunning beauty of lightning and the rain falls on their faces but doesn't harm them.
He wants Susanno to bring down a nice storm to prove that his powers are not only destructive.
Kakashi sends in a storm, and while the teacher is outside watching the rain pour down while his students cheer and dance, he swears he sees a silver-haired man at his side. A familiar face that brings him comfort, but for some reason he can't place just how he knows that person.
the next day, while he's out getting some supplies for dinner, he sees that silver-haired man again out in the village. Playing with some of the children and dogs around.
He decides to talk to the man and quickly makes friends with him. He's kind and his smile is hidden but soft. Full of fondness when he speaks to him.
It's the first time in years Kakashi hears that name again. A name he hasn't listened to from his favorite mortal since he saw the Prince he fell so hopelessly in love with. Gai.
It's a name Kakashi will never forget, and one he loves to say.
Kakashi doesn't keep track of the time he spends with Gai. All he knows is that he makes sure there's Rain where it needs to be, but his days are spent by Gai's side. Watching over him, caring for him, loving him.
One day while they're sitting by the village river together, Kakashi can't help but ask Gai when he's going to find someone. Settle down and start a family, just as he always does.
He's surprised when Gai smiles shyly and says he already found someone, and when he pushes for information Gai refuses to tell him anything. The only thing he gets is 'they're too far away for me to reach'
He's alright with that though. He doesn't have to share Gai, and he loves that. He doesn't have to see him marry someone else again, and that makes him happy.
He spends the rest of Gai's life with him, even trying to change his appearance to make it seem like he's older. Then that faithful day comes. The day he knows he has to say goodbye because Gai's dying and he still hasn't found a solution to his pressing problem of making him immortal.
Showing up by Gai's side, he takes his hand and sits with him. An old man with his old friend. But then Gai smiles that beautiful smile and says something Kakashi didn't expect. "Stop hiding your youth from me. I want to see Susanno in his glory before I go."
Kakashi doesn't bother to ask how Gai knows, he simply reverts back to his usual look and allows Gai to see him. To look upon the god he prayed to all those years ago.
the last thing that Gai says to him is 'Don't allow your tears to become the river that washes more lives away. I want the world to know the Susanno that I know. That kindness, and love that comes with your storms."
If Kakashi wasn't determined to find a way to keep Gai by his side before, he definitely is now.
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depressedhatakekakashi · a month ago
The u know whos have been harassing me all day can i please request some more HC for both your knight and skill reversal AUs regarding how kakagai reationship grows to forget about them? Thank you mun 🤍
Why are they harrassing you? Who do I have to fight? i will fight them all omg. LEAVE THIS POOR PERSON ALONE YOU JERKS.
Royalty Au
Kakashi and Gai have known each other since childhood. It’s an outcome of Kakashi’s father, Sakumo, being the royal guard to King Dai. That plus Sakumo being an only father since his wife's death, and he finds himself having to have Kakashi by his side a lot growing up. He could get someone to take care of his son, but Kakashi keeps running them into the ground and scaring them off.
Thankfully, the king is very understanding and loves that his son has someone else to play with.  Most people who interact with Gai treat him like a porceline. Like they have to be super careful around him or he might shatter. Kakashi doesn’t do that. He respects Gai of course. Calls him ‘your highness’ and always bows when they greet each other or say goodbye, but otherwise, he considers Gai his friend. They run around the garden together, learn together, play together. Everything that Gai does, Kakashi does with him. Sometimes Kakashi will even be able to help Gai with his learning, being a quick learner himself who can explain things better for Gai than his tutor.
As they grow up, they continue to hang out. Even when Kakashi starts to train under Lady Kushina as a page at the age of 7, Kakashi will often use his time off from training to spend with Gai.
Gai is the first person Kakashi ever tells of his dream to become a great knight. Not just like his father, but even better. He wants to prove that he’s talented and smart and that he can protect the Kingdom and the Prince from anything and anyone. Gai feels a little sad that day, even though he loves the excitement in Kakashi’s voice when he hears about his dream. But knowing that Kakashi is going to put himself into a job that could get him killed young, all to try to prove himself. that hurts Gai’s heart.
When Kakashi is promoted to Squire at the age of 11, it’s a huge celebration. People are amazed by this kid's progress. the standard age for becoming a squire is 15, and Kakashi’s already well on his way to becoming the youngest knight in history. Even with his extra duties though, he makes sure to always visit Gai in the garden at least twice a week. They still have race’s around the place, and sometimes Kakashi will show Gai how to sword fight. Gai does get lessons from a tutor of course, but he finds that he learns easier from Kakashi. Kakashi just has a way of talking to him that helps him understand quicker. Plus Kakashi always lets him make things into a competition, which helps a lot with getting him pumped and ready to learn. 
When Kakashi is knighted at the age of 16, Gai’s not sure how to feel. He’s excited for his old friend of course. This was part of Kakashi’s dream. He’s already making a name for himself separate from his father. But at the same time, Gai’s terrified that this means he won’t have any time with Kakashi anymore. Kakashi will be too busy to visit him, and he’ll be alone with no one to hang out with but the people who treat him like porcelain.
Of course, Dai won’t have that. Kakashi is immediately made Gai’s royal guard. Partially to keep him out of the field where he might find nothing but a young death, and partially to keep Kakashi and Gai close. He knows how important the two are to each other already, and he refuses to be the one to tear them away from each other.
When it comes to marriage at the age of 20, Gai is not excited. He can’t think of anyone he wants to marry, and he always finds problems with the people that he is presented with. Genma is too pessemistic, Obito is too... well, Obito. Him and Kisame just want to rip each others throats out most of the time, and while he gets along fine with Rin the two of them both agree they’d prefer to be friends.
It’s not until someone mentions to Kakashi that he should also be looking to settle down that Gai realizes why he can’t choose a marriage partner.
He doesn’t want anyone else. He wants to be with Kakashi. To have Kakashi by his side, not just as his knight, but as his partner. 
He knows it’s not conventional. Most people marry royalty from other lands to strengthen treaties or secure partnerships. But his father never married. He found other ways to do those things, so surely Gai can too. Right?
He’s afraid to bring it up to his father. Terrified that he’ll be rejected. But when he finally does, Dai just laughs and tells his son that it’s about time. That he just needed to tell him what it was he wanted, and he would make it happen for him.
Gai and Kakashi don’t get married right away. Neither of them is in a rush.
But when they do it’s a big event, and Kakashi is not pleased about this fact.
Both of their fathers are standing by their side, proud that their sons have found each other and can be together. That they know who’s side they belong at. Kakashi can’t imagine Anyone else protecting Gai, and Gai wouldn’t have anyone else standing beside him as his husband or as his royal guard.
Kakashi’s position does not change at all. There are people of course who are adamant that the King's husband cannot be his royal guard. that the position is too dangerous. 
But Dai knows that neither of the boys are going to let anyone else take Kakashi’s position, and he’s alright with that. Kakashi has always been the one to protect Gai, and he always will be. 
Skill Swap Au
Kakashi and Gai still meet outside of the academy, but it’s Kakashi who has been turned away. Denied entry because of his lack of skill in Ninjitsu or Genjutsu. Gai feels bad for the other boy. He looks so sad standing there by his father's side, the White fangs side, knowing that he can’t get into the academy because he has been deemed ‘not good enough
Seeing something in Kakashi that no one else did, Gai decides to challenge him to a spar. It takes a few attempts, and Kakashi gets annoyed really easily at his challenges and tries to remind him that he’s just going to lose to ‘the genius’, but finally Kakashi caves.
And Kakashi loses, badly. But when he crawls to his feet and stuffs his hands into his pockets determined to leave, Gai stops him and tells him that they should spare again.
And he doesn’t stop challenging Kakashi. No matter how many times Kakashi wants to give up. No matter how often the two of them hear that Gai’s ‘wasting his time with a failure’. Gai never gives up on Kakashi.
He knows what Kakashi could be capable of. He has seen his own father train her to be strong, and he has seen Kakashi training on his own. Kakashi is not a quitter. He works his butt off and always comes home bruised and tired from his efforts. Gai knows if they just keep at it, that Kakashi can become strong.
Ultimately, with Gai’s help and a lot of perseverance, Kakashi finally makes it into the academy. It’s a moment of celebration for them both and Gai can’t stop congratulating Kakashi.
Halfway through the year, Sakumo’s mission goes terribly wrong, and suddenly ‘the white fang’ is a name no longer spoken with pride. It’s a name that people spit venom at. And that loss in pride hits Kakashi hard. After Sakumo’s death, Kakashi disappears from the academy.
Gai’s terrified that Kakashi has given up. That he’s just going to let those hateful people’s words win and stop trying to become a great shinobi.
He’s wrong. Oh so wrong. Kakashi’s more determined than ever to prove himself. to show the village that he can be a great Ninja no matter what they say. Every day from dawn to dusk Kakashi trains endlessly. Pushing himself to near collapse just to get stronger. 
It’s at this point, after finding Kakashi unconscious in a field after a long day of training, that Dai decides to show him the eight gates.
Having Kakashi around the house a lot more is pretty weird, but Gai also really enjoys it. Kakashi’s not always the friendliest person, but he’s always helping out around the house with chores. 
Gai graduated from the academy at the age of five, setting the record for the youngest shinobi to become a genin ever. Choza Sensei decides when he’s six to have him compete in the chunin exams, and he is promoted before any of his classmates even make genin.
Kakashi graduated at the age of seven, which is still really impressive given the fact that people have always said he would never amount to anything. 
Gai gets placed on team choza with Ebisu and Genma, while Kakashi gets placed on Team Minato with Obito and Rin. Kakashi’s still very ‘by the rules’ because of his father, but rather than fighting with Obito over who’s stronger, Kakashi and Obito get along a bit better.
By the time they’re 11, Kakashi has actually managed to beat Gai in a fight. It’s no surprise to Gai when he becomes a chunin along with the others, even as Gai is promoted to Jonin ahead of them. 
Team Minato still gets the Kannabi bridge mission, but they’re given another Jonin to lead the mission while Minato takes care of his part of it. When Rin is kidnapped, Obito convinces Kakashi to go with him to get her even though they’re going directly against Jonin’s orders. 
Kakashi still loses his eye protecting Obito, Obito still awakens his sharing, and then Obito ‘dies’ saving Kakashi from being crushed by a bolder.
Kakashi is blamed for the mission going wrong when they get back to Konoha, but instead of allowing it to eat at him, he decides to keep training. To become stronger and show the village that he’s not the failure they think he is.
Gai is determined to help him in this mission and starts making their competitions into training sessions together. 
Whenever someone gets rude with Kakashi or blames him for Obito’s death, they usually find themselves meeting the end of Gai’s foot. Kakashi may not be willing to stand up to them, but Gai is more than happy to do it for them.
Rin doesn’t die in this au because of Kakashi. Instead, recognizing that she has no other way out, she uses Kakashi’s distraction while fighting the enemy shinobi to take her own life. 
Obito’s still mad at Kakashi for not being able to save her, and Kakashi still see’s her blood on his hands in his nightmares. But that’s because he actually held her body while she bled out. 
Recognizing his student’s strength and hurt, Minato decides to shove Kakashi into Anbu. Something that’s frowned upon by many until Kakashi starts going out onto missions. They’re surprised by his sheer strength and ability in the field. 
When Minato dies against the Kyuubi, Kakashi sinks deeper into depression and tries to push everyone away, including Gai.
Of course, Gai doesn’t allow this. He refuses to let Kakashi suffer alone and always tries to keep up with their competition and spars.
When he realizes just how bad Anbu is affecting Kakashi’s mental health, Gai decides to try and join so that he can be with him. But he’s turned away because of his personality (just like in Canon)
So instead, he decides to get Kakashi out.
Kakashi’s not too happy to be made a join sensei after being shoved out of Anbu, but he takes it as punishment for not being able to help Itachi avoid the massacre route that he chose to take (in Kakashi’s eye since he doesn’t know the truth at this point)
Over the years, Kakashi has grown a lot as a shinobi. Even Itachi was surprised to see just how strong Kakashi was with just Taijutsu and did a lot of training with him to improve his own Taijutsu. 
Come the Chunin exams with Team seven and Team Gai, Neji, Lee, and Tenten are unsurprised to find that Team Seven is extremely skilled in Taijutsu. Kakashi has taught them well, and these three are ready to take names and kick butt. 
Sasuke still loses in his fight against Lee, but Lee’s proud to say that he was taught Taijutsu from their sensei (taught first by Gai, and then improved upon by Kakashi) and that they’re surely going to get stronger with more time under him.
The month that Kakashi spends training up Sasuke’s taijutsu is possibly the worst month of Sasuke’s life. He’s introduced to Kakashi’s personal training methods and it is not fun. Not one bit. 
And after the chunin exams, while the village is trying to repair itself from the Konoha crush and settle into some sense of nromality, Itachi and Kisame show up. This time, it’s Gai who faces down Itachi and ends up in a 72 hour genjutsu. Itachi knows better than to allow the genius time to come up with a plan. But then just as Kisame is about to swoop in and finish Gai, Kakashi shows up and kicks him away. A genius and the best taijutsu master of Konoha? Itachi is out. This is not worth the hassle. 
Sasuke finds out about Itachi's appearance in the village while Kakashi, Kurenai and Asuma are watching over Gai while he's resting from Itachi's attack. Kakashi of course goes after his student
Kakashi also gets to the the 'dynamic entry' against Jiraiya, kicking him in the face and away from his students. He recognizes Jiraiya of course, but damn he'd be lying if he said that didn't feel good.
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darkchocolatekitkat · 2 days ago
Any advice for getting into the LOTR? I am a DnD Player.
Omg, yes, I have some advice for getting into LOTR (though I only read the books once when I was a kid, so I can only make movie recommendations.)
Extended editions only. If you watch the Theater versions, you're gonna miss a lot of good details and character development. But it's hard to watch the extended editions all in one setting because that's an all day endeavor and during your first watch through, you might get sick of it. I'd suggest watching all of the Fellowship of the Ring extended edition in one day, and the others you can split up by watching one half of each movie, taking whatever breaks you want in-between.
The Hobbit movies? Not worth your time in my opinion. The first movie isn't bad, though it doesn't hold a candle to the LOTR trilogy, but the second and third get into crazy, too much, tries too hard territory that honestly might damage your opinion on the LOTR trilogy and some of the characters before you even start and might confuse you since they get some stuff kind of wrong. But if I remember correctly, the Hobbit book is good, doesn't take too long to read through, and might help you get more into the movies if you read that first.
The next recommendation is not to expect too much in regards to focus on the world. There's a ton of world building and setting explanation and extra content like the Silmarillion to add on to with the LOTR books and you can legit learn Elvish to some extent. That might be something you really enjoy, as DnD seems so lore packed and extensive, in which case I would recommend the books as well. JRR Tolkien paved the way for a lot of fantasy because of how committed to world building he was, and I've even heard that he made LOTR in the first place because he loved the world he was creating so much, so the story and characters were made to highlight the world. But the movies - by nature of being movies - can't explain everything and don't have tons of side content in which they can explain tons of intricate details. And unlike the books, the focus is on the story and characters rather than the world building. Be ready for personal conflicts, lots of focus on little details, and significant growth, but not a lot of explanation on why the dwarves use the elvish language sometimes. XD
Also, this might seem obvious, so sorry if I'm telling you something you know already, but remembering that the movies are packed full of references and allegories to JRR Tolkien's experiences in war... Really helped me to understand the movies way more than I previously would have. There are things that seem trivial that are actually really important when you think of it from that point of view, friendships that don't feel like much until you remember that they kind of reflect bonds forged in wartime, characters that don't feel like they matter until you realize that they represent more, etc.
And idk if this will help you get into the movies more, but those actors were committed to their roles! One of them broke some toes mid shot and just kept going, and he'd also notably walk all over to try and look as weathered as possible (sometimes with his sword in public places!) And the cast had to have a lot of moments up on a snowy mountain, but one of the actors was afraid of flying in the helicopters that took them up to it to shoot, so would get ready early and walk up himself in freaking chain mail. Most of the original nine main actors got 'nine' tattooed on their body in elvish, too. Like... The actors really truly loved the roles they were playing. Idk, I just always like knowing that the actors in media really care about the characters they portray and it helps me get into it.
Also, this might not be up your alley either, but if you want resources to help you follow along things like pathways on the LOTR map or Elvish to English translator, boy howdy, I've got that to. I wrote LOTR fanfic for a hot minute back in the day, so I have them saved on my bookmarks bar. XD!%20ride!
Hope that helps! <3
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zu-is-here · 5 days ago
HiZu! Sorry for not answering sooner, I feel asleep
Oh peonies are really pretty! I'd have to say that my favourite flower is lavender! A bunch of it used to grow outside my house when I was little, and I remember mother showing me that if I rubbed my fingers on it, then it would smell!
I know that not everyone likes how lavender smells, do you?
Ah! Falling apples XD whatever you do don't eat all the black ones.
You know my mum used to take me blackberry picking in thr spring and summer. Then we would make blackberry crumble! Have you been Berry picking before?
Oh! Yes it does
Tumblr media
Yesss I hadn't have cupcakes in a long time before then. They had a really nice buttercream icing. What kinds of icing do you like Zu? My dad can't stand butter cream
Oh no 24 doesn't mean anything.
It is indeed! Do you have any games you like to play with your family?
Yeahhh it wasn't the best, but I think my dad was just stressed over high traffic.
The chocolate was saved actually! We put it in the fridge and it's saved! Even if the chocolate is in some wonky shapes now.
Me and my family always like to get the wedges and cookies! Have you tried these?
Once we ordered 2 boxes of cookies, but they only gave us one.
So dad called them and they sent us 2 more boxes of cookies! So we got 3 all together!!
The movie as Onward, have you seen this? I really enjoyed this one!
Yep that's the dog alright. Didn't even leave me one slice.
Oh no I didn't hurt myself, don't worry. It was a soft ground. I wasn't the only one who fell over anyway.
Oh well for me I just felt like everything was really funny. And I felt all giddy and like every was fun. It really brought out my very childish side. Idk what I would have been like after more drinks.
Yeah it was still fun! We watched Coco and I almost cried ;-;
It was supposed to be a red velvet cake, but it didn't really work, so it's more of a mild chocolate cake. My mother always says that she's not a great cake Baker, but I always love her birthday cakes!
Yeah! Thank you Zu! Good luck with your news.
[after this]
Hi again! No worries <3
Ohh a bunch of lavender! What a pleasure, I love how it smells a lot *^* Black apples are bad for sure, Dreamtale brothers approve XD Blackberry picking sounds like fun! Reminds me of chokeberry picking when your hands are stained with "blood" xp How does blackberry crumble taste?
Awww a happy cutie! <3
Buttercream icing is really good (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) I was really surprised when I found out someone doesn't like butter or whipped cream (like Blue) (°▽°) like– man this is the best thing in every dessert! xd
Speaking of family games, I enjoyed playing Just Dance together a lot! ٩( ᐛ )و♪ Do you know this game? *^* Oh thank god the chocolate was saved! :D I don't remember trying the wedges and cookies there but OMG your bad luck turned out too be good luck! XD
Onward!! \(//∇//)\ Oh boi— I loved this movie so much I couldn't help but cry at the ending, such a great one ♡ How was it for you? *^* And Coco as well ;3; (in Russia it's called Coco's Secret btw :D)
Bringing out your very childish side is quite a nice aspect of drinking heh <3 yet not the best reason to drink xd I'm sure that cake was amazing! ☆
Thank you a lot again (〃ω〃)♡
Tumblr media
For real! Especially without using hands, quite a challenge XD Oh that interesting, having two tastes :0 Guess it depends on cooking indeed! Both tastes great tho <3 And for you? I've seen elderflower cordial before but I don't know/remember the taste xp Is it sour or sweet? *^*
Oh have you?? (°▽°) How was it? I remember doing this once for a roll as a surprise for my mother (when I was small) but I didn't find a mixer so I whipped the whites with just a broom and my hand literally died XD But when it comes to the can— YEAH ★ Some say the best sound is the rustle of money, but what about the sound of whipped cream pouring into your mouth?? XD
Wholesome indeed <3 Sans jokes tho pfff (≧∀≦) Bones rule heh— Oh I haven't seen The Book of Life, what is it about? *^*
Thank you again! (ówò) As you see, as soon as I say I'm free, I am everything but not free XD So yesterday and today I examined the apartment (it's very small but so cozy! <3) and negotiated interviews with three employers %) Tomorrow I'm transferring things and going to an interview! And drawing a bit of course <3 I am determined to finish Ccino's design reference, after all! :'D
How are you doing lately? ♡
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peterbenjiparker · 12 days ago
Gosh girl- idk but Tumblr isn't letting me reblog your 5th chap of invisible strings 🗿🗿 no matter what I do--so imma just type my frustration comment(ramble) here!
1. OMG I WANNA FREAKING BONK PETER AND Y/N WITH A COMMON SENSE BAT! Ughhhhhhhh seriously! They are extremely, and ridiculously oblivious to eachother's feelings that I honestly got stressed and anxious while reading the chapter 🙃🙃 like I wanna just jump into the serious and give them an adult talk™.
3. Why can't Peter put the two and two together that y/n is basically talking about HIM being her s/o!!!!!!!!!!!
2. I'm glad that Peter and Gwen broke it off! That relationship wasn't doing them any good tbh so yay for that! I'm gonna bet that Flash is Gwen's s/o ?
3. Why am I getting a feeling that flash is the one who stole the flowers and note Peter got for y/n? I hope that's not the case 🗿
4. AWWW the stark family interaction with Peter was so sweet :"D they're so cute. I like how they're (including May) trying to discreetly tell Peter about how y/n's feelings for Peter isn't AS platonic as he thought it was?
5. That strawberry reference takes me back 😂💖
6. The ending was an ouch- I'm sure the next chapter is going to be a bi**h ✨ cuz of all the misunderstanding TvT uGHHH imma prepare my heart in advance. The only thing keeping me together at the moment is that there will be fluff in the end 🗿💖
7. It was a good chapter! I enjoyed reading it! Seriously, I always feel a surge of emotions flowing through me as I read your fics like a rollercoaster XD and if this serious ain't a rollercoaster of emotions? Then idk what is.... And I don't think your slight detachment from this series shows, it's good and it's still flowing in a steady pace so don't worry about it!
That's all. Thanks for coming to my TED talk (I wish Tumblr doesn't yeet this ask away and hope it reaches you cycgcjycutcu)
it did reach me! im sorry for taking so long to respond, but thank you for your sweet message! and omg, thank you for pointing out the stark family interactive because i think that's my favourite scene in this chapter after the make out scene of course. thank you for reading the chapter and for your comment! it means the world to me!! <3
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zu-is-here · 17 days ago
Hi zuuuuuu! No problem at all about disappearing! I keep telling ya, its no worries.
I'm sorry that I took so long to reply.
Oh it was! I spent many days as a kind in that forest school. We used to play a game called 123 where are you? Which I actually won! Cheated the system, it was amazing and no one saw it coming bruh.
Building dens was amazing! Once when we were being taught about ww2 the teachers had us build dens that we would need to run too when they played a fake air raid siren. I really miss that school sometimes.
What's your favourite memory of primary school Zu?
Ohhhh sewing lessons? You know I did used to go to a sewing club, I made an embroidery of a house for my grandad! He still has it. What kind of things did you make? It still sounds like it was fun!
Yesss! Perfect! Maybe his cat can have alittle jumper with a strawberry on it!
Yeah! The lights don't change colours, but they all light up and shine really bright!
Ah I see, my parents house is full of noveltys, the metal chicken, Hall of heads, mums mushroom collection..... The list goes on.
Well I haven't got the job yet, but it's for a shop called greggs! Do you have this? It's kind of similar to my first job so I'm hopeful.
Yeah he's alright! No throwing up, though.... I went through the bathroom bin and ate some sanitary products.... Dum dog *face palm*
That sounds so lovely! Having everyone together! What kind of things did you guys do? Or did ya just talk?
Either way it sounds like you had a good day.
oh! The wizard of oz! Oh that one's a classic, the feet really used to scare me in the movie. Who's your favourite character /part.
As for me? I love the Far Away Tree stories! Mother used to read them to me.
Do you know this book? There was just something about it I always loved.
Today my day was good! It was actually really hot today! Nice and sunny for once. My friend came into town and we were able to meet and get ice-cream!
I got a Mr whippy! Have you had this? Its such a classic right!?
We've talked about ice cream before, but what's your favourite ice-cream topping? Me and them also talked alot about nightmare and dream and there character development and also my headcannons about ccino's origin.
We also talked about creepy pastas......... No sleep for me tonight. XP
[after this]
Hi Gayfish! Thank you <3 same here, no worries (ówò)
Ah so that was some kind of forest school? *^* Now I can relate! Oh wow– is this game like hide-and-seek? (゚∀゚) Heheh nice play! >:3
That's a really cool experience! ☆ In safety lessons, we were told how to act in emergencies as well and even taught to (dis)assemble a rifle. Hopefully we'll never use this knowledge ("ó_ò)
Ooff, all my time in primary school was spent in olympiads and competitions, for I participated wherever I could and am "very proud" of my dusty folder full of certificates XD What about you? *^*
Awww that's really sweet! <3 We embroidered patterns on clothes and bags but it wasn't as fun as using my grandmother's sewing machine to make clothes for dolls (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) By the way, what hobbies did you have before drawing? ☆
Wow— all these noveltys seems like having a cool backstory *^* Especially the hall of heads, like omg, whose heads?? :D
Aw you're going to work at the bakery? \(//∇//)\ It's so cool! It'd be so interesting to see the inner working (*⁰▿⁰*) Was your first job also in a bakery/cafe? I'm sure it'll be great, good luck! <3
Ohhh guess he'll be alright for sure! :')
Thank you! <3 We were gonna go somewhere but it was raining heavily outside so we enjoyed the food and conversation inside xp
I haven't watched the movie but the parts where Ellie (Dorothy in the original?) meet her new friends with different wishes were really interesting! As for the Far Away Tree stories, I've never heard of this book but looks interesting, sone good classic like Winnie Pooh? *^*
Aww I'm really glad you had a good day! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) Is it that ice cream van? \(//∇//)\ Oh we don't have it here but it is a classic indeed! <3 In different movies as well (like Despicable Me 2 :D) What kind of ice cream did you get? My favorite topping is caramel~ And yours? ☆
What are your headcanons about Ccino's origin? (゚∀゚)☆ Oh these creepy pastas,,, xp
How are you doing today? ♡
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catboyvanillaice · a month ago
My first impression: I immediately thought that you were super cool, so at first I was a bit - ok, a lot tbh- intimidated x3. You know, it was a bit like the "cool senpai" in anime xD
When you followed me I was shook (in a positive way ^^), and I was like "Quick Zoul, act cool before they realize you're cringy" xD Like, your art is cool, your personality is cool (you're a super nice person), and your blog as a whole is cool ! (I always love to read the stuff you write in the tags, also idk how to describe it but your blog kinda feels like a safe space for me. It's full of things that make me feel valid)
I'm happy I found a way to go against my shyness and interact with your blog TwT❤️✨ (even tho I'm still a bit shy & sometimes I miss some of your tags bc I'm very bad with notifs, hsuuhsvu sorry about that x3)
Oooh I forgot, but also: I was suuuuper happy to see that you like the "Brando Brats" when I first saw your blog (sjugsgus speaking of which, I got that expression from you and it's just... perfect to describe them, so thanks for that 🥺❤️✨).
i can’t believe i just saw this but AJAJJSHD ZOUL TY OMG 🥺🥺🥺 crying in the club rn ilysm /p
i’m not the best at responding to things, especially not long-ish things but i’m so so glad i’ve made you feel safe and valid, and i really hope you continue to feel that way because you are valid!
but the brats YES i forget who i stole that from now but someone reblogged one of my posts ages ago and used it and now it’s making it’s rounds 🌚
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daikonsenpai · a month ago
I low-key really miss the feeling i got when i first watched the anime and saw the ending, like, the part when Nene is falling to the other side and Hanako is trying to reach her, they're trying to be together, it sparked something, and before that, i seldom ever read any manga, i always waited for the anime to come out with a season 2, but this one, i rewatched the anime, i read the entire manga, etc... I really love it, i just miss that feeling of, well? desperation, because the ED gave me such "oh no, something bad will happen" vibes and i just NEEDED to know they'll be okay together, and i will never forget it around a year ago... the newest chapter was chapter 67 and i had the ED on replay and it got to the "i'm here" and it's just my favorite, i miss that i guess xD sorry for this long rant
Ahhh same!! When I saw the ending with Nene falling into the Far Shore and Hanako saving her and the part that looks almost like a kiss—ugh it gave me so many different feelings—fear that they won’t end up together, but also a softness where you just know how much they mean to each other ;o;
Though im the type who reads the manga right after I finish/catch up on an anime xD
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But omg the feelings I got from these two scenes—so dokidoki ;o;; my shipper heart had never been so happy ;;
I just really miss HanaNene ;o;
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suckmyballshoney · a month ago
omg all of ur wips look very interesting 👀 i just wanted to ask how u can focus on more than one at once! idk if i have a problem or something but i find it hard to write more than one wip at a time, and i write super slow so i'm not having a good time :) any advice?
Anon darling I am sooooo sorry for answering this so late please forgive me !
I’m not gonna lie to you, most of my wips are ideas I got at one moment and then forgot I started ^^’ I’m a little like you, like I take a good thousand years to write 3k, then I have a massive outburst where I write a whole fic in one evening (that usually happens once per semester xD) and then I struggle again. What I try to do is stay focused on the fic that motivates me the most at that moment, if it’s a long one I try to force myself to continue sometimes bc if not I would never finish it (I’m currently struggling on one after ignoring another long fic for too long !) 
In the end, writing is mostly for your own enjoyment, the main goal is for you to have fun writing so you follow your own pace in it. If you only write one fic at a time it’s still writing, and if you write like 10 fics in 3 days it’s good too (and I know those people are admirable, I’m friend with one and she impresses me so fucking much). I know how frustrating it can be when it takes long to write a fic, maybe sometimes just leave a long fic on the side to write a small one ? One that you know you can finish quite quickly, so you remind yourself that you are capable of finishing works and it’s just that sometimes it takes long because you want to make it good and perfect and that takes time before you can do that ery quickly
Remember, everyone has their own pace and most of us are going snail speed when writing xD (as for my wips, most of them will probably will never be written since it’s mostly me dumping ideas and forgetting their existence the next second :D)
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dorkshadows · 2 months ago
Ok so I do almost almost ship wukong with the spider girl of 96 adaptation, like they have funny dynamic and I find it cute on that ep where wukong take her to Fruit & Flower mountain ep (I do have gay ship and also SunTang shipper OTP, but I'm also a sucker for straight ship) but after yanyan realize she in love with wukong, she become too obsessive on wukong and try to woo him here and there and im yikesss, but seriously I almost ship them lmao (as side ship only since Suntang already steal my otp heart) if director didnt took into taht obsessive path and "plz say u love me" over & over, I didnt watch 2002 adaptation yet but maybe later i do wanna see that dynamic wukong romance on Zhixia (?) But then again im already super digging on 96 ver aroace wukong becuz I'm always super into aroace character and it always rare to have that
The anon who almost ship wukong x yanyan (2) - as much I'm digging aroace wukong, but I still ship SunTang :) (aroace is still shippable for me ahahah as long they have dynamic going on) honestly the whole moment where yanyan keep ask Bajie do Wukong have anyone special in his heart or fall in love, I keep joking "welp it Sanzang who Wukong always cares about" and then that desert ep came with the most gayest SunTang moment of S1 (even tho it angst but godamn that ep!!) BTW the scene yanyan dress up as Guanyin to woo wukong still make me almost chokes me from laughing so hard, I was having lunch and was drinking then that scene came, I almost chokes myself on that, one of funniest scene for me)
Sorry for the late response! Been a busy week! haha I can’t say I ever shipped Yanyan with Wukong in the 96 series, but I really enjoyed their friendship and the one-sided crush could have just been comic relief, but they used it to make some really good points. Like how if someone doesn’t love you, sometimes it just can’t be changed, and just because someone doesn’t love you romantically doesn’t mean they don’t care for you, and how just because someone loves you romantically doesn’t mean they will forever. Overall the spider arc was written well!
Also I was very deep into SunTang the first time I watched it LOL. Like you said, even putting aside suntang, aroace Wukong is a VERY valid interpretation and incredibly in-line with canon. We’ll always support ace Wukong! Unlike with a lot of other media, it was great to see Wukong’s lack-of-interest-in-women(and sex/romance in general) treated respectfully by the narrative. Even though Bajie got mad at him here and there, the narrative makes us understand that this is who Wukong is and he’s not wrong for being that way even if it’s sad for Yanyan. Either way, 96Wukong just wasn’t straight lmao.
LOL I made the same jokes you did, I remember. The desert scene absolutely killed me. They went so hard for us personally. omg the scene with Yanyan dressing up as Guanyin also destroyed my lungs- there were so many funny scenes in S1 and that was one of them XD
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toujoursmiraculous · 2 months ago
Thoughts and Reactions to Truth!
Just going to go straight into it because this episode is huge! I really like how at the end of a season and the beginning of another, we see the same scene that leads us out of one and into another. Gabriel fixes the Miraculous and ohhh poor Dusuu thought it was all a dream, being in evil hands. So in a way, the Miraculous being damaged may have been a blessing for her. Dx Too bad it couldn't have been fixed after Marinette got it back :/ But at least Nooroo isn't alone right? Legit only positive I can get from this. ;-; Tikki and her little hats omg it's so cuuuute! I wonder if she makes her little clothes, too awww But the other Kwami's are almost like siblings to Tikki if you think about it. Now Tikki has to share things with them all as they cause chaos all around when she's so used to her quiet life alone with Marinette. Even for a Kwami, that must be hard to adjust to.
Okay so it's almost Prince Ali's birthday that Paris is going to celebrate. Interesting! I'd really like to see him back and a storyline with that. :O Marinette holding something, clearly, that the girls can't see over video chat. Talking to what appears to be herself, reacting to what someone's saying from different sides of her room. Camera flashes going off. And then her phone getting yeeted at her all on a video call with her friends when she's supposed to be alone...considering they're all going to have Kwami's and learn some things later as they become heroes, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if they think back to this scene someday! OH WAIT spoiler for the upcoming episode Gang of Secrets!!! Fair warning. What if this episode with the plushies she said she's going to make, is one of if not the reason they go over and are looking around her room? Because she's been acting sus and they want to know what's going on. Especially after what happens later in the episode with Luka. Okay, back to the episode itself. Her friends observation: You're acting way weirder than normal.... IS ADRIEN AT YOUR PLACE?! I mean, fair point. xD But the thing is, whenever Marinette tends to act weirder or say/do things that Alya and the girls don't understand, it's almost always connected to her being Ladybug/Guardian. Even Lila. If she wasn't Ladybug and dealt with her so much as her, she wouldn't know a lot of things that made her not trust Lila to begin with. So Marinette has to overcompensate to try to hide everything or can't explain her thoughts or feelings about certain situations, so Alya always just assumes her behavior has something to do with Adrien. It really sucks but at the same time, what else is she going to think?
Tumblr media
These Kwami are a lot of trouble. xD Now she's even more frazzled, so she calls Luka Adrien. More than once. I've done this where I call my siblings the wrong name more of than I'd like so I can't fault her for it. Her mind's probably a mess, poor girl. Dx "I'm sorry it's just that I cheated on you!" BIG OOF. But this gives me Kim Possible vibes when Ron assumed Kim didn't want him anymore and told her he was cheating on her when he meant to say he was cheating to be on the football team so he could be more worthy of her when he thought she wanted to "trade up" her boyfriend. Our poor Marinette! So frazzled she can't remember when her dates are, when they've been rescheduled. She can't remember her patrols with Chat Noir which are really important. She's getting to the point where it's going to be a wonder she can even function. Dx "But Marinette and I are such a big fan of his" wow this sure hits different. The way they kept quizzing each other to finish the sentence with Jagged Stone trivia was pretty cute. Luka having her finish the line with "Kiss me" that she screamed to the entire theater made me choke on my cake. "Well, if that's what you want." Smooth. "I think, yes. I want to." But you know, it gets interrupted by an akuma attack of course because that's just the way things work! :D And wouldn't you know it, it's Mr. Pigeon. AGAIN. Totally worth interrupting the moment lol Ladybug can't pick and choose, however, so here comes the sequence where she's constantly running off and he starts doubting her. Notice the parallel when Marinette started to like Luka after Adrien could never show up to things? Now Marinette's having trouble showing up and Luka's having issues with it. The second Chat Noir started to sneak up on Ladybug, we all knew he was going to get flipped. But it's so adorable and funny at the same time I love it x333 And that whole scene there of Ladynoir. Obviously it's a Lukanette-centered episode but the Ladynoir in this episode! So good! And you know, it's interesting. First time we see Adrien this episode is for FIVE whole seconds! And the way it abruptly cut off as he opened the car door... yeah you know what, Lies is going to be Adrien's POV or something of this same day. It has to be. He has 2 total scenes one of them is 5 seconds and the other one is 2 seconds. Crazy. We got about 7 seconds of Adrien's face today woo! But ugh here's where we get hurt Luka ;-; "A girl, who as always, isn't here." Ouch. The fact that if Marinette said she loved Adrien still, he'd understand and he'd get it is so sweet, and so sad that it's not even because of that, it's because she's Ladybug and the Guardian and she can't say a thing about it to him at all, that he can't accept. It's the one thing he couldn't deal with that's the issue and that really sucks. AND THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE HAD ME GASPING AND HURTING FOR LUKA. IT'S THE MOMENT HIS HEART BROKE
Tumblr media
But also really guys, did you notice his eyes are different now? Almost like a blue diamond look or something.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Luka trying to fight it, trying to tell Hawk Moth that the truth needs to be willingly told, not forced. But stupid Hawk Moth's able to get him to hold on anyway and gets akumatized. But not before he told Marinette to run. Which was such an awwww moment. x33 I mean, this is definitely getting a bit close to Chat Blanc territory if you ask me. New transformation music is pretty good! I like it. Also can we just appreciate that instead of trying to track down Marinette to get the truth from her, he's instead asking all her friends and family, pretty much any source besides her? AND ROSE'S RESPONSE "Marinette has no secrets because she's the most honest girl in the world!" She thinks so highly of her and it's just so beautiful. Nobody would blame her for these secrets if they only knew either. But awwwwww I love this scene!! And here's the big reveal! (no not that one) Jagged Stone is Luka and Juleka's father. 😮
Tumblr media
Thomas today tweeted that Luka and Juleka are twins. Which would have to be fairly obvious after this reveal. There's no way that Jagged, who says he'd be a lame dad and left because he wasn't cut out for it, would have Luka with Anarka, then stay long enough to also have Juleka. I also totally forgot that in the French version, Jagged has an American accent when he speaks. XDD Just the fact that even WITH his truth powers, he asked his mother TWICE who his father was. Both times she said Jagged Stone. He still didn't believe it until he went to Jagged himself omg. This poor poor boy. Luka: 😱*gasp* Marinette: 😲 *gasp* Adrien: 😮 WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY OMG. LIKE I'M WATCHING A TELENOVELA OR SOMETHING. THEY EVEN ZOOMED IN ON THEIR REACTIONS I CAN'T And then Luka just yeets his dad because he wasn't ever there for him. I honestly did not expect Luka having dad issues to ever be a thing in this show, even though I knew he wasn't around. So like... when everything's worked out with Marinette and Adrien in the end, will Luka and Adrien end up becoming friends and bonding over things, like the whole daddy issues thing...? Are we really supposed to believe she has no feelings for Chat Noir? I mean really, look at this.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I can't imagine what your daily life must look like" ... is she really actually being the one to bring up something about his secret identity? With that face? 😲
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Their flirty banter that at this point I don't even think they realize it is, and those soft looks I just... My top ship is Ladynoir and I was not expecting any significant moments of theirs but I got it anyway. Just watching their scenes, I kept going "See, this is why they're meant for each other." My heart is happy despite all the Luka pain! It's helping me cope with it, okay? "When you're ready, I'll be here for you, Marinette." Awww so they're telling us Lukanette is on hold here. Not a guarantee, but at least on hold. He's an option for her later. So now the Adrienette vs. Lukanette for S4 we heard about awhile back makes sense now. Later on this season, probably when things calm down and she gets the hang of things, she'll be in a better position to be with someone. And by then, Adrien will probably realize and understand his feelings for Marinette. So then she'll be in a position to choose between them. Now we know where Luka gets his ability to turn emotions into great songs. That's adorable! Father-son bonding! Gabriel needs to take notes when a man who was never in his son's life as more than his idol has the ability to try to be there, but Gabriel can't. Ugh our poor Marinette, probably thinking she's going to be alone for a very long time just because of a supervillain. That's so wrong she has to feel like this. If you notice, Hawk Moth's akumatizations help people patch up relationships so much of the time as a weird unexpected result of an akuma attack. And yet, he does nothing but hurt Marinette and at times Adrien, the most when he akumatizes people. He makes me so angry! But I'm too tired for a rant about that. At least the Kwami hugs at the end helped a teeny bit anyway! c:
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dreamdropxoxo · 2 months ago
Your fills for the kissing prompts are so precious 😍 OMG they make me so happy and I love them so much and I’m always hoping someone will send you a prompt (because I’m too shy to do it myself). When it comes to Damen and Laurent I’m a big sucker for fluff and you write the sweetest and fluffiest stories for them and I just want to thank you so much for your stories. They’re really making my life brighter!! And I'm already looking forward to reading your longer stories on AO3!
Hello my dear anon 🥰
Thank you so much for your sweet and lovely words. I‘m so glad you like my fills for the kissing prompts and the fluff I share here for Lamen. I‘m so moved by your kindnes 😭❤️.
So here a kissing prompt for you! (Don‘t be too shy to request a prompt from me! I delight in them and although it might take some time I‘ll always write them.) I‘m sorry it took me so long to answer your ask, but I wanted to save it until I could provide you with a satisfying prompt. I chose 31 xD I hope that‘s alright 🥰.
The prompt is from the list here, where you find an overview over all my answers. (Original post of the prompt list here). 
31. Pulling away from a kiss, whispering words of love against each other’s lips.
Laurent knew he could be cold, unapproachable and entirely too harsh. He was aware of his flaws, aware of his actions and reactions most of the time too and, at the same time, he knew he had settled in the years of his relationship with Damianos.
He liked it. Damen gave him a solid foundation with his unconditional love and affection, helped him rediscover that little part of himself that had died with Auguste at Marlas. He also loved the knowledge that for once in his life he didn’t have to look over his shoulder all the time and make every single decision alone because he had no idea who could be trusted.
“Love, look at me,“ Damen’s voice was soft but insistent and Laurent felt his gaze snap up immediately. A small shudder wracked his body as he saw the tender smile on the sensual mouth of his husband.
“Good. Very good, love. You look so beautiful.“ Damen lowered his head and pressed his lips to Laurent’s collarbone. He peppered small kisses from one shoulder to the other and then all over his chest. Damen nibbled at the skin of his right pectoral and then bit his nipple lightly. It made Laurent’s back arch and a breathless gasp tumble over his lips.
His husband had teased him mercilessly for the last three hours. It was the sweetest torture consisting of fleeting touches, soft kisses and tender praise and Laurent couldn’t think anymore— he didn’t want to think anymore. He just wanted to drown in all the attention and love he could get his hands on and Damen had it all in spades.
“Do you have the slightest idea how wonderful you are, Laurent?“ Damen asked him while looking in his eyes and he could only shake his head. The hand on his hip was utterly distracting.
“You are perfect. I don’t know how a person so wonderful can exist. You’re so strong and intelligent and beautiful, inside and out.“ Damen kissed his way up Laurent’s chest, his neck and finally his lips while his thumb rubbed small circles entirely too close to Laurent’s cock to be anything else but maddening. However, the blond didn’t protest, didn’t complain or demand, but just took all of Damen’s affection, soaked it up like a sponge.
“Thank you,“ he breathed as he tried to convey with his eyes that he was not talking about the compliments. Damen rubbed his nose against Laurent’s cheek and rumbled, “there is absolutely nothing you have to thank me for, love. I’m only telling you the truth and that’s something you’ll always have from me.“
“But still, thank you,“ Laurent repeated as his eyes fluttered closed and Damen bit his neck hard enough that there would be a bruise for sure. The king of Akielos was a possessive man and everybody knew it by now. Laurent indulged him only too willingly after all.
“Thank you, my love, for giving me the opportunity to love you.“
Laurent knew there was something amusing behind these words but his brain was too sluggish to deduce the meaning fast enough for an immediate answer, and when he finally got his thoughts together again Damen was already kissing his way down his abs.
“I didn‘t give you the opportunity, dear, you gave me no choice,“ he teased, or tried to tease, but failed due to Damen suckling on the joint of his thigh and hip.
“Well, I am very charming.“
“I‘m sure,“ Laurent replied as steadily as he could.
“Just ask my husband, he‘d agree with me and he‘s the smartest person in the world, so he should know.“ Damen skimmed his teeth along the inside of Laurent‘s thigh and he wanted to press further into the touch and pull back at the same time.
“He must be the smartest person in the world if he married you.“
This had the desired effect; Damen slid his whole body back up, the movement one long tease and kissed him again with a groan.
“You‘re driving me mad, love. I want you so badly.“
“Then have me.“
Another kiss and when Damen pulled back this time, it was to the words, “I love you,“ falling from his lips. Laurent couldn‘t help himself, he smiled.
“I love you too.“
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coltsbitch · 2 months ago
Okay here I am with the free time and the brain cells to reread your colt stuff!! (THEY’RE STILL AS GOOD AS THE FIRST TIME I READ THEM and I still get excited for colt and the reader XD) sorry that this gets long/spammy, you don’t have to reply or posts the asks or anything, but I just wanted to send some love because you have become one of my most fav aot writers lately!! Your Replaced stuff, omg, THE BEST. (1/a lot i'm sorry)
Tumblr media
asks continued:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
each of your comments is so sweet, my goodness, i don’t even know where to begin. first: we love an au for colt and falco, these two deserve happiness!😤 also, the faclo/colt scene in replaced 2. lmao, truly insipred by chp 119 if you’ve read. when it popped into my head, i was like, yes, time for the tears.🥲
tysm for the reiner apperciation, i think my favorite things is throwing in other characters into the story. i legit have a place in my heart for everyone (minus floss🤢), and can’t help myself. and the reiner material is on its way!... one day... 😗
also never thought i would write for eren (he’s lowkey got the smallest place in my heart) but i thought the ideas fit him the best! also love that you read the armin stuff! right now i’m working on something that could really go either way for colt or armin, and you’re like my inspo, so now i’m leaning towards colt just for you!!! i was really hoping to have more stuff out this weekend, but i got my first vaccine shot the other day and it knocked me tf out all weekend, which sucks because now i have work tomorrow.
like it’s 2am right now, but these comments have me inspired, so like. fuck it, i’ll just need some extra caffeine tomorrow because colt is on my brain now 😌
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reality-shifting · 2 months ago
could you tell us about any of your shifting experiences? :0 (i'm so sorry if this has been asked already)
nothing to apologize ^^ i love getting asks (even tho it took me a while to answer, but that was for different reasons ^^)
now, i haven’t shifted very often yet (just a couple times actually), but i’ll be telling you some of my favorite stories/things that happened!!
but before that i’ll kinda explain what my dr is (all these stories are from the same dr (as that’s the only one i’ve shifted to yet) (technically i did shift into one other reality too the first time i shifted, but i wasn’t there for long so i don’t really have much to tell about that))
basically my dr is a combination of bnha, death note, black butler, yuri on ice and my cr! (it sounds chaotic ik, but the way i scripted it, it actually all fits pretty well together! i might make another post talking about my dr in detail later, we’ll see ^^) and yeah, some of the characters might be somewhat out of character compared to their source material in this reality (due to what i scripted) & in my dr i’m in a poly relationship with misa amane (death note) & katsuki bakugou (bnha)
so now on to the stories :3
one time my cr best friend, bakugou (bnha) and mello (death note) had a snowball fight during our school’s christmas party- it was honestly hilarious, but they knocked over the snowman i’d built with yaomomo (bnha) and my other cr best friend. later that same day tho, deku (bnha) and my cr cousin rebuilt our snowman tho- which rly surprised me cuz i didn’t know my cousin was even at the party lol- (in my cr she rarely attends parties, but apparently someone dragged her along to that one XD) (the rest of the party was fun too btw! and the food was so good omg!!)
btw!! misa (death note) loves making snow angels!!! that’s literally the cutest thing ever!! and one time shortly before new year’s eve in my dr, she asked me to take pics of her while she was making snow angels and they turned out so good and cute and omg- sidhjdbxkdjdkdj!!!
something that really surprised me about my dr is that one of my cr best friends is also a really close friend of yuuga aoyama there!! and i actually hadn’t known until my friend invited me to go shopping together and also invited aoyama (without telling me lmao)- but tbh it makes sense they have a lot of similarities!! and hanging out with them was literally so much fun!!
so this probably only happened bc i literally scripted that someone was going to find out that i’m a shifter (cuz i thought that might be fun lol- (which it actually was, i was right :P)), and yeah this is less of a story but more of a lil fun fact about my dr ig- so i hadn’t scripted who was gonna find out and i just had no idea before at all lol. but then one day at school during break, deku (bnha) comes up to me and like tells me that he has something to ask me, and i was like “oh what’s up :0” and he basically listed a few things about me that confused him (like the fact that i have 6 quirks, and that i’m immune to certain quirks lol-) and just like asked me about that! then i like told him that there’s a reason for that, but he might not believe it & he promised me that he would indeed believe me no matter what (he was rlly curious- it was kinda cute ajdjjsmmsjdkdbdk-)! and yeah in my dr the idea of shifting is vaguely well known, and so while he didn’t exactly know what it was, he had like heard of it before which made explaining it a lot easier- i didn’t tell him anything about my cr tho (not yet at least). but i asked him if he has a big secret too that he could tell me, so we’d be even (i was hoping he’d tell me about OfA), but he didn’t ;-;
this is also not quite a story but i want to mention how much i love hugging bakugou- that was literally one of the first things i did when i got there and i still love that memory so much ajdjdkdbjdjdjd-
and misa braided my hair a few times- ajdjjdbxkdjdkd that made me so soft like omg- [insert heart eyes]
ALSO- bakugou’s cooking!!! agdjbdkxhdkd it’s so good!!! if you ever shift go mha (or any reality he could be in), you have to try literally anything from him (if you like spicy food that is)!! like it’s so delicious it’s not even funny lol- (the way this is already the second time i’ve mentioned food- oop-)
i also scripted that L & light (death note) are actually friends in my dr!! and let me tell you- when they actually get along they are so mean to others akdjdkbdkdjdk- like not mean as in insults but like it’s just so obvious that they think of others as idiots- which like understandable but still- ajdjkshdjdjd- and fun fact: light is lowkey a teacher’s pet sometimes- and he gets along surprisingly well w iida- (stain hasn’t shown up yet in my dr, but i’m curious to see if their almost-friendship would change after that)
if you’d like me to tell more stories in the future, or you have any other questions, lmk!! :D and thank u if you read this far uwu
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daikonsenpai · 3 months ago
Okay, I think I caused the biggest misunderstanding (again) in the universe xD, I'm so sorry. I should have written "I would date Kou or Hanako or Teru" instead of "Me, Kou or Hanako or Teru"... 😭😂. I was like "w-what, why me ? Oooh, is senpai flirting ?". I'm so ashamed of myself now 🙈, but thank you senpai !
OMG LOLOLL you just gave me the best laugh I had in so long 😂😂 thank you for that!
Tumblr media
I literally was like “whoaa flirty anon 😳😳”
And omg hmm usually I would say Natsuhiko because I am a simp for simps, but I’ve been really vibing with Akane after the recent chapters! I really like this new side to him?!! Or I guess a side that was always there but we never got to see because it’s covered by his running-gag love for Aoi?
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loudloudquiet · 3 months ago
(1) Hii! It's me again (the ot5 anon). Sorry if I'm annoying you with my messages, but I just wanted to talk a bit about Ziam, some thoughts I had. I wanted to write you since you are a Larrie too and ot5 and that, which makes it easier because we sort of are in the same place. Definitely bring your own opinions though, I am just telling mine after all :) It might get a bit long so will be in parts, but will try and keep not too..rambly? or whatever xD So going on what you said the other day,
This needs a readmore ;-)
(2) about how we can't really know how much research someone has done when they say ziam isn't real. I really do agree with this I think! Because something I've seen Larries say over the years (to anti's especially) is that you can't look at one single piece of'proof' or video and base your entire view on that alone. You need more, a pattern over time, to really see how it doesn't make sense. There are plenty of timelines for Larry that span literally 2010-2020, with Ziam it's a bit more rare?
(3) Even though they have started popping up more lately. So I do wonder if the Larries claiming Ziam isn't real have actually checked those out at all? Or maybe they don't actually care about looking into it, which of course is fine, but then they shouldn't really speak on it either I think? My main problem is when people say 'no you're wrong' and that is that. Instead of stating their opinion but also saying 'but I obviously can't really know'. The making someone seem stupid is really not
(4) fair. I'm saying this as someone who didn't know about Ziam (as well as the ot5 narratives) until late 2019/early 2020, when I stumbled upon 'I like yoghurt school mondays' timelines on youtube and literally watched them all the way through without skipping! That was all it took for me to 'believe'. Especially telling was how much Harry and Louis actually are 'captains' of the Ziam ship! I then went to look for more and found Bakagamieru's fantastic masterposts! It changed my entire pov on
(5) 1D. But I did need that 'pattern' to get it. So as a former (only) Larrie, since 2013, now seeing the big Larry blogs saying how 'free' Zayn and Liam are and how the other boys hate Zayn etc, is soo frustrating when I'm on 'the other side' you know? We are such good detectives when it comes to all things H/L, but blind to another side completely, which is kind of baffling actually ._. We should be suspicious of everything in this goddamn band!! xD And another thing, people are hypocritical
(6) about a lot of things in general too I think. Liam putting a triangle in his vid = just a random thing. Louis putting a triangle in a vid? OMG HE IS SIGNALLING TO US!! (which I agree with of course!) but the point stands. He also wore a triangle necklace several times. Then how the other babygates are so real, when they probably haven't checked out how weird and alike they all are? Latest was Zayn's song about hinting at not being straight and Larries take it as him saying it in general or
(7) about H/L? When they are supposed to 'hate' each other and all? And we know in the Larrie fandom not to believe in written interviews or the media and yet that is what happens. The narratives re ot5 esp, changes all the time. Have they 'made up recently' or are they 'too immature to make up', which one is it gonna be this week? Anyways, not saying I'm more 'woke' than anyone else or anything. Like I said, I believed it too for years, which is sad :( I was so focused on Larry and it's
(8) been an emotionally taxing 'relationship' haha! I never said anything ON Ziam though. Never even looked into the tag tbh. I saw them as best friends. I also took a break around the whole Zayn leaving/bbg thing and so I missed a whole lot! Now, knowing and believing in both Ziam but also that ot5 never had a feud, and that the narratives are still going on/changing constantly and babygates are STILL happening in this day and age.. I can't just accept that 'they are all free'. But yeah, the
(9) problem isn't that people aren't into Ziam, just that some tend to talk about them a lot in a negative way/making others seem stupid. Sort of like how some people will talk negatively about H/gender and people who connect to it. Let people have their opinions and if you don't agree, just don't speak on the matter. / Sorry for the very long message! I don't know how to send it all at once like you appearantly can now? Have saved in a document just in case so I can resend, cause tumblr likes
(10) to eat asks. Feel free to just answer in tags privately if you want. And take all the time you need to read/answer, no rush at all! This is literally just me on a rant :P There should be 10 parts with this final one. Hope you have a good day/night or what it is where you live :)
Thank you for your thoughts and patience 🌷
Gonna comment in parts as well:
(1) not annoying and we already established that each party is gonna talk about what they feel comfortable about, all good. yes, seems like we are, that's cool :)
(2) yup, I most definitely agree on the importance of that and nobody can deny the excellence of Larries' contextual timelines (even if sometimes maybe a tad invasive, one could critique). Except for the ILYSM, I only ever saw snippets of timelines for Ziam, I think? Some really on point, some pretty vague? My own 'timeline' is the very real knowledge that I witnessed patterns in e.g. 2014/15, even though I don't remember a lot of the details anymore. (Obviously that doesn't help anyone but me, aha.) Lots of Ziam veterans left the fandom, blogs were closed, it seems. Idk how much (HQ detective) material got lost in the process?
(3) But oh, are there new timelines?? By whom? Wanna see 🧐😍 I saw somewhat unstructured posts about the stuff that had occured in 2020 and it's not that much, but what can one expect when L&Z are basically MIA all the time. And there never was no touring, no new band, no significant part of the audience that was invested in the queer love story and Imo currently needs to be somewhat held warm, on Zayn's side practically zero interviews,etc. Anyway. I would assume that for anyone who doesn't believe in Ziam in the first place, it would be hard to put weight on these recent happenings as they probably look very reaching without the foundation of everything up to the hiatus. Some of it sounded reaching to me, but hey, it's been a long and dry season, and Larries have enjoyed harmless reaching as well before. Personally, I really enjoyed e.g. the few bits of Liam's implicit body language in that livestream in September, also no happy "yay we're both dads now" (plus a smirking Ruth.. "Didn't you know about the new song, Liam?? Where have you been?? [Baby who??]") :3
But yes, one just doesn't know who looked up what. It's just that personally, back in 1d times, I experienced that literally every blog on my dash who had not been about ot5/Ziam jumped on the bandwagon the exact second something officially happened (as long as it was not against H&L) (so no time for in-depth judgement of a situation), and add to that the lovely nonsensical opinion posts (personal highlight was one very rude post from my once favourite popular blog who didn't have even just one Ziam-blog in their blogroll).. well 🤕
(4) yes, bless ILYSM, they provide a great start 🌸 (Did anyone ever interact with them?? Who was that? Was it just a lonely person on youtube?? Idk :D) I’ve seen some people rejecting H&L on the basis that there isn't such a easily digestible timeline.. which wrong! 
Yes, the boys' behaviours! E.g. in the TIU interview where Louis annoys Liam by touching Zayn to which Liam then reacts. Most Larries (have to) interpret it as Louis simply making Harry jealous - even though the behavioural chain doesn't even make sense from that POV, also Harry reacts completely oblivious to it (but oh poor Niall 🤣). Not to mention the Vegas concert.. when I saw that shit for the first time, I almost threw my laptop into a corner 🙈🙈🙈 I had been so used to analyzing H&L's (and, if necessary, the rest of the band's) body language that to me, it would not have made any sense at all to ignore the meaning of what my eyes just saw! So after a night of ILYSM, I wasn't 100% convinced, I needed time just like with H&L, but I was second-guessing all blogs on my dash and was immediately looking for Ziam/ot5 perspective to observe if it's really all that, and well.. [ Zayn voice ] a whole new world 🎶
(5-7) yes, "baffling" and "hypocritical" are important words, Nonnie 👌 Frustrating as hell, I feel you. Idk about you, but I looked up to these fighters for love (well, I mean, some still literally call themselves "army", so it's appropriate).. then I realized that in order to fight the gaslighted image of being delusional people that completely lost their marbles, some of them almost kind of fought against the threat of Ziam? To me, it weirdly felt like a betrayal.. how can I take your holy motives seriously if you ignore or worse talk unfounded shit about the other theory? (But omg, ofc not all of the Larries!!) Hope it was better for you!
I only know a little about Zayn's 3rd album, I had been mostly MIA during Jan/half of Feb since I had been writing my thesis. Wasn't in the right mind yet to dive into the new music and speculation (yes hi, sometimes I'm a weird fan). But yeah, I saw some posts about some shade.
(8) How did you cope with the newfound info on your blog? Are you an undercover ot5-ist or did you say “Guess what I just discovered, lovelies!!” or what? :)
Reblogged some posts about the contracting business and if this can be speculated about H&L, there is really no reason why it couldn't be applied to L&Z as well. 
(9) Somewhat similar, I agree. Only in the case of the gender discussions, some blogs outright call people who found safety and comfort in Harry’s being (without stating that Harry’s definitely one way or the other) “freaks” and are ridiculing their profound understanding on non-cis matters, experiences and research - thereby perpetuating our world’s systematic transphobia. (”Simply” ignoring only the posts on Harry and gender (meanwhile speculating their sexuality all day long) is already transphobic.) In the case of Ziam erasure, latent racism has been discussed as one of many reasons before, but I assume a big part it’s mostly the weird micro dynamics of our 1d fandom cosmos. But the belittling sucks nonetheless and is hypocritical.
(10) Oh, I have no idea. I’m also always wondering how anons send long-ass posts to blogs. Google as well? Ok, so. This is just pure, pointless chaos, I apologize in advance, LOL. Please respond only in a way that suits yourself and without pressure. I’ll do the same :)
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zathuraroy5 · 3 months ago
Supernatural rewatch 2x17
(queued 2021/02/20)
Werewolf episode!!!! God like, I know how this one ends, obviously, but like in my secret good supernatural, once Sam is leader of the new and improved Hunter network, there's systems in place to help people that happen to be monsters cope. Like I can't wait to meet Garth
Hey, bucky barnes? XD
Tumblr media
@adhdeancas Budget Sebastian Stan
Oh shit she's already a Werewolf? I guess they skipped a few scenes to keep the suspense and the plot twist. (Saying this, because her boss is ripped to shreds. And if I remember she's the one that did it? I might be wrong) (ya she was already werewolf for a month)
Lolol Dean is so excited by the Werewolf. "Werewolves are badass" XD
@adhdeancas: Werewolves ARE badass. (Also shhh inherently queer coded)
Lolol you know something. If you do, I'm good, I'll find out. (Also valid, almost every monster is queer coded in this show lol)
Right. They make you think it's the creepy stalker ex-boyfriend. But if I remember correctly it's the neighbor, right?
Lolol they do rock paper scissors to choose who stays to protect the girl XD
All serious like. "Dean always with the scissors" OMG ITS THE QUOTE
Lolol girl folding her panties in front of Sam
@adhdeancas: Oho it’s a good ep. And YES the rock papers scissors, only fair way to do things. (Also, true. Monsters are queer).
Omg. Valid thesis and explanation, but I'm deaded by "alsonakeddudesfucking".
@adhdeancas: lmao yep. accurate y'know
I felt the same way during the vampire episode. Den of iniquity. Having to share bodily fluids to change.
@adhdeancas: Yeahhhh yeah yeah. so much queer coding dear god
The shape shifter. That whole speech about never fitting in, just wanting to be touched, and loved, and accepted
@adhdeancas: i'll go insane if i think about all the ways monsters have been written to mean queer people and therefore queer people have been made into monsters.
You could even argue that ghosts are the people that are like, "dead to me", but they are still very much there and haunt the existence of "normal" people
I know there's more but I'm blanking
And like in just this episode. The werewolves take the heart of their victims???
Oh yes. Let's not talk about the genderless angels
@adhdeancas: oh I Love talking about it
(back to the episode after the queer studies talk) 
Lolol Sam got super into the story of the telenovela
@adhdeancas: both dean and sam are so into telenovelas
They're adorable
@adhdeancas: they are. i could make it sad about their life on the road with only access to the things on the motel tvs but i won't
Too late 😭😭
Lolol Dean at the strip club. Being very typical male. Which is making me want to write another essay. On the performance of the masculine and the attraction towards women vs men. How when it's women, it's full of leers and voyeurism and sexual in nature. When it's men it's violence and camaraderie, brothers in arms and rough and tumble. No vulnerability in neither. Intimacy is stolen touches. Because a man doesn't cuddle. Grumbly acceptance of small touches when it's women, strong pats on the back when it's men. Always on guard to never show too much emotions, or neediness.
@adhdeancas: oh my god. yes say that. in order to make a man seem like a man to other men he must treat women like objects because relating to women is gay. gendernatural
Good lord. Thank you for putting it into words
@adhdeancas: i live for gender studies
Even when it's two men attracted to each other, can't be seen as "womanly"
I'm slowly getting better at it. (gender studies)
Also pertaining to the episode. Sam being attracted to the "monster". Being "tricked", even if the monster was unaware. Ahhhhh (so he didn’t have sex with her before they found out, but there was still heavy flirtation and come hither, so my theory still fits lol)
@adhdeancas: it's so confusing and interesting to unwrap those fucking layers, it's alllll wrapped up together. agh yes the Sam being violated constantly thing. just agh
Wait wait. He didn't have sex with her yet... Wait let me keep going. This might change my theory
Oh. My. God. Wait. So they just found out it's her. Am I remembering the episode wrong?
Wow they really go 180 when they think someone's a monster
Oh God Dean's face when he realizes the person actually doesn't remember. (when he killed the guy werewolf) It's a human dying. The CONFLICT
Right. She never fell asleep (the night they waiting for her to transform)
So she didn't turn. Oh hug! Lol
Dean is too funny in this one omg. Not smooth
Ayy, Sammy getting some.
Those close ups good god
Wait they just stayed all day in bed? (literally, it was sunrise, sex, then night fall)
Andddd she's still a werewolf
Dean "can't help it Sammy, a part of her is .." Sam "evil? That's what they say about me! So what, you won't kill me but you're just gonna blow her away?" Dean looking conflicted.
@adhdeancas: yeahhhh. and they never fucking revisit that
Also I've noticed a lot of tv shows don't know how to end phone conversations. There's often no exchange of goodbyes, which are often long and awkward. Fics do it better, and it's in written form.
Ok fuck this, like I get this is a parallel to how Sam is asking Dean to kill him, now it's her asking Sam to kill her. But 1) she's way too calm and 2) they tried ONE thing, they "scoured every source" (which, I'm sorry, as good as Bobby is, he's not "every source") and now it's all over, not trying anything else. The Monster must be put down.
How to write stories Homophobically racist
"I'm asking you to save me" like FUCK
Dean saying he can do it. Parent trying to save grief.
Dean actually shedding a tear. Grief over a person that they couldn't save. Fear of having to do the same thing in the future. The micRO exPRESsionS
(Thank you for coming to this tedtalk on monster queer studies)
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hq-girl-next-door · 3 months ago
Sometimes I hate tumblr for its notifications... I didn't get the fluff one 😭😭 So I'm late for that as always... Sorry about that
My favorite fluff imagination (of course with Asahi, you know me xD) is following:
Fridays I got home from work early. So I know I'm much earlier at home than asahi would be. I got a text from his coworker which said asahi had a bad day. Nothing wild but his mood is at the lowest level ever. And I know when he gets home he could be on the verge of tears. That gives me enough time to prepare everything. I set the table for dinner, prepare snacks and make the order for his favorite food at our favorite restaurant.
So when he gets home, totally exhausted and really on the verge of tears the following conversation would be like this:
I : babe welcome home!
Asahi: hi baby...
I : I know you had a bad day so you just go get a shower. Dinner will be ready in 15, I got your favorite food and we will spend the evening at the couch watching your favorite movies. I don't know exactly in which mood you are so I put out mamma mia, the devil wears prada and pretty Woman. But we can watch something different if you want.
Asahi:... *Stretch out arms, chew on the lower lip and sigh* hug...
I smile softly and cuddle him.
Asahi: I don't know how you knew but I love you for that, that's so sweet...
So we end up on the couch, watching all three movies and cuddle with each other till we fall asleep (We all know, asahi is big and likes to cuddle, so the couch has to be wide and long, then you can also sleep on it too)
I hope you like the thought as much as I do ☺️
Ahh it's okay Luri!! 😚 better late than never hehe 😊
Okay just the thought of Asahi having such a bad day pains me like none other 😭 but being close with his work and having them let you know when he has a bad day is super freaking adorable! Of course I think Asahi would connect the dots at some point since you always seem to know before he even gets home.
But omg yes, those movies, you know he'd love those kinds of movies. But really he wouldnt even me watching the movie. His eyes would be on you as you're laying down with him, his face nuzzled into your chest and your fingers running through his hair. Bc this guy loves to be the little spoon sometimes. He can't help but think how lucky he is to have you and he might think he doesn't deserve such a person as you, but we both know that's not true!
Thank you for sending this in 🥺 you're amazing as always Luri! 😚💕
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heloisedaphnebrightmore · 4 months ago
First of all, I was so nervous I sent that last message without flipping the anon switch because I didn't double check like usual. Lol. It's only a matter of time so hopefully you figure it out before then. 😉
Also, I could not get through this entire post without dying of laughter. I was laughing so hard I was crying last night. It took me 10+ minutes to get a hold of myself. I'm over here having the time of my life and you're going crazy trying to figure it out. I'm sorry I'm laughing but it's just so much fun for me. 😂
Aw Gina, I love you too!!! I'm glad to be back too. I'll try to be more consistent. 😊
Welp, at least now you know I'm not from the UK if I don't know the difference between pounds and euros. Haha. But I Googled it and omg 120 pounds is even more than 120 euros! Geez!
Oh gosh no, I'm alright. No need to be nervous. I just catch a lot of colds because I spend a lot of time in the cold and as we've established, I only kind of take care of myself. Haha.
That draft is everything! I'm gone for two days and you're ready to send out a search party for me. 😅 I wish I'd waited so I could see that post. 🤣🤣🤣 I say post it anyway just so I can see. Maybe you can get the entire Harry Potter side of Tumblr searching for me. (I'm kidding! 😅)
Omg I'm just glad that at least last night it wasn't me that kept you up until 7am but instead it was Tiktok. I'm only responsible for the hour between 4 and 5am. So that's something at least. 😅
because no, I don't want to talk about me, I am ready to find out who you are!
I think we might have to come up with a rule here. I think when you ask a series of questions at the end (like in your last message) I get to pick one identity question from the group but you also have to include a getting to know you question that we both answer (like favorite color or favorite movie or something). 😊
Here are my highlights from your lists:
The Shadowhunters thing actually could be a useful clue if you know where to look or who to ask. So I'm glad you remember that. 😉
Personal Edition:
Ok the first three made me smile so much. You're the best. 😊
4. 6 days ago you wrote; the new semester has started
Dang Gina! You're really out here making a timeline of all our interactions aren't you? 🤣🤣🤣
5. You are hoping you'll be able to read and interact a little more.
Once again, this actually could be a clue if you know where to look.
7. You only kind of take care of yourself; Let me get my slipper 😅
No slippers needed today. After this I'm gonna have brunch and I promise to drink a full glass of something with my meal. (I hate water but it'll be something)
9. You are doing a research project on landing mechanics in a specific sport; This is where I thought I knew who you were. Then you destroyed it by saying; You are majoring in science and you like testing and analyzation 🙈
I'm super interested in who you thought I was with this one. I am curious to know how the second portion destroyed that, because research and analyzation go together, do they not? I'm confused.
18. We talked a few times in different places; How is that a clue?! 😂
That's literally the most important clue I've given you! It means you might have to look outside of our asks to find answers to my clues! I actually thought I gave myself away the other day, and I was absolutely dying of laughter watching you respond and realizing you hadn't noticed.
You are actually correct on all three of those! You do follow me, I am over 18, and I am from the US!
It sounds like the science thing is what's tripping you up the most, so I will clarify (kind of) "I'm majoring in a science"
Of those clues you asked for, many of them will give me away! So instead I will technically answer one but make it extra vague; There are 3 names people on Tumblr call me, and in alphabetical order the letters they start with are E, I, and M.
Yes, I much prefer these vague clues... 😄 But to be honest, I threw in a couple good ones this time so hopefully you've made a little progress and have some ideas of where to look next. I also honestly think I gave myself away today, so I am anxiously awaiting your response. 😬
(I wish I could put a read more in asks, this has gotten super long so apologies to your followers. Although by the looks of the likes on some of our messages it looks like some people are enjoying this as much as I am 😅) -⭐
Shoot, I wish you forgot to switch the anon xD
Actually, it is hilarious, so I completely understand xD I’m feeling like Sherlock Holmes but a dumber, less useful version. Like a faulty Sherlock Holmes xD
Rest under the cut :D
I don’t want you to feel like you have to message me or it’s like an obligation so if you have no time and you are too busy, then just take your time, I completely get it, we are not rushing anywhere. <3
Hahaha you would love it if everyone searched for you :D The anonymous Tumblr celebrity xD I might post it regardless, but I don’t want to get attacked about trying to expose my anon’s identity. I have seen posts where people went off on accounts saying they shouldn’t try knowing their anon’s identity as they chose to be on anon for a reason. I don’t really want to have to explain myself to everyone and coming off stalkerish and you are the only one who knows the whole story and a couple of my followers xD I will have to think this through, until then it sits in my drafts. :D
Okay, pink and black are my favourite colours and I don’t have a favourite movie. Now that it’s out of the way, back to you xD
You see, you said you spend a lot of time in the cold! Once again this makes me think of the same person I initially thought of. When you referred to Shadowhunters, again it’s the same person I am thinking of, but there is also another person in my mind so now I have two options.
Research and analysis go together, but again the person I thought of said something about studying sport stuff, exercise science thingy, that’s why it threw me off. That’s why I changed my mind and decided you are not that person. But now that you say A science it makes me think of that person again, but on the other hand I don’t know what the other protentional person studies. God, you are killing me!
You say we have talked the other day. There was only 4 people I have talked to outside of my asks recently and one of them was the same person I thought of from the beginning, but also my second option was between those 4 people too.
Both of my options are 18+, I follow them, and they are from the US. You see, both of my options have at least one of those letters, but now I’m off to confusion land again, because you said they call you 3 names. Who on earth uses 3 names? xD
5. You are hoping you'll be able to read and interact a little more. - Once again, this actually could be a clue if you know where to look.
This did not help at all xD I think what you consider clue is not a clue for me and what I consider a clue is not a clue for you xD This is getting twisted at this stage xD I honestly think we are both in the same Discord server, I am quite sure at this point.
The fact that you think you gave yourself away makes me feel utterly useless. I am trying to think of all the people I have talked to recently and all of them has I, E and M in their name or their name starts with those letters, but only one of them talked to me about cold and science. Whether I am missing something very obvious or I know who you are, and I am simply questioning myself at this point.
Let me ask you one question, which would help me find the right answer. Have you got any injuries and if yes, what’s that? :D
I feel like I’m close, but at the same time I keep questioning it <3
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sleepylixie · 4 months ago
I have nowhere enough money to buy books I got them from my uncle lol. I'm not sure if it's just because it's how I read all the time now but I really like reading on my phone. I feel like I've heard of that extra book? I never thought about reading it for some reason, weird. Ooooooh I'll be back to ask what you thought owo. Sorry if you like acotar but I read that first book and it was Not It for me. I'll probably be on a wait list again, sigh. I'll read it when I can though! A fantasy series I actually finished hm. YES I can talk about the Raven Cycle 😊. Best boy noah from the first book faded out of existence that was so sad. The ending......... Um. It happened 😂. I'm so glad I could read the series in a month bc waiting for that last book would have been trasssssh.
I life physical copies, but I’m not partial hehe- any written medium works just fine for me pffft xD The Fork, the witch and the worm is like, a collections of short stories in and around Alagesia (idk if I spelled it right) from different points of time. Really interesting- if I remember right, Eragon appears there hehe. Feel free to lmk once you read it!! :D
Omg, Raven cycle has been on my readlist for AGES, I just keep putting it off idek why!? I will definitely get to it asap now that I have a solid go-ahead :D
Okay, I need to talk about ACOTAR, I have way too many thoughts. (Any fantasy series fans out here might wanna skip out on this if you like to pick fights. It’s gonna be a big long rant.)
I fucking adored ACOTAR, tbh- the entire series, to be very honest. For the first 3 re-reads. Around that point I started noticing some oddities in the text and the characters that I just couldn’t ignore.
It all seemed lowkey... insensitive. The way the Illyrians were consistently portrayed as tan/dark and permanently alluding them to nothing more than female-hating, war-mongering barbarians who needed to be kept under control. 
And don’t get me started on Rhys- that dude was a prince Charming in my eyes until this one post on Instagram just opened my eyes to every red flag in his character I’d just conveniently ignored because OH, he was saving Feyre from the bastard Tamlin and was helping her out of the traumatic spiral she was falling through. But that guy is fucking unpredictable. A lowkey sociopath. I won’t go into the details coz that would straight up be spoilers, but sweet book anon, there’s so much wrong about Rhys and his entire character that I can’t stomach reading that series ever again. Everything about him only looks good with heavily rose-tinted glasses. Take those off and he’s bound to look like the monster I’m fairly sure SJM didn’t intend to make him look like-
And please, don’t get me started on the way Nesta Archeron’s trauma is dealt with. I think that entire series of events was what put me off the series as a whole. She’s painted as a reclusive villain who rejects her poor sisters’ advances and has to be sent to REFORM. WHERE? To the said barBARIANS’ CAMP. 
SJM Really fucked up with the nuances she wittingly or unwittingly left behind with the entire series as a whole. So, lovely anon, you did the right thing by throwing the book down your readlist. :// If you do get through it at some point and have different opinions, Please do let me know! 
I’m absolutely open to opinions (This entire rant has been a bit of a peek into my own) and would love to hear yours. :) 
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