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kingjasnah · 4 hours ago
calling it warbreaker 2 is infinitely more fun to me than calling it nightblood like this isn't even about possible confusion due to it being a characters name it's just more fun. we should all actually call bands of mourning mistborn 6.
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captainsaltypear · 13 hours ago
As much as I love the thought of Gabriel beihg a good father to adrien yadda yadda yadda, there's something so damn funny about chat blanc where hawkmoth's first reaction to adrien being bloody chat noir isn't "oh no I've been endangering my son for the past few years with my akumas!" IT'S "OH TIME TO DROP THIS TEENAGER AGAIN" and doesn't even hesitate to fight his own son like SIR???
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kiwi-the-first · 14 hours ago
So no Mando this year?
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lamphous · 15 hours ago
I'm not gonna put actual images in front of you because that would be cruel and unusual but suffice to say when cas walks out at the end of 15x03 the rupture after jack's death and when wilson walks out at the end of 5x01 dying changes everything after amber's death is like.... the same
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billypotts · 15 hours ago
cas: just looking at you hurts. i’m going to heal you.
dean: i love you
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zijuu · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
#I’d say my hair is at the classic length rn which I would say is the longest it’s ever been. every time it is loose (which is only when I#brush it or when I shower I’m like 😮 it’s so long and nice but other than that it’s always in a braid) but I feel like it’s getting a#little too long and it’s not like I’m doing anything with it?? the only ppl who get to see it is my household and sometimes my friends when#I’m FaceTiming them. it’s also been getting a little in the way even tho it’s always in a braid cuz the braids gotten quite long as well#It’s around hip-length when it’s in a braid. anyway I’m thinking of chopping it off and maybe donating it? I’ve been letting it grow bc I#was supposed to go to Afghanistan this summer and wanted to have long hair since all the girls there have long hair and I was planning on#cutting and dyeing it for the first time after my vacation in Afghanistan but since I’m not going anymore there really aren’t many reasons#to keep it this long. does feel like a pity tho I feel a little attached do it......... but like I said I’ve never dyed my hair and have#been wanting to do that OH AND GOING BALD! I’ve been wanting to go bald for like 4 years now but was never allowed so and for that past#2 years I’ve been saying to my parents: after we go to afgh in summer 2021 I’m dyeing/bleaching (cuz I want a pastel colour maybe) my hair#and then going bald and I just need to do it. my parents have been saying yeah yeah ok but I think that they think that I will chicken out#and not do it? but I really do want to. sooooo. gonna keep it long this summer and then in September I’m going to bleach/dye and cut and#then go bald inshallah#no wait actually. the first post I made on this blog about going bald/dyeing my hair was feb 2014! 😯 so I’ve been wanting this for much#longer than I thought
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littlemuppetmonsters · 19 hours ago
Okay i finished all 3 books yay wow what the fuck. Side note i think i might actually maybe have covid now lol
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apprenticealec · 19 hours ago
Listen I’m not one to think about fankids just because I don’t think about kids in general but the idea of an older Jamil, Camia, and Leon holding one of Alec’s kids—
I’m gonna weep 😭
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s2 people opinions
kelly: exactly what bethenny said. a moron. holy shit. like she's genuinely stupid i think. cant get a single sentence that makes sense out of her mouth. and don't get me started on her mouth. WHY DOES SHE DO SO WEIRD WITH IT??? and how she says hiiii how are youuuuu omg hiiiiii i can't
luann: shut up about being the countess, you were condescending as shit and i still can't hate you
bethenny: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
jill: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ jill zaaaaaarin BOBBBBYYYYYYYY i love her accent so much
ramona: liked het way better this season than season 1. prolly cause she seems completely sane next to kelly
alex: girl shut up. but her and simon are still pretty funny to watch
mario: can die
simon: those leather pants were hilarious
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starlightjoong · a day ago
aaaaAAAAAAA THOSE MEMES ARE SO CUTE JULIE IS SO PRECIOUS!!! 😭😭😭😭 i can imagine the look on Chan's face when he receives those memes 😔😔✋ not @ Vernon judging her hshdhshs pls she's trying her best
Also!!! May i make a contribution to jules' meme collection:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I am no longer baby i want power" is such an accurate description of juliet tho!!! 😭😭😭 she reminds me of this
Tumblr media
the shrek one is definitely... something else ajshjwjdjsj 😟😟😟😟😟😟 yeah vernon is definitely judging her hard for that one 💀💀 but the other ones are cute so it’s okay!!! her memes haven’t gotten too questionable to the point where mama hwa has to take her phone away 😔 the italy one hajdhwjdhjw how have i never seen it before???? i am ashamed jahdjwjdj 😭 “i’m no longer baby i want power” and the chicken one are literally her pls :(((
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blxckh0les42 · a day ago
Why do all the songs of beastars go so hard,,,,like sir,,this is an anime on a bunny and a wolf where are the moral dilemmas and existential crisis coming from
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