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asklordcaptaincastronova · 10 months ago
Betterbemetaa replied: that's true-- sleep is high efficiency because sleep is free (provided you have space for people to sleep and some kind of bedding)
Not only is there space for people to sleep, sometimes they are actual bunks and not hammocks! Or even a choice between the two!
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rubencondrai · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My man went fishing today. And stood on Merrick’s head. As you do.
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Since I tasted the #SeaVitamin years ago, I have been living 70% of my LIFE on SEA. I am addicted and I Love It 😻...... • • • #vitaminsea #sealover #seavitamin #seaman #seamanlife #seafarer #seafarers #lifeatsea #oceanicjobs #shipper #carrier #transporter #trader #ocean #oceanview #oceanlife #oceanside #cruiser #cruisers #voyager #captain #sailor #pilot #shipcrew #seajob #workatsea #marineofficer #fishing #fishinglife (at At Sea)
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artiaxelreports · 3 days ago
Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Disinfection Robot Market 2021 | Trends, Growth Demand, Opportunities & Forecast To 2027
Medical Disinfection Robot Market is analyzed with industry experts in mind to maximize return on investment by providing clear information needed for informed business decisions. This research will help both established and new entrants to identify and analyze market needs, market size and competition. It explains the supply and demand situation, the competitive scenario, and the challenges for market growth, market opportunities and the threats faced by key players.
Sample Copy of This Report:
A 360 degree outline of the competitive scenario of the Global Medical Disinfection Robot Market is presented by Axel Reports. It has a massive data allied to the recent product and technological developments in the markets.
It has a wide-ranging analysis of the impact of these advancements on the market’s future growth, wide-ranging analysis of these extensions on the market’s future growth. The research report studies the market in a detailed manner by explaining the key facets of the market that are foreseeable to have a countable stimulus on its developing extrapolations over the forecast period.
Reasons for buying this report:
It offers an analysis of changing competitive scenario.
For making informed decisions in the businesses, it offers analytical data with strategic planning methodologies.
It offers seven-year assessment of Global Medical Disinfection Robot
It helps in understanding the major key product segments.
Researchers throw light on the dynamics of the market such as drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities.
It offers regional analysis of Global Medical Disinfection Robot Market along with business profiles of several stakeholders.
It offers massive data about trending factors that will influence the progress of the Global Medical Disinfection Robot
Get ToC for the overview of the premium report
By Market Players: UVD Robots Blue Ocean Robotics The Clorox Company Bioquell Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) STERIS Surfacide Xenex PDI Healthcare, Inc. Infection Prevention Technologies UVC Cleaning Systems By Type UV-C Disinfection Robot HPV Disinfection Robot By Application Hospital Outpatient Hospital Ward Hospital Corridor Other
A detailed outline of the Global Medical Disinfection Robot Market includes a comprehensive analysis of different verticals of businesses. North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Europe have been considered for the studies on the basis of several terminologies.
This is anticipated to drive the Global Medical Disinfection Robot Market over the forecast period. This research report covers the market landscape and its progress prospects in the near future. After studying key companies, the report focuses on the new entrants contributing to the growth of the market. Most companies in the Global Medical Disinfection Robot Market are currently adopting new technological trends in the market.
Finally, the researchers throw light on different ways to discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats affecting the growth of the Global Medical Disinfection Robot Market. The feasibility of the new report is also measured in this research report.
Make an Enquiry for purchasing this Report :
Table of Contents:
Global Medical Disinfection Robot Market Overview
Economic Impact on Industry
Market Competition by Manufacturers
Production, Revenue (Value) by Region
Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend by Type
Market Analysis by Application
Cost Analysis
Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers
Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders
Market Effect Factors Analysis
Global Medical Disinfection Robot Market Forecast
Axel Reports has the most comprehensive collection of market research products and services available on the web. We deliver reports from virtually all major publications and refresh our list regularly to provide you with immediate online access to the world’s most extensive and up-to-date archive of professional insights into global markets, companies, goods, and patterns.
Contact: Axel Reports Akansha G (Knowledge Partner) Office No- B 201 Pune, Maharashtra 411060 Phone: US +18488639402 Email: Web:
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miki-agrawal · 3 days ago
As Toilet Paper Stock Plunges, Bidets Are Making a Splash
Manufacturers say bidet sales have gone up “ten times” since news of the coronavirus broke last year
Originally Posted On by Tim Chan On Feb 23, 2021
Tumblr media
Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.
Though cases of coronavirus continue to climb, the panic over toilet paper and the hoarding household goods and supplies seems to have subsided — thankfully — for now. But while staking a line at your nearest Trader Joe’s or placing a bulk order on Amazon is one way to replenish your stock, the best way to combat a toilet paper shortage in the future might be skipping the TP altogether and backing up to the old-school appeal of a bidet.
According to research firm, BRG, the overall bidet market has seen a “13 percent lift” over the last few years, and it’s only picked up since the Covid-19 outbreak. James Walsh, the Vice-President of Product Marketing at bathroom fixtures brand, American Standard, says “Orders for manual bidet seats have increased to five times more than the monthly average, while entry-level electronic bidet seats increased by three times the monthly average.” American Standard also saw a 168% increase in website traffic to its SpaLet pages over the previous period in the week immediately following stay-at-home orders last March.
Meantime, Jason Ojalvo, CEO of the bathroom brand, TUSHY, says sales of the brand’s bidets have grown “from double to triple to 10 times” (and counting) after fears over the coronavirus caused a toilet paper-buying frenzy. With toilet paper in short supply, “This could be the tipping point that finally gets Americans to adopt the bidet,” Ojalvo says.
What is a Bidet and How Does a Bidet Work?
Bidets are common fixtures in many European bathrooms and bougie Japanese versions go for hundreds of dollars online, but the washing basin has been slower to be adopted on this side of the oceans. Essentially a large bowl that uses a gentle stream of water to clean out your backside, traditional bidets were separate units that typically sat next to a toilet in the bathroom.
These days, a number of companies have introduced clip-in bidets or bidet attachments that are either affixed next to the toilet seat or can be part of the seat itself (the attachments are easily removable too). So-called “smart toilets” — essentially a bidet-toilet hybrid — also work, by combining both functions in one.
Tumblr media
Bio Bidet Discovery DLX, $2699.99, available at Bio Bidet
There are even luxury bidets like the Bio Bidet Discover DLX (pictured above), which features a built-in UV sterilizer, a touchless self-rising lid, and auto flush. The heated seat can be adjusted to your desired temperature, while a rear wash function keeps things clean (and self-contained in the basin). That little sensor on the base? It lets you make a kicking motion to lift the lid, lower the seat, and flush when you’re all done.
Bidet vs. Toilet Paper
The team behind TUSHY says you’ll use “80% less toilet paper” with the addition of a bidet (you still need to pat yourself dry after using, though you can easily swap toilet paper for a hand towel or something similar). And considering Americans use more than 36 billion rolls of toilet paper every year — resulting in the loss of 15 million trees — bidets could go a long way toward not only saving our sanity during this toilet paper shortage, but also saving precious natural resources for generations to come.
Tumblr media
TUSHY Classic Bidet Attachment, $99, available at TUSHY
Omigo’s “Element” bidet attachment uses dedicated rear and front nozzles for a more thorough clean. With the Element, like most bidet attachments, no electricity or power is needed, so it won’t take a swipe at your energy bills. Omigo calls their line of bidets a “clean and green solution to rethinking hygiene.”
Tumblr media
Omigo Non-Electric Bidet Attachment, $89, available at Omigo
Is Using a Bidet Sanitary?
Aside from easing our reliance on toilet paper and electricity, switching to a bidet may also be better for health and hygiene. According to Dr. Alex You, an L.A.-based emergency physician, bidets are more effective than regular TP because they use pressure and water. “If you have dirt on your hands you would want to use water [too] and not just wipe it on a paper towel right?” he asks. “Using toilet paper alone just wipes and smears your poop.”
“Health-wise, using a bidet is also important because many diseases, including things like hepatitis and potentially Covid-19 can be transmitted through fecal oral transmission,” You says. “Also, its just good hygiene.”
According to the team at TUSHY, wiping with dry paper or wet wipes contributes to “30 million annual cases of hemorrhoids, UTIs, yeast infections, anal fissures and itching.” So, you know: not great.
What Are the Benefits of a Bidet?
Frankly, a bidet also just feels damn good around your under-carriage. The stream of water gently caresses your nooks and crannies without being invasive. And it’s a whole lot easier than trying to slide in there with TP alone. In just a few seconds, you’ll have cleaner cheeks and a more refreshed rear end.
If there’s a crack against using a bidet, it’s that the device isn’t super portable. But many companies — including TUSHY — have introduced travel-sized bidets, that utilize an angled nozzle and squeeze bottle to get the job done. As for the myth that a bidet recycles your toilet water? Consider that fake news.
“‘Isn’t it dirty toilet water you’re spraying your butt with?’ is a myth we often hear,” says Ojalvo. “[but] the bidet uses the same water in your bathroom that you use to brush your teeth — the water comes from behind the wall, not your toilet.”
When it comes to personal hygiene, there isn’t a one-swipe-fits-all solution, but as toilet paper shortages continue, expect bidet sales to continue to rise.
“Even though they are not a staple in every Americans’ home and business, there has been a bidet buzz for years now,” says Walsh. “People are looking for convenient, sustainable solutions for health and wellness in their everyday life and bidets answer that need.”
“The reality is, once you use a bidet to clean after pooping you cannot go back to wiping and toilet paper,” Ojalvo says. “Wiping seems not just inefficient, but also barbaric, by comparison.”
What Are the Best Bidets?
1. TUSHY Classic Bidet Toilet Attachment
The team behind TUSHY says you’ll use “80% less toilet paper” with the addition of a bidet (you still need to pat yourself dry after using, though you can easily swap toilet paper for a hand towel or something similar). And considering Americans use more than 36 billion rolls of toilet paper every year — resulting in the loss of 15 million trees — bidets could go a long way to saving precious natural resources for generations to come.
This bidet attachment installs in ten minutes and doesn’t require any electricity or additional plumbing. To use: turn the knob to set the nozzle spray. Adjust intensity and duration as necessary.
Tumblr media
Buy: TUSHY Classic Bidet Toilet Attachment at $79.00
2. SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat
Swap your basic toilet seat for this electric bidet seat from SmartBidet. The seat is easy to install yourself (no need to hire a plumber) and accommodates up to 440 pounds in weight.
A built-in “skin sensor” activates the seat when you sit down. Use the included remote control to cycle through five different water pressure levels, three different water temperatures and five different nozzle positions. The nozzle can be used for a “posterior wash” or for a “feminine wash” as well. The “turbo wash” gives you a more invigorating clean.
A built-in warm dryer lets you finish off without needing to reach for toilet paper.
Tumblr media
Buy: SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat at $249.99
3. Luxe Bidet Mechanical Bidet Attachment
The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is a simple, no-fuss bidet that uses fresh water and a powerful nozzle to give you a thorough, targeted clean.
Turn one of the chrome knobs to “wash,” and then use the other knob to select your desired water pressure.
What we like: a hygienic “nozzle guard gate” shields the nozzle to prevent unwanted (or unsightly) splashes. The nozzle automatically retracts behind the guard gate after each wash. The nozzle is self-cleaning.
The Neo 120 is easy to install and attaches to most standard toilets. Its slim, low-profile design doesn’t take up too much room.
Tumblr media
Buy: Luxe Bidet Mechanical Bidet Attachment at $41.00
4. Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet
A discreet, convenient solution, this GoSpa travel bidet uses a simple squeeze bottle design and spray nozzle to keep you clean on the go.
The bottle holds up to 400ml of water (fill it with cold or hot water) and an air lock on the bottle allows a little air to seep in, so the bidet doesn’t overspray. To use: angle the nozzle arm under your body and gently squeeze the bottle.
This set comes with a drawstring travel bag for easy storage.
Because you fill the bottle yourself, consider adding some essential oils to your water to create your own cleaning solution.
Tumblr media
Buy: Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet at $9.98
5. TOTO C200 Washlet
TOTO takes the throne when it comes to bidets, and their popular Washlet model doubles down on thoughtful details for a cleaner, more comfortable experience.
The first thing you’ll notice is that the lid automatically opens and closes when it senses movement nearby. A “pre-mist” function sprays the inside of the toilet bowl before you sit down, to both clean and also prevent waste from sticking. The self-cleaning wand, meantime, is automatically cleaned inside and out before and after use.
The Washlet features a heated seat and both front and rear cleaning functions. You can also choose from five different temperature and pressure settings. Once you’re done, turn on the warm air dryer to finish off. A built-in air deodorizer removes any lingering germs or smells.
What we like: TOTO says its “AIR-IN WONDER WAVE” technology delivers a more effective and efficient clean. The reason: air is injected into the water, to enlarge the droplets, allowing the spray to cover more surface space without being too aggressive.
Tumblr media
Buy: TOTO C200 Washlet at $464.75
Tushy is a bidet startup which aims to replace toilet paper, Tushy was founded by Miki Agrawal.
Tumblr media
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karstensenshields38 · 3 days ago
How decide An E-currency Exchanger
12/13: While using the Ante Up Poker Tour visiting Red Rock in January, we thought it nicely good to create its tournament director on the program to contact us all by the series. [Visit Website] [Download MP3]. Even the top thought of which a concept would seem astounding and rather unacceptable to a persons mind. However so were two hitherto unheard brothers who glided by the name of Orville and Wilbur Wright along with their Cryptocurrency unbelievable machine that renders travel around the worlds oceans, but merely silky smooth pillow to sleep and get to. RPCMiner is significantly easier to work - obtain click an icon and enter some data - and each have very rudimentary, text-based interfaces. Operating Diablo tiny iMac has not had much effect on application efficiency under OSXalthough it does slow down my Windows 8 machine substantially. Use LinkedIn. While Facebook and Twitter both have huge users list and potential to bring associated with visitors in your website doorstep, LinkedIn can sometimes prove to become much more ROI productive. LinkedIn is a network full of highly educated professionals from different industries and in some industries it truly is send even more targeted audience then other social internet sites. They are ordered and sold through exchange sites. There they can be exchanged into traditional currencies like the Dollar or Euro and even virtual world currencies much like Linden usd. Jered Kenna: We relaunched before the price increase, we hoped to the first there and ride the wave. On the internet a additional interest from institutional investors, the VC community in fact is picking upward now so a regarding tech investors are going into Bitcoin and putting money directly into Bitcoin. That's also fueling the price increase. Some investors will be looking at it extremely. One, is history. Fiat currencies never last. The U.S. Dollar is a fiat currency, no longer backed by anything other than an ever faltering "full faith and credit" among the U.S. Presidency Bitcoin Mining . Since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 the dollar has lost 92% of its purchasing electric power. JK: Prime is meant for accredited investors and entrepreneurs. We're dealing with clients which have making larger investments, and due fot it we'll have fewer clients with a larger average account balance, so we'll be able to provide better dedicated service and dedicated account executives. There won't be waiting and also responses seem quick. Support is mostly for VCs and high networth those who like to trade in alternatives. Bitcoin Method App Review speaking by using a hedge fund right now, and facing traditonal finance guys looking for more professional experience. It will likely be more traditional traders who would like to enter space and who wants to be comfortable.
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sweetsmalldog · 3 days ago
Biome Gods: Selective Worship
A miner has no personal stake in the doing of the Ocean Gods. A lumberjack has no personal stake in the doings of the Subterranean gods. Different regions and different professions worship different gods. Sailors and fishermen will worship the ocean gods, lumberjacks will worship their local forest gods, traders will worship the river god.
It also depends on your region, if you live in the far north you’ll worship the far northern gods Cold Ocean, Ice Spikes, Tundra, and Snowy Taiga (Captain Puffy, Skeppy, Ranboo, and Eret respectively). If you live in a tropical area you’ll worship the gods of Warm Ocean, Jungle, and Bamboo forest (Sam, Antfrost, and Niki respectively). If you’re in an arid biome you’ll worship the gods of Badlands, Desert, and Savannah (Foolish, Karl, and Tubbo respectively). And so on and so forth.
Allyships are honored even when the all of the allied gods aren’t in the immediate pantheon. For example the people of the far and frigid north honor Snowy Taiga’s allyship with their fellow Taiga gods, giving the other two a place of honor and respect during festivals.
This custom gets blurred in the Ice Spikes though as the normal Northern Pantheon includes their god’s ally as a full member of the pantheon. Some scholars hypothesize that this other god is a nether god who has entered our plane as the depictions are not found anywhere else.
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nikkywrites · 4 days ago
Underwing Challenge Day 6
What does your portfolio look like? Talk about as many other WIPs as you’d like here.
Well, my current pinned post is everything that’s been posted here. As for other wips — I have many wips. Many, many wips.
Ocean’s Heart is my “main” wip. It’s what I post more about because I write in it more consistently and thus have more to share. It’s a Greek Myth retelling that meshes trapped-on-island Calypso with Davy Jones betrayed-by-goddess Calypso. It’s a dual story, one with each of their povs. I live in constant fear of how long it will end up being.
Tavern’s Deal is the other wip that got an intro, but it’s on the back burner, honestly. It’s not been worked on in a good while. It’s being rewritten, so the early parts on my Masterlist. It’s about a Soul Keeper (think reaper) and a Trader (someone who deals with magical affairs) and an illegal-to-them deal they make.
And something thats not talked about/isn’t official is I have a doc for a Persephone myth retelling (well. There’s technically like four versions of her myth in there because I have Multiple Ideas and I cannot choose one).
Another wip I have (which should be the next thing I post) is a Super World thing that deals with betrayal. Just need to sit and give it a good edit.
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frenchy-and-the-sea · 4 days ago
Thank you for the tag @thereluctantinquisitor !! (And sorry it took so long!!)
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married to my lovely @colonelcupquake! <3
FAVOURITE COLOUR: Blue/green/vaguely ocean colors
LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK: Chapstick exclusively, babyyy
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: Put Your Money On Me - The Struts (which is, incidentally, the most Finn song I’ve ever heard.)
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Last one that wasn’t a rewatch was Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds! Which is zany and wonderful, and everyone should watch it.
TOP THREE TV SHOWS: Black Sails, Gentleman Jack, ??? I don’t watch a lot of TV, unless you count Youtube shows. In which case, I watch so much Drawfee, y'all. It’s my go-to comfort media.
TOP THREE SHIPS: I’m much more enticed by OC ships than I am attached to any in a specific media, I’m afraid. My horrid multishipper ass loves the story more than a specific relationship, so I don’t really have much of a Top Three. Kay made a good pull with Shadowgast though, which I’m excited to see more of, and I’m destined to be driven towards Fitz/the Fool. So those. Y’all get a “ships I’m into right now specifically” answer, LMAO.
BOOKS I’M CURRENTLY READING: Ship of Destiny - Robin Hobb, along with the rest of the Liveship Traders books. (I’ll probably pick up the Tawny Man trilogy next tbh.)
Tagging: @rufinagertrude , @bladeverbena , @1stlieutenanttwitchy , @ghilenan , @vargonautic , @captainsaku , @urdnotgrunt , @colonelcupquake and anyone else who so feels the urge!
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hellopunamme · 4 days ago
Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market By Component, Deployment Type, Enterprise Size, End User, Region - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2026
Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market report is a comprehensive analysis of global market has newly added by The Research Insights to its extensive repository. The statistical report offers a prime wellspring of applicable information for global business progress.
Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market research reports growth rates and market value based on market dynamics, growth factors. Complete knowledge is based on the latest innovations in the industry, opportunities and trends. In addition to SWOT analysis by key suppliers, the report contains a comprehensive market analysis and major player’s landscape.
 Ask for Sample Copy of This Report:
Top Key Players Profiled in This Report: A2SEA, MPI-Offshore, Seajacks, Fred. Olsen Windcarrier, Geosea,  Van Oord, Jack-Up Barge,  SEAFOX, Swire Blue Ocean
The key questions answered in the report:
1. What will be the market size and growth rate in the forecast year?
2. What are the key factors driving the Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market?
3. What are the risks and challenges in front of the market?
4. Who are the key vendors in the Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market?
5. What are the trending factors influencing the market shares?
6. What are the key outcomes of Porter’s five forces model?
7. Which are the global opportunities for expanding the Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market?
The purpose of this study is to define the overview of the Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market with respect to market size, shares, sales patterns, and pricing structures. Primary and secondary research refer collect the desired data of the target market. Different global regions such as North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East are examined to evaluate the facts about productivity.
Get Discount on This Report:
Reasons for buying this research report:
Identification of key factors instrumental in changing the Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market scenario, exploiting new opportunities, and gaining competitive edge.
Analyzing various perspectives of the market with the help of Porter’s five forces analysis.
End-user industry that is likely to witness highest adoption of these Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market.
Regions that are expected to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period.
SWOT analysis for key players and a detailed study of their current strategic interests and key financial performance indicators.
Finally, researchers throw light on pinpoint analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market dynamics. It also measures the sustainable trends and platforms which are the basic roots behind the market growth. The degree of competition is also measured in the research report. With the help of SWOT and Porter’s five analysis, the market has been deeply analyzed. It also helps to address the risk and challenges in front of the businesses. Furthermore, it offers extensive research on sales approaches.
If You Have Any Query, Ask Our Experts:
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market Overview Chapter 2: Global Economic Impact on Industry Chapter 3: Market Competition by Manufacturers Chapter 4: Production, Revenue (Value) by Region Chapter 5: Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import by Regions Chapter 6: Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend by Type Chapter 7: Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market Analysis by Application Chapter 8: Manufacturing Cost Analysis Chapter 9: Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers Chapter 10: Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders Chapter 11: Market Effect Factors Analysis Chapter 12: Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Market Forecast
About us:
The Research Insights – A global leader in analytics, research and advisory that can assist you to renovate your business and modify your approach. With us, you will learn to take decisions intrepidly. We make sense of drawbacks, opportunities, circumstances, estimations and information using our experienced skills and verified methodologies. Our research reports will give you an exceptional experience of innovative solutions and outcomes. We have effectively steered businesses all over the world with our market research reports and are outstandingly positioned to lead digital transformations. Thus, we craft greater value for clients by presenting advanced opportunities in the global market.
Contact us:
Sales manager
Contact number:
APAC +91-996-067-0000
UK +44-753-718-0101
USA +1-312-313-8080
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hauntedwhispersheart · 5 days ago
World Bank Private Interests Felling of All Nations Control and Enslavement
You were attacked because your people are not at work not working are poor have no opportunity have had everything taken from them by people who do things like throw for higher profit HIV needles in the ocean to wash up on shore.
Anyone can under bid a contract when they violate laws intended to protect all of us.
You still refuse to tax imports
Well tell the wealth like Microsoft whom has billions in divorce settlements they can get massive taxes anyone who lives on this land over 3 months a year does business here or we can tax imports and check them for safety, for illegal aliens for illegal weapons.
All that will happen if you make weapons illegal is the amount crossing the borders of Mexico and coming in small personal planes and in cargo containers will go up.
We have Russian weapons here from the USSR collapse when people sold them for bread money
You want Goldman Sacks World Private banking EU controllers of that passed in money that stole their money and currency wealth and control whom got 3 trillion from the USA to improve computer capability in REMOTE Argentina offered unhappy always always Snowden a programming job in that remote area to get him her out of Russia protection as a private contracted worker after he she exposed Hillary and Bill who were hacking in the Whitehouse for insider trader information for Goldman Sacks the creators of Merck turned to Astra Zeneca groups and the Nazi concentration camps and Nazi White Supremeists whom intended to inject all of you kill you with Ebola diseases of Africa like they did Africans blacks and natives to steal their land during Apartheid and got governments to pay for it.
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artiaxelreports · 5 days ago
High-grade Titanium Market Service Offered, Companies Mentioned, Service Provider, Business Model, Latest Application and Forecast 2025
High-grade Titanium Market is analyzed with industry experts in mind to maximize return on investment by providing clear information needed for informed business decisions. This research will help both established and new entrants to identify and analyze market needs, market size and competition. It explains the supply and demand situation, the competitive scenario, and the challenges for market growth, market opportunities and the threats faced by key players.
Sample Copy of This Report:
A 360 degree outline of the competitive scenario of the Global High-grade Titanium Market is presented by Axel Reports. It has a massive data allied to the recent product and technological developments in the markets.
It has a wide-ranging analysis of the impact of these advancements on the market’s future growth, wide-ranging analysis of these extensions on the market’s future growth. The research report studies the market in a detailed manner by explaining the key facets of the market that are foreseeable to have a countable stimulus on its developing extrapolations over the forecast period.
Reasons for buying this report:
It offers an analysis of changing competitive scenario.
For making informed decisions in the businesses, it offers analytical data with strategic planning methodologies.
It offers seven-year assessment of Global High-grade Titanium
It helps in understanding the major key product segments.
Researchers throw light on the dynamics of the market such as drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities.
It offers regional analysis of Global High-grade Titanium Market along with business profiles of several stakeholders.
It offers massive data about trending factors that will influence the progress of the Global High-grade Titanium
Get ToC for the overview of the premium report
By Market Players: Precision Castparts American Elements Baoji Heqiang Titanium Industry Stanford Materials TOHO TITANIUM LCMASA OSAKA Titanium Technologies TiFast VSMPO-AVISMA KOBE STEEL Baotai Western Material Jintian Technology Western Superconductor By Type Bar Wire Pipe Sheet Profile Other By Application Chemical Aerospace Ocean Engineering Electric Power Medical Military Other
A detailed outline of the Global High-grade Titanium Market includes a comprehensive analysis of different verticals of businesses. North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Europe have been considered for the studies on the basis of several terminologies.
This is anticipated to drive the Global High-grade Titanium Market over the forecast period. This research report covers the market landscape and its progress prospects in the near future. After studying key companies, the report focuses on the new entrants contributing to the growth of the market. Most companies in the Global High-grade Titanium Market are currently adopting new technological trends in the market.
Finally, the researchers throw light on different ways to discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats affecting the growth of the Global High-grade Titanium Market. The feasibility of the new report is also measured in this research report.
Make an Enquiry for purchasing this Report :
Table of Contents:
Global High-grade Titanium Market Overview
Economic Impact on Industry
Market Competition by Manufacturers
Production, Revenue (Value) by Region
Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend by Type
Market Analysis by Application
Cost Analysis
Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers
Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders
Market Effect Factors Analysis
Global High-grade Titanium Market Forecast
Axel Reports has the most comprehensive collection of market research products and services available on the web. We deliver reports from virtually all major publications and refresh our list regularly to provide you with immediate online access to the world’s most extensive and up-to-date archive of professional insights into global markets, companies, goods, and patterns.
Contact: Axel Reports Akansha G (Knowledge Partner) Office No- B 201 Pune, Maharashtra 411060 Phone: US +18488639402 Email: Web:
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arthurkyyd438 · 5 days ago
Turkey Real Estate
Tumblr media
Purchase an attractive house within the central heart of Istanbul whenever you purchase certainly one of these fashionable apartments in Cihangir, some with excellent views heading out in the direction of the ocean and just minutes away from Taksim and Istiklal Avenue. shanty houses found virtually in all corners of Istanbul even right next to some of the city's most prestigious addresses. These are typically illegally constructed properties on the hilltops and facet streets. They are usually in very poor situations and most of them don't have proper title deeds. Since yr 2005, Turkish authorities has been focusing on these kind of properties underneath an initiative called 'Urban Transformation', whereby large builders are inspired to combine parcels of shanty homes/streets and redevelop them into fashionable, luxury residences.
Turkey Real Estate Values And Turkey Residence Values
Chinese funding in Turkey has increased dramatically, and it's anticipated to extend within the coming years. They usually invest in luxurious properties, and fantastically designed 5-star managed apartments, with services and excellent services. The variety of Iraqis who obtained Turkish citizenship by buying property reached investors, followed by Afghans investors, then the Palestinians buyers, so the Egyptians investors, the Libyans traders, the Lebanese buyers, then the Saudis. This interval could be the most applicable time to buy real estate or apartment in Turkey.
Apartments For Sale In Sharjah
You will discover endless options to enjoy your metropolis life like fish restaurants, nightclubs, cultural and social centers. With continually rising Istanbul property costs, you then need make the decision to go to Istanbul the earlier the better as often prices will rise with little discover, and your price range can then be restricted even further with options obtainable for sale. Seeing the properties in particular person will give one of the best thought of the totally different areas and the native facilities obtainable to you. Whatever your requirements when looking to purchase property in Istanbul, Turkey Homes can guide Apartment for Sale in Istanbul you to your best real estate in Istanbul, considering your criteria, budget and personal lifestyle or investment necessities. As we talked about earlier, the prices of apartments in Istanbul are probably the most acceptable globally, as it is one of the cities the place the construction sector grows and develops all the time and really rapidly. Istanbul has been compared to a few of the most fashionable cities on the planet, but still retains it’s traditional allure in addition to a mixture of various cultures on condition that its the one city that spans two continents.
Real Estate Lite
Post signage at the property selling the proper physical distancing requirement. Whenever attainable, real estate professionals ought to proceed to correspond with purchasers and potential buyers through e mail, telephone, or video/teleconference. Use know-how to draft and execute any written service agreements, or standard types including electronic signatures for paperwork. The threat of surface transmission is increased when many individuals contact similar surface, and when those contacts happen in brief intervals of time. Effective cleaning and hygiene practices assist mitigate this risk.
12 Incredibly Cheap Homes For Sale In Canada
TrueRent begins at $19 a month, the place all of these other sites are lots of of dollars per month. TrueRent contains tenant screening, Free ACH collection, investment analytics, messaging portal, and extra. The tools needed to supply all the core options of real estate property management software.
Apartments For Sale In Istanbul Turkey
Our workplace relies in ever well-liked resort of Mahmutlar. I would like to get extra information about shopping for a property in Turkey. Sea Star - Nice complicated close to the seashore in Tosmur. Alkon 15 Residence - Penthouse for sale in Alanya with Sea view.
Realist Properties
The project constructed according to raft basis and concrete skeleton system in accordance with excessive earthquake standards and the Earthquake Legislation, buildings are deliberate at excessive stage construction high quality. It is positioned on European side of Istanbul, just 10 minutes drive to Atatürk Airport. Shopping malls, motels, congress facilities, health and training establishments are situated within the close to vicinity satisfying all needs of the local community. One of the biggest city parks of Istanbul, begin your day and expertise the relaxing sounds of birds, really feel the character by walking amongst trees and flowers.
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uhlxis · 6 days ago
LOL friend I’ve been drinking that nasty ass Trader Joe’s cranberry juice and while I still hate it, listen it’s been doing it’s job!! This oochie coochie is in the best condition it’s ever been in.
Friend that LOOKS disgusting lmaooo ion go to trader joe's so sksksk I only know Ocean Spray's brand but PERIOD AND POOH!! we love oochie coochie health
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kliifatah · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
The correct answers are A and C: gasoline. Gas contains anamazing amount of energy—you’d need to bundle 130 sticks ofdynamite together to get as much energy as a single gallon of gascontains. Of course, dynamite releases all its energy at once, whilegasoline burns more slowly—which is just one reason we fill up ourcars with gas and not sticks of explosives.In the United States, gasoline is also remarkably cheap, eventhough it may not always seem that way when it’s time to stop at thegas station. In addition to milk and OJ, here are some things that it’s less expensive than, gallon for gallon: Dasani bottled water, yogurt,honey, laundry detergent, maple syrup, hand sanitizer, latte fromStarbucks, Red Bull energy drink, olive oil, and the famously low-costCharles Shaw wine you can buy at Trader Joe’s grocery stores. That’sright—gallon for gallon, gasoline is cheaper thanTwo Buck Chuck.As you read the rest of this chapter, keep these two facts aboutgasoline in mind: It packs a punch, and it’s cheap.*1 They’re a goodreminder that when it comes to how much energy we get for eachdollar we spend, gasoline is the gold standard. Aside from similarproducts like diesel and jet fuel, nothing else in our daily lives comesclose to delivering as much energy per gallon at such a low cost.The twin concepts of energy delivered per unit of fuel and perdollar spent are going to matter a lot as we look for ways todecarbonize our transportation system. As you’re no doubt aware, theburning of fuels in our cars, ships, and planes emits carbon dioxidethat’s contributing to global warming. To get to zero, we’ll need toreplace those fuels with something that’s just as energy dense and justas cheap.You may be surprised that I’m bringing it up so late in this bookand that transportation contributes only 16 percent of globalemissions, ranking fourth behind how we make things, plug in, andgrow things. I was surprised too when I learned it, and I suspect thatmost people are in the same boat. If you stopped some randomstrangers on the sidewalk and asked them what activities contributethe most to climate change, they’d probably say burning coal forelectricity, driving cars, and flying planes.The confusion is understandable: Although transportation isn’t thebiggest cause of emissions worldwide, it is number one in the UnitedStates, and it has been for a few years now, just ahead of makingelectricity. We Americans drive and fly a lot.In any case, if we’re going to get to net-zero emissions, we’ll have toget rid of all the greenhouse gases caused by transportation, in theUnited States and around the world.How hard will that be? Pretty hard. But not impossible.
—For the first 99.9 percent of human history, we managed to movearound without relying on fossil fuels at all. We walked, rode animals,and put ships under sail. Then, in the early 1800s, we figured out howto run locomotives and steamboats on coal, and we never looked back.Within the century, trains were crossing entire continents and shipswere moving people and products across the oceans. The gas-poweredautomobile came along in the late 19th century, followed in the early20th century by the commercial air travel that would become soessential to today’s global economy.Although it’s been barely 200 years since we first burned fossilfuels for transportation, we’ve already come to depend on them in afundamental way. We will never give them up without a replacementthat is nearly as cheap and that’s just as capable of fueling long-distance travel.Here’s another challenge: We won’t just need to eliminate the 8.2billion tons of carbon we produce from transportation today; we’llneed to get rid of even more than that. The Organization for EconomicCooperation and Development predicts that demand fortransportation will keep growing through at least 2050—even afteraccounting for the fact that COVID-19 has limited travel and trade. It’saviation, trucking, and shipping—not passenger cars—that account forall the emissions growth in this sector. Maritime shipping now handlesnine-tenths of the goods traded around the world by volume,producing nearly 3 percent of global emissions.A lot of the transport emissions come from rich countries, but mostof those countries hit their peak in the past decade and have actuallydeclined somewhat since then. These days, nearly all the growth intransport-related carbon is coming from developing countries as theirpopulations grow, get richer, and buy more cars. As usual, China is thebest example—its transportation emissions have doubled over the pastdecade and gone up by a factor of 10 since 1990.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’ll make the samepoint about transportation that I’ve made about electricity,manufacturing, and agriculture: We should be glad that more peopleand goods are moving around. The ability to travel between ruralareas and cities is a form of personal freedom, not to mention a matterof survival for farmers in poor countries who need to get their crops tomarket. International flights connect the world in ways that wereunimaginable a century ago; being able to meet people from othercountries helps us understand our common goals. And before moderntransportation, our food choices were limited most of the year.Personally, I like grapes and enjoy eating them year-round. But I cando that only because of container ships that bring fruit from SouthAmerica and that currently run on fossil fuels.So how can we get all the benefits of travel and transportationwithout making the climate unlivable? Do we have all the technologywe need, or do we need some innovations?
To answer those questions, we’ll need to figure the GreenPremiums for transportation. We’ll begin by digging deeper into wherethese emissions are coming from.—This pie chart shows you the percentage of emissions that comes fromcars, trucks, planes, ships, and so on. Our goal is to get every one ofthem to net zero.Notice that passenger vehicles (cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and such)are responsible for almost half the emissions. Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles—everything from garbage trucks to 18-wheelers—account for another 30 percent. Airplanes add in a tenth of allemissions, as do container ships and other marine vessels, with trainsaccounting for the last bit.
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miracleinthemaking · 7 days ago
Today, we decided to have our own mother's day celebration. The forecast for the weather was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. I thought, if I could spend mother's day how I wanted... I'd like to enjoy this beautiful day with my little family at the beach.
I made a reservation for 5pm at McCloones in Long Branch. I imagined we would be there at a perfect time, before the dinner rush, and we'd have a calm evening sitting outside looking at the ocean enjoying cold drinks and each others company. We planned our meals; crab cakes for me for sure, and Sam was undecided but thought maybe lobster something or other. I figured my son would sit on my lap, and though it may be hard to keep him in one place, I thought maybe between the al fresco dining experience and the ocean waves would keep him busy enough.
Hm. Boy was I dreaming.
It started with not leaving early enough. I thought for sure we would've had his nap well before the time we had to leave... he fell asleep at 230 and I had to wake him up at 330 so I could get him ready to go. Once ready, and in a timely manner actually, we were on our way and for some bizarre reason thst I didn't dare question... Sam decided to follow directions... directions to a place we know how to get to, very easily. He said "this is taking me the turnpike as the quickiest route, I guess I'll follow it." Well. The quickest route took us 45 minutes out of the way. He was so angry and upset with himself he cried. I called and made our reservation for a half an hour later. It was exaughsting trying to entertain Sammy all that time.
Once we finally got to our destination, my anxiety decided to join the party. The place was mobbed. Pier Village was an absolute zoo. It was so insanely crowded, it felt like a Saturday in July. I was kicking myself because I forgot all about how much the parking sucks there... and how it was not as easy as pulling into the parking deck as it had been in the past with our new full cab F150. Which we had a thought not to bring and dismissed the idea. We came across one open spot, and we couldn't fit. There was a parking lot charging $10, cash only. Of course we didn't have cash. I lost the $20 I had.
Without getting worked up, I told Sam I just wanted to leave. We stopped at a CVS so I could nurse the baby who had been begging for boobies. Sam, scrambling thinking we came all this way we should still go out somewhere else... thought of another restaurant, it was closed when I called. We decided we'd do Gusto and head toward homes, no tables available. I really couldn't care if I came home and ate a PB&J, but when I told Sam that, I guess he didn't want me to settle for that? I'm not really sure. He said he didn't want to cook and clean the dishes.
So. We ordered Maria's and picked it up on the way home. The pizzeria around the block from our house. We drove 2 hours. And that's what we had for dinner. That's how we decided to celebrate my mother's day.
Next weekend is mother's day weekend... and our plans consist of nothing I had planned. I don't mind, but it just silly. Maybe Saturday Sammy will sleep during the random last minute 2nd birthday party we are supposed to attend. Maybe we can enjoy some time together before heading over yo my in-laws for a mother's day family gathering. On Sunday, my mother invited us over for lunch to celebrate not just mother's day but also my grandmothers birthday. And there's the whole weekend.
Sam did go to Trader Joe's for groceries today, and actually bought me flowers. He hasn't bought me flower's since last mother's day... and those were planters for our patio, not a bouquet. Its not the fanciest bouquet, but it was a nice gesture. I wonder if he'll get me a card. I wonder if he'll get me something from the baby. I wonder if he'll tell me I'm a great mother...
He did say tonight, when I showed him the ring I'm going to order for myself, that he was excited about it and after I said I was proud of myself for the accomplishment of breastfeeding our son all this time and through the challenges we faced he said thst he is proud too and that our son is smart and healthy because of it.
The take away from today I'm left with to ponder:
1) expectations vs reality
2) fill your own cup
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thevalesofanduin · 8 days ago
3. The Assistant
Tumblr media
Tatooine is an absolute dump of a planet.
It’s truly no wonder that it’s a criminal and slave trader’s paradise. No-one else would settle on a planet so far away from what anyone would call civilization, with infertile ground, unbearable heat and all that kriffing sand.
No-one else, except for a kid that offers Din an awkward flirty grin and a drink. A kid that shines as bright as the twin suns burning bright in the sky.
Dank farrik.
Pairing & Characters
Din Djarin x Luke Skywalker
Peli Motto, Grogu, Boba Fett, Paz Viszla, the Armorer
Chapter rating, Tags & Warnings
Rating T
Canonical-type violence, cursing, angst, hurt/comfort, slow burn
Read on AO3
3. The Assistant
Greef Karga is nervous.
It’s in the way he leans against his half-round booth just a tad heavier than normal, as if the plush pillows at his back can offer him either comfort or strength. It’s in the speed with which he drinks his expensive Alderaanian white, which normally is sipped slowly to allow the utmost enjoyment.
Greef Karga is nervous, and Din doesn’t have the patience for it.
“Spit it out, Karga.”
“Mando,” Greef grins, too slow and too wavering for it to be genuine, “whatever makes you think I have something to spit out?”
He finds, he has even less patience for whatever game Greef is playing at. “Stop playing. Is it a job you have for me or not?”
“Yes.” Greef drags a hand down his face with a heavy sigh. “Yes,” he repeats and almost cautiously places a bounty puck on the table.
Din takes a moment to study the blue holo showing the information of this particular quarry. A female Twi’lek called Duccoja, to be brought in alive for a rather generous amount of credits. It doesn’t look like the kind of job that explains Greef’s nervousness. But it’s not Din’s place to ask questions about that. “Any lead?”
Greef makes a face before he says: “rumor has it she’s going to Tatooine.”
Din’s head snaps up. “Tatooine?”
“Look I know you’ve been there recently—"
“Twice, yes. But this isn’t just any job, Mando. This one’s mine. A personal request if you will,” Greef sighs and takes another sip of his wine before looking at Din again. “She owes me a very considerable amount of credits and I want my best guy on the job. And my best guy happens to be you.”
Din looks at the holo again, the blue reminding him of ocean-blue eyes. Nothing but a coincidence, he tells himself—nothing but trouble, something in the back of his mind whispers.
He takes the puck all the same.
 Din is, if nothing else, a creature of habit.
He thinks that Peli Motto would be amused at his arrival in her hanger if he’d had his fuel-leak fixed.
Which he hasn’t.
Which is why Peli stares him down from the entrance to her small office, hands on her hips. “That ship ain’t leaving until I fix that leak, Mando.”
“Then have it fixed by the time I find my quarry,” Din shoots back.
“And you’re thinking of finding them here?” Peli asks, barking a laugh. “Everyone’s in Mos Espa for the Boonta Eve Classic.”
Din blinks. “Boonta Eve Classic?”
Peli’s eyes widen almost comically for a second. “Come on Mando, you don’t know the largest podrace in the kriffing galaxy?”
Din crosses his arms in front of his chest, tipping his head to the side with a raised eyebrow Peli doesn’t see—but he’s sure she hears it. “Do I look like I have time to watch podracing?”
“Just saying!” Peli chuckles and throws her hands in the air with a shake of her head. “Has the planet bursting at the seams every year. Maybe you wanna go and place a bet yourself, eh? Lots of money to be made if you get it right.”
That bit of information catches his interest. He remembers Greef’s words, about Duccoja owing him and suddenly it clicks why the Twi’lek would go to Tatooine. Placing a successful bet at what is apparently the galaxy’s biggest podrace could yield incredible earnings. It wouldn't be a terrible idea, if it wasn’t fully dependent on luck. Which suits Din all the better. It isn’t in his favor, after all, if the Twi’lek acquires the money to pay back Greef.
“You know what,” he drawls, “maybe I will go to Mos Espa. No fixing the Crest in that case, though.”
Peli laughs mockingly at him. “When I say everyone, I mean everyone. You won’t find any place to put that heap of steel down closer than a two day walk.”
“Then I’ll walk two days.” Din shrugs.
“Or,” Peli raises a finger in the air, “I’ll arrange for someone to take ya. Know myself a guy with a landspeeder that can get you there end of tomorrow. Right on time for the race. And you can get your ship fixed.”
Din glances back at the Crest for a moment, scrunches his nose at the smell of fuel and grunts: “Fine.”
Peli extends her hand towards him and wriggles her fingers. “It’s gonna cost ya.”
“I’m paying you for repairs.”
He’s met with an raised eyebrow. “And a transport.”
Din heaves a heavy sigh, but retrieves a bunch of credits without any further protest.
Peli catches the credits Din throws her with a sharp grin. “Oi, Skywalker!” she hollers, “come here! I have an errand for you to run.”
“Again?” is the whiney reply from deep inside one of the arched alcoves.
Din’s head snaps up to the direction of the awfully familiar voice.
The sound of tools being put down seems to echo through the hangar. “I’m not done with that engine yet. Can’t this wait ‘till—” the babbling stops the moment Peli’s assistant steps into the open space of the hangar, his eyes landing on Din.
Familiar ocean blue eyes.
“Oh,” Luke breathes before offering Din a small smile and an awkward wave. “Hi Mando.”
Din swallows. Thinks of coincidences and trouble and somewhat mutely nods his head in greeting. “Luke.”
Peli looks between the two of them with a small frown. “You know each other? Good. Saves me the trouble of introductions. Get your landspeeder, Skywalker. You’re going to Mos Espa.”
 It's only when he's back within the shade of the alcove, putting away his tools, that Luke's heart finally seems to calm down.
He’d heard the arrival of a ship and miss Motto talking to its pilot, because he’s not deaf. But he’d tuned it out and kept tinkering, for life is better when he doesn’t get too involved in whatever his boss is up to. She’s a skilled mechanic, sure, but sometimes Luke thinks trouble has an even bigger penchant of finding her than it does him.
He’d made the mistake to sneak a peek once, during his first few months working at the hanger back when he was fifteen. When he’d heard what he assumed was shouting in a language he didn’t understand and thought she’d might need some help.
He’d been rather naïve back then, both in thinking he could help miss Motto and even more so in assuming she needed help in the first place.
Luke had poked his head around a corner just in time to see that the two Trandoshians were arguing between themselves and not with miss Motto. And then one had raised a blaster and shot the other.
Luke had gasped, wide-eyed and shocked while miss Motto had let out a rather impressive string of curses. “Get out!” she’d screeched, a blaster of her own in her hands and a scowl on her face. “Find a different hanger, I don’t care. Take your friend and leave. You’re not welcome here.”
All Luke really remembers after that is the way his fingers had trembled around the wrench in his hands as he’d watched breathlessly as the Trandoshian had glared at miss Motto. Who’d stared him down fiercely, her blaster raised and her jaw set. She won the staring contest, because of course she did and when the ship let the hangar Luke had felt he could breathe again.
“Kriff what a mess,” miss Motto had muttered darkly. And then, her voice softer with something akin to worry, as if she knew Luke had been watching: “Skywalker, you okay?”
Luke’s eyes had been fixed on the spot of blood on the ground. “I’m— yea.”
“Let’s take a break,” miss Motto had sighed and somehow her tone made it very clear she didn’t believe him, “I’ll pour both of us a drink.”
“I’m fifteen,” Luke had said with a startled laugh.
He received a laugh in reply. “Is that a no?”
And if she noticed his hands shook around his cup, well, then she just poured him another drink.
Luke had kept to the alcoves after that, trying his best to stay out of trouble. Even if trouble did find him on occasion, but no matter how much his uncle disagrees that’s just how life on Tatooine is. With all the scum living on this planet, how can one live a trouble-free life? Even his uncle had gotten into trouble with that Wookie once—and had been lucky enough that Luke’s flying skills saved him, thank you very much!
The only time in recent years he’d gone out of his way to do something that could be trouble was to offer the Mandalorian a drink. But somehow, it hadn’t felt like trouble. It had felt like a promise which had pretty quickly turned into a rather embarrassing rejection.
Then the same Mandalorian saved him from that Rodian—and shot him down, again.
And now the Mandalorian is here, saying Luke’s name in that deep voice of his that sends tingles down his back. Luke knows that if before he’d been aesthetically interested, let’s say, in the other, now he’s certainly got a crush on the Mandalorian.
A Mandalorian who he gets to transport to Mos Espa.
It should spell trouble all over, but all Luke feels is giddy excitement.
 “What are you doing?” Din stands next to the rather beaten-up X-34 landspeeder, watching Luke crawl into the driver’s seat with his arms crossed in front of his chest.
Luke turns his head, looking at Din with a small frown. “Getting ready to leave,” he says, sounding confused but he doesn't wait for Din to say anything more before he’s turning around and throws a bag into the narrow storage compartment in the back.
For a moment, Din watches the other rummage around and do anything but get out of the driver’s seat. He tips his head to the side. “I’m driving.”
That has Luke pause. He slowly turns to Din, something akin to confused amusement in his eyes. “Most certainly not.”
Din blinks to himself. From his previous interactions with Luke he’d gathered the other wasn’t exactly shy and timid, but somehow the direct refusal takes him by surprise.
“My speeder, my rules.” Luke flashes him a smirk. “Get in, Mando. Unless you want to walk all the way to Mos Espa.” He wriggles a bit in his seat in an attempt to get comfortable and then proceeds to pull a pair of goggles over his eyes.
Din would think it cute, if he wasn’t so disgruntled about having to get into the kriffing passenger seat.
 Luke talks as fast as his X-34 zooms over the scorching Tatooine sand.
Din really shouldn't be surprised. What does surprise him, though, is how little he minds it.
He’s not one for elaborate conversations, let alone idle chatter with someone that is almost a complete stranger—although Din has a feeling with the length of their trip and the amount of words per minute Luke speaks, he’ll know more about the other’s life than he does about some in his own covert. Really, he ought to tell Luke it’s not necessarily a wise decision to spill his entire life to a bounty hunter. But then, the fact he is in the passenger seat does show the other might not listen to any suggestions he makes.
Or he might, which Din finds a surprisingly disappointing thought.
So he sits in the passenger seat, arms crossed in front of his chest and eyes pointedly looking ahead while Luke’s chatter washes over him. They’re entertaining stories, at least. Embellished, surely, for Din doubts growing up on this dustbowl of a planet can be that exciting.
But there’s a comfort in the adventures not unlike the ones Din knows very well growing up in the covert. A comfort, as well, to the ease with which they’re shared. For there's few people who speak so freely with him, to actually speak to him for the sake of it rather than to obtain information. There are some in the covert, but he's their beroya now which comes with a distance everyone calls respect—unless you're Paz Viszla, and you just barge into Din's room as if it's no-one's business and hold a rather one-sided conversation filled with jokes, badly veiled insults and boisterous laughter while your conversation partner lies in bed and tries to sleep.
He glances at Luke, who is having a not unfamiliar one-sided conversation—sans badly veiled insults—and chuckles at the hilarity of Luke talking to him like Paz does.
"and then— what?" Luke pauses his retelling of him running an awfully shady errand for Peli as Din chuckles, taking his eyes off of the horizon for a moment to flash him a hesitant glance.
Din shakes his head. "Nothing,” he says and can’t keep the amusement out of his voice as he smiles behind his helmet. Paz and Luke couldn’t be more different.
"You're making fun of me." Luke’s voice is softer now, dejected.
Din turns his head to look at Luke, takes in the frown on his brow and the suddenly guarded look in his eyes and wonders why. "I'm not," he promises firmly.
"But you are,” Luke says with a dejected sigh. “A Mandalorian bounty hunter who's seen the Galaxy, I'm sure you think of me as a useless womp rat."
"Luke," Din says and his voice is softer now to match the new feeling in his chest that wants to see the other’s bright smile again rather than this dejected resignation. "I'm really not."
"Oh,” Luke mumbles and Din just about catches the flash of relief in the other’s eyes. Then, a smile falls over Luke’s lips again and that’s all it takes for him to take off to continue his story. "Okay, anyway. Then—"
Din is content to let the other’s voice wash over him again when he notices a flash on the horizon. Like the sun catching on metal. He frowns. For all the words that pass Luke's lips, some of them are useful. And what Din has managed to grasp is that this area is mostly desolate.
Strange, he thinks.
 They’re being followed.
He’s in the middle of an anecdote about the time he shot a record amount of womp rats—overtaking the reigning Tatooine champion to the dissatisfaction of almost everyone—when he notices.
A feeling that crawls up the back of his neck at first, an unease that grows and grows and grows until something urges him to turn around, look behind them.
It’s a speeder. Quite a distance away still, and Luke can’t make out either the make or model nor its occupants but it’s a speeder nonetheless.
Which in these deserted parts of Tatooine is a worry.
He dares a glance towards the Mandalorian, whose shoulders look more tense than a few minutes before. He must’ve noticed too.
He switches his speeder up a gear and after a few seconds looks backwards again—Mando doing so as well. The other speeder looks to be gaining on them in a cloud of sand-dust. Which means they’re not being followed, Luke realizes as cold dread rolls in his stomach.
They’re being chased.
“Bad news,” he mumbles, fingers tightening against the steering stick.
“I noticed,” the Mandalorian deadpans as he turns back to sit straight in his seat again. His helmeted head turns towards Luke. "Slow down."
"What?" Luke asks, turns to the Mandalorian and wonders for a moment if the man has actually gone insane. Slow down? He almost laughs as he kicks the speeder up to the highest gear.
Slow down. No way.
Mando sighs and even through the modulator of his helmet it sounds annoyed. "If they're Tuskens, we can negotiate safe passage through their lands."
Luke scoffs at that. Their lands. He doesn't slow down even a blip. "How about we don't. My speeder's fast, we can—"
"I speak Tusken."
"These are certainly not Sand People,” Luke snaps. He might not ever have left Tatooine, but it means he knows the inhabitants of his planet very well. Sand People ride Bantha’s in pursuit and attack either with long-distance shots or accompanied by at least several massiff’s. They don’t do high-speed races over dunes. Besides, “even if they were, they don't negotiate."
"Maybe if you learned Tusken," Mando huffs.
Luke bristles at the condescension in the other’s tone. "They don't care if I learned Tusken! Besides—"
A blaster canon shot hits the sand right at the side of the speeder and Luke screams, jerking the steering stick to the right to veer them away from it in a sharp move.
“kriff! Do you see now?” he angrily demands from his passenger. “These are not Sand People."
"So it seems,” Mando grunts and turns to the storage compartment at the back of the speeder to retrieve the impressive rifle he’d previously worn swung across his back.
Luke resists the urge to snap finally when the other agrees with him. Instead flicks his eyes over to his companion and waves a hand at the rifle. "So you go negotiate with that.”
He’s certain the Mandalorian is grinning behind that helmet of his as he says “my pleasure.”
My pleasure
It’s a good thing they’re in a chase and Luke’s got more important things on his mind than think what that statement would otherwise do to him.
 While Luke is speeding them forwards—evading an impressive amount of blaster fire—Din turns in his seat, crawls half out of it so he can prop his amban rifle up against the back of the speeder and uses the scope to see what they’re dealing with.
An array of six thugs—all of different species and all armed to the teeth—on what looks like a re-fitted RGC speeder. “Kriff,” he curses.
“What?” Luke asks, a hint of panic in his voice.
“The speeder. It’s an RGC.”
Silence follows his statement and he knows Luke must be thinking the same as him. The other has shown himself to be enough of a nerd and mechanic to be aware of the problem the other speeder’s model poses.
An RGC’s maximum speed is much higher than that of Luke’s X-34.
“I can out-fly them,” Luke says stubbornly.
And sure, the other’s maneuvers are impressive and efficient, but: “not with the difference in speed.”
“Just—” Luke grits, swallows, “you just shoot.”
There’s a point to that, of course. Doesn’t matter their speeder is quicker if there’s no-one left to fly it, after all. So Din aims and waits one, two, three beats before finally the other speeder is within firing range.
He fires—at the same time Luke pulls them to the left with a sharp turn—and misses. “Keep it steady!” he growls.
“They’ll hit us!” Luke shouts back.
Kriff, this guy. Din takes a breath, chases away all disgruntled thoughts about stubborn mechanical assistants and focuses on the speeder catching up on them. He aims, takes a slow breath before pulling the trigger and hits his target, which vaporizes with a bright burst.
“Incoming,” he warns when he sees the other speeder fire another round from their blaster canon and Luke tilts them off to the left. The canyon walls are creeping in, though, and he almost hits the rock wall. “Careful!”
Luke scoffs in reply. “I’m trying.”
When they’re stable again, Din re-aims and takes another successful shot.
Four left. Which, truly, aren’t bad odds at all. A fight he can easily win on his own, hopefully without Luke getting hurt. Yet just as the thugs are getting way too close for comfort they stop. Din lowers his rifle a tad to watch them turn around and take off hooting and howling. “Seems like they’re giving up,” he says and it is a relief. And terribly suspicious.
When he turns back around to sit down properly in his seat again, he sees Luke's pale face. His blue eyes are worryingly set on the horizon on their left and Din gets a really bad feeling about this all of a sudden. "What is it?"
"Sand storm," Luke mumbles.
And well, shit.
He liked his odds against those thugs, but he can't vaporize a kriffing sandstorm.
Star Wars Masterlist
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atmosphericradar · 10 days ago
As humanity has grown more and more influential over the Earth, we have been forced to continuously confront our previous mistakes. To stop this costly myopic cycle, we must accept our inevitable role as the Shepherd-Gardeners of Life on Earth.
Industrial colonial powers and peoples are repeatedly forced to begrudgingly accept that their aggressive exploitation was worse, in the long run, than the sustainable maintenance practices of the native peoples they trampled upon.
Settlers, traders, and most long-distance movement of people regularly bring disruptive and invasive species from one ecosystem into another. Industrial hunting and culling also have inversely disastrous effects by removing a creature from an ecosystem.
Industrial pollution of all kinds is not just leading to the creation isolated disasters or wastelands, but to an overall change in global climate in both the atmosphere and oceans.
But all of these issues and many more can be avoided, mitigated, and prevented. Work is already being done to resolve the problems human bumbling has caused, but we as a species do not need to spend an eternity cleaning up after foreseeable consequences of our actions. Instead, we (and by extension our governments, businesses, and institutions) must look forward and actively protect and nurture our ecosystems.
Adopting a stance of "do nothing, stop industry, return to monkey" is both toxic and impractical. The industrial cat is out of the bag. It's now time to use our outsized, mechanized might to right our wrongs.
Make industry sustainable. Make facilities and refineries to recycle waste products of every description and volume. Work to decrease and balance out carbon emissions. Make balanced algea populations which eat our carbon. Replant forests and plant new ones (after doing long-term analysis to ensure that desert we are reclaiming isn't itself a healthy ecosystem). Make new coral reefs, genetically engineered to survive the acidification of the oceans.
Integration with nature is possible, and directing its growth will likely be necessary (as opposed to merely preferable) if we humans want to survive.
To those humans who have been preaching sustainability for thousands of years, my apologies for stating the obvious. This post isn't aimed at you.
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monumentammo · 10 days ago
April 30 2021 - A Light Week of Fixes and Minor Changes
Major New Features:
Gemsmith Amber has realized that after Woof!, Aquamarine hasn't been barking nearly as much. She can now focus on her work once again, and is willing to gemsmith you something if you can find the materials...
Minor New Features:
Alchemy Labs -_- plays a sound effect when ensuring players confirm they understand instancing
New Eldrask uncommon potion added
Announcements have been added for purchasing delve epics and for purchasing the Frost Giant epic
Royal Spellbinders can now turn Royal Dust into Pulsating Gold
Item Changes:
Eldrask uncommon potion price reduced to 12 shards from 16
Págos now has an enchant glint
Fixed the Hangover Cure displaying its Instant Health incorrectly
Mob Changes:
Cursed Archers no longer give mining fatigue
False Spirit's HP has been reduced by 16%
The Deranged Alchemist boss has been renamed to Deranged Head Alchemist due to the name Deranged Alchemist already being taken
A large number of mobs have been updated to be summoned from the Library of Souls rather than from direct summon commands. This should have no impact on gameplay, but fixes a bunch of visual errors on various mobs. Please bug report if something is no longer working the way it used to
The Howling Wind Assassins should now be more focused on attacking the player instead of each other
Feedback Fixes:
Updated Orin's introductory dialogue given the later way anyone can purchase his spawn egg to place in plots. Added text to mention his sneak shortcut
The King's Valley Rare Trader has had dialogue updated to be clearer on where you get King's Valley rares
The Dungeon Delves location text now has a unique color
Updated remaining references to the "great tree" in bounty messages for consistency. Made messages clearer when differentiating between the two Jaguar Villages & two Hawk PoIs, also editing that of the Grand Maw. Fixed typos and other inconsistencies
Royal Bounties now mention the loot chest right-click shortcut in their lore. This should introduce this mechanic to new players, similar to what Expansions/signs do for shulkers, meaning less walking out of cities just to place chests down
Fixed a part of a Willows trap never triggering. Cleaned up the redstone mechanism
The Potion Injector and Necronomicon cooldowns will now automatically reset/fixed daily in case of issue where they get stuck on cooldown
Air pockets and a build error in the Celsian Ocean have been removed to prevent creepers from spawning underwater and attacking innocent ToV players
Fixed the bridge to Frost Giant arena getting slightly shorter after the first fight of the day
Some pigs waiting to be butchered are now immortal
The way the music pack works behind the scenes is changing to be better optimized, but it isn't finished yet. Players don't need to change anything, but they may notice inconsistencies this week with the music pack's town themes. This should be resolved in the next update.
Major Bug Fixes:
The advancement Our Lord and Savior and the advancement Immortal have been removed, due to the fact that they just encouraged players to buy 15 totems and use them all at once, and because they no longer worked anyways
The Narsen Sea Explorer and Jungle Explorer advancements have been finally fixed, as now they now no longer exist after years of causing headaches along with the other Explorer advancements
Fixed a bug where teleporting to PoI from the Light Gray or Purple dungeon lobbies would grant you the advancement for completing Cyan Players who shouldn't have the Cyan completion advancement will have it automatically removed
Re-enabled placing shulkers. As always, if you find an exploit, please report it to a moderator via DM.
Minor Bug Fixes:
Fixed formatting issues for the Submerged Gateway bounty's compass entries, with a slight tweak to its messages
Removed some ancient dialogue & functions that the old Labs quest used to use. Fixed login advancement repairs trying to give a now-removed advancement (it was wrongly formatted anyway)
Fixed login advancement repairs wrongly giving you the advancement for The Staff based on its old completion requirement. You can now only get it through quest completion
Fixed the King's Station's Willows teleporter letting you in too early, based on The Staff's old completion requirement. The lobby is now only unlocked after you enter for the first time via the quest. Fixed it not properly resetting custom music, having a teleport range that was larger than the pad & being able to send two different fail messages together
Walter in Lowtide has been freed from barriers & fences
Fixed the Message from a Bottle quest book being reverted to an older version each week, once again giving old coordinates to a now-moved island. Updated its title for consistency & tidied its data such as to not use old section symbol formatting
Updated Levyn in A Crew to Remember to give the Message from a Bottle straight from the loot tables
Fixed inconsistencies in Levyn's dialogue during A Pirate's Life
Fixed the PoI name in the Volcano's bounty messages
Fixed wrong colouring of the Creeper Tower's compass bounty messages, taken from the Herald's dialogue. Updated it to be clearer now that Lowtide is a thing
Fixed the Creeper Farm's bounty message's formatting, with a minor tweak. Also fixed similar issues in many other bounty messages, updating the Ruined Mansion's messages in the process
Made remaining R1 bounty messages that refer to bounties themselves have consistent formatting. Fixed typos & updated the Serpent Village & Collapsing Tower's messages
Updated the bounty reset messages for consistency & gave them custom shades of blue to avoid a wall of text (especially with shrine buff charge messages). Made the R2 message less copied. It is also now Reynart that indeed notifies you when there is more to do
Fixed more weird inverted, buried, oak-jungle hybrid trees in the Blackroot Jungle
Fixed typos & inconsistencies in Vinny's dialogue
Small consistency change to Ender Chest Expansion lore & tidying of its data. Will not apply to existing Expansions
Fixed A Crown of Madness giving an outdated Royal Bounty chest
Tidied data for R1, R2 & delve loot chests
Fixed some build inconsistencies within Sierhaven and the Eldrask Encampment
It is now more difficult to interfere with a cutscene in The Fallen Forum
The Fallen Forum ending cutscene can no longer be started repeatedly causing weirdness and spam
Fixed some typos internally in some Azacor's Grove advancements that probably didn't affect anything anyways
The AnvilCount score will now be reset to 0 weekly so people stop reporting how the Repairman told them the wrong number of how many anvils they got because of a bug where he wouldn't tell you period
Al Malakut is now correctly spelt in the end of Gray
Fixed out of date date in Alchemy Labs
Fixed consistency error in Pyre and Prejudice quest start message
Fixed a typo in Tree Hopping Madness advancements
The Lilac Petal should now be less likely to get consumed if using it would place no blocks
An extra precaution has been made in case moderators forget to remove a tag from Teal when doing mod work
Fixed ages old typo in the White dungeon lore signs
You should no longer be able to have an uninitialized score for number of dungeon clears show up as null clears in the PEB
Some books only obtainable via NPCs have been updated to give you the book directly from the loot table, fixing stacking issues
Fixed a typo during Raiding Party
Fixed some build errors during The Wizard's Apprentice
Fixed a typo in Cropmaster Afondo's dialogue if you decline helping him out
Uncrossed some redstone crosses in a random boat outside of Mistport
An out of order message at the start of Fishy Business has been corrected
The radius in which music plays in the Headless Horseman boss fight has been increased to prevent it cutting out if you're too far away from the center of the arena
Various Ishnir POIs have had their pumpkins and melons adjusted to be properly attached to their stems nearby
Fixed some build errors in the Celsian Ocean
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wormwizerd · 12 days ago
if you’ve spent any time in the coastal cities of the segarai ocean, you’re bound to have heard of the nigh-mythological gul-aamnaha fleet. unlike your typical  merchant vessels, which will bring you nice things from far away, the ships of gul-aamnaha will take your nice things against your will, do the same to a bunch of other people, make something else out of the stuff, and take That far away. people in the continental port towns are not huge fans of them, as you might imagine.
however, gul-aamnahans are very popular on the islands, where they are respected artisans and traders. the long voyage between the mainland and the islands gives the craftspeople of the city a solid chunk of generally uninterrupted time to create Quality Goods from the materials they have so violently collected. in exchange for the goods, the islanders provide them with pretty much all the supplies they need for a round-trip to the continent and back. do they know that they are essentially funding theft? probably, but it seems to be fine by them.
now, while it is a city, gul-aamnaha doesn’t consist of only people who make things to sell. there are also: sailors, navigators, barnacle scrapers, doctors, priests, administrators, deck swabbers, schoolteachers, seamsters, cooks, cobblers, carpenters, assistants to all of the aforementioned, and children (this is a non-exhaustive list). fighters are also very common, though they mostly hold other jobs in the off-season.
one of the most unique jobs in the fleet is that of the spellwriters. most ships sailing the segarai rely on magic only as a supplementary force to aid them in difficult situations or emergencies, because technology and muscle is generally sufficient to get the job done. besides, on smaller ships there is no noteworthy benefit to using magic for everyday duties. but gul-aamnaha has Large ships, Very Large ships, and they need to be within boarding distance of each other the majority of the time -- wouldn’t it suck if half your city’s business district just. floated away? anyway, the spellwriters collaborate pretty closely with the head navigator who relays to them the course that’s being charted and any conditions that need to be considered for the next half day or so. the senior spellwriters draft spells that their underlings then transcribe directly onto the sails with a special magical ink. the spells make sure that the ship is kept on course so that the sailors don’t have to work quite so hard (it essentially is a kind of autopilot -- the ships’ functions definitely still need to be kept an eye on). the spells can also allow for wind to remain behind the sails even in the calms, which can help the fleet take unconventional routes across the ocean and get to some of their destinations more quickly.
while the fleet is generally not a piratical one, they won’t hesitate to snag particularly lucrative opportunities to add to their materials reserve. given the spacial limitations of being aboard a ship (even if it is a city ship), they are unlikely to take hostages, though. not to worry! if you happen to be one of their targets they probably won’t kill you so long as you’re cooperative. there are even records of them having annexed entire ships to their fleet, though this only seems to happen once every decade or so. maybe you’ll be lucky! please report to us if you do end up living there, the origins of gul-aamnaha are shrouded in legend and the people don’t engage much in the way of conversation when they are looting here.
put an emoji in my inbox and i’ll give you a fantasy city!
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