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#Not really
tiredlonelygirl13 · 19 minutes ago
After five days of being stuck at 81kg (81.9/81.8/81.8/81.5/81.3) I FINALLY made it to 80.9!! The smallest wins can sometimes feel like the biggest
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paraoaparai · 27 minutes ago
found out a couple days ago that my great grandma was not white and literally born in a completely different place to australia AND aotearoa and that's been like. huh. okay. like i'm still maori we were just wrong about which side it ran on but there's more that died with our poppy than we thought apparently lol<3
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blanketburritotoro · 27 minutes ago
My sister and I. Adhd. She, constantly over stimulated. Me, constantly under stimulated and doing things like singing like Skuttle the seagul without realizing I'm making any noises.
She and I, super SUPER close. Live together in a tiny apartment.
If I believed in reincarnation. I would be convince that I am her punishment for something from a past life.
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ukulelekatie · 28 minutes ago
Okay hear me out. Have you tried warm milk ? (I hope you aren’t lactose intolerant. If you are, uhhhhhhhh,,,,, warm water? Warm soy milk?????)
hot choclety milk??
Tumblr media
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segretecose · 33 minutes ago
why is it i make one (1) joke about the eucharussy and suddenly the ecumenical council is at my door but when you guys go on and on about fingering the side wound it’s fine
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scar-queen-owl · 34 minutes ago
Swimming at night has this vibe where you're kind of scared but low-key at peace with everything around you and you feel like your problems are slowly slipping into the back of your mind and you can feel the sand on your feet on water and then see a dead pufferfish floating near you and you scream and hit your foot on a giant rock under water and you tip over and accidentally inhaled sea salt and you feel your foot screaming in pain and you can't see anything and when you finally got out of shore you turn on your flashlight and sit down on the sand and breathe salt water for god knows how long and feel the sand in your buttcheeks and you look down and you see your foot has a cut.
That kind of vibe you know?
It was really a new experience for me, definitely new bcz it was my first time swimming on the ocean at night.
It was fun.
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scarletbirbs · 37 minutes ago
When I think about Wally and Jesse Quick I think about how he told her she was his pick for the next Flash as a way to motivate Bart to step up
Lmao I hadn’t known about this (I’m not amazingly versed in the Flashfam).
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radellama · 43 minutes ago
I feel a bit uneasy about how normal treating social media as a diary is, especially because I have done that myself many many times. I understand the appeal of yelling into a faceless void and sometimes feeling validated when the void shows support in the form of mutuals or strangers liking or even agreeing with you - but I really do worry about what that does and will do to people's thinking patterns.
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elhokar-kholin · 45 minutes ago
so my friend got to the bit in words of radiance where moash reveals his whole backstory with elhokar and so i sort of went on a rant because i've got a lot of opinions on how it was handled in the book. this one bit puts me in such a weird position because i excuse a lot of elhokar's Stuff. like being an ass sometimes and being horribly undignified and having really poor decision making skills. like usually the book casts him on average in a slightly negative light, and i usually interpret his character in a positive one. but this is literally some combination of manslaughter through gross negligence and the gross violation of life and liberty by abuse of power, and i'm over here going nah nope thats not something excusable and im not going to try and frame that in a positive light. meanwhile the book is being doing literally everything to try and frame it as a non-issue and go for the Elhokar Is Innocent angle. the book does this weird move of trying to blame all of it on roshone??? like Listen i know elhokar has a small amount of braincells but it doesn't take a big brain to realize that maybe imprisoning someone without due process is deeply immoral. its just. sigh and basically something that just makes me. 🙃. is that so much of these books is about redemption and owning up to what you did so that you can actually move on and resolve to do properly better and be a better person. but they just sweep this under the rug and they like to forget it happened or excuse it somehow. and its not even a case of 'oh those darkeyed silversmiths who?? never heard of them' cause literally dalinar knew exactly what kaladin was talking about from a super brief and vague description after 8 years or whatever (and he was probably uninvolved and drunk at the time) and called it "the roshone affair" like this was a whole ass INCIDENT that they know full well about. and dalinar says "I would really not rather speak of the Roshone Affair." like he Didn't Want To Talk About It. and i feel like it would have been better for the story and for elhokars character if he DID address that and reflect on it and go 'oh my god i committed this gross violation of liberty by taking away two peoples freedom and life through negligence and/or malicious intent' like having that realization. like it wouldnt have been the worst crime that the narrative has forgiven, given dalinar and all he did and went 'i did those things and i have to accept that i did them in order to call myself a better person now' but for elhokar's one way lesser thing (not saying that it wasnt horrible, because it was, just saying what dalinar did was so much worse) its just 'lets try and forget it ever happened and never properly address it'
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