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#Norse Myths
rachdjarin · 9 hours ago
Happy Father’s Day to everyone except Odin
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mx-darcy · 15 hours ago
I wish that.. People would start reckoning with maybe the norse Gods in the myths are absolute pricks, Loki was right and vilified for their queerness/that was what was supposed to show they're worthless and evil and we can't keep trying to adapt the myths with the same uncritical sympathies with the gods if we want to do meaningful commentary. Also maybe just maybe we could stop making these inhuman rich ppl with lizard eyes who are literally conspiring and in control of the world? That would be nice. Just. Something I'd watch out for when adapting myths commonly claimed by literal nazis.
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muirin007 · 16 hours ago
Loki ripping those double standards to shreds.
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misssomniferum · a day ago
The Norse Goddesses Behind the Asir Veil: The Vanir Mothers in Continental Scandinavia
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muirin007 · a day ago
Loki on a Ragnarok road trip pit stop. 
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hidekomoon · 2 days ago
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𝐇𝐄𝐋 - norse goddess of the afterlife
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giltandgreen · 2 days ago
Loki: Don't worry. I'll make it up to you with a grand gesture!
Sigyn: Loki, do you remember what happened last time you made it up to me with a grand gesture?
Loki: Oscar the Ostrich became a part of our family, and I for one wouldn't have it any other way.
Sigyn: [with a sigh] Just don't get arrested this time.
Loki: No promises.
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noooomygabbages · 3 days ago
so i was trying to find information on the full name of the artist of this magnificent picture with Loki & Sigyn , and came upon Attack on Titan discourse because from season 3, Eren Yeager punishment and Historiae rescue was inspired by the norse myth
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Tumblr media
and so there’s just this 1 quote that i found that had me absolutely cackling
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madnessandmyths · 3 days ago
So you know this little post of mine?
My friend (shoutout to her!) suggested that I did Thor, so here I go:
Thor smells of fresh air, mead (faintly), goat fur and something earthy
I associate him with the colour red (again, blame Marvel)
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strandedinmidgard · 3 days ago
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eh, just weeding out the weak
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jeffreystewart · 3 days ago
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Norsery Rhymes from A to Z Eimgeitir, The Smoking Goat V2 Well here we are on another ThorsDay with another 20 min sketch of a Norse (and Germanic, sometimes Celtic) mythological characters.  This week Eimgeitir  mentioned in the Nafnaþulur of the Skáldskaparmál as either a Goat or a Goat like Giant (Jotun). His name literally means ‘steaming’ or ‘burning’ from Eim, and ‘goat’ from Geitir. Which makes him “The Smoking Goat”, or “The Burning Goat”. It’s unclear if he’s a giant with goat like features, or a giant goat.  I drew a giant for his first version, here. Not much else is known about him.
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Me before jumping off the World Tree: "Goodbye cruel squirrel"
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theclockworkjules · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Altar tour!!!
mini carnations
Odin statue
One eyed skull
Petrified wood
Incense burner
Rune bag
Wild chamomile
Two knives
Loki Statue
Toy car
Shiny green rock
Hand made statue
Incense burner
Bit of dried holly that he for some reason is really attached to
Leather book
Aquarian Tarot
Crow tarot
My heart
Asst deer spine bones
Offering dish
Incense ash pot
Spare solid inscense
(This is also where i throw my spare, all purpose incense burner when needed)
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friendnfoe · 4 days ago
Sometimes I cry for the myths I discover.
So many end in unfair endings, so many die and we never really get closure.
I don’t particularly cry for the story’s themselves, but the people who wrote them.
To the people who relate so terribly to the tales of Hercules trials of a grieving father, to fenrir being neglected by anyone but tyr who loses his friend in order to be just. To Apollo’s lost lovers and the death of achillies and Patroclus. To the people who cry along with me, those are the people I think of, and it just continues to happen like a broken record. These stories reign truth for centuries by the people who relate to them.
Maybe that is why they still have weight to them, because they reflect the feeling of being human in a way that is foreign yet familiar to us. Maybe we look up to them because they are immortal in a sense that we wish we were. That we wish we were as strong as them to share their traits and live on in their myths. Undying tales that we crave, yet they showcase having to continue even after the horrors of loss they suffer.
Maybe I’m just emotional tho, well I’ll never know.
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m-adp-each · 4 days ago
thoughts about why Laurits gave birth to a snake, and not a horse, as in mythology.
Loki gave birth to Sleipnir, who in the future, could be said, to be the privilege of Ódin.
but in the series, Laurits was «appropriated» by the Jutuls, so, in fact, Jormungangd turned out to be a privilege of the Jotuns, and as a weapon against Thor (Magne)
if there was a horse, then it would have to be given to Ódin, which, well, is not exactly profitable on the part of the Jotuns.
if the «Asgardian» side had taken Laurits first, it might have turned out to be a pony.
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