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#Norse Mythology
highestfidelities · an hour ago
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alyssa sutherland as aslaug in vikings gives me big angrboða vibes and idk if it's because she's a protective mother or not—
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paganinpurple · 2 hours ago
Guys, I cannot even begin to explain my anger at Disney copyrighting the names of the Norse Gods.
These are not just fictional characters. The versions of them that feature in Marvel comics and movies may be characterised, and I like them, but they are not the only version to exist.
I am an eclectic Pagan. I actually worship Odin. To find the Allfather's name is now Disney property? I can't even react healthily to this because I don't know how.
What can we do? I don't know what we can feasibly do against a huge company like this, but there must be something we can do?
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mark-of-daemons · 3 hours ago
instead of galloping like a horse, what if sleipnir just scuttled off like a crab or a spider instead?
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confusedwitch · 5 hours ago
I changed my profile for a Litha aesthetic
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confusedwitch · 5 hours ago
It's Jupiter Retrograde...
As well as the beginning of Cancer season, and the summer solstice.
It's ALSO the best days to celebrate Litha, if you keep up with the pagan calendar, which, I try to.
Until Jupiter Retrograde is over, I will be reblogging and posting things about self love and stuff because- i think that's what Gen Z really needs right now lmao
So be on the lookout for that!
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eclipse-valkyrie · 9 hours ago
You. Don't. Own. Gods.
You wanna face divine retribution? Shit like that is how you face divine retribution. Y'all are playing with forces you cannot begin to comprehend the repercussions of.
Hands off the stabby boi.
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Disney has trademarked the names of a bunch of Norse gods.
This is not okay.
These gods do not belong to Disney. They do not belong to Marvel. They belong to themselves and themselves alone, along with all those who worship them as the deities they are.
Thor, Loki, Odin, etc., these gods were not thought up by anyone at Disney or Marvel.
Stan Lee knew how sacred these gods are to those who follow many different Pagan traditions, how sacred they are to Scandinavian cultures to whom they are so important.
My best friend follows the Norse gods. She will be so bloody offended when she finds out about this. These are her gods, this is her religion. These are the deities she worships, the gods she prays to, the traditions she follows. She enjoys the Marvel portrayals of these characters, but they are separate from the gods she believes in.
Disney is stepping on her religion in an effort to gain more and more money.
Stan Lee did not trademark these names. He understood their importance and their sacred meaning. He was respectful enough not to do this.
These names are not the intellectual property of anyone. Neither the original names in runes nor the anglicised names that are used in Marvel's works.
They were around well before us (a whole ass millennium before us), and they will be around well after the greedy bastards who have decided to trademark religious symbols are dust.
It should be common sense and common courtesy not to trademark the names of religious figures, which all of these gods and goddesses are, even if you do not believe in them.
mod is not christian but you would never see me trademark jesus ffs it crosses a Line
If you agree, please sign and share the petition. If you can, please chip in to get this petition everywhere it can possibly go.
It is f**king disgusting that Disney is doing this.
It needs to stop.
Oh, and one more thing.
i want to throw up ive included a bunch of tags trying to get the norse pagans attention bc im sure they'll want in on this if u have an in with the norse paganism community on tumblr pls do tag everyone u can
im wondering now if they've done this to the greek gods too ughh that would show even more of a disregard for other people's religious views and past people's religious views ughhhh ok imma go look at the toilet bowl for a bit 😅pls sign it'd mean the world to me
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the-autumn-grove · 10 hours ago
Disney trademarking Norse Gods? More likely than you think.
We still eat the rich here right? Because Disney is back at it again with the bullshit.
They’ve most recently been trying to trademark Norse Gods/Goddesses names and copyrighting pagan creators on sites like Etsy or Red-bubble. 
Claiming revenue on top of it from a religion that predates Christianity, and getting these creators either banned or having their accounts reprimanded due to using the Gods names in their items. 
Please please please sign this petition, share it, and talk about it so the voices of the community are heard by Disney - so the people of this religion and community can continue to use the names of their Gods without fear of being taken to court and so that Disney has a sharp reminder of who is paying to watch their shows and movies, who pays for their wages, and who pays for them to even be able to make the films that they do.
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bjorn-odinson · 13 hours ago
The Thor in me wants to hammer Disney, the Loki in me delights at the panic yall should have felt from grimfrost.
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lilcabinwitch · 13 hours ago
So apparently Disney is trying to get "Loki" copyrighted, and im not sure if this is real because it sound insane (i mean copyrighting an actual god 😕) but it does fit Disney and their brand of owning everything. Anyways fuck the rat
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norse-punk · 14 hours ago
Hail to the All Father on this Father's day!
Odin the father wisdom, poetry, death, divination and magic. Who sacrificed his eye to drink from the Mimir's Well of Urðr, which granted him an incomprehensible amount of knowledge of the universe.
Hail Odin!
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staedyhan · 14 hours ago
Im reading an enchantment of ravens and its my first fair folk/fae/fairy book and i know acotar is super popular, but i dont really feel like reading that even though i like this book and the setting with the fair folk
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mx-darcy · 16 hours ago
I wish that.. People would start reckoning with maybe the norse Gods in the myths are absolute pricks, Loki was right and vilified for their queerness/that was what was supposed to show they're worthless and evil and we can't keep trying to adapt the myths with the same uncritical sympathies with the gods if we want to do meaningful commentary. Also maybe just maybe we could stop making these inhuman rich ppl with lizard eyes who are literally conspiring and in control of the world? That would be nice. Just. Something I'd watch out for when adapting myths commonly claimed by literal nazis.
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muirin007 · 16 hours ago
Loki ripping those double standards to shreds.
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spoonietimelordy · 18 hours ago
Disney is trademarking Norse Gods!
Please sign this petition, they are sending copyright claim to norse pagan shops.
Can everyone reblog please, it doesn't show up in the tags because of the link
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godsofhumanity · 18 hours ago
Odin: I hereby sentence you to 68 years of prison.
Sigyn, on behalf of Loki: Allfather, Loki respectfully requests one more year to be added to his sentence.
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wannabee-wallflower · 18 hours ago
The way Disney trying to copyright Loki, a whole ass Norse deity, has me worried that they’ll prolly do the same w the Greek Pantheon when the PJO series comes out to on the mouse app… yo we’re so fucked
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travellingwiththedead · 18 hours ago
How am I only just now realising that this cheeky sod
Tumblr media
is wearing a heckin snake skin patterned jacket
Tumblr media
while munching away on crisps to feed his midgard tapeworm
Tumblr media
and asking poor confused Erik about Loki giving birth to Jormungandr?
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