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unfug-bilder · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Weil ich nebenbei noch andere Dinge mache, liefere ich das Bild zur Nacht schon jetzt. Schlaft alle schön, wann immer! via (2013)
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the-black-bulls · 3 hours ago
Liebe: What if I press the brake and gas at the same time?
Asta: The car takes a screenshot.
Nacht: For the last time, get the fuck out.
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dumplingfaye · 6 hours ago
Oh Yuno you should have known
Yuno: Hayyy Asta do you know who’s a Black haired beauty with beautiful eyes and someone who is male that you wouldn’t mind marrying
Asta: Vice Captain Nacht
Asta: and hot soo you weren’t talking about Vice Captain Nacht so who were you talking about???
Asta: pif Pif PIF Pif pif ha Ha HA Ha ha oh Oh OH Yuno you you’re dumb
Yuno: (Extremely angry)
Nacht: Hay Asta what’s going on (Extremely beautiful)
Asta: (blushes) I was just telling Yuno that you look better than him
Nacht: that’s so sweet of you Asta but you don’t have to defend Me he’s actually better looking than me
Asta: not true you’re more beautiful
Nacht: (widen his eyes)
Asta: (blushes) uh I mean
Nacht: I know what you mean you’re just kind you don’t have to worry do you wanna go get ice cream 🍨🍦
Asta: I’d love to
Nacht: okay I’ll catch up
Asta: (runs off)
Nacht: (smiles and watches Asta runoff)
Yuno: you were right
Nacht: about what
Yuno: I am more beautiful than you
Nacht: (smiles) Hmm
Yuno: (gives a smug face)
Nacht: call me old one more time and I’ll make you even more ugly than you already are
Yuno: EH?!
Nacht: (flips Yuno off)
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walpurga-nacht-academy · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
This might just my favorite, even though I might come back to it in future and add some stuff. But for what it is now, I’m perfectly satisfied!
Mononoke meme because cursed human Idia does not take kindly to strangers, but this odd witch girl takes him by surprise when she goes “You’re beautiful” out of the blue, hehe.
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walpurga-nacht-academy · 9 hours ago
Name Meaning: June Himalia
Progress: 10%
Lore: Nisse Tomte
Progress: 20%
Lore: Wishing Fairies
Progress: 0%
Story: The Cherry-Blossom Harlequin
Progress: 30%
I promise I’m not dead, lol! Just got very busy with end of the semester stuff, but now it’s been mostly taken care of, so we’ll return to our weekly scheduled stuff (kinda)! To get things rolling I’m gonna start doing these update posts at the end of the week to keep track of how things are evolving!
As you can see the next future instalments will be mostly lore focused on a couple of creatures that I’ve mentioned in passing, but plan to expand upon properly now!
Fun Fact: Apparently a Nisse Tomte’s eyes share a similarity with that of cat eyes!
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vkovalcik · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Kvetoucí černucha (Nigella damasceana) v noci: Václav Kovalčík, červen 2021, Zlín #červen #květy #mesto #zahrada #garden #jaro #spring #nature #home #doma #evening #večer #noche #notte #noc #nacht #nightlife (v místě Czech Republic)
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vkovalcik · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Kvetoucí pivoňka lékařská (Paeonia officinalis) v noci: Václav Kovalčík, červen 2021, Zlín #červen #květy #mesto #zahrada #garden #jaro #spring #nature #home #doma #evening #večer #paeony #noche #notte #noc #nacht #nightart (v místě Zlín)
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hinter-dem-spiegel · 23 hours ago
Yeah ... it's just before 3 ... One night shoot, please! ... The last time was a long time ago!
Tumblr media
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loosesodamarble · 23 hours ago
oooooooooh could you then tell me more about Nacht and Josele's relationship👀👀👀
Anshi, thank you so much for the ask! You have asked a question that has quite the answer.
Nacht Faust and Josele Canty.
Of all my oc x canon ships, Nacsele is possibly the saddest. There's enough baggage to fill an airport baggage claim./hj
So why don't we get into it?
In a word, the relationship between Josele and Nacht is complicated.
In more words, their relationship is defined by the fact that they are mutually in love but neither are able to completely be open with their feelings for each other.
Josele and Nacht have a long history, being childhood friends. They did what kids normally did: play games, share secrets, practice magic, explore the deep, dark woods for danger.
Josele wanted to be as bold and free as Nacht, to do whatever she pleased. But instead of saying that, she let her let her worry of causing trouble for others and concern for Nacht pushing things too far overshadow her feelings.
Nacht was drawn to Josele by her determination and spirited nature that was infectious. In spite of, or maybe because of, the fact that he wasn't naturally good, he admired those who were (Morgen and Josele) He never said how he admired Josele and instead teased her for being a goody-two-shoes because her reactions were cute.
But that's kids being kids. They didn't know how to put those complicated feelings into words. As long as they had fun together, they were perfectly happy.
As they got older, their affection for each other became romantic. Becoming teenagers didn't make sorting out those emotions easier but harder.
For Nacht, having Josele as a friend was a blessing. Her laughter and kindness was yet another light in his life and he loved her for that. But Nacht was also so scared. Scared that he would taint her pure light with his darkness, that she would realize how bad he was and leave him forever. So he was content to stay silent and keep their relationship as it was.
Josele loved Nacht because of the goodness he hid from the world. Nacht raised a little hell and acted like a bad guy but he wasn't evil. He didn't go out of his way to harm others. That subtle tenderness endeared him to her but she also wished he'd show it to others. Though she loved him dearly, she didn't want to presume his feelings for her and make their friendship awkward.
On top of that...
Josele loved Nacht and Morgen, her dearest friends, equally. She couldn't bring herself to choose so she decided wait for one of them to confess. And Morgen was the one to confess. She was genuinely happy with Morgen; it was hard to not be. But a part of her felt guilty for essentially choosing Morgen over Nacht. She told herself that if she committed to Morgen, she could forget her feelings for Nacht but that never happened.
Morgen did ask Nacht if he liked Josele before confessing himself but Nacht straight up denied having feelings. In his mind, he didn't deserve someone like Josele. She deserved Morgen and vice versa. So he tried bury his feelings, tried to let her go, but he couldn't.
The tension was thick enough to cut.
Then when Morgen died, they should've been able to console each other. But instead, Nacht ran away, unable to face what he'd done. Josele didn't go after Nacht because she couldn't force him to stay and comfort her when his was the greater loss.
Nacht eventually stopped running from his problems. But by that point, Josele had cursed herself and made a deal with a devil. Nacht blames himself but Josele is just as much to blame for not seeking comfort in other people. Regardless, Josele is not the person Nacht once knew, but he still loves her and won’t abandon her.
(Cue him leaving her with the Black Bulls while he spies on Spade. Great job keeping that promise, Nacht./hj)
Which brings us to current events (as it were).
In Josele's cursed state, she can barely remember the feeling of loving Nacht so how could she voice it? As for Nacht, he can't replace Morgen, he can't restore Josele's smile because he's the reason it's gone, so he stays silent.
Josele and Nacht mean the world to each other. They want the other to be happy and know they care about each other but are oblivious to the mutual romantic attraction. Though they misunderstand things and make mistakes, neither ever intends to hurt the other.
But time and time again, neither say what's in their hearts. Nacht, due to self-loathing and denying himself of happiness. Josele, due to indecision, doubt, and guilt. That inability to be transparent, to speak honestly without worry, prevents them from reconciling their shared loss and finding comfort with each other. Things will never go back to the way they were but when the two of them finally open up, the real healing can begin.
To be clear, they do end up together in the end but there is a lot going on between them.
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unfug-bilder · a day ago
Tumblr media
Heute erstmalig in diesem Jahr sowohl hier als auch bei Twitter. Ich habe den Account dort heute Mittag wieder geöffnet und bin gespannt, wie lange das hält. Erstmal bedeutet es für euch aber, dass es wieder mehr Karikaturen gibt.
via (2014)
Schlaft alle schön!
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auf-duennem-eis · a day ago
Gespräche bei Nacht
Sobald es dunkel wird, ändert sich etwas in mir. Meine Wahrnehmung, meine Gedanken, mein Selbstvertrauen zum Beispiel. Ich fühle mich geerdet, näher bei mir und den Menschen. Es ist, als würde mit dem Licht auch die Oberflächlichkeit verschwinden, als würde ich einen Teil meiner Schutzausrüstung ausziehen und mit klareren Augen sehen. Tagsüber strömen zu viele Informationen auf mich ein. Zu viele Menschen, Gesichtsausdrücke, Worte, Gedanken; von allem zu viel, alles oberflächlich und schal. Mein traumatisiertes Hirn ist überfordert und kommt nicht hinterher. Mit der Dunkelheit kehrt der Frieden ein und die Welt scheint verändert.
Und noch etwas: Während ich tagsüber große Probleme habe, Konversation zu betreiben (wovon niemand etwas mitbekommt), mich unsicher und klein fühle, macht es mir die schwindende visuelle Wahrnehmung während der Dunkelheit auf einmal sehr viel angenehmer und einfacher, mich zu unterhalten. Tiefgründige, selbstoffenbarende und wichtige Dinge können angesprochen werden, wenn ich und mein Gegenüber uns nur schemenhaft wahrnehmen. Es ist beeindruckend, welche Auswirkungen das auf meine Unsicherheiten hat.
Und so gibt es für mich nichts Schöneres, als nachts zu zweit zusammenzusitzen, der Stille der Umgebung, der Natur zu lauschen, vielleicht die Sterne oder die Silhouette meines Gegenübers zu betrachten und pausenreich und tiefgründig zu reden. Und vielleicht zu kuscheln. Diese Momente sind für mich einzigartig, ehrlich, friedlich und gehören zu den wenigen Dingen im Leben, die ich wirklich genießen kann.
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the-black-bulls · a day ago
The three parental figures of the Black Bulls:
Black Bulls: McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds!
Nacht: We have food at home.
Black Bulls: McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds!
Yami: One large black coffee please.
Black Bulls: McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds!
Henry: McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds!
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the-black-bulls · a day ago
Asta: I’m cold.
Nacht: What? [taking off jacket] I told you to bring more layers, but of course you didn’t listen and now- [piling scarves on Asta] Now look, I’ve got to make sure you don’t freeze to death and- [putting a hat over Asta's head] How long have you been cold? You should’ve said something sooner!
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annie-greta-pape · 2 days ago
Ich schweige mich in die Nacht.
Bis zum Morgengrauen
unterhalten wir uns tauschen
zarte Seufzer, die
zum Ausdruck bringen,
wofür es keine Worte gibt.
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