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klaineccfanficlibrary · 12 hours ago
Hi, is there a fanfic scene where Blaine ride Kurt?
I'll Set You Up Against The Stars by atticrissfinch
Blaine wants to ride Kurt, but he doesn't know how to tell him.
Ride It Like You Stole It by @skintightsocksfic-blog
“I don’t think you could keep your hands off of me if you tried.” Blaine looks entirely too pleased with himself, and Kurt forces himself to clench his jaw shut and bite back the groans that want to escape when Blaine squeezes at his wrists and grinds his hips down. AKA: Kurt and Blaine make a bet not to touch each other during sex.
Untitled by @slightestwind
Anonymous prompted: size!kinkkkkkkkkkkkk tiny compact blaine riding kurt and kurt grabbing his hips to dictate control uwu
Untitled by @endofadream
anonymous prompted: You should write a fic about powerbottom!blaine being a /thing/
anonymous prompted: could u pretty please write blaine riding kurt based on the make out from this last ep?
Happy reading! - HKVoyage
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ficforthought · a day ago
Weecest fic: Youthful Indiscretions (NC-17)
Summary:  After lying next to Sam for what feels like days, it’s finally time. As soon as his baby brother’s breathing changes to signal the start of the dreams the kid’s been having the past few weeks, Dean’s cock is rock hard in a matter of seconds. He knows it’s all kinds of fucked up to be turned on by Sam having wet dreams, but he’s only human, a teenager with raging hormones of his own and the beautiful sounds Sam makes, the breathy little moans and whimpers he lets out while he thrashes about in pleasure, are just too hard to resist. Nobody will ever know, Dad’s on a hunt and Sam’s dead to the world, it’s just Dean and his conscience, and honestly by this point he’s resigned to the fact he’s going to Hell, someday, anyway.
** Please read warnings and tags, this is a little darker than my usual stuff. Sam is 12, non-con somnophilia.**
Read here on AO3.
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exo-inhuman · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
> [Jongdae] “It... It feels like... a lot. My shoulders feel all bulky and my thighs are too big... I don’t think this suits me at all. Hyung probably won’t like it...” > [Baekhyun] “Dae, have you even looked at yourself? You’ve got curves to die for, and Junmyeon’s lying if he says he wouldn’t want to drown in between your thighs. He’s gonna love this, okay? Trust me.” > [Jongdae] “Hnn... Maybe... B-But are these bunny ears really necessary?” > [Baekhyun] “What do you mean? Of course they are, they came with the outfit, didn’t they? And so did this tail, now put it on!” > Baekhyun pulls out a bunny tail with something poking out of it, causing Jongdae’s eyes to widen with realization of what it is. He backs away, his face turning even redder. > [Jongdae] “B-Baek, wait!! I’m just trying on the outfit, there’s no need to go that far!!”
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asukakimura · 9 days ago
Sketch - lines - art!
Instead of sleeping i seats and draw
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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exo-inhuman · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
the other side of the conversation
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ficforthought · 15 days ago
Weecest ficlet: Soixante-neuf (NC17)
Summary:  Smut of the Weecest 69 variety. 
(That’s literally it. Sam’s age not stated but if you know me you know what I’m picturing! 😉)
The kid’s lust glazed eyes meet his, kiss swollen, candy pink lips parted around panting breaths, curses, delicious little whines of ‘please’ and Dean’s name. The long fingers of Sam’s right hand tighten in his brother’s hair, trying to guide the older boy back where he wants him while his left grips the threadbare sheets next to him. Dean can’t help but chuckle as he licks a stripe up Sam’s cock once more before nuzzling and kissing his way over the soft flesh of his belly, up to puffy, sensitive nipples, sucked and bitten into the perfect shade of pink-red that matches Sam’s insides, “I thought you were gonna blow me, little brother,” Dean teases, leaning over the younger boy, licking along his bottom lip, drawing out another desperate whimper.
“Dean, please,” Sam sobs, muscles clenching and fluttering beautifully around Dean’s fingers, “need to come.”
“Fair’s fair, Sammy,” the older boy replies, lifting his free hand to his brother’s sinful mouth and sliding two fingers right on in, not feeling complete without some part of himself inside his brother, “I already let you come, time to keep up your end of the bargain.” He moans as both sets of fingers are sucked deeper into Sam’s body, “God, so beautiful all needy like this,” he says, hearing the reverence in his own voice. His brother lets out a low moan, bucking his hips when Dean grazes his prostate, pressing his belly up against Dean’s achingly hard cock, smearing their joined slick between them. He rolls his hips down to get some friction, then as quickly as he can without hurting the kid Dean pulls out of Sam’s body, completely, the pathetic whine his brother lets out making his cock jerk and leak even more. Any other time he’d finish the kid off again before collecting on the promise, but damn it, he feels like he’s been hard for hours watching the little shit teasing him by sucking on everything he possibly can get away with while Dad was there, he’s earned this.
Read in full here (1.1k words)
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wangxianficrecs · 15 days ago
some impulse of delight by handclaps
Tumblr media
some impulse of delight
by handclaps
E, 20k, wangxian
Summary:  "Okay," Wei Wuxian says. "But just so we're clear."
Lan Zhan blinks at him.
"I mean we're gonna make out," Wei Wuxian says. "And stuff. That's what you meant."
"Yes," Lan Zhan confirms. He's so serious, in his banker clothes and his tidy room and all that music that just lives in his head all the time and his care for rabbits. If Wei Wuxian doesn't touch him, touch him all over, who will?
Wei Wuxian steals a rabbit, a drawstring, and affordable housing that is only mostly illegal. Also: he volunteers to teach Lan Wangji how to touch. What could possibly go wrong?
My comments:  Too late for comment; cat on arm, can't type.
Precious and funny and hot. Sex lessons. Rescued stowaway bunny.
Excerpt:  “Teach me,” he says again. “How to touch you, so you like it.”
Wei Wuxian makes a noise.
It would be really, really excellent, if Lan Zhan, just for once in his life, could not monitor Wei Wuxian’s face like he’s a swimming pool he’s promised to guard. That searching, steady regard is worse than any security guard’s flashlight or seat right up front next to the teacher’s desk, and Wei Wuxian’s been at the receiving end of both of those.
“I already like it,” he mutters, at his own feet, and the words are as horrifying as they are true.
modern au, college/university au, fake/pretend relationship, (because they’re both fooling themselves), humor, chaos gremlin wei wuxian, kissing lessons, sex lessons, lan wangji actually knows what’s going on, bunnies, contraband bunny, gay disaster wei wuxian, just plain disaster wei wuxian, so funny, getting together, first kiss, first time, lan zhan fucks, humor, @handclaps
(You may wish to REBLOG as a signal boost for this author if you like – or think others might like – this story.)
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klaineccfanficlibrary · 18 days ago
I’m looking for an older Blaine fanfic, Kurt is living with his uncle (think his name is Jason??) and he is married to Blaine and he and Blaine are having an affair, I’ve been searching for months & can’t find it
You’ve got me stumped. Readers, if you know this fic, please send it in. - HKVoyage
[ETA] Thank you @imdone29 for identifying this fic. Make sure you read the author’s warnings (there are a lot in the first chapter).  - HKVoyage
Dirty Deeds by @scatter-the-stars
What started off as a hunger for each other has morphed into something Kurt never expected. And he loves every moment of what he shares with Blaine. Longs for more. And when a weekend away with Blaine gives him a glimpse of the future he wants, that longing grows. It's a future that becomes more of a possibility with each passing day. One Blaine promises him. A promise he trust.
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klaineccfanficlibrary · 19 days ago
Dirty Sexy Money by emquin is one of the best klaine fic to read.
I read this years ago and enjoyed it, too. - HKVoyage
Dirty Sexy Money by emquin
After the death of Blaine's father, Blaine is asked to take his father's job as the Hummel's family lawyer. This doesn't only mean more money, it means going back to people he considered his family and a world he was sure he's left behind. With a daughter and a fiance, he was sure his life was set, but taking the job means seeing the man he was in love with once...the man he might still love.
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m-adp-each · 23 days ago
Fanfiction about Laurits Seier/Jonas Strand Gravli.
Rating: NC-17.
«Laurits is not completely stupid, but it is because of this that he finds himself in a slightly different world and meets his double. So innocent at first glance, and so fucking lustful.»
Tumblr media
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klaineccfanficlibrary · 25 days ago
I’m looking for Klaine fics that are rated Something rather than M, but could in all actuality pass for rated M. I’ve stumbled across one or two in my day, but I’m hoping more might be out there. I prefer a good story that devils into the sexy side of Klaine.
Just to summarize, you are looking for Klaine fics where there are sexy times but they are not rated as such. Most authors who post on rate their stories accurately — if there is a sex scene, it is rated M. AO3 is a complete different matter. Some authors rate their stories as Mature (and not explicit) when there are only a few minor scenes.
As I looked into this, I found that many of the authors who rate their fics as mature on AO3 also cross-post their stories to and rate them M. They are listed at the end. - HKVoyage
Fics only posted on AO3
Wandering Around Back to You by munchkinpandas
From strangers to floormates to best friends, to roommates, to the closest two people can be. This is the story of two boys who found each other and never let go.
My note: Also check out Off Limits by the same author.
Like a Handprint on My Heart by morethanwords
Blaine is a NYADA student finding his way in the big city. Kurt is the 'feared' owner of Blaine's local coffee shop. We all know they're perfect for each other - this is their journey.
My note: Also check out Play Me Softly by the same author.
Blackbird Body Art by @gleefulpoppet
AU. Kurt owns one of the most sought after body art shops in all of New York. Blaine is celebrating a fresh start and wants to mark the occasion in ink. After two months of waiting for an opening and weeks of searching for the perfect design, he has an appointment at 11 AM. The only problem? New York is having what is being hailed as “The Great Deluge,” it hasn’t rained this much in recorded history.
A Change of Heart by GleekMom, StarGleekBelle
Badboy!Blaine AU: Blaine Anderson and his crew rule the school while Kurt and his friends just try to stay out of the line of fire. That all changes when Kurt and Blaine form an unlikely friendship. Will they break down each others' walls and learn to trust one another, or are old habits too hard to break?
Sotto Voce by GSJwrites
Wine critic Kurt Hummel can make or break careers with his column for Taste Magazine. But when his publisher orders him to spend a year profiling rising stars of California’s wine country and organizing a competition between the big name wineries of Napa and the smaller artisan wineries of Sonoma, his world gets turned upside-down by an enigmatic young winemaker who puts art before business.
Authors whose stories on AO3 are rated Mature on AO3 but rated M on
heartsmadeofbooks (LauGS on
MrsCriss2012 (Mrs Criss 2012 on
blackrose1002 (blackrose1002 on 
HKVoyage (VoyageAsia on That’s me!)
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mdzs-fic · 29 days ago
Additional Tags: 
Alternate Universe - Modern With Cultivation, Sex Demons, slight dubcon, but all parties are happy, Hurt/Comfort
Word count: 17k
Dating a yao is a lot more mundane than some might imagine. Or, at least, less filled with danger. At least for Lan Zhan.
Of course, "dating" may be too strong of a word for it. Currently Lan Zhan is taking it day by day, as Wei Ying wishes, but he is biding his time until he can truly demonstrate to Wei Ying that they have nothing to worry about and that Wei Ying is safe with him.
Years of lonely hunting for scraps, however, have conditioned Wei Ying to be wary of even the most reliable of circumstances. Lan Zhan will not let that dissuade him. He will simply have to make himself more reliable.
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mdzs-fic · a month ago
Additional Tags: 
Rule 63, Cisswap, Lesbian Sex, Strippers & Strip Clubs, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Pining
Word count: 4k
It isn’t often Lan Zhan finds herself at strip clubs.
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klaineccfanficlibrary · a month ago
Author:  unshurtugal 
Rating:  NC-17
Status:  Completed in March 2015
Word Count:  3,471
Summary:  Blaine is Kurt's worst nightmare as far as roommates go, but one day Kurt comes home and discovers something unexpected.   
Tropes/Genre:  roommates!Klaine, college!Klaine, AU, one shot
Lynne’s review:  This is kind of a HA HA HA and then ooohhhh myyyy fic
Read at:  AO3
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klaineccfanficlibrary · a month ago
So Very Thankful
Author:  @jayhawk-writes
Rating:  NC-17
Status:  Completed in February 2021
Word Count:  53,020
Summary:  Kurt and Blaine chose carefully what their new adventure will be. One really wants to be taken care of, and the other has no problem being the person who takes care of them. Watch them earn their soulmarks as they fall in love.
Tropes/Genre:  soulmate!Klaine, D/s, Dom!Kurt, sub!Blaine, age!gap
Lynne’s review:  Very very HOT in addition to being super sweet. I really enjoyed this one.
Read at:  AO3
Part of the In Every Lifetime series
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memyficsandi · 10 hours ago
Title: Hard Road
Author: AleishaPotter (AO3)
Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 54.9k
Summary: Dean discovers a few truths about himself when he and Cas are forced to go undercover on a hunt to the very last place Dean ever thought he'd find himself: a gay resort called "Last Hope" that is geared towards helping troubled homosexual couples repair their relationships.
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memyficsandi · 2 days ago
Title: There’s Only One Sure Thing That I Know
Author: blinkiesays (AO3)
Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 20.4k
Summary: Dean doesn't even get halfway through explaining before Bobby starts laughing. When he lets himself think about it for more than five seconds, Dean can almost see Bobby's point: he's faced down demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, angels, and Satan himself and now he's been defeated by the God damn Midwest.
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alltimefanfiction · 2 months ago
Jack and Alex have been best friends for as long as they can remember, and that's as long as Alex has loved Jack. When Jack steps completely out of character and gets married to a woman named Caitlin, Alex has to try desperately to move on. That's how he meets Beau, a seemingly perfect distraction. Beau is far from perfect, and that may cost Alex his life. But in the long run...does Alex really care? And more importantly, does Jack?
mibba link
extra tags: unrequited love, abuse, cheating, marriage                 
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memyficsandi · 3 days ago
Title: Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake
Author: Sparseparsley (AO3)
Rating: Explicit
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 30.8k
Summary: Dean is a waiter in a strip club to put his kid brother through school. Castiel is dragged to the club as a part of his sister Anna's bachelorette party. Dean and Cas hit it off, but Dean thinks Cas is the one marrying Anna.
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