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#My PnF Post
transdemon · 2 days ago
Idk about you guys but its canon in my life that when a tree falls it whispers "doofenshmirtz" when nobody's around and you have no evidence otherwise
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steam-draws · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy Pride Month! I drew my husbands Love Händel in the pride headcanons I have for them.
I forgot to mention: Although it’s probably just a matter of non-percussionists drawing a drum set and not really knowing how they work, the hi-hat is always drawn on the left of Sherman’s set (his right), which would indicate that he has a left-handed set. So I just drew it as such.
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transdemon · 5 days ago
Broke: human!perry's middle name is something random
Woke: perry didn't have a middle name until he came to live with his brother, then the boys found out and after much thought came up with Bartholomew. Of course he legally changed it
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phineasandferbtheories · 14 days ago
Bored so I’m asking you: what do you think each character’s favorite drink is? I’ll start and say Isabella’s is strawberry milk.
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moo-moo-meadows · 19 days ago
your other last post... moo moo... moo moo... 🔪 (also you're like one of the only active blogs i follow since i went on an unfollowing spree weeks ago and i just have like... an innate talent to check out my dashboard the exact moment you mention me)
it’s the soulmate behavior for me. But like. Evil soulmate. Because I always seem to bring you pain (/lh) whenever I mention you and you intrinsically always seem to be drawn to it.
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transdemon · 27 days ago
hi I died for a little bit bc of some ✨mental health issues✨ and I wanna try to start posting regularly again!! I'm really sorry if I never got around to your request or ask but please accept these printable crayon boxes as repentance 😔💖💖💖💖💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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forgottenpnffacts · a month ago
Something you seemed to have missed from your latest fact is that in one of the earlier episodes doof had a plan to dig to china but was stopped by lava and was dumbfounded he forgot about that but OWCA was able to build a tube through the ground to china meaning they have the tech capable of doing so.
I didn’t include that bit from “Candace Loses Her Head” about Doof not being able to bore through the earth’s core because I didn’t feel that it was relevant to the O.W.C.A. fact.
#O.W.C.A. evidently has superior tunneling technology (which makes sense considering their expansive tunnel system) to doof's#but like i feel that's mutually exclusive from doof's failure?? like if it was more contradicting or something i would have included it#but i just saw it as a technological difference (compared to like that one post i made about monogram from 3/4 having picasso-style eyes#directly contradicting what we've seen in several episodes AKA i felt the need to include cumulatively both sides)#for another example: i made separate posts about characters like linda perry and doof needing glasses because they're different characters#.....i don't know if i'm explaining this properly#sometimes i don't include things because i don't think they're relevant (AKA neither supporting nor contradicting)#and sometimes i don't include them because i'm saving them for a separate post that's centered around the thing/a specific aspect of it#while i'm on the subject: i don't plan on posting (unrelated to answering asks) 'isabella got [this patch] during [this episode]'#and 'doof created [this inator] during [this episode]'/'phineas and ferb did [this big idea] during [this episode]' type things as facts#like yes i have a fact about the A-Der Patch and doof's Forget-about-it inator#but that's because those were interesting (the patch was originally a teasing poke from candace that turned out to be legitimate#and the inator provided a clue to pnf's timeline)#i don't think i'm going to include this in the pinned post because it's not relevant to THAT but...just letting you guys know my process#TLDR: i have somewhat arbitrary rules for the content i post on this blog/the way i post it#xlunardream#asks
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