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#Mr. Freezy
slothspaghettiwrites21 hours ago
I鈥檓 surprised freezy didn鈥檛 straight up combust the first time Justin is actively begging to get fucked. I feel like it takes a bit for it to happen but he goes absolutely feral at the thought that Justin has accepted his role and wants to get railed
uuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 馃い馃い馃い馃い馃い馃い馃い
I can just imagine it. (Thank you Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor for I Love You Phillip Morris)
Warnings: implied past non/dub con, choking, breathe play, deep throating, spit for lube, anal sex, possessive behaviours, toxic relationship
Tumblr media
Choking on it
Justin's gagging, choking, suffocating with tears in his eyes as he tries to stay focused. He can't breathe, and for the first time he realizes he doesn't want to be able to breathe. Not when he's got Daddy's cock shoved far down his throat it feels like it's more a part of him than a part Robert. He knows there is drool bubbling out of the corners of his mouth, there always is. Daddy like it's messy, makes it easier to fuck his pussy.
"Fuck, look'atcha, such a goddamn slut, princess."
Daddy pulls out and slaps his wet cock on his cheek, the hand in his hair yanks his head back as far as it'll go. His mouth is hanging open, lungs drawing in ragged breath after ragged breath as he tries come down a bit. The weight of his cock in the loose briefs has on noticeable now. Justin can't remember being this hard before just from giving a blow job. He has to fight the urge to move his hands off Daddy's thighs to squeeze his princess parts. He doesn't have permission for that.
There's another surprising ache, one centered around how empty he feels, one that he knows will be satisfied even if he didn't want it. Humiliation boils in his gut, mixing with the light headedness from lack of oxygen. At least that's what Justin tells himself. His cheeks burn, his eyes watering more so than ever.
He whispers it, feels likes he confessing the greatest sin of his life on his knees in front of his executioner. Robert's eyes move over his flushed body, like he's trying to decide what to do to him next. Justin knows what he wants to happen next. He's jaw is trying to work, the scent of Robert's cock is distracting him and making his words come out choked like he was still gagging on it.
"Wan' you fuck me, please. Promise to be your good boy."
Robert stills, his hand gripping onto his hard harder than before. The humiliation in Justin's gut sours into panic. Did he say the wrong thing? He's holding his breath, waiting for Daddy to slap him, punish him for being the wrong kind of whore.
Justin doesn't expect Robert to yank him up on his lap, or to pull his underwear down just enough to reveal his ass, or to bite him so hard when he starts fucking his abused little pussy. Robert pounds into him, and Justin tries to hold on, angling his hips just so so Daddy's big cock hits his special spot. That fuzzy, lack of air, feeling is coming back to him. Justin can't breathe, it's all too much. He can feel Robert's hot breath his open mouth, can feel the bruises forming on his hips from where he's being controlled, can feel his balls tightening up like he's about to cum.
"You really are a slut for me ain'tcha princess, finally fucking realise how good Daddy's dick is, finally begging for it. Shit. Tell every one on the block who owns this bussy. Say my fucking name, princess."
"Daddy," Justin squeals, cumming in his underwear, untouched.
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officiallytjhammond2 days ago
TJ Hammond, is it? What do you think looks best on other people? Whatever damn color that was. - @officiallymrfreezy
Mr. Freezy 馃憖 Are you the, uh, the guy with the ice cream truck? Um, I think casual clothing looks nice on people. I do enjoy a nice suit on a man too.
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rogersaurora3 days ago
If you鈥檝e read the gray man book, Lloyd hansen is a complete douche bag. He鈥檚 worse than ransom. He鈥檚 awful.
OH- well i mean, no i didn鈥檛 read the book, theres a chance i wasn鈥檛 aware there was a book...but now i am aware. still, i feel like there鈥檚 gonna be the smutty shit for him, it鈥檚 a chris character
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stargazingfangirl184 days ago
Hey I just wanted to say that I really loved your post about Mr Freezy x spoiled reader and wanted to add onto that: spoiled pageant queen reader 馃憖
When one of her competitors hires him for the job of ruining the town鈥檚 sweetheart, he decides to in his own special way. He makes sure to save scandalous photos to blackmail you with. He鈥檇 just love a pretty little thing on his arm.馃挀
Whew. I bet he does. It鈥檚 my HC that Freezy delights in making something pure and pretty dirty and dark like him 馃ゴ馃ゴ馃ゴ
Thank you for the sweat session 馃槝鉂わ笍
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stargazingfangirl187 days ago
Mr. Freezy anon again! I鈥檓 drinking and had a Hoe Thot鈩 Freezy gets sent to prison where he cleans up his act. You are the one that help put him there and now you鈥檙e in the witness protection program. Freezy gets out on good behavior, shocking I know, and tracks you down. He poses as a charming, handsome stranger and you fall for it. Once he gains your trust, he comes clean. Your prison sentence becoming a doting wife to him for the rest of your days. He is not going to go easy on you. 馃ザ鉂勶笍馃尐
Hey, Freezy Nonnie! I do so like the way your tipsy brain works 馃槝 @deceitfuldevout has a Freezy fic that reminds me of this scenario! You should check it out!
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Day 6 - June 11- The Bad to the Bone Boys
Tumblr media
In celebration of Chris turning 40 on June 13, we鈥檙e going all out here at the CE HBC and we hope you will all join us!!!聽 More info in the announcement post.
Everyone is invited to play along whether you decide to write something, create a mood board, make a playlist, a pic spam, or whatever you feel up to doing to celebrate Chris and these amazing characters.
Best of all, you don鈥檛 have to sign up for anything! Just do your thing for Chris or one of his many characters and tag @the-ce-horniest-book-club鈥 and use the hashtag 鈥#CE HBC Happy Birthday Chris鈥. You can also dm us the links, too!
For each day (or just a day or two), you can choose to create something for all the characters or just one. You can do however many days/characters that you want to do!
The characters are the prompts, but if you鈥檙e looking for some more inspiration, check out our lists of available prompts and send an ASK or a DM to claim one!
Today鈥檚 Characters Are:
Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out)
Mr. Freezy (The Iceman)
Syd (London)
Lucas Lee (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)
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stargazingfangirl187 days ago
Everyone is saying that the Newsweek photos give off professor vibes and August Walker vibes, and I totally agree! But I came across the pictures again last night while tipsy and I also got Mr. Freezy vibes. Like Mr. Freezy went to rehab and cleaned himself up. He鈥檚 trying to convince you that he鈥檚 a changed man and to give him another chance, but he鈥檚 still a psycho and just better at hiding it until it鈥檚 too late for you to get out.
Tumblr media
I SO SEE IT! Hahahaha I love your hoe brain! Flawless. 馃拫鉂わ笍馃檹馃徎
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slothspaghettiwrites8 days ago
Why does NO ONE talk about Robert? Like I had no idea about that character until you. Like literally never even seen a gif of Chris in that character until you. It鈥檚 weird cause it seems like such an impressive performance I saw gifs and didn鈥檛 even realize it was chris and then did like four double takes. Under appreciated
I can see what people are bit iffy on him. He is a serial killer. 馃槀 But we all know that my snatch is well into that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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the-iceni-bitch8 days ago
Tumblr media
鉁╕ou guys!!!!! 鉁
It is still so weird to me that so many of you have followed my freaky blog. I cannot believe that 3000 of you are into the nasty shit I churn out!
To celebrate, I鈥檝e decided to do a little drabble request extravaganza.
Here鈥檚 some rules for those of you who want to play:
First spin the kink wheel! You can pick up to two kinks per request
Then spin the character wheel! If your kinks lend themselves to more than one character you can obvs pick more than one 馃槈
Last, the prompt wheel! There鈥檚 a butt load so you can pick three dialogue prompts per request!
Once you鈥檝e got your results, send me an ask (anon or not) and I鈥檒l churn out a drabble with them! (Or as close to a drabble as my no chill ass can do) and if you want me to write for one of my established couples just let me know 馃槈
I鈥檓 not gonna give a definitive timetable for how fast I鈥檒l churn these out, but I promise I鈥檒l get to all of them as fast as I can! I will also post when I鈥檓 closing the requests.
Love and appreciate all of you babes!!! 馃挅馃挅馃挅
Tagging some lovelies who may be interested:
@starlightcrystalline @stargazingfangirl18 @msmarvelwrites @sweeterthanthis @afriendlyblackhottie @gotnofucks @wayward-blonde @cockslut-padalecki @chrissquares @drabblewithfrannybarnes @donutloverxo @ghotifishreads @ozarkthedog @labella420 @babyboibucky @babiiface95 @chubbybuckydumpling @slothspaghettiwrites @jack-skellingtons-stuff @anthonyjanthony666 @captain-asguard @angrythingstarlight @navybrat817 @diaryofabeautyfiend @kristopbishta @hevans-angel @bonkywobble @a-little-counter-esperanto @angrybirdcr @sweater-daddiesdumbdork @thedarkplume @saint-bvcky @addikted-2-dopamine @januarystears @foxgloveprincess
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slothspaghettiwrites14 days ago
Ooo imagine Robert is exhausted from all the work he's been doing. He's stressing out, planning out his next job, sitting at his desk. You approach him, careful and gentle, and begin to massage his shoulders, working out the knots. "I know you're busy, Daddy, but can you take a small break?" you ask and kiss the back of his head. He sighs and leans back, groaning when your thumbs dig into the taught muscles. "Just a small break, Princess?" he questions playfully, you smile and nod, "I won't keep you too long, Daddy, just don't want you to get too tense." He pulls you around to his front. You instinctively crawl into his lap, he grabs handfuls of your ass. Smiling softly at his red, tired eyes, you pull his glasses off carefully and set them on the desk. "You work so hard, Daddy," you say as you push your hands through his hair to massage his scalp, and his eyes fluttered at the sensation, "you deserve a break." He chuckles and sighs when you find that sweet spot on his head, "you really don't play fair, Princess," you laugh, "only when I have to." You move your hands to hold his neck and bring your lips to his sweetly. "Do you feel better, Daddy?" "Little more," he pulls you back into a kiss, you moan softly for him, it makes him smirk. "Now I feel so much better, Princess, thank you"
Tumblr media
Jesus Christ he so soft 馃槱馃槱馃槱馃槱 murder daddy is only soft for his killer princess 馃槱馃挋
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moonlight-onyx14 days ago
Can you do a fic where the reader surprises chris at his hotel room while he鈥檚 on tour and they do the nasty (include that too) and the avengers cast hears them. then the next day they all tease him before a panel and either seb or anthony says the reader has porn star moans and chris gets annoyed
thin walls.
pairing: (chris evans x fem!reader)
summary: you slip off to chris鈥 room the night before the conference and sebastian & anthony realize just how thin the walls of your hotel really are.
** this work contains nsfw content. minors are not to interact, read all warnings before continuing.
Tumblr media
word count: 3.5k
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, enemies to lovers, angst, oral (f rec), very little fluff, aftercare
request status: open
chris evans masterlist
Tumblr media
you were dreading this conference for a few reasons. number one, the early mornings. number two, having to deal with chris. and number three, having to hide the real reasons why the two of you 鈥渉ated鈥 each other from the rest of your castmates.
you didn鈥檛 hate each other, it was more of a longing that caused the two of you to bicker as much as you did. you were constantly at each other鈥檚 throats, and if you weren鈥檛 then it was only because one of you was too busy fucking the other.
you and chris were exclusive, to say the least, but definitely not official in the slightest. but that was your idea, not his. personally, he wanted everyone to know that you were off limits, that you were his girl, but you didn鈥檛 want to deal with the media or the judgement that was sure to follow the headlines, 鈥測/n y/l/n dating captain america.鈥 nothing you did would be good enough, even if it was completely fine, and you knew that, you just didn鈥檛 want to deal with it. so you didn鈥檛.
your entire day was shit. you woke up late and almost missed the tour bus, barely making it to the station on time. then you realized that you forgot to charge your phone and left your charger at your house, along with the book you were planning on bringing. you fell asleep in an awkward position which strained your neck terribly and to top it all off, you got stuck sitting next to chris.
the smirk he gave you when you realized that the seat beside him was the only one left made you want to slap him, but you rolled your eyes in response instead. for the entire twelve hour drive chris was annoying you. not purposefully, but it was still happening.
鈥渃an you cut it out?鈥 you hissed quietly when he wouldn鈥檛 stop bouncing his leg, the same one that was spread so far that it was rubbing up against your own. 鈥渋鈥檓 trying to take a nap.鈥
鈥渄idn鈥檛 you just wake up?鈥 he countered, brow raised slightly.
鈥渏ust stop bouncing your leg,鈥 you rolled your eyes and bunched up your jacket, using it as a pillow against the window.
鈥渨hatever you say, princess,鈥 chris mumbled under his breath, causing you to stomp on his foot. 鈥渙w! what the hell?鈥
鈥渄on鈥檛 be a smartass,鈥 you smirked at him and closed your eyes, sighing contently. so, as payback, chris 鈥渁ccidentally鈥 elbowed you when he turned in his seat to talk to sebastian.
the rest of the ride was full of little moments like those and death glares that turned into painfully longing looks to the back of their head as soon as the other person turned around.
when you finally arrived at the hotel at almost seven p.m. you were each assigned your room number and roommate. you were in a room with lizzie, chris with rdj, sebastian with anthony, hemsworth with hiddleston and the rest of everyone else was roomed up accordingly. lizzie was out doing something, you couldn鈥檛 remember what, and robert was also conveniently missing, hearing something about a quick get-together at the bar around the corner.
some of your castmates decided to head out to stretch their legs after that long car ride, and you didn鈥檛 blame them, but you definitely didn鈥檛 join them. you鈥檇 decided to stay in, order room service, watch some movies and get cleaned up for the night. you were getting ready to go to sleep after your shower when you realized that your phone was missing. you groaned internally and rolled your eyes as you pulled on a sweater and some slippers, making your way down the hall.
you knocked on the wooden door, your arms folded across your chest as you waited for chris to open it, a surprised smile on his face. When he met your tired eyes 鈥測/n?鈥
鈥渋 think i accidentally put my phone in your bag,鈥 you muttered quietly, looking behind him.
鈥渋 haven鈥檛 seen it but you鈥檙e welcome to look.鈥
you furrowed your brows at him slightly, wondering why he was being so sweet to you. 鈥渨hat鈥檚 it like? being roommates with rdj?鈥
chris chuckled quietly and sat on the bed, handing you his bag to look through, 鈥渋 wouldn鈥檛 know, he鈥檚 been out all night.鈥
you nodded, 鈥渓izzie, too. they鈥檙e probably still getting drinks.鈥
he hummed in agreement.
you ran a hand over your face in annoyance, 鈥渋t鈥檚 not here. how the hell can someone lose a phone?鈥
鈥渋 can call it if you want?鈥 chris offered up, a sympathetic look in his eyes.
鈥渋t鈥檚 dead.鈥
鈥渞ight,鈥 he dropped his head, 鈥渢hat sucks. sorry i can鈥檛 be of more help.鈥
you shrugged, 鈥渟鈥檉ine. just annoying that i always seem to be losing shit.鈥
he snickered quietly as he leaned back against the headboard, his fingers interlocked behind his head comfortably. 鈥測ou look stressed.鈥
you sat on the bed next to his legs, your eyes shut tightly as you let out a bitter sigh, 鈥測eah, i guess that鈥檚 a word for it.鈥
chris thought about giving you a snide remark like he usually would, but after seeing the pure exhaustion written all over your features, he decided against it. 鈥測ou wanna talk about it?鈥
your head snapped over toward him, your eyes narrowed in suspicion. 鈥渨hat?鈥
he shook his head slightly and raised his hands lazily, 鈥渋 was just offering.鈥
鈥渨hy?鈥 you whispered, eyes still locked with his blue ones.
鈥渨hat d鈥檡ou mean, why? you seem like you鈥檙e going through something, i just wanted to see if you were okay.鈥
now it was your turn to snicker. 鈥渟ince when do you even give a shit about me being okay, evans?鈥
he scoffed quietly, 鈥渟ince always, y/l/n.鈥
you nodded slowly, clearly in disbelief of his words as you looked around the room, 鈥測eah, i鈥檓 so sure.鈥
鈥渨hat鈥檚 it gonna take for me to make you believe that i actually care about more than just trying to get off with you, y/n?鈥
you shrugged and stood up, suddenly needing to be alone. 鈥渋 shoulda just asked you for it in the morning.鈥
鈥測/n,鈥 chris called after you, standing quickly, but not moving from the side of the bed. 鈥渄on鈥檛 run away, not again. please.鈥
you froze, your hand barely brushing up against the cold metal of the door handle. you knew exactly what he meant, the sadness in his tone told you. you鈥檇 snuck out in the middle of the night one night after letting it slip out.
you could hear his heart beating steadily in his chest. not too soft, not too hard. the sound was soothing, as was the warmth of his bare body against your own. but as soothing as it all felt, you could never truly feel comfortable when you were with him. it was nothing against him, just something buried deep inside of you that was desperately trying to claw its way through your chest.
鈥渋 love you,鈥 you barely heard your own words, your air catching in your chest when they registered in your mind.
chris鈥檚 heart fluttered in his chest and he smiled softly, though you couldn鈥檛 hear it, 鈥渋 love you, y/n.鈥
he鈥檇 thought that the two of you had finally made some progress. he was sorely mistaken.
you were gone before the sun came up, a steady stream of hot tears cascading down your cheeks as you rushed to your car as quietly as you could. that night might鈥檝e been the only night that you were truly thankful for the near silence of your car鈥檚 hybrid engine.
chris woke up, expecting you to still be in his arms. when you weren鈥檛, he kept a sliver of hope as he walked downstairs. he was met with a note on his kitchen counter.
i can鈥檛 do this. i鈥檓 sorry.
he clenched his jaw and blinked away the tears that were slowly gathering in his eyes, shaking his head softly. he should鈥檝e known better than to fall for you, not after the amount of times that the two of you had repeated this pattern before.
one of you opens up and is gone by morning. without fail. chris can鈥檛 blame you, though. he still remembers the few times he鈥檇 left you hanging. while he regretted his actions deeply after the fact, it doesn鈥檛 change anything.
you took a deep breath and turned, your guilty expression meeting chris鈥 heartbroken one. 鈥渋 don鈥檛 know what you want me to say, chris.鈥
鈥渋 just wanna know why you left,鈥 he muttered quietly, biting at the inside of his cheeks.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 know why i left,鈥 you shrugged, feeling your throat close up slowly, 鈥渋 shouldn鈥檛 have said it.鈥
鈥渄id you mean it?鈥
鈥渨ell, yeah, but-鈥
鈥渢hen why鈥檇 you leave?鈥
you moved closer to him, stopping when you were just in front of him. 鈥渂ecause i was scared you鈥檇 leave if i didn鈥檛 do it first.鈥
chris let out a laugh, 鈥測ou really think i鈥檇 leave you? you really can鈥檛 see how much of a hold you have over me? i mean, just about everyone sees it except for you.鈥
鈥渢hat鈥檚 not true-鈥
he quickly opened his phone and showed you a set of messages from anthony. it was a picture of you on the bus, after you鈥檇 fallen asleep, with your head resting on chris鈥檚 shoulder. he鈥檇 just so happened to fall asleep with his head resting against yours, both of you sporting a soft smile. anthony sent it with one short message attached, 鈥渨ell that鈥檚 what i call love at first hatred, what about you?鈥
you sighed quietly, 鈥渋 don鈥檛 wanna hurt you, chris.鈥
鈥渋鈥檓 a big boy, y/n. i can handle it.鈥
鈥測ou鈥檙e not gonna quit, are you?鈥
he smiled at you, 鈥測ou want me to answer that?鈥
you let out a quiet giggle and pulled him down slowly as you looked into his big blue eyes, filled with nothing but love for you.
it was like all the tension in the room just dissipated when the two of you finally kissed. maybe it was because this might鈥檝e been the first time neither of you were hiding a part of yourselves. or maybe it was because it wasn鈥檛 needy for once, but slow, just the two of you wanting to feel each other.
as innocent as the kiss may have started, though, chris had picked you up and carried you over to the bed, propping himself up on his hands as he continued kissing you. you slowly dragged your nails up his bare chest in the way that you knew drove him crazy.
you broke the kiss with a quiet gasp, your head immediately tilting to the side to allow him to kiss at your neck, 鈥渃-chris.鈥
he hummed against you, one of his hands gingerly making its way up your sweater to massage at your chest. you felt far too aware of the amount of clothes covering your body at the moment, a quiet whine slipping from your lips.
鈥渨hat is it, princess? what do you need?鈥 he questioned quietly between kisses.
鈥測ou. i need you chris, please.鈥 you ran your fingers through his hair, tugging softly when he found your sweet spot.
鈥測eah? you sure you鈥檙e not gonna leave again?鈥
鈥渋 won鈥檛. i promise,鈥 you pulled him back to where he was kissing you again, the strain of desperation fueling your actions. 鈥渨on鈥檛 ever leave again.鈥
he let out a tiny sigh or relief against your lips and kissed you for a moment before pulling away to pull the sweater from your body.
your eyelids fluttered softly when he started sucking at your nipple, massaging the other in one of his hands. your fingers moved to thread through his soft hair, groaning quietly when he pulled away with a lewd pop.
鈥渃hris, baby,鈥 you breathed out, your pupils blown with need, 鈥減lease.鈥
he smirked at you, slipping off your shorts and panties quickly, the cold air making you flinch slightly. chris let out a low whistle as he licked his lips, so close to where you needed him.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 think i鈥檒l ever be able to get over how fucking gorgeous this little pussy is,鈥 he groaned, the ache in his hardened cock only growing.
any and all thoughts you had before went out the window when you felt his tongue slide up your slit slowly, the wet muscle swirling around your clit. 鈥渙h god.鈥
he hummed his approval against you, continuing his ministrations on your sensitive area. you let out a quiet whimper when he slipped two fingers into your cunt, pumping them slowly.
you had one hand gripping chris鈥檚 roots while the other massaged your tit, your eyes screwed shut.
you felt a sharp slap against your inner thigh and gasped quietly. 鈥渓ook at me,鈥 chris ordered, stopping all of his previous movements. you opened your eyes slowly and looked into his. 鈥渨anna see the moment you fall apart, baby.鈥
you could almost cry when he went back to pumping into your cunt, curling his fingers upward in a way that had your whole body tense up. you were close, very close, and chris could feel it.
鈥測ou gonna cum for me, baby?鈥 he muttered against you.
鈥測eah, yeah gonna fucking cum,鈥 you whined, your eyes losing focus as you tried to keep them open, 鈥減lease, please, please chris. let me cum please.鈥
he winked at you, his way of giving you the go ahead and you threw your head back against the mattress, cumming all over his fingers with a broken moan of his name.
chris continued pumping through your orgasm, licking up all of your juices as he did so. when your body finally relaxed, you let out a quiet sigh and looked at him, biting down on your lip.
he was a sight. his blue eyes were almost black with lust, his beard covered in your cum as he moved his fingers toward your mouth. 鈥渟uck 鈥榚m, sweetheart. taste how sweet you are.鈥
you kept eye contact with him as you grabbed his wrist softly and guided his fingers into your mouth, making a show of sucking them, your tongue swirling around them expertly.
chris cursed under his breath and waited until you pulled away with a purposeful pop before pulling down his sweats, his hard cock bouncing out quickly.
you bit your lip softly and reached out to touch him, your fingers barely dragging along his length. you went to wrap your hand around him but he stopped you, 鈥渋 needa feel you.鈥
you nodded but put your hand against his chest when he went to line himself up with your entrance. 鈥渨hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥
鈥渃an i ride you?鈥 you questioned, your eyes hopeful.
he smiled widely and moved to sit back against the headboard. you crawled over to him, still feeling the faint burn in your thighs as you settled over him, one hand gripping the headboard as the other guided him to your entrance.
you took a deep breath and slowly sank down, your head falling back from the burn of him stretching you out. 鈥渙h fuck,鈥 you whined quietly as chris helped to guide your hips down until he was fully sheathed inside of you.
it wasn鈥檛 long before you approached your high, your whines growing louder and louder with each harsh bounce on top of chris. 鈥渇uck, y/n, baby you鈥檙e taking me so well.鈥
anthony and sebastian were winding down, having just gotten back from the bar after leaving early. they had barely made it through the door before they realized that all the noise was coming from the room next to theirs.
鈥渁re they-?鈥 sebastian鈥檚 jaw dropped when he heard your wanton moans through the wall.
鈥渋s that y/n?鈥 anthony questioned, his own face dropping in awe, 鈥渋 thought they hated each other?鈥
鈥渨ell, apparently not,鈥 seb chuckled, his eyes widening at your next statement.
鈥渙h, fuck-fuck, chris! i鈥檓 gonna fucking cum,鈥 your head was thrown back as you bounced on top of the man, one of his hands resting on your hip to help you as the other gripped at your breast, your own hands gripping the headboard tightly.
鈥渟hit, they鈥檙e really going at it,鈥 anthony snickered, wincing when he heard the knocking of the headboard against the wall.
鈥渟hould we, like, go?鈥
鈥渨here are we gonna go, sebastian, it鈥檚 literally midnight,鈥 anthony threw his hands up.
鈥渨e鈥檙e intruding, though.鈥
鈥渋t鈥檚 not our fault those two are fucking each other鈥檚 brains out next door,鈥 the man walked over to the mini fridge to pull out a bottle of water, 鈥渂ut i鈥檓 definitely gonna clown them tomorrow.鈥
鈥渙h, yeah,鈥 sebastian stood from the bed, 鈥渋鈥檓 gonna go shower, man.鈥
anthony hummed in agreement and pulled the headphones from his bag, quickly plugging his ears with them as he blared his playlist.
you would鈥檝e collapsed on top of chris if it weren鈥檛 for his hands holding you up, the warmth of his cum running down your thighs making you smile softly.
he helped you off of him and moved to the bathroom to grab a washcloth to clean the two of you up. you winced slightly when you felt the rugged fabric brush up against your swollen clit, quickly hearing the soft apology that followed.
chris tossed it back into the bathroom and moved to sit with you on top of the blankets. it was quiet for a moment before you spoke up, your throat tightening slightly, 鈥渋, um, i should get going.. before rdj gets back.鈥
he barely nodded, his hand coming up to rub at his face, 鈥測-yeah, yeah, you鈥檙e probably right.鈥
hearing the sadness in his tone, you cupped his cheek, 鈥渋 meant what i said earlier. i鈥檓 not leaving, i just don鈥檛 wanna explain anything tonight.鈥
鈥渋 get it,鈥 chris gave you a weak smile and nodded again.
鈥渨e鈥檒l figure out a way to tell everyone after the conference, okay?鈥
鈥渟ure thing, y/n.鈥
you pecked his lips softly before rolling off of the bed and picking up your clothes, slowly getting redressed in them. 鈥渋鈥檒l see you in the morning, chris.鈥
鈥渟ee you in the morning,鈥 he repeated, his arms crossed over his chest.
you sent him one last smile before peeking your head out into the hallway like a teenager would in this scenario, being very careful to make sure no one was out as you hurried back to your room. luckily, lizzie wasn鈥檛 back by the time you arrived, giving you enough time to take another shower and get ready for bed.
Tumblr media
you groaned when you heard lizzie鈥檚 alarm go off, desperately needing a few more hours. the absolute burn that spread through your muscles when you stretched made you wince, your thighs feeling like mush from the work you did the night before.
lizzie gave you a knowing smile and you raised a brow at her, deciding not to confront it. you grabbed some clothes from your bag and moved into the bathroom to get dressed, do your hair and brush your teeth. feeling far too tired to do anything too serious, you opted for some cherry chapstick and mascara, making sure you looked semi-presentable for the day.
you were one of the first people in the lobby, sitting in one of the lounging chairs as you tried to get just a few more minutes of sleep. you heard someone else approach and opened one of your eyes just enough to see chris鈥檚 warm smile looking down at you.
鈥渉i,鈥 you grinned softly.
鈥渉ey,鈥 he took the seat next to you, subtly scooting it closer, 鈥渉ow鈥檇 you sleep?鈥
鈥渓ike a rock,鈥 you snickered.
鈥測eah, i bet,鈥 chris flinched out of the way when you went to smack his arm, 鈥渋鈥檓 just saying!鈥
鈥渟hh,鈥 you muttered with a playful smile.
鈥渨ell, if it isn鈥檛 the two love birds,鈥 anthony clapped his hands together as he approached, 鈥渉ow鈥檇 the two of you sleep?鈥
you rolled your eyes, grumbling a quiet 鈥渟hut it, mackie,鈥 to keep up the act.
鈥渉ey! i was just asking,鈥 he smirked at the two of you.
chris sat back in his chair, arms crossed defensively, 鈥渋 slept fine. turned in pretty early so i鈥檓 rested.鈥
鈥渙h, did you now?鈥 anthony raised his brows, 鈥渃ause that鈥檚 not what me and sebastian heard last night.鈥
your felt very awake all of a sudden, your brows furrowed tightly, 鈥渢he hell are you talking about?鈥
sebastian鈥檚 eyes went wide as he backed up a step, 鈥渋鈥檓 not getting in this.鈥
鈥渨e heard you two last night,鈥 anthony clarified, 鈥渄oesn鈥檛 seem like there was much hating going on.鈥
chris opened his mouth to say something but you cut him off, 鈥渙kay, so?鈥
鈥渟o why are you both lying to everyone?鈥 sebastian wondered.
鈥渋t doesn鈥檛 matter,鈥 you grumbled, interlocking your fingers with chris鈥檚, 鈥渃ause i鈥檓 not lying anymore.鈥
his head perked up as he looked at you, 鈥測/n, are you sure?鈥
鈥渟ure as i鈥檒l ever be,鈥 you gave him a comforting look, 鈥渋鈥檓 not messing this up again. i can鈥檛.鈥
Tumblr media
chris evans: @mssteverogers @peachyyybabyy @lxst-sxulss @lunalovegoodsgirlfriend @princessnnylzays @multifandoms1019 @chaoticweasleys @mauvesdior @kaatelyyynn @nagygreta @aayaissaa @mrsevans1981 @yippikaiyaymotherfucker @vintageobx @kaiparker-avengerssmut @stiles-stilinski-24-dylan @amelia-song-pond @infernal-fire @lostaurorax @qtmxybnk @stefans-wife @lolooo22 @sohoseb @littlezombie666 @aubreeskailynn @i-love-scott-mccall @lilstanxd @iceythelostwinchester @indigo-child-is-here @thebiggestsimponearth @kaiparkerwife @chvntelle-99
Tumblr media
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drabblewithfrannybarnes14 days ago
I know this might be long, but would you be interested in writing a fic with Mr. Freezy.
Where he has been watching this young woman go through a nasty divorce. She feels unloved and unwanted. But she starts stopping for ice cream a few times a week. Always giving him a shy sweet smile. Then one day he finally makes moves on her.
Hey 鉁 nonnie!
Yes, I鈥檓 a fan of that crazy hitman and will definitely add this to my short list! Do you want it to be dark, soft!dark or do want him to be soft for his reader(an asshole to everyone else)?
Tumblr media
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Charlie. Answer 32. - @officiallymrfreezy
Hello Robbie. Have I ever tasted myself? Why? Looking for a new ice cream flavor?
Yes I have and I think I taste pretty good.
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moonlight-onyx17 days ago
robert pronge a.k.a mr freezy
Tumblr media
鈥 misc
DISCLAIMERS: some of the following works are 18+ and should not be consumed by minors. by clicking any of the following links, you are agreeing that you are eighteen or older. i am not liable for any of the content that you consume, you are. be responsible & happy reading! -- any and all possible triggers are tagged accordingly and listed in the warnings on each post. please read them before continuing.
Tumblr media
coming soon.
Tumblr media
漏 moonlight-onyx
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mypoisonedvine19 days ago
Hiya, beauty! Happy sleepover. Here鈥檚 a prompt for ya:
You were finally settling into your new life, leaving your tragic, horrific past far behind鈥nly, your past wasn鈥檛 quite done with you yet. Not by a long shot.
With maybe one or both of these babes:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dude, you can't offer both and expect me not to go for both... warning: dark af :) yandere ransom, kidnapping, noncon, throatfucking, drugging, exhibitionism (ransom watches the reader and freezy), misogyny/degradation from freezy
You had to tear yourself from sleep, and even then you still couldn't keep your eyes open for more than a few seconds.
It took you a moment to remember why you were struggling so much; and why you were tied at the wrists and ankles, and why you were in the back of a moving van.
Sure, the memories were hazy-- a man in a mask, black leather gloves covering your mouth, a needle-- but you knew exactly who was behind it all. Ransom, the man you'd fought tooth and nail to escape for years, and you began to sob and kick and scream for help when you realised you were about to fall back into his clutches again.
I'm not sure who you were expecting to help you, but it was instinctual.
"Well, look who's awake," a deep yet sickly playful voice came from the front, and you were shocked to see a man with long hair and the most upsetting facial hair climb over the backseat to squat beside you in the back. "Good morning, princess," he grinned. "You were out cold for a while."
You tried to ask who he was, and where you were going, but the tape over your mouth stopped you.
"Don't worry, your hubby's gonna answer all your questions soon," the man promised, "but it's his turn to drive right now. We've still got a long ways to go... and I'm gonna keep you real good company."
Just as he started to reach to open your jeans, dodging your weak kicks, Ransom's voice from the front stopped both of you.
"Let me talk to her first," he demanded. The man groaned but threw you over his shoulder and dropped you in the backseat like a sack of potatoes; there, you turned to see the steely blue eyes of Ransom Drysdale looking at you in the rearview mirror. "I bet you've missed me quite a bit, darling."
You could only sob and shiver, feeling the other man's hands still running over your legs.
"I'm sorry it took me so long to find you... and I'm sorry for everything I had to do to get you back. Including collaborating with my long-lost, shitstain cousin here..."
"But you can call me Robert," the man winked at you, licking his lips hungrily.
"You see, in exchange for his services in acquiring you for me, I promised him a night with my wife. Trust me, it's not what I would want, either, but--"
"But I wouldn't take his money. I know he has a lot of that. But he's only got one woman he can't seem to shut the fuck up about," Robert explained.
"So, please be hospitable with him," Ransom requested gently. "I know he won't hesitate to hurt you if you give him any trouble."
You didn't even have time to process any of that before Robert was yanking you up and getting you on your knees on the floor between his legs. He used one hand to open his belt and jeans, and the other stayed painfully tangled in your hair, holding your head where he wanted it.
When he pulled his cock out and stroked it with a smirk in front of your face, you thought you might be sick.
"Gonna take this tape off and you're gonna be a good girl," Robert informed you darkly. "Got it?"
He didn't even wait for you to nod before he tore the tape off of your mouth-- you gasped from the sting and he took the opportunity to shove his cock right to the back of your throat.
"Fuck, there you go," he groaned approvingly, moving your head back and forth over his length and ignoring your choking and sputtering and the new tears running down your cheeks. He only gave you breaks when absolutely necessary, seeming to enjoy the way you coughed and struggled almost as much as the feeling of actually fucking your face.
He pulled you up by your hair to sit you in his lap, tearing your jeans down and grinning each time you sobbed.
"Ransom, please-- make him stop," you pleaded.
"Shh, he's not gonna help ya," Robert chuckled, but got angrier when you kept sobbing and begging your "husband" to free you. "Damnit, will you shut up, bitch?"
You gasped when Robert smacked you across the face, and a rough cry came next when he shoved his cock into you all at once. You weren't wet-- how could you be at a time like this?-- but your spit on his cock eased the way enough for him to bury himself to the hilt. It still stung like hell, though.
"Fuck, got yourself a tight little wife, huh, Ran?" Robert chuckled, bouncing you on top of him as you sobbed. "You're gonna be ruined when I'm done with you, bitch. You're gonna be in bed with this pussy Drysdale kid, thinking about Mr. Freezy and the best popsicle you ever had."
"Ransom," you sobbed, "please, I only want you, okay? I love you. I'm so sorry for leaving you-- I won't leave again, I swear, I fucking swear, I'm yours, forever..."
Ransom clicked his tongue, breaking his eye contact with you in the rearview mirror. "That's all I ever wanted to hear you say, darling."
You sighed with relief.
"But I can't let this infraction go unpunished," he finished, and for the first time he turned around from the driver's seat and you saw his face for the first time in over a year. It made your heart tense with fear, even now. "Freezy," he addressed the man holding you tight to his chest, "make her scream."
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smutsonian23 days ago
soft mr freezy with innocent reader part two where the reader finds out about his job
robert pronge x reader
part one 鈥 read #1 possibility here
warnings: smut, mentions of violence and corpses, darkish reader, reader tops robert, ooc robert, not proofread.
word count: 900
an: idk how to write smut anymore guys :鈥) inspired by the conversation @infernal-fire and I had from the first part 鉁煉
Tumblr media
When Robert gets caught by the innocent reader, there are three possible outcomes.
This is the #2 Possibility
This one鈥檚 kind of hilarious because Robert would notice how his girl would be acting different but this expert of a hitman who鈥檚 done an impeccable job ever since wouldn鈥檛 notice how he would inadvertently leave clues for the cops because he鈥檚 too damn focused on his girl acting a bit鈥 weird.
His girl would be out in the most ungodly of hours and she鈥檇 disappear out of nowhere without a word only to come back all giddy and smiley. At first, he鈥檇 think she may be seeing someone else but he knows his girl so much that he knows that she wouldn鈥檛 do that to him.
So, he continues to watch her, his girl consuming his mind 24/7 which makes him fuck up his job more than he should be fucking up but he never gets in trouble, surprisingly.
That was until the cops came knocking on his door to which he answered the door with a creepy smile.
鈥淟ovely day, officers. How can I help you?鈥 He鈥檇 wear a shit-eating grin but he鈥檒l be cursing himself in his mind when one officer asks him why his ice cream truck was found parked in the middle of nowhere at midnight. The officer didn鈥檛 mention the body he disposed of but he knew they were looking at him as a suspect.
He was about to come up with a lie when his girl suddenly wraps her arms around his form, failing to intertwine her fingers together because he鈥檚 just too big, and smiles at the officers with her gorgeous fucking lips that Robert felt himself getting hard down there.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 my ah- fault, officers. I kind of begged him to take me there so he could take me there. The thrill of someone catching us always makes me giddy but I was so sure that nobody would see us but鈥︹ Robert watches as his girl straight up tell a lie of a story like a fucking pro that he almost believed it happened and he just bumped his head somewhere and forgot about it.
鈥淚 guess I was wrong鈥 Ugh鈥 This is so e-embarrassing.鈥 His girl becomes a stuttering mess and he could see his innocent girl once again and apparently, so does the cops because they were quick to reassure her that they didn鈥檛 see them do anything and even promises that they would just forget about all of it.
鈥淛ust forget we were even here, sweetheart,鈥 the officer smiles at his girl before nodding at him and leaving his house.
As soon as the door closes, Robert pins his girl on it, staring at her with glistening eyes that are filled with amusement and desire, as well as pride.
To his surprise, his girl stares back at him with a salacious smirk.
鈥淵ou little troublemaker鈥 You鈥檝e known all along, have you? That why you鈥檝e been so distant lately?鈥 His hand finds its way to her neck, squeezing gently only to earn a little scoff from her.
鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 being distant, Robbie. I was fixing your mistakes. You keep leaving pieces of evidence everywhere, it鈥檚 like you鈥檙e eager to get caught!鈥 She complains, earning a glare from Robert and his grip on his neck tightens for a second before he releases her completely, stepping back with a chuckle.
鈥淪o, you don鈥檛 just look like an angel but you鈥檙e my literal guardian angel, aren鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know鈥 I鈥檓 getting pretty tired of covering your ass up, Pronge.鈥
Something inside Robert snaps and before he knows it, he has her pinned back against the wall once more, his mouth devouring her own, his mustache brushing against her face as his tongue laps everything it could reach.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e got everyone fooled with your innocent act but you鈥檙e far from that, are you? You鈥檙e not some helpless little girl, are you sweetheart?鈥 He continues to make out with her like they never had before. When he feels her hands sliding through his locks, he groans in ecstasy as she pulls on it.
鈥淪how me.鈥
His girl looks at him in confusion as he pulls away.
鈥淪how me how much you can take care of me. Ride me.鈥
A few orgasms later, Robert finds himself sitting on the couch while his girl rides him with all her might, earning pitiful moans from him which she was only able to do. Robert鈥檚 sizable hands grasp his girl鈥檚 ass in order to make her take his cock deeper.
鈥淕oddamn!鈥 He cries out as her walls clench around his cock, milking him one more time before she cries out herself as she reaches yet another orgasm as well.
Both breathing heavily from the newfound dynamic, Robert caresses her face before pressing another kiss, this time, less passionate and more wholesome.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e just fucking full of surprises, aren鈥檛 you?鈥
She chuckles at him, her innocent aura returning as she presses a shy kiss on his lips before cuddling against his chest and falling asleep.
After that revelation, Robert and his girl would become the best duo. Unstoppable yet inconspicuous.
Robert opens up the ice cream truck window, staring at his girl across the park who鈥檚 sucking on a popsicle while looking at him with those innocent eyes as if they didn鈥檛 just dunk a corpse inside the ice cream truck together.
He watches as she blows him a kiss.
Robert chuckles at his girl, smiling and nodding at himself for earning himself a girl like her.
General: @readermia鈥 @unlikelygalaxygiver鈥 @xoxabs88xox鈥 @anncutamarica鈥 @chaoticfiretaconerd鈥 @i-love-superhero鈥 @caffiend-queen鈥 @coconutqueen21鈥 @jtargaryen18鈥 @jennmurawski13鈥 @mushyjellybeans鈥 @ninjabucky鈥 @buckstaybucky鈥 @donutloverxo鈥 @rebloggingeverything鈥 @adriannajackson @la-cey鈥 @awaywithtime鈥 @gotnofucks鈥 @empath-bunny鈥 @belovedcherry鈥 @white-wolf1940鈥 @the-soulofdevil鈥 @mianorth鈥 @scorpiosmalfoy鈥 @rottenstyx @littlegasps鈥
Anything Chris: @patzammit鈥 @princess-evans-addict鈥 @shadowcatsworld鈥 @notyourtypicalrose鈥 @onetwo3000鈥 @bluemusickid鈥 @heyiamthatbitch鈥 @inlovewiththefictionalcharacters @slytherinandoutasgard @chrisevanisliterallysir
Chris and seb: @harrysthiccthighss
people who liked the first one and might like? to read this one :3 @fangirlofallthings @smediumsmeatbae聽@hevans-angel @kind-of-crazy-butthatsokay
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the-iceni-bitch23 days ago
I don't know if you're taking requests for it but I have one for your Mr. Freezy one-shots ... How would he react if Suzy got pregnant 馃ぐ馃徏xxx
Yeah, they鈥檇 get an abortion.
Holy shit, there is no universe I can conceive of where these two would have a kid. Robert hates the kid he already has and reader values her freedom way too much and has zero caretaker tendencies.
I do find it funny that I got this ask at the same time I posted that Ransom fic so now I feel like I鈥檓 just the abortion person 馃槀 I鈥檓 fine with that, though.
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the-iceni-bitch23 days ago
You know, I didn't realize till now that my favourite ice cream from the truck when I was a kid was the Rocket. And now all I can picture is Freezy's rocket. Blue on the bottom, verging on blue balls cuz Freezy's stuck with his wife instead of you. White in the centre, cuz his cum is bubbling up into his bright red tip - ready to blow, when he finally sees you.
And with that, I ruined my childhood but blessed my hoe adult mind.
Happy Summer! Please take caution while enjoying your rocket. Use your tongue and lips to enjoy properly, while being responsible and making sure to hold the base firmly.
Tumblr media
Oh my god!!!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Tumblr media
I love you and your absolutely filthy mind. Now every time I see one of these things I鈥檓 going to have that mental image so thank you so much!
Summer is going to be crazy, guys!
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smutsonian24 days ago
soft mr freezy with innocent reader part two where the reader finds out about his job
robert pronge x reader
part one 鈥 read #2 possibility here
warnings: mr freezy is a warning, character death, angst, hella ooc robert, not proofread
word count: 750
an: this is also inspired by the conversation @infernal-fire and I had from the first part so thank you for inspiring me and sorry that this took so long jfdvjf
Tumblr media
When Robert gets caught by the innocent reader, there are three possible outcomes.
This is the #1 Possibility
Robbert鈥檚 girl would come to his home while he decided to run a little errand, leaving his victim in the basement because he鈥檚 so damn sure that he鈥檒l be quick with his errand.
But fuck, it took hours when it should鈥檝e been just fifteen minutes.
He comes home panting hard, scared out of his mind and praying to whatever fucked up god he has that he鈥檚 not right about what he鈥檚 thinking.
He enters the house quickly, heart-shattering at the sight of his girl鈥檚 coat hanging by the door. That could be good news too, though鈥 Right? She hasn鈥檛 run away which means she hasn鈥檛 seen his victim. He mentally thanks the poor victim, promising to make his death quick instead of torturing him first.
He walks around the house, eyeing the basement door like it鈥檚 the most offensive thing in the world. He finally sees his girl, trudging around the kitchen with those huge headphones on. He comes closer, hearing how the music was playing way too loud and he finally lets out a breathe, finally sure that his girl hasn鈥檛 seen or heard his victim.
His girl turns to him, giving him a smile and offering a sandwich that she was just making.
Robbie smiles before kissing the top of her head and sitting down on a chair as his girl makes another sandwich.
Later that night, when his girl had to sleep over at a friend鈥檚 house to study, Robbie visits his victim. But then he sees it. A piece of his girl鈥檚 hair on his victim鈥檚 shirt.
鈥淔uck!鈥 He shouts, scaring the victim who didn鈥檛 have time to let out any word as Robert easily takes his life away with a grunt.
Robert stares at his phone, waiting for his girl鈥檚 usual goodnight texts but it never comes.
He could鈥檝e sworn that he heard his heartbreak. He couldn鈥檛 even bring himself to hurt his girl, unafraid if she鈥檇 tell the cops.
That night, he sleeps on his bed with endless tears, cursing himself for falling for his perfect girl and expect her to be just fine and dandy with a fucking corpse in his basement. He regrets not telling his girl about his job. He thinks of how she would鈥檝e reacted better than running away from him.
What hurts him the most is the thought of his girl being afraid of him that she had to run away from him.
Robert wakes up feeling groggy and dreadful that he almost didn鈥檛 believe his eyes when he sees his girl setting down a plate of eggs and bacon right in front of him.
鈥淪orry I wasn鈥檛 able to send a message last night. We stayed up so late that I didn鈥檛 notice the time and by the time I did notice it, it was already late. I still sent a goodnight text though!鈥 Robert watches his girl, eyes misty as he pulls his girl for a hug. He feels her stiffen under his hold and he immediately lets go.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e fucking terrified of me鈥︹ He starts, shaking his head at the way his girl鈥檚 head was down. Probably afraid to even look him in the eyes.
鈥淵ou fucking hate me,鈥 he hisses, almost choking at his own words.
To his surprise, his girl looks up at him with wide eyes, head shaking eagerly in disagreement.
鈥淚-I don鈥檛 hate you, Robbie.鈥
Robert smiles at the nickname as well as her words.
鈥淚鈥檓 scared,鈥 she whispers.
鈥淐an I hold you?鈥 He asks, watching her nod in response.
He carefully embraces her, his broad arms wrapping around her with so much gentleness to not scare his girl.
He feels himself sighing in relief when his girl sags against his body, her smaller arms wrapping around his ample form.
鈥淚 will never do anything to hurt you,鈥 he strokes a hand down her head, silently thanking all the gods for bringing his girl back to him.
鈥淚-I will stop. If you want me to, I鈥檒l stop. I鈥檒l just be a real fucking ice cream man.鈥
He watches his girl as she looks up at him, her mouth slightly ajar.
鈥淵-You will?鈥
鈥淎nything for you, baby.鈥
He feels her wrapping her arms around him and he does the same with her smaller form, not even caring about anything as long as his girl is right beside him.
He loves her too much and he won鈥檛 lose鈥
鈥淚 love you, Robbie. Even if you鈥檙e so terrifying at times鈥︹
Yeah鈥 He fucking loves her.
an: this kinda turned out stoopeed聽
General: @readermia鈥 @unlikelygalaxygiver鈥 @xoxabs88xox鈥 @anncutamarica鈥 @chaoticfiretaconerd鈥 @i-love-superhero鈥 @caffiend-queen鈥 @coconutqueen21鈥 @jtargaryen18鈥 @jennmurawski13鈥 @mushyjellybeans鈥 @ninjabucky鈥 @buckstaybucky鈥 @donutloverxo鈥 @rebloggingeverything鈥 @adriannajackson @la-cey鈥 @awaywithtime鈥 @gotnofucks鈥 @empath-bunny鈥 @belovedcherry鈥 @white-wolf1940鈥 @the-soulofdevil鈥 @mianorth鈥 @scorpiosmalfoy鈥 @rottenstyx @littlegasps鈥
Anything Chris: @patzammit鈥 @princess-evans-addict鈥 @shadowcatsworld鈥 @notyourtypicalrose鈥 @onetwo3000鈥 @bluemusickid鈥 @heyiamthatbitch鈥 @inlovewiththefictionalcharacters鈥 @slytherinandoutasgard @chrisevanisliterallysir鈥
Chris and seb: @harrysthiccthighss
people who liked the first one and might like? to read this one :3 @fangirlofallthings @smediumsmeatbae聽@hevans-angel鈥
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smutsonian24 days ago
Tumblr media
May contain dark themes that could be triggering and/or can make others uncomfortable. Please read each warning per story and beware. ( * = contains smut )
Tumblr media
just soft robert pronge with innocent reader
聽 鈻 part two where innocent reader finds about his job
聽 聽聽 鈫 #1 possibile outcome (angst/fluff)
聽 聽聽 鈫 #2 possibile outcome (smut)
聽 聽聽 鈫 #3 possible outcome (dark, smut)
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