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#Movie Vs Myth
mythosblogging · 9 days ago
Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Thor film series is, of course, based on the Marvel comics, which are, in turn, based on the Norse Gods. The godly realm of Asgard is reimagined as an alien realm, and the titular character, Thor (though he keeps his title, God of Thunder) is reimagined as the alien prince of this interstellar realm.
With this in mind, it is perhaps a bit foolish to expect mythological accuracy from a film based on a comic book, particularly when the comic already deviates from the myth. The most obvious deviation being that Loki is reimagined as Thor’s tricky (accurate), silver-tongued (also accurate) adopted brother (Not quite). In Norse myth however, Loki was the sworn blood-brother of Thor’s father, Odin, and so more akin to an uncle.
Despite this, however, Taika Waititi’s Thor Ragnarök does have some key similarities to the Norse myths that a keen mythology fan might pick up on.
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anotherkindofmindpod · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
New AKOM Episode! Thru the AKOM Lens: Lester & Maysles!
In this episode of our new series examining the Beatles on film, Phoebe and Kristen discuss fantasy, reality and the creation of the Beatles myth with two landmark films from the start of Beatlemania: A Hard Day’s Night and The Beatles First US Visit
Where to Listen
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oneshortdamnfuse · 3 days ago
Okay, y’all absolutely MUST know that there are many things Marvel “gets wrong” (i.e. interprets differently to suit their own canon) about Norse Mythology, and one of those things is their interpretation of a ‘Jotun.’ Tiny Rant Ahead:
Jotnar aren’t frost giants. They’re just giants. Loki isn’t a frost giant. He’s just a giant. Marvel made him a frost giant for their whole... Existence of Villainous Race Justifies Systematic Destruction of Them Narrative. (I digress... that’s a whole other essay).
They’re not inherently evil or villainous. They’re just chaotic, which makes it easy to interpret them as such in Marvel and in shows like Ragnarok. A common theme in Norse Mythology is the complex relationship between chaos and order, and nature and man’s efforts to conquer it. That can also be seen in the conflicts between the gods and jotnar. Of course, this is mostly my interpretation of the texts we have on Norse Myths so you’re welcome to think differently. I just want to be clear that the strict Good vs. Evil narrative given by Marvel is not really rooted in their actual origins.
Moving on - ‘Giant’ also doesn’t have to mean a Big Fucking Guy (aka BFG). Giants can be pretty much any size and associated with any number of elements. It’s just a mythical race that we have translated to mean ‘giant’ in English. Marvel made them actual giants, while making Loki ‘small’ (by comparison) to further alienate him. But. Loki already has a good reason to feel alienated. He’s both a god and a Jotun - Ragnarok (Netflix) was pretty faithful to this, even the manner through which Loki became a god (i.e. becoming blood brothers with Odin.)
Which brings me to another point: Thor and Loki were never brothers, biological or adopted. Marvel’s Loki was adopted, though how it happened varies by source (in the movies he doesn’t know until he’s older, whereas in the comics he’s abused by his father and tricks Odin into taking him in because jotnar are inherently abusive and savage and yadda yadda 🙄.) Magne and Laurits in Ragnarok Netflix are half siblings who awaken to the powers of Thor and Loki respectively. Thor and Loki are still not brothers in that universe, even if Magne and Laurits are. Loki is ‘blood brothers’ with Odin because of a blood pact they made with each other. That’s it.
Lastly... Loki’s father is not Laufey. It’s Fárbauti. Generally, Old Norse was patronymic (last name given based on one’s father) but The Vikings were also poets who fucking loved alliteration. Hence... Loki Laufeysson. Marvel just fucked it up. Also, Laufey is basically leaf and Fárbauti is basically a dangerous hitter/striker so it’s entirely possible that Loki was born after lightning hit a fucking tree. We just don’t know. (...and no that wouldn’t make Thor his dad or whatever. Thunder and lightning predate Thor. He just has dominion over it.)
This is kind of all over the place but the most important thing is that you stop calling Loki (in Netflix’s Ragnarok) a FROST giant.
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valentinaonthemoon · 14 days ago
Masterpost of video essays I’ve watched in 2021 so far
(2020 part I - part II)
A disclaimer: some of these are not video essays, but I included them anyway.
About a specific movie (animated or otherwise):
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But Here's What REALLY Happened: The History of Clue - PushingUpRoses
Confetti (2006): Horrible and Horribly Unfunny - Andrew
The Deeper Meaning of Dirty Dancing, Explained - The Take
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The Lion King (2019):
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this is not a knock off of hotel transylvania...i think - 24 Frames Of Nick (Monster Family)
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About TV series:
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The Crown:
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Emily In Paris:
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About Music / Musicals:
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"I Want It That Way" MAKES NO SENSE (and it's perfect) - Alfo Media
Lady Gaga - The Making of '911' | Vevo Footnotes - Lady Gaga
Lizzo got in trouble for... drinking a smoothie apparently. - D'Angelo Wallace
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let's talk about "cop-aganda"... - amandabb
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Short Films:
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Le Nez (1963) by Alexander Alexeieff and Claire Parker - lye shind
On My Mind (Animated Short Film) - arrowmi
Send me more suggestions, if you want. I hope you enjoy!!
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innervoyagesthroughart · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Cicadas. Photos for Have You Been Outside Today? See YouTube mini movies: Dreaming Lines of Beauty; Poms & Proms; Alien World; Moment of Grace; Primeval As featured on YouTube in the Series: Have You Been Outside Today? Photos/Videos: Me *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Blogs relating to nature, being alive, and consciousness include: * Rational vs Intuitive | Healing a Divided World – May 21, 2021 -- * Trolls! – May 17, 2021 -- * Sisyphus | The Living Myth of Now – May 12, 2021 -- * Naked Athena – Splendor or Spectacle – 7/28/20 -- * Is Collective Transformation Possible? | December 18, 2018 | * The Gun Powder of Transformation | July 4, 2018 | * Mini Story with Illustration (Part 1) Girl with Dragon | August 20 , 2018 | * The Divine Dodo – Despair | October 11, 2018 | #nature #naturephotography #naturelovers #consciousness #hereandnow #being #natureheals #naturehealsthesoul #peace #love #understanding #outdoors #being #here #now #cicada #cicadas
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innervoyagesthroughart · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Flower 🌸 Photos for Have You Been Outside Today? See YouTube mini movies: Dreaming Lines of Beauty; Poms & Proms; Alien World; Moment of Grace; Primeval As featured on YouTube in the Series: Have You Been Outside Today? Photos/Videos: Me *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Blogs relating to nature, being alive, and consciousness include: * Rational vs Intuitive | Healing a Divided World – May 21, 2021 -- * Trolls! – May 17, 2021 -- * Sisyphus | The Living Myth of Now – May 12, 2021 -- * Naked Athena – Splendor or Spectacle – 7/28/20 -- * Is Collective Transformation Possible? | December 18, 2018 | * The Gun Powder of Transformation | July 4, 2018 | * Mini Story with Illustration (Part 1) Girl with Dragon | August 20 , 2018 | * The Divine Dodo – Despair | October 11, 2018 | #nature #naturephotography #naturelovers #consciousness #hereandnow #being #natureheals #naturehealsthesoul #peace #love #understanding #outdoors #being #here #now (at Bon Air Memorial Rose Garden)
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innervoyagesthroughart · 15 days ago
Cicadas surround sound tunnels. Photos for Have You Been Outside Today? See YouTube mini movies: Dreaming Lines of Beauty; Poms & Proms; Alien World; Moment of Grace; Primeval As featured on YouTube in the Series: Have You Been Outside Today? Photos/Videos: Me *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** Blogs relating to nature, being alive, and consciousness include: * Rational vs Intuitive | Healing a Divided World – May 21, 2021 -- * Trolls! – May 17, 2021 -- * Sisyphus | The Living Myth of Now – May 12, 2021 -- * Naked Athena – Splendor or Spectacle – 7/28/20 -- * Is Collective Transformation Possible? | December 18, 2018 | * The Gun Powder of Transformation | July 4, 2018 | * Mini Story with Illustration (Part 1) Girl with Dragon | August 20 , 2018 | * The Divine Dodo – Despair | October 11, 2018 | #nature #naturephotography #naturelovers #consciousness #hereandnow #being #natureheals #naturehealsthesoul #peace #love #understanding #outdoors #being #here #now #cicadas (at Washington D.C.)
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pompompurin1028 · 28 days ago
Oh yes! I also loved that the “enemy” was their own selves, it made them contemplate on a lot of things, such as Atsushi finally accepting his tiger and Kyouka finally finding peace in her Demon Snow😌
And really? :o It’s been a few minutes that I finished the book (I’ll probably have to do a whole other ask about it because-😭😭) but I completely missed that parallelism!!
Yes, Atsushi😭 I really wouldn’t be able to trust him at that point, even now I still can’t bring myself to completely forgive Dazai- he risked his friends’ lives (his own as well) and even though I know he wasn’t the “villain” I have complex thoughts about his situation😖 Like, what if someone from ADA died? Would he have been able to forgive himself? What about the others, would THEY be OK with this? Many ability users died, was there really no other way to do this? I have so many questions🥺
I found a thorough analysis and explanation on Tumblr, I hope it clears the situation about Dazai because that’s where lies my main confusion 😤
Oh that Lupin bar scene killed me..😭 It was truly heartbreaking 💔
I would love to see what analyses you used to understand it better!! ^^
And Akutagawa🥺 I.. I truly don’t know, but something really clicked in me about him with this movie. I think it happened when I saw him lose his ability and fight against it, also to see that he has some kind of humour was so refreshing (in the tiger vs Rashōmon scene where he was all like “oh let’s get our popcorn” like🙃) This might maybe sound weird but I loved seeing him helpless, it.. made me remember that he was human, maybe? I loved seeing him obliged for once to rely on his own intelligence and body instead of Rashōmon. It made me grow closer to him.
I think that’s it🤔 As I said, please don’t worry about responding to these, do it whenever you have time❤️ I love reading what you have to say, but please take your time, I’m already so grateful that you’re spending time to talk to me!!🥰
Yes!! I loved that part so much😭 They're all facing their pasts and trying to confront them and honestly it is just so heart warming!!
And yes there is a parallelism which I myself saw! It was at the end of the movie, which parallels to the prologue of the book! The prologue😭, ahh that's my favorite part of the book. Anyways, in the prologue of No Longer Human, we see a woman saying that Yozo was an angel, a good boy. This is symbolic of someone, at least one person, being able to see the goodness in Yozo despite all the faults he sees in himself. (side note/aka me talking about the book: I loved this part so much because it is the first time in the book that we see a 2nd eye describe Yozo to us, as the whole book is literally written in the biased opinion of Yozo. Who is not a reliable narrator at all, as mentioned in my answer yesterday, Yozo sees himself as a criminal, he is ashamed of himself, he is therefore extremely critical of himself, and is almost blinded to his better side -- his sensitivity, and in a sense his "gentleness". As seen from one of quotes that really interested me: "the weak fear happiness itself. they can harm themselves on cotton wool. sometimes they are even wounded by happiness". This honestly reminds of Wan!)
Anyways, back to my point! That woman who does see the good in Yozo, does it not parallel with Atsushi who says that he still believes that Dazai is a good person? Despite 'betraying' them for his plan? Despite the worst Yozo sees in himself? I feel like Dazai's shock in this scene parallels to the fact that Yozo doesn't see it in himself in the novel as well.
And honestly, Atsushi's trust in Dazai😭 It warms my heart. Yes, I feel like I would be also quite doubtful about Dazai as well if I were to be met with this situation myself. I'm sorry Dazai😖. But- this gave me a parallel to the short story by Dazai-sensei called Run, Melos! Actually not the short story itself, but the Greek myth story Damon and Pythias, the story that the short story was based on! The original story that Dazai-sensei based it on talked about trust between two friends and how one of them trusted his other friend to come back in time to save him right till the end. But in Dazai-sensei's version, he changed it. He wrote about the doubts that the friend had, it is as if it were saying that he didn't believe in the fact that humans can trust others so fully, right till the very end. And yet, Atsushi did it. What does this mean? Maybe I'll talk about it soon in my analysis hehe.
And as for Dazai. I personally think he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if that happened. But it also breaks my heart the amount of pressure he puts on himself to make sure that everything goes according to plan; as well as the extent that he will go, to villianize himself, even if it meant that the people whom he is closest to will doubt him, in order to make sure that his plan succeeds. (which is one of the reason why Atsushi is so important). This analysis also talks about it too☺ start at the point in which they talk about Dazai being more so a chemist. (I have so many analyses up my sleeve😅)
And ahh I'm so glad that it helped you understand it better!!
And as for Aku, in my pov, he's always been human. He's stubborn, yet insecure, he wants to be accepted, to have someone to tell him that he is strong enough to have the right to live. But Dead Apple definitely showed more of Aku's qualities. His intelligence, and his strength, one that doesn't require his abilities, which I also really like☺ Also rashomon vs the tiger was quite entertaining ngl haha
And thank you so much🥰 It makes me so happy to have you ask these questions! I have so much fun analyzing and thinking about these things! And I'm so happy to know that you like hearing my rambling what I have to say😂
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S3 Is Billy’s Superhero Origin Story - Not The END Of His Story
Tumblr media
If you’ve been following my meta, you’ll know I’m in the middle of a discussion of Billy as the mythological “god-king” who dies and lives again. Well, in my next post, I was going to compare him to the three brother-gods of Greek mythology (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades). However, I need to bring up an important point first.
Stranger Things has already raised Billy to “god” status. 
The show is about superheroes - El, Kali, and others like them - facing off against the forces of evil. And superheroes are often modern-day gods with god-like powers. A few are lifted directly from ancient mythology (Thor, Loki, etc). Sometimes, if they aren’t full-fledged gods, they have gods for parents, making them demigods (such as Wonder Woman, who’s the daughter of Zeus in the recent movies).
In S3, Billy becomes a superhero. By becoming a superhero, he becomes a demigod. And, as I’ll explain, the Duffers have already tied that to his resurrection.
>>Explore the definition of “demigod,” and we run headlong into Billy.
When we look up “demigod,” Google comes back with this:
a being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank.
If we look up lists of demigods in mythology, we get some interesting results, like the Greco-Roman Hercules. Hercules was known for his incredible strength (!!), as well for performing The Twelve Labors of Hercules. Among these are slaying the Nine-Headed Hydra and the Nemean Lion.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh look it’s Hercules vs. the Hydra/Lion. I’d say Lion because killing it was the first labor of Hercules. Also the Mind Flayer doesn’t have nine symbolic heads yet, that’s probably coming in a future season
Because of his association with the Nemean Lion, Hercules is often depicted in ancient art as wearing a lion skin:
In Roman works of art and in Renaissance and post-Renaissance art, Hercules can be identified by his attributes, the lion skin and the gnarled club (his favorite weapon); in mosaic he is shown tanned bronze...
Gosh. Where have I seen that before?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Damn. A quick Google search about demigods, and we’re already knocking on Billy’s door. I haven’t even talked about him as a superhero yet ;_;
>>Superheroes could be considered modern demigods.
Like I said in the intro, superheroes often embody the “demigod” archetype. They’re gifted with powers that put them a cut above the average human. Some even have explicitly divine origins. This gives them a striking similarity to the demigods of old myths, such as Perseus, Achilles, and our favorite lion-killer, Hercules.
Isn’t it weird how Billy looks like Perseus and Achilles and Hercules though
Tumblr media
>>Billy’s S3 storyline mimics a superhero origin story.
Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes Spiderman. Eddie Brock is possessed by an alien symbiote and becomes Venom. Billy Hargrove is possessed by an interdimensional monster and becomes... well, Billy Hargrove, but with the added bonuses of superstrength and super-healing.
One article I read has a line about Eddie Brock in The Amazing Spider-Man (1988) that I find especially eerie:
The symbiote enhances Brock's strength and endurance, and since the guy was already addicted to working out, the result is almost equal to Spider-Man in raw power.
Tumblr media
Hi there, Billy. How ya’ doin today.
The same article points out that, over his 40-year history, Venom has slowly morphed from a villain to an anti-hero. Look up the definition of anti-hero and you get this:
The term anti-hero has been provided to those who act as superheroes for some time and villains for another. It is not a surprise that fans usually like anti-heroes more due to their rebellious nature...
Oh look. It’s Billy’s trajectory from S2 (villain) to S3 (a villain who becomes an anti-hero). But I’m sure that’s a total accident. Wanna bet he’ll go from “anti-hero” to straight up “hero” in future seasons
But it gets better...
>>The Duffers have already told us S3 is Billy’s superhero origin (!) story.
In the first scene of S3 Ep 4, Max and El are hanging out in Max’s room. Max shows El two comic books and asks, “Which one?” 
I don’t know about you, but that bit always gave me a weird vibe. It’s just one of those things that seems... purposeful... like it has a hidden meaning. So, following my instincts, I took a closer look at the scene.
Look at the comic books.
Tumblr media
On one side, we have Wonder Woman. On the other side, we have the Green Lantern. Framed this way, they’re presented to us as dueling opposites. or a superhero dream team, but that’s for future seasons
Wonder Woman is El. The scene tells us this by having El ask about her. She’s drawn to her, sees herself in her.
The Green Lantern is Billy. In S3, he’s the opposing force to El’s Wonder Woman. Also, Green Lanterns draw their power from the aid of magic rings.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Huh. Interesting.
If you need more evidence, just juxtapose the comic book shot with this shot from Heather’s house:
Tumblr media
Would you look at that. Max is in the middle, with Wonder Woman El on the left and the Green Lantern Billy on the right.
Furthermore, the Heather’s house shot happens at the end of Ep 3. In the very first scene of the next episode, we get the comic book shot. The juxtaposition in time suggests they’re linked.
Now look again at the Green Lantern comic book.
Tumblr media
Origin issue.
Origin issue.
Are y’all seeing this.
Not only is Billy a superhero on par with El, he’s also coming back to kick ass. S3 was his origin story, not the end of it. The Duffers are telling us so.
Tumblr media
The death and resurrection plotline shouldn’t surprise us. Superheroes die and come back all the time. Just check out this list of superheroes who have done exactly that. Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, Superman... seriously, it’s old hat by now. (The list notably includes Jean Grey, who I consider El’s X-Men alter ego. Kinda makes me think she’s gonna die and rise again too)
It makes sense that superheroes can cheat death. Like I explained, superheroes are basically demigods - humans who are more than human. 
What better way to show you’re more than human... than to beat the one enemy common to all humans everywhere?
»»————- ✼ ————-««
P.S. Billy’s superhero status probably explains why he gets an El-and-Kali-style nosebleed in S2 ;) FORESHADOWING, BABY
Tumblr media
Oh and I love the idea of Superhero Billy SO MUCH that I made a music video about it...
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The “Billy Is Alive” Meta Series
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stayquaint · a month ago
Looking Back on the Gothic Action-Horror of the ‘Underworld’ Franchise
Despite having similar mythological origins, Vampires and Werewolves are behind one of the most iconic rivalries in media. There are countless books, movies and games that pit these legendary creatures against each other, and everyone has their own opinion on which is the superior monster (I’ve always been firmly on team Werewolf). Today, however, I’d like to explore one of the most iconic takes on this ancient feud by looking back on the insanely popular Underworld franchise and how it reshaped these myths for an ever-evolving audience.
The 2000s were a good time to be a fan of action-horror blockbusters, seeing the rise of R-rated franchises like Resident Evil and the Blade sequels. Knowing that audiences were hungry for more bloody thrills, it’s no surprise that Lakeshore Entertainment would end up investing in a gothic passion project by the unlikely trio of Len Wisemen, Kevin Grevioux and Danny McBride (yes, that Danny McBride). Proposing a complex mythology detailing an ongoing war between Vampires and “Lycans”, the trio wowed producers with their original pitch, and with a final draft completed by McBride, Underworld finally leapt off the page in 2003.
An international co-production, Underworld was a strange beast, combining the gothic thrills of classic vampire flicks with modern-day action and a gritty sci-fi twist. While the slick photography and exaggerated costumes made it clear that this was a case of style over substance, the surprisingly in-depth lore behind the screenplay wouldn’t have been out of place in a Role-Playing Game. This makes sense, as the producers were eventually sued by White Wolf Inc. due to the film’s similarities to their World of Darkness setting, though the case was ultimately settled out of court.
Regardless, even during that peculiar wave of leather-clad post-Matrix action flicks, Underworld managed to stand out by providing audiences with a fresh take on monster movies and a badass female protagonist. Kate Beckinsale was perfectly cast as the Lycan-hunting vampire Selene, torn between her loyalty to her masters and a newfound love interest in Michael Corvin, played by Scott Speedman. As viewers accompany Selene down the rabbit hole, the film jumps from one bloodthirsty action sequence to the next, always boasting remarkable practical effects and wirework.
The Wolfman on steroids.
Produced on a 22 million dollar budget, Underworld became an unexpected hit, ultimately raking in over 95 million at the box office. While critics weren’t crazy about it, audiences absolutely adored the classy aesthetics and kickass soundtrack (which features an incredible remix of David Bowie’s Bring Me the Disco King by Danny Lohner), not to mention Beckinsale’s memorable performance as a veteran Death-Dealer. Naturally, she would end up becoming one of the most badass leading ladies of the 2000s, rivaled only by RE‘s Milla Jovovich.
The rest of the cast is also impressive, with Bill Nighy gleefully chewing through scenery as the Elder Vampire Viktor and Michael Sheen leading the Lycan rebellion as Lucian (years before becoming a vampire in the Twilight franchise). Kevin Grevioux himself also makes an appearance as Raze, one of the film’s most memorable Lycans. Luckily for fans, despite a few gruesome character deaths, this wouldn’t be the last time that we’d see this curious ensemble on the big screen.
Having successfully jumpstarted a franchise, Wiseman and company soon returned to this world of ultraviolet bullets and rebelling Lycans with 2006’s Underworld: Evolution, a sequel that takes place almost immediately after the first film. While it’s an equally stylish endeavor, with Selene and Michael on the run from Elder Vampires as they uncover the secret origin of both Vampires and Lycans, the movie suffers from trying too hard to be bigger and more action-packed than its predecessor.
Even so, the convoluted script and bloated budget couldn’t keep Evolution from becoming yet another box office success. Critics still refused to warm up to the series, but general audiences appreciated the return to neo-gothic melodrama and balls-to-the-wall Vampire vs Werewolf action. While the film serves as a somewhat definitive conclusion to Michael and Selene’s story, its success meant that we would soon see another entry in the franchise with the 2009 prequel, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.
Same monsters, new setting.
Patrick Tatopoulos‘ prequel suffers from having its main plot points spoiled by flashbacks in the previous films, but it’s still my favorite entry in the franchise, focusing on the origin of the conflict between enslaved Lycans and tyrannical Vampires in medieval Europe. While Beckinsale is appropriately absent from the prequel (except for a final zinger), both Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy reprise their roles from previous films and are clearly having a great time doing so. The timeline might not completely add up and the pacing is a little choppy, but the exaggerated action and fresh setting make this one of the most thoroughly entertaining films in the series.
The same can’t be said for 2012’s Underworld: Awakening, a movie that was meant to be Beckinsale’s long-awaited return to the franchise. It’s undoubtedly great to see Selene once again mowing down ferocious Lycans with specialized weaponry in a dystopic future (this time unaccompanied by Scott Speedman), but the film really drops the ball with some excessive CGI and low-effort backstory. There are still some legitimately thrilling set pieces as Selene attempts to protect her hybrid daughter from the clutches of an evil organization, but the sanitized atmosphere and decreased focus on practical monsters make this entry less interesting than the films that came before.
Despite even more negative reactions from critics, Awakening was successful enough to warrant another sequel in 2016 with Underworld: Blood Wars, the final film in the franchise. Unfortunately, this one is only marginally better than its predecessor, doubling down on questionable CGI and insanely convoluted mythology in order to tell a generic story. In this one, Selene is being hunted by surviving Vampire and Lycan clans who each need her for their own nefarious reasons. Like Awakening, Blood Wars features almost none of the original Underworld team behind the scenes, resulting in a loosely-fitting cap to a once-memorable franchise.
Like all the Underworld films before it, Blood Wars was financially successful, but it also proved that the series had run its course. Without the original creative team backing these productions, there was little reason to continue making them. It’s now been five years since Blood Wars, and despite rumors of the contrary, it seems unlikely that the Underworld franchise will be undergoing a resurrection anytime soon.
I can’t be the only one that misses these monster battles.
Looking back on these movies, it’s clear that they weren’t all masterpieces, but I’ll be the first to defend their commitment to style and gruesome action. Even when the scripts didn’t make much sense, a lot of effort was put into the look and feel of these films, as well as the choreography behind the memorable monster battles. The Underworld Lycans are some of the best practical Werewolves in media, and it’s a shame that later entries traded in the costumes and puppets for cheap CGI.
Beckinsale’s Selene was also a truly iconic character in her own right. While some fans viewed her as nothing more than a leather-clad sex symbol, her arc was a lot more complex than most folks seem to remember. Her feminine traits were never ignored in favor of traditional action hero tropes, but she also routinely showed up to save her confused love interest, a rare twist on the usual damsel in distress formula.
The Underworld franchise may have been a roller-coaster ride when it comes to quality, but I’ll always have fond memories of those fleeting glimpses into a world dominated by Vampiric intrigue and monstrous mutations. Revisiting these movies, I realized that it’s been a long time since audiences have been graced with stylized gothic action on the big screen, and with Resident Evil getting a fresh start in Johannes Roberts’ new film, I’d also love to see a return to the grimy streets of Underworld. After all, the Vampire vs Lycan war is far from over, and there will always be more dark stories to tell.
from Bloody Disgusting!
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Reaper Csi
Tumblr media
Kelamis at Gatecon 2016
stand-up comedian
Years active1989–presentSpouse(s)
(m. 2004)​
Peter Kelamis is an Australian–Canadian actor, stand-up comedian and impressionist.[1] He is arguably best known for playing Tail Terrier in Krypto the Superdog Player flv for mac. , Dr. Phonic firefly 302 usb driver. Adam Brody in Stargate Universe, Goku in Ocean's English dubs of the animated series Dragon Ball Z, and Rolf from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Reaper is a highly extendble DAW. You can create themes, layouts, etc. This VS Code extension provides you with color highlighting for some of the configuration files of Reaper. There is support for the theming files and the CSI project.
REAPER is a complete digital audio production application for computers, offering a full multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering toolset. REAPER supports a vast range of hardware, digital formats and plugins, and can be comprehensively extended, scripted and modified. Peter Kelamis is an Australian–Canadian actor, stand-up comedian and impressionist. He is arguably best known for playing Tail Terrier in Krypto the Superdog, Dr. Adam Brody in Stargate Universe, Goku in Ocean's English dubs of the animated series Dragon Ball Z, and Rolf from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Some of his appearances on television were in Eureka, The Outer Limits, Corner Gas, Sliders, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Universe, The Sentinel, NCIS and The X-Files. Film appearances include; Happy Gilmore, Fear of Flying, I'll Be Home for Christmas, Best in Show, The Sport Pages: The Heidi Bowl, and Everything's Gone Green. He also had a recurring role in Beggars and Choosers.
As a voice actor, he replaced Ian James Corlett as the voice of Goku during 1997 in FUNimation/Saban's short-lived original dub of Dragon Ball Z, and also voiced Goku in FUNimation and Pioneer's 1997-1998 dub of the Dragon Ball Z movies Dead Zone, The World's Strongest, and The Tree of Might.[2] During 2000,[2] he reprised the role in an unrelated dub produced by Westwood Media and AB Groupe for the UK (and later Canada). He left in the middle of the Cell arc, with Kirby Morrow voicing Goku for the remainder of the production. Kelamis has since stated he would have continued voicing Goku for the rest of the series, but that he was under the impression that the dub was ending, when it was in fact merely on a temporary recording hiatus.[3] He has also famously voiced Rolf in Ed, Edd n Eddy as well as Whiplash in Iron Man: Armored Adventures. Kelamis originally auditioned to play the Eds, as well as the other male characters in Ed, Edd n Eddy but did not land either role; instead, he was encouraged by voice director Terry Klassen to play the character of Rolf. Priorities for mac. He also voiced Reaper in the video game Devil Kings as well as provided the voice of Byrne in the CGI animation, Dreamkix. Outside of acting, Kelamis also worked as a stand-up comedian,[4][5] he performed his very first stand-up comedy act in the fourth grade.[6] Kelamis made his first stand-up comedy appearance at the Punchlines Comedy Club in Gastown.[6]
Personal life[edit]
Kelamis is of Greek descent, and is Greek Orthodox Christian, having attended Saint George's Cathedral in Vancouver.[7] In 2004, he married his second wife, Vancouver-born Canadian actress Alannah Stewartt.[8] They have a daughter named Ariabella, born in 2009.[8]
Tumblr media
YearTitleRoleNotes1993Sherlock Holmes ReturnsRespiratory Therapist1994Sleeping with StrangersPhotographer1995Suspicious AgendaPolice Photographer1996Happy GilmorePotter's Caddy1997JittersAngeloThe Right ConnectionsSales Guy1997BlissNeighbor1998Voyage of TerrorPurser JenningsI'll Be Home for ChristmasConway the Bus Driver1999Can of WormsIntergalactic Cop (voice)[9]2001Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit ToysForeman Elf (voice)Television film[9]Barbie in the NutcrackerPimm (voice)Direct-to-video[9]2002Barbie as RapunzelOtto, Skinny Swordsman (voices)G.I. Joe Spy TroopsPolly (voice)Television film[9]2003The Lizzie McGuire MovieDr. Comito2006Dr. Dolittle 3Rodeo AnnouncerBarbie in the 12 Dancing PrincessesBrutus, Sentry #4 (voices)Direct-to-video[9]2008Bratz Babyz Save ChristmasMax, Dad (voices)2009Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture ShowRolf (voice)Television film[9]2010Barbie: A Fashion FairytaleSpencer (voice)Direct-to-video[9]201150/50Phil2012The Cabin in the WoodsDemo Guy #1Barbie: The Princess & the PopstarSeymour Crider (voice)Direct-to-video[9]2013Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony TaleMonsiur Philippe (voice)2014Barbie and the Secret DoorSniff (voice)Big EyesReal Estate Guy2015Barbie in Rock 'N RoyalsEddie (voice)Direct-to-video[9]Open Season: Scared SillySerge (voice)2017Killing GuntherRahmat
YearTitleRoleNotes1991–1995The CommishClerk, BellmanEpisodes: 'Behind the Storm Door', 'The Golden Years'1994HawkeyeYvesEpisode: 'The Siege'1994–1996HurricanesAdditional voices7 episodes1994–1998The X-FilesAssistant D.A. Daniel Costa, Additional Roles4 episodes1995MadisonMr. Stand UpEpisode: 'House of Cards'The New Adventures of MadelineAdditional voicesUnknown episodesSlidersGlennEpisode: 'The Weaker Sex'1995–1996Strange LuckDavid BentonEpisodes: 'Hat Trick', 'In Sickness and in Wealth'1996For HopeWriter OneTV movie1997Dragon Ball Z: Dead ZoneGoku (voice)English dub - Pioneer/Geneon & FUNimation1997–1998Dragon Ball ZGoku, Master Roshi (voices)Episodes 38–53 English dub - FUNimation & Saban Entertainment1998Dragon Ball Z: The World's StrongestGoku (voice)English dub - Pioneer/Geneon & FUNimationDragon Ball Z: The Tree of MightGoku (voice)English dub - Pioneer/Geneon & FUNimationThe SentinelEd WarnerEpisode: 'Neighborhood Watch'The NetBobbyEpisode: 'Deleted'1999The Outer LimitsBrain WakefieldEpisode: 'Joyride'Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and LegendsSimon 'Fitz' Fitzpatrick (voice)41 episodes1999–2009Ed, Edd n EddyRolf (voice)46 episodes2000Dragon Ball ZGoku (voice)Episodes 108–144 English dub - AB Groupe & Westwood MediaKey the Metal IdolShuichi Tataki (voice)English dub2000–2001Action ManRicky Singh-Baines (voice)24 episodes2000–2002What About Mimi?Herbert Finkle, Lodeman, Mr. Greely, Additional voices39 episodes2002–2003Stargate SG-1Dr. Brent Langham, Coyle BoronEpisodes: 'Smoke & Mirrors', 'Space Race'2002Corner GasBob LangEpisode: 'Comedy Night 'The Twilight ZoneLew GalloEpisode: 'Dead Man's Eyes'Super Duper SumosDr. Stinger (voice)10 episodes2003Transformers: Go-BotsMototron (voice)2004The L WordMovie TypeEpisode: 'Pilot'2004–2007ToddWorldPickle, Oswald the Puppy, Vark (voices)39 episodes2005Transformers: CybertronWing Saber (voice)English dub2005–2006Krypto the SuperdogTail Terrier, Bud & Lou (voices)2 episodes2006–2007Class of the TitansGranny Hercules, Old Timer, Orpheus, Melampus (voices)10 episodes2007George of the JungleNarrator, Cousin Larry (voices)13 episodes2008GeoTraxCaptain Jim (voices)Episode: 'Flying Lesson'Being IanMr. Greebl eConductor, Pop Delivery Man, Ivan, Negative Team Leader, Todd, Kirk Cleftchin, Cuppie (voices)2 episodes2009League of Super EvilMagenta, Miss Johnson, Mysterio Villaino, Mr. Lee (voices)4 episodesIron Man: Armored AdventuresWhiplash / Marc Scarlotti (voice)3 episodes2009–2011Stargate UniverseDr. Adam Brody9 episodes2010DreamkixByrne, Pierre Pierre, Gazelle Captain (voices)11 episodesThe Twisted Whiskers ShowDine (voice)10 episodes2012NCISBruce JohnsonEpisode: 'Rekindled'Action DadShortcut, Prince Eyeball, H.Q. Voice, Alam Voice, Director, Computor (voices)7 episodes2013SlugterraPrimo Pesto (voice)Episode: 'Slugball'2015Dr. DimensionpantsMotho / Alien Refereeepisode 16b (s2e2b) 'Motho's Boy'2015–2018My Little Pony: Friendship Is MagicFashion Plate, Big Daddy McColt, Hooffield Pony #1, Vapor Trail's Dad (voices)6 episodes2016When Calls the HeartTobias PopeEpisodes: 'Forever in My Heart', 'Heartbreak'2017iZombieMr. Huntsman3 episodes2017–2018BeyondThe Man in the Yellow Jacket17 episodes2018The Man in the High CastleRichieEpisode: 'Jahr Null'The HollowSpider-Leader (voice)Episode: 'Cocoon'2019The Dragon PrinceVillads (voice)4 episodes
Video games[edit]
YearTitleRoleNotes2004CSI: MiamiRon Preston2005Devil KingsReaper[9]Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-EdventuresRolf2006Scarface: The World Is YoursN/A2013Grand Theft Auto VThe Local PopulationDisney InfinityRandall Boggs[10]2014Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes2015Disney Infinity 3.0
Awards and nominations[edit]
2004 - Video Premiere Award for Best Animated Character Performance - Nominated
2007 - Leo award for Best Screenwriting in a Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series - Won
Tumblr media
Reaper Csi
^Willis, John (1 April 2006). Screen World: 2005 Film Annual. Hal Leonard Corporation. pp. 34–. ISBN978-1-55783-668-7. Retrieved 17 August 2011.
^ abChance, Norman (2010). Who Was Who on TV, Volume 1. Xlibris Corporation.
^2018 Peter Kelamis Dragon Ball Z interviewYoutube. Retrieved 18 December 2019.
^'Peter Kelamis'. Retrieved 17 August 2020.
^ ab
^2018 Peter Kelamis interview [1]
^ ab
^ abcdefghij'Peter Kelamis (visual voices guide)'. Behind The Voice Actors. Retrieved 15 April 2021. A green check mark indicates that a role has been confirmed using a screenshot (or collage of screenshots) of a title's list of voice actors and their respective characters found in its opening and/or closing credits and/or other reliable sources of information.CS1 maint: postscript (link)
^Avalanche Software. Disney Infinity 3.0. Scene: Closing credits, 5:39 in, Featuring the Voice Talents of.
External links[edit]
Peter Kelamis at IMDb
Peter Kelamis at Anime News Network's encyclopedia
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