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zest-whiplash · 8 hours ago
do u like steamed broccoli.
Meh, feels like a waste. Stir fried broccoli is way tastier and healthier (Still lean while still retaining the nutrients that are otherwise lost if steamed. The tastiness will also encourage you to eat more of it, yay for antioxidants & fiber!) and just as fast & easy to prepare. Get a wok, throw in some oil, a fuck ton of minced garlic, simmer, throw in washed broccoli, stir, throw in salt to taste, stir until it's a vibrant green and you can easily stab the stalks. If you need more moisture to cook it faster, splash in a bit of water and keep stirring until the water evaporates (Note how much more colorful stir fried veggies are compared to their duller steamed counterparts - this is visual proof of the nutrient disparity btw the two methods)
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deadbatsy09 · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
I GOT THEM! One whole serving is only 100 calories and you take one piece or so after an intense workout because it replenishes your electrolytes and such.
They are also life savers for hypoglycemic episodes that could potentially be life threatening.
I got this pack with 2x of each flavor on Amazon for $36 free shipping
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fantasyfaeriee · 17 hours ago
If you’re a sw/content creator I want to be your friend 🥺
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bitterfucked · 17 hours ago
me: *telling a motel cleaning horror story*
some nerd: … you called the cops though, right? with that much blood you called the cops
me: “yOu cAlLeD tHe CoPs RiGhT” - fuck off, idiot, i’m no snitch bootlicker
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thepixelelf · a day ago
if you’re writing a scene with multiple people talking in one conversation, but you’re worried about the pacing and fitting each character in, try this:
Tumblr media
highlight each character’s dialogue a different colour. this easily shows you who’s talking when, how often they’re piping in, and lets you see the pauses between dialogue as well!!
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wannabae-skinni · a day ago
i be like ‘no yea yea i’m good yea”.. then go starve myself for 18 hours and at hour 19 i’ll eat six tubes of ice cream and a rotisserie chicken
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overwayt · a day ago
Pro tip, don’t take sleeping pills on an empty stomach 🥲 you will vomit
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ambitious-witch · a day ago
you don’t like alina? just curious.
She is terribly written, like, I can even be generous in things like, aesthetic. But that's where it ends with her. She is just a terribly written, thematically broken character. She has no growth, the flaws that keep her from moving the plot are never, ever addressed as flaws.
I can't say I don't like her as if "I hate this character", I save that one for how SoC is shoehorned in that universe, I guess. It just frustrates me, both as an original content creator and a fanfic writer, that is completely non-fixable. Like, in a lot of media that goes wrong or the writing is yikes, one could find good spots to fix them without changing the work much. But with a Alina in the books? No, she has no salvation. And that's... Kind of sad? I don't know, call it a writer's melodramatics. Like, it took me, two days, more or less, to craft an entire positive character arc for Aleksander in my series of AUs, but Alina, after ROW and after her 'Gurl Power' moment in Episode 8... Yeah no. Impossible. Her character arc could only be negative because there is little to do with a character that literally denies what happened in the text itself because the writer is that petty.
And of course, instead of fixing the mess she was in the books, the TV writers, like most inept American TV writers, thought that the best course was race-lifting her. Because that's the modus operandi that they have, instead of, you know, good structure and a character arc and stuff.
So, no, I don't like her. Her entire story is pointless and she is one the worst 'protagonists' I have ever read. A sack of flour dragged by a plot that would fall apart if she were free to make any choice as a character.
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rajthebloggersblog · a day ago
How To Crack More Sales - 5 Definite Ways In 2021 And Beyond.
How To Crack More Sales – 5 Definite Ways In 2021 And Beyond.
In this blog, I am going to discuss the ever-interesting topic of generating more sales using the best techniques.  It shall broaden your horizon and help you think out of the box in bringing more customers and enhancing the profitability of your business.    Page Contents. Story Five Highly Effective Ways To Generate More Sales! The Conclusion   Let me share an inspiring story before I discuss…
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aiuragf · 2 days ago
when u want to present urself mor masc but ur a hijabi with a closet full of long skirt and little if good pants that doesnt show off my curves....
its so frustating srsly, anyways i think i like using she/her when i do it myself but prefer other ppl use they/them for me actually:)
i also dont know if i consider myself cis or no cause i don’t feel or like being seen as a cis women but i dont feel like im considered to be trans either, same with my sexuality actually.
I think i just dont like myself being labeled unto something wheter its my connection with someon, or my gender identity, or my sexuality but sometimes i just called myself bi to not confused ppl bcs im scared if ppl know that my sexuality is unlabele they’ll start putting labels to me which i’ve seen many cases of those in other ppl tiktok comment section
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trueformlesbians · 2 days ago
i forgot i exist in constant, almost entirely unwarranted, fear of people seeing me and assuming im A Man due to my general online *gestures* everything
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niightear · 2 days ago
i like how basically the only official rhythm heaven merchandise is like. towels-
#puppy rambles#rhythm hell#i'm not joking by the way#according to the rhythm heaven wiki#''The Flippers and the Wandering Samurai are the two characters to have printed towels of them#that could be bought from Club Nintendo Japan in December 2012.''#i have no idea why they were like ''yeah let's make rhythm heaven towels''#but i mean. you do you nintendo#god i just remembered there's a rhythm heaven wiki page that's just f o r k#''The Fork is an object which appears in the minigame Fork Lifter in Rhythm Heaven Fever & Rhythm Heaven Megamix.''#''The fork is silver with 3 prongs & a pentagon-shaped tip. In the Megamix artwork it lacks the special tip & has more curved prongs.''#i guess it showing up in fever's cast after the credits means it has to have a page#but it's still funny to me-#just. f o r k#oh and we can't forget w i d g e t#''Widgets (組み立てキット Kumitate Kitto?) are recurring objects in the Rhythm Heaven Series. Their purpose is mentioned to be unknown.#A widget is composed of a rod and one or two square nuts.''#thanks rhythm heaven wiki#oh and i love this trivia point on the page for the widgets idk why but it's strangely funny to me:#''Rods and Widgets have appeared in 15 different games total throughout the series#while Karate Joe has appeared in 23 and The Wandering Samurai in 16.''#WAIT WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH SOME OF THESE ALTERNATE LANGUAGE NAMES FOR WIDGETS-#mr untensil- mr. device- t h e c o n t r a p t i o n#c u b e#god i love the rhythm heaven wiki#did you know that this is the second remix 8 to be speedy?#... yeah these tags are getting cut off for sure sfikfsjk
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