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#Monica Drake
quotemadness · 9 days ago
If you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation.
Monica Drake
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therealjordan23 · a month ago
Jason: Okay, look, you want to hold onto your food? You gotta scare people off. I learned that living on the street!
Dick: So what would you say, Jason?
Jason: This'll keep them away from your stuff
Jason: [aggressively writes something down]
*Dick, Tim, and Barbara lean over to look at it, and gasp*
Dick: Woah!
Barbara, proudly: Jason, you are a badass!
Jason: *smirks* Someday I'll tell you about the time I stabbed a cop!
Tim: I-
Jason: What? He stabbed me first!
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booksquoteslife · 3 months ago
“When life sucks, throw yourself into art.”
— Monica Drake, Clown Girl
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goldenmarket2021 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Lovely Casual Pearl Decoration Black Sunglasses Price : USD 7.99 (30% Off) Was : USD 11.41 Save USD 3.42
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dagazzart · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
January art!
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kpvc2 · 5 months ago
its been a minute
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cruthanigma · a year ago
Tumblr media
this is so false lol Monica took the time to nurture Chandler. she understood his insecurities and helped him through those. i don’t think Monica was in love with Richard. she values her time with him and everything he taught he but if she was in love with him, she would’ve stayed with him after Chandlers plan. Monica and Chandler were perfect, they showed how a relationship blossoms from an authentic friendship. what do you guys think?
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chorusfic · a year ago
through the doorway
When the door closes on them, it is not a gentle thing.
There were no raised voices, though, no angry, cutting words, just the sound of a door shutting hard, with finality, without being slammed. It was the sense that they had both lost something, without knowing precisely what.
Monica had let the wounds in her heart fester, and Leon’s attempts to bandage them had been for naught.
The door to them closed as sharply as the door to Leon’s home, but neither of them turned the lock.
The first time the door to them considers opening again, it’s at an FBI safehouse just south of the West Virginia border.
It’s not the first time Leon’s been called to a bustling safehouse reeking of steel-boned discipline and desperation for answers. Two years after Raccoon City, and mistakes are still made–mistakes that lead to situations like these. Avoidable ones, but no less tragic.
Across the room, a familiar shape with a messy dark brown braid stands with a clipboard in one arm and a pen behind her ear. There’s no coffee mug to be found in her general vicinity, so Leon goes to fetch one. An olive branch.
She speaks before looking up. “I’ll have my report on the hour, as requested, when the scientists get back to–”
“Monica.” he says, and watches her posture–so easy and almost casual–stiffen like a statue.
Monica turns her head slowly and her gaze dips toward the coffee mug before returning to him. The dark rings under her equally dark eyes are more stark than ever, twin monuments to many late nights and exhausting days. She reaches out and takes the mug, but sets it on a nearby desk while her grip on her clipboard tightens. “Officer Kennedy, you’re here, good.” she clears her throat, and Leon’s own tightens at the brisk cadence of her voice, “I’d assumed you were my new superior, coming to harass me about the reports. You’ll be briefed once they arrive.”
The silence that sits between them is an opportunity. The rest of the safehouse is absorbed in their tasks, and both of them stand far enough away that they couldn’t be directly eavesdropped upon.
“Nicky,” is all Leon gets the chance to say, before he watches Monica’s grip on her clipboard tighten even more, white-knuckled through her fingerless gloves.
“Now’s not the time.” she says quietly, a whisper under the door to them, and as quickly as it came, the opportunity is gone.
Still, he grasps for it anyway. “Will there be a time?”
Her quiet is the only answer given, but it is answer enough.
The second time the door to them considers opening, it’s after a few too many drinks and a little too much tension to let go of.
Touch is easier and yet so much more difficult than words. Easier, because deep in her chest Monica knows she can trust him not to hurt her, and harder, because of that knowledge that she trusts him at all. It should have been easier to cut him loose, like so many others, but here they are, with their painfully familiar touches on feverishly warm skin.
She’s surprised he can’t taste the poison, leaking from somewhere in her soul, but if he does, he doesn’t seem to mind it.
It’s familiarity without depth, that same trap they’ve fallen into before, but an addicting and inevitable one–somehow, they end up in the other’s orbit without acknowledgment beyond this, and sometimes Monica knows he might try to scratch the surface, to dig deep, but not tonight.
Tonight he’s willing to take a page from her book while she scratches his surface, deep lines on skin that are something like begging and something like desperation–for forgiveness? For understanding?–but in the end neither of them can think straight enough to consider the implications.
Morning comes and sees Monica leave before she’s noticed, a fresh scar, self-inflicted, on her heart, as the door quietly shuts behind her.
There is a shift, when Monica looks at the door to them, considers where it lurks in her subconscious while she rests in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm and a new bandage around her shoulder and chest.
She considers how they left that door where it was, thinking back then that it might be better left closed for good, locking away the idea of putting forth the effort that it would take for her to leech the soft, subtle poison from her heart. She considers the many words they exchanged, frustrated and hurt. Neither of them understood what they needed, and had instead taken what they wanted.
It had led them to this–a closed door, with no one waiting on the other side, the wordless attempts they’d made to crack it open, only to shut it more firmly than before.
It’s easy to convince herself that she reaps what she sows–she is the solitary master of her fate–but the scythe is worn and rusted now, and she knows she cannot rise up from this hospital bed, return to her miserable solitude, tend the fields and boughs of her life, and convince herself it is enough.
Instead, Monica looks inward, to that deep, howling void in her chest, with its insidious and calculated poison, and she lights a candle.
The third time the door to them considers opening, it happens like this.
A voicemail, left on Leon’s cell early in the morning–early enough that the caller would know he wouldn’t yet be awake–asked him for a moment of his time, and ordinarily time was a luxury Leon never had in abundance, but for this, time could be made.
He finds himself at Baker’s Beach, close enough to see the Golden Gate bridge in the distance, far enough away from the summer vacationers testing the sun and its capacity to burn. Even in the heat, Monica stands in her jacket at least one size too big, baggy on her frame. Her hair is shorter now, but still long enough to braid, and the way her hands are held in front of her body, out of Leon’s sight, says she’s holding something in her hands.
He approaches and discovers that it’s a camera. Monica holds it up and snaps a shot of the bridge before setting it down on a nearby rock. She turns when Leon’s boot scuffs against a small stone, and there is resounding silence where their eyes meet.
It feels like a risk, but it’s an easy one to take. “Hey, Nicky.”
The skin around Monica’s eyes tightens, but her expression softens. “Hey, Leon.”
Looking at the camera, he nods towards it, a safe topic to begin with. “I didn’t know you were such a tourist.”
She huffs, and some of the tension between them breaks. “I’m not, but out of all the places I lived in while I was young, San Francisco was never one of them. Figure I’d better take a picture just in case I never come back.”
Silence falls, and Leon’s moments from asking what Monica wants when she sighs and jams her hands in her pockets, looking up to meet his eyes. “We made a bit of a mess, didn’t we?”
It’s phrased as a question, but both of them already know the answer. Leon grasps for whatever angle Monica hopes to take with bridging the gap that’s slowly widened between them–but not for long, never for long–and comes up empty.
“Yeah, I guess we did.” Leon rubs a hand on the back of his neck, thinking, thinking, trying to gather the thoughts he’d prepared on so many restless nights when he’d wondered what he might say if this opportunity ever came again. For the first time in years, he considers the door to them, and dares to reach for the unlocked handle.
“I know it’s been…a while.” Monica shuffles her feet, but doesn’t break his gaze. “And I understand if these are wounds you’d rather not reopen, or if you wanna just move on–you’d be more than within your rights to–but at least I thought we could get…closure.”
Leon’s stomach drops, and he thinks he does well to hide it. “You’ve never wanted to talk about this before.”
“I was afraid of what it meant.” Monica admits, and something in Leon’s chest tightens. She does look away this time, so briefly, to the beach and the sunbathers behind them. When she turns back, it’s like a barrier has just been knocked down, a barrier Leon knows had to have been there years ago, but he never knew what it meant for her to keep it there. “I was afraid of being better because I didn’t know any different. Doing everything alone was just…how I learned to handle things.”
“And then I didn’t know how to help you.” Leon trails off as some of the pieces fall together at once.
“We frustrated each other because we didn’t know any better.” Monica shrugs, and it tries to be a casual thing, but the weight of their words offsets it. “And we thought the bond we had in Raccoon City would be enough to carry it through, instead of talking about it. But it didn’t. Turns out leaning on our shared trauma wasn’t enough to substitute a real relationship.”
A laugh bubbles up in Leon’s chest despite himself, but he turns it into a cough before it can be given voice. “So…where does that leave us?”
Monica takes a deep breath, shivering despite the heat. “That’s up to you,” is all she says, handing him control over what happens to that door, that door leading to them that’s been still and silent for years now, with its occasional half-hearted notes passed under it, its hurried whispers of another time, maybe. “Both of us had some fault in what happened, but I needed to make the choice to get better. I wasn’t ready to make that choice back then, but…I’ve taken steps to do it now.” Her shrug is less casual that time, stiff and nervous. “I’m not where I want to be, yet. But I know how to get there, and I’m on my way.”
“I want to help you,” he finds himself saying without thinking, because it’s the first thing that comes to mind, because of course he wants to help, but now a barrier between them that prevented it has been knocked down and he knows better how.
“Yeah?” it’s so raw and open and unusually soft for Monica, but the question is there, and he can see something like hope in her dark eyes, in the slight lifting of her lip that’s trying to be a smile.
“Uh…yeah.” Leon says, because he can feel the heat in his neck threatening to overtake his face, and he can’t blame it on the sun because they haven’t been out here for that long, but Monica’s grin gets wider, and it feels like years have sloughed off them both. “But I want to do it right. I want to know more about you. If you…want to tell me.”
“I do.” she takes a step forward, almost within touching distance, and the line of tension between her brows that Leon can’t ever remember seeing her without vanishes. “I really, really do.”
When the door opens on them, it is no gentler than the closing, but for all the right reasons.
It’s the excitement of summer afternoons, slamming the door open to let the warmth rush in, the easy swing on hinges as the breeze passes through, with the same certainty of Leon in her arms, of the sand beneath their boots, of the raucous laughter of some of the beach’s guests behind them, all but forgotten because they aren’t important here but their presence is, their brightness and noise and vitality.
Monica throws the door open, and lets the light pour in.
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dorindameddler · a year ago
Tumblr media
Monica finally gets to wear some gold and Drake’s gonna ruin it with his stupid blood -_-
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dorindameddler · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When u call drake out on it being extremely gay for him and Liam to sit on each other’s shirtless backs while doing push-ups lmao
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mastrams-blog · 5 days ago
Trans Secretary
“Monica Barnes smoothed her skirt before entering the office of her boss, Cord Drake, the CEO of the company his father had founded thirty eight years ago! Like every other morning for the past two years, she brought along his coffee, her memo pad, and of course his copy of the morning paper! “Good morning, Mr. Drake,” she said in an upbeat voice, “anything special on the agenda for today!?!
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mastrams-blog · 5 days ago
Trans Secretary
“Monica Barnes smoothed her skirt before entering the office of her boss, Cord Drake, the CEO of the company his father had founded thirty eight years ago! Like every other morning for the past two years, she brought along his coffee, her memo pad, and of course his copy of the morning paper! “Good morning, Mr. Drake,” she said in an upbeat voice, “anything special on the agenda for today!?!” Cord Drake took the coffee from her out stretched hand and replied, “Nothing on the horizon, Monica, but I am expecting a call from our man in Tokyo, so put it straight through when it comes in, okay!?!” “Certainly, Mr. Drake,” she replied, “and if there isn’t anything else, I have those letters from last evening to get out, so if you’ll excuse me!!!” Cord watched as
the cute little ass of his secretary disappeared behind the closing door while he picked up his paper and started to read!!! While maybe there hadn’t been anything special going on that day, there was still a lot to do and not enough hours in the day to get it all finished! Buy four o’clock Drake was just plain beat from the hours he spent on the phone talking with clients and the countless requests from his own staff to make a myriad of decisions that directly affected the direction of the company!!! After his last call, the intercom on Monica’s desk lit up and the familiar voice from the inner office ordered,
“Come on in, Miss Barnes, and bring your pad!!!” She picked up her dictation pad and went directly to his office and knocked softly and waited for him to let her enter!!! “Come on in,” a voice from inside yelled, “it’s open!!!” Monica slipped inside and while still standing by the door asked softly, “Do you want me to lock it, Mr. Drake?!?” He gazed at her with almost glazed eyes and simply replied, “Lock it!!!”
Monica dropped her pad on his desk as she walked around to where he was seated and asked, “Do you need a little tension reliever, boss!?!” “That would be just great, Monica,” he said with a sigh, “it’s been a long fucking day!!!” “Would you like to be dominated,” she asked in barely a whisper?!? “I’ve been giving orders all day,” he replied, “why don’t you take over for a while, okay!?!”
“That suits me just fine,” she answered quickly, as she began undoing her blouse, “first off, let’s get out of these clothes, shall we?!?” Cord Drake nearly tore his things off, leaving himself stark naked while Monica took a more leisurely pace in removing hers!!! When her bra slid from her shoulders exposing her perfectly formed 36b breasts, he moaned at there mere sight and immediately achieved a very hard erection!!! “Oh, dear,” she said softly, “do Monica’s breasts make Mr. Drake’s pecker all nice and hard?!?” “
Jesus I love it when you talk like that,” he panted, “and you’re so fucking gorgeous, you could give a statue a hardon!!!” She bowed slightly and replied, “I’ll take that as a compliment, what do you think of my new panties,” which matched her bra, white satin, embroidered with little pink roses, which showed off her perfect ass to its best advantage!?! “
Where do you find this stuff,” he moaned, “my wife’s underwear looks like it came from a cheap discount house!?!” “So I can take it that you like it,” she said while twirling around so that he got a view of every side of her!?! “Like it,” he groaned out loud, “I fucking love it, now get those panties off so I can see what you have hidden in there!!!”
She turned away from him, so that he had a perfect picture of her pert little butt as she slowly slid her panties down to her ankles before stepping out of them and asking sweetly, “Would the big important business man like his little secretary to turn around?!?” “Oh, please,” he begged, “t-turn around and show me what you’ve got!!!” “Ready or not, here it comes,”
she exclaimed while spinning around to face him, “well,” she asked coyly, “daddy like it?!?” She was standing just out of his reach, so when he tried to grab her she only had to lean back a little to elude his frantic attempts to touch her!!! His eyes now ablaze with desire, stared intently at the crotch of the pretty young woman who at that moment was teasing him mercilessly and then begged,
“Please, Monica, let me suck it, pretty please!?!” She laughed at his ineptitude and asked, “Tell me little boy, what do you want to suck, tell mama so she knows!?!” He stared a little longer, and with drool dripping out of the corner of his mouth replied, “Please let me suck your cock!!!”
A perfect woman, he always called her, tits, ass, and a dick, just what every man should have waiting for him at home!!! “Tell me,” she teased him some more, “whose dick is bigger, yours or mine!?!” “Jesus, Monica,” he said in a exasperated voice, “yours is, now please get over here and let me suck it!!!” Finally having a little pity on him, she moved up next to him and allowed him to take her eight inches into his hot warm mouth!!!
You love mama’s pussy on a pole,” don’t you little boy, ” she asked softly, as he gave her nice easy blowjob, “you’re such a good little cock sucker, you make mama very happy,” while the room was filled with loud smacking noises of a hard cock being sucked for all it was worth!?! “You know the rules,” she continued on, “once her little boy starts sucking her hard pecker, he has to suck until it shoots in his mouth, now don’t forget that, little one, you must suck mommy all the way to completion!!!”
It was all a game they were playing, she didn’t have to remind him at all about any such rule, it would take dynamite to get him to release her cock before it filled his mouth with cum, it was just her having a little fun with him, that’s all!!! Mr. Drake feverishly worked her hardon in and out of his mouth until almost without warning, Monica’s cock spasmed and filled his mouth with a load of life giving cum to her cock sucker boss!!!
Flopping back into the chair with cum dribbling out of his mouth, he just sat and stared at the still semi hard penis that hung just a few feet away from him and she said, “You just love mama’s fucking cock, don’t you baby!?!” “Oh, yes,” he sighed while nonchalantly fisting his own hard piece of meat, “you’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever sucked on!!!” “You know what comes next, don’t you,” she asked softly?!? “Y-you’re gonna fuck my asshole aren’t you,” he said almost groaning in anticipation!?!” “
That’s right, little boy,” she said quickly, “now get up and bend over your chair and show me your asshole!!!” Quickly complied with her request, Monica moved up behind him and pressed the big head of her pecker against his straining rectum, and said, “Mama’s gonna fuck her little boy’s ass with her big fucking pussy on a pole!!!”
He knew it was coming, and that initially the pain would be intense, but he couldn’t help himself, he was a slave to the hard cock of his pretty little secretary, and getting fucked in the ass was just something she had to do to him!!! “Oooooooomph,” he gasped as she rammed her cock meat all the way home into his straining bung hole, “god that hurts so fucking good, harder, oh god, fuck me harder!!!” That’s what she liked about him, no matter how hard she gave it to him, he always wanted more, just like a good little boy should!!!
Harder and harder she slammed her thick pecker deep inside of his rectum, even going so far as to tear his tender ass hole flesh to ribbons as he began to bleed under her vicious assault!!! The pain and the pleasure were now just a blur to him, intermixed and indistinguishable from each other, he reached underneath himself and fisted his own cock meat hard while Monica tore into him like a ravenous animal!!!
They’d done it so often, these two, that it was just like clockwork when both of their nut bags tightened and the cum raced down the length of their peckers and jettisoned out of their one eyed snakes, hers into his asshole, and his all over the back of his chair!!!
After they were spent, she leaned over and gave him a big set kiss and whispered, “You are such a cock happy little boy, do you feel better now that mama fucked your tight little ass?!?” “He smile slyly and replied, “I feel just great, and it’s gonna be another hard day tomorrow!!!”
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calypsoff · 5 days ago
Seventy Six.
Tumblr media
Staring down at Rylee asleep in my arms, she is so at peace, and I love that for her. I didn’t know I could love any more then I do but I do, my love for my daughter, just the fact I would give my whole life for her. She is so perfect, everything I have dreamed of and more, every pain I am going through is worth it. The fact I am having to eat fibre foods constantly because I do not want to be straining, it is worth it. Looking up from Rylee and staring at my back yard, I am sitting outside in the morning. Get some fresh air with her, a lovely breeze under this California heat, I am of course under shade for Rylee but it’s nice to be outside, it let’s her feel the breeze, the natural breeze wading through. It’s the morning of Rylee first appointment. It’s been her first week at home and it’s been hard, I won’t lie and say it’s easy that she likes to play up at night, but I am not complaining. It’s something Chris and I take in turns but more him then me, I tell him to get up more. I am waking him up when Rylee is crying, he has become immune to her screams now, this is no good, but I wake up and he gets up. Chris is still in my bad books, he tells me he is going to go here and there, and I let him, even though funny enough his business said he has time off, I don’t know what is wrong with him, what he is running from, maybe me. I am unsure but he is being helpful but also unhelpful at the same time, he has gone out to see his people, he said that last time and he met Drake but I didn’t care because Jen came over with her son so we just spoke and things, she said her husband kind of just went to work rather then deal with the baby for a while, I just don’t care for him right now, it’s about my daughter, he knows we have the appointment today, she is coming here and if he isn’t here then he knows I won’t speak to him even more then I don’t now.
My mother text me, she wants to facetime me, I say me but she wants to see Rylee more then anything, she doesn’t give a damn about what I am doing. Rylee is awake, she is busy looking around, looking around and seeing the nature around her, I love my yard “you going to say hi to Gran Gran Monica, you going to be a good girl” kissing the top of her head, she is so adorable. Tapping on my mother’ name and waited for the facetime to connect, she is taking her time. I huffed out, I know that women just text “aye, give me my phone Rorrey!” my mother spat “aye, where my niece at? Show me her, I miss that face” I giggled “she is relaxing outside in my arm, we are just embracing the beautiful California weather over here, I feel she is growing though. Into herself that is, her chubby face is going down. Look Rylee, it’s uncle” holding my camera over her, she looked at my phone unamused by it “my baby girl, hey there. Oh my gosh mom, she is so cute. Oh god, she looks like me” I scoffed moving the phone away from her face “be quiet” I said laughing “looks like you my ass, but she got that Barbados blood in her. She loves the sun though, how you been anyways?” I asked before he gave it to my mother “good, I actually miss her sis. I can’t wait to see my niece again, spend all the time with her, keep sending picture though, I will give it to mom before she gets mad” I smiled, I know my mom is mad at him now.
My mother hit my brother’ arm as he tried to run away from her but she got that good aim, she would never miss a hit “mommy, leave him” I laughed “he stole my phone and ran off, he getting on my damn nerves with his big self anyways. How is my daughter and my grandchild, I want to see her” let me interrupt her peace again “ok mother, she is rather content right now so it will be a for a few seconds” placing the phone over Rylee face but not too close “can you see?” I asked “oh yes I can, I see you” I grinned “hey my baby, I miss you so much. All of Barbados want to meet you my baby, you come home soon. I love you; I love you, I love you. I just want to kiss you and hug you so much” Rylee look like she was taking every word in “I think she understood, you understood what gran gran Monica say huh?” she went back to staring again “this is the quietest she has been” turning the phone to me “that is good, are you outside?” my mom asked, nodding my head “I just wanted to sit outside in the morning with her, it’s so peaceful. I love it” I sighed out “good, you seem happy. Are you easing into things yes, you are moving around. I tell you to move around because it works” here my mother goes “I am, I am downstairs. Mother, trust me. I am doing the most work” shaking my head “but I also hope you are getting help too” smiling lightly “I am, through gritted teeth, but I am ok. I am happy mom, I couldn’t have asked for a bigger blessing, just look at her. She is so beautiful, I am blessed” I rather look at that then the negativity.
Rubbing Rylee’ back, I fed her outside because I fucking can. I mean I have nobody around anyways but it’s nice, I just need to eat now myself so once I have finished rubbing her back I will put her in the crib downstairs and cook something for myself before the midwife arrives “I have been looking everywhere for you, what the hell” Chris spat as he stepped outside “like I was looking all over for you, I even called you but you saw that right” nodding my head “I bought lunch before the midwife comes” he saved me a job “that is nice of you” wiping the bit of milk that drooled out “what did you get?” I asked “I got something quick, it’s Taco Bell. It was close by, I will see you inside” nodding my head slowly, he knows I am quiet with him. You know what with Chris, he does things wrong and then wants me to be ok about it, like he just seems so bothered, like I ask him to wake up at night, but I am waking him, it makes no sense, so I just do it. I asked him to help me bring the clothes hamper downstairs, I need to wash the clothes he didn’t, and I did it myself but dropped it all the way down the steps, what is the point. Then he had to pick things up and he was like ew, that’s nasty. Oh look at that, I could slap him sometimes.
Eating in silence is not us, it’s horrible but it’s where we are at currently. Turning the monitor on just to see what she is doing, asleep of course “thank you” let me just say that “I assumed you would have been in bed and I did say I would cook but I had to deal with something for the business” rolling my eyes “and I had to look after our daughter, you’re supposed to be not doing work but you are? I don’t understand this concept Chris, I feel you are running from the responsibility” Chris sat back in the chair rolling his eyes of course “because I do everything wrong, you make me nervous. I don’t do the bottle right, I don’t do the diaper right, the babygrown buttons weren’t done right. What use am I? I do nothing right, then you don’t talk to me. You just poke me to wake up, then I do. I did what I needed but I did it wrong, you got annoyed with me so I just didn’t want to do it” crossing my arms across my chest “because you are disinterested, you just like hearing yourself. I tell you do it that way and you do it the other way because you like to be right. How many times do you want me to show you how to scoop fucking powder into the bottle! Tell me!?” he shook his head “there you go, getting annoyed with me” he is just pushing onto me “I am not trying to be annoyed with you! You do shit to piss me off, like the first night. Oh my god, I told you not to do it, but you did. Then you didn’t say bye to my family. Then you apologise and act like I should be ok with it, accept it Robyn and move on huh!? What is wrong with you Chris, please tell me because you are just not showing interest, you’re not here with me, I don’t know what you got going on, but you are not here for me. I am more at peace when you are out because when you are here, and I ask for help you don’t do it right” taking in a deep breath “talk to me, I have always said this to you Chris. I am always here for you, yes we have a third person with us, but that shit doesn’t change” I need to know.
If he doesn’t want to talk then so be it but something is very off with him, I know Chris well enough that there is “I just feel like I am always doing wrong, like I want to do right but I can’t. I find it difficult to get that connection with Rylee, I just feel like I am not getting it. She is my daughter and I love her but it’s like I don’t get how she is feeling, you know. I don’t, I am not bonding I don’t know. And it is annoying me because I should, I saw what I saw with her and I hate it because like I had to see it. But it’s frustrating me that I am not doing right, I am not right for her and that it’s not happening. So yes I am feeling disinterested and yes I am going to work more then staying home because I feel incapable of helping when she is attached to you” I felt a little taken a back by what he is saying but not shocked because it’s true and fits in with how he is with Rylee “Chris, I only get annoyed with you when I am in pain and you’re not being that helpful person, you have been disconnected for the past few days now but how can I know if you don’t tell me this Chris? All I think is he is being terrible, but I didn’t know this” Chris shrugged it off “yeah well, I am going for a blunt before she comes” he got up from the chair, I have no answers on what to do for him, this is something I can always bring up with the midwife.
The midwife is doing all sorts of checks on Rylee, which shocked me was that she lost weight, I felt bad, but she said it’s normal for her to lose the weight but will gain it again, I knew it. I knew she lost weight; I could tell on her face she did “while so all her checks, what is she like crying wise. Does she cry a lot?” the midwife asked “she doesn’t cry a lot, personally I think she only cries when hungry or when irritated, that was only one time and that was with Chris” I pointed “what about at night? Does she sleep in her own room?” shaking my head “we have a crib in the bedroom with us, she does wake up a lot at night, I think that is when she plays up” the midwife is doing all these movement checks on Rylee “nothing that you think is not normal?” shaking my head “I think it’s normal to me, I am not crying now so yeah. I think it’s ok, she is pretty calm like now she is” Rylee is being ever so good with the midwife “what about her feeding? Does she feed just fine? How are you doing with the bottle and breast mix we spoke about” this was her idea “very well, because then Chris can just feed her, but I feel she prefers breast more then bottle, she drinks longer with breast” the midwife smile “she prefers the golden juice, that is fine. She is still drinking the formula that is the main point, but she may have a moment where she may not want it so be prepared for that also, maybe start pumping, keep it to the side if needs be” she has a point actually, I do need to start pumping my milk.
I love it, my daughter has passed her checks “I mean a whole nine pound baby, I expect her to pass all the checks” I chuckled “I am more than happy with everything, so I will schedule her one month check-up at the hospital. We need to give her a shot there, is there any questions?” she said, I looked over at Chris, but I know him. He ain’t about to say shit “Chris is struggling to bond with her, he feels like he is doing everything wrong, he is really struggling with it all and it’s upsetting him, I know it is. He is struggling to get the flow; Rylee has been a little off with him sometimes but maybe it’s her feeling it from him?” Chris just stared off; he clearly didn’t want me to ask this “that is very natural to go through that, there is thousands of fathers that go through it and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed with this tiny human that senses our emotions, knows our smell, knows us. Babies are so sensitive, they know when we aren’t feeling the most confident, or feel apprehensive. Men do feel lost and it’s normal, I am not shocked to hear. The best way to overcome such things is do the low stress things, so when Rylee is in a good mood Robyn and you know she is, get Chris involved but do not overlook him too much, be around but not there. Let Chris find his way with his daughter, do not micromanage him. If you are watching him, that will make him nervous and that makes the baby feel that too. If let’s say Chris put Rylee in her own bedroom but you wanted her in the room with you, try and not bite about it, small things like that. Stupid example but this will help Chris to bond with her, men get scared and it’s normal to feel that. I wasn’t shocked but we can work around this easily, do not be hard on yourself Chris. You will be ok, promise you” Chris smiled, he actually smiled “just get a little panicky when she fusses, she does it with me a lot” he said “maybe that’s just her inner diva coming out with you, but let’s try that. New mothers do micromanage a lot but give him a chance to make a mistake, if he has then don’t shout or make a scene, just say it to him in a conversation because it shows him you’re not angry but just remember for next time” maybe it has been me doing it.
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tru-neutral03 · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Warning: This is based entirely on my own opinion and I am reffering to the book counterparts of these characters
Fictional Characters' Hogwarts Houses:
Tumblr media
Daenerys Targaryen
Gendry Baratheon
Oberyn Martell
Arya Stark
Robb Stark
Grey Worm
Jaime Lannister
Barristan Selmy
Katniss Everdeen
Thalia Grace
Jason Grace
Clarisse La Rue
Leo Valdez
Ty Lee
John Watson
Steve Rogers
Carol Danvers
James Rhodes
Sam Wilson
Bucky Barnes
Peter Quill
Pietro Maximoff (MCU)
Monica Rambeau
Matt Murdock
Danny Rand
Clark Kent
Kendra Sanders
Hal Jordan
Arthur Curry
Tumblr media
Jon Snow
Viserys Targaryen
Cersei Lannister
Tyrion Lannister
Tywin Lannister
Olenna Tyrell
Margaery Tyrell
Theon Greyjoy
Asha Greyjoy
Balon Greyjoy
Euron Greyjoy
Victarion Greyjoy
Haymitch Abernathy
Gale Hawthorn
Johanna Mason
Finnick Odair
Plutarch Heavansbee
Corialanus Snow
Alma Coin
Percy Jackson
Luke Castellan
Nico Di Angelo
Toph Beifong
Lin Beifong
Mycroft Holmes
Iren Adler
Jim Moriarty
Tony Stark
Natasha Romanoff
Wanda Maximoff
Steven Strange
Nick Fury
The Red Skull
Yando Udanta
Erik Killmonger
Bruce Wayne
J'onn J'onzz
Selena Kyle
Lex Luthor
Jason Todd
Damian Wayne
Tumblr media
Missandei of Naath
Sansa Stark
Willas Tyrell
Bran Stark
Catelyn Stark
Beetee Latier
Annabeth Chase
Rachel Elizabeth Dare
Sherlock Holmes
Annabeth Chase
Peter Parker
Rocket Racoon
Bruce Banner
Jessica Jones
Hope van Dyne
Hank Pym
Janet van Dyne
Pepper Potts
Barry Allen
Victor Stone
Tim Drake
Tumblr media
Sandor Clegan
Brienne of Tarth
Podrick Payne
Davos Seaworth
Rickon Stark
Ned Stark
Quintyn Martell
Grover Underwood
Peeta Mellark
Primrose Everdeen
Effie Trinket
Annie Cresta
Will Solace
Frank Zhang
Hazel Levesque
Molly Hooper
Mrs. Hudson
Ty Lee
Clint Barton
Maria Rambeau
Maria Hill
Happy Hogan
Scott Lang
Luke Cage
Diana Prince
Dick Grayson
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newbeverlyhq · 16 days ago
mw characters ? i would love to join this rp!!
and we absolutely would LOVE to have you, nonnie !!  i consulted our discord and came back with this list:
jaina solo, anakin solo, lando calrissian, ben skywalker, finn, poe dameron, bo katan, din djarin, mace windu, qui-gon jinn, bohdi rook, baze malbus, chirrut îmwe (star wars), juleka couffaine, rose lavillant, kagami tsurgi, lila rossi (miraculous ladybug), chloe decker, mazikeen, amenadiel, cassandra cain, leonard snart, cisco ramon, mick rory, caitlin snow, barry allen, tim drake, koriand’r, rachel roth, victor stone, donna troy, jonathan crane, harven dent, duke thomas, oswald cobblepot (dc comics), jackson avery, derek shepherd, miranda bailey, richard webber, atticus "link" lincoln, arizona robins, callie torres, mark sloan, andrew deluca, april kepner, ben warren, stephanie edwards, george o'malley, lexie gray, levi schmitt (grey’s anatomy), noah czerny, blue sargent, henry cheng (the raven cycle), percy okojo, beatrice fox-mountchristen-winsor (red, white & royal blue), jim pomatter (waitress), raoul de changy, erik / the phantom, meg giry (phantom of the opera), orpheus, hades (hadestown), impa, sidon, mipha, urbosa, daruk, rivali, ganon, midna (zelda), daken akihiro, scott summers, toro raymond, jim hammond, sam wilson, bruce banner, thor odinson, charles xavier, scott summers, ororo munroe, billy kaplan, lorna dane, jubilation lee, david alleyne, erik lehnsherr, jeanne foucault, crystalia amaquelin, vision, jimmy woo, darcy lewis, monica rambeau, raven darkholme, kurt wagner, kitty pryde (marvel), ted tonks, nymphadora tonks, narcissa malfoy, lily evans, james potter, neville longbottom, george weasley, fred weasley (potterverse), alex o’connell, jonathan carnahan (the mummy), leo wyatt, wyatt halliwell, melinda halliwell, victor bennett, bianca (charmed), diana barry, sebastian lacroix, mary lacroix, jerry baynard, marilla cuthbert, matthew cuthbert, ruby gillis (anne with an e), thorin oakenshield, bofur, bilbo baggins, gandalf, dwalin, balin, bifur, dori, nori, ori, bomber, legolas, tauriel, bard, arwen undomiel, aragorn ii elessar (tolkienverse), greg lestrade, mrs. hudson, molly hooper, anderson, mycroft holmes (bbc sherlock), luther hargreeves, allison hargreeves (the umbrella academy), max caufield, frank bowers (life is strange), thanatos, hades, megaera, charon, hypnos (hades), john b routledge, jj maybanks, pope heyward, rafe cameron, sarah cameron, topper thornton (outerbanks), gil arroyo, jt tarmel, malcolm bright/whitley, edrisa tanaka (prodigal son), tyrion lannister, jorah mormont, brienne of tarth, ned stark, bran stark, missandei, grey worm, loras tyrell, renley baratheon, gendry baratheon, samwell tarley, gilly, sandor clegane (game of thrones), aang, toph, mai (avatar the last airbender), bonnie bennett, rebekah mikaelson, elijah mikaelson, katherine pierce, hope mikaelson, lizzie saltzman, josie saltzman, marcel gerard (vampire diaries universe), carlton lassiter, karen vick, henry spencer (psych), sam winchester, castiel, meg, bobby singer, crowley (supernatural), abraham van helsing, lucy westerna, quincey morris, dr john seward, and sir arthur holmwood (dracula), steve harrington, nancy wheeler, jonathan byers, barbara holland, tommy hagan, carol perkins, mike wheeler, dustin henderson, lucas sinclair, max mayfield (stranger things), fjord stone, caduceus clay, beauregard lionett, veth brenatto, yasha nydoorin, essek thelyss, percival de rolo, bax'ildan vessar, keyleth of the ashari (critical role), amy sosa, mateo liwanag, dina fox, cheyenne lee, kelly watson, marcus white, garrett mcneill (superstore), barry burton, piers nivans, jill valentine (resident evil), john hancock, piper wright, nick valentine, curie, cait, preston garvey, robert joseph maccready (fallout 4), natsu dragneel, erza scarlet, gray fullbuster (fairy tail), rikki chadwick, bella hartley, emma gilbert (h2o: just add water), lydia, enid, rosita espinosa, gabriel stokes, abraham ford, eugene porter, shane walsh, ezekiel, jerry, clementine, luke, princess / juanita sanchez, sasha williams, aaron, cyndie, siddiq, tara chambler, (the walking dead), barbara maitland, adam maitland, charles deetz, delia deetz (beetlejuice), henry mills, regina mills, mary margaret, david nolan, killian jones (once upon a time), cosima niehaus, alison hendrix, felix dawkins, siobhan sadler, donnie hendrix, rachel duncan, arthur bell, delphine cormier, beth childs (orphan black) !!
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