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rosebudsmlb · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
working on the next chapter of the bug and chat show and i can't describe outfits without drawing them first
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sidsinning · 5 minutes ago
Canon Chloe support incoming
Chloe’s fake out redemption sLAPS yalls think bc a rich privileged brat who has done nothing but make others miserable for her entire life due to her own selfishness up until a few decent acts recently would just flip her entire character that easily
The moment she doesn’t get what she wants she turns into a tantrum throwing toddler, a action that she has proven to turn to time and time again bc its what she’s used to doing to get her way
LB didn’t take her shit like her dad which is why she’s just sinking deeper and deeper into that pit
It is a hurdle she has never even thought of passing
Queen Bee was never a job she took seriously, never a responsibility that required selflessness and the want to save/help others
Literally all her dialogue when she’s talking about Queen Bee is about her looking good as a hero and having everyone adore her; it’s her way of being special- it has been this way since the very beginning
Which, obviously, is why she never should’ve gotten it in the first place
She did a villainess act the first time she dawned the suit, using her powers AGAINST AN INNOCENT CIVILIAN
She got depressed that she got yelled at for it, but apologizing? For endangering the lives of so many people? Never crossed her mind.
LB gave her another chance and she messed it up bc of her own selfishness, that’s on her to deal with
LB never wanted to take her miraculous bc she hated Chloe, it was to protect her
Chloe is never grateful for what others do for her and it shows during the S3 finale
Sure you can write whatever fics and headcanons you want, but being mad at the show for not following your fantasy despite what canon has been saying this whole time? Please
Yalls have selective memory is what I’m saying
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anime-imagination · 12 minutes ago
My heart can not handle how much I love this precious boy:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ladyofthewifi · 12 minutes ago
There’s a miraculous picrew!
Here’s me w/ the cat miraculous:
Tumblr media
ID picrew from the waist up of a person leaning right with a fist out. The person had white skin, short blue hair, freckles, and green cat eyes. She is wearing a Chat Noir costume with a black and white mask. Plagg, a small cat-like thing, is near the fist and the Chat Noir symbol is in the background. End ID
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susantha11 · 21 minutes ago
Wow!big snake
Tumblr media
Wow!big snake
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AU where Marc has a thing for ALL redheads, so along with Nate he also thinks Sabrina is very cute, and that’s why he hates seeing Chloé take advantage of her in Reverser.
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misquotedladybug · 36 minutes ago
Adrien: What do you call sabotage and vandalism?
Chloé: A hobby.
Adrien: ...
Chloé: That I do not engage in.
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verfound · 37 minutes ago
WIPWed: Festering Folder Edition: Beautiful Oblivio(n)
@mintaka14 also asked about "Beautiful Oblivion", which is actually an Oblivio AU and "Beautiful Oblivio(n)", and also part of the No More Sunshine folder. 😂 It was playing with the idea of what if only Ladybug got hit during Oblivio, and Chat had to deal with a Marinette/Ladybug identity reveal who had no idea who he was. It's...probably never going to be finished. Which I guess is good, as I only have a handful of lines in the doc. I feel less bad about it now. 😂
Ironically enough, it was also kinda sparked by the chorus for Eve 6's "Inside Out": "I would swallow my pride / I would choke on the rinds / But the lack thereof would leave me empty inside / I would swallow my doubt / Turn it inside out / Find nothing but faith in nothing / I wanna put my tender heart in a blender / Watch it spin around to a beautiful oblivion / Rendezvous and I'm through with you." Which is...eheheheheh.
So in the Legally Blonde AU, Luka doesn't tell Marinette he used to be a rocker at first. He opened on tour for Jagged, had an EP, but never went much further than that - and Jagged won't tell Marinette, who's just floored that Luka Couffaine is Jagged Stone's son, because it's not his secret to tell. And there's this scene where Marinette stumbles on an old concert clip where Luka's all Glammed Up and singing this song, specifically bc I wanted him to sing the chorus and shout out with the crowd: "...swallow my doubt, turn it inside out - find nothing but FAITH IN NOTHING!!!!!" 😂 (...ngl. "Inside Out" has been one of my Life Anthems/favorite songs since I was came out when I was eight ok. I felt this song in my bones before I even knew what it meant. 😂)
Anyway. This is literally all I have in this doc, from back when I still pretended to write LS. And yet I can promise you, just looking at the setup, it was still going to be one-sided bc Ladynette ain't about that Adrien Agreste life. 🤔
The doc's even in Comic Sans you know I was already struggling with the Chat. 😂
It wasn’t supposed to be this way.
“You can’t run forever, Ladybug and Chat Noir!”
It’s always him. It was never supposed to be her.
“Move, you stupid cat!”
“M’lady, no!”
He was never supposed to find out like…this.
But the beeping had stopped. The final dot on her earrings had vanished as a pink glow had covered her prone body.
“We can never know, Chat. I’m sorry, but the Guardian has made that clear. We can never know who the other is.”
He had been too slow – too stupid – and now it was all his fault. Was he choking? He felt like he was choking. Air was definitely not getting into his lungs.
Because Marinette Dupain-Cheng was blinking at him with Ladybug’s bluebell eyes, but there was absolutely no recognition in their beautiful depths.
“I…who are you?”
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xhanisai · 43 minutes ago
Ok but I just imagined Marinette kicking someone’s ass with her fighting skills that she learned from her mom and Kagami is torn between shock and being impressed
Oh I hard headcanon 100%, ever since Troublemaker aired, that Sabine has taught some martial arts to Marinette.
I want to see Marinette take on an akuma and kick its ass without transforming (if that stinky gremlin Felix can do it, so can Marinette).
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xhanisai · 45 minutes ago
Based off that oneshot with the miraculous ladybugs not healing Marinette
So you know how you said the Parisans leave out first aid kits and food for the hero’s?
Everytime I read it all I can think is them literally sitting and watching for one to come and take it just to brag that they had their supplies taken. It’s highly amusing to the heroes
Oh they absolutely would brag and compete about it lmaoooo. The Dupain-Cheng bakery always wins when it comes to baked goods and cookies if the heroes are in the area and they've even made cat and ladybird shaped biscuits!
Also, I'm not sure if it's the same in Paris but in England, you have pizza shops EVERYWHERE. So if it is the same in Paris, imagine all of these shops yelling at the heroes to take their pizzas and not the others'. And then they'd full on rub it into their competitors' faces if they get chosen.
"Haha! My mama's secret pepperoni recipe enticed the heroes more than your pathetic tomato sauce!"
"Once they get indigestion from that excuse of a cardboard slathered in grease and fake meat, they'll be coming to ME for MY amazing handmade mozzarella pizza!"
Also, lowkey a couple of people got akumatised because they haven't had their supplies taken from the heroes yet lol.
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laqynoir · 57 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
juleka icons
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laqynoir · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kagami icons
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lunabonita · an hour ago
4 times Adrien and Chloe were best friends, and 1 time they weren’t.
Tumblr media
1200 words
just Chloadrien friendship angst because they had so much potential
They were 5, it was the first time they met. Both Chloe and Adrien were sheltered kids. With Adrien's dad being a world-renowned fashion designer and Chloe's dad being the mayor, it wasn’t safe for them to be exposed to the real world. So they did the only thing they thought was right, throw them together for a playdate and see what happens.
Chloe was naturally bossy, even from a young age. So when she was introduced to Adrien she thought he was just another servant. With a demand of “Juice!” towards Adrien, he responded with “Yes please.” and a polite smile.
Chloe was floored. Was he dumb? Her butler stifled a laugh at Chloe's astounded face and went to go get her juice. When he returned with two juices, one for Chloe and one for Adrien, he found them staring at a tablet.
“In the name of the moon, ill punish you!” Adrien shouted at the top of his lungs.
Chloe slammed her little hands against her ears and said, “Ugh you’re so ridiculous, utterly ridiculous!”
“And what's wrong with being ridiculous? If it means having fun then I'll gladly be ridiculous.” Adrien grinned at her.
Chloe thought he was weird.
They were 7, it had been two years since they had their first playdate. They were best friends, partly because Adrien hadn’t known anyone else and Chloe seemed to scare off any kids her age.
They were sitting on her bed reading a superhero book. It was one of the many comics that Adrien had brought from his house.
“You know what Chlo, if I were to ever become a superhero I’d want to be like Batman! All cool and edgy and save all of the people from bad guys!” Adrien exclaimed.
Chloe scoffed, “Adrien you have the aura of a golden retriever, you could never be Batman.”
“Well what about you?” Adrien asked.
“What about me?”
“If you were to be a superhero, what kind would you be?” Adrien explained
Chloe pondered, “I dunno, I don’t think I would want to be a superhero. I mean, what would I get out of being a superhero?”
Adrien looked and Chloe confused, “You would get to save people, and that's awesome?”
Chloe thought he was okay.
They were 9, Chloe had invited him over after a photoshoot for a ‘spa day’, which really meant Chloe making Adrien paint her nails and doing face masks.
Adrien picked out a golden yellow nail polish and uncapped the glass bottles lid. He took Chloe's hand and grasped it in his own, beginning to paint her nails with a practiced ease. They sat in a comfortable silence, the only noise coming from Chloe’s gold plated radio playing ‘France’s top 100 Pop Hits’.
When Adrien was done with her first hand, he returned it to Chloe's knee and grabbed her other one.
Chloe was the first one to break the silence.
“You should let me paint your nails, I don’t like how you’ve gotten so good at this, I need to one up you.” Chloe said as she admired her now yellow nails.
“Ok, but only if you promise not to do what you did last time.” Adrien said as he held his hands out to Chloe.
“What, did Uncle Gabriel not like how your ‘# one hokage’ nails?” Chloe giggled as she grabbed a dark green gel polish out of the box of nail polish.
“Oh he absolutely loved them, especially the sparkly glitter top coat you added. But unfortunately they were too much for the photo shoot I had the next day.” Adrien huffed in amusement.
They continued to talk and joke until Chloe was done and both of their cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.
Adrien admired her handiwork. Dark green nails with a black accent nail on the ring finger.
“Thanks Chlo.” Adrien smiled.
Chloe really liked him.
They were 13, Adrien’s mother had just been declared missing. He had locked himself in his room, sending all of Chloe’s calls to voicemail.
She knew what he was doing wasn’t healthy, he was hurting and he needed someone there. If Uncle Gabriel wasn’t going to do it, then Chloe would. She would be damned if she just left her best friend alone during a time of grief.
Chloe was at Adrien's house in record time, bypassing all security with a loud, “Remember, my dads the mayor!” and made her way up to the bedroom.
She pounded on Adrien’s door. Waiting for him to let her in.
“Natalie, I told you, I’m fine!” Adrien yelled behind the door.
Chloe scoffed, “One, It’s not Natalie, it’s Chloe. Two, you’re not fine, you must think of me as an idiot if you’d think I would believe that. You’re being ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous! Now open the door.” Chloe demanded.
She was met with silence.
“Please…?” she whispered.
Adrien threw open the door and hugged her tightly. He showed no signs of letting go but Chloe was buckling under the pressure and they both sunk to the floor.
Adrien began letting out choked sobs. He was shaking in her arms and she felt the front of her shirt getting wet.
“Its going to be ok Adrien. I’m here for you. I’m not going anywhere.” Chloe whispered to Adrien. Kissing the top of his head to try and comfort him.
“I just miss her so much, Chlo.” Adrien said in between broken breaths.
“I know Adrikins, I know,” Chloe felt tears of her own prick her eyes, she hated seeing Adrien sad. “I love you, Adrikins.”
“I love you too, Chlo.”
God Chloe loved him.
Ever since Adrien had joined public school with Chloe, they had begun drifting apart. Chloe understood that he wouldn’t have as much time for her anymore, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.
Chloe tried to get closer to Adrien, constantly inviting him to sit with her at lunch and inviting him to places, but he always had excuses as to why he couldn’t go. It was all that stupid Dupain-Cheng’s fault, she reckoned.
“Come on Adrien, we haven’t hung out in like forever, and I found this new sushi place that we definitely have to try.” Chloe bargained.
“I can’t Chloe, I'm busy.” Adrien brushed her off.
“It seems like you never have time for me any more? Why can’t you ever turn anyone else down, why is it always me?” Chloe questioned.
“I’m not turning anyone down, I told you Chloe, I’m just busy. My life doesn’t revolve around you!” Adrien angrily replied.
“Why can’t it. We used to be so close Adrien. I want my bestfriend back!” Chloe pleaded.
“I don’t want to be your best friend Chloe! I don’t even want to be your regular friend. I don’t like you Chloe! You’re a bad person! You constantly demand and demand, bully people who have done nothing to you, and you take your issues out on everybody. I’m sorry you got such a crappy mom Chloe, and I understand why you are who you are, but that doesn’t make who you are or your actions okay.” Adrien told her.
Chloe stood there. Something wet hit her cheek. Was she crying?
‘No, please don’t go…’
“I hope you can look in the mirror and reflect on yourself.”
‘I need you, why can’t you understand that.’
“Goodbye Chloe.” Adrien said as he walked away from her and over to his new group of friends.
She hated him.
She really, truly, hated him.
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