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#Mira Loves
ssstabby-sssnek · 42 minutes ago
So if Loki's the god of mischief and love is mischief then Loki's the god of love
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df-thoughts · 2 days ago
answering all previous hero appreciation questions for mira because i haven't done that yet! under a cut because uh. whoops. 1500 words. probably should have done this sooner.
downtime what downtime mira tries to keep pretty busy! if she's not helping out with the rebellion she's helping her friends; if none of them need help she takes on other odd jobs. if she REALLY doesn't have anything to do, she catches up with friends she hasn't seen in a while, or writes them letters.
pass because my memory is So Bad
in order of preference: dragonlord/msw*, soulweaver, cryptic, rogue. (*she spent most of her downtime on the void ship getting the weavers' help to merge/streamline dragonlord and soulweaver skills. her renegade shield is attached to her MSW gauntlet, and has aegis's sigil in the center.)
she takes all criticism with a smile! if they Just Keep Going, the smile becomes very fixed, and she moves them along with a reminder that she is, in fact, the Lord Sunbringer, Hero Of Greenguard, and if they have a problem with her they can send a complaint to her PO box. if they're excessively adoring, she also smiles! aaaaand dies a little inside but haha who's counting that??
favorite thing about her...big muscles. GOD that's hard to decide but it's probably something along the lines of like. shes so full of love. her gentleness and care is so hard won, it doesn't come naturally to her but she tries because she knows she can't fall into the trap of "people are Just Bad and there's nothing I can do about it" and she's just trying her best and she needs a hug
once she ate draco's dragon snax on accident. she didn't realize what she was doing until draco started yelling at her. then she died a little inside because she realized kara saw her do it and was now laughing at her
i have to replay the questline to give more detail but: she spent her formative years (like. birth - 17) in the branden quarter of swordhaven. nobody remembers her, and nobody knows she came from there, either. (well. nobody living.) she doesn't think about that time, and she doesn't talk about it if she can help it.
mira HATES being sick and all medical procedures, from actual surgery to taking off bandaids. only people who are both bigger and stronger than mira are capable of getting her to a doctor. (once yashta just threw her over his shoulder and plopped her at riadne's feet. she has never been and never will be more offended in her whole life)
she's been a hero too long to put too much faith in any specific plan lmao. she keeps a level head and an open mind, and hopes for the best.
she is SO weak for head scritches. unfortunately she rarely gets them, because [gestures at plot,] but she WILL fall asleep sitting up if someone is petting her hair. (draco comes by it honestly.)
"Ha Ha Ha Ha Whoops! How Silly Of Me. Ha Ha. Ha. anyway have you heard about the new proposed trade route? I think it's a good idea but could use some improvement - "
mira's had a lot of Favorite Places over the years, usually attached to people. for a long time it was sunbreeze grove; then it was serenity's inn, with the sounds of life and love washing over her; later it was a dingy little house in pellow village, where the void was a breath away but it still felt as though nothing could touch her as long as she had her friends at her side. (lately, she's been gravitating toward sulen'eska even when there's nothing to help with. sometimes kara needs to be reminded to take a breather, and the stars are beautiful from the treetops.)
she never takes off the necklace aegis gave her on his deathday - it's a reminder of a very good day with her best friend, and she's unfortunately short on those. she also has a little pouch of keepsakes from her friends - a box of tea, still sealed, from celestia, the helmet al'zein made her, the first (very very bad) attempt at a shirt that tomix helped her with - that she keeps in her bag. sometimes she worries that she'll lose or damage it, but she can't bring herself to leave it at home, either.
she's slow to anger, but she wasn't always; pre-canon, if you were friendly, she'd be the same, but the second you were a dick to her or someone she cares about all bets were off. celestia and various other people gently pointed out that her life as a hero™ might be easier if she didn't bite the head off of everyone that looked at her funny, so over the course of bk1, she learned how to blunt her edges and bite her tongue. nowadays, she smiles through most things and can be cordial to anyone (with a few exceptions) and tries to put everyone around her at ease. this gentleness doesn't come naturally to her, though, and if you Just Keep Being An Ass she will eventually get fed up.
I know I've talked a lot about how much she loves her friends but She Loves Her Friends. just existing near them and reminding herself that they're alive and well is enough. she's always smiling her Hero's Smile™, but for her friends it's real.
she despises people that have no regard for the wellbeing of others, or people that are given chance after chance to be kind and continuously fail. (so like. jaania. jaania got her chance and now she gets Mira Sass. jury's still out on whether she's gonna get mira's full-blown wrath.)
kids make mira REALLY REALLY ANXIOUS. they're tiny! and fragile! what if she hurts them somehow, or hurts their feelings!! (draco doesn't count because they could probably chew glass and be fine.) she mostly just treats children like tiny fragile adults. tries to make small talk with them but the small talk is about Adult Things so it goes like / mira: so what do you think of the new proposed trade route? / the kid: *baby babble* / mira: interesting, I hadn't thought of it that way
she learned a couple things about herself at the end of the void ship's voyage that she wishes she could forget. she didn't NEED to know that she was capable of choosing the safety of the world over the life of her friend. really, when is she going to need to know that? it just makes her feel like garbage. anyway
mira never knew her biological relatives. if someone can worm their way into her heart, they're her family. (it's not that hard, although she used to pretend it was harder.) as for what happened to them...well, we all know what happens to celestia, right?
uhhh in order: celestia (see above,) draco (see canon! they're her favorite little gremlin coworker,) aegis (see canon,) tomix (see canon, but add recognition of the self through the other,) and finally kara (mira used to hang around the vind camp late into the night, at first for lack of anything better to do and to distract herself from various inconvenient emotions. then it evolved into respect for kara as a leader and desire to support her, and Then sometime just before the gala shenanigans? it began hurtling full force into Oh Whoops I Am In Love land. oops.)
mira lives in a state of "I desperately want to love trust people but I've been burned too many times to trust quickly" but also "I will love and trust everyone I meet out of spite for the people who tell me I'm naive for doing so" but ALSO "nevermind I'm not going to trust someone with my whole self ever again unless I'm literally soulbound to them and Even Then" so uh. the answer is: rip mira
SHE would probably think her worst trait is bad judgement but like. She's Doing Her Best. is it a flaw to want to trust people? no! she thinks her best trait is uhh hmm. she's very strong and can help a lot of people. I think her worst flaw is that she sometimes forgets other people are Also strong and capable of protection, and her best is her ability to love and love again after everything she's been through.
she's been to enough fancy events™ that she knows the rules by now, and she can charm nobility into thinking she's One Of Them, but. usually all she can think about is how many people could have been fed or clothed with the money spent on solid gold tableware or whatever fhsjfjs. also: some things stick with you forever, and no matter how perfect her manners are she's always a little afraid of someone seeing past the shining hero to the branden quarter brat.
she just beelined over to the vind. the rose didn't even get a glance. she asked kara (very reluctantly) if she should go with the golden hand, but she was SO relieved when kara asked her to stay.
i talk about mira so much lmao there's nothing left. no thoughts head empty
....annd that's everything! if you made it to the end of this monster please know i am giving you internet cookies.
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diverse-hearts-ocs · 2 days ago
//Random 4am brain rot about Amos and how much she loved Decarabian, how she truly wished for a peaceful end but knew deep down that it wouldn’t be possible - and in the end she died by the hands of the one that she loved the most ~ reborn amos must have fun dreams at times >_<
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redskyinthemxrning · 3 days ago
Off to the side, ignored as everyone gaped at either the argument or the mermaid, Hallie moved toward the tank. Her hands were empty. If she was planning some sort of attack, it was going to be futile. Maybe that was why she was allowed to proceed, why no one stepped in to stop her. What could she possibly do? 'Hello,' she signed to the mermaid. 'Hello.' The mermaid stopped beating its hands against the glass and turned to look at her. 'Hello,' she signed again. Slowly, eyes narrowing as it focused on her, the mermaid signed back, 'Hello.' The gesture was imperfect. 'Hello,' signed Hallie. She inclined her head, trying to make the mermaid understand that it had achieved communication. She pressed a hand to her chest, flat, before signing her name. 'Hello,' signed the mermaid. "Look," breathed Daniel. "I think it understands." Everyone in the room turned to watch as the grieving sister and the captive mermaid signed back and forth, slowly, seeking connection, seeking understanding across a gulf of space and species and environment, and no one said a word.
Into the Drowning Deep (by Mira Grant)
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swankaliciouschekov · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I heard y'all wanted to see my lil baby Mira on this caturday
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Weekend Game by @creativepromptsforwriting - random number generator chose my prompt (#117), I wrote for 15 minutes, then edited a little. I wrote with OCs, in a modern universe, though these OCs originally go in a fantasy-horror universe. I don't speak Hebrew, so sorry for any mistakes made in that regard (you'rewelcome to correct me). Enjoy!
Good at Something
Kieran was sure everyone was good at something. Their sister was good at gardening, coaxing plants from the seeds she bought or saved. Their mother was good at baking, creating delicious treats from flour, water, sugar, cinnamon, salt. Their father was good at his job, helping people work through their problems while giving them the resources to deal with the effects of those problems. 
Kieran was good at nothing. Everyone was good at something, except them. They paused in their reverie as they bumped arms with someone. "Sorry, wasn't watching where I was…" they paused as they caught sight of the vision of beauty before them. The person was taller than Kieran, with bright blue and green makeup around their eyes, blush on their high cheekbones, and lips painted purple. "...going," Kieran finished. 
"I wasn't either," the person answered in a smooth, sweet voice, their summery yellow dress swishing around their knees. 
"My name's Kieran," Kieran managed to force out. "They/them pronouns."
"Bennie, he/him," the person answered with a smile. "Can I buy you a coffee?"
Kieran sighed happily as their head rested on Bennie's chest. "Happy Hanukkah," they murmured. 
Bennie smiled, eyes closed, rubbing Kieran's short hair. "Happy Hanukkah, Yekirì Shelì."
Kieran reached into their pocket and pulled out the ring box. "Remember what we talked about?"
"Hm?" Bennie asked. 
"Open your eyes, silly," Kieran answered, popping the ring box open. 
The ring was alexandrite on white gold, princess cut, simple but elegant. Bennie squealed when he opened his eyes. "You're ready to get married?!"
Kieran nodded. "As soon as you want."
Bennie kissed their forehead, pulling them close.
Kieran watched as Mira and Thommy ran around the playscape in the backyard, shrieking with laughter. Bennie's arm wrapped around their waist. "I love you," Kieran said. 
Other people could be good at other things. Kieran was good at this. 
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redskyinthemxrning · 4 days ago
She wasn’t being a traitor to her sister by letting herself trust their siren. She wasn’t betraying the human race by starting to see it as a person. She was doing what scientists always did. She was responding to the available data, and she was letting it tell her where to go. ‘Thank you,’ she signed to the siren--one of the handful of signs they’d been working on for the last few hours. The siren hesitated. Then, with the deliberation of someone who was learning a foreign language, it signed back, ‘You’re welcome.’ Hallie smiled.
Chapter 33; Into the Drowning Deep (by Mira Grant)
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just-a-smol-spoon · 5 days ago
Girlie If u hate the theme just change it 👁️👄👁️💧(I love it tho)
I knowwww
My friend is helping me with deciding what to do-
It’s gonna be darker which is yay
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hhhany82 · 8 days ago
Mira is so precious, I love her! 🥺
Ah!!! Thank you so much!!!?! Mira loves you too!! 💞❤💕❤💞
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klywrites · 9 days ago
Last lines
I don't know what this is. Technically this is RS but the after years (20+) and the idiots are going to steal a ship to go back into Edon (you know, where their parents fled from) for something
"But how are we going to gain passage on an Edonean ship? We don't have documents."
Mira sighed. "Elly, my dear, did your mother not teach you the art of forgery? I've heard she was very good at it."
"No. I don't think she wanted anything to do with the past."
"That is how hauntings happen," said Remy, chewing on a piece of sugarcane. "Ghosts and stuff."
Elynia frowned. "I don't believe in ghosts."
"You might want to start," Mira said. "There are so many following you, and ignoring them won't make them go away."
(no tags or anything these are literally just my latest lines lol)
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utapribr · 11 days ago
As I approach my uni graduation, I feel more sensitive and emotional when thinking about the past. There's many things I want to say (in general and to you guys) but what can I do? I feel like I can't find the words yet. Maybe in the next few days I can collect my thoughts and come back with a decent post, but until then, know that I love utapri just as much, if not more than I did when I created this blog, and that you guys have no idea how much all of this means to me. I'm very thankful and sorry at the same time akdhjsssjs.
This is just a random venting, I swear I'll elaborate on it soon, I just need some time.
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transpapaii · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
ILOVE THEIR LITTLE HEAD MARKINGSit makes tgem look like theyre wearing a little hat :-]
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mira-shard · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
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