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#Micah Giiett
penguinkiwi-writes · a day ago
Hello and Goodnight
Fandom(s): Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy)
Rating: K
Summery: Ahsoka wanted to see the meteor shower, and unexpected visitor shows up at the docs but he's not an unwelcome one. || AU of an AU— Wolffepack against Child Abuse x MerMay AU
Pairing(s): PloKit, Micah/Plo (Past)
Part 2/3 of the May the 4th fics I have planned. Is this the cursed one? Probably not.
It's also my MerMay bit, though It might not be the only one I do for MerMay, we shall see
Children, Plo Koon knew, were precious. From the moment he had held his baby sister— he had been six years old then— to his career as a teacher, and then as part of the Child Protective Services, to when he held his niece for the first time, to when he first started acting alone outside of the Protective Services…
Yes, children were very precious.
The first children that he had adopted had been when his best friend and first partner had still been alive and with them. They were the same age, though one had been eight when she had been brought into the family, the other seven.
Lissarkh had been the eight-year-old, and had survived in back alleyways, eating scraps from the ground and dumpsters, and had bitten him when he had lifted her up out of the one behind his and Micah’s apartment building. Now she was just older than Wolffe, her hair dyed green and working with Mace to uncover smuggling rings with the Courscant Police.
Or she would be, had she not decided to go back to school. And Plo was fine with covering the costs for both her and her sister.
Bultar Swan had been Plo’s— and Micah’s— very first child. She had been taken in a year before Plo rather unceremoniously found Lissarkh behind their apartment building.
Taken from abusive parents in the city of Kuat, Plo hadn’t the heart to allow the child to enter the Forster System and appealed to Micah then for help.
Ah, but that had been such a long time ago.
Micah had been shot and killed close to fifteen years ago. Bultar and Lissarkh had been twelve, and Lissarkh had only managed to have four years' worth of rather fuzzy memories with him.
Still, in grief and death, he didn’t stop his care of other children. When Bultar and Lissarkh were twelve, he had found Wolffe and his brothers.
And life continued from there.
Plo loved all his children. It was as simple as that.
And as the night continued on, and the embers of the fire began to die, he knew that. Children were precious, and he loved his children.
Plo gazed over the sleeping forms of Boost and Sinker, tangled with Nex and Nox, and Comet. Warthog, Ghost, and Wildfire sprawled in the grass nearby, and Ahsoka wedged between Wolffe and Tracer, with Bultar and Lissarkh nearby and a number of their other brothers and sisters laying in the grass around the once blazing bonfire.
Ahsoka wanted to watch the meteor shower that was due overhead rather soon. Somehow that had translated into inviting as many of the ‘Plo's bros’ from across Coruscant as possible and everyone having a cookout and bonfire in the fields by the docs. 
Plo didn’t mind.
It was lively and rather amusing to watch Ahsoka and Maul gang up on Anakin and Obi-Wan. To meet Bultar and Lissarkh’s friends again, to see Sha again— though she didn’t live too far from Dorin, just on the edge of the city and no more than a three-hour ride to her apartment building.
It had been a good evening. 
But now the children were all settled down to rest until they woke back up due to the numerous alarms set on various phones.
A splash down at the docks made him perk up a bit, folding his glasses back into their case and setting them on the picnic table. He stood, picking his way through the sleeping bodies and walking down to the docks.
Data and Cable (And Plo would never question the boys on the names they wished to choose for themselves) had a small boat that was docked there for when Data needed silence from the noise of the house, but that wasn’t what had alerted him and that's not what had splashed down there.
It didn’t take long to get there, nor did it require much effort to find the switch that turned on the lone lantern at the end of the dock, and a familiar form was leaning on the planks.
Had the figure been a normal human, Plo might’ve been concerned about why they were on the end of his dock, but they weren’t— he wasn’t. 
Not with green skin, large, dark eyes, and tentacle-like tresses instead of hair. No, this one was not human, though he did walk around in a human skin sometimes. He was a Mer, simple as that, though very different in appearance than the mermaids so commonly seen in movies and fiction. Most all of them were.
Nonetheless, Plo chuckled as he walked down the dock towards the figure. 
“Hello, Kit,” he greeted, sitting down and crossing his legs upon reaching the end. A grin full of razor-sharp teeth was flashed his way before melting into a quizzical look.
“No glasses tonight?”
He chuckled. “No,” he told the other, “The light isn’t as bright at night, so my eyes aren’t bothered.”
Kit seemed to ponder on it for a moment before accepting it, something Plo assumed he would, considering how he knew a number of other Mer from the depths of the sea who were also sensitive to light.
Kit had been showing up at Dorin’s docks for a few months now, ever since Wolffe had accidentally fished him up, really. And then, of course, Plo had connected the dots a few weeks later and had met Kit Fisto the Mer-Rights activist, Kit’s human guise.
It had been a good few months of friendship, and, later, a rather interesting romantic partnership.
And Plo rather enjoyed the time spent talking with Kit.
“So what brings you by here?” he asked and the green Mer just flicked his tail, a few drops of water splashing onto his cheek where the medical mask wasn’t covering it.
“Heard some noise when I was on my way back from Aayla’s bar and decided to pop in,” Kit hummed loftily, before be paused. “Foul's still missing, by the way, so if you hear anything make sure to pass it on to her so she can get it to us.”
Plo nodded slowly at the mention of the other two— while Aayla herself wasn’t a Mer, nor was Foul, the two were still targets for the Creatures Trade. A faerie and a yeti, far from their homes, and now Foul was missing.
“I will,” he assured the green-skinned Mer, who just grinned again. “So, why are all of you and yours out this late?” he asked, leaning on his elbows as his tresses curled, flicking drops of water.
Plo hummed, glancing back at his sleeping children. “Ahsoka wanted to watch the Meteor Shower,” he told him simply.
The Mer clicked softly, chuckling before nodding. “Yes, a rather wonderful sight, even for us. If the waters are clear enough out in the open ocean, many of us head to the surface to watch when astronomical events such as this happen.”
“I think humans and non-humans can agree on that at least,” Plo chuckled softly as well, “I studied space in school a long time ago, and once wished to go, but ended up on a different path.” Kit hummed, tail and tresses flicking as he listened. “You humans are so interesting, thinking about duties you want to do for the future, even if they don’t come to pass.”
“While you Mer live in the moment.”
The said Mer just laughed, head tossed back. “Of course,” he agreed. “Why worry over something that is uncertain, and fret over what is not there yet? The future might not come, so live as you do now and enjoy it. If you look too far to the future, you lose sight of what’s around you.”
Plo couldn’t help but smile under his mask. “Perhaps,” he agreed before the sharp sound of phone alarms going off rang out in the night. Kit made a face, shaking his head as grumbles and groans came from Plo’s children, most still half asleep in the grass.
He glanced back at them, seeing Wolffe shake the sleep from his head before lightly punching Boost and Sinker so they woke up. 
Kit whistled to get his attention again and Plo turned back around as the green-skinned Mer pointed upwards. He tilted his head back, smiling again under his mask as Ahsoka let out a whoop behind him. The first of many silver streaks crossed the sky, bright and beautiful and Plo reached over to the lantern, clicking it off without a word.
“Quite a sight, isn’t it?” Kit mused, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one at the surface. I was down near Muunilinst last time, all the way across the ocean. It’s rather bleak there, so I’m glad I’m down over here for this one.”
Plo hummed, watching the sky still as he nodded. “It is rather beautiful. I missed the last one. Feral had been extremely ill and the Nightbrothers were staying with us until he got better.”
There was silence for a moment before another splash sounded and Plo let out a slightly disgruntled noise as he was splashed, Kit hauling himself onto the dock.
He turned to gaze at the Mer, raising a brow, and Kit just grinned before leaning forwards. A single, clawed finger hooked on the edge of his mask, pulling it down and before Plo could say anything, Kit closed the distance between them.
It wasn’t a deep kiss, not like the first time Kit had kissed him out of nowhere, but it also wasn’t playful like the quick and teasing pecks the Mer had peppered across his face while he had been slightly tipsy at Aayla’s bar. 
It was nice, either way though, as Kit pulled back. “Cute.”
Plo reached up, touching his cheeks before huffing a bit and pulling his mask back up to hide his flush.
“Hush, you,” he huffed again, smacking the Mer on the arm as he laughed. That just made Kit laugh harder, tresses curling and moving in that happy way they did when he was delighted.
Plo rolled his eyes, turning his head back up to the sky as more and more meteors crossed the wide expanse. Behind him, he could hear his children talking, words of awe and wonder drifting down to the docks. 
“It really is beautiful,” he murmured as Kit rested his chin on his shoulder, tresses curling and draping across the other one.
“Just like you,” the Mer teased, an equally teasing croon leaving him, and Plo bit back a laugh. The compliment was sincere, but nonetheless.
“I will push you off this dock, Kit.”
And Kit just laughed, wrapping his arms around him as the stars continued on their paths over head.
Dorin is the name that belongs to Plo's farmhouse, Data and Cable show up briefly in some of my other work and Nex and Nox showed up in the previous WPACA installment. Ghost shows up like all the time in my works hagjkfjghd. Anyways, was this the cursed one? That's for you to decide. Happy May the 4th!
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Yarael: There are seven chairs and ten kids. What do you do?
Tyvokka: «Have everyone stand.»
Jocasta: Bring three more chairs.
Micah: The most important ones can sit down.
Dooku: Kill three.
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Mace, coming in for a Council Meeting: How absurd. I am late
Micah: Did you not get any sleep at all again? You... er... look rather tired.
Mace: You concern is well noted, but unnecessary. Fatigue is jut a part of my routine, only differing slight in degree day to day.
Micah: Dear gods, just go to bed, we can reschedule
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Micah: I have an excellent gaydar, I can determine if a person is gay or not with just a glance.
Saesee: Plo Koon has been in love with you for years.
Micah: He what?
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Plo: Micah, what do you think of Young Swan?
Micah: You know those stonefish that kind of look like a rock, yet can shoot enough poison to kill an entire football team in half a second? She kind of reminds me of one of those.
Micah: And I'm gonna ask if she wants to be my Padawan.
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Micah, to Bultar as he walks her to her Class: Play nice, unless one of the other Padawans want to fight. Then you have to kick the other kids asses.
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Micah: As far as plans go, this is not a good one.
Plo: Micah, this was your plan.
Micah: In all fairness, Plo, didn't think you'd actually say yes to it.
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merfilly · 3 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Star Wars Legends: Jedi Apprentice Series - Jude Watson & Dave Wolverton Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Micah Giiett & Qui-Gon Jinn & Ky Narec, Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ky Narec & Asajj Ventress Characters: Micah Giiett, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ky Narec, Asajj Ventress Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy Series: Part 11 of Forgotten Galaxy Summary:
Time for Ky to come home, with his dragon daughter. Of course, that means sharing the news the others never put in a letter.
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merfilly · 4 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Legends - All Media Types, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Dooku & Jocasta Nu, Tahl & Micah Giiett & Qui-Gon Jinn & Plo Koon & Ky Narec Characters: Original Jedi Character(s), Micah Giiett, Ky Narec, Tahl (Star Wars), Dooku (Star Wars), Jocasta Nu, Tyvokka (Star Wars), Plo Koon, Qui-Gon Jinn Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy Series: Part 2 of Forgotten Galaxy Summary:
The five young ones find their ways, their teachers, and grew closer, even when apart.
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merfilly · 4 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Legends - All Media Types, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Plo Koon, Tyvokka (Star Wars), Original Jedi Character(s), Micah Giiett, Qui-Gon Jinn, Dooku (Star Wars), Tahl (Star Wars), Ky Narec Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy Series: Part 1 of Forgotten Galaxy Summary:
On a plane far, far away a world exists with a diverse selection of species scattered through islands and sub-continents. An Order of Knights try to preserve peace and knowledge. A growing darkness is in the distance as a new generation begins their journey....
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irrfahrer · 10 months ago
Your Muses Ship! Concept: If your Muse had the chance  to get their hands on a own starship, how would their personal Starship look like? What class would it be- Freighter ,yacht, scout-vessle..? How old would it be? Would it be second- hand and wheezing like a old man when moving or would it be a ship personally build for your muse and new? How would your muse have individulized the ship- added technology, the furniture of the rooms, a certaine paintjob, a houseplant...? What would be the meaning behind the ships name? What style is shown in the starships build? Is it easy to see where and on what planet it was build? And at last: Are there stories connected to the Ship that developted your Muse? Use pictures, edits and descriptions to sculp your concept ! And have a lot of fun designing your Muses sci-fi equivalent to a Home/Car!
One of Zivs features as a Character is that she is a very bad Pilot, which has several reasons but mostly its because she can not reach into the ship with the Force as she is permanently doing with her own body to enhance her skills and sensing or the flora around her when using Consitor Sato. Accordingly in her Main-Verse Ziv neither has the Credits to have a ship nor has she the skills to fly one because she would fly straight into a sun and complain about the ship in her last breath. Accordingly the Ship for this prompt will only appear in Zivs Kotor Verse V: Eperitos Story, where she had actually finished her Training in the AgriCorps and is working as a Specialist in the Corps personally focused on Regenerative Agriculture, Medical Flora Research and Disaster Restoration. Therefor she obviously needs a ship to get to the Planets she is needed|researching on. As a AgriCorps Member Ziv obviously is still part of the Jedi-Order so the ship is not exactly her possession, but technically belongs to the Order as in fact it belonged to the Exploration Corps fleet . Ziv had gotten her paws on the ship when she had gambled with a colleague  from the Exploration Corps and as it is always is between Force-sensetive the game was not about gambling but about cheating. In fact the game consisted of cheating the other in the most ruthless way and the one who cheated better eventually won. There is a reason why Jedi did not took part in gambling- it is very tactless and unfair towards non-force-sensetive. Since Zivs mind can not be read because her head is as thick as the Jedi-Temples-Walls and she is a sly spaceotter, she won and sended a highfive through the Force into the future to  Micah Giiett on her way out to get the Ship.
Tumblr media
The ship itself is a very runty version of the a YV-865 Aurore-class freighter,with two  twin thruster engines sat on two articulated boom arms that extended from each side of the ship's primary hull. These boom arms would fold up while the craft was landingand with that would use the engines as supports. The ship had once been painted white-blue, but now the colour had dulled and what had been the Jedi-Orders Crest on the outside is barely visible. In fact the ships looks so old it might fall appart the next second. The ship is in lenght around 20 meters and a width of 30 meters (mainly consisting of the boom-arms)  with most of the room on the first level taken in by two storagerooms. As mentioned it is tiny for a Aurore-Class.In one storageroom Ziv keeps her agriculture machienes and the other she uses as a lab for botanical researchs.The lower second Level consists of the engineroom.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And here is were Ziv had a problem as at one Point the samples she used decided to nolonger be hold back to only one room and grew into the airshafts and up the waterpipes into the other rooms.For a little time Ziv had tried to hold this floral conquest in check but eventually just gave up completly. The complete inside of the Ship, beside the second storageroom, is overgrown with plants: The walls of the corridor and Zivs sleepingquarter are covered with leafs that look a little like ivy, ranks hang from the ceiling full of flowers, from every corner grows something that could be a young tree with first fruits growing from the thin branches, and berriebushes grow from beneath the floors metaltiles.
Tumblr media
For one this really well adds to the lifesupport-system as the plants on the ship happily provide air, on the other hand the plants use so much of the watersources that Ziv had to had extra watertanks added to the ship, taking much space from her own livingspace. So eventually Ziv only has for herself a bedroom for two people, a fresher and a kitchen and the rest of the ship belongs to her samples and the watertanks. Eventually the bedroom turned into the commonroom, as after all it could host two people comfortably and more if the people are tuneing down their need for personal space drastically.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What had been once a common room is now a hydroponic vegetablegarden for her own use and researchs. Accordingly the only rooms habitable are the sleepingroom, fresher and kitchen set beside another behind the cockpit and after that there is the common-room|vegetable garden and set after that are the storage rooms.
Tumblr media
And while the scent of the plants and the atmosphere they create might be very cozy and welcoming, it does not change the fact that the inside of the already not exactly big ship had turned a little ....tightspaced, so Ziv usually burries herself in researchwork to keep her claustophobia in check. The Tynnan feels at home when she is in the ship on planets, but she is still highstrung when she has to fly through space with the ship, due to her phobia. The plants dig into the ships mechanic constantly, which is, considering the ships age not exactly good for the engines. 
The reason why for now noone of the Order had asked Ziv to lend them the ship as its obviously not “hers” but belongs to the Order, is obviously because it is so old with such a horrible stuttering mechanic, no other person dares to go on board on it. Ziv renamed the ship to “The Stutterer” for obvious reasons.
As Ziv is still a horrible Pilot,she had been given a class-five Pilot-Droid to fly the ship who is called GR8-NE,nicknamed Granny because she is a very old model. The Droid is by now permanently bound to the cockpit as the plants who had taken over the ship had bound her to the pilotseat and the Droid is not above to remaind Ziv permanently about the fact that she nolonger can use her legs and is stuck. Over the last years the Binary of the Droid had changed its tune as it had become lower for roots had digged into the Droids processor, but suprisingly not far enough to destroy the Droids processor. Ziv had noticed that the vibration of those tunes are now actually the perfect vibration to stimulate the growth of the plant grown around the droid and while Granny complains, she also very likes the periodically blooming flowers on her as the plant growing around her is the one that blooms the most often and Granny is very proud that the plant growing around and in her is the prettiest. 
Tumblr media
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irrfahrer · a year ago
Open Starter
When Ziv had been a very small cub, she had always loved when the older Jedi-Masters would visit the crèche and lead lessons.They would bring stories with them colourful like presents and the Tynnan remembered that the children would gather aorund the Masters, clinging to the edges of their robes with tiny hands  while begging for just another story, and just another word and just another second of wonder.  In one case, Master K’Kruhk had brought not a story but three cups and one stone that had all almost vanished in his massive hand. He had sat down at the ground, tall like a mountain for the children even when sitting, and had put the three cups before them.  “A game.”, Master K’Kruhk had hummed, he had had a loud voice but to the children he had always talked quietly and gently, almost as if he was whispering. Conspiratorially he had looked around in the circle of children, a grin so big on his face it almost lifted his tusks until up to his eyes: “I put the stone under one cup and shove them around. Then you tell me under which cup the stone is placed. Are you ready?”  With big eyes the children had leaned forward to not miss a single second of what was happening. Master K’Kruhk had put the stone under one cup and then, so swiftly it made the sleeve of his robe rustle like leafs, he changed the position of the cups around another. Then the second had  already ended and the Whipid had  sat up, still grinning which made his maw look even bigger than usual: “So?” The children had jumped forward, half a dozen tiny hands pointing at the cup on the left side and a whirlwind of small voices squeaking the answer that had been of course obvious for every force-sensitive beeing: “This one, Master K´Kruhk! This one! The left cup! This one! Its left! The stone is under the left cup!” Ziv remembered that she had not even waited until Master K’Kruhk had lifted the up left cup, instead she had hopped forward and pulled up the cup that was in her tiny paws heavy and big.  The stone had not lay under the left cup.  And when Ziv had hasty pulled up the other cups, her pale ears flicking up and down as if she was a confused cat, the stone was nowhere to be found.  Master K’Kuhks rumbling laughter had made the small Tynnan-cub flinch as he had gently held up his hand and opned it with the stone laying in the middle of his massive hand.  He had not put the stone under a cup in the first place. He had simply pulled the stone with the force back in his hand, fooling the children.     “Sometimes,” the Jedi-Master had hummed and gently had helped one of the children to climb on his knee with a massive hand on their back, a deep chuckle rumbling in his chest as he watched Ziv who had tried to find a hole or something else in the cups:  "-a trick is just a trick. Trust me, little ones. You will grow in the Force. But in the meantime, don't let your infatuation with its power dull your other senses."
Years later Ziv had learned from that memory not only that she not always could only trust in the force, but also that someone who was force-sensetive was unfairly good at gambling. The Spaceport was quietly laying doozing in the stark afternoonsun like a lazy cat, most people had fled into building, the ships by the hangar seemed to glow white in the heat. Still a small group had gathered around the gambler in a small sanctuary that was the shadow of a starship towering like a mountain over them. The gambler had put three cups infront of himself on the dusty ground, waiting for one of the watchers to find the stone he had put under one of the cups. Beside Ziv clothes rustled like old, dry leafs and a Twi-Lek knelt down, pointing on the cup at the right: “This one.”  The Gambler could not hide the long smirk that looked in his dark face as nice and welcoming as a open wound, he lifted the cup and the place beneath was empty: “Sadly, no! Next round then!”’ The Gambler took the stone from under the cup in the middle. Zivs pale ears perked up like the ears of a attentive animal.  The Gambler grinned as he put down the stone onf the ground, watching his audience.  Ziv tensed, focusing. And before the cup covered the stone, Ziv reached out, not with a paw, not with  a finger, but still the Tynnan reached out to shove the stone under the other cup. Noone noticed that the stone was not under the cup the Gambler had intended it to be as he with swift, fast movements changed the positions of the cups around another. Licking his green lips in anticipation, the Gambler looked up to the small crowd; “So? Who wants to try now?”
“This one,”, the Tynnan pointed a sharp claw towards the cup under which she had shoven the small stone. Her tail flicked from one side to another like the tail of a little cat, ready to jump after a mouse to play: “The stone is under the left one. Does that mean I have won now?”
Tumblr media
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penguinkiwi · 13 days ago
Just some Oppo and Plo Friendship Headcanons because I was thinking about it
Tumblr media
Oppo Rancisis and Plo Koon first became friends through Yaddle, Tyvokka, and Plo Koon’s Uncle— Fae Koon. The three were very good friends, and while Fae was not Plo’s Master, he often was seen around Tyvokka. It simply made sense that Tyvokka and Yaddle would train their Padawans in tandem together— or at least, sort of. Oppo was several years Plo’s senior, but nonetheless, they learned certain things together.
As Knights and Masters, they would have academic spats (though nothing with the same vitriol that Tyvokka would get into when Dooku was finally a Master, upstart youths ™) and strategic discussions games like Dejarik. 
While they weren’t as close as Plo would be with Micah later on, they were very good friends to the point where Plo considered asking Oppo to take on Sha, though eventually asked Saldith instead, as he believed it would be good for Sha to both strengthen telepathic speaking and language learning under Saldith.
After Tyvokka’s death, however, the two ended up drifting apart, though remained distant friends despite that. Plo ended up slowly befriending other Jedi such as Micah Giiett, Shaak Ti, Kit Fisto, and Ima-Gun Di in the meanwhile while Oppo chose to befriend the older Jedi such as T’ra Saa, Jocasta Nu, and maintained a friendship with Yoda and Yarael Poof. It was slow though, considering how they both had rather reserved natures and Yaddle rolled her eyes watching.
Still, despite being distant friends after the Stark Hyperspace War, they did meet on occasion just to play Dejarik or would talk when they ran into one another.
Oppo remained rather firm to the Code, and had originally chastised Plo for forming a possible attachment to Micah, before backing down upon remembering that Kel Dor were highly communal and fell heavily back on emotional and mental webs of connections that were created. Plo Koon assured him that he wasn’t upset by the lapse in remembrance, because he wasn’t the first to have forgotten about that fact.
While Plo did not share Oppo’s assessment of Anakin when it came to his Knighting, he was ultimately in agreement that Anakin was not ready to be a Knight yet.
Before Khorm, Oppo was one of the few who knew Plo’s real age— though it wasn’t as if Plo keept it a secret, he simply thought it was funnier for others to figure it out themselves. And Oppo agreed, because he kept his own age out of introductions and such. If one does not ask, they do not know, after all.
So Oppo had a fun time watching Kit pour over the Kel Dor archives and doing the math for Dorin’s planetary rotation... before correcting him when he was three years off from the year number in Basic.
Going by Canon: Oppo felt Plo Koon’s death in the Force during Order 66 the strongest and immediately knew something was wrong and went into hiding. He had initially gone deep underground through Coruscant to hopefully look for Younglings and Sha who he knew was still at the Temple, but was only able to find two younglings who he managed to get off world with Senator Mon Mothma’s help before he vanished as well. 
Going by Legends: Plo felt Oppo’s death during the Siege of Saleucami and mourned his death, both because he was a good friend and the loss of a skilled warrior. He remained in a three day vigil for the other Master.
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op please tell us where everyone else falls on the Six Council Genders spectrum cause if yoda isn’t both hot and trash I will riot
also ironically Plo Koon is not exclusive to Plo himself, Yarael is also Plo Koon
I have no idea what you mean by Yarael being Plo Koon. Only Plo Koon is Plo Koon. Yarael obviously IDs as Sexy.
[Quote in reference to]
Yoda: Trash and Hot Yaddle: Hot  Oppo Rancisis: Sexy (obviously) Mace Windu: Trash (and tired but that wasn’t an option) Yarael Poof: Sexy. (Duh.) Saesee Tiin: Polyamory Even Piell: Sexy Eeth Koth: Hot and Trash Adi Gallia: Sexy and Hot Plo Koon: Plo Koon (and also confused about the question as well) Depa Billaba: Polyamory and Sexy Ki-Adi-Mundi: Polyamory and Trash Coleman Trebor: Trash and Sexy (and confused) Shaak Ti: Polyamory and Sexy (the Queen of the Council with Deepa, duh) Kit Fisto: Sexy and Trash Obi-Wan Kenobi: Trash and Polyamory (and a nap. he just needs a nap. he's also very confused.) Agen Kolar: Trash and Hot (but more like a hot garbage fire of chaos) Coleman Kcaj: Capitalism Stass Allie: Trash and Hot
Bonus Round:
Jocasta Nu: Hot and Sexy (™) Omo Bouri: Trash Tyvokka: Questioning the reason for this question (Trash and Hot) Micah Giiett: Sexy and Hot (according to him) Sifo-Dyas: Trash and Capitalism Anakin: Trash and Capitalism
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joganpie · 2 months ago
A bit of Plo Koon
This is for a friend​ who has fallen into The Clone Wars cartoon and entered the hell of stanning a minor PT-era Jedi.  So here’s a little bit of extra Plo Koon content for you.
(And if anyone wants to jump in with canon or fanfic recs for Plo Koon, I thoroughly invite it.)
First of all, I’m sorry to tell you this but a lot of Plo Koon’s most prominent modern content is from The Clone Wars cartoon, in part because Dave Filoni was a huge fan of the character.  
And by a “huge fan” I mean that he actually cosplayed Plo Koon to the premiere of ROTS. (Sidenote: That’s Giancarlo Volpe on the right as Kit Fisto who was also a director on TCW, as well as ATLA and GLTAS.)
Tumblr media
Dave also apparently campaigned various “Plo Lives” stories to George Lucas:
TFN: Do you have a plan for why Ahsoka doesn’t appear in Revenge of the Sith?
Henry: Hmmm. Are you asking about the ‘theatrical’ version of Revenge of the Sith or the ‘Special Complete Perfect “Plo Doesn’t Die” Edition’ Revenge of the Sith? Psssst... You guys have no idea how powerful Filoni is getting at the Ranch.
Dave: There is some truth to what Henry is saying. I once pitched George the idea that Plo had a parachute and that he bailed out of his fighter before it crashed. Then George said he would only continue the scene and make Plo’s death more painful, I think his parachute was going to catch fire and he falls on something sharp. I even pitched Plo being added at the end of Return of the Jedi as a Blue Ghost but that didn’t go over either. As for Ahsoka’s future... I have ideas, even outlines that answer your question very specifically.
But yeah, multiple people have joked that he’d try to sneak Plo into an episode any time he could.
Actually, returning to the concept of Plo Koon and Kit Fisto working together, that’s actually an established thing that has happened a couple times, and it does show up in TCW as well. (And yes, they are shipped.)
Tumblr media
There’s also a tie-in for the 2003 Genndy Tartakovsky series, Clone Wars Adventures, which has a teamup with these two in issue #6 that is about Kit and Plo dealing with a prison riot.  The characterization of Plo is a bit more violent and angry than in TCW, with Kit having to talk him into giving one of the prisoners a second chance, but he is pretty badass.  (Also, I like the Saesee Tiin story in that volume in particular, to rep another minor Jedi character.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you want good, extended TCW Plo and Kit content though, what you really want is the Clone Wars: In Service of the Republic comic, and I can easily say that it’s my #1 recommendation to you as a fan of TCW and Plo Koon since it is a tie-in story to the cartoon.
Tumblr media
No, seriously, if you want more TCW!Plo Koon content, you want to read this comic.  There’s a running gag about Kit and the clones trying to guess Plo’s age.  I feel like I don’t need to say anything else about the story.
Tumblr media
However, Kit Fisto is not his only Jedi Bromance.
In Jedi Council: Acts of War we get his friendship with a Jedi named Micah Giiett.
Tumblr media
This one may be an odd one for you coming from TCW though because it was released in 2000, which was after TPM but before AOTC/ROTS, and some of what is presented in this comic (as well as some of the other comics from the period which I share) doesn’t quite mesh up with what we see in the rest of the prequels regarding the worldbuilding.  I wouldn’t put it as a must-read for the story either, but there are some sweet moments between Plo and Micah and it’s an interesting read to see how they extrapolated the universe out from only what we see in TPM.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Which also leads me to another point, which is that after Micah died, Plo Koon stepped in and helped finish training his padawan-- Bultar Swan.  Who is a huge badass herself and I am Forever Haunted by the fact there seems to be no actual content of the two interacting because this fact seems to have been the product of retcons but PLEASE, I NEED IT.  (There is exactly one fanfic in the universe about these two grieving Micah and it’s less than 500 words but I owe this author my life just for it existing.)
Tumblr media
She’s also listed as his padawan in the most reliable of canon sources: Gurihiru’s illustrations for the Star Wars English-Japanese Dictionary
Tumblr media
Now here’s where I admit that my reading of the Republic comics is a bit fuzzy because of having limited access to them and reading the series in bits and parts over the years.
With that said, on the subject of masters and padawans, I don’t think current canon/TCW has established any clear lineage for him but in legends continuity Plo was trained by a wookiee named Tyvokka.  Some of that relationship is in the focus of the “Stark Hyperspace War” story in Star Wars (1997) #36-39. (Also, baby Obi-wan and Quinlan is nice too.)
Tumblr media
Plo also has a bit of a role in the “Emissaries to Malastare” story in  Star Wars (1997) #13-16, in which they give him Special Font to make him really cool and mysterious.  (Also, a fun Depa & Mace teamup in that story and A’Sharad Hett, the Tusken Jedi.)
Tumblr media
In more modern comics, there’s some nice little appearances in the Clone Wars- Battle Tales, especially issue #2 which has him rescue the Wolfpack.
Tumblr media
Beyond this, he absolutely shows up in the background of a lot of things because he’s a cool and recognizable alien, as well as part of the Jedi Council, but he doesn’t really have much of a role beyond exposition.
This is focused on the comics, but that’s the part of the EU (outside of TCW) where he’s gotten the most chance to shine.  He hasn’t played any substantial role in any of the PT-era books I’ve read, let alone video games or other media. (Playing as him in Lego Star Wars doesn’t count, although I do appreciate it.)
He does show up in a couple of James Luceno’s books in particular, but not in a particular substantial role. I saw Cloak of Deception mentioned when I was poking around to see if I was wrong about this, but that really does seem to be about it when it comes to his book appearances.
(They also visit his homeworld, Dorin, in the first Fate of the Jedi book: Outcast, and while that’s Post-ROTJ EU and while I can’t recommend the series as a whole, the first book does have some sort of interesting stuff about his species/planet.)
I’m also sadly short on fanfic recs since I don’t regularly read a lot of Star Wars fanfic except for when I’m needing a very specific niche filled and I haven’t really gone looking for a lot of Plo fic.  (Outside of the time I scoured the internet for Bultar & Plo content.)
I’ll end by making sure that you know about the existence of the “Plo’s Bro’s” gunship.
Tumblr media
As well as the fact he adds the Wolfpack symbol to his gauntlets later in the war.
Tumblr media
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merfilly · 4 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Star Wars Legends - All Media Types Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Micah Giiett/Plo Koon, Qui-Gon Jinn/Tahl (Star Wars) Characters: Micah Giiett, Plo Koon, Tahl (Star Wars), Qui-Gon Jinn, Original Jedi Character(s), Tyvokka (Star Wars) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Canon-Typical Violence, Injury, Blindness, Implied/Referenced Torture Series: Part 10 of Forgotten Galaxy Summary:
Word comes of misadventure, and a rescue must be made. Can it be in time?
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merfilly · 4 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Star Wars Legends - All Media Types Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Tahl & Micah Giiett & Qui-Gon Jinn & Plo Koon Characters: Tahl (Star Wars), Micah Giiett, Plo Koon, Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda (Star Wars), Feemor (Star Wars), Dooku (Star Wars) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy Series: Part 5 of Forgotten Galaxy Summary:
Qui-Gon and Yoda share a journey, and discussions are held.
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