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#Mayday Parade memes
konstant-headake · 3 months ago
Listen: Mayday Parade did not have to go so hard on the 2020 album. 26 yr old me didn’t need to go through the same emotions 16 yr old me did. ⚰️
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Tumblr media
These Bernie memes are killing me
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sagehaleyofficial · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Megan, don't cry. I know you're trying your hardest...
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rpmemes-galore · 6 months ago
mayday parade : monsters in the closet album ... sentence starters
“Come rescue me.”
“One mistake at a time.”
“And now this is getting old.”
“That's okay, bide your time.”
“Do your best not to be afraid.”
“Just a glimpse, but I saw it still.”
“The other side's a scary place.“
“You'll be my angel through it all.”
“I found loyalty... and it was pain.”
“I was old enough to know better.”
“Metaphorically, this ghost is you.“
“Never alone, 'cause I've got you.“
“Allow my voice to calm you down.“
“You're on my lifelong list of wishes.”
“Love is just an empty word you say.”
“You're the only angel that got away.”
“You said you needed me to survive.”
“Maybe I'm the one who's in your way.”
“You’re not ready. You’re not ready, yet.”
“If you really love me, then write about it.”
“What are we good for? I think you know.”
“There’s a plan for me, I’ve seen it before.”
“Tell me your lies and I will tell you of mine.”
“Well, I'd walk on fire just to be next to you.”
“They say that I might be cursed for a while.”
“I'll lose my courage when I need it the most.”
“You took my heart and made me melt, again.”
“I will ascend above the heights of the clouds.”
“I know it won’t last, but that’s the way it goes.”
“I'll get closer to heaven than you'll ever know.”
“It hurts a little at first, but it gets better in time.”
“I'll keep my soul if you can promise the same.”
“This can’t be happening, I must be dreaming.”
“There's a price that you pay for living this way.”
“And, if you believe in me, then stand and fight.”
“Talking is cheap and your lies were expensive.”
“You're only happy when you're making a scene.”
“I know I've got my problems and it starts with me.”
“If there's only one way out, I'll come back for you.“
“I've asked him to leave, but he keeps stopping by.“
“He promised, one day, that he'd teach me to fight.“
“Well, if you were lost, I'd bring you safe back home.”
“Now I can live with all my demons, we all get along.”
“They meant everything, you mean everything to me.”
“There's a ghost in my bedroom, it haunts me at night.“
“There's got to be a better way to show what I'm feeling.”
“And if you find the courage to follow me, I hope you will.”
“When you reach that golden cloud, I'll be there with you.“
“And I could bring you back, but we don't belong here, now.”
“You don't say what you need, you just take what you want.”
“Down and out, and I'm fading fast, I can't keep it all together.”
“I'm tired of believing we could ever heal these broken dreams.”
“It was the first of my experiments I’m going to put you through.”
“Now, I see your heart is torn. The love you had for me is now gone.”
“They’ll just break us, ‘cause we’re so young, dumb, and vulnerable.”
“Just when I think that I'm alone, it shows up, again... with a friend this time.”
“You don't wanna hear the things I think about, the things I can't live without.”
“After you've found out your ‘good enough’ wasn't good enough for everyone else.”
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Listening to mayday parade at 4 am may bring to to a new dimension but it's okay because its a bop
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red-k-alex · a year ago
I like to listen to Mayday Parade when I'm having a bad mental health day
"but you're always listening to Mayday Parade"
Tumblr media
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girlsbtrs · 17 days ago
My Ladybird Moment (Significant Songs in Life)
Tumblr media
Written by Mary Ragheb. Graphic by James N. Grey. 
(First of all I wanna give the credit for this title to Pablo, that was all their idea and honestly it works perfectly.)
I know I’m not alone when I say that music has carried me through my whole life - whether that was me singing along with the Jonas Brothers in my best friend’s bedroom in elementary school or staring up at the ceiling blasting My Chemical Romance through my headphones in true emo-kid fashion. But I have always had a weird sensitivity to sound. It could be the ADHD talking but hear me out. Songs for me are ultimately almost always attached to some specific memory or feeling, so much so that I don’t think there’s an album in existence that I haven’t cried to at least once. 
So I guess this is my ladybird moment/a playlist of my life???? 
Let’s start with artists and then we’ll get into songs. This is important because I’m starting with literal baby steps here. 
Firstly, there’s Umm Kulthum, one of the most decorated and well-known Egyptian singers ever. I spent much of my childhood listening to her sing on cassettes that my parents brought back from Egypt. Obviously I didn’t know how popular she was when I was a child, but even when I catch my dad listening to her in his little home office, I feel a sense of innocent comfort - almost like when my mom used to wrap a blanket around me on our yearly road trips to New Jersey. 
Second of all, I have to give an honorable mention to both the Jonas Brothers and One Direction. I mentioned the JoBros earlier, and I know I’m not alone in how much their music brought us joy as kids. My family couldn’t afford to get us iPods, so I spent a lot of time at friends’ houses listening to them on their older sisters’ CD players or flip phones. You remember those swivel-y ones that had a trackpad like an iPod? Yeah those. (Also don’t talk to me if your favorite brother wasn’t Joe. I will die on this hill.) Now One Direction. I wish I was kidding when I say that my first concert was seeing them OPEN for Big Time Rush in 2011. I think that’s the biggest flex I hold to this day. While I cringe at old pictures of me clad in clothes with the British flag all over them, they were honestly my introduction to fandom culture. 
Third, let's get into emo baby. I started high school in a whole new country, which to say the least was a difficult adjustment. Kids can be cruel and that’s true no matter where you are, but by 13 and after being the new kid 4 times up to that point; you kinda become a target. And as cliche as it is, it’s what drove me to fall down a hole of Mayday Parade, Paramore and (drum roll please) - yep, you guessed it, All Time Low. Everyone who knows me knows that I love this band with my whole being. Now, there are a slew of reasons as to why. Obviously Therapy is one of them because my god I still cannot listen to that song without crying. Don’t Panic also came out when me and my family flew back to Boston after living abroad for a year. I remember driving through our old neighborhood while Outlines blasted through my headphones - ironically saying “I’m half remembered halfway across the world, twice removed from my second home.” But above all the intricate stories and lyrics that Alex has written over the years, ultimately they are the reason I met one of my best friends. That seems to be a common theme with me. I’ve taken it as the universe telling me to never stop listening to music. Like, ever. 
Finally, let’s all get ready to give the greatest round of applause for my college introduction into K-Pop. To be honest, I blame Halsey for this. I have loved her since I heard Room 93 (and realized I was not straight, thanks Ashley), and I can pretty much recite every album she has front to back. So when I saw them work with BTS I figured, “okay, I guess I can get on board with this.” The best way I can describe it is that Simpsons meme where the kid goes “haha I’m in danger.” K-Pop fans have this theory that your “comfort group” comes to you when you’re ready and I don’t know how they hit the nail on the head but they’re not wrong. I didn’t have an ideal college experience whatsoever, I had a lot of trouble making friends because I honestly didn’t talk to anyone (my own fault, I know). And yet somehow when I started listening to BTS, I made a whole community of friends on the internet and ended up meeting two of my best friends who just happened to walk into my job. If anyone has an existential explanation for all this please let me know before I go ask Namjoon myself. 
Okay now that we’ve finished that, let’s get into songs. These are in no particular order, but I guess a common theme that I can attribute to them is power. Not to sound like a tyrant or anything; power to me comes in all forms. The power of love, strength, dominance, and happiness. 
Is There Somewhere by Halsey (Room 93)
When I say I feel like I’ve grown up alongside Halsey, I’m not kidding. Not only was this song the prelude to my coming out, but seeing her artistry develop since 2015 has made me feel like a greater part of something. Too cheesy? Ok moving on. 
Jasey Rae by All Time Low (Put Up or Shut Up)
This isn’t going to be the only All Time Low song on this list for sure, but it is one of my absolute favorites. If the last chance I got to hear it live was at the 10 year So Wrong It’s Right Anniversary in 2017, then I can die content. I maintain that All Time Low don’t have a bad song in their discography, but Put Up or Shut Up is such a big comfort album for me that I still get the same tingles that I felt when I listened to it at 15. 
Don’t Lean on Me by The Amity Affliction (Let the Ocean Take Me)
The Amity Affliction is another one of those bands that marks a really crucial point in my life when I had to reconcile with my mental health. Not to get super emo or anything, but having every single emotion and painful feeling laid out (or screamed out, thank you Joel) soothes the numbness that I had accepted for my pain. Honestly, you could put this song on and I would still scream “LET THE OCEAN TAKE ME” at the top of my lungs like I did at Warped Tour in 2018. 
Going to Hell by The Pretty Reckless (Going to Hell)
I’m sure having The Pretty Reckless on this list surprises absolutely noone, but I really think that this album threw me into full blown feminist rage. I have never been one to dilute my feminism to make men more comfortable, but after seeing Taylor Momsen clad in leather singing in front of a band of all guys and commanding all the attention in the room (not to mention her VOICE) - I just wanted to be as badass and confident as her. 
Breed by Nirvana (Nevermind)
Is anyone surprised that Nirvana also made the list? Another moment of feminist rage. Have you ever had a guy interrogate you about a band or show or literally anything that non-men enjoy because he thinks there is no way you could possibly REALLY enjoy it? Yeah, I got that a lot in high school. And still now as a grown ass woman but that’s not the point here. I watched a lot of music documentaries during my last two years of high school, mainly about the 80’s and 90’s and the evolution of grunge, hence fueling my love for documentaries even more. And as always, girls cannot seem to like anything without being scrutinized for it so my interest in Nirvana was met with a lot of “yeah but you don’t actually listen to them right?” So it seemed appropriate for my response to that to be to latch onto a song that literally starts with “I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care.”
Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore (Brand New Eyes)
Paramore also comes as no surprise here since I profess my love for miss Hayley on a daily basis. I could have picked any song from Paramore’s discography; they are the ultimate encompassment of comfort and happiness. But Brick by Boring Brick made (and still does make) me feel like running through a field in the rain wearing a torn up down and screaming at the top of my lungs. 
Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low (So Wrong, It’s Right)
Ah yes, the song that shoots serotonin straight through my veins. The first time I ever saw All Time Low, I was lucky enough to be able to photograph them. And even with a camera strapped to my side, I did not hesitate to jump up and crowdsurf the second the show was coming to an end. I’ve flown to Florida, California, Arizona, and New Jersey and every single time Dear Maria comes on something just takes over the crowd. It’s one of the few times I have seriously felt like family around a bunch of complete strangers. Even when I lost my earring, got dropped straight on my back and passed around the same water bottle across like 50 people. (pre-COVID huh?) I think my favorite Dear Maria memory had to be the last All Time Low concert I went to in December 2020. I was crowdsurfing at the same time another girl got thrown up, and to make sure we didn’t crash into each other we instinctively reached for each other and held hands until we were both over the barricade. I don’t think any moment in live music has felt more precious to me than that. (Also the fact that everyone pointed out that it sounds like an anime intro just makes it even more fitting.)
Magic Shop by BTS (Love Yourself: Answer)
When I say that BTS inject love into their music, I mean this song in particular. After Map of the Soul: Persona came out in 2019, I spent the following weeks listening to their entire discography all the way back to 2013. As soon as Magic Shop came on, I burst into tears before I even got a chance to read the translation (I cried more after I read the translation too.) BTS have perfected the concept of a comfort song and Magic Shop is the perfect example of it. It feels as if for 4 minutes and 36 seconds, you are safe. Honestly though, I could probably throw every single BTS song into this list. They have brought me peace, reassurance, friendships and genuine happiness during a time that I least expected, but needed it the most. 
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romanofm · 4 months ago
⌛ 👿 💬🛏️
. ⌛ reminds my muse of a time in their life they would rather forget.
miserable at best by mayday parade
👿 my muse listens to when they’re angry
bulls on parade by rage against the machine ( while she takes a jog, it’s her secret to not punch someone )
💬 my muse knows all of the words to
welcome to the black parade by my chemical romance. 
🛏️ -  my muse plays when having sex
make up sex by SoMo  bed by jacquees special affair by the internet ( it’s her three favorites tbh )
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rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you are contractually obligated to know better
Tagged by: @wayhavensmasonsbitch (thanks 🥰🥰🥰)
Tagging: @mahariel-theirin @arcaneraven @pralexa01 @alfenvii @brightningstar @ree-chan @themohawkhelmet @deephologramcollector-stuff @percival-19 @ezzimezzi @phakefysics @winterjoyss @screeeeam @tehgu @elxsiqn @minii-mint @shamelessfestpeanut @ottomatonic @luuuusa @welpiwelpwelp - a lot are from the TWC!!! group chat, hope you guys will do it too, this was really fun to do
Name/nickname: Real name's Meg, no established nickname, rlly just onlyhereforinteractivestories 😂
Gender: Female
Star sign: idk about that? if this means zodiac sign then it's Capricorn ♑
Height: 5'0.... FLAT
Time: 7:48 pm from where I am
Birthday: January 5
Favorite bands: TOO MANY TO MENTION! Off the top of my head, I'd just give All Time Low, Pierce the Veil, Mayday Parade, My Chemical Romance, The Maine, Neck Deep... I could go on 😂
Favorite solo artists: AAAAA tbh i don't really have one. Maybe just local artists but idk if anyone here would recognize them 😢
Song stuck in my head: Wannabe by ITZY
Last movie: Murder Mystery
Last show: Friends ❤️ (im comforted by it and im using this series to help me drift off to sleep)
When did you create this blog: i thinkkk last year? Or the year before that? OMG i dont even remember 😂
What do I post: Memes and other stuff, primarily for Wayhaven Chronicles ❤️ sometimes I also post about anime
Last thing I googled: genshin impact lost riches seelies (i thought each have their own bonus, turns out it's just accessory)
Do I get asks: Nah
Why I chose my url: cuz srsly I just got to tumblr because of The Wayhaven Chronicles and other hosted games and COG's. But now lmao even the other content's great 👌
Following: 31
Followers: 92 (im still shocked by the number 😂)
Average hours of sleep: I'm guessing 5-6 hours 😢 college is stressful
Lucky number: prolly just a fave number , which is 5, cuz it's my birthday 😂
Instruments: I know how to play piano, guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, flute... But I'm NOT really good in playing :') i played keyboards once in a band tho but I'm still not really set on my skill
What I'm wearing: shorts and a tank top, cuzzz tropical country lol
Dream job: Generally, I want a career focusing in environmental conservation. So I chose chemical engineering, and hopefully one day I would be a chemical engineer✨
Dream trip: Greece, cuz of the game Assassin's Creed Odyssey ❤️ andddd New York
Last book I read: If you're asking for a "book," then a chemistry one 😂. Kidding aside, the last novel I read was The Tale of Two Cities
Favorite food: Legit, too many. My ultimate faves go from American to Italian to the local cuisines here, but if I have to pick hmmm, PASTRIES (which is still vague lmao)
Nationality: Filipino! Other Pinoys here, hello sa inyo ❤️
Favorite song: AAAAAA this is the question I'm dreading to get 😂 If I REALLY have to pick, then Wonderwall by Oasis
Top three fictional universes: The Wayhaven Chronicles, Boku no Hero Academia, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
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Stampy’s Lovely World Headcanons
The contents of this post was a collaboration with @sillystampystuff​, thanks for the input, headcanons by her are marked with an asterisk (*)! <3
Please note that all headcanons in question have no connection with the real life incarnations of the characters and we try our best to separate the Minecraft!verse characters from the people who play them. In short, especially in this post, Character =/= Actor. Thank you for understanding!
In Episode 45, Christmas Day, we can see that Duncan mated with either Cedric or Oreo to create Chicken, but then there’s also the endless ship tease with Mittens. As a result, I see Duncan as bi and trans.
*Lee had a crush on Stamps but the dogs were being overprotective as heck.
*Squid tries to give Lee advice sometimes when he gets the chance, e.g. “Ok, Lee, just tell him that you like him.”
*All the other Helpers knew about the crush but no one told Stampy because “he’ll tell Stampy himself eventually”... but he never did.
Stampy & Lee Friendship (ft. Stampy acting like an actual cat)
*The necklace on Lee’s Minecraft skin is a locket -- a gift from Stampy.
*The secret ingredient in Lee’s cakes is love.
*They stick together a lot because they dealt with a majority of HTT-related trauma together (before Lee left). They also snuggle at night when they have trauma-related bad dreams.
*Lee’s selectively mute and only really speaks around people he trusts. (Obviously, Stampy is on that list.)
*Stampy relies on Lee the most and they dealt with a lot of stuff together, so he’s the most open around Lee.
*Lee absent-mindedly pets Stamps on the head, which, when factoring in real life, makes perfect sense. (Something about Squid.)
*Sometimes they made cakes together <3
*Lee also goes to Stampy when he needs help decorating a birthday cake or something because of colour-blindness.
*They’re just really affectionate with each other (remember the kiss incident in Episode 245, Pumpkin Child?).
*It’s not uncommon for one of the Helpers to find them snuggling and watching a movie on the couch or something.
*Stampy probably describes snuggling Lee as being like “hugging a giant teddy bear”.
We can see here that for Stamps, physical closeness can indicate emotional closeness, huh?
*Lee probably knows how to sew as well and while learning to knit, Stampy’s just playing with the ball of yarn in the background.
Stampy sometimes just sits on the chests and in the weirdest of spots, it’s the whole If It Fits I Sits thing, e.g. “How.. did you end up in that tower?” “There’s a comfy little alcove in there.”
*Lee gets a big cardboard box for Stampy to sit in whenever he’s cooking, so Stampy’s gonna be in that and not on the chests.
The walls and floors in the house are scratched up like mad.
*The floors are especially scratched up in places where Stampy usually walks barefoot because cats’ hind feet have unretractable claws.
*The blankets also frequently have tears and holes in them as a result, which is why Lee picked up sewing as a hobby.
*Lee’s a lot more tired and is harder to wake up during the winter. He had a sign above his door during the winter that goes something like, “No entry! I’m very sleepy. Except for Stampy because sometimes he needs cake or snuggles.”
*He does occasionally wake up to build stuff, but for the most part, he’s like that meme that goes, “I sleep”. Unless HTT attacks, in which case, it would be “REAL SHIT”.
*Lee’s likey super shy around new people at first but around friends he’s like *smiley face emoji*
*Lee also likes trying new things like making new recipes or tasting new foods, and is probably the least picky eaters out of all the Helpers, but he still keeps their dietary restrictions in mind when cooking.
Stampy, being a cat, doesn’t really like being left alone. It’s not just for dogs.
*This is probably why he played with Lee so much.
Also, happy Stampy head-butting.
After Lee left, Stampy eventually memorized the secret cake recipe by heart.
The end of Lee Bear being around can basically be summed up with Terrible Things by Mayday Parade, minus the romance aspect of the song. For the record, I cried listening to the song with their friendship in mind.
Angst, Scars, Injuries, and Trauma
*Stampy definitely purrs whenever he’s happy :)
But also does it when stressed :(
*Imagine Lee hearing loud purring in the middle of the night (like, purring like some motor truck) and asks Stampy if he’s having a bad dream :’(
Or when not in the middle of the night, going, “Hey, man, do you want to play a minigame together?”
Stamps also became more prone to stress-purring during the period of Helpers shifting ranks (after Lee leaves).
The old Helpers can tell the difference between good purring and bad purring, but the new Helpers can’t.
*As a follow-up to the above, Stampy lies and claims to be fine when he’s stress-purring. The new Helpers don’t question it, but the old Helpers almost always manage to weasel the truth out of him.
He actually did have trust issues after the whole thing with Veeva Dash.
He also doesn’t trust any cakes he eats now unless he knows he was the one who made it.
*During the declawing incident (should the situation come down to it), the cake was drugged with anesthetics.
*He gets unintentionally more distant with the newer Helpers and isn’t emotionally attached to them in the same way as the old Helpers... the in-universe explanation being everyone either betraying him (Craig false accused him of killing Cedric -- the footage shows that it was an accident and not deliberate -- and then there was Veeva Dash) or leaving him.
*He blames himself for everyone leaving and doesn’t want to get get emotionally attached to new people because he’s scared of them leaving too. Naturally, he just has to be the one guy that loves with a heart bigger than himself and gets attached anyway.
Considering how he took a fall to half a heart right near the end of the Wither fight in Friends and Foes (Episode 355), he might have scarring from that.
*If falling from high heights many times could result in scarring, actually, add scars from failed parkour attempts to the list. Now, judging by the Nyan Cat parkour map and recent SLW episodes, I wonder if falling into the Void causes permanent damage...?
He ain’t ever gonna rebuild that helicopter. If anyone asks about it, he’s just going to say he crashed it. He would not elaborate further, especially the fact that the crash was not an accident.
Speaking of the same incident, he’s never playing any minigames involving tripwires again, e.g. Take the Tooth. Drench doesn’t count because the string isn’t used as a tripwire, per se.
*After losing the old OP enchanted diamond sword in Episode 680, Turny Journey, he mourned the loss offscreen for the sentimental value (he did onscreen but for the Fire Aspect II enchantment coming in handy when fighting endermen rather than the connection to the past).
I can only imagine Stampy being wrapped up in the new Elytra being sad over the loss of one of the last linkages to the Lovely World Golden Age, which also makes me sad :(
*Imagine one of the new Helpers trying to comfort him like "don't worry we can make a new one" and Stampy doesn't know how to tell them it was a gift from his best friend… thinking about it alone makes me want to cry 😭😭😭
After finishing the Lovely Inc. office block, Stamps just... throwing himself into work...
Just imagining Stampy making some reference to older videos or inside jokes but no one else gets it, like racing to the Doghouse through the Love Garden heart...
Quoting an online source, “Some cats chew on odd things, like wool blankets, socks, plastic bags, or rubber bands. This behavior can be due to boredom, anxiety, or illness” I’ll bet that one time half the building materials got ruined because of this.
*All the old Helpers help keep each other’s habits in check and now Stampy doesn’t have anyone to help him with that because he’s more distant towards the new Helpers than the old ones and probably hides his trauma from them.
He keeps trying to ignore HTT’s attacks until it’s (nearly) too late because stress is a common cause for not eating in cats, which can then cause fatty liver disease. Also, I’m not even going to question what happened during the I Lost--Hero Helpers arc. I’m just going to hope for the best.
Also, don’t get started on cucumbers. Seriously, HTT should have just invested in a huge cucumber farm. (Something about cats being scared of cucumbers.)
Claustrophobia, yeah? The If It Fits I Sits thing is voluntary, but don’t enclose or confine him. HTT really be like, “I’m about to end this man’s whole career” at this.
*He yawns a lot when stressed. He also drools a bit sometimes.
*He had some dog-related trauma because they keep chasing him around the World. Something about overprotective pups.
*He has a lot of combat scars from protecting Stampy and also dog bites.
*He also has miscellaneous burn scars and cuts from cooking-related accidents.
HTT definitely had substandard baking equipment for him during the kidnapping, because I doubt HTT would ever invest in quality baking equipment. So... yeah, injuries? Scars? Possible, even likely.
*There’s definitely trauma from the kidnapping. If anyone could give more details on how he was captured, then it could have something to do with that.
Old Helpers
*Squid has a lot of scars considering he’s the Kraken on his days off. Some of them are from getting hit by cannonballs and the like.
*Squid also gets anxious when he sees unfamiliar ships in the distance (he loves vibing on familiar ships but strange ships make him go “oh shit, are they hunting me??” or something), and also... harpoons. Anxiety fuel. And also tridents.
*Squid just doesn’t like being associated with being the Kraken.
Sqaishey has injuries and maybe scars from trying to fly, because falling off of tall structures can’t be good for one’s health.
*As it is theorized that Lee Bear died offscreen, it ended up being part of the reason why the Old Helpers stopped appearing.
*Since Squid was really emotionally attached to Lee, he eventually left the Lovely World out of grief. His last appearance was in Episode 387, Brick Breaking.
I mean, Sqaishey did show up every now and then, even into the 400s, but also eventually left other than for a cameo at the end of Episode 528, Fire and Water... I’m personally not sure though, even if I know the meta reason. (I’m talking about an in-universe reason...)
*Regarding a Shapeshifter AU (the “animals” have a mostly human form that’s a little bit beastly), Squid’s hands leak black ink when he’s stressed. (But it’s also funny to imagine something like the Pocket Sand GIF, but it’s Squid shooting ink at HTT’s face, like in Episode 124, Sinking Feeling.)
New Helpers
*William has combat scars (like Lee -- they’re just a tad similar to each other), also from protecting Stampy, like from the aforementioned Wither fight.
Fizzy might have scars from fireworks and pyrotechnics stuff going wrong.
*Polly has the least physical scars, mainly from accidents and pacifism regarding mob incidents.
But on the flip side, Polly definitely has kidnapping trauma.
The new Helpers all know each other’s cues for when they’re feeling bad or distressed, but not Stampy.
Old Helpers Meet New Helpers AU (ft. Lee Bear returning)
Based on this headcanon list and is an extension to it
*Lee went off to the Far Lands but started making a return journey after seeing episodes like I Lost (Episode 541) and Hacked (Episode 670).
*Lee gains a reputation as a travelling baker because he sells cakes and the like to the villages he passes through and Stampy gets excited because he’s like, “A travelling baker is heading in this direction! Maybe he’ll have some cakes!”
*Stampy’s probably going to cry and hug him if he finds out Lee’s returning.
*William Beaver thinks Lee was in league with HTT and an intruder at first and ends up getting into a fight with him.
We haven’t decided who would win that fight. William has the super strong armour but Lee has the stronger sword and the experience.
*Stampy ended up stopping the fight because “NO, STOP ATTACKING HIM, HE'S MY BEST FRIEND!!”
*Their relationship was a bit strained -- they try their best to get along for Stampy, but William is a bit jealous that Stampy seems to trust Lee more.
*Lee can relate to Polly on being kidnapped, though perhaps it should be noted that Lee’s kidnapping (Episodes 255-261) was just over two weeks, while Polly was gone for almost 3 months (Episodes 551-575).
*All the new Helpers are surprised to see Stampy so open around the old Helpers.
As mentioned above, Lee found an empty helicopter pad at the airport and Stampy refuses to comment on it.
*Lee would probably occasionally get lost in the new parts of the Funland, especially because he’s used to taking the Tree Train, but William Beaver joins and four episodes later, there’s a TELEPORTER NOW???
*Lee just instinctively takes the Tree Train whenever the squad has to go to the Funland because even though it’s slower, it’s the one he understands.
*Lee excitedly tells the new Helpers about fond memories he had related to the Tree Train but everyone is like, “tf is the Tree Train, even..”
*Lee basically acting like an older brother mentor type figure and telling the new Helpers about older Funland attractions and teaching them how to play.
They go on a nostalgia trip and play every. Single. One. of the old games.
*Lee also gets them to take the Tree Train instead of the Teleporter.
Lee also keeps reminiscing how they used to play more than one minigame per episode, winner picks the next game.
*Lee also learnt about the second level to the Love Garden and is like, “Wow! It’s gonna be hard to race through that heart!”
*Based on the headcanon that Lee gets kidnapped again and Lee-bot was created, Lee-bot ends up having an identity crisis when he realizes he’s not the real Lee.
*When Lee-bot first starts out replacing Lee, Stampy mentions that the cakes taste off because there’s no love in them TT_TT
*In the end, Lee-bot does still vibe with Stampy and co. after the real Lee returns but he ends up developing his own identity after a while.
*Lee-bot is named Dillon after a while and helping Lee decorate cakes gave him an interest in art.
Incorrect Quotes
*Offscreen between Episode 541 (I Lost) and 542 (Hero Helpers):
HTT: *is monologuing to Stampy while he is captured*
Veeva: *enters the base* Hey, honey, I’m home! *kisses his cheek*
HTT: *immediately loses his composure and starts blushing*
Stampy: *wondering how the hell HTT can blush through his mask*
Veeva: *sees Stampy* Oh! You captured the cat! Sorry for interrupting. Can you please sort these potion ingredients I got while you regain your composure?
HTT: Yes, dear. *takes the potion ingredients and leaves the room*
Veeva: Now, where were we? *clears throat and picks up the evil monologue where HTT left off*
Stampy: *wondering whether he should find their relationship cute or be concerned about the predicament he’s in*
*Stampy (or one of the Helpers) goes on a spying mission offscreen and walks in on HTT and Veeva Dash snuggling and both go, “WE WERE TALKING ABOUT EVIL PLANS, WE SWEAR!”
The conversation of “IT’S CHRISTMAS!” “IT’S 10TH DECEMBER!!!” definitely could have happened in the canon time frame, considering that Episode 575, Polly-Bot was released on 10 December 2017 and thus can be interpreted to have occurred on that same day.
*(AU) The first time Lee Bear talks to William Beaver was when they got captured by HTT and they were trying to talk their differences out while waiting for everyone else to show up:
William: *angrily ranting at the wall between them and thus can’t see Lee trying to sign at him*
William: I don’t know why I’m saying anything, I won’t even be able to see you respond.
Lee: Maybe you’ll be able to hear me then?
William: *in shock* WHY DIDN’T YOU SPEAK BEFORE?
Lee: Selective mutism.
*(AU) They have movie nights in the new Movie Magic cinema and Lee is just Concerned.
One of the New Helpers: Lee, why are you bringing a diamond sword to the cinema?
Lee: You never know if there’s a creeper or a kidnapping arsonist behind the curtain.
*Lee is honestly the personification of a nostalgia trip for everyone.
Lee: Hey, guys, wanna play Flower Power?
New Helpers: What’s that?
Lee: *unholy gasp* You guys haven’t played that yet?
*Fizzy is the first new Helper to find out about Stampy chasing lasers. But only small laser pointer kind of lasers... not the big, loud ones. Something about explosions. You can literally drive that cat up the wall chasing a laser dot. (Fizzy isn’t the responsible one asking the question BTW.)
New Helper: How did you get up there?
*Lee cleans a lot if he’s stressed or bored. And then...
Lee: Stampy, can I have a hug? I don’t know what else to do and the 0.1% of germs are begging for mercy.
MCSM Crossover
A meta headcanon -- HTT would be trying his hardest to get Stampy killed and ends up being salty that not only does he have plot armour, but also gets to live all the way to the ending.
Factoring in Lovely World betrayals, as I might have mentioned in this post... this is why accusing Stampy is the angstiest option in MCSM.
The in-universe reason for the Lovely World hiatus was MCSM occurring and trauma recovery. Post-hiatus Lovely World occurred in the time span between Season 1 and Season 2 (5-7 years), and MCSM Season 2 happened post-Lovely World, which also explains why MCSM Stampy would build a mini replica of his house and the Love Garden in Beacontown (Stampy claimed out of universe that he was probably getting homesick).
*As mentioned above, one day, a travelling baker shows up in Beacontown for a bit and when Stampy goes to see what they have, he realizes that it’s his best friend.
Lee was staring at the Love Garden heart because it was right by the gate, and wondering why it was so familiar... because they raced through it to the Doghouse for many, many episodes, many years ago.
Stampy gives off super Hufflepuff vibes but the events of Wonder Quest might help sway him to Ravenclaw. I haven’t decided yet.
*HTT and Veeva Dash being wholesome partners. See the Incorrect Quotes section for examples.
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heartxshaped-bruises · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
✗  Music Meme || Send in a number for --- anonymous​​​​​  asked: ❛❛ 20 [ Music Meme If you still- Who am I kidding, you totally wanna do it lol For Zelda, Joe, Davey, and Emry ]  ❜❜ 
20. A random song from my muse’s playlist:
Tumblr media
❛  Television Romance  ❜  by Pale Waves
Tumblr media
❛  Maniac  ❜  by Conan Gray
Tumblr media
❛  School Shooter  ❜  by wych elm
Tumblr media
❛ When I grow up (Cover)  ❜  by Mayday Parade -- yepp, the one I reblogged last night xD
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thevictoryofthepeople · 5 months ago
spotify wrapped has arrived. send me a number from 1-100 for a starter based on that song, or a lyric from it, or send a 🎁 for me to shuffle. | meme open  · · · · · Joohyuk Ask - for Calix | @sycophanticcliche
Stay by Mayday Parade If you believe that everything's alright You won't be all alone tonight And I'd be blessed by the light of your company, Slowly lifting me to somewhere new
· · · · · The man has no words, a blanket of what he can only describe as serenity ( it’s such a foreign concept, his head has forgotten how to form the word on the top of his tongue ) settling on top of his body. Even in the pulsing red of his speakers, there is a calm. No one else is there but him and CALIX, lightning flowing between the two of them but he’s not speaking. He might not have known him very well but JOOHYUK enjoys his company nonetheless. Something about his presence brings upon relaxation, a lovely feeling of his haywire nerves unthreading in his bones and releasing the tension he’s come to know. CALIX brings peace with him - its definitely something new. “Want to go up on the roof and see the stars with me? No one’s coming in anyway.”
Tumblr media
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beware-of-you-98 · 8 months ago
iconic [dumb] shit i’ve done at gigs
wore an lol ur not jenna mcdougall shirt to my first ta gig (and that was just the beginning of my dumb bitchery with that shit)
my dumbass called the ocean the other side during tonight alive’s set
practically haunted the summer set with my dumb ass “play thick as thieves” meme and account (i still can’t listen to that song why didn’t they blacklist me)
wore that same lol ur not jenna mcdougall shirt wHILE I MET TONIGHT ALIVE I STILL HATE MYSELF (I hate myself anymore bc I hate the pic jenna took of us bc i look ugly as hell but she was so happy and :((( )
surprisingly my dumbass behaved myself the rest of the year and i only had a mayday parade gig in 2017 so no dumb shit happened then
wait i lied bc at tegan and sara in 2016 i told them to @ me when they played nineteen (or as tegan called it, the angsty song for all u angsty teenagers out there)
held up a fuck donald trump sign at my pvris meet and greet
“thanks i played sports ball” after lynn gunn complimented me throwing my flag so accurately up on stage
wore an eat pussy not animals shirt to a meet and greet full of vegans
said “wow I love wasting away” during the same tonight alive show (I got some weird looks for that one)
i behaved myself at warped tour
actually i lied i bought a shirt off tyler carter from issues like i didn’t know who he was
and I raised my hand and asked if I could leave during Underoath’s set
i crowd surfed to bowling for soup covering 1985 and busted my ass on the barricade
analog rick rolled stand atlantic after they were actually fucking angels and were so nice to me ffs
wore my “go away tate” shirt at set it off
held up the same fuck donald trump sign at twin xl
cameron had the AUDACITY to call me out mid set for the Nekokat shirt I was wearing
but afterwards we had a like 30 minute conversation just about music and Nekokat and it was great
Sad Summer Fest was a mess
I called The Maine Mayday Parade (don’t ask)
To “apologize” for rick rolling them, I gave stand atlantic an envelope with an “apology letter” inside when all it was was a realistic drawing of Crazy Frog
They hung it up and made it their tent mascot for the day tho 
they also took like a billion selfies on my phone thanks guys
Um I literally almost fucking died I’m 99% sure I had heat stroke but I stayed for almost the entire thing lmao
I wouldn’t stop making “i guess it’s not always sunny in philadelphia” jokes when my friends took me to the city to see yungblud
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thesoundlabyes · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
We have only gone and added a ton of new music to The Sound Lab Radio this week - Winner of Best Radio Air Play & Promotion Platform 2020 UK You can listen in on the website at or and via most streaming sites! Added to the main playlist this week includes: Aloe Blacc - Hold On Tight beabadoobee - Worth It David Guetta & Sia - Lets Love Justin Bieber - Holy (Feat. Chance The Rapper) Luke Combs - Lovin On You Melanie C - In & Out Of Love Rudimental - Come Over (Feat. Anne Marie & Tion Wayne) Paloma Faith - Better Than This Added to our alternate tracks list this week include: Fontaines D.C. - A Lucid Dream Lady Gaga - 911 Mariah Carey - Out Here On My Own Royal Blood - Troubles Coming Sub Focus & Wilkinson - Air I Breathe Waterparks - Lowkey As Hell Bruce Springsteen - Ghosts First Aid Kit - Come Give Me Love Kylie Minogue - Magic Maisie Peters - Maybe Dont Michael Kiwanuka - Light The Psychedelic Furs - Wrong Train Chay Snowdon - Tough Guys Die COLL - The Keys Macca Wiles - Rapstar Mayday Parade - Lighten Up Kid The Academic - Them Christopher J Upchurch - Give It Up Hands Like Houses - Dangerous Heather Layne - Still Lovin' You Jessica Lynn - Look At Me That Way Majestic - Me & U (Feat. Kelsey) Memes - So What Djerv - (We Don't) Hang No More Ghosts of Sunset - Never Goodbye Heather Fay - Finally Free Kyle Culkin - Crying Over You GAURIKA - Im Alive (Feat. Sean Kingston) Jack Rose - Better On My Own Ritt Momney - Put Your Records On Cold Water Swimmers - Breaking Hearts Dead Poet Society - .intoodeep. Grand Pax - Wavey HammerFall - Keep the Flame Burning (Live) Jafaris - Haunted A is for Arrows - Can't Stop Wendy Moten - Driving Nails In My Coffin Ben Dalby Music - Two Birds Wind Rose - Diggy Diggy Hole (Remix) Gina Brooklyn - No More Hiding And you can share all the love on our social media: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Tumblr: Youtube: DONATE - Share! Like! Love! #NewMusic #NewMusicMonday #TSL
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princecoolkid · 9 months ago
Meme stolen from @melancholyprince to shuffle my music and list the first 10 songs :3c
Too Late - Dead By April
Catch My Breath - Kelly Clarkson
Our Time Has Come - Cats Don’t Dance Soundtrack
For Only You - Trading Yesterday
Over and Over - Three Days Grace
Better Than I Know Myself - Adam Lambert
Secrets - Written by Wolves
Somebody That I Used to Know - Mayday Parade cover
As you Go - Red
Be Kind - Marshmello
I’m tagging no one! Have a good night
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vintagedolan · 10 months ago
music meme!
you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. 🎵 make a new post, hit shuffle on your media player and write down the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. no skipping!
thank you for tagging me bbys I love you guys! @gloriousgrant @graysavant
Old Pine by Ben Howard
Talk! by The 1975
Terrible Things by Mayday Parade
Filthy Rich by Abe Parker
this is me trying by Taylor Swift
Train by Brick & Mortar
Ashin’ Kusher by Kid Cudi
pink skies by LANY
Feeing Whitney by Post Malone
Go Easy by Matt Maeson
I’ve seen lots of peeps do it so if you haven’t and you want to, I tag you!!
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