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#Marvel Boxer
bewakooflifestyle · 6 days ago
Marvel Boxer Designs for Men Online
Marvel Boxer Designs for MenAs children, the boys don't think much about underwear and they are happy with what their parents bring for them. Few of them are of course fond of some specific cartoon characters but usually, boys don't put much effort while choosing their underwear from the drawer. Even after growing up, many of the guys continue to wear the same style of underwear they have started wearing since they left diapers. As under wears cannot be seen by others, hence boys hardly bother while choosing them.
Tumblr media
But as soon as puberty hits, most of the boys start to become more sensitive about choosing their underwear. The most common reason behind leaving briefs and switching to men’s boxers is the typical tease in the locker room for most of the boys who were born in the 80s and 90s. But why are cotton boxers for men always considered a smarter option than old-fashioned briefs? Let us try to do a post mortem.
Must Read: Marvel Boxer Designs for Men
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markusnes · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
For the ladies part 9
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an-obsessed-writer · 26 days ago
The Boxer Masterlist
Summary: (Y/N) moves to New York City in search of a new life, only to find a handsome man working out at her local gym. He’s covered in cuts and bruises, oozing with bad decisions, but (Y/N) can’t help but being attracted immediately. Surely, this isn’t a good idea, but what’s the harm in being friends?
Tumblr media
Boxer AU
Part One
Part Two
Part Three (coming 4/16)
Part Four (coming 4/23)
updates every friday
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suitofvibraniumarmor · a month ago
Part Ten (Finale)
Summary: Bucky and Haven confront a fight they were not expecting to face.  Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OFC Word Count: 2385 Warnings: Mentions of previous cancer diagnosis, hospital setting, medical tests, surgery, cliche fluff (my specialty).  A/N: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who got into this series. Who waited patiently for me to finish it. This may not seem like an ending, but I think that’s because, for Bucky and Haven, it’s really the beginning. You’ll understand after reading. I do have an epilogue in mind I’ll post at some point. 
If you haven’t already read my post about upcoming changes, please make sure you do that! 
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Charlotte Rogers stroked her growing belly with one hand, and offered Haven a cup of coffee with the other. 
“It’s hospital coffee, but it’s doctored up, so it shouldn’t be too bad.”
With a sleepy, ghost of a smile, Haven thanked her. “I must be coming down from the adrenaline rush. Can’t seem to keep my eyes open.”
Charlotte sat in the chair next to Haven. “Want to talk about what happened?”
She took a drink of the perfectly-warm coffee and shrugged. “It was just a normal day. The medicine to reduce the tumor size seemed to be working the last couple of months. He wasn’t coughing as often, and he could draw a deep breath. He said he was extra tired today, but we’ve had some late nights.” She sniffled and took a breath, refusing to cry here in the hospital. “We’d had a late supper, went for a walk, then came back and we were just talking on the couch. It was nothing special until …”
Haven trailed off then, wondering if she should — or wanted to — share what Bucky had said with Charlotte. The scene replayed in her mind while she thought it over. 
“Do you think I can win this fight?” Haven asked, leaning her head on his shoulder. 
Bucky turned to kiss her forehead. “I think you’ve got just as good a chance to win it as Danvers does, to be honest. You’ve worked your ass off to improve these last few months. You deserve a win.”
Sitting up and meeting eyes with him, Haven asked the question that had been plaguing her for some time now. “What if I don’t win?”
He never had to ask what she was really worried about when she asked questions like that. As time went on and their relationship progressed, Bucky wondered if he hadn’t always known her, to some degree. He took her hand in his and tugged gently, a silent request for her to be closer. Haven drew in a deep breath and moved so that she was straddling his lap. 
“If you don’t win, I’m still gonna be right here to train you and to love you. I’m not going anywhere. Okay?”
Haven nodded. “I love you too, you know.”
Bucky’s smile told her he had known for some time — probably for some time before it had even come up the day of the tests in the hospital. He took her face in his hands; she leaned into his vibranium palm. 
“I’ll make you a deal: you win this fight, I’ll marry you. But, if you lose, you have to marry me.”
She chuckled but only for a few seconds before realizing he was serious. Her jaw dropped and her brow rose. 
“You really want to marry me?”
“Yeah, I do. I didn’t think I’d come back from the dark place I was in after I lost my arm. Even Steve and Charlotte couldn’t pull me out. But you, Haven — watching you push to get back in the ring after everything you’ve gone through, it inspires me. You inspire me. The way I am when I’m with you, that’s not something I want to ever give up.”
Haven chewed on her bottom lip for a full minute, waiting for him to tell her he wasn’t serious at all. When he didn’t retract his question, she licked her lips and nodded before kissing him earnestly. 
“You know I’m going to require an actual proposal though, right?” she teased. 
Bucky’s grin spread across his face and laughter rumbled from his chest. Haven laughed with him, mostly from the happiness of the moment — until Bucky’s laughter turned into coughing, the coughing turned to wheezing, and the arm Bucky had used to  cover his cough came away with a bright red splattered over it. 
“I can’t wrap my mind around it,” Haven said, looking down at the coffee in her hands. “One minute we’re talking about getting married and the next, he’s coughing up blood and I’m calling an ambulance. How did we get from one point to the next so quickly?”
Charlotte rubbed a hand over Haven’s back. “Tumors can be unpredictable. At least this time, they caught it before it got serious — think of how bad it could be by now if he wasn’t taking care of himself at all. He’s doing it for you, you know.”
Haven frowned. “What do you mean?”
Charlotte looked around before she answered. “I shouldn’t tell you this, but I think you need to know right now. Before they knew if the tumor was cancer or not, Bucky went out and got a ring. Brought it to Steve for safekeeping. The way I heard it, he’s even already talked to Wes about it. He truly does want a life with you, Haven. That’s why he was so quick to give in and get this taken care of this time around.”
Somehow, Haven found herself comforted and more broken, all at the same time. 
Tumblr media
A few hours later, she was able to see Bucky. As soon as an operating room was available, he would be going in for surgery to remove the tumor. For a reason unknown to the doctors, the tumor had started to grow again, and was weakening that part of Bucky’s lung tissue. They would have to remove the tumor and some healthy tissue, and do another biopsy, to keep things from getting worse again. 
“Hey, you,” Bucky greeted, reaching out a hand to her. 
Haven smiled and pushed his hair back from his face, planting a kiss on his lips before she took his hand. “How do you feel, Coach?”
Bucky smirked. “Thanks to the drugs they’ve got around here, I feel all right. How are you holding up? I’m sorry to put you through all of this so close to the fight. You should go home and rest.”
“No,” she answered, shaking her head, “I’m not going anywhere. I talked it over with Wes, and we agreed — the fight’s off. I’ve already made the call.”
“You shouldn’t have done that for me,” Bucky groaned, letting go of her hand. “I’m not worth you throwing that fight away for.”
Haven frowned. “You’re worth it to me! I told them there was a family emergency and the fight wasn’t going to happen for this date. It’s still open to happening later.”
Bucky sighed. “Guess I’ve never really been able to stop you when it comes to something you’ve set your mind to. Shit, you’re not jumping off any cliffs with me cooped up in here to deal, are you?”
Her frown turned to a smile again. “No cliff-jumping, I promise. You need me more than I need that fight — and I need you if I’m going to win it. I don’t want to fight if you’re not there.”
“How will we decide who marries who if you don’t do this fight?” Bucky asked, lacing his fingers through hers again. 
Haven thought of the ring Charlotte had informed her of, but decided to play innocent. “We’ll just have to wait a little longer for that too then, I guess.”
“You’re killing me,” Bucky said, shaking his head. 
They were able to talk a while longer, until a nurse came in to inform them Bucky was going to pre-op. Haven took his face in her hands and kissed him like it was the last time she would get to kiss him — just in case it was. 
“I love you, Buck.”
“Love you.”
She waited there in the hospital room until the bed was rolled completely out, going down the opposite hall, back toward the lobby where Steve and Charlotte and Wes were waiting. She took a seat and told them Bucky had gone to pre-op. 
“Sounds like it was all pretty quick,” she sighed. “And now we wait.”
Steve, Charlotte, and Wes all looked at each other and then back at Haven. As much as the four of them wanted to comfort each other, it was difficult to know what to do or say — besides doing just as Haven had said. 
Tumblr media
The hours stretched out in his mind, playing out images from memory and fantastical scenarios of his future. Bucky remembered how quick the anesthesia had kicked in last time, and that he had only felt as though he slept for a few minutes. This surgery was different. This time, he felt as though he slept for days. 
When the hospital smell again stung his nose, someone was gently telling him that the surgery was over; it had gone well, no complications. 
“My friends …” Bucky mumbled out. 
A squeeze of his flesh hand and a cool sensation into his IV. “We’ll let them know, Mr. Barnes. They’ll be in to see you soon. Rest now.”
That’s just what Bucky did. 
Tumblr media
Though she wasn’t able to see Bucky after his surgery, Haven was satisfied to go home knowing that he had made it through without any problems. Steve was his emergency contact, and would let her know if anything happened overnight. 
Wes drove her home, but went right back out to pick up a pizza for supper. Not something included in her usual diet, but she was willing to cheat for today. While she loaded the few dishes that were in the sink into the dishwasher, she noted that a light had been left on in the gym. 
“Weird, thought Wes took care of that,” she mumbled to herself. 
After drying her hands on a towel, she went out through the back slider and into the gym — and was immediately greeted by Brock Rumlow, sitting in the boxing ring in the middle of the facility. 
“What the hell are you doing here, Rumlow?” she frowned, staying close to the door. 
Brock grinned that evil grin that always made her stomach churn. “You didn’t change the locks when I went in? Stupid, Haven. Really stupid.”
Making a mental note to get that done, she rolled her eyes and repeated her question. “What the hell do you want?”
Brock jumped down from the platform and crossed his arms over his chest. He approached Haven, keeping his distance from her but the look on his face told her he wasn’t here out of courtesy. 
“You took your name off my fight card.”
Haven raised her brow. “Your fight card? That’s funny. I thought Danvers and I were the ones on the card.”
“You know what I mean,” he replied, narrowing his eyes at her. “Realize you had no chance of winning and decide to back out?”
“Not that I owe you any sort of fucking explanation,” Haven replied with a smirk, “but that’s not the case at all. There’s a medical situation — it’s not my situation, and it’s none of your business, mine or not. Oh, and for the record, I didn’t take my name off the fight card. I asked for it to be postponed. I’ll meet your fighter in the ring, Rum. Don’t you worry about that.”
Brock snorted. “Worry, right. The only thing I worry about, Haven, is how far you’re gonna sink when Danvers kicks your ass.”
In that moment, Haven realized that she didn’t care whether she won or lost that fight, whenever it happened. Her whole life for a while now had been about moving past the ways Brock had hurt her, showing the world that he hadn’t broken her. The longer she stared at Brock, saw that he was waiting for her to get defensive, the more she realized, she didn’t care anymore what Brock thought or felt about her. 
“We’ll see about that,” she finally replied, calmly. “In the meantime, how about you get your ass off my property before I call the cops? I’m guessing even a small thing like trespassing is a violation of your probation? Especially when you’re trespassing on the property of the person you almost killed.”
The frustrated sound Brock made in response to Haven’s calm demeanor was the most satisfaction she’d gotten from that man in years. She stayed in the gym until she heard his tires peal out of driveway, then shut off the lights and headed back inside to enjoy some hot, cheesy, meaty pizza with her brother. 
Tumblr media
Getting out of the hospital was the best day Bucky had had in a while. He was still sore in the area around his incision, but Wes, Haven, Charlotte, and Steve were all around to help him home. As much as Haven had tried to convince him to stay with her and Wes for a while, Bucky had maintained that he wanted to do as much as he could on his own. Steve with stay with him for a few days, and after that, Haven would be in and out to help if he needed it. 
Steve left for a while, to take Charlotte to a doctor’s appointment, so Haven stayed behind to help for now. Bucky was tired but hadn’t taken his walk yet; they set out on the path around his apartment building, pacing themselves and not rushing Bucky at all. 
“I still think you shouldn’t have dropped the fight. You could be flying out right now,” Bucky commented. 
Haven shrugged. “It’ll happen later, when we’re both ready for it. I’m still staying in shape, in the meantime. And Rumlow’s probably going out of his mind, so there’s that.”
“You think you’ll ever get past him?” Bucky asked, squeezing her hand. He had no concerns, but this was something he wondered about every now and then. 
“I think I’m already past it, for the most part. The night of your surgery, he was at my gym, waiting for me to come home. I realized that getting through that fight and proving something to Brock Rumlow wasn’t the most important thing to me anymore. You are.”
Bucky stopped on the path and faced her. “That feeling is mutual. There’s one thing, though.”
“What’s that?”
Bucky cupped her face in his hands. “How’re we gonna know who is marrying who until you get through that fight?”
Haven laughed and pushed herself up to her tiptoes, wanting to be that much closer to his lips. Before placing a sweet kiss there, she giggled out, “I guess we’ll just have to figure it out.”
Tumblr media
Buckvember:  @whitewolfvibraniumdreams​ @connie326​ @rebekahdawkins​ @wonder-cole​ @shynara51​
Headstrong:  @ashleymalfoy​ @amanda-teaches​ @tanelle83​  @capandbuckylvr​ @pinknerdpanda​ @mizzzpink​ @ntlmundy​ @siggy85​ @itsallyscorner​ @m-blasterrr​ @just-the-hiddles​
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brandensfavoritethings · a month ago
Man Crush Monday: Florian Munteanu
Tumblr media
Florian Munteanu is definitely one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen. 
Tumblr media
Florian is currently 30 years old. He grew up in Germany, and is of Romanian descent. Munteanu graduated from the University of Munich where he earned his BA. 
Tumblr media
Florian was a professional heavyweight boxer and fitness model before transitioning into acting. He stands at 6′4 and weights 245 lbs, so he’s definitely a commanding force in the ring. Munteanu’s nickname in the ring is “Big Nasty”. 
Tumblr media
Florian’s boxing background came in handy for launching his acting career. His breakout role was playing Viktor Drago, son of classic Rocky movie villains Ivan Drago and Ludmilla Drago played by Dolph Lundgren and Brigitte Nielsen. 
Tumblr media
Florian has a bunch of high profile roles coming up. He’s going to be in the upcoming Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Munteanu was also just announced as being cast in the big screen adapation of the video game Borderlands. Florian Munteanu will be starring alongside superstars like Cate Blanchett, Jack Black, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Kevin hart. Big Nasty has plenty of big things in his future. 
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cap-n-stuff · 2 months ago
bloody & bruised || a night for galas
Tumblr media
mob!bucky barnes x boxer!reader
𝒄𝒉. 𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚 : Bucky had finally asked you to attend an event regarding his mob life, but nothing is as joyous as everything seems. 
author’s note : it’s been while since i posted for this series and i suddenly had some inspiration. i hope you all enjoy. **not my photo
warnings : fluff, kidnapping, rich snobs, smut!!, public sex, teasing, afab!fic, [18+ only], minors do not interact
previous ch. // series m.list // m.list 
Bucky Barnes was not a man to be trifled with. 
Bucky Barnes was a hard-headed upright murderer that held an entire underground criminal system. The NYPD and the FBI had been trying to capture him for years on end, investigation after investigation to always end up falling short. 
He was dangerous, cynical, and deadly. 
He was a man that would send people running in the opposite direction of him. He was a man that controlled the depths of the city with fear; no one dared to trifle with him.
But, James Buchanan Barnes was also a man in love. He was totally and utterly smitten. He would give you tender kisses in the morning and trace patterns on your back as you slept. Steve liked to tease the hell out of him for being able to snatch someone as astonishing as you. He didn’t want to admit it, but Steve was right. 
You had come into his life so fast, and the sweet breath of fresh air you were had surprised him. You were stubborn and took no shit from anyone—even the mobster himself. You were kind and soft. Your laughter was the purest sound he had ever heard. But you were also tough; your fists bloodied and bruised more times than he could count. 
Before you came along, Bucky placed himself deep within his work. He never really had time for anything, so he normally only had one-night stands. The transaction of a quick fuck and then leaving was the best option. There were no strings attached, no grievances, no troubles, just a quick exchange. 
But you, you were so much more. You were absolutely everything. You were the summer breeze that floated through his hair. You were fresh berries that tasted pungent yet sweet as they burst in his mouth. 
You were it for him. His partner that would rest by his side no matter what, if that’s what you wanted anyway. And a part of him hated it. He wanted to push you away, so you would not be exposed to the dangerous life that he lived. But you were worth it. You were worth the risk, always. 
And you had been absolutely stunned by the man. You were an unstoppable force that had your opponents beaten down so easily. You were strong-willed and passionate about the world around you. 
So, to find yourself slowly falling for a man who has most likely done unspeakable things came as a surprise. But, he wasn’t the scary person that everyone deemed him to be, at least not to you. He was sweet, charming, and amazing in bed—too amazing in bed.
What you found interesting, though, is that ever since that night after your match, Bucky hadn’t left your side. For eight months, he’s been high alert. As though at any minute or any second, something would jump out at the two of you. He was always looking back when you’re walking around at night. He would always insist on two bodyguards at your side constantly, even when you were in the boxing ring. 
He knew you were capable. He always tried to reassure you. However, you knew that something was suspicious. He never told you what had tormented him so badly, but he would always refuse when you would ask him what was wrong. 
You had always thought he was just embarrassed by you. You were a girl from the Bronx who knew how to fight, and it always had been an antithesis in your relationships. However, Bucky had always shut your insecurities down and made it up to you in the best way possible. 
You let out a small yawn, “what time is it?”
He smiles slightly at your gruff morning voice before turning to look at the clock. “It’s almost noon.” 
You just hummed and snuggled into his chest even further. He traced small circular patterns up and down your spine, his mind drifting off to think about work. He didn’t want to leave your warm embrace, his heart dreading the idea of leaving the silky sheets and your cold feet resting on his calves. 
Your eyes flicker up to his before reaching up to give him a sweet yet somber kiss. His arms tightened around you for just a second before a finger rested on your cheek, wiping gently from side to side. 
“Yes?” You mumbled against his lips. 
“Will you accompany me to the gala tonight?”
Your eyes shot up at his question, completely catching you off guard. During your relationship, he never asked you to attend anything that regarded work. He had always said it was too dangerous, even for an infamous boxer. He always said that he just wanted to keep you safe, but still, you knew there was something else at play. 
Your eyes lit up in excitement, “really?”
He nodded, lips curling up into a smile. “Yes, really.” You giggled against his skin and relished in the warmth of it all. “Nothing would make me happier.”
“But Steve and Sam will be there the whole time and—” You groaned, interrupting his sentence as he just gave you a knowing look. You shift your arm and rest it on his cheek, his eye fluttering closed and leaning into your touch.
“What’s going on, baby?”
He let out a large sigh and opened his eyes to lock with yours. He knew he couldn’t lie to you, not anymore. You looked at him with puffy cheeks and fluttering eyelashes, knowing that he was done for. 
“Remember that night I took you to my place, and we danced to jazz?” You grin up at him at the memory, your mind becoming fuzzy with adoration from that very long night. “I remember that night very well, love.”
Your smile flattened slightly as you caught the look on his face. His eyebrows furrowed, and his eyes clouded with something you couldn’t quite figure out. Worry? Fear? “I got texts that night threatening you.” 
Your eyes widened at the profession he gave, not expecting it in the slightest. “From who?” He shakes his head. He shifts in the bed slightly, moving his face, so it practically ghosts yours.
“I don’t know. That’s why I’ve had guards around you this whole time. I’m sorry.”
Your lips curl into a smile, giving him a small peck to tell him you accept his apology. “They’ll have to get through my fists first.”
He chuckled. “Damn right, doll.”
You walked in with Bucky’s arms locked with yours, the stoic nature of the man you were with proceeded to lock onto his face. As you entered the crowd, they had immediately disappeared. They were almost afraid to touch you in fear of Bucky. A little proud smirk rested on your face at the thought of being untouchable. It felt enlightening—it felt addicting.   
The room was crowded with what looked like some of the most elite people you had seen in New York. The ballroom was large; white and gold splashed against the towering columns and swirled together. The chandeliers gleamed the brightest and sparkled throughout the room, creating little stars across the ground. Famous paintings were scattered across the walls, pairing nicely with the poised elegant furniture.
They wore lavish suits and dresses; your attire and Bucky's were matched perfectly. While in the car, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. He had you pressed up the limo door and devoured your neck, nipping and biting at the sensitive flesh. You just giggled and tried to shove him off of you, you took way too long to get ready, and he wasn’t going to ruin your hair. “Sorry, doll. Jus’ can’t help myself.” And that cocky grin made you want to kiss him even more. 
You took a champagne glass off of a tray and took a sip. Bucky was currently talking to one of his donors, and you were beyond bored. All it was, was a bunch of rich snobs gathered in one room. You knew Bucky hated it as well; he knew how they really thought of him. They always thought that he and his men were just a bunch of criminals that took over the city. But they never mentioned how much he helped people too. 
“So, dear, what do you think? Why should we give to the homeless when it’s their fault they’re there in the first place?”
Your hand immediately tightened around Bucky’s arm. You look over at the old man and the urge to plummet him into the next century was suddenly very tempting. You then purse your lips, your voice loud and boisterous. “People need help, whether it’s their fault or not. If you think otherwise, then you’re a piece of shit person. Simple as that.” The old man and his wife gasped. “Plus, most of the time, it isn’t their fault.”
“Tame your woman, Mr. Barnes.”
Your eyes flicker over towards Bucky to find his eyes already locked onto you. His eyes were full of lust, and his once sparkling eyes were dark and swirling as though an ocean would. He smirks quickly, “Couldn’t even if I tried.” Swirling butterflies burst against your chest; he looked proud. He looked like he could devour you right then and there, but the pride radiated off of him. 
Before you know it, you find yourself backed up against a wall that’s far away from the crowd, and no one would bother you. Sam had shaken his head when he finally found the two of you, and Steve just sighed before saying he needed a drink. 
Bucky’s lips found yours in a heated dance, his mouth swallowing each and every sound you make. His hands gripped your hips tightly. The gruff sounds leaving his throat were heavenly to your ears. “I need you, Bucky. Please,” he didn’t waste a single moment as he shoved your dress up to your hips. 
He let out a string of curses as he noticed you weren’t wearing any underwear. “Fuckin’ killing me, doll.” His lips meet yours again, his hand reaching down to feel your slick between his fingers. You were absolutely drenched, and he moaned, the sound vibrating against your lips. 
“Barely even touched you, and you’re already this wet? Fuck, baby girl.” You reach down to feel his hard cock in the confined restraints of his pants suit. He was big. Your hand then rubbed the outline of his member, and you felt him twitch in your hand. 
“God, your cock is so big, Buck.” He pants, eyes closing at the sensation of your fingers dipping into his trousers. “I wanna put my mouth on it, swirl my tongue ‘round those good spots.”
His hands jerked forward and pinned you against the wall, lifting you up becoming flushed against him. “Think you can tease me, hmm? Hasn’t anyone told you not to mess with the big, bad mobster?” You open your mouth to respond but are quickly cut off by him pounding into you. His muscular arm still hung above you, keeping you in just the right place. You were warm and soft; Bucky couldn't get enough. The two of you groaned with each thrust as he filled you fuller than ever. 
“So tight,” he mutters into your ear. You bite your lip to keep you from screaming, his cock twisting and pulling every heavenly sensation. “You’re mine, yeah? You’re fucking mine.” The way he growled, the feral sound leaving his lips was intoxicating. 
“Say it. Say you’re mine.” His tone was firm and feral. Your mind could barely process what he was saying. His other hand grabs your jaw to make you look at him, “I’m yours! I’ll always be yours.”
He pounded even harder into you, the smacking sounds of your body meeting his hips were loud. Your hands clutch his shoulders, your lips repeating his name over and over. “Fuck, Bucky!” He coaxed that spongy spot over and over, his eyes trailing down to watch his cock disappear into your lips. Your walls clench around him. “That’s it, doll. Take my cock.” 
His words alone make you tip over the edge, your body seizing before releasing all of its pleasure. You don’t even care at this point, your screams escaping your mouth as he continues to pound into you. He goes to pull out of you to come, but you stop him. “No. Come in me, please. Wanna feel you for days.” 
The way you sound, so desperate and pleading for him to come, to fill you full. He groans a low sound, his teeth coming down to bite your shoulder. He empties inside you there, coaxing your sweet walls with him. A small content sigh leaves you as you feel some of his cum drip out of your lips. 
You both clean up as best as you can. You were trying to fix your hair while Bucky was trying to get the pre-cum out of his pants. You looked almost as good as new besides the post-sex glow radiating off of the two of you. 
He kisses you, this one sweet and savory like you would vanish if he hadn’t put his lips on yours. You grin, arms wrapping around his neck to pull him in a bit more. 
“C’mon. Let’s go back and greet more assh—” Darkness surrounded the whole ballroom as shrieks filled the air. His head whipped around as he tried to make his way through the crowd. “What’s going on?” Bucky shook his head at you, even though you couldn’t see a single thing. He didn’t know what was going on, but he didn’t like it. 
“Baby, follow me, okay?” He’s holding your hand as he finally finds Sam and Steve. Steve had told them that the whole grid is out, affecting most of Brooklyn. But something didn’t feel right. 
“Something feels off.” Sam agreed, prompting a suggestion to try and fix the power. Something rippled throughout his body and left a pang right in his chest.
“What’s going on?!” Steve tries to calm Bucky down. They knew something wasn’t right,  something felt suspicious. They didn’t know what or how, but it was. Bucky could practically feel it in the air. 
With a sigh of relief, the lights flickered back on. The sweet, soft music started playing again and everyone started to mingle. Bucky felt his shoulders relax as he turned towards you. But then he halted. You weren’t next to him. But you were just there, weren’t you? He had just been tugging you on the arm. He knew you were right there. 
“Doll?” He whipped around, Steve and Sam trying to find you as well. They walked through the whole crowd yelling to make some room. Bucky checks everywhere; the supply closets, the kitchen, and the entire crowd. You were nowhere to be found. You were just… gone. 
Bloody and Bruised: @xoasalxo​ @raven-rust​ @widowbite-legit @purselover2​ @met4no1a​ @t3a-bag​ @stuckysavedmylive​ @gudenuph​
Permanent: @captainchrisstan​ @angstysebfan​ @teenagereadersciencenerd​ @rebekahdawkins​ @hailmary-yramliah​ @stardust-galaxies​ @wiccanmetallicrose​ @keithseabrook27​ @hereforthesunrise​ @lxdyred​ @ironbabey​
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supersonscreen · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
John Davey was hired to play Captain Marvel when the Filmation producer fired the original actor 1/2 through the second season.
Davey was a former Marine Corps and heavyweight boxer (he once was a sparring partner for Joe Frazier). He portrayed the Captain in the remaining 11 episodes plus three episode of the companion series “The Secrets of Isis”.
I’ve only seen a couple episode with Davey. My general impression is that he has the wrong look for the part. He looks like a boxer.
Tumblr media
Les Tremaine portrayed “Mentor”, a supporting character on the series. He was a kind of substitute for the Wizard Shazam. He joined Billy as thry travels the country in a Dodge motorhome, looking for injustices to resolve.
Source: “Shazam!” (1974)
Tumblr media
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an-obsessed-writer · 4 months ago
The Boxer - Chapter Two
Summary: (Y/N) moves to New York City in search of a new life, only to find a handsome man working out at her local gym. He’s covered in cuts and bruises, oozing with bad decisions, but (Y/N) can’t help but being attracted immediately. Surely, this isn’t a good idea, but what’s the harm in being friends?
Word Count: 1.2k
Part One
Tumblr media
The next time I saw Steve was a few nights later and, for lack of better words, he looked awful. A shoulder sling was off to the side and the punching bag was taking a harder beating than the last time you had seen him. Something had happened, and the increase of cuts on his face gave me a good idea of what went down. 
When his eyes met my stare, Steve simply nodded before resuming his workout, much to my dismay. He wasn’t there earlier. I would’ve noticed him immediately with how bruised his face was, at least, that’s what I like to tell myself. Let’s be honest, he was a stunning man. His tight, dri-fit top hugged his muscles and left little to the imagination. 
There was no doubt that Steve was a ridiculously fit man, anyone would be an idiot not to admit that. With every punch, the bag was pushed further and further away before swinging back to him. His mouth was slightly ajar to help him breathe, biting his lip whenever sweat dripped down. With his blonde hair sticking to his forehead, he couldn’t look more handsome, even under these damned lights.
I was so distracted by Steve, I hadn’t even noticed Bucky sitting in the corner, a look of concern etched on his face. My ears could hear the full conversation from afar, and tried to pick up some weights to look like I wasn’t eavesdropping. I was almost done for tonight, anyway.
‘Great,’ I thought. ‘I make two acquaintances and I’m already spying on their conversations.’
“Take it easy, alright? You won that last fight, but only by pure luck. With how beaten up you were, everyone was surprised you didn’t fall. I don’t know how you mustered up the strength to knock the guy out. Care for your shoulder before it turns from a sprain to a full on dislocation.” Bucky looked disapprovingly at Steve and grabbed the punching bag before he could hit it again.
“I’m fine, Buck. My next fight is in a week, I’ll be healed by then.” He huffed before grabbing a towel and his water bottle. “Learning how to push through the pain is how you win. That’s how I stayed up in the last few rounds. I haven’t lost yet, and I don’t plan on it for a while. I was already out of training for a couple days, I gotta get back into it now.”
Bucky scoffed, “Well you won’t be winning anymore if you have a bum shoulder.” Steve gave his friend a sharp look before packing up his stuff into his duffle bag.
I turned my back toward them, putting the weights down and making sure to wipe off my fake sweat from the equipment. The two men were gone when I turned back, and I let out a sigh of relief. It felt wrong listening in on their conversations, but I couldn’t help it. Steve looked like he’d been run over, and it was normal for me to be concerned, right?
‘Not for a guy you met a few nights back.’ 
I rolled my eyes myself, acting like some lovesick puppy for a guy I’ve had one conversation with. Making my way to the front doors of the gym, a familiar voice spoke up.
“You ever get that mace?” Steve gave me a crooked smile when I turned around, and I couldn’t help but laugh a little. The same man who was covered in healing injuries still somehow managed to look like a puppy.
“No, actually. Haven’t had the time.” 
He sucks his teeth, and after a few moments that seemed like forever, he opens the door. “Let me walk you home.”
‘I’m fine, really,’ was what I wanted to say, but Steve was intriguing. Besides, I wanted to know more about the fight that went down. Instead of opposing, I walked through the door, exiting the gym with him.
Neither of us talked for a few minutes, only the sounds of the occasional car passing could be heard. Not wanting to be an intruder, but also curiosity got the better of me, and I looked over at him, “So what happened to you?”
Steve glanced at me before shoving his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants. “Why do ya wanna know?” 
I rolled my eyes at his attempt to deflect from the topic, “Call it concern for a friend.”
Steve huffed a laugh and looked over at me, “Had a fight. Lasted a little longer than I wanted it to, but I won. That’s all that matters.” He turned his head away from me, focusing instead on the sidewalk. The street lamps didn’t light up the area much, but I could still see the ghost of a pained look on his face as we walked side by side. “Bucky practically banned me from the gym for two nights. I swear it’s not that bad.”
“Yeah? Try looking at a mirror.” Steve rolled his eyes, and that was all either of us had to say on the topic. Getting closer to the apartment complex, I picked at my palms as we walked, itching to keep conversation going.
It was his turn to break the silence. “So what brings you to New York?”
“Why do ya wanna know?” He smiled at my attempt at mocking him, and I continued, trying to make most of the short time of the walk. “I got a decent nursing job at a hospital nearby. Pretty decent pay from what I used to have, although, that wasn’t pretty hard to top. My old city was small. Everyone knew everyone, and it was just time for me to get out. Everything was too familiar. I figured there was something bigger waiting out there for me, so why not look for it at the Big Apple?” 
Steve nodded, taking a moment to think about my answer before responding, “I’ve been here practically my whole life. I live in the place my ma used to live, go to the same gym Buck and I went to as teenagers, now he owns the damn place. Nothing wrong with familiarity.”
The corners of my mouth tugged into a smile. Staring down at the ground at my feet, I shrugged my shoulders. “Yeah, I guess not.” 
‘I wouldn’t mind becoming familiar with you.’ I discreetly shook my head, ridding the thought before it could get too far.
Luckily, the views of the brick building apartment building came into view before we could get too deep into our conversations. With everything already said by him, I could feel a pull into wanting to get more out, and that’s a dangerous thing to get sucked into.
“Well, this is me,” I say as our footsteps came to a stop, and Steve looked up at the building. “Thanks for walking me home, really. I didn’t need it, but it was nice having company. Been way too busy at work to make friends.”
He flashed another one of his famous, sickly sweet smiles, and shrugged nonchalantly. “See you around doll, maybe get some form of protection so I don’t have to walk you home every night.” With a wink, Steve set out on his way home. I couldn’t help but replay the entire interaction over and over in my head before heading up to my apartment. 
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an-obsessed-writer · 4 months ago
The Boxer - Chapter 1
Summary: (Y/N) moves to New York City in search of a new life, only to find a handsome man working out at her local gym. He’s covered in cuts and bruises, oozing with bad decisions, but (Y/N) can’t help but being attracted immediately. Surely, this isn’t a good idea, but what’s the harm in being friends?
A/N: hi! i started this account to encourage myself to write more as a distraction from school, and this is my first fanfic. hope you enjoy <3
Word Count: 1.1k
Tumblr media
The dim fluorescent lights strained my eyes almost immediately upon entering the run down gym. It was late, almost too late to begin exercising, but I needed to do something instead of tossing and turning in my bed. Moving into a new city was an idea that always sounded nice, but I was constantly itching to be doing something, even when I had no one to keep me occupied.
The sounds of my footsteps echoed into my ears as I walked up to the front desk, but the man standing there didn’t pay any mind to it. 
“Hi, I’m here to start a membership.” Flashing my sweetest smile when the man rolled his eyes at a new member attending the gym at 11pm, and he began tapping away on the keyboard of his computer. 
“New here?” The man asked. My eyes flashed down to his name tag. Bucky.
“Just moved here a week ago. This is the closest gym to my apartment.” I handed him my drivers license to help get the process going, not really wanting to talk about this right now.
“Welcome to New York, (Y/N).” Bucky gave me a small smile as he handed over my gym card.
As I took a turn into the main gym, I couldn’t help but notice someone in the corner. I didn’t think there would be other people here this time of night, but obviously, I was wrong. His blonde hair was soaking, sweat dripping down his face as he beat a punching bag with all of his might. His chest heaved up and down as he stopped the bag from moving with his large hands.
“Hey Steve, try not to break one tonight.” Bucky came out from behind his desk and stood in front of (apparently) Steve with his arms crossed.
Steve let out a heft laugh as he wiped his face with a towel, “No promises Buck!” He looks over towards me, locking eyes. I quickly looked away and made my way to the nearest treadmill. 
He was attractive, no doubt about that. When he looked at me, I caught a glimpse of his strikingly blue eyes, but I couldn’t focus on that right now. I was here to get some energy out before heading back to my apartment, and the point of being in a new city was to focus on myself. Not to drool over a hot guy in the gym.
I felt proud of myself for dispelling the thoughts of him out of my head, but I couldn’t help stealing some glances from the man in the corner. All of a sudden, he wasn’t there anymore.
“Hey, I’ve never seen you around here before.” Steve was standing next to me with a slight smile tugging on his lips.
I put the treadmill to a stop, and nervously played with my fingers. “New to town, came here about a week ago.” He nodded, taking in my words and held his hand out.
“(Y/N),” I said shaking his hand.
“This area can get pretty dangerous if you’re not careful, I suggest you invest in some mace or something.” Steve stretched his arms over his broad chest, and I couldn’t help but take a look where his shirt was slightly riding up, giving me a glimpse of his abs.
“Thanks, but my apartment is pretty close, so I don’t think I’ll have any problems,” I explain as I get off the treadmill, slightly embarrassed that this man was getting me more worked up than exercising ever could. “Are you a boxer?”
He wrapped the towel around his neck nodding, “Been doing it for as long as I could remember.” Biting my lip, I finally took notice of the cuts and bruises on his face. On his right cheek, a healing cut with a nasty yellow bruise resided there. His knuckles were cut up, as if all he stuck his hand in a pile of glass. The evidence of violence deeply contrasted his overall appearance. His short blonde hair, pearly white teeth, and ocean eyes made me think of the average All-American boy.
“Professionally?” I ask, raising an eyebrow. 
Steve lets out a chuckle and flashes his teeth at me with a grin, “Something like that.” Sensing my confusion, he clarified, “It’s not my day job, and I fight at a shady place, but it does help pay the bills.” Bucky calls out to him from the front, and he rolls his eyes at the sound of his friend. 
“It was nice meeting you, it’ll be nice having a familiar face,” I say smiling.
“Likewise. Hope to see you around more, doll.” he winked before making his way towards his friend, leaving me blushing next to the treadmill.
During the rest of my workout, I couldn’t help but think of Steve pounding on the punching bag in the corner. He threw punches with such a ferocity, I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of his rage. Maybe he’ll invite me to watch a fight, but if he’s invading my thoughts after only seeing him in the gym, imagine the effects he’ll have on me after seeing him in action!
I rolled my eyes at my thoughts. Clearly, I’ve forgotten the rules I’ve set for myself before moving. I couldn’t get interested in a man I’ve just met, even if he is an attractive boxer. I’m here to start a new life for myself, and that means I need to take it slow. Diving in too deep and too fast will only end badly for me, but who says I can’t be friends with him?
Chuckling to myself at the pining going on in my mind, I clean the machine I was using, and make my way towards the front. Steve is nowhere to be found, but Bucky was finishing up locking everything. 
He gives me a small wave, “Have a good night (Y/N), don’t let Steve scare you. I don’t think this area is that bad.”
“I’m sure you don’t nothing bad ever happens to a man at night,” I joke and he lets out a huff of laughter.
“I suppose you’re right about that.” After returning his wave, I exit the old gym, and make my way towards my new apartment. Of course, I felt the compelling need to analyze my surroundings as I walked. It wasn’t the best neighborhood. In fact, this area wasn’t my first choice, but it had cheap apartments. Staying on high alert, I couldn’t allow myself to get distracted by the boxer with striking blue eyes that could stop anyone in their tracks.
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Boxer! Bucky x reader or Cowboy! Bucky x reader
Tumblr media
Against The Ropes
**A Boxer AU** A Boxer! Bucky Barnes x Reader One- Shot
Tumblr media
//You can also find me on AO3 // Wattpad
A/N: Thank You so very much for this request nonnie! It truly turned the switch on and whatnot to say about those pics I found of young sebby that perfectly matched this request!! I hope that you like it!!
**DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment purposes only. I ONLY own the rights over my own original characters // Pics are taken from the internet for reference only and they’re not meant to be a literal interpretation of the details hereby described (included but not limited to, to reader’s appearance) // Dividers by ME!**
**Please DO NOT post any of my works on any other platform or site. Feel free to like, comment and/or reblog. Thank You!**  
Pairing: Boxer! Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 6.7K+
Summary: Bucky is at the top of the world, life is bright and good, his boxing career took off and he’s finally reaping the benefits of his hard work. But not everything can be perfect, can it? What happens when his personal life starts to crumble from the inside and he’s literally put against the ropes? One choice that can change it all.
WARNINGS: Angst with a happy ending. Mentions of injury and blood, couples fight and pregnancy. Poorly written descriptions of boxing. Implied non descriptive sexual content. Brief mention of T’Challa//The Black Panther. YOUR MEDIA CONSUMPTION IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY 
Note 1: The brief mention of T’Challa //The Black Panther are in honor of these scenes 1 (X) 2 (X)
Note 2: The final match was inspired by the one of Rocky vs Apollo
Tumblr media
You could feel the exquisite burn of his stubble against the crook of your neck, you tilted it to the side giving him more room  to attack your senses as your hands freely roamed the ripped muscles of his back, each movement of his perfectly aimed to keep you writhing beneath him… an uncontrollable moaning mess that sang praises to his name. Your name being shouted to the skies as a worshipping hallelujah as indescribable ectasis engulfed you both to completion
As your laboured breaths slowly returned back to normal and your souls came back to earth, he laid atop you as a thin layer of sweat glistened your bodies. His heart beating against yours in a rhythmic ballad matching your own as your hands lazily raked his hair and you delighted in the after bliss of your love expressions.
But nothing lasts forever…
“Baby, I have to tell you something…” He begun saying in that tone that you would recognize anywhere in the world, you could already feel the first signs of your anxiety rising up to the surface distastefully replacing the previous sweetness that lingered in the air “I know that you will not like it but--”   
“Don’t even finish that sentence James...” You paused, your voice breaking “Pleeease, I beg you...” You said as your eyes started to fill with tears
“Please hun… Don’t do this, you know that is my job” he softly said, doing nothing to appease the fiery beast he awoke with his broken promise
“Don’t do this??? Did you just say that?!” You angrily said, pushing him off of you and angrily standing up from the bed, picking up the discarded robe from the floor and rushedly tying it up as he followed your actions by putting on his boxers
“I’m sorry, you know that I didn’t mean it like that sweetheart” He pleaded with his hands and a softened look, he had screwed it up and he knew it
“YOU PROMISED IT BUCK!” You yelled throwing your hands in the air “You promised that the last one would actually be THE last one!! T’Challa, “The Black Panther”, almost beat you down to a pulp hadn’t it been for Steve!” You cried, these were tears of disappointment and anger
“Yeah, but he didn’t and I won…” He sighed, ruffling his hair “I didn’t mean to break my promise to you, but things just got this way. Zemo screwed things up with my contract, on purpose, he knew that I intended to retire and he would lose a lot of money with my leave. He didn’t want that” H explained
“So, what? He put a gun to your head for you to agree  to more?” You were trying, you really were, but watching your husband being beaten up was not something that you enjoyed and he knew it.
“No, he didn’t but it was worse than that” He huffed, pacing in the room “He used one of the clauses in my contract against me, If I leave without this one last fight then I lose everything. A hefty fine for breach of contract that would leave us bankrupt” He said, words laced with regret and anger as his fists went white. For a moment you felt bad about the situation, yet you remember how he got himself involved in this mess in the first place. He had the chance before of leaving Zemo, when Nick Fury approached him with a great deal in hand for him
He turned it down
He didn’t listen to you
“You got yourself into this” You said with a clearly accusing tone, one that did not go unnoticed by him, as he hung his head in shame. 
He knew it
You had always been right
So, he kept quiet 
“You didn’t listen to me back then and let him, basically a stranger, manipulate you at his whim and now you’re paying the consequences.” You gritted your teeth, looking straight in the eyes “You know, perfectly, that I wouldn’t mind in the least bit to go back where we started, yet you did not mind me.   Is that why you just made love to me? To try to buy me out of sweet words into accepting this madness?” You exploded, the sudden realization of how he had agree to this knowing you would never be okay with it, it simply irked you up to boiling point
“What??” he shouted, mouth agape and knitted brows “No! Baby, no, no. no… I would never!! How could you think that?” Your words stung him deeply
“The thing is, James, that you just silently admitted that you preferred to be Bucky “The Soldier” Barnes” than to simply be “James Barnes” my husband” Your heart shattered as the weight of his choices crushed your soul. His guilt-ridden eyes dug his grave “You chose your world above ME” At this point, there was no going back. The dam broke as tears streamed down your face with anguished-filled sobs
“Honey...” He brokenly said, attempting to pull you into his arms, but you slapped his hands away as if his touch would burn your alive
“NO!! Don’t even say that you’re sorry because you’re not!!” There was no reining back the fire inside you “For years I’ve been silently supporting you from the sidelines. Not once did I ever stop you from chasing your dreams, I cheered on you, I stood by your side, I wiped clean the blood on your body, I tended to your injuries and took all the media had to say about me without complaint. Not even when I had to work around YOU to fulfill mine. And this is how you pay me??? By kicking me to the curb like this?? WHY???” You could not stop the heartbreaking sounds that left your mouth or the whimpers that raked your body. You sank to the floor, letting it all out until it turned to sniffles.
He saw it all
He couldn’t comfort you
He was the one that caused you this pain
It wasn’t until the end of your outburst, that you realized everything that you had angrily spat at him. You gasped. Your eyes giving him a silent apology that he did not need, for he understood you. He knew how bad this was for you. HE had been the one fully at fault, you, his poor wife was nothing but supportive and he had just broken that trust and love out of fear for the unknown
He would never forgive himself for it
But there was no going back
You let him pull you into his embrace, rubbing comforting circles on your back as he whispered sweet nothings and endless apologies into your ears. He had cried with you as you broke down in front of him. Right then he bowed that he would make Zemo pay for this. 
The world would know it
They would see him for what he really was
He would pay   
Tumblr media
A deathly silence filled the air as an uncomfortable tension lingered in every corner of the house. Ever since that day, you had barely spoken to each other. You were both deeply hurt after that heated discussion, a breach that a sorry wouldn’t fix. It was in James’ hands to do it, but he knew that there was no going of getting out of it unscathed. There was an important decision to take and the only possible outcome where he came out the victor came with  a high price to pay, one that he was willing to pay but that heavily depended on how he played his cards.
Something that you didn’t know yet
You couldn’t know until he had everything ready, but might well occur until after the fight. He already knew that much. He hated to see you in so much pain, no words needed to be uttered for your dull eyes loudly spoke for you. He noticed how you weren’t eating well but instead were heavily relying on crackers and juice.
He didn’t like it
 He wanted to be there for you, to cuddle you, to hug you, to kiss you, but he had to work, he had to train
“You’re leaving again?” You spoke from your seat
“I am. Steve is waiting for me at the Gym. The date is fastly approaching” He matter-of-factly said. You nodded
“I read about him” You said, confusion etched on James’ face “About Tony I mean” He arched his brows in acknowledgement “Are you sure that you want to do this?” You said, fearful of the outcome of this time. You read about Tony’s ruthless ways, you saw the videos of his vicious fights, he wasn’t called the ‘Iron Man’ for nothing. So, for the first time in a very long time, you feared for his life
Specially after ‘The Black Panther’
“I don’t want to, but I have to. Big difference” He nonchalantly said
“How are you even gonna get through this? Didn’t Strange say that you shouldn’t strain your shoulder yet?” You frowned remembering how ‘well’ that fight went down, he barely won by a hair but not without ending with a severe damage in his shoulder muscle that he required months of therapy for.
 He cringed
“He did but it must be done either way” He said with a regret-filled sigh. He might as well retire with a valid excuse too. It wasn’t on his plans to lose, one last rodeo before riding into the sunset
“Okay” You replied, as you took another sip of your tea. 
“Look babe, I know that you’re hating my guts right now, with all due reason, but please...don’t neglect yourself over me” As he said those words, you felt your heart miss a beat, this was the man you fell in love with. You swallowed a lump that was forming in your throat and nodded your head, not trusting yourself not to break down again
“I’ll be back by 6” He softly said, meeting your eyes in agreement for him to get closer to you, close enough to drop a loving feathery kiss atop of your head.
Tumblr media
He regretted it all
That much you knew, by his words and actions. He wasn’t really that good in expressing his feelings, having gone to war with Steve, when they were young changed them both. Talking about their emotions was among that list. Yet, he always found small ways to communicate them. He? You Bucky used the language of flowers. 
Blue Hyacinths
 The flowers to ask forgiveness
You received a bouquet of them each day, sometimes joined by white roses, other by red roses, it was always beautiful nonetheless. But even the most beautiful flowers or the most expensive gifts, they would never replace his presence in your life, something that you found yourself resenting as he nowadays spent more time at the gym than at home. Your brain comprehended the circumstances why it had to be that way, yet your heart knew no logic.
The house without him felt empty
You missed him so very much, but there was something that felt out of place since that night. You knew what he did for a living when you met him at the gym 5 years ago, you had accepted it. But as time went on and you saw the bright man in front of you slowly fading away as consequence of the constant overexertion that he put his body to, you could not stop the worry to take the wheel from you. The moment that he had everything that he ever wished for, the money, the fame, the recognition as the best, all of it, you begged him to consider stepping aside for both of your sakes. He had opened up a very successful gym and he was a trainer himself there, offers for commercials and modeling gigs also kept on raining above him… This was the time of his life.
Then why was he so hesitant about starting afresh?
You wished to know the answer, maybe you did. If only he had waited longer that night before throwing that bomb on you, then maybe you would have told him how now you had a reason bigger than yourselves to get away from the inherent dangers of boxing.
But you didn’t
But, would it change anything? The fight was still going to happen. You sighed contemplating everything that this would entail for you, for him, for your marriage, for your future…
Just as you carried on with another day of your life
Tumblr media
The ring was filled with sweat and the adrenaline exuding from both men, as people gathered around them. Friend against friend. Veteran against Veteran. Both experts in the field give their best shots and jabs right to the ribs, looking to knock out the air from each other.
A loud thud marked the end
Viewers whistled and chit chatted it away as everyone slowly went back to their own. As the winner gave a hand to his opponent, helping him up to his feet. 
“That was a great match Rogers!” Bucky said recovering his air as Steve stood up, softly rubbing his jaw
“How not to? That was one real mean right hook there!” He exclaimed, glad to see, and feel, the evident improvement of his mate 
“Sorry” He smiled, drinking some water from his bottle
“Don’t be… If this is how you plan on taking down Stark..” He said, wiping the sweat from his forehead with a towel. He did not miss his friend’s obvious frown at the mention of the name “How’s she taking it?” Steve asked 
“SHE is hating me for it and I don’t blame her” He huffed “I broke my promise to her and now I’m paying a hefty price for it” He said, getting off the ring 
“Haven’t you told her about Fury and Natasha?” He shook his head “Why? Why would you willingly  keep her upset with you when you have in your hands the solution to your dilemma in your hands?!” He arched his eyebrows, as he unwrapped the cloth rags from his hands, not understanding his friend’s reasoning
Tumblr media
“Because she’s hurting… Me knowing the upcoming results does not change the fact that I hid it from her, that I’m still doing this” He painfully said, he might have miraculously somewhat resolved his problem but he still had a heart to mend and that wouldn’t be that easy
 “Okay… well, good luck with that then Buck” He said walking towards the showers with a heavy heart over Bucky’s current situation. 
Tumblr media
On the opposite side of the city 
“You really think that this is the best idea?” Pepper asked
“I mean, business wise? It’s the best, WIN-WIN Situation if you ask me. He gets what he wants and I get what I want. To the world it might not look like it at the end, but only we know what’s in it for us” Tony said with a shrug as he drank his water, now enjoying watching his trainer Natasha sparring with his bud Hogan
“I never thought that you would agree to something like this”
“I didn’t at first, until Nick came to me and put the cards on the table. This guy Zemo, you know how I ever felt good about him and kicked his ass to the curb?!” She nodded in acknowledgement 
“I remember”
“I was right about him. And the things our lawyers found about the guy? I’m still surprised it took him to long to screw it up”
“How do you know that it’s going to work?”
“Are you doubting me now Pep?” He smirked “He messed with the wrong guy--for once that guy is not me. Barnes. He’s smart, well, maybe not that much given how he allowed himself to fall into this mess but generally speaking? He knows how to call the shots when put into the spot. And don’t forget that he’s married too”
“How does that change anything?” She frowned
“For guys like us? Everything. We grew up with nothing, we built ourselves from the ground, people doubted we would ever make it big, but we did. We don’t have much but our pride, our fists and our families. Touch us? Fine, we knock you down. Touch the fam? You’re done.”
“Okay. Tough guys, got it” She said rolling her eyes at him
“With the right connections.” He added “Anyways, it’s been handled so he won’t get anymore victims any time soon, you’ll see” 
“OH MY GOD!!” Pepper yelled watching Natasha effortlessly knock down Hogan as he simply flinched at the poor man on the floor, one of the many reasons behind he had chosen her as his trainer
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The sun felt nice against your skin, it had been awhile since you had relished in the banal pleasures that you had access to, including the outdoors pool. So, here you were. Joined by your two best friends, Margaret and Wanda.
“So, does he know yet?” Maggie asked, breaking the ice with the elephant in the room
“No, he doesn’t…” You dejectedly said, noticing her shaking her head
“At this rate he’s gonna find out at the time that he has to drive you to the hospital” he sarcastically snorted, making you laugh, one of the many reasons why you liked her--She came without a filter and he was Steve’s wife, henceforth unable to shake her off even if you wanted to, you inwardly laughed at the thought
“I have a question though” Wanda chimed in, after sipping her mojito “How on earth hasn’t he noticed it yet??” She said, throwing you a look
“Well, for one? He has never really been the one to pay attention to the details and secondly, it's been a few weeks since we last… you know. After the fight we didn’t do it anymore--” You shrugged
“Really?!” She exclaimed as if you had said something unheard of
“Yes, Wanda. Just because my husband is one hunk of a man doesn’t mean that I’m always jumping his bones-- I mean don't get me wrong, is not that I don’t want to or anything like that but...”
“Marriage” Maggie filled in, knowing the answer
“Wait… what does one thing have something to do with the other?!” Maggie and you both chuckled at that, she was too innocent some times
“You’ll get it after your wedding”
“Hah! I highly doubt it… Vis is too slow to catch up on the meaning that I want a ring on my finger” She blurted, as you giggled at her indignation on the matter
 “Oh, common don’t feel bad Wan, I’m sure that he’ll propose soon. Be patient” Maggie said, trying her best to keep nonchalant about it, despite knowing that he did have something in the works
“If you really want to know a better reason, besides me wanting to pull out his hair until he’s bald… Right now, we’re just not in the right place. We lack the emotional connection in order to make the experience an outworldly one… Our minds are just not into it. And we’re not really the type to meaninglessly scratch an itch” You cleared out, making the girls cringe at your raw honesty, but with understanding expressions on
You spent the rest of the day like that, trying to put your issues aside. Until it was time to go back to reality, they left after a very enjoyable afternoon together. You definitely felt more relaxed and rested, and for once you had managed to have something else other than crackers and ginger ale. However, something that Maggie told you stuck to you.
‘Although we live in their world, some things we’ll never understand, only they can amongst themselves. They might step down the ring, but they never really let go. But, they do change. Steve did, for good and we and the kids are forever grateful for it. Don’t let him slip away over this, it will all be worth it at the end’
Her words meant a lot to you,  she had after all gone through the same emotional turmoil as you, she came out just fine and now she and Steve shared 3 beautiful kids together that were their entire world. You couldn’t wait to experience the same reverie, but for that one big elephant had to be addressed first. As if sensing your silent inner battle, the front doors opened to reveal one crestfallen Bucky.
‘Okay, here goes nothing’
“Hi” You greeted him, he warmly smiled at you, walking over to the couch where you were “How was your day?” You asked him, he was not surprised at it because even if you were mad at him, you never stopped caring, one of the many reasons why he had fallen in love with you
“It was well, considering that I knocked out Steve to the ground!” He slightly chuckled at the memory of his poor bud’s busted lip
“Mags is not gonna be happy about that”
“I’m ready for her to pop in any moment now!” You chuckled
“Well, she won’t, given the fact that she and Wanda spent the day here with me today, they just left not that long ago...” You paused, anxiously fidgeting your fingers
“Is everything okay?” He worriedly asked, taking in your clearly nervous tics
“We need to talk” You said, watching stiffen and awkwardly rub the nape of his neck and clearing his throat, before taking a seat next to you right where you patted for him
“Okay...You can talk now” He raspy said, not meeting your eyes. Right then you knew that he was expecting the worst, but you never intended to utter that 4 words phrase with the big D on it.   
“Before I do, I need to know something” He nodded “Will this really be THE last one??” Your eyes watered as you bit your lip to stop it from quivering. He took your hand in his, small soothing caresses on it
“It will” he firmly said without hesitation “Hadn’t Zemo played me, it wouldn’t even take place. I know that I hurt you, terribly and unforgivably, but I can say with absolute certainty that, no matter what happens at the ring that day, there won’t ever be another match for me” You could see it in his eyes, the gleaming sincerity, and you could hear it in his voice, the unwavering truth was being said
“What do you plan to do afterwards? If you win that is, cause I can imagine nothing good will come if you lose?!” You questioned him, not knowing the dealings behind this one match. He would usually warn you about what to expect, but not this time around since the turn of events
“However it ends it won’t matter” Once again, that security in his voice, there was something else behind this, you could tell but didn’t want to push for it “I am done, so is Zemo” Your ears perked up at this, he saw the frown that etched on your face
“What I mean is… This match is set in stone. The result won’t change my resolve neither will it affect our future in any way”
Your mouth went agape fully understanding the underlying meaning behind his words. You didn’t know the details but you didn’t want to know them either. 
“How do I know that--” 
“That I’m not lying?” He cut you off, you down turned your head before giving him an apologetic look
“That 's not...”
“It was, sweet cheeks...” He softly smiled, tightening his hold in your hands “I can’t win your trust back overnight, I know that much. I’ll probably spend the rest of my life trying to make up for it… My words are empty now, I stupidly made sure of that--I’ll never forgive myself, my love” He heartbrokenly said, tears pooling in his eyes
“I am sorry, James… I was too harsh with you and I know that my words were daggers to your chest but I can’t explain how it felt to know you took such an important decision without consulting me first.” ‘Like all the other times’ you wanted to say, but need no. He understood the unspoken words in between your lines.
He had always come to you before a match, he took in consideration your emotion and opinions in the matter but he did not this time around. He had let fear to get the best out of him before taking a rational decision and in doing that he risked it all
“If anyone here needs to get down to his knees and beg for mercy, that is me, not you” He said, wiping the stray tears on your cheeks with his thumb “I am really sorry for breaking your heart,  doll. I love you” You nodded, finally feeling his familiar warmth seeping back into you, that comfortable sparks that always ignited in between you both, cursing through your veins 
“Good, because--” You let a pregnant pause take place as you took untangled his hand from yours and ever slowly moved it tight against your lower belly “--the baby and I are gonna need you” You confessed your little growing secret, letting his hand feel the bulging firmness against his palm
You chuckled while letting the tears fall, now of happiness, at watching your husband at loss of words, his eyes going back and forth from yours to his hand pressed on your baby bump. He sweetly rubbed it, indulging in the new emotion it evoked inside his heart, matching tears of his own
“You’re-- we are… I’m gonna be a father?!” He babbled, unable to form a coherent thought.
“Yes, Bucky! We’re going to have a baby!!” You exclaimed, cupping his face, locking your eyes with him “Do you understand now? My fear for you? For us?” You said, in a cracked voice, the pent up emotions coming up to the surface “This was what I was going to tell you that night” You added, you saw the recognition flashed on his orbs. He recalled you telling him earlier that day that you had some news for him, yet that moment didn’t come.
“Oh, sweetheart...” He pushed you tightly against him, his nose hidden in the crook of your neck as he inhaled your scent before brushing his lips against yours in a tender kiss, one that transmitted everything that you weren’t able to say in words.
 The voiceless language of love 
The tender expressions of two souls entwined
THE reason, HIS reason
Tumblr media
The time had come...
Tumblr media
The bright lights only dimmed by the loud cheering of the crowd, it all came down to this, ttwo of the biggest boxing legends face against each other, Every sports channel was present, everyone taking what they considered to be their best spot, the jury shifting in their seats waiting for the last minutes before the start of the match. Bets about who would be the winner were weighing their odds, some were inclined towards the old champ, “Iron Man” had defeated many of the big names in the ring, even the unbeatable known as “Thanos”, but “The Soldier” had gone head to head to very powerful household names too, the latest one had almost costed him his career, but he won.  
“Are you ready to do this?” Steve asked, giving him one last check up before he went out
“As good as one can be in my shoes” He sweated it off
“Remember, you gotta hold on” He warned him
“I know, I know… I got a big motivation not to fail this” He said with a grin
“Do I want to know?!” He teased him
“Nothing of that sort, although I do not rule out the possibility...” He smirked “Mine is due in a few months term” He quizzically said as he watched Steve’s face contort between one confusion into one of recognition
“Congratulations pal! It was about time!” He man-hugged him, strongly patting his back “So, I’m finally becoming the cool uncle, then?!”  Bucky chuckled 
“Am I interrupting something?” You sweetly said, making him turn on his heels
“I’M GONNA BE THE BEST UNCLE EVER!” Steve excitedly said, giving you a warm bear hug before unhandling you “Congratulations!”
“Thank You Stevie!” You replied on time to watch him retire “Looks like I came right on time?!”
“I thought that you were going to stay home” he softly said, taking you in his arms, dropping a loving kiss over you temple “I don’t want to stress you out” He said, moving a protective over your bump
“And you really think that I would have been calm at home while you were here getting beaten down?” You giggled
“Hey!” He exclaimed in fake indignation, before noticing the worry etched on your face “I can’t tell you not to worry because I know that you’ll unavoidably will and the next words might not carry much or any value yet but please, trust me, I know what I’m doing here. It’ll be okay” He said cupping your face, letting his lips linger there for what it felt for ages, until Steve’s call came through breaking up the moment
“Okay, go do your thing, Soldier. Just make sure to come back to us” You said, voice laced with anxiety, biting your lips, a supportive Maggie coming behind you as you watched him go out imponently and with his head held higher
The narrator opened up the match, he introduced them both with adulations as he incited the audience into a frenzy. The two men now faced each other for the title, steely glares that could pierce the toughest of men, as their strength filtered through each of their pores. You could watch his side of the crew at the other side, his wife, Pepper, looked equally anxious as you, hands interlocked in nervous fidgeting and glossy eyes reflecting concern. Your line if vision soon shifted towards Bucky as Steve whispered something into his ear, you felt Maggie on one side with her hand on your back as Wanda and Vis flanked you on the other.  
The bell announced the beginning
You closed your eyes unable to witness the first blow. But you soon found out that Bucky had scored the first hit, a right hook, if you recalled it right. It was then followed by a loud thud, that’s when you opened your eyes watching in horror as Tony asserted a strong jab at Bucky. You flinched but sighed in relief watching him effortlessly return back to his place, he stood high and imponent against his opponent. They circled each other like a prey wanting to devour its prey, unmovable, a small smile found its way into your lips as Bucky connected a good blow on Tony’s ribs making him sway away from him with a grimace. But a hook against Bucky’s jaw easily erased it, as both men soon found each other in an endless battle of iron wills.
Despite the churning feeling in the pit of your stomach, you could not stop yourself from becoming enthralled by their calculated swings and precise motions. Their grunts at the landed punches almost unheard by the euphoric screams of the audience, their chants pinning them against one another, one to fall, one to rise
But their chorus of praises soon turned into cat-calling as their heroes carried on their duel without proof of ever stopping, as the bell marked the 6th round everyone pondered on who would concede first. The judges scored the points of each perfectly aimed hit connected to its target, even when the audience felt that nothing seemed to happen, yet both men knew the extent of their bruising.
You felt drained of all energy as you witnessed the blood smearing his skin, you wanted nothing but to get up there to wipe him clean and to take him home, you easily identified the marks on his body of what would soon be colored purple and nasty greens but the fight must go on.
Bucky could feel the weight of their decisions burning their shoulders, Tony’s ragged breathing the indicator that it was show time for everyone to see. This was what THEY were waiting for, so he readied himself for what was to come. Muscles tensed beneath the skin, jaw tightened and fists clenched impossibly tighter. 
Round 10
The first hit landed on point, a groan of pain passed his lips as he let himself be the punching bag against the ropes. Tony’s vicious attack took him by surprise, the strength was expected but the intensity of each blow was the man’s anger being wrongly redirected towards him. He had heard the names being called and he let his pride take the front seat, so Bucky braced himself for it as he tasted his blood in his mouth. A chant of unbelievable expressions heated up the space and the rising adrenaline engulfed the air.
The 12th round saw them sat in their respective corners, each one having their stiff and sore shoulders massaged by their coaches as they each showered them in advice to take down the other, words falling into deaf ears as they both had eyes set on the prize.  The dance of warriors continued  as their lion-like rage roared through their gloves. The heat of the moment dragged them into a momentary haze of madness, where all it matters was to inflict the utmost pain to the other
But one look was all it took
As if fate pulled you together, his swollen eyes locked with your tear-stricken face and horror-filled eyes, one hand over your mouth and the other over your baby bump. HIS reason, he reminded himself. immediately feeling a shift in the air as he let reason preside over emotion .You cringed in your seat as you watched him stumble until he embraced an equally tired and bloodied Tony. 
The referee stepped in and the bell rung
The 15th round becoming the last one
The audience broke out into an uproar watching them finish the match into what many dared to call a rightful tie, yet that was not the result and the winner had to be declared. At that moment you felt your feet start dragging you towards him, Margaret immediately motioned for your bodyguards to help make room for you, God bless her soul. 
“After what will be no doubt called the match of the decade, a winner has been declared by the summatory of their scores. With the difference of 1 point,,, the winner is… Tony ‘Iron Man’ Stark’!!” The referee announced almost inaudibly as the audience celebrated their champions. It was then when Bucky met Zemo’s eyes, wide as saucers as it dawned on him, this was not a coincidence or an unfortunate loss, but rather he was never meant to win, it was fixed …
** *Flashback starts* ** 
“So, what are you going to do?” Steve asked a pale Bucky. Zemo, the bastard, he had played him with an unforeseen clause that stopped him from leaving him. And now he had to fight again. You found out and his world was crashing down on him
“I have a loose idea but I will need to make some calls” Bucky said, taking charge of the mess he caused. Not even a few hours later he found himself seated in Nick Fury’s office, one of the best, if not THE best, boxers Manager in the country. Next to him laid the ones he never expected to be shaking his hands off
“Mr. Barnes. Welcome! Please take a seat” He said, Steve on his right “I think we all know why we are here today. no introductions needed”
“So, shall we go straight to the grain?” Natasha impatiently said
“Easy tigress, let the man talk first. Why are we here, Barnes? I know what’s in it for me, but you?” Tony eyed him suspiciously, rightfully weary of his intentions
“Look, this is not something that I’m enjoying but it must be done. I’m sure that Nick must have told you by now how Zemo screwed me over, so I need a way out and right now you’re the only one who can give me that”
“I see… But, if the problem is legal, then why didn’t you just drag his ass to court?” He sassed, trying to press his buttons
“if it would have been that easy we wouldn’t be seated down here.” He knitted brows with a clenched jaw “My contract stops me from removing myself from the equation but it doesn’t state what the final result of it must be”
“So, my question remains, Why?? Why do you want me to beat down your ass so much?”
“Let’s make something clear, I’m not letting you whip my ass in the ring. But I will let you get the belt at the end… If I lose, he loses and if he does he gets exposed and taken away”
“Illegal betting?” Natasha chimed in, catching the underlying bomb, he nodded
  “Look, we don’t want this to be obvious, so you will both have to give their best. How long you wish to drag this, it will be up to you. The show is in your hands” Nick said
“You knew that it wasn’t going to be easy either way” A smirking Steve said “Now, we are just giving you the heads up of what will be announced”
“Great, fixed match! He gets out, I get the belt and all it comes with it but what do you get Nick? you have never looked like the doing things for free type of guy to me” Tony asked, glaring straight at his manager
“And I am not… Barnes will be free of his contract as a BOXER, but he’ll sign up with me as a free agent. Any new talent that comes his way gets to be handled by me” He said, exposing the last card on the table
“Now, that sounds more like you!” He chuckled “So, are we doing this?” Knowing looks were thrown across the room, the ink was signed and dried by the time they reached the door
** *Flashback ends* ** 
All this time, Bucky’s loss, was a win in disguise. He didn’t get the belt, but let it go with an open heart for he never intended to keep it anyways. He kept the eyes on the prize, his real reward, you. So, he enjoyed every second of the aftershow as the cops dragged a cuffed Zemo towards the doors, all the media gathered not missing a single minute of the now disgraced sports manager being charged with blackmail, illicit gambling among other things found thanks to Stark.
Your name sweetly slipped  through his lips, as he called you above the crowd
Your feet met the ring as he carefully pulled you towards him, not caring about his current state but being driven by the still present adrenaline, oh how he would feel it later on that night! But his excitement was higher than anything. As Tony gave a small run out of his winning speech, soon the mics were all on Bucky, all of them wanting a whimpering statement over his loss, but THEY were the ones at loss the moment his lips uttered a word
“I know how you all expect me to cry over this, but I won't. Tony fought his best to get this and he deserves it. The truth is I never wanted the belt” Loud gasps covered the sudden silence that overpowered the space “What I meant to say by that is...” He briefly paused pulling you closer to him “--that I’m permanently retiring from boxing to dedicated myself wholly to my wife and our soon-to-be here first child” He beamed laying a protective hand over your stomach as his thumb lovingly caressed it, wild clicking sound echoed in every corner, everyone wanting their piece at their first page news the following day. With that and after meeting the awaiting eyes of your friends he tightly hugged you against himself, not minding his injuries, as you happily clung to him with your arms around his neck. 
The feeling of your relaxed form in his arms and the loud joyful sounds of your laugh filling his chest with happiness and his heart swell with love, he finally felt free
He was free from Zemo
He was free from the chains that tied him down
He was free to become a father
He was free to love you
And you were there for him
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank You for reading this crazy piece! Your support means a lot to me! 
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Tumblr media
I love the whole bare bones ninja devil...boxer thing.
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Secrets and Fighters (Boxer!Bucky x Reader)
A/N: Ok I’ve acc lost my touch with writing. Like these last few months have been emotionally difficult, cause I’m a mess. But I’ve got a temp job yay. 
Also I’ve made this my main blog, changed the name, and made my original blog my archive blog xoxo 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Fandom: MCU/Marvel
Prompts: Boxer!Bucky x Fem!Reader 
Warnings: None - swear words. 
Word count: 2900 
Tumblr media
For some, part of growing up meant having a 9-5 job, or something similar. Dealing with the adult world and bills. It wasn’t all that bad, instead gave a lot of structure to your life. And in reality, you loved your job, your friends, your family, and your boyfriend. Everything was falling into place.
With it being Friday afternoon you couldn’t wait until the moment you left work to go and meet your boyfriend. You were supposed to have a date night tonight, but he already had plans with his boys, and you then promised your brother that the two of you would hang out like the old days.
When you walked out of work you saw your oh so handsome man stood against his car a grin on his face,
“Damnn, is that my man yeah” You yelled causing a few onlookers to give you a weird look instead he laughed and wrapped his arms around you,
“Damnn, that’s my girl yeah” he said back before kissing me,
“Hey cutie” you grinned at him,
“Its cutie now is it?” He asked raising his eyebrows at you, “With arms like this people don’t be calling me cute”
“Yeah, but those people don’t know the softie I dooo” You said grinning at him, “but how’s your day been?”
“Busy, been at the gym all day. Preparing for tonight… talking of which, what you doing on this fine Friday night?” He asked as he opened the door to his car for you.
James, or as most people knew him as Bucky worked at the gym. He was a personal trainer there, and something else. You’d been together for 8 months now, meeting through one of your brothers’ friends at an engagement party. Although your brother and him had yet to meet.
But since you’ve been together, it’s been amazing, although for some 8 months is nothing, for you, it was most definitely the term, ‘once you meet the right person, you just know’. And its true, you did know.
There were parts of his life you were yet to learn, as there were parts of your life he was yet to learn, but you had a level of trust. You trusted him as much as he trusted you, and when the time came, you’d know you could completely open yourself up to him.
Although saying this, you so easily became one with his friends. Getting to know the guys and girls, becoming one of the girls, what helped was a childhood friend of yours, Sam Wilson, was one of Buckys best friends. It made you trust him more.
“I’ve got plans with my brother tonight. Why is everything okay?” You asked, you were sure it was this Friday he said he had plans with his boys, but he instead looked concerned and frightened.
“Yeah… yeah everything is good sweetheart. I just wanted to show you something, tell you something. But it can wait” he said grinning across at you,
“You sure, I could message my brother, see if we can reschedule”
“Sweetheart, don’t worry about it. You hang out with your brother, you were saying how its been a while since you’ve seen him”
He placed a hand on your thigh and squeezed, “Also, tomorrow night is date night. I’m going to wine and dine you” He said
You giggled at that, “Sounds good. Although now you got me feeling bad about tonight”
“Babbeee” he said to you, “Don’t. You, and your pretty little head gotta stop over thinking” Bucky told you, looking across at you, you smiled at him, appreciating how lucky you were to have him in your life.
“Yo, what’s good” your brother said walking through your apartment, “You ready to go?”
You and your brother had a good relationship, the two of you often bonding over MMA and UFC, tonight he said you were going to watch a fight. You weren’t sure whos fight, but you were excited for it.
“Yeah, where we going?” You asked as you got your cross the shoulder bag.
“It’s a boxing match. One of my boys got tickets to go watch The White Wolf” He said like you knew a thing about boxing.
You groaned at that, “Boxing?” It wasn’t your thing, you liked MMA, you done Mixed Martial Arts. Always have and will prefer it over a simple boxing match.
“Yo don’t hate man. I mean I’m pretty sure The White Wolf trains at your little boyfriends gym. He never mentioned him?”
“Not gonna lie, we don’t usually talk about fighting as a sport.” You grumbled, “He doesn’t know I could probably take on most guys in his gym. Also James isn’t little”
Your brother laughed at that, and shook his head. The two of them had yet to meet, your brother was very protective over you, and once he said he had friends who train at that gym, you made him pinkie promise he wouldn’t go looking into Bucky until you wanted to introduce the two of them.
When we got to the venue it was full of rowdy fans, most already drunk. There were a few fights before the one your brother was looking forward to. He left me for a few moments to go say hi to whoever invited got him the tickets and said they would be joining us later on in the evening.  
“You actually look into it” One of your brothers friends said to you,
You laughed, “It’s not that bad, I just… you guys know my preferences”
“Now tell me, if you didn’t have a boyfriend, would you be drooling over them?”
You shrugged, your relationship was different to any that you had before. He made you happy, feel safe. The two of you were in love. You were a part of his family. But most of all, when you met him, it was like you didn’t see other guys. Sure you could acknowledge when someone was attractive, but that was more of a general statement.
“I don’t know. Because now that I’m with him, it’s like I can’t explain it. I don’t see other guys the same. And I hope he’s the same”
“Well, if he’s not. These fights would look tame in comparison to the fight I’d be having”
You laughed and shook your head, your brothers’ friends were also like brothers to you, it was weird because it was like you had loads of older brothers. All of which taught you how to fight growing up, all of which consistently looked out for you.
Not long later you saw a few people walking down with your brother, a few people you didn’t expect to see.
Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Peter Parker were walking down with your brother. Laughing and joking with him.
The three of them all had the same expression when they saw you. Pure shock. It may have looked bad being stood with a bunch of guys right now, but these guys were your brothers basically. But still, what were they doing here.
“You good?” your brother asked you, “The boys ain’t been hassling you too much have they?”
Shaking your head, you told him no, but your eyes still trained on Steve as he looked between you and your brother,
“Oh shit, guys this is my sister, she also unfortunately grew up with Sammy, Y/N, these are a few friends…”
“I know who they are” You said cutting your brother off, you felt so confused right now. Despite it being so loud in there, you felt like all you could hear was white noise.
“Hey Y/N…” She said looking unsure but still pulled you in for a hug, “Wasn’t expecting to see you here:
You nodded at that, “I didn’t think I was going to be here”
You thought Bucky said it was boys night. And Steve was his main boy. Unless Sam and Bucky were hanging out.
Steve was going to say something but as soon as the announcer started to talk, the guys all took their seats. You couldn’t help but look around hoping to see Bucky. But instead entrance music began, and the first fighter made his way down to the right before ‘The White Wolf’ made his way down here. The crowd going crazy for him.
As soon as he was stood in the ring and dropped his hood, you completely froze to see the man in front of you.
Your brother and the guys around you were all cheering for him. You looked to Steve who was of course cheering on his friend but also glancing at you and your reaction.
“This is what he wanted you here for, to show you and tell you about what he does. He wanted his girl on his arm if and when he wins”
You didn’t understand why he hadn’t mentioned anything before. He had bought up boxing a few times before. But you never knew much about boxing, well nothing about who are famous in the sport and not. Not the way you knew UFC.
You nodded at that hoping he wouldn’t catch you during the fight. It would for sure put him off, even a second and someone could catch him off guard.
Watching him fight, you couldn’t deny that he looked sexy as fuck. The way his body was working, the calculation, the precision, something about watching him in his element caused a fire in your core. But you had to push that aside right now.
3 rounds in and his opponent was out cold. The man walking around the ring like a drunk while Bucky still had his arms up, seconds later his opponent collapsed, there was a count to ten and an uproar of the crowd confirming Buckys win. He put his arms up, giving into the crowd, giving them what they wanted. You saw Sam go in, and Steve leaving your side to join his boys as well.
“Told you the man was good” Your brother said to you, little did he know, The White Wolf was your boyfriend.
He had cameras and mic’s in his face. Answering questions, celebrating, and you stood there watching, confused. Sam must’ve known. And your brother and Sam were good friends, why did he never say anything?
“Sammy said to go round back, we’re joining them. You wanna come with or go out to the car and wait? Although we’re going to celebrate with them”
You really felt like the party crashing little sister now but agreed to go out, you had no clue how Bucky would take to you being here, but only one way to find out.
“try not to be intimidated. I mean you could probably take on any of these guys and give a good fight” You laughed and shook your head at that.
You followed them, Steve catching up with you, you realised that you only ever referred to Bucky as James to your brother, everyone else either called him Bucky or Buck.
“Hey, don’t be nervous. I see it on your face. It’s fine” Steve said,
You were definitely nervous, having to face him right now when he just won an amazing fight. Your brother was going to know that he’s your boyfriend. You don’t know if you were or weren’t annoyed that Bucky hid such a big part of his life from you, seeing that he was a big shot main event boxer. You should’ve known he was famous.
“I know… but like… I just… what if hes not happy to see me. I’m glad he didn’t see me during the fight”
“Trust me. He’ll be over the moon”
A few minutes later you walked into the locker room, recognising most of the people in here, including Sam and the shit eating grin on his face. You felt so out of place, but everything froze when your eyes met Bucky’s.
He stood there in shock, people still talking excitedly around him, clapping his shoulders in excitement, but he was stood in shock staring at you.
“You know of him?” Your brother asked finally able to see your facial expression,
“Um…” you started before Bucky was walking towards you,
“How.. what, did-did you see the fight? What are you doing here, heck when did you get here?” Bucky asked,
“I’ve been here all evening, came along with this dumbass” you said nodding towards your brother,
“I thought you were hanging out with your brother tonight?” He said looking between the two of you.
“Yeah… not exactly how I planned for the two of you to meet. But then if I knew that you were a boxer, I’m sure things would’ve been different”
Everyone was silent around us as you could basically hear the cogs in your brother’s brain going,
“Hold the fuck up, is this the James you’ve been talking about? What the fuck? Sam why the fuck ddnt you say anything?”
You cringed as it was finally catching up with him,
“Can we talk about this later. You know, when there’s not an audience, and I’m sure you guys have some celebrating to do… while I’ve got some disappearing to do”
Sam was still holding in his laughter while the others were all interested in this interaction.
“We’ll still be here to celebrate in 10 minutes. Go talk to your girl” Sam Smirked,
You sent a glare Sams way, wanting to threaten to beat his ass, but you knew that would show him up.
“What the fuck is going on?” Your brother asked once you left the room,
“Y/B/N, meet James, James, meet my brother. Bucky and I have been dating for 8 months, you know him as what are you called, The White Wolf? Yeah that. You didn’t know that he was my boyfriend, I didn’t know that he was a boxer. Now we’ve got that out the way can you piss off back in there while we talk”
“No, no… it’s a longer talk than that, what the fuck? This is my sister?”
“Bro, I had no clue. Sam never said anything”
“cause he’s a dumbass” I told them,
“I spoke about her enough” He said,
“You said your sister fights, or used to.”
“That doesn’t really matter right now, So Y/b/n, please…”
“Wait… you’re the little boyfriend I mentioned earlier. I knew he trained at that gym”
“It was the same person!” You exclaimed,
“Fuck sake, I’ll go back in, but Bucky man, I’m giving you that talk later, the one that goes like, If you hurt me sister, I’ll kick your ass, but you know, we’ll wait until you haven’t just won a fight” Your brother then left the two of you to talk,
You turned to bucky crossing your arms waiting for an explanation of some sort,
“Hey, no sweetheart, listen. I’ve wanted to tell you okay. I wasn’t sure how you would take it, but tonight Sam convinced me to tell you, and I was going to tell you. I didn’t think you knew anything about fighting, boxing, I wasn’t sure how you would take it. I mean I loved the fact that you had no clue who I was or what I done… but I just… you need to know this is where I was going to bring you tonight”  
“I just wish you told me before. And I can’t believe Sam never mentioned anything, and my borther is the tiniest bit dumb, I think he’s been hit in his head too many times. Especially because he refers to you as ‘my little boyfriend’ and he probably still will”
Bucky chuckled at that and bought you into his arms, “I’m sorry sweetheart. I didn’t want to keep such a big part of me from you”
You shook your head and let your head fall onto his sweaty chest, “Don’t apologise. And on the bright side, you looked sexy as fuck while fighting”
He chuckled at that and you felt the vibrations against his hard chest before you looked up at his bright blue eyes, and plush lips, tiptoeing to kiss him,
“Congrats champ” You murmured against his lips causing him to groan,
“Me and you, we’re going to celebrate good and proper tonight. I don’t care, I’ve got my girl on my arm, I’m a very happy man right now”
You grinned at that, ready to say something else but Sam opened the door interrupting the two of you,
“You ready to start the celebrations?” He asked,
Bucky shook his head and walked back in with his arm wrapped around your waist, keeping you close to him,
“Yeah, I can start by kicking your ass for not saying anything. Why didn’t you tell me that I’ve been dating y/b/n little sister all this damn time. What the fuck”
“I’ll join you in on that ass kicking” Your brother said from where he stood with Steve,
“Ya’ll can say what the fuck you want, I mean real talk, I’m more afraid of her kicking my ass than I am of either of you two, even if you are the fucking champ”  
A few of the guys laughed at that and a hint of red tinged your cheeks,
“Is that so huh?” Bucky asked looking down at you with a wide grin, “You should join us at the gym one day”
“Nah, I don’t wanan show up a champ, unless of course you want me to kick Sams ass” You grinned,
He laughed at that and instead kissed you causing your brother to fake gag.
A/N Hope you all enjoyed, hopefully I’ll be writing more, any requests send them my wayyyy <3 
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Tumblr media
Now get the #$@% out of my home...
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bloody & bruised || one night
Tumblr media
Mob!Bucky Barnes x Boxer!Reader
𝒄𝒉. 𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: You were hoping that you never had to see the mob boss ever again after a one night stand. However, he just so happens to attend your boxing match. It’s only a coincidence, right?
author’s note: woot chapter 3!! god i really love this series, the reader is such a badass! sorry for taking so long, I hope you all enjoy this chapter! 
warnings: blood, gore, swearing, making out, tiny bit of fluff
previous chapter // series m.list // m.list
“You know, you could just let it go.”
Bucky rolled his eyes at Steve who was sitting across from him at the table. Bucky had organized a meeting with his most trusted friends: Sam, Natasha, and Steve. They were supposed to be talking about who stole their last shipments but the conversation had shifted towards the one night stand he had a month ago.
“Let it go? She walked out on me, not the other way around. I won’t let her get away with that.”
Bucky pursed his lips as Sam’s smirk never died. He could only stare at his boss and long time friend with a dashing smirk. Bucky couldn’t help but roll his eyes again at his friends. They didn’t understand, he couldn’t let one woman ruin his empire.
Although, if Bucky was being completely honest with himself, he couldn’t stop thinking about you. He couldn’t stop thinking about your laughter after a bottle of whiskey, or your bruised knuckles, or your eyes.
Fuck—your eyes were glorious. The way they dazzled when he talked about nothing in particular or your eyes dilated when his lips met your neck. The way your eyes lit up when you talked about boxing. His heart thumped against his chest like never before.
One night.
One goddamn amazing fucking night.
One night was all it took for Bucky to be completely and utterly taken with you. His stomach churned when he thought about the sweet sounds you made that night.
He was also quite impressed with you. Since the first day you met, you never took any of his shit. Nobody has ever done that before — not even the friends he calls family. You didn’t want anything to do with him on the subway and you didn’t fight for him in the ring, which a lot of people do because of their fear.
But you never gave in, not once.
He couldn’t get you out of his head and it was driving him up the damn wall. When he saw that you had left him there in an empty bed, his heart was crushed into little pieces. Never had anyone ever left him alone in a cold bed. He was always the one to leave first or kick them out.
You were annoyingly headstrong, dumbly naive, stupidly beautiful, and bucky fucking hated it. He hated that all he could think about was your soft skin. He hated that all he could think about was your eyes staring back at him. He hated it so fucking because he isn’t supposed to have these feelings.
He’s the big bad mob boss of Brooklyn. He’s a cold stone killer who gets off on crime. He shouldn’t feel the things he’s feeling with you.
“You like her.” Sam just continued to smirk at his friend. Bucky’s heart thudded in his chest more rapidly at the idea. He did like you. He liked you a lot. For the whole month, he couldn’t get you out of his head.
“You’re being ridiculous. I don’t like her.” Sam’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. Normally, Barnes was a cocky little shit and paraded on and on about the women he’s been with. This was the first time he’d ever denied it.
You were different. You rubbed him the wrong way, in every way, but he couldn’t help but think about you.
“Damn, you like like her. You’ve got it bad.” Natasha took a sip of her beer, her right eyebrow was slightly raised. Sam and Steve continued to relentlessly tease and prod him for being infatuated with some girl.
But Natasha knew it was more than that. She saw the little smile he had when they teased him. She saw that he fidgeted a bit and a blush crept up his neck every single time he thought about you.
It looked as if Bucky Barnes, the baddest man in all of Brooklyn, had found love at first sight.
“Shouldn’t we be on the topic of who's stealing my shipments, Wilson?”
Stupid. Punch. Fucking. Punch. Barnes. Punch.
Your knuckles throbbed against your skin, you could feel them bruising already. You couldn’t get that stupid mobster out of your head. For the past month, you’ve done nothing but try to avoid him.
You’d see his bodyguards in front of Carol’s gym so you would use the back door. Sometimes you’d see his car waiting outside or Bucky himself would be standing outside but you’d use the side entrance instead.
It’s not that you didn’t want to see him. You honestly did, that burning desire had settled right into your stomach. However, you didn’t want to get tangled in shit you shouldn’t be tangled in. You needed to focus on your career and boxing career, not some mobster that you can’t seem to get out of your head.
“If Carol knows you’re here, practicing before a match, she’ll kill you.”
A sigh leaves your mouth as you look to see Shuri leaning on one of the other punch bags that was rooted in the ground. You looked down to see your knuckles somewhat bloody—stinging slightly.
“I know. I’m just stressed.”
Shuri grabbed an ice pack from out of the freezer from the corner of the room and handed it over. You pressed them against your knuckles and relished in the cool feeling it gave on your slightly swollen knuckles.
“Thinking about a certain mobster?”
Her eyes twinkled with tease, and she sat on the wooden bench next to the punching bags. Another sigh left your lips and you nodded, walking over to sit next to her on the bench.
“I don’t know, Shuri. It’s like my brain is in spirals every time I think about him. I think about how hard he laughed when I told a story that night. I think about kissing his lips and looking into those damn eyes—those damn blue eyes rarely leave my head.”
She looked at you with sorrow-filled eyes. She opened her arms and you leaned into her touch, resting yourself on her lap. You were lucky to have a friend like her.
“What’s stopping you?”
She moved her thumb up and down your arm in a soothing motion. You close your eyes, letting your emotions settle deep inside within your heart.
“I don’t know anything about him. And I certainly don’t know the things that he’s done but I imagine it’s not all good things.”
You paused, lifting yourself off of Shuri’s lap to look at her fully. You needed to know what the hell was going on with you. You’ve never acted this way around any of your other partners. Bucky made you want to rip your hair out of your head in frustration but also made you want to make love to him on a rainy day.
“But it feels like we’re… I don’t know. It’s stupid-”
“Soulmates?” She inquired, then laughed at the bewildered expression on your face. She knew you didn’t mean soulmates, but she also knew you did mean that too. There was something different about Bucky that made your heart soar.
“Not to that level but, yeah. It’s like we’re meant to be together.”
The idea of soulmates almost makes you want to laugh but maybe it was another cliche like ‘love at first sight.’ Whatever it was, you wanted to get to the bottom of it. You wanted to be near him, to be with him.
“All I know is, you’ve never been this way with a guy.” She looked at the time and sat up, gesturing that the two of you need to run to the stadium before it’s too late.
“C’mon, I want you to come test out my new project.”
Some of Carol’s assistants make sure that your gloves are secure on your hands. Gamora is preparing you for the tournament. You nod at whatever she’s saying but it’s hard to pay attention from all the screaming in the crowd.
You lock eyes with your opponent, Hope Van Dyne. She looks at you with a raised eyebrow but you can’t help but form a little smile. Even though boxing culture likes to pin women against each other, you were never one to follow those rules. All of you were just doing what you loved.
She still has her eyebrows raised, but she cracks a small smile back at you.
You break the contact and look across the stadium. Thousands of people were gathered for this event, and they were cheering like no tomorrow in your presence. Your eyes scan the crowd and you see Shuri and her brother waving at you. You smile back and give a little wave.
However, your whole body freezes as you recognize a face in the crowd. You see Steve’s blonde hair stricken itself in the vast majority of the crowd. He was walking down to the front row which means that if he’s here-
Your eyes trail down to where he was heading and you lock eyes with that fucking mobster, Bucky. His gray ocean eyes were staring right back at yours and you couldn’t look away. You didn’t want to look away.
A smirk settled right on his face, and man, did you want to kiss— uh, punch. Yeah, you wanted to punch him right in those pretty pink lips.
Your attention is diverted as the ringleader lifts the rope and comes inside the ring. Carol is yelling at you, giving you as much advice as she can before the match starts.
You find yourself nodding at whatever she’s saying before your eyes flicker over to Bucky’s again—you tell yourself it’s just for safe measure. He winks back at you, that damn smug smirk still resting on his lips.
“Round One!” the number girl walks around, your eyes locking with Hope’s. The ring girl moves out of the way, the referee stands nearby—watching your every move. You dance around each other for a while, testing and teasing one another.
Hope makes the first swing, which you immediately dodge. You watch as she curses slightly, sweat dripping down her chin. Your gloves started to feel heavy already, despite being used to them.
The heavy sweat on your body didn’t help, you needed to focus. This time, you made the first move. You almost got her too, the uppercut just barely missing her jaw. Her smirk was prominent, which just made you grimace. You hear Carol’s advice ring through your head, so you relax your shoulders and close your eyes.
Immediately, out of nowhere you snap your eyes open and swing to your right. Your glove landed right in the middle of her rib cage. She stumbled back with a gasp leaving her lips, and you watched as her eyes narrowed slightly towards you.
But what you didn’t see coming was the uppercut she gave right back, her glove hitting you square in the jaw. This has dazed you quite a bit, some blood squirting out of your mouthguard. You stumble backward, landing on your knees. You can faintly hear the referee call out so you stumble back up, not letting him count another number.
The two of you dance for a while again—dodging and blocking one another. Round after round, punching and dodging which all the more made you tired. Your jaw was hit three times, she knew that was a weakness. Her rib cage was hit three times, you knew her right foot had a weakness.
The referee looked at the two of you before starting the match again, Carol and Gamora shouting at you—trying to become louder than the crowd. You lock eyes with Hope again, a smirk coming up to her face again as she tries to hit you with another uppercut.
Luckily, you saw this one coming so you quickly grab it and put her in a hold. One punch—two—three—and she shoves you off of her, the referee yelling at the crowd while the crowd yells back at him.
You felt slightly dizzy from the shove but you knew she was worse, she just got three punches to the gut. In a sudden flash, Hope latches onto you and traps you in around her. She’s got you completely stuck, and she delivers the same blows except for one, only enduring two punches before you shove her off.
You rest your hands on your knees for a second, trying to steady yourself and you watch as Hope tries to do the same. Your body feels limp from the hours of dancing around each other and the punches you endured from her.
The crowd was practically on the edge of their seat as they watched the two of you stand there and regain your composure. You close your eyes slightly, breathe in and out to calm yourself down. Your mouthguard was red at this point—the taste of copper was overwhelming.
Your eyes snap open in a flash and you run up to her, striking a punch that hit straight into her chest. God, she was really good. You knew professional boxing would be hard but holy fuck this was the hardest match you had ever faced.
The wind was knocked out of her, the referee yelling to the crowd while the crowd cheered back. She was knocked back on her feet, body slamming into the cushioned ring. It almost felt silent, your ears ringing like no tomorrow as you stared wide-eyed at your opponent.
The referee bent down, counting to ten, and watched her closely to see if she was able to stand. Her eyes were closed shut and you almost felt sick to your stomach. You didn’t mean to knock her out.
The referee completes his counting, her team running over to her. The ref walks up to you and holds your arm up in the air—your smile as bright as it can be.
You did it. Your first professional match. And you won.
You sat on one of the benches in the locker room, a cold town wrapped around your neck. You inspected your knuckles, the pressure of hitting and the glove had made them ache and bleed. Your jaw had a large bruise, it started to swell already.
You were inspecting your injuries in the locker mirrors when you saw the all too familiar mob boss waltz right in.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the boxing champion.”
You just rolled your eyes, a string of curses leave your mouth as you disinfect your knuckles. They stung pretty goddamn bad.
“You know, doll, last month-” he watches you fiddle with the bandage, another string of curses leave your mouth from not being able to hold it down.
With two hands throbbing and swollen, it was kind of hard to put a bandage on them. He kneels down, so he’s right in front of you. He gently takes your hand and you watch with an awe stricken face as he delicately wraps the bandaid on the pads of your knuckles.
You look up from the wound and stare into his eyes—noticing that he was already looking at you. Your eyes flickered back and forth between his, those blue eyes were captivating. It was like he was sucking you into a deep void of just him.
Your mouth was quick, blurting out the sentence that kept running through your head, “want to get out of here?”
He smiled like never before, eyes sparkling—teasing almost. This naturally made you become flustered, you started to fiddle with your hands as he continued to not say a word.
Finally, he speaks with that smirk etched across his face, “only if you promise you won’t leave in the morning.”
He took you to his car, which surprised you when it was him that actually drove instead of one of his lackeys. You get into the passenger seat, and he immediately drives off, heading to his mansion.
When you arrived, you noticed that no guards or his friends were around. You assumed there were at least some guards but maybe they were told to try and be hidden. His mansion was large, with gold and yellows fluttering across the walls.
You walk over to the coffee table and pick up a bottle of wine, pour some for yourself and Bucky. He walks over and takes the glass from you, his lips pressed into that dashing smirk. Yeah, you were definitely going to have fun with him.
For the rest of the night, the two of you become quite busy running and dancing around the big house. It was relaxing to be around each other and just be yourselves, you could tell that Bucky was enjoying your company too.
You giggled, swaying your fourth glass of wine in your hand, while Bucky laughed at your demeanor. Bucky walked over and pressed something on his phone, resulting in some jazz playing throughout the house.
Prior to the wine and jazz, you had talked for hours about whatever was related to the conversation. You laughed together and teased one another, enjoying the other’s presence.
His large hands went to rest on your hips, the two of you drunkenly swaying about in his large living room. Your arms were wrapped around his neck and your head was buried in the crook of his neck. He pulled you even closer by securing his hands around your hips.
You lift your head and stare at the mob boss in front of you, trying to memorize every detail of his chestnut hair or the structure of his nose. Bucky moved his hands, so they rested on your cheek, his heart was beating a mile a minute and his stomach was flip flopping at the beauty of yourself.
He didn’t know what this feeling was, but he liked it. Oh, did he really like it. He started to lean in while your eyes fluttered closed, his lips placing themselves on yours. His lips were soft and wet, tongue tasted like wine. Your hands immediately went into fists on his chest, your mouths moving in sync and enveloping each other with passionate promises.
His hands worked their way down your figure, trying to touch every square inch of your body. You tasted oh so sweet, like cherry lip balm and crystal red wine. You were running out of breath but you didn’t care. Your lips were locked, tongues exploring, hands shaking, and you weren’t about to let this go.
Deep down you knew you shouldn’t be here with him. You knew it was a terrible idea. But, you couldn’t stop, you didn’t want to stop. You wanted to touch his lips, tracing your fingers around his face. You wanted to dance like this on nights where you knew you’d be alone together. You wanted to bake cookies with him but let it result in a food fight.
You didn’t want this night to end.
He quickly separated from the kiss and before you could protest, his forehead rested on top of yours. His smile only got wider at the sound of your laughter, his hands coming up to rest on your cheeks again.
Bucky creased his eyebrows in confusion at the buzz that started in his pocket. He told Nat, Sam, and Steve to leave him alone for the night because you were here. He then looked down at his phone, and all he could feel was the dread in the pit of his stomach.
Unknown Number: Pretty girl you got there, isn’t it?
Unknown Number: It would be a shame if somebody killed her.
Tumblr media
next chapter
marvel: @harrysthiccthighss​ @fandomsandxfiles​ @rebekahdawkins​
bucky barnes: @harrysthiccthighss​ @rebekahdawkins​
bloody & bruised: @xoasalxo​ @raven-rust​ @widowbite-legit​
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cap-n-stuff · 8 months ago
Bloody & Bruised || Drinking Games
Tumblr media
mob!bucky barnes x boxer!reader
𝒄𝒉. 𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: You, Shuri, Gamora, and Wanda all head to a new bar in town. You see a secret area that’s restricted, and of course, Wanda wants to see what’s behind it. The breath you hold ultimately leaves you as you stare at those cerulean blue eyes again.
author’s note: soo i’m liking this series wayyy better than before and I think it just flows better. I really like it and i hope you all do too!
warnings: drinking, violence, blood, a little angst, smut, fingering, [18+ only!!]
chapter one // series m.list // m.list 
You sighed, your hips joined Shuri's as you sat in one of the booths at the bar she asked you to come to the other day. You took small sips out of the stirring straw of your tequila sunrise. The sweet taste of syrup and tequila rushed down your throat, a nice burn following after. You’ve already had one before this, so you were getting quite buzzed.
It was nice feeling a bit dizzy as yesterday you were a ball of nerves from figuring out that the guy on the subway was a famous mobster. Shuri was luckily able to calm you down and promised to help you relax. You felt relaxed, considering you haven’t thought about him the whole time you were here.
You laughed as you watched a drunk Gamora try to get Shuri’s brother, T’challa, to go dance with her. Her words slurred together, but T’challa agreed as he was then dragged to the dance floor. There were bodies all around them, dancing next to them as they disappeared into the crowd.
You turn to Shuri to tell her something, but neither Wanda nor Shuri were paying any attention to you. You follow their line of sight to see them staring at a bunch of people walking into an area that looks restricted.
All three of you could see a bouncer in front of a doorway near the bar, letting people in and out of the secret area. Wanda’s eyes sparkled slightly, and you internally groaned. Whatever was behind that door, you wanted no part of it. You had a match tomorrow, and you didn’t want to get tangled in whatever the fuck.
Both Shuri and Wanda quickly turned to you with gleaming, begging eyes. You outwardly groaned at the sound of their pleas and begs. Wanda grabbed your arm and, you rolled your eyes. 
“Please, please, please-”
“Alright, alright. We can try to get in, but if we-” Shuri and Wanda drowned out your sentence with cheers of victory. You chuckled beside them while they shoved you towards the doorway. The tall bouncer looked at the two of you with a raised eyebrow.
“Wanda. Wanda Maximoff.” She stares hard at the bouncer as he narrows his eyes and tightens his folded arms across his chest. His lips were in a thin line, clearly unimpressed by Wanda’s reaction. She leaned a little closer with sneering eyes.
“You don’t know who I am, do you? Heard of Pietro Maximoff? One of the wealthiest men in the city? Well, that’s my brother.” She looked at her nails as if she was bored with the conversation. “I wonder what he would think about his little sister being turned down?” 
You and Shuri could only look at her wide-eyed at the scene in front of you. You never knew that Wanda had it in her to manipulate somebody like that with her money, it was kind of impressive considering she could never hurt a fly. You also didn’t even know her brother was some kind of wealthy businessman.
The bouncer stutters over his words and quickly moves aside, letting the two of you inside. You all cheer in victory and laugh together at the situation. “Damn, Wanda, that was harsh.” She just brushes it off with laughter as you continue down the hallway.
“Yeah, I bullshitted all of that. My brother works at that pizza place near my apartment.”
Your eyes look around the place, and it was not what you were expecting. You thought that it would just be a bunch of rich people snorting coke on a brunch of tables. You thought you were going to be bored as Wanda and Shuri bounced around to other tables talking to people. 
You were quite surprised to see a bunch of people surrounding a boxing ring, with two shirtless men fighting each other. Shuri smirked next to you, but you missed it, completely enamored by what was before you. Wanda dragged the two of you towards the front of the crowd. In the middle, the group formed a circle while two men had wrapped bands around their fists while they punched and dodged each other.
Pounding sounds of cheering escalate as one of the men punch the other one in the face, his body going limp and hitting the hard floor. However, not everyone cheers as some have to cough up some of their money because they lost the bet.
The referee walks up to the winner as he yells in excellence and pride, then walked around high fiving those who had bet on him. The ref quickly grabs the boxer’s fist and yanks it in the air, the crowd still cheering as loud as they can for the winner. They start to die down, the referee trying to calm down the mob of people so he can speak. 
“Who wants to challenge the winner?” 
The referee scans the crowd, looking for any sign of an opponent willing to fight the winner. For a short amount of time, there was silence. Considering that this boxer was notorious for winning all of his rounds, nobody wanted to challenge him.
You didn’t know whether you were just dumb, or it was the liquid courage that was coursing through your body as you blurted out that you wanted to join in on the fight.
“I do.” 
Your voice chimes through the silence of the ring; widened eyes glanced your way. The referee slightly hesitates before making a motion that beckons you forward and into the ring. However, not everyone has happy to see a woman challenging the winner.
“I’m not fighting a measly woman.”
Anger had coursed through your body, lying still on your stomach. All you did was roll your eyes at the boxer, a smirk coming forward across your face. 
“You think I’m inferior, and yet you won’t fight me? It sounds like you’re more afraid that I’ll challenge your authority and obscene masculinity.” 
Shuri and Wanda were backing you up with cheering while the crowd around the ring slowly started to join them. “The crowd wants her to fight, Jeff.” The man snarled at you as the referee gave you some bands. You took off the jacket that sat on your shoulders, which Wanda took immediately. 
The referee paused, making sure that you were good to go before the match started. You were now facing your opponent, a smirk teasing your face. This was a terrible shitty idea, but you couldn’t help but feel giddy at the adrenaline that was bouncing around in your body. It felt good to fight other than those with rules and guidelines. 
“Who are you fighting for?”
Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “For?”
The referee points with his finger behind you, and you whip around. A gasp leaves your lips at the man sitting in what looked almost like a throne. There he was, James Barnes, the asshole that you met on the subway. He had three women surrounding him with flirtatious touches. He almost looked like a king. 
Next to him, you recognized slightly as the henchmen in the subway. One was a man with blue eyes and blonde hair, and the other was a woman with fiery red hair. You assumed they were his most trusted partners. 
Your eyes narrow slightly at the man, and you turn around, facing your opponent again. You never saw the Mob Bosses eyes dancing around you with a humorous gleam.
“I’m fighting for myself.”
The referee shrugged at you before locking eyes with James, making sure that it was okay you weren’t fighting for the mafia. You infer that he gives a nod towards the ref as he nods back before turning towards you, telling everyone that the fight was about to start.
You were given a mouthguard that you placed in your mouth. Your eyes flutter close, and you take a deep breath, letting your senses calm itself as you prepare to fight. The ref starts to count down from ten, looking at the two of you as the crowd starts betting on the guy in front of you. 
You knew that no one was going to bet on you, none of these sexist jerks would be able to see how incredible you are unless you beat the shit out of this dude. To them, you have to prove yourself.
“Fight!” The referee breaks out of the ring, and your eyes snap open, watching the muscular man in front of you. He takes the first swing, which you were able to block easily. The crowd around you had gasped, definitely not expecting you to prevent that like it was nothing.
Your opponent narrowed his eyes and proceeded to swing another punch. Again, you dodged it with ease, and the boxer in front of you didn’t miss the sly smirk on your face. While he was distracted at thinking about his next move, you swung a right hook that connected straight to his jaw.
His body took the blow, and he almost fell backward, there was a bit of purple bruising already forming onto his now injured jaw. The crowd erupted in cheers and yelled at the amount of force you were giving. All Shuri and Wanda did was smirk, knowing that the man had offered defeat when you said you were going to fight.
The ref holds up his hand, and you stop for a second while he checks on the guy; he nods that he’s okay, and the referee jumps back into the crowd. The boxer groans in annoyance and narrows his eyes at your figure. He couldn’t even get a swing in and punch you in the face, which was something that never had happened before. 
This time, he went for an uppercut just as he thought you were caught off guard by the crowd cheering again. However, he was clearly wrong. This time though, you completely stopped his movements. You had quickly grabbed his fist, his punch wholly deflated. 
In fast movements, you quickly swing with your other arm and hit him square in the face, blood seeping out from his nose and onto your jaw, which you knew would be sore tomorrow. He stumbles slightly before looking completely stunned. His eyes were rapidly moving from side to side as his vision became blurry. He sunk to his knees, the crowd was now silent in shock.
Immediately, he was fully slumped to the ground now, eyes fully closed. The ref ran over to him, counting down from ten as he watched for any movement. He got down to one and was astounded as he looked at you, your face and body completely untouched.
Two punches, that’s all you gave for this man to be knocked cold onto the ground. You definitely weren’t fighting to just fuck around in the ring. The crowd had practically exploded, never before had they seen somebody K.O. someone in a matter of minutes. 
Shuri and Wanda, on the other hand, were extremely pleased with the rich men giving them all their money. They were delighted to have them cough up their riches. You turn around to see the mob boss stare at you with a look that you couldn’t quite decipher. 
However, his demeanor quickly changed into that of a cocky one as a smirk came plastered onto his lips. 
“C’mon, doll, you’ve earned an award.”
Your chest was heaving up and down from the fight. You let your eyes trail from the top of his head down to his shoes.
“I’m good, oh so dangerous mob boss.” 
A chorus of laughter left the red-headed woman at your remark while James just sneered. You were about to leave when his guards stepped a bit closer to you. 
“Not even going to stay for a drink?”
A sigh escaped past your lips, knowing you didn’t exactly have a choice with his guards. You could take these two; however, you figured this whole place was riddled with them so it was probably a wiser choice to just roll with the flow. 
You watched as the got out of the throne-like chair and fostered you to follow. Behind his chair was a red velvet curtain, which you assumed led to a private bar. His two friends, including the other guards, stayed still while you followed James into the private area.
It was quite dark and it was undoubtedly empty, not even a bartender was at the bar. It looked to be quite an old bar, lots of the finishing touches looked like they were from the twenties. He sat onto one of the barstools, swirling what looked like whiskey. 
“So, Bronx girl, where’d you learn to fight like that?”
Your eyebrows shot up as his question; you definitely didn’t expect him to remember you. He grabbed an empty glass and slid it over to you, pouring you a glass of whiskey. His eyes flicker over towards yours, and he chuckles at your expression.
“You left quite an impression, doll. I’ve never been turned down before.”
A sly smirk appears onto his face when you roll your eyes. You take a sip of the whiskey and hiss a bit at the burn but then let the oaky flavor fill your taste buds.
“My dad. He was one of the biggest boxers in Morris Heights. He taught my sister and me how to box at a younger age. He always said he’d get in trouble one day, and he needed to know we’d take care of ourselves.”
His lips curled into a smile as he took a large gulp os his whiskey, his eyes never left yours. 
You turn towards him a bit with confused eyes before taking another sip of your whiskey, now giving you numbness where your knuckles are bruised and bloody.
“That’s my name, my nickname anyway.”
You nod, turning towards him with a light smile. For the big bad and misogynistic guy that you met on the subway, this was someone you could potentially be friends with. Yeah, he’s a mob boss, but he doesn’t seem to see you as an object.
You don’t really know when the night progressed, but it very much did. Currently, your lips were locked with a certain mob boss and boy were his lips sweet. All night he would talk to you about old memories with his friends and he would even speak to you about his mother. You got to know who Bucky was, not some mob boss that rules over the city. 
He definitely didn’t treat you like you were some object, so you were just hoping all his riches and fame were a ruse. He had treated you like a gentleman all night, and as you got a closer look at him, he was definitely more handsome than you remember.
His lips were engulfing yours, his hot wet mouth swallowing you whole. His velvet tongue made its way into your mouth, leaving trembling kisses. He tasted like whiskey and faded mint, which made your knees slightly weak. Your hands moved down to his chest, prompting a sweet groan to erupt from his throat.
Your back was pressed up against the bar wall, touching some of the bottles behind you. Your legs were tightly wrapped around his torso as your kisses became hungrier. 
The whiskey bottle was long empty by now, the two of you had drank one whole. His hands were touching all over your body, from your legs to your stomach to your arms and your back.
You were both sloppy, tongues peaking out to wet each other’s mouths. 
You whimpered when he squeezed your hips, his slick tongue flicking against yours. A chuckle had lifted off his mouth at the sounds you were making from his touches. Your head was spinning, and your heart wouldn’t stop pounding in your ears. His hands moved down to the waistband of your jeans, and he hurriedly yet gently unbuttoned them. 
With your permission, which you gladly gave, his hand slowly reached down to stripe your slick folds. His middle finger circled around your entrance, which elicited a gasp from you. 
“You’re so wet, doll. All we’ve done is kissin’, huh?” 
All you could do was groan as he slid a finger inside, your walls slightly clenching at the feeling. Your hands were now pressed in a tight hold on his shoulders as he took his thumb and started to circle your clit. The sensitive bud felt good against his rough finger, your nails dug against his shoulder, which leads a dent in his tailored suit.
He wickedly smirks at the way you almost scream when he adds another finger, his throbbing cock was pressed up against your thigh. 
“You feel so good against my fingers, babydoll. Your moans are like a song.” 
You whimper as his fingers curl slightly, hitting the rough patch that was your g-spot. Your arousal was spilling out of you and onto his fingers, your clit was now very swollen and tender to the touch. He pressed fast, hot kisses against your mouth and cheeks, his tongue wetting every surface. 
You sucked in a breath as his fingers started to go in and out faster than ever, trying to chase that sweet release. You were almost there, that coil inside of your stomach, and the nerves that circled your cunt was about to pop.
“Bucky, please, I-”
“That’s it doll. I’ve got you. Cum around my fingers.”
A few pumps of his thick fingers into your heat, and you screamed his name, not caring who heard at the moment. Your lower body shook with pleasure as his fingers were riding out your high, which he then gave you much praise. 
His fingers were completely covered with your arousal. He never lost eye contact with you as he pulled his hand out from your pants and licked his fingers like they were lollipops.
His lips locked with yours as his hand lifted up to caress your cheek, and you tasted the sweetness of yourself. You grew dizzier, so you pushed your arms up to his chest, breaking your lips from his. You both sat there regaining strength, the sounds only heard was the club and you both panting. 
“My place?”
You quickly nodded, not giving a fuck at the moment. 
“Drax, get the car. Now.”
next chapter
Bloody and Bruised: @xoasalxo @raven-rust @widowbite-legit​
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bloody & bruised || subway fiasco
Tumblr media
Mob!Bucky Barnes x Boxer!Reader
𝒄𝒉. 𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚: You meet an entitled asshole on the subway before training. After training, Shuri asks you to go get drinks with her. What happens when that same entitled asshole owns the bar?
Author’s Note: So, this series is completely new and improved. I decided to start completely fresh and recreate it. I hope you all enjoy, I’m happier with this series!
Warnings: swearing, asshole!bucky
series m.list // m.list
You entered the Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan. You signed in, noticing the girl at the front desk popping her gum annoyingly loud. She never spared you a look as she spoke, “visitor?” You replied which then she continued to not give a fuck about your presence and hit the button that opened the gate. You greeted the guard and put your personal belongings in a tub and proceeded into the hall with the rest of the visitors, waiting to see an inmate. 
You tapped your heels gently on the concrete floor. Fuck, could this take any longer? The loud buzz of the doors that contained the inmates flooded into your ear and made you jump. 
“Line up, boys!” The guards yelled at the inmates to walk through the hallway door. Bucky’s hard glare settled onto his face before his eyes landed on your figure. A playful stare rolled over towards your face, that devious look was always hooded between his eyes. 
Your fiancée looked good, prison had done well on him with his newly cut hair and subtle that was growing longer.
You both pick up the phone, your garnet-colored chipped nails partially scraping against the phone. His eyes flickered to your bloody knuckles, they were thumping hard against your skin. You watched his lips curve into that luscious grin.
“Hey, baby girl.”
                | 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐫 |                                                                 
You were running through crowds, pushing others trying to get to the subway.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, move asshole!”
You were totally and royally fucked at the moment. Your mind could only seize panic at the idea of being late and facing Carol’s wrath. You had been training with her for five months and the rumors were very much true, she was a tough lady. Carol Danvers, was a famous boxer that allowed you to be mentored by her. 
She saw you one night, walking underneath the stars and bright skyscrapers when a couple of men had paraded you. She almost stepped in until she saw you give three uppercuts and two kick to the balls. Her eyebrow only raised in interest before she asked you if you wanted to be mentored, to be better than you already are. Of course, you recognized her, even the newbies to boxing recognized her so you immediately agreed.
However, today just wasn’t your day. You spilled coffee all over your white shirt, you were held up at work having to do extra paperwork and now you’re going to be late for training. 
Normally, she’d praise you for always being on time and punctual but not today. She would probably yell at you to run a couple of miles more. You ran down the stairs and quickly swiped your metro card, pushing the gate. You were full-on running now, the subway train was already here and about to close.
You were just barely able to make it, a huff escaping your lungs as the doors slammed immediately behind you. You looked at your watch, 8:23 pm it read, your eyes widened and you muttered a light “shit.” 
There was hardly anyone on the subway, which was kind of weird considering that it was only eight. You peered over towards the cart next to you and saw that it was full, people were packed right next to each other. Your eyebrows furrowed and you turned towards the right, noticing a group of people stare at you.
Your eyes flicker towards a brunette, a sly smirk was fitted on his face. He had two women sitting right next to him, they were practically on his lap. They giggled at anything he said and stared at him with bright stary eyes. A sigh escaped your lips, you felt bad for them honestly. You’ve been there as well, craving attention and wanting anything materialistic. You knew there was nothing wrong with that, however, it can become pretty toxic sometimes.
“Wanna join us doll?”
Your eyes rolled over his form, he had an expensive tailored black suit. It was paired with expensive Versace sunglasses that sat right on his fluffy brown hair. It was like his cherry lips were suck in a smirk, cockiness just radiated off of him. He was pretty attractive, you weren’t going to lie but he wasn’t anything impressive as far as his attitude and demeanor. 
You could guess he was a misogynistic prick, thinking that women were just his plaything and money could buy them. You maintained a mundane expression as your eyes lifted to meet his. You could see his jaw was clenched at your bored expression, but it was true. This man was just another dude being called a lady killer while the girls around him were called sluts. 
His eyes widened in surprise, no one had ever denied him before. He got everything he wanted; women, money, territory, and nice things. Even his most trusted friends around him had never denied the things that he asked for. Not to mention his lackeys were always drenched in fear so he got anything he wanted.
He looked over to see Steve holding an amused and surprised expression. So did Natasha and Sam, amusement clouded over their eyes. The girls beside him gasped at your answer and his hands squeezed their thighs.
“You don’t know who I am, do you?” That stupid smirk had clicked back onto his face as he continued to stare at you. His eyes traveled down from your eyes onto your form. You were wearing your favorite pair of matching Nike’s leggings and sports bra. For boxing, it was a common rule to wear nothing baggy. 
“No, but I don’t care either.” Your voice remained monotone and your face screamed boredom. You clicked your tongue and went back to scrolling on your phone, hoping he’d just leave you alone. How long will this subway ride take?
A sudden surge of anger filled his stomach at your still bored expression. Who were you talking to the biggest and baddest of New York City like that? You were just some girl, a nobody. Bucky, however, was everything and on top of the world. He had money, could get any girl he wanted, had the most expensive house in Brooklyn, and covered the most crime in the city. He was not just going to let you dismiss the Bucky Barnes like that.
His eyes wandered towards you again. He followed the placement of your nose, your beautiful cheekbones, and pink glossed lips. You are very attractive and Bucky is definitely not hiding his stare despite the two women around him.
“You from around here, doll?” There was a short pause before you answered. You were honestly getting pretty tired of this dude talking to you on an already shit day.
“Do you like prying into stranger’s lives?” Steve and Natasha snickered in front of him, their arms holding onto the railings above them. He just figured you had gotten into a fight of some sort, intrigue hitting him like a brick. 
“Jus’ the pretty ones.” You had to stop yourself from giving him a giant eye roll. You also really wanted to slap that smirk off of his face, it was infuriating. Just because he’s some hotshot doesn’t make it an excuse to be a dick. He was a giant cliche; the big successful man that has a parade of women around him, tattoos, expensive attire, and he probably has a fancy house. It was honestly sickening.
You looked over to see his jaw clenched, his stare was hard and a bit frightening. You didn’t want to be in deep shit with whoever this dude was, he seemed like his lawyers could tear you apart. So, you let your walls down just for a teensy itty bitty second.
“No. I’m from Morris Heights.” His eyebrows shot up, he wondered why you moved to Brooklyn which was on the other side of the city. 
“Bronx, huh?” You just nodded, turning your attention back on your phone. You look up to see signs that signify that this was your stop, especially since the voice on the subway was always inaudible. 
“It’s been a pleasure, doll.” You get up and make your way in front of the door, completely ignoring his sentence. You turn around just before the doors open, looking from the bodyguards, to the women, and then back onto him.
“See you around, prick.”
You rush into the gym doors, barely making it past 8:40 on the dot. Great, you were ten minutes late. You dropped your gym bag on the floor, emptying fast breaths from running for so long. You look up to see the only trainee in the room to be Shuri. You noticed she was tinkering on one of the machines. She always had a knack for wanting to improve every single gadget or machine that came before her presence. 
You see Carol waking up to you with a scowl and you knew it was for being late. She patted you on the back as you gulped. “Go run an extra mile, kid.” You raised your eyebrows at the less harsh punishment than expected. You assumed she’d give you five extra miles or something even worse.
“Don’t make me give you two extra miles.” Shuri snorts at the comment which makes you send a playful glare in her direction. You walk out the doors again and start jogging around the block.
You couldn’t help but think about the guy on the subway. It was quite strange to see a whole entire cart was empty just for him and his friends. The other carts were full, sardine-packed is what it looked like. Not to mention his annoying cockiness, what the fuck was up with that?
He was so pretentious like he could do anything to anyone and get away with it. It’s like he’s some trust fund dick who thinks that the world revolves around him. 
Sweat started to drop down your forehead and you realized that you’ve run enough miles. You push open the doors to the gym, going back inside. You see Shuri still tinkering and Carol was in her office with a phone call.
You walk over to the table in the corner and grab the white bands. You start wrapping them around your knuckles and walk over to one of the many punching bags. You started to make small punches at the bags, watching as it swung back and forth from your force.
Shuri then turns to you, looking over at you with excitement. “Hey, tomorrow Wanda, Gamora, and I going to this new bar in Crown Heights want to come?”
“Of course. I could use some fun.” Shuri brightens her smile and continues to go back to figuring out the things in front of her.
You looked down at the newspaper that sat next to her and some parts of a machine. She was required to set newspapers down because of an incident where oil was spilled all over the gym. Needless to say, Carol wasn’t happy and Shuri couldn’t use any of the machines for a month.
You couldn’t help but just stare at the caption, this one was from today. Curiosity always gets the best of you.
Then attached was a small picture underneath the headline. Your eyes widened and you felt like the air had just been shot out of you. You grab the newspaper and get a better stare, just making sure. You had to make sure.
You see the little picture even better. There was the man that was on the subway. He was smoking a cigarette, the smoke coming out of his mouth. His sleeves were rolled up which showed the plethora of tattoos that were scattered across his skin. Next to him were two women, giving him neck kisses.
Great, the person you called a dick was the biggest mob boss in the tristate area. 
You were so fucked.
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chapter two
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“A Sweet Match”
Avengers AU
Characters: Reader, Brock Rumlow, Frank Castle, Billy Russo, Steve Rogers, Wanda & Pietro Maximoff, Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 2108
Summary: In the competitive world of baking vs boxing, an unlikely friendship begins.
A/N: I know nothing about boxing. 
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
You knew there was a gym down the street. Correction, not a gym, but a boxing gym. A few of the girls that came in during the day kept giggling and whispering about the guys that went there. Some boys brought their dates. They brought their dates because girls loved sweets and the bakery you ran offered just the right ones. It never failed to make you smile, seeing the cute couples walk in, the boys nervous the girls giggling and toying with their hair. 
"Excuse me?"
That voice was lethal, no one should have that voice. It was low and gravelly, promised nothing but good times and sent heat curling through you and straight to your tummy. You straightened and offered a smile, swallowing your nerves, "yes, how can I help you?"
The man that stood on the other side of your counter looked completely out of place. Hard and rough, this one you knew was one others did not mess with. The other patrons took a wide berth around him, giving him plenty of space as they continued to shop. 
"Yeah, chocolate."
Your eyebrows raised and you squashed the urge to laugh outright as he stood there. "You'll have to be a bit more specific, would you prefer a milk chocolate, white chocolate, a dark rich chocolate-"
The corner of your mouth tugged against your better judgement, he gave you a withering glare. You brushed it off with your brightest smile.
Brock had not expected that, nor the way you stared at him for a good minute. "Cha, never mind!" He growled shoving his hands into his jacket pockets, his coach had no idea what he was on about. He'd gone this long without sweets, he didn't need them now. Especially not when that girl behind the counter was gonna look at him like that. This place was too pink anyhow. 
"Let's start you off with a nice milk chocolate, though I personally believe you'd be more into the rich dark chocolate!"
He stopped, felt his face heat up as you smiled up at him, "what?"
You pulled a small cake from under the counter, pointed at it with an expression that screamed 'simpleton' and slowly enunciated the word, "c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e."
Brock huffed, "how much?" 
You snorted, schooling your expression as he looked at you, "seven fifty." You looked away from the intensity of those eyes, caramel surrounded with chocolate, you wondered if he was as sweet as his eyes made you think, the thought made you blush.
"Better be good," he grumbled, dropping a few bills on the counter as you packaged the small cake and he swiped it. 
"You'll be back!" you couldn’t help but give him your best smile and a thumbs up as he halted, scowl in place before he left the shop. 
"I am so glad you took care of him Y/N!!" The girl that worked the counter hurried over once he had left. "So scary!"
You giggled, "call me when he comes back in, I'll deal with him no problem!" You gave her a thumbs up and pushed her towards the counter. “Anyone that you're scared of I can handle!” She sighed in relief thanking you, it had been by pure chance that you had been up here replenishing the eclair tray, your job was in the back, with the oven and your neatly organized area. You sighed happily as you put in an earbud and got to work.
Frank chuckled as he sat next to Brock, Billy on his other side, “whatcha got there?”
“Fuck off,” Brock growled around a bite of cake, not looking at either man. He loved the sound of a hit landing on the bags, the swish of a rope, the grunt of man against man. He loved boxing and when the coach reprimanded him and threatened to kick him out if he didn’t gain some weight he had gone out that instant and bought something sweet.
Billy snickered, leaning forwards and meeting Frank’s gaze, “hey, it’s from that place down the street, we should swing by there I heard the girls that work there are super cute! Plus, boss said we needed to add a little sweet to our diet. Was on zero-fat here cause of it,”
Brock shoved Billy hard enough he slammed into the floor, “don’t be jealous cause ya got a pouch,” he growled at the younger man, though laughter filled the air as Frank cracked up. The older one shoveling chocolate cake into his mouth, Brock couldn’t stop thinking about the bright smile behind the counter. 
“Hey!!” the three cringed at the loud crass voice, “how bout two of you get your asses off the bench and let’s get a move on?!”
Frank grabbed Brock and hauled him to his feet, the older man grunting as he barely managed to set the box down, Billy swiping it and grabbing the fork as the two men crawled into the ring. “Get ‘em Frank!!” he shouted before stuffing a forkful of cake into his mouth, he looked down at the box, one bite left and he felt bad as he stuffed into his mouth. Brock would just have to bring more next time.
“Those two going at it again? How bout it Russo, wanna go a round with me?”
He licked his lips and stood setting the now empty box onto the bench and stretched his arms over his head, “alright Rogers, let's get one in before boss decides we been slacking too much.” 
The blond nodded, dropping his bag onto the floor, “you get sweets from that bakery?” he asked watching the two in the ring, gloves tied on before starting to round on the other.
“Nah, Brock did- hey! Wanna go after and check it out?” Billy asked with a small smirk.
Steve shrugged, nodding, “yeah sure.”
You looked over your shoulder as the door swung open, a smile easily spreading across your face. “Hey there Bucky!”
He offered you a smile, busy tying his hair up into a bun at the nape of his neck. “Hey Y/N! Sorry for running late,” he grabbed an apron tugging it on.
“Hey, so, we’re getting really popular, I think the girls are stopping by to come see you,” you giggled as he paused, looking over his shoulder at the busy storefront, Wanda and Pietro hurrying from one end to the next. 
Bucky turned to look at you as your laughter filtered through the air, he dropped his head as you slapped a hand over your mouth, “teasing already?”
“I can’t help it!! It’s too easy!” you laughed slapping a hand on your wooden bench, “c’mon, I got your bread is mixing, you just gotta cut and shape. I got cake in the ovens that will need to come out soon, looks like the parfaits are flying,” you wiped your hands on your apron stepping towards the cooler, “I need to get the eclairs filled soon too.”
“Y/N?” the two of you looked over, at the timid voice. “I’m so sorry, but both Wanda and Pietro are busy and… there’s a whole group that came in and-”
Bucky threw a curious look at you as you tugged your earbud out, “Maite, no worries! Buck, I’m gonna step out for a second, Maite, will you pull the three trays of eclair shells out from the cooler? You remember how to start the filling?” you asked patiently, watching as she hid behind the door.
Bucky smiled as you touched the girl's shoulder, she had been hired for counter work, but you stepped out when it seemed to be too much for her. Easily taking her under your wing and pulling her to the back so that she had a moment to breath and teaching her things to get her mind off from whatever was stressing her out. Bucky waved you off, quickly stepping up behind her and tying an apron to the dark haired girl's waist and nudging her to the cooler doors. “Go on, looks like they’re struggling.”
You hopped out the door with a grin, “HEY!!” Brock looked up as you pointed at him, “GRUMPY! I told you you’d be back!”
The men that surrounded him all turned to look at him, blinking owlishly at him. They were an unruly looking bunch, all carrying work out bags, dressed as thugs, with scowls marring their handsome faces. Large and well muscled, much like Grumpy you were sure no one messed with them without regretting it.
“Y/N… you can’t call our clients grumpy…” Wanda called out.
Two of the group of four burst into laughter, quickly clapping him on the back. You grinned to keep from blushing, what the hell was it about him that made you blurt things out like that? 
“Grumpy!!” Frank guffawed.
“Frank!” the one next to him was nearly in tears.
“Nahh, Grumpy!! Fuck that’s a good one!”
“Guys, we’re in public-” the blond hummed.
You stood still, smile in place as the blond reprimanded the two louder guys, Grumpy was still older than the three, but they all seemed to fit together. “Wait, till we get back and tell the coach!”
“Back off will ya?!” Brock scowled, those caramel chocolate eyes pinning you to the spot, “name’s Brock.”
“But we’re gonna need ya to keep calling him Grumpy!” Frank bit out his rumble of laughter filling the small space.
“You are all so big!”
The three men turned to look at you and the two burst into laughter, definitely the boisterous type. You like them, could tell those two were more than likely the trouble makers of the group and you could definitely get along with them. 
“Ignore them, they’re nothin’ but a buncha hot air.”
You smiled brightly, “Y/N, I am the baker, usually work back there,” you pointed over your shoulder, “that’s the other baker Bucky,” turning you waved at the brunette who kept looking over his shoulder at you, “BUCKY WAVE HI!!”
Brock watched as you waved, giving him a thumbs up until the guy sighed looking a little defeated and offered a quick wave. A few of the other clients in the shop giggled and kept talking, you grinned knowing they were there to peek a look at Bucky who stayed behind the counter. 
“The cake was good.”
You whipped around and he looked away from the look of awe you gave him, “I knew you’d like it!”
“Someone ate most of it before I could finish it though.”
Billy smiled at you, “you as sweet as the cake you make?”
You laughed, waving at him dismissively, “so sweet you’d vomit!!”
Frank guffawed, clapping Billy on the back, “looks like she’s immune to yer charms.”
“Pretty sure if I was his type I wouldn’t be!” you snorted.
Steve cleared his throat, “pretty sure she needs to sell, c’mon guys, pick something out and let her get on with her day, we’re holding up the line here.”
You waved both hands in front of you, laughing softly and rubbing the back of your neck, “no rush!”
“We’ll be coming back to bother ya some more ma’am,” Steve explained, “our coach says we need some sweets in our diet so unfortunately you’ll need to see us more often. I’m Steve, those two are Frank and Billy, we go to the boxing gym down the street.”
“Oh!” you took his hand and sighed softly.
Brock pushed between the two of you, pointing at a dark chocolate cake under the glass, “ya got a few slices of that instead of a full cake?”
You nodded, “that's a favorite of mine! Ganache chocolate over a light chocolate whipped cream and fluffy chocolate cake, boy you really are serious about your chocolate!” 
Brock liked the way you laughed, the soft sound filtering through the air. “Got half of that?”
You nodded as the red head came up behind you, moving to package a few slim slices of green cake. “Don’t judge if you don’t know what it is!” you laughed as he made a face at them.
He scowled at you, “what is it? Looks like something the exorcist chick threw up!”
You couldn’t stop laughing, “you’re really something grumpy! And that cake is actually matcha cake-” you narrowed your eyes at him as Pietro came over attending to the rowdy two, Wanda helping the tall blond. “You’re gonna take a slice of that too.”
Brock cocked his head at you, lips curling at the corner, “am I?”
“And!” you exclaimed, “you’re gonna like it!”
Oh, he liked it alright, but he wasn’t thinking about the sweets.
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bloody & bruised m.list
Mob!Bucky Barnes x Boxer!Reader
𝒔𝒖𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒚 || you’ve been training to become the world’s best boxer with the renowned Carol Danvers. Then you end up stumbling into Bucky Barnes, the biggest mob boss in New York City, who you just can’t seem to get out of your head.
author’s note || So, I’ve completely changed the series tbh? I also decided to make a new masterlist because the other one was bothering me a little bit. I hope you like this new one!
warnings || violence, blood, swearing, eventual fluff, angst, smut [18+]
*Indicates smut
Tumblr media
chapter one: subway fiasco 
chapter two: drinking games* 
chapter three: one night 
chapter four: a night for galas*
chapter five: not in paradise
chapter six: see you later
chapter seven: jail break
chapter eight: forever and always
extra moodboards:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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opticalpower · 11 months ago
Fight like king 👑👊🏽 and create your own world @kder1productions @youtube 🏆full video (Optical Power youtube) Bio-link #Videocreator #stuntfight #videoedits #streefight #badass #marvel #disney #castingdirector #workout #boxer #superhero #kaderchelef #yasinetwarischelef #ufc #cirquedusoleil #film #videofight #production bigfighter #strongfighter (at Las Vegas, Nevada)
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