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#Marine biologist
hotsharkgirl2000 · 20 hours ago
stop I’m getting so teary thinking about being surrounded by water okay maybe I wouldn’t be so crazy if I could just see it and touch it and lay in huge bodies of water like …someone take me there before I actually go insane
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teenyfish · 2 days ago
Marine Biology Story of the Day: Publication Edition
Hey everybody, I know I haven’t posted on here a ton lately, but that’s not because I haven’t been busy (I have, it’s been crazy, I’ll make a post about my baby flounder at some point).
I just wanted to share today that I have recently gotten 3 papers published, and two of them are open access, so I’d like to post them here if you are interested in reading! 
I feel like a lot of research is not accessible to non science people and I think that’s something that needs to stop, which is why I published in the journal that I did.  
So here are two of my papers on Black Gill Disease in shrimp from Virginia/Chesapeake Bay and the Texas Gulf coast.  They are a little jargony for those who don’t read these kinds of papers often, so I would recommend just reading the intro, discussion, and looking at the figures.  Here are the links to the two papers:
And if you want a layman’s description of these projects, here’s my tumblr post about it. 
Also if you want to read my 3rd article, just contact me and I’ll send it to you.  I had to end up publishing that one in a journal that isn’t open access but it’s my work so I can send it to anyone I please. 
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iwaizuimi · 3 days ago
my octopus teacher is so nice ☹️☹️
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wokenhardies · 5 days ago
Kakoyin: Is there a word that means both sad and mad at the same time?
Chie: Malcontented, Disgruntled, Miserable, Desolated-
Jotaro: Smad
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chitsangenthusiast · 10 days ago
marine biologist this anything
!!!!!! oh hell YEAH it is!!!! omg i know so little abt marine biology but i immediately pictured him as one of those ppl who are on a team operating those lil robot submarines and just oohing and ahhing over all the creatures they find!!
(sokka never says them while recording but he definitely has some creative names for every creature they find on each excursion lol)
omg wait. sea creature au where sokka's the marine biologist uncovering some definitely weird things he did Not learn about in school
OH or even: zukka academic enemies-to-lovers where they're both marine biologists studying in the same field - except they believe the other is full of complete shit on how the digestive systems of the newly-found....whatever..actually operate, and they keep coming out with warring papers that basically go 'you're mf stupid and here's why i'm right' UNTIL they end up working on the same project together lol <3
wait OMG ORRR deepsea challenger au!!!!!! where sokka and zuko go on a mission together to be the first ones who take a submarine all the way to the bottom of challenger deep, the deepest-known point on earth (it is both the fastest and the longest 2.5 hours of their lives lmao)
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eddieintheocean · 11 days ago
Can you tell us stuff about ocean sunfish?
yes anon I can, in fact, tell you some stuff about sunfish
they're fucking useless. it doesn't have a tail and it's the heaviest bony fish ever. they're so bad at swimming that sea lions will play with them as frisbees if they get caught.
they get a load of parasites and have to come up to the surface and turn sideways for birds to get rid of them
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pettyprocrastination · 13 days ago
i cant draw for fuck shit but can we talk about like 
Deep sea Poseidon? 
Small fish will crowd to his body for safety, predators three times his size don’t dare to try and prey on him. 
Like a man who’s eyes are completely black, but you only see this because the bioluminescent markings along his body glow so bright you can see him staring you down like prey and the gills on his neck moving with each breathe. His hands are wrapped around a long rusted trident that’s big enough to make you wonder if it could pierce the layers upon layers of material that is keeping you and your associates safe within your research facility. You can’t tell if youre dreaming, or hallucinating or seeing the weirdest fucking fish in your life until he turns and swims away and you can see the rigid spikes of the dorsal fin on his back before he’s gone and you're left there wondering if you just saw a god or if you’re going insane
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you-make-a-fanganronpa · 17 days ago
It would be interesting if the Marine Biologist confronted the Botanist, only for the Botanist to argue that they're just as bad. That would easily become an extremely heated conversation that could result in the Botanist's death. The Marine Biologist gets mad at the Botanist for claiming they're also a murder, but that anger leads them to kill the Botanist, proving the Botanist's point.
It definitely could be interesting!
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