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#Mafia King
babybatscreationsv2 · 3 days ago
A King on a Leash ch10
Marvel | Starker
Tony Stark is a powerful man with a beautiful husband and a loyal crime family, but it looks like he didn’t keep his husband on a short enough leash. After turning Peter lose on a Cuban gang leader, Peter’s life is  in danger. The real trouble is that Tony now realizes that Peter is the  only thing in this world that he cares about and he never meant for that  to happen.
Sequel to A Doll on a String
Rating: Explicit
Full Fic
A Doll on a String
Warnings under the cut*
Warnings: violence and guns
Peter’s POV
Peter sat in front of the mirror, hooking the clasp of his necklace around his neck. He admired the diamonds on his neck as they caught the morning light. If he closed his eyes, he could just remember Tony's lips on his, his back crushed against the wall, the sound of chatter in the next room, all while Tony finally claimed him out in the hall after his performance. One would think having a necklace like that, one clearly meant to represent a collar, would be constricting and scary. But that was the day Peter came alive.
His wedding ring was pretty. It was a daily reminder, a symbol to all who saw it, that Peter was taken. But the diamond necklace, few men could afford anything like it. When you saw it around Peter's neck, you know who he belonged to as sure as having his name tattooed on his throat.
Peter admired the gems with pride. He rubbed a bit of moisturizer into his face. Then he brushed off the white fur of his coat. No suit today. Today, he was Tony's prized possession more than his partner and to be clear Peter didn't mind the sort of reduction in status. Not when they were meeting with Wilson Fisk. Fisk understood Peter's value. He understood his power, his cruelty, his loyalty. Though, he couldn't deny that Fisk looked at him as he would any Boss's wife. A look that was a tad misogynistic. He perceived Peter as feminine and therefore Peter was delicate and to be protected. If nothing else, it served Tony in his endeavor to keep Peter safe from Toomes.
So today's ensemble was one of Peter's first gifts from Tony, the fur coat. He'd replaced the white ankle boots with something new he picked practically straight off the runway. Or at least, Tony did. Tony was the one who kept up with fashion. Peter was fine wearing last year's boots, but Tony would never have his husband be so disrespected by his own clothes. Leather pants and a silk shirt turned the looked into something that was either a fabric nightmare or a visionary statement. Peter was never sure. But he was wealthy enough and high profile enough these days that anything he wore ended up on someone's Pinterest board after a day spent in the gossip mags. A trophy husband if there ever was one.
He met Tony downstairs, enjoying the way his husband eyed him up. "You ready, angel?"
"Ready and willing," he winked. Tony kissed his lips. Then he walked around him to grab his jacket. Peter took it from his hands and helped him into it. He noticed that his arms felt bigger than last he'd noticed. He'd must have been working out more often. He wanted to roll his eyes. Obviously, he was still feeling insecure. Despite their talk, it would probably take time for him to shake the feeling. It would be easier for Peter to just get rid of Harry and be done with it, but staying friends with him would be more likely to help Tony in the end. Let him see that there's nothing to worry about when nothing ever happens.
Happy drove them today. He and Tony went back and forth going over security details. Peter hoped they were just being paranoid. Wilson was unlikely to be a threat, but dining at a restaurant came with risks. Though Peter wondered how well tattooed Latino gangsters would blend in anywhere that Wilson saw fit to dine. They would stick out like a sore thumb. Not that it wasn't possible that they had friends.
The security team went in first. Then someone came to escort each of them from the car and into the building.
The restaurant was full of the same upper class snobs Peter sucked up to at donor events. Well, not now that he knew who was actually keeping the lights on. They were the sort of people who wouldn't be able to describe their waiter after leaving their table because they wouldn't look twice at someone in the service industry. Then again, Tony probably wasn't that different and people probably assumed that Peter was the same. Not that it bothered him. His fur coat was worth as much as a New York penthouse so people could think whatever they liked.
They found Wilson sitting alone near the back. A half wall separated him from the rest of the diners. He stood as they entered, greeting Peter with a kiss on his hand.
"Good to see you again, Wilson." Peter offered his prettiest smile. The man smiled fondly in return.
"Nice to see you in good health," he said. Peter could sense the implication that he knew about the situation with Los Tiburones.
"How are you this morning, Wilson?" Tony asked. They all sat down and a waiter took their drink orders. Peter looked too closely at his face, anxious that he might recognize it.
"Wondering why you're the talk of the town yet again."
"I'm a popular guy."
The waiter brought drinks and took food orders. Peter caught the way everyone at the table and the guards standing around all stiffened in preparation, but nothing happened and the waiter left again.
"Toomes says you're affecting his business."
Tony rolled his eyes. "Toomes let his boys wander around where they shouldn't have been. They're lucky they walked out alive. I'm sure they'll be out of the hospital and back in business in no time."
Wilson chuckled, helping himself to one of the rolls on the table. "They have this honey butter here," he said to Peter. "It's house made and always just right. Not too sweet." He passed the rolls to Peter who took one for himself. He didn't eat a lot of bread, but he wouldn't be rude to Wilson Fisk either.
"I'm sure you're right," he said now to Tony. "Still, let's be cautious about stirring up trouble at a time like this."
"Sure, sure. What about you pissing off that cop?"
Wilson waved his hand. "A pig is a pig. And what do we do with pigs?" He winked at Peter. "We make bacon." He laughed raucously at his own joke. Peter smiled politely.
Plates of food were delivered and conversation slowed as they ate. Half way through his meal Wilson chimed in again. "How is the wedding proceeding between Pepper and your Capo?"
Tony rolled his eyes. "Just waiting for your approval I'm sure."
Wilson laughed. "One thing you aren't meant to do is marry within your own family."
"They're a good match," he reasoned.
"You would know what Ms. Potts needs I'm sure." He gave Tony an amused, but no less suggestive look.
"You and Pepper?" Peter raised an eyebrow at his husband.
Tony waved the thought away. "It was more something to get out of our systems than it was a relationship. Pepper and Happy have been dancing around for formalities' sake for too long. So I told them to go for it."
Peter snorted. "You handed me two giant glasses of vodka and sent me after them. They were so sloshed they forgot they weren't the only two people in the room. It took Bucky to separate them before any more clothes came off."
Wilson laughed again, head tossed back. "Young love, eh? No, I'm happy for them. One weakness deserves another."
"Love can be more than weakness, Wilson," Peter said.
Wilson gave him a fond smile. "For you, I'm sure it's every bit strength." He took a bite of sausage. He turned back to Tony. "So, what will you do without your underboss?"
"She hasn't decided yet that she's retiring." Peter couldn't help but notice how guarded his body language was. Still and drawn in. Was it the conversation or had he noticed something in the room?
"She will," he nodded. "She'll want children, a real home, something quiet and away from the trouble."
"If that's what she decides, then I'll make sure she has it."
"And who will take up the mantle?" Wilson spared a glance at Peter.
"That hasn't been decided yet, either."
"Do you have a suggestion?"
Wilson cleared his throat. "I mean no offense by it, but I think it would be unwise to promote your husband to such a role."
Tony's eyes narrowed, but only for the slightest second. "And why is that?"
"Not because he isn't capable, but because it won't lead anywhere good. An underboss is meant to do the work your hands are too busy for. And the two of you live up each others asses. You'll be juggling the workload for both, not because he cannot handle his own, but because you won't be willing to let him. Sending him out to play with this lowlife gangster was risky enough."
"You wanted your diamonds and you got them."
Wilson shrugged. "I'm not unappreciative. You gave me back Vanessa's diamonds and I handled that business at the precinct. It all ended well. Save for this problem that you are having."
"It'll be over soon."
Peter saw the ambush coming at the same moment Wilson did. All three of them whipped out their guns. Peter and Tony fired on the pair in front of them. A bullet whizzed past Peter's ear nearly close enough to put a hole in him. He turned, looking around the room. Four bodies on the floor. Four men standing. He grabbed Tony's arm at the same moment Tony reached for him, but they were both okay.
"Time to go," Wilson declared.
The rest of the room stared in shock and awe as they fled the room. One of Wilson's men met them at the door and escorted them out. There was more shooting behind them. Tony wrapped his arm around Peter and pushed his head down, pulling him into his side. Peter could have killed him for it. He couldn't protect him tucked into his side like a duckling.
Tony shot a man before he could fully remove the shotgun from his coat, but otherwise the violence remained behind them. Then the door to the restaurant closed and the screams and gunfire went away.
The three of them got into Fisk's limo. The inside was decorated as extravagantly as a grand theater. The lights were shaped like diamonds and hung down the side walls. The floor was carpeted in burgundy, the seats a rich, bloody, red. To one side was a lighted display of liquors and champagnes. It was a hotel suite more than a vehicle. Not that Tony's own limo was so different, but it was understated in comparison.
"So, not your men I presume," Fisk said. One of his giant fists held a cigar while he lit it up.
Tony looked out through the back windshield. "Not mine and no one I recognize. I need to call Happy." He put his phone to his ear. Fisk turned his attention to Peter with an amused smile.
"It's almost a shame. Your man is skilled enough to run the whole city if he wanted to."
"What about you, sir?" Peter asked.
Fisk laughed. "Not these days. I'm showing signs of wear. My weakness has already been exploited and I've been slowly cracking ever since." He pressed a hand to his heart in a seemingly unconscious movement.
"I'm sorry about your wife, sir."
He smiled softly. "Vanessa will always be my heart. The only part of me that was ever any good. You would think I would have killed her for it. I never have appreciated goodness." He huffed a laugh. "I threatened to every now and then and she'd just give me this look. Stern, unafraid. And you would think that would have pissed me off, but never when it was her."
Wilson reached under his shirt and pulled out a small ring on a chain. The band was plain with one large diamond in the center. "This was her mother's. Vanessa killed her and took it off her finger. And she proposed to me with it. And of course I was bewildered and amazed by her. Blood still on the band. I put it on her finger and promised I would marry her when the time was right. Took another three years for me to give in, but she never asked again. She just waited. I supposed she knew she had my heart no matter how hard I tried to break hers."
He glanced at Tony, shouting on the phone with Happy, ignoring them both. "He's not so different. Afraid to have the things, the one, that makes him happy. Because something will always come along and threaten to take it from you. And like me, losing that person will destroy him. If you love him and you want to protect him, you'll do whatever it takes to protect yourself first.
"Vanessa," he sighed. "I failed her. I never liked the idea of a woman fighting, holding a gun. Oh, she was a killer. Real blood thirsty, no different from me, but I pushed her away from getting her hands dirty. Never be afraid to pick up a gun. But of course I hear that you don't hesitate to put a hole in a man. That's good. Don't make the mistake of hesitation."
They were quiet for a moment. "Why does there have to be five bosses? Couldn't you and Tony do it alone?"
Wilson laughed. "Eager to get rid of the others? That's smart, considering they don't like you. No, New York is a big city. It takes a lot of money and a lot of elbow grease to keep what we have from being damaged by police and politicians. Plenty of them don't like me or Tony."
"Is that why you picked Harry? He has connections with those kinds of people."
Wilson nodded. "Norman had a great deal of political friends who kept the secrets of his company quiet. They'll do the same for Harry or else I'll assist him in applying the right pressure."
Tony got off the phone. He slid it into his pocket. Peter caught his hand and tangled their fingers together. It was so natural that Tony hardly seemed to notice.
"My men are clearing the building. They'll grab anyone they find." He looked Peter over, dusting off his shoulders with his free hand.
"I'm sure the perpetrators are long gone," Wilson said. "Or long dead. Do you believe this was that Tiburones boy?"
"Most likely." Tony tisked, likely finding dirt or possibly blood on his coat. Peter knew it would be replaced by morning.
Wilson nodded. "Then I ought to assume he's brave enough to push himself into my territory. I'll have the boys on high alert, but Tony, if any of his men appear on my streets they will be killed on sight. I won't take prisoners for you."
"Noted." How disappointed they would both be if Wilson got to the guy first.
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descendantsofwar · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
↳ Grace Williams [Leighton Meester FC] is requesting their Childhood Best Friend; that is around the age of 29-32, a Civilian that looks like Candice King, Lily James, Dominic Sherwood, Kat Graham, Jake Abel, or UTP. // They’re the best friend she goes to whenever there’s a problem, who’ll listen and always have her favorite alcohol on hand. Grace doesn’t have many friends from her life before, but this is the only one she’s retained. Despite them being a civilian, they don’t ask too many questions, even though they know Grace isn’t just a mechanic. The two of them have talked about leaving Oceanside one day, but it’s never eventuated, and now that Grace is gaining positions in rank, she’s starting to realize that she’s going to have to make a choice one day to protect her best friend and break ties with them. — Player does have to contact the mun before applying.
Interested in this connection? Join us at DESCENDANTS OF WAR.
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babybatscreationsv2 · 10 days ago
A King on a Leash ch9
Marvel | Starker
Tony Stark is a powerful man with a beautiful husband and a loyal crime family, but it looks like he didn’t keep his husband on a short enough leash. After turning Peter lose on a Cuban gang leader, Peter’s life is  in danger. The real trouble is that Tony now realizes that Peter is the  only thing in this world that he cares about and he never meant for that  to happen.
Sequel to A Doll on a String
Rating: Explicit
Full Fic
A Doll on a String
Warnings under the cut*
Warnings: suicide attempt, some dark mental health related humor, daddy kink, murder mention, violence mention, jealousy
There were no sun beams to cast rays on Peter's perfect face this morning. Clouds filtered the light into something in between uncomfortably bright while simultaneously being too dark. Tony slid out of bed and went into the bathroom. He splashed his face with cold water, helping himself to wake up. He wasn't sure why, but he felt on edge. It was like his body was gearing up to fight even though there were no threats in the room.
Tony stared at his reflection. He looked tired, old, worn out. He examined the lines by his eyes and the gray at his roots. Gray hairs were starting to sprout in his beard as well. He wondered if that was worth trying to dye that, too. It was so stupid. He was stupid.
He closed his eyes and pictured Peter, young, strong, leaping around the stage as if it were a part of him. He sat in the shadows, outside of the stage lights' reach. Where he belonged. He'd dragged Peter into the shadows with him. And for what? What would he do when he realized that he could do better? He didn't have to be tied down to some old man for the rest of his life. Harry was young. The same age as him.
The bathroom door opened. It was easy to put a smile on his face as Peter slipped in, rubbing sleep from his eyes. He threw his long arms around him and buried his face in his chest.
"Good morning," he mumbled.
"Good morning, angel."
Peter hummed against his chest. "Are you free, today?"
"I can be." Tony pet Peter's hair. It was so soft and getting a little long again. "Did you need something?"
"You do." Peter looked up at him. "You need me, I can tell. I already called in, said I had the flu. I'm home the rest of the week."
Tony shook his head. "Angel."
Peter smiled. "It's okay. You're more important to me."
"More important than your dancing? You haven't taken a day off in, what, your whole life?"
He shook head his, smile slipping away. "I took time off when you went missing. And when you were in the hospital. I never left your side. Not for one second."
Warm. Fuck, Peter was the sun. There was nothing without him. Tony held his face between his hands. Peter smiled again. His fingers brushed Tony's cheek.
"There's still something you're not telling me. I'm gonna stick to you like glue until I figure it out."
"There's nothing to tell, dear."
He frowned. The lines drew deep around his mouth. "I wish you wouldn't lie to me. It hurts."
It hurt him, too. He wanted to argue that he wasn’t lying, but that would be a lie.
"It's okay. You don't have to tell me if you can't." That hand fell away from his face and Tony felt his heart drop into his stomach along with it. "Let me distract you," Peter whispered. He pressed in close. "You've been holding your breath too long. Let me take care of you, daddy."
Peter pressed a kiss to his chin, then he slid down to the floor. Tony sighed in anticipation. Fingers curled into his boxers, the only thing he had slept in. Peter smiled, clearly pleased with the reaction he got. He kissed his cock through the fabric, fattening him up.
"Remember that time at the shooting range?" he said, wicked little smile on his face.
"Of course I do, angel."
"We should do that again sometime."
"The public sex or the murder?"
Peter smiled. He grazed his teeth over his cock through the fabric. "Both."
Tony ran his fingers through his hair. It was too perfect not to pull. Peter leaned away from his hand, letting the strands pull tighter.
"Didn't you have enough fun the other night?"
"I like to watch you do it."
Tony combed Peter's curls with his fingers. "When we find this cousin of Suarez's, I'll let you watch."
"You'd better." He slowly pulled down Tony's boxers, taking him into his mouth.
Tony moaned and leaned back against the counter. "Better than coffee."
Peter hummed his agreement. His doe eyes peeked up from under thick eyelashes. Tony pet his cheek. "Pretty little thing. Nice and slow, that's it."
He relaxed against the counter, admiring Peter on his knees. And that mouth, delightful. Of course Peter was right, this was exactly what he needed. Reassurance that Peter wanted him.
Tony smirked, watching him slowly grow impatient despite his desire to help Tony unwind. He'd left him hanging the night before after all.
"Come here, angel." He pulled Peter up and kissed his swollen mouth. "Let's give your throat break, huh?"
Peter smiled. "I have other talents."
"Oh do you?" Tony turned him around, facing the mirror. His hand gripped his throat, his hips pressed against his ass. "You mean like taking my cock like the worlds prettiest fleshlight?"
Peter moaned. "Yes, that's what I mean."
Tony laughed and kissed his cheek. "Bend over, then."
Peter bent over the counter, stepping his legs apart. Tony hunted down some lube from the drawer and slicked his cock in it. Peter watched him in the mirror with dark eyes.
"Need something, sweetheart?"
He nodded, then he licked his lips. "Yes, please."
Tony held his hip. He took his cock in one hand and just pressed the tip against his hole. The promised of tight heat nearly pulled him in. "This what you want?"
"Please, daddy. I want your cock," he begged. Tony loved the way his mouth turned down and cheeks grew pink. Pouting and begging for cock. How was he always this perfect?
Tony pushed in, forcing his way in deep all at once, making them both moan. He leaned over Peter's back, lips to his ear. "What my angel wants my angel gets."
Peter reached back to hold the back of his head. He pulled him in for a kiss. "I love you," he breathed.
"I love you, Peter."
Peter hunted around for his hand and held it. Tony tangled their fingers together more comfortably and rested their hands against the counter top. He straightened up to get a better angle and held Peter's hips to fuck him good and deep. His breath fogged up the mirror and he chewed his lip as he whined.
"Let it out, baby. Let me hear you."
Tony groaned. "That's my good boy, my angel. You sound so sweet."
"Your cock feels so good," he whined, face down against the counter. "I can't- daddy please!"
"You're all worked up from last night," Tony laughed.
"Yes, fuck!" Peter squealed, voice breaking as he thrust inside. He looked at him in tbe mirror, pleading. "I'm gonna cum, fuck please! Let me cum please!"
"Not yet, be a good little toy. Let daddy use you."
"Yes, daddy," he moaned, head falling against the counter top.
Not that Tony could drag it out much longer himself. Not with Peter squeezing around him, making those sweet little noises he does. He held off as long as he could.
"You ready, baby?"
"Yeah, daddy."
"Gonna cum for me?"
Tony smiled and kissed his shoulder. "Go ahead, angel." Peter cried out against the counter top. Tony groaned as he tightened up around him. It was only a moment longer before he let go. Then they were both messy and gasping against the counter.
Peter turned in his arms, kissing his face until Tony caught his breath enough to kiss him back. "Love you," Peter panted, again and again.
"Love you, angel." Tony kissed his mouth, his cheeks, his hands. The morning was bliss and the rest of the day followed with the two of them never making it long without keeping their hands off of each other.
Some time after lunch, Tony went out onto the balcony. The air was crisp with incoming rain. He soaked it up, wishing rain would come to wash away the insecurity threatening to tear him down. He had to get past it. He had to have the same faith in Peter that he gave. He had to remember why he stayed with him. Why Peter loved him. It was impossible when he felt so helpless. It would go away once all this Suarez bullshit was handled. Or would Harry Osborn still threaten him? Tony snorted. Some spoiled brat wasn't a threat to him. And yet...
"Tony?" Peter called from the open doors behind him. Tony turned and smiled at his husband. He'd finally gotten dressed. Just some skinny jeans and an old shirt of Tony's because when did Peter ever wear his own clothes?
"There's my angel." Tony stepped away from the ledge to take Peter in his arms. He kissed his sweet lips.
"Tony?" he said again.
"Yeah, baby?"
"What has gotten into you?"
Tony blinked. Peter had this calm look on his face as if he were burying emotions he didn't want Tony to see. "What do you mean?"
"You've been acting weird lately, but last night was super weird. And then today. You're always possessive and I never mind it, if anything I enjoy it, but I'm worried.
"I'm sorry, baby. I never meant to worry you."
Hurt glittered in his eyes. "I'm scared, Tony. What's going on with you?"
Tony took a deep breath. Time to come clean. Maybe if he told Peter how he was feeling he could reassure him. "I'm scared. That's why I've been weird."
"Scared of what?"
"You, Suarez, Osborn-"
"Osborn? You mean Harry?" He shook his head, pure confusion on his face.
Tony forced him to say how he felt. "I'm not strong enough to protect you and I've been waiting for you to figure that out and find someone stronger."
"You think Harry's stronger than you?"
"What matters is what you think."
Peter blinked, seeming to realize something. "You think I don't love you. You think I'm waiting for someone with more, what, money or power or influence?"
"I... I don't know," Tony said and he couldn't remember ever being afraid to tell the truth like he was now.
Peter stared at him for a long moment. His expression had melted from shock and horror to something entirely blank. Empty. Then he moved, quickly slipling from his arms and walking past him. Tony followed him back outside but he was too slow to stop him before Peter climbed up onto the railing and stared down at the rocks below.
"I'll jump," he said, calm, but loud enough to be hear over the waves. Tony reached for him and stood with his arm hanging in the air, afraid to unbalance him.
"Peter, why?" His heart was pounding, but he fought down panic. Still it was bubbling up from his stomach to his throat. He could only hold it back for so long.
"If you really believe that I don't love you. If you really think that I'm playing some kind of game and I'm going to leave you someday in some quest for power. Just say so and I'll jump. Let me prove to you that I'd rather die than cause you pain." He couldn't see his face but he could hear the pain in his voice.
Tony's legs felt weak. His stomach dropped. He was cold all over. "Peter," he said, but he barely heard it himself.
"Say what you mean. Tell me."
"Peter, please. I love you." He felt like he might collapse to his knees. He was afraid to move, afraid Peter would pull away, afraid he would fall. He inched closer, hoping to be close enough to catch him if he moved.
"And do I love you?" Peter glared. His face was all rage, fiery, uncontrollable rage.
"Of course you do. Peter I'm sorry, please." He couldn't breathe. He was really going to collapse. He felt tears on his face, but he hadn't even noticed his eyes watering. "Please come down, angel, please," he begged. His knees were weak, so weak. He dipped toward the ground. "Please... please."
Peter dropped gracefully from the ledge. He knelt down and pulled Tony into his arms.
"It's okay. I love you. I'm here."
"Don't leave me." Tony wrapped his arms around him, hugging him tightly to his chest. He breathed in the smell of his hair and soaked up his warmth. His whole body was shaking and he couldn't make it stop. It took a long time for his lungs to feel right, like he could breathe again. All the while Peter whispered against his chest.
"I'm sorry, I love you, I'm sorry. I'll never leave, Tony, I'm sorry."
A long while passed filled with Peter's pleading and Tony's quiet sobbing. "Don't be sorry," Tony finally said. He let Peter go just enough that he could look at his face. His eyes were wet and his lips were chapped.
"We need therapy," Peter said. A sob came from his throat, but he smiled.
Tony laughed. His throat hurt. How hard had he been crying? "Yeah, I do." He head Peter's face and wiped the tears away with his thumbs.
"No, we." Peter held on to his arms. "I just threatened to kill myself. Who does that?"
"No, it's fine. That was exactly what I needed to hear. I think violence is the only thing I understand sometimes."
Peter shook his head. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. I can't imagine how bad that freaked you out- I was just... just so mad."
"I'm sorry." His hands rubbed Peter's shoulders. He held onto his arms.
"No, I'm the one who's sorry," Peter said.
As if he should be sorry when Tony was the one acting like an idiot. "I shouldn't have accused you like that."
"Tony." Peter held his face between his hands. He said very slowly, "I just threatened to kill myself."
"Right." He took a breath. Reality began to feel like it wasn't quite so far away. "And if you ever do that again I will lock you our bedroom for the rest of forever."
Peter smiled. "There's my Tony."
Tony's heart leaped to stare at that beautiful smiling face. All his. His Peter. "You're not going anywhere, angel."
"You're right. I'm not. Not ever." Peter pulled himself into his lap and curled up against his chest. "I'll kill him. I'll do it for you."
Tony wrapped his arms around him. His pressed his cheek to the top of Peter's head. "You don't have to do that, angel."
"I will. I want to prove it to you. That I would never choose him, or anyone, over you."
Tony smiled. He kissed the top of his head. "I'd love that, but I can't let you, baby." And it was, in fact, a crying shame.
"Why not? We can do anything we want." Peter looked up at him.
"Because Osborn has been asked to join the Bosses."
Peter's forehead scrunched. "But he's nobody. He's not even in the business."
"No, but he's in a good position to start. And there's always been five. It's traditional. Fisk is adamant about it and no one has any real reason to argue with him. Obviously, if the kid causes trouble he's shark bait, but he's proven himself competent so far."
"Fisk is apprenticing him?"
"Effectively, yeah."
Peter shook his head. "And after all the trouble Norman went to. If only he'd known he just needed to kill Otto."
"Funny isn't it?"
He was thoughtful for a moment. Tony ran his fingers up and down his arm. He could have lost him. He nearly pushed him too far. No more bullshit. No more stupid tests. Peter interrupted his pity party. "This is a good opportunity for you."
"Is it?"
"Uh huh," Peter smiled again. "You've been having trouble with the other bosses. I know that makes trouble for business. Certain districts you can't cross and people you can't deal with. But I can make Harry like you."
Tony smiled, too. The clever little devil. "Once Harry manages to claim what used to be Octavius's territory, I'll have access to all of it."
"And if you helped Harry do that, he'd owe you a lot," Peter nodded. Their little ball of devious thoughts rolled right along.
"Plus it would piss off Toomes. We all agreed to leave Octavius's business to his Capos for the time being, but he's been trying to draw them in."
"I'm sure Harry could smooth talk them. He's a good business man. Toomes is a thief and a liar, but business isn't his thing."
"That's exactly what you should tell your little friend. In between talking me up."
"Talking about you is the easy part."
"I'm sure you enjoy spending time with your friend."
Peter placed a hand on his cheek. "Say the word and he's shark bait."
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sandythereadingcafe · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
MAFIA KING (Mafia Royals 3.5) by Rachel Van Dyken at The Reading Cafe:
‘determined, energetic and strong characters’
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tbrbookblog · 12 days ago
New Release ~ Mafia King ~ by ~ Rachel Van Dyken
New Release ~ Mafia King ~ by ~ Rachel Van Dyken @RachVD @jennw23
Mafia King, an all new 1,001 Dark Nights standalone novella in the Mafia Royals Series from New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken is available now! From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken comes a new story in her Mafia Royals series… One of the first rules they give you when you’re undercover—never fall for the enemy. I didn’t just fall for the…
Tumblr media
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raggaraddy · 14 days ago
Yandere Profiles
Alpha! Namjoon
Namjoon is a natural-born Alpha, having inherited the title once his father stepped down. While he directly leads a pack of about 80 wolves, their history stretches back hundreds of years and they are sewn into the fabric of their town. Meaning Namjoon has a lot of control and influence over the whole region.
Being raised in an environment with such an absolute hierarchy built-in means that he has certain expectations of how people address and behave towards him. While a pack is a dictatorship, Namjoon allows diplomatic communication as much as possible. He keeps informed about even the most minute details in the lives of his members, but tries to only influence and control the larger picture and direction of his pack.  Still, he demands loyalty, respect, and obedience from each and every member, from the smallest child to the oldest person. Anything less and he will become watchful of their lives, making sure they do not have the opportunity to become a threat.
When it comes to you, it's a completely different situation. You're his Mate, a rare phenomenon that occurs in wolves that binds them to another person. In a Beta wolf, this would result in infatuated devotion and love, and an urge to protect. In an Alpha, those attributes are dialled up to 15.
And in Namjoons case it brings out his need for control and protection to a dangerous point that disregards any of your thoughts feelings or wants. He knows patience will earn him the best result so he is happy to move slowly and surely. He works his way into your life until he is able to control and manipulate you moulding your thinking and behaviour until you fall in line with how he believes your behaviour to be best for you. However, he is not opposed to using shotgun tactics if he feels a real risk of losing you.
He is the most possessive out of the Bangtan boys, but his intelligent and conniving methods have him come across as sweet and caring if maybe a little clingy and intense.  It's everything behind the scenes that he does to keep you, however, that makes him truly a terrifying foe.
Tumblr media
King! Seokjin
Born the crown prince of his country. His father died when he was aged 4 and his mother reigned as queen regent until he was of age to assume the throne. Seokjin grew up in luxury, not knowing the word no which shaped him into an impatient and demanding man who becomes easily bored. To offset his boredom, he developed a sadistic obsession at a young age deriving enjoyment from tormenting the servants and staff in the palace. Finding pleasure in watching the different way people experience and react to pain and fear.
As a King, however, it is a stark contrast. He was born and raised to be a king and he commits to his responsibilities and duties earnestly. He is a thoughtful, learned, and compassionate ruler. One who takes the time to consider the ramifications and possibilities of every decision he makes, and who seeks the opinions and lessons from the lords and scholars in his Kingdom. His rule is widely acclaimed, and due to his benevolence and justice, he is beloved by his people.
Seokjin has a marriage of alliance to the princess from the neighbouring country. Although, both she and his two young sons were sent north to study in the Halls of the Scholars as he did.
While Jin is very promiscuous with all of his staff, he has a special fascination with you. He can never seem to wholly summarise what it is that is so special about you, but he knows that you bring him ecstasy. With you, he is certain that he will be able to test the limit of human endurance. He will just have to remind himself to pace himself, so you survive that long.
Tumblr media
Assassin! Yoongi
They say work until you no longer have to introduce yourself. But in Yoongis' case, anonymity is his greatest tool. He is one of the most feared unnamed men in the known world. While his profession is one of death, Yoongi is neither vicious nor bloodthirsty. He merely has a skill set well-tailored for death and has great pride in his expertise. Although his life is built on it, he also detests the fact that he is completely unknown on a superficial or personal level.
There is little known about Yoongi both for you and the outside world. Despite your best efforts you struggle to find common ground or to even find the meaning or intentions to his actions.  His moods can shift regularly and for no discernable motivation. One minute he can be kind and attentive, and the next he becomes nightmarish and cruel, trapping you in isolation for an hour, a day, maybe a month. For you, there is no rhyme or reason for his actions. But for him, he quickly notes and abuses the fact that his unpredictability makes you more desperate to please him.
He promised himself he would open up and allow even the slightest form of human connection, but whether can actually bring himself to do that is something unforeseeable.
Tumblr media
Vampire! Hoseok
Hoseok may look like an angel but he is truly the devil's child. More than a century old, Hoseok was made into a Vampire at the beginning of the 20th century and has spent every moment of his long life perfecting the art of cruelty.
As a young man, he earned his living as an attack dog for the mob. Using pain, fear, and death to intimidate and control their enemies or those deemed insubordinate. It's his lust for human suffering that garnered the attention of Hoseok's Sire to be. A person whose name he would never dare to repeat.
Drawn to Hoseok's breathtaking bloodlust his Sire claimed him, turning him into a creature of the night and enslaving him with the bond that can be formed by a creator and the created. For nearly a decade, Hoseok was beholden to his Sires whims, while lamenting his existence. That was until an opportunistic moment arose and he was able to free himself by ending the afterlife of his creator.
With no binds and an eternity ahead of him he amassed an immortal empire of Vampires that he bore. All of whom serve freely, even if some may obey more from fear than loyalty.
After all of this time, you would think his thirst for inflicting pain would have dimmed, and it did for a time, but Hoseok is first and foremost motivated by passion and pleasure. And more than from any other thing on this planet, he finds both in your cries of pain. He has exclaimed frequently that there is beauty in your fragility and helplessness. While he's not sure what his plans are or what he intends to do with you, all he does know is that you are his. And he will play with you for as long as your body can withstand. And then maybe past that.
Tumblr media
Playboy! Jimin
Spoilt, arrogant, chauvinistic, demanding, and prone to aggressive outbursts. Beautiful, sweet, gentle, giving, and warm. Jimin is a disastrous mix of the good and the absolute worst a person can be.
Born with a silver spoon, and with both a god complex and an inferiority complex he has always had everything he wanted- but it has never been enough. Things were never enough, people were never enough, and no matter how hard he tried he could never feel like he was enough.
Growing up he used movies, tv, and books as a form of escape to create an ideal and fictitious world where everything always ended happily. It was the superficial and seemingly perfect relationships in love stories that drew his attention the most. The way everyone always said exactly what the other needed, or how they were so perfectly in sync and deeply connected from the first moment. He pined after a love like that and became convinced that this would be the only thing that could rid the emptiness in his soul. That only with his other half, could he finally find completeness.
But sadly as he had never felt anything he could call love, he would cycle through people, night after night, day after day, person after person in search of this mythical counterpart.
When he first met you, to him you were unlike any other he had met. Everything you said or did was exactly what he wanted in every moment. You were like the answers to questions he never asked. And you made him feel understood.
Of course, no relationship is perfect and no person is perfect. Nevertheless, despite the obvious, Jimin cannot be convinced otherwise. He knows that he has found perfection in you and for the first time in his life he is ready to call this love. And he is going to make sure that you continue to live up to his expectations because he will not be disappointed again.
Tumblr media
Dom! Taehyung
In all aspects of his life, Taehyung is a man of focus and control. As the CEO and founder of a Fortune 500 company, he has known hard work and dedication his entire life and even now successful, frequently works up to 16 hour days. In his private life, he craves the same standard of order.
Early on, he came upon the BDSM lifestyle.  The ideals of transparency, communication, and dedication filled in the parts he had felt missing in his past relationships. While he might not admit it out loud he was mostly attracted to the prospect of power exchange, having absolute control and authority to dictate the terms of the relationship, the lack of which had previously been his greatest frustration.
Taehyung has done his homework in regards to learning all he can to be a successful Dominant. In spite of this, Taehyung still has a corrupted view of how the D/s concept should be. He believes that once a submissive hands over any amount of control, he has the right to take more and more until he owns everything they are. Anything less than complete surrender and subservience on his terms simply means they must be deficient and should either be fixed or discarded.  
You are the latest after a long line of failed potentials. Right away, he could feel a difference. You were so receptive to correction. So willing to please.  And despite his blunt honesty about his expectations and wants you never shied away or hesitated to let him mould and craft you further.
He knows sooner than later he will have the compliant pet that he has worked hard for. And once he creates the perfect toy, he is never going to let it go.
Tumblr media
Mafia! Jungkook
Born the son to the largest Mafia head on the East coast, Jungkook grew in a world that few could endure.  He was raised in boarding schools and at arm's length by a distant mother and an abusive father. Which, out of necessity, created a split in his personality.
Jungkook's two personas are polar opposites and are able to switch as quickly as the flip of a coin.  He developed one half of himself while in the company of his teachers, friends, and role models. The other half, however, grew and festered inside of him silently like a virus. 
He was only 17 when he took his first life. The life of his father, followed by his mother and all of their top lieutenants. In a single night, he took control of their organization in a violent and bloody display.
With an endless sky of vultures ready to strike at the first sign of weakness, Jungkook maintains order with the same brutally vicious methods his father had used.  However, unlike his father's leadership, he heavily rewards and incentivizes loyalty and hard work, building a faithful body of followers. Despite the loyalty he cultivates, he has an ever-present fear of appearing weak. This causes him to act savagely towards anything or anyone that might bring his authority into question.
You are no exception to this. He wants nothing more than to treat you like the princess he sees you as. He wants to spoil and dote on you and make sure you are only ever fulfilled and happy. Which makes it so much harder for you to understand when he changes in the blink of an eye. "Of course, you can't leave-you know too much."  "What did you think I would do when you gave me attitude?"  "I told you what would happen if you spoke to my men. If you didn't want a black eye, you should have done as I fucking told you!"
Tumblr media
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callicantzaro4now · 16 days ago
Also, I love that it’s just
Callahan: comes out to the tet after knowing them for like two days
The tet: ...yeah you’re one of us now welcome to the club
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babybatscreationsv2 · 17 days ago
A King on a Leash ch8
Marvel | Starker
Tony Stark is a powerful man with a beautiful husband and a loyal crime family, but it looks like he didn’t keep his husband on a short enough leash. After turning Peter lose on a Cuban gang leader, Peter’s life is  in danger. The real trouble is that Tony now realizes that Peter is the  only thing in this world that he cares about and he never meant for that  to happen.
Sequel to A Doll on a String
Rating: Explicit
Full Fic
A Doll on a String
Warnings under the cut*
Warnings: torture, murder, mafia au, graphic description of a panic attack, orgasm denial, possessive behavior, jealousy
Fists, a knife, a flambe torch, and two hours later and Tony had everything he needed. He sent Natasha off to find Bucky. Together they would gather up their teams and corner this cousin of Suarez's. Ricardo, but everyone calls him 'Chili'. How intimidating. They dumped the body off a pier, then Tony noticed the time. Shit. He was going to be late to pick up Peter.
"Hap," he said through the phone. "You available to pick Peter up today?"
"Sorry, Boss, I'm across town. You can't make it?"
"Fuck. I'll have his guards drive him home."
"Sorry, Tony. Wish I could make it. Want me to call and make some threats before they pick him up?"
"No," he sighed. "I'm sure I can manage. Thanks anyway, Hap."
"No problem, Boss."
Tony ended the call and dialed Kevin, the head of Peter's guards when Happy wasn’t around. He would already be parked in front of the building to make sure it was safe.
"You're bringing Peter home, today. Make sure he comes straight home and don't you-"
Tony clenched his jaw at being interrupted. Better be fucking important. "What is it?"
"You telling me this ain't your car the other Mr. Stark just got into?" the fear in his voice was icy.
His own heart was shot through with the same icy fear. "Tail them. Wherever they go. Call me when they stop."
He hung up and called Peter, hands clammy. Could Ricardo have gotten to him this fast? His man said he was in Jersey today, but he could have made the drive in the time it took to get it out of him. It could have been a distraction. Could have been a trap. Peter could be dead already.
"Tony?" Peter answered. Tony sighed, instantly soothed. He didn't sound scared or stressed or otherwise in trouble. He was okay.
"Baby where are you?"
"You didn't get my texts?"
Tony checked his phone. As he looked, four messages arrived in series. He sighed. Stupid warehouse reception. Sometimes it knocked out his signal.
"Sorry, baby. Tell me where you are."
"I'm just going to dinner with some friends. Sorry if I scared you."
Tony relaxed into his seat. He's okay. He's alive. His own heart still raced. "It's okay, sweetheart, I'm not mad."
"That's an awful lot of pet names for not being mad."
Tony took a deep breath. "Next time, make sure I got your message before you leave. Please?"
"Of course. I love you, Tony. Go enjoy an evening to yourself, okay? I'll be home late."
"Sure, angel. Have fun. Tell your friends I said 'hi'."
"Will do." Peter kissed him through the phone. "See you at home."
"Love you, Peter."
"Love you, Tony."
The call ended. Tony sighed and stared out the window. He didn't like the cold, anxious, feeling of being without Peter. 'Enjoy an evening to yourself', yeah right. He sat and fiddled with the ring on his finger. Then ice shot through his heart.
Friends. Plural. Peter has two best friends: Gwen and MJ. They hate each other. Sure, he goes out with the girls he dances with every now and then, but he doesn't call them friends. He calls them 'the girls'. MJ has a girlfriend. He could be going out with them together, but MJ wouldn't have met him at the performance hall because she hates Gwen. Even if she had she couldn't afford a car that would be confused with one of Tony's. What friends?
His first instinct was to call him back and ask, but no. He didn't want Peter to think he was being overbearing. He deserves his own space. Fuck, it was killing him, though. Like a blessing from God, Kevin called.
"Where is he, Kev?"
Poor Kevin sounded like he might throw up. "He's at that Italian place you guys like and he's with friends."
"Which friends?"
"Uh," he paused. "The blonde girl and a guy. I've never seen him before."
There was a guy that he danced with, but he and Peter never got along so they don't hang out. He would have remembered if Peter had made amends with him. "Describe him."
"Expensive looking suit, short brown hair, maybe an inch or two taller than Mr. Stark. Looked around the same age. Couldn't see much of his face from here, but he was clean-shaven."
Harry Osborn.
"Call in the second car. I want men inside. I'll call Leonardo and let him know you're with me."
"Yes, sir."
It hurt. It genuinely fucking hurt. And it was stupid. Why did he feel like Peter was cheating on him? Of course he would want to see an old friend. Harry had been gone for years, they would want to catch up. At least Gwen was with them. She was very straight laced, she wouldn't let Peter run off with him- What the fuck was he even thinking? Of course Peter wouldn't. He took a deep breath but it didn't stop the panic. He couldn't breathe. The car was suffocating him. He climbed out and nearly fell onto the sidewalk.
His driver got out and came around the side.
"You alright, Boss?"
"Fine-" he choked. "Just need a minute. Wait in the car."
He looked unsure, but he did what he was told.
Tony's mind spun with thoughts that didn't quite connect and weren't entirely coherent.
Should start going to his practices with him... Should tell him he's not allowed to dance anymore. What if he leaves? What if he doesn't come home? I should kill Harry Osborn. What if I caught them together? What if Peter wants him? What if he's better than me? What if he's better for Peter than me? I should go to the restaurant. I should call Peter. I should go home. Why can't I breathe?
Tony sat down on the curb and put his head between his knees. He didn't want to imagine what he looked like, a Mafia Boss, a capital 'B' Boss, sitting on the ground like a kid at a Macy's parade. Cue the fucking confetti and tootsie rolls.
His phone rang. It was Peter. He answered without thinking, then realized his throat was thick and he probably sounded like he was crying. Was he crying?
"What the fuck, Tony? I can't go to dinner without a babysitter?"
Tony gulped down air. The sound of his voice, even venomous and angry, helped to soothe him. "No, baby, you can't." His voice came out thick and gravelly and probably sounded more angry than upset.
"And why not?" He could just see him, hiding in the bathroom so no one would here them argue. A hand on his hip and the other clutched around his phone. Teeth clenched and hair disheveled where he ran a frustrated hand through it.
"Because you're mine," Tony said, a little smile on his lips.
He heard Peter sigh. "I know I'm in trouble and all, but can't your men wait outside?"
"You need all the protection you can get, angel. I won't let anything happen to you." Or anyone, he thought.
A pause, then another sigh. "Fine. You're right. Sorry, I overreacted."
"It's okay. I'm glad you called."
"Are you okay?"
Tony stood up and brushed himself off. He looked at the people passing him by as if they were the ones who were strange. "I will be when this is over."
There was a pause. "Should I cancel dinner?" He sounded so upset. Tony couldn't take something from him if it really meant that much. Though, he couldn't say that it didn't feel good to be reminded that he could. If he walked into that restaurant and dragged Peter out no one would stop him. Hell, Peter would blush and make excuses but he wouldn't argue. Not in public. Not when it could tarnish Tony's image.
"No, angel. Enjoy your dinner." And think of me, he thought. Remember the guards I sent to protect you. Remember that I'm always just a call away.
"You sure?"
"Of course. Be safe. Don't go anywhere alone." Just come home. Just ditch him and come home.
"I'll be careful. You be careful, too."
"I love you, Peter." More than anything. Anything at all.
"Love you, Tony." Why? What's worth loving when I'm weak like this?
On shaking legs, Tony got back in the car. Cold and pale, he cleared his throat. Then he barked at the driver to take him home.
Peter wasn’t late, but it felt like it. Especially since Tony had spent a good while on the bathroom floor throwing up into the toilet. He had showered and brushed his teeth and he prayed Peter didn't smell the vomit on him. He was relaxing by an artificial fire, forcing himself to read a book, when Peter came in. He was all smiles, walking on air. He floated across the room to give Tony a kiss.
"Whatcha reading?"
"Nothing." He let Peter take the book from his hands and set it aside. Then he sat straddling his lap. "There's my angel." He brushed Peter's hair from his forehead. He had to get himself under control. He'd been completely sick until Peter got home. He felt like he'd been holding his breath up until the moment Peter's weight settled in his lap. He closed his eyes and breathed him.
"Did you miss me?" Peter cooed, angel sweet. He smelled like fresh Italian herbs and restaurant hand soap.
Tony shrugged. "Should I?"
Peter gave him a coy smile. "I know what missed me." He slipped down to the floor and pushed apart Tony's legs. His skinny fingers trailed over his crotch. A slave to his husband, the man that was supposed to be his plaything and not the other way around, Tony's cock started to thicken at the touch. He let his legs spread wider, let his head fall back as Peter's hot little mouth made a wet spot on the front of his pants. He could feel the heat, the tease of suction through too many layers. After suffering so many bad feelings throughout the day, the promise of pleasure made him hungry.
"Don't tease, sweetheart."
Peter looked up at him with a mischievous smile on his face. He continued to suck on the fabric, moaning like it was his cock, like he could taste it through the material. Tony stared, his expression dark. He reached slowly down to unbuckle his belt and pulled it off. Peter sat still and waited watching as he took out his cock.
Tony admired the way he licked his bottom lip as be eyed the belt in his hands before he eyed Tony's cock. He looked up, asking for permission.
"Get your mouth on it. No hands."
Without a question, Peter bent and took his cock into his mouth. Tony finally felt some of the days tension leave him. He let Peter get him hard and wet, then he used the belt to pulled Peter in, letting it curve against the back of his head, and pulled him down until his tongue reached his balls. He pulled down with the belt and thrust his hips forward, burying as deeply as he could in his throat. His head fell back against the chair. Peter wretched, body trembling between his legs. Tony let him up before he could puke up his dinner. He looked down at Peter to see his eyes glassy and his mouth open and dripping with spit.
"What a good little toy you are. Gonna be my fleshlight, baby?"
Peter moaned. "Yes, daddy." Fuck, that look on his face, cock stupid and perfect. Ready to do anything he asked.
"That's a good boy."
He got his mouth back on Tony's cock and Tony used the belt to guide him. He kept his mouth open wide and let Tony have what he wanted, appearing more fuck hole than man.
"You're daddy's perfect little slut aren't you?"
Peter gurgled on his cock, unable to answer.
"Should keep you tied to the bed. Use you whenever I want." Never let you leave. He liked the sound of that.
Peter was so good, so patient, and obedient. Tony's treatment of his throat was brutal, tortuous, yet he sat with his hands in lap. Tears ran down his cheeks and spit down his chin. Daddy's good obedient pet. Perfect and beautiful and all his. All his.
He let Peter go and sat stroking himself, watching him gasp. Once he recovered enough, he sat up, mouth open waiting for his cum. Tony painted him with it, coating his face in sticky white, hardly any ended up in his waiting mouth. And Peter sat, still and patient until Tony wiped the cum from his eyes. Then he blinked up at him, licking his lips.
"Can I cum, daddy?"
Tony thought a moment. "No," he decided. He could spend tomorrow hard and thinking about Tony and not thinking about Osborn and Tony would feel a little better about his dinner outing.
"Clean your face and strip for me."
"Yes, sir." Peter wiped cum from his cheeks and licked his fingers clean. Tony scooped some off his forehead when he missed it. Peter happily suckled his fingers, humming and closing his eyes. Like having any part of Tony inside him was bliss. Then he stood and stripped out of his clothes. Tony looked at his cock, fully hard and needy.
"Come sit with me, angel."
Peter sat down on his lap, happy when Tony gave him a deep kiss. Then slowly started to kiss down his neck. His fingers teased his bare thigh. He brushed them over his hard cock, adoring the way his cock jumped under his touch. "Tell me about your dinner. Did you have a good time?"
"Yeah," he began, notably breathless. "Harry was back in town so- so Gwen and I took him out." He stuttered as Tony sucked on his neck. He grinned against the fresh bruises he made.
"That sounds nice," he said.
He wrapped a hand around his cock and slowly stroked him. Peter licked his swollen lips.
"It was fun. I missed Harry. I missed you, too, of course. I'm not used to having dinner without you."
Tony sucked another mark into his skin, increasing the pressure until Peter whined and his hands touched his chest. Then he thought, just one more, and sucked another mark just above his Adam's apple.
"What's gotten into you?" Peter asked, breathless and clinging to his chest.
"Nothing." Tony threaded his fingers through his hair and kissed him again. He licked away the taste of cum from his mouth until he could taste Peter underneath. His Peter.
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Tumblr media
Fanart de @phul_king 🔥✍🏾 Sensei🇲🇽🔥⚠️ 💎@homegrownmafia haciendolo fino. Tags/_/_/_ #phul #king #fu #homegrown #mafia #Music #rap #trap #rapfrases #trapfrases #fanart #design #designer #japon #asia #Mexico #méxico #mex #mx (en México)
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sandythereadingcafe · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MAFIA KING (Young Irish Rebels 2) by Vi Carter at The Reading Cafe:
‘dramatic, dark and gritty’
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babybatscreationsv2 · 23 days ago
A King on a Leash ch7
Marvel | Starker
Tony Stark is a powerful man with a beautiful husband and a loyal crime family, but it looks like he didn’t keep his husband on a short enough leash. After turning Peter lose on a Cuban gang leader, Peter’s life is  in danger. The real trouble is that Tony now realizes that Peter is the  only thing in this world that he cares about and he never meant for that  to happen.
Sequel to A Doll on a String
Rating: Explicit
Full Fic
A Doll on a String
Warnings under the cut*
Warnings: mafia au, codependency, choking, unsafe sex, extreme breath play, referenced murder violence and torture
The sun came in through the thin curtains, waking Tony from his sleep. He opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Peter. He was still asleep, laying on his back, softly snoring, mouth open, always the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
He checked the clock. They had two hours still before they needed to be up. At least today, they could take the drive into town together. Tony could pick Peter up from the performance hall. Maybe they needed some distance between them, but with Harry Osborn stepping up to bat, Tony wasn't comfortable with the idea of distance. Peter certainly didn't mind when Tony got clingy. It seemed to make him happy, in fact.
He laid there and watched Peter sleep until his body ached to get up and move. Then he carefully pulled himself from the bed, trying not to jostle his husband. He went to the closet and pulled on some sweat pants and a t-shirt. Then he heard Peter stirring on the bed.
"Tony?" he mumbled.
Tony went to the bed and caught Peter's searching hand. "Right here, angel."
He smiled. "Good morning, daddy. Did you sleep well?"
Tony smiled, too. Peter was a sight with his eyes barely open and his hair frizzy from the pillows. "Of course. How are you, darling?"
"Still missing you."
Tony chuckled. "I'm right here. Don't miss me."
Peter sat up and slipped down from the bed. He wrapped his arms around him. "Come shower with me."
"Sounds great."
He followed Peter into the bathroom and stood checking his reflection while Peter warmed up the water. He shot Tony a coy smile before slipping behind the frosted glass door. Tony shucked off what little clothes he wore and followed him into the shower.
Peter didn't offer any pretense of wanting to bathe. He turned and press his bare chest against Tony's. His hands held the back of his neck and pulled him down. Tony wrapped his arms around him, soaking up Peter's kisses.
"Missed you so much," Peter breathed between kisses.
Tony smiled. "I was only gone for a day."
Peter shook his head. "That's too long."
"What about when you left me for a week?"
"It wasn't a whole week... and I still missed you. Speaking of... can we talk about that now?"
Tony stared at his face. The situation with Suarez's people would be handled soon enough. If they had just waited a few more days for Happy and Natasha to finish gathering intel, Nat could have warned him before they broke into his home.
"Let's wash up and then we'll talk. I promise."
"Okay." Peter kissed his cheek. Then he turned and stepped under the water. Tony helped him wash which led to more kissing, but they were both too busy thinking to be distracted by sex.
They dried and dressed then went to the kitchen. Tony didn't feel much like eating, but that didn't stop Peter from making him a waffle away. Once they were both sitting, food steaming in front of them, Tony finally started talking.
"Rhodey got word that Suarez has people after you. I didn't want to worry you. I'm handling it." He waved his hand to express that this was all very much not worth worrying over.
Peter nodded, poker face on. If Tony didn't know any better he would think he was truly unfazed. "What do we know?"
"Suarez has a cousin or something, he's pissed, and he knows that you're connected to me somehow. Or at least, that's what we knew yesterday. Obviously, they figured out who you are and where we live." He reached across the table and took Peter's hand. He didn't look very hungry anymore.
"I have everyone looking into it: Happy, Rhodey, Natasha. We're gonna find an in and then we're going to make this cousin disappear along with anyone else who's got a problem with you."
Peter nodded. "I know we will. But not if you keep secrets from me."
"I never want you to be afraid."
"It's you I'm worried about," Peter said.
"It's not me than they came for."
Peter squeezed his hand. "If something happens-"
"Peter don't-" Tony shook his head, but Peter wasn't to be stopped.
"I want you to know that it's not your fault. You're doing everything you can and it was my choice to handle it the way I did. You said it yourself, I never needed to kill Suarez or any of his men. I wanted to. So I only have myself to blame." Peter gave him a shrug and a smile like it was no big deal.
Tony picked up Peter's hand and pressed it to his lips. "I'm going to take care of it."
Peter pressed his hand to cheek. "I know you'll protect me. You'll make them all regret fucking with the Starks."
Tony smiled. "That's right, angel. We're the kings of this city."
"You're the king of the world."
The love in his eyes was blinding, reassuring. Tony got lost in it, forgetting his usual insecurity. If Peter wouldn't protest being late he would make love to him here on the counter top. Slow and deep until they felt merged into one. For a moment, Tony believed that Peter's love and admiration were unbreakable.
"I love you."
Peter smiled. He would swear his eyes twinkled. "Love you, Tony."
Tony watched, moony-eyed, while Peter finished his breakfast. He fed Tony bites off of his plate. Tony didn't eat anything that Peter didn't feed him. He didn't honestly care what that said about him. They went back upstairs to finish getting ready. The bedroom was starting to smell from the gore splattered around the room. Or maybe, he just hadn't noticed it until the smell of waffles cleaned out his nose. He'd have to call his cleaner to handle it while they were gone. Some of the boys would sit and monitor the process. It wasn’t safe to trust a single soul. Not even the hunch backed Korean man who liked Tony's money more than morals.
They got into the car and Peter snuggled into his side. They usually did their own thing after leaving the house, but he seemed needy. Maybe he was afraid. It made Tony want to grind his teeth. The only thing Peter should ever be afraid of was him. Not that he was anymore, he knew Tony was wrapped around his finger. Sometimes he missed scaring him. Maybe he'd do something just for fun.
He wrapped his arm around him and kissed his forehead when he looked up. He let that hand come up to wrap around Peter's neck. He watched his pupils widen in response. He squeezed. Angel that he was, his legs spread. Probably didn't even realize what he was doing.
Peter was in leggings today. Tony could see that bulge in the fabric beginning to grow. Perfect. So perfect. He squeezed until he couldn't breathe.
"Daddy-" Peter gasped. Tony smirked. He looked afraid. It felt good.
Tony carefully pushed him down onto his back, hand still on his throat. Peter let himself be guided even as he struggled to take in air. They had surpassed a point of danger where Tony usually stopped. He never fully stopped Peter's breathing, but he had such a craving for fear and violence. And Peter was so beautiful when he was scared or in pain. He wasn't even trying to push Tony away.
He touched Peter's cock through his leggings. "I'm not going to let go until you cum."
"Please-" he rasped.
"Don't waste your breath, sweetheart. You need all the air you can get." Tony kissed his open mouth. His hand rubbed hard and fast against Peter's cock. He pushed his hips up against it. He wasn't sure Peter would be able to cum before his lips turned blue and some horrible little part of him wanted to stick to his word regardless. He can't leave me if he's dead.
No, worse. He can't love me if he's dead.
Peter choked, his eyes rolled back in his head, his body shuddered. Tony felt wet under his hand and he kept rubbing, but he let go of Peter's neck. He sucked in a rush of air, gasping and moaning, little tears caught in his eye lashes.
"Daddy- daddy, so good," he moaned. "Thank you, daddy." He sounded near delirious.
"Good boy."
Peter moaned, his grip was weak on Tony's shirt. "That's my angel."
Peter smiled. He blinked away tears. "My daddy." He sat up and gave Tony a kiss. Then he frowned. "Ugh." He looked down at his lap. "Seriously, my leggings?"
"Tell everyone you spilled coffee on your lap." Tony grinned, all teeth. "Or, tell them your daddy made you cum in your pants like a little whore."
Peter sat with his legs squeezed together and his arms crossed until the car parked in the front of the performance hall. Then he sat and scowled at him.
"Aw, what's wrong, sweetheart?" Tony cooed. He adored the look on his face. "We both know you have a change of clothes inside."
"You're so mean."
Tony caught his chin. He gave Peter a quick kiss on his pouting lips. "Have fun, angel."
Peter wrinkled his nose. "You have fun," he grumbled, climbing out of the car.
Tony sighed and relaxed back into his seat, straightening his tie. That felt good. But of course, the feeling wasn't meant to last. His phone began to buzz in his pocket. He pulled it out and checked the number
He answered the call, but didn't bother to speak. The fewer words spoken the better. At least, that was what Natasha believed.
"I've got a lead," she said. Then she hung up.
Tony tapped the seat in front of him to get the driver's attention. He had been pointedly not looking in the backseat for a while now. "Back to base," he said.
"You got it, boss."
Tony's hands were fisted on top of his thighs. He stared ahead at passing buildings and saw none. He hoped what Natasha had was enough for them to end this mess. It wouldn't do for Peter to be afraid, to feel powerless, to feel that Tony were powerless.
"If something happens," he had said. Did he already believe that Tony was weak? That he couldn't protect him?
The car pulled straight in to the open bay of the warehouse, an extra precaution since Peter's life was threatened. He waited for the bay door to close before stepping out of the car.
"Where's Romanof?" he asked an associate, Jefferson. He runs heroine for Bucky, but is also afraid of Bucky, which meant that Bucky was not in the warehouse. Hopefully Nat had sicced him on a lead.
"In the back, sir," he gestured down the hall.
The back rooms were both extra storage and a place to hide kidnapping victims. If she didn't have someone with her, she would have waited in his office. He felt hopeful. This had to be good.
He walked a pace too quickly down the hall, guards following him like shadows. Another associate waited outside of a room to direct Tony in. He took in only one guard, just in case. He didn't need him.
Natasha had a guy tied to a chair, way too tightly by the purple of his fingers. He was already shaking, but not yet crying. They still had work to do.
"What's this, Nat?" Tony asked as if he didn't know.
"This fella says he doesn't know anything about Los Tiburones, but I just don't believe him, Boss."
Tony looked at the man. Latino, late twenties, shaved head, dirty, stained clothes. One arm of his red flannel shirt was cut open revealing a tattoo of a shark bite.
"You don't run with the Tiburones?" Tony leaned against the wall, a hand against his chin.
"N-no, sir. She- she- the woman, she grabbed me! I just deliver sandwiches!"
Tony ignored the blatant lie. "Your English is good. You raised in the states?"
"Yes, sir. By my mother in Texas." He was somewhat soothed by the conversation.
"Must have broke her heart when you joined up with a Cuban gang. One would think she was trying to protect you from that."
"She's dead, sir."
"Is she?"
"Yes, sir, she was murdered."
"By the Tiburones?"
"No, sir, by-" he stopped.
"By a rival gang?" Tony quirked an eyebrow. He didn't say anything. "Let me guess. You joined the Tiburones to get revenge?" No. "You owed the Tiburones for avenging her for you?" No. "She was killed because you joined the Tiburones." Yes. There was a little flash of panic in his eyes. Better than a lie detector.
Tony stepped away from the wall. He leaned down into the man's face. "You know who I am?" He nodded. "Then you know why you're here?" He nodded, hands trembling. "Don't play any more games with me."
He didn't offer a consequence. It didn't matter whether he cooperated or not. They would get what they needed out of him.
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Take your pick of triad monkey aesthetics
#my art#journey to the west#jttw#xiyouji#sun wukong#monkey king#new gods nezha reborn#nezha reborn#investiture of the gods#journeyed from the east#jfte#illustration#!!!!! all my chinese mafia inspired wukong designs draw on punks so*#*it was really cool to see a take on that aesthetic but from a higher ranking angle !!!!!!!#love the decandence and gaudiness of how shiny and gold his outfit is#and oh my god the idea of opera flags being on the back of his motorcycle is SO GOOD#also sorry if his motorcycle turns out inaccurate </3 was working from a single reference image and my memory#BUT ALSO GFJDKSSKD PLEASE IGNORE HOW I JUST SHADED MY OLD DRAWING OF JFTE WUKONG'S MOTORCYCLE GJDFKSDFJDKSD I DIDNT WANNA REDRAW IT#also- jfte wukong 🤝(being nezha's sifu-adjacent figure)🤝 new gods wukong#gfdhFJDSD in case you were wondering why jfte longma has a leather jacket and jfte bajie looks like a 大佬 and everything#jfte took so so so much inspo from hk mafia movies when I was first developing it#it would've bought so much more into the aesthetic if it wasn't meant to be primarily an ABC story#but then again wukong still has a fight club under his kungfu school so#anywho I think jfte wukong would get along with new gods wukong but in that way your two competitive uncles do during a brutal game of 麻雀#horribly snide remarks and insults but also loud uncontrollable laughter at jokes nobody else gets#also to be clear- jfte wukong is chewing on a toothpick not smoking- for more uncle aesthetic#also also <3 I think im getting better at drawing flatter faces and that's my personal self case#*care
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