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thenoaidi · 4 months ago
Quadrantids Meteor Shower
Between Jan 3-4, the Quadrantids Meteor Shower can be seen in the night sky of the Northern Hemisphere.
🌠 This meteor shower comes from the constellation Quadrans Muralis, that no longer exists. But it seems to radiate from the modern constellation Boötes 'The Herdsman'. 🌠 It corresponds with Inspiration, Nature & Storm Warding.
Ritual & Magick: ✨ Write down or make a vision board of the things that inspires you. ✨ Spend time in nature (this is also great for grounding) ✨ Folklorist Benjamin Thorpe mentions a bell in Germany with the inscription, “I call the living, bewail the dead, and drive away Thunder”. Bells are clapped, like thunder, to create sonorous roars – this is imitative magic, simulating natural powers to deter their force, fighting fire with fire.
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duckapus · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4-2-Go the Ferrograde!
Ferrogrades are small aliens with extremely durable metallic skin, who’s limbs are held together via strong, highly localized electromagnetic fields. They can travel smoothly at highway speeds on any terrain, and their track ball-like foot generates an energy field go up steep inclines with ease, the strongest of them even able to travel on ceilings with little issue. Their four free-floating forearms are able to rotate fast enough to generate enough lift to allow the average Ferrograde to glide short distances. This also allows them to put enough power into an attack that they can slice through an Incursian Battle Cruiser’s hull in just one strike. Granted, since they’re using their arms as propellers to generate that amount of force there’s usually a lot more than just one strike. They lack any form of nervous system, and thus have no sense of touch.
Ferrogrades were originally native to the planet Durion, which was destroyed in a war with the Sotoraggians, who then enslaved the remaining Ferrogrades. They were primarily utilized to deliver messages and equipment. This arrangement lasted roughly seven Earth years, and the subsequent rebellion was swift, efficient, brutal, and ended with the destruction of Sotoragg. The two now-nomadic species have been at each-other’s throats ever since. More importantly, this resulted in the Ferrogrades opening an intergalactic postal service, seeing as the infrastructure was already there and now under their control.
Idk I just thought it would be funny if the crazy red-armored overly weaponized jetpack bounty hunters were mortal enemies with tiny mailmen. 4-2-Go was a placeholder name I got attached to.
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news-now-tv · 4 months ago
NEWS NOW, The Sun, Earth's Weather, History
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celestialflamesme · 4 months ago
| UNDER THE STARS | A Stashi One-shot | Fairy Tail Next Generation |
Ships: Storm Fullbuster x Nashi Dragneel
Happy Stargazing! @primaverafrog @luna-chan00 @biorckstudios18 @animaration-fts @cxndy-stxrs
It was 3 a.m. and Storm was going to kill Nashi.
In fact, as soon as they reached wherever she was dragging him to, he would dig a giant pit and push her in.
No, that wasn't evil of him. No, he did not care that he thought that she was cute yesterday or the day before that or before that (or beforeeee that). No, he did NOT (like absolutely no, nuh-uh) think she looked phenomenal with her baggy black sweater and her hair in a bun. (YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO STAY MAD AT HER, DUMBASS!! WHY'RE YOU THINKING ABOUT HER HAIR?! YOU AIN'T A SIMP!!!)
Anyway, where was he going with this? Uhh...
Right! One simply did not wake the eldest Fullbuster up at 3 am and drag him out to the middle of nowhere and expect to live. So Nashi better have a good reason why he shouldn't throttle her right there, right now.
"I can literally feel you glaring at the back of my head, Ice-breath." She teased. He growled back in response, making the pinkette laugh (Sadist. Sleep-nabber. Why, oh, why did he have to like her?)
"TADA!!!" She waved her arms dramatically, (Albeit, cutely. DAMNIT STORM, YOU SIMP!!) presenting the reclusive spot she'd picked for whatever the hell she had planned.
"Nashiiii," he whined. (Yes, yes he did whine. He was a 16-year-old teen boy that needed his sleep to function coherently damnit!! You couldn't blame him!!) "Why are we here, woman?!"
"There's a meteor shower tonight!" Nashi grinned from ear to ear, "And you're the only one that can bear the cold."
Storm deadpanned. "That's the only reason you woke me up and made me carry this?!" He dropped the basket (Which was definitely filled to the brim with food, the eldest Dragneel sure could eat...)
"Oh, don't be such a spoilsport," she muttered, pulling a picnic mat out and laying it on the snow-laden earth. And as she took two blankets out, Storm came to 2 startling conclusions.
One: Yes, moron. It wasn't a dream. Stop pinching yourself.
Two: He was going to watch the stars with Nashi Dragneel, the girl he was absolutely, without a doubt, in cahoots about, feelings-wise.
The pinkette plopped on the mat and patted the space next to her, her ruby blanket clashing against the snow-field. And his heart did a little flip-flop at the sneaky grin she had on her face. Uh-oh. (Shit, do something smooth and unexpected and get out of this situation with the upper-hand!)
And he did. He sat next to her and guess what? He snatched her pack of chips.
There was no one in a five-mile-radius that didn't hear the indignant shriek that escaped her at that moment (Maybe she was sleepier and snappier than she let on, hehe.)
"YOU DON'T EVEN LIKE CHIPS, YOU TOOL!" Nashi yelled, trying to wrestle the pack off his hands.
"Who says I don't?" He teased.
"Fine, fine." Letting out a sigh as he watched her scarf down half the pack (It was a HUGE pack, mind you) Storm grabbed his own blanket and tucked himself in. "When does it begin?"
"In like half an hour." She mumbled with her mouth full.
"Why are we here NOW THEN?!" Storm screeched. She glared at him.
"Because I didn't want to miss it! Duh!"
He let out a groan and grabbed a caramade frank, chomping on it frustratedly. Nashi, for her part, remained blissfully unaware of his inner turmoil. And how could she? It wasn't like she liked him back. No matter what anyone said, an unrequited crush suckeddddd.
6 minutes later, he'd finished the caramade frank and was laying on his back flicking snow at Nashi. (To which she finally retaliated by dumping a handful on his face.)
9 minutes later, they were having an impromptu snowball fight and Storm was winning. (Kind of obvious though, ice powers did come in handy.)
"No fair! I was just checking the skies!" She grumbled, hair damp with snow, sprawled on the ground.
"All's fair in love and war," he smirked, throwing another snowball at her form, making her yelp.
"I forfeit!"
"Well, that's a first," he plopped next to her, throwing her blanket smack on her face and settling in his own. She grunted a thank-you and increased her temperature, warming them up. Both were silent for quite some time.
"Random question. Would you date me?"
He was really really going to regret this in the morning but right now, he curiously tried to gauge her reaction.
Nashi shrugged, "Right now? No."
Wait, what? Right- right now? What did he do? Was she mad at him? Did he take it too far with the snowball fight? Or maybe she was letting him down lightly. Oh, he should've figured something like this would happen. Why did he think this was a good-
"You're overthinking again, Fullbuster." She smiled at him, "I want to get stronger so that I can protect everyone first."
His heart swelled at that. Storm really was glad he had the privilege to call Nashi Dragneel his friend. But he was still confused.
"That's- that's the only reason you won't date me right now?" He spluttered.
Nashi had a strange look on her face when she said, "Well, yeah."
"But you hate me!" (Okay, even he knew that wasn't true, Nashi Dragneel didn't hate anybody.)
"What? No! That's just some friendly compet- WAIT YOU KNOW I DON'T MEAN ANYTHING I SAY, DON'T YOU?" She shook him by the shoulders, her eyes frantic.
He'd figured that, alright. But the fact still managed to knock his breath out (Only slightly, he was NOT A SIMP!)
"Look!" She squealed, pointing at the dark skies now ablaze with pieces of heaven falling. Both watched with bated breath (him more than her due to reasons as cited above) as the meteors faded, one by one, till there was nothing.
"Dad said the view at Stella is even more breathtaking than I can imagine. He took Mom to see the stars once and they were soo big!" She ranted excitedly. Storm softly smiled at her.
Then something clicked. (Maybe a bit slower than it should've.)
"WAIT, you do know what dating is right?"
She scoffed, indignant at the accusation, "Of course I do!"
That wasn't good enough. "If Gale or Raidyn asked, you'd date them too?" (With Uncle Natsu's dense nature, one couldn't be too sure.)
"What kind of trick question is that? I like you, dumbass!"
Okay, a part of him might've craved this but his brain blanked anyway. How was she so casual and calm about this while he was here internally (and externally, most probably) freaking out?? It seemed too unreal. He reached to pinch his wrist again, and it shouldn't have relieved him as much to see that she was twiddling her thumbs, hence was as nervous as he was. (HE'S NOT THE ONLY SIMP NOW, HAHA!)
This woman. He pulled her against him and kissed her forehead, making her squeak, "Mavis, you're a weirdo."
"W-what the heck?!" She blinked at him with those big brown does eyes of hers, face red as her blanket. (Aw, fuck it, he was totally a simp for her.)
"I promise to get stronger too," he continued, "to protect those I love."
She blinked at him and smirked, "Bet you 5 million jewels I'll be stronger."
"You don't even have 5 million jewels!"
"Yup, I plan to get 5 mil. richer by the end of this!" Nashi chortled, and he smirked back.
"It's a bet. Let's pinky swear on it."
The pinkette snorted, "You're such a dork."
"Oh, we'll see." he paused before casually stating, "I'm obviously stronger right now, though."
"OH, YOU WISH!" She stuck out her tongue at him.
And they laughed and teased and spent the night under the stars like they spent everyday.
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princemannikin · 11 months ago
Sokka: Do you think fish see a rain storm the way we see a meteor shower?
Katara: You can just ask them yourself if you don't plan on fixing the submarine anytime soon.
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caelpictor · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kyle aesthetic moodboard
(Wasn’t tagged by anyone just saw this challenge going around and did it lol)
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we-are-a-dragon · a year ago
Andy (playing Una): So are you going to tell us what the mystery quest was?
DM: Oh, yeah. You remember that guy you helped on the road last session?
Andy: Yeah?
DM: He had the item Zora and her bandits were looking for.
Adam (playing Billie): The scroll of meteor storm?
DM: Yep. If you hadn’t helped him fix his cart, Zora would have found him, killed him, and taken the scroll. You wouldn’t have met her in the wild because she’d be off delivering the scroll to Therak.
Adam: ...That would have changed a lot.
Hamish (playing Thaddeus): ...So where is it now?
DM: You can assume it’s ended up in Shibanah, hopefully with the Captain of the Guards.
Tati (playing Hanako): I wonder if we could get it off h-
DM: *laughs* Not a chance.
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walkerofwastes · a year ago
I don’t want to be NSFW on dash but let Gideon hold your hand and tell you why you are important and matter.
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