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#MCU x reader
barnesandco · an hour ago
"i know we're not together but i might die today so i'm going to kiss you just in case there is no later" + mr barnes please ayesha. i love you and this trope v much (you moreso but still)
now you hang from my lips 
(like the gardens of Babylon)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Angsttt, sketchy medical science (when isn’t there), and graphical depictions of violence and wounds. 
A/N: Wow thanks for breaking my heart, Ari. I love you too but look what you made me do. The title is from Taylor Swift’s cowboy like me, and the “bonsai and gardener” is a reference to this amazing show on Netflix called Feel Good (it’s super gay and super cool and I binged it last week). Anyway, enjoy some tears and some kisses. And the reader is totally not a self-insert, bc who says I’m also shy, “my primary love language is acts of service but i’d never tell you i love you” kind of gal.
Selfishly, hopelessly, all you can think when the knife enters his neck is, he doesn’t know. And of course, he doesn’t. He can’t. Not when your affection is obscured in pragmatism -- making sure his water bottle is full in the fridge when he gets back from his nightly run, offering to make his morning coffee hours after the last pot has gone cold because he wakes so late now that he has the luxury to, listening to him talk and talk and talk, and it’s been worth it. In the steady care of your friendship, he has grown.
Bucky, the bonsai, and you, the gardener, and now, he’s dying.
The slow-motion of watching the blade pierce his skin passes like a haze, like smog, thick and captivating, and with the spray of blood, time snaps back into place like a rubber band. There is a flurry of movement, as you register Steve shout and launch a vengeful attack on the remainder of the enemy while Wanda scrambles to cover you as you rush for Bucky. Sam is a blur of red, white, and blue as he dives from his place in the sky, not just a captain but your field medic, as ever. 
Upon landing, he begins to bark out orders and while your mind is a flurry of chaos, the instructions stick. Your hands are shaking as you sanitize them, and when Sam asks you to hold the wound in place, you do. The only part of you that is frozen is your mouth, while Bucky’s has gone worryingly blue. Sam’s stitches are as clean as clean can be when the sky is falling -- metaphorically and physically -- but blood is joining the dirt under your fingernails and there’s a puddle of it under his head and his skin is so cold and Sam is calling for you through what feels like miles of water, but then...
Then Bucky’s eyelids start to flutter, and you lean down and press your forehead against his chest, for just a second, say a little prayer and hope it reaches someone’s ears.
You whisper, I love you, and hope it diffuses through the leather covering his chest and makes its way to your heart. All you can think, when your rise again to look at his closed eyes, his blue lips, is, he doesn’t know. He deserves to know.
There is a hand holding his, and another, at his neck. The smoke is settling and the battlefield is alarmingly quiet. He breathes and coughs, and squeezes his flesh hand, the one being held. When he opens his eyes, he sees his team around him, and with the sight, return the memories, and so, the literal pain in his neck makes sense. Sam is cleaning his hands and exhales, so Bucky smiles a tight smile, first at him, and then Steve, beside him, who looks close to tears. Wanda is doing her best to conceal her fear, but you, you come into focus and he sees that you are terrified.
Terrified, and oh, so beautiful. You’re talking to him, frantically looking over his wound again and squeezing his hand along, and logically, he knows he should speak, reassure you and Sam and Steve and Wanda, but he’s feeling lightheaded, like the abyss might take him back soon.
So he does the only thing that comes to mind. The only thing that reconciles your fear with the ache in his chest, the product of months of growth. He lifts his metal hand and places it gently on the top of your spine, pulls you down, and kisses you.
The world goes dark, but not before he has recognized jasmine on your lips, even after hours of fighting -- you’re addicted to that tea of yours, but if he could grow plants like you, he might be, too -- and not before he has learnt the way relief tastes on your tongue. If this is his ending, it’s a happy one.
He wakes to the sound of machine’s beeping. Steve is asleep on the sofa in his hospital room, and your head rests on the side of his bed by his hand. The urge to run a finger down your jaw is strong, but he resists it. If you’re here, he was right. If you’re here, you know how he feels, and you feel the same. 
Sam appears in the doorway and smiles when he sees that Bucky is awake. In his hand is a Nintendo Switch, which he hands over to Bucky, before passing him a glass of water and sitting down on his other side. There’s a bonsai on the window sill, a vine of daisies growing around your forearm, and a pot of jasmine on his bedside. He pours the remainder of his water in the flowerpot. You can both rest, now. 
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loganbcrnes · an hour ago
Going on a picnic date with Victor Creed and Logan Howlett would include
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tags: smut, nsfw, face slapping, dirty talk, oral, p in v . DON’T READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18. requests are open!! pairing: Victor Creed x female reader, Logan Howlett x female reader
authors note: ok tbf this is mostly smut than a picnic date, i got a lil carried away, but hope yall enjoy!!
You, Logan and Victor live in small cottage in the forest, you both have been living there for about 5 years. 
you met them during ww2 when they were helping out Captain America and the Howling Commandos, you were a nurse in London which is where they met you
unfortunately they were taken by Hydra and a couple months later you were abducted by Frost Giants which then led you to living on Asgard for 70 years. 
forward 70 years later, yall reunited and have been living in a cottage ever since.
now you have been wanting to do something fun with the boys, they’re always busy with their job or playing on the ps5 or some shit like that. you haven’t been on a date with them in awhile.
so you made them go to town to buy some new summer clothes instead of wearing the same old ass jeans they’ve been wearing for years
you decided to put on one of your cute summer dresses with a nice summer hat. you decided to go a bit vintage with your hair and did victory rolls like you used to do back in the 40s, but left the hair down. you put on a nice red lipstick.
as soon as Victor saw you, he gave you the smirk he usually gave when he was horny and wanted to fuck. 
so he bend you over the table and fucked your tight pussy whilst Logan took your mouth
afterwards you all began to walk to your destination
Victor was bored hallway through the walk, all he wanted to do was relax at home and fuck you for hours
“are we there yet?” “stop whining you little shit”
Vic and Logan constantly bickering over stupid shit
constantly teasing you and saying how fucking sexy you looked in the dress
once you got to your destination the two boys began to lay out the blanket and food
you guys sat there and admiring the view
though they were just admiring you, they didn’t give a shit about any view
you constantly blushing when they kept complimenting you and the tasty food you made
there were a lot of flowers surrounding you so you went and plucked a bunch of flowers
Victor began plucking some too
and yall started to make headcrowns
Logan kept grumbling about how this will look ridiculous
Victor and Logan wearing headcrowns as you snapped photos of them
ends up having a laughing fit
after awhile of talking about fond memories during the war and your fun adventures with Thor and Loki on Assgard, you guys started on the desert
now you were betting the boys would get horny over this
they got horny over anything you did
yall laid down onto your elbows next to each other while you both fed each other strawberries, Victor tried feeding Logan a strawberry and swatted his hand away
you end up laughing for 5 minutes straight
Victor started to makeout with you after feeding you a strawberry with chocolate on the end
“mmmh, can smell just how wet you are for us, Honey”
Logan laying between your legs
“you seem to forget our other desert sweetheart”
Logan going down on you
you spread your legs even wider as he licks between your folds and your clit
slurping noises kept coming from him, he moaned as he licks into you, tasting your sweet juices
“taste fucking good baby”
Victor taking his thick cock out 
he spread the precum onto your lips and began to slap his cock against your cheeks
it was a major turn on for him to see your reddened cheeks as he fucked your throat
you began to suck him off, twirling your tongue around the tip
Logan starts to finger you to stretch you out
you orgasm quickly as you are always overwhelmed around them
Logan taking off you panties completely as Victor pulls your tits out of your bra
“fuck, always love the sight of your tits, Frail”
Victor sucking your tits as Logan begins to thrust into you
“fuck you’re so wet”
“so god damn tight and we just fucked you this morning”
you moaning so loud you were worried other people would hear you, but then you remembered you live in the middle of fucking nowhere
you could feel Logans heavy balls slapping against you clit
Victor began to fuck your throat
Logan was a screamer, he moaned loudly and you could tell when he was close as he began to make grunting sounds
Victor began to rub your clit as you got closer and closer to the edge
“ya’ gonna cum for us, Kitten?”
you moaned their name and begged for release
once Logan emptied his seed inside of your tight cunt, he pulled out. they both switched places. logan laid down next to you to play with your tits whilst Victor began to fuck into your cunt 
you squeezed around his cock just the way he likes it
you grabbed onto his wide shoulders as he bent your knees to your chest
“such a georges sight, Frail. all laid out for us to take. your pretty little cunt fits perfect for my cock”
Victor growling and purring as he got closer to the edge, he bite your neck as he came inside of you
after a few minutes of laying side by side, Logan turn to face you “we should do this more often”
you roll your eyes, and leaned forward to kiss that cheeky smile off his face.
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 hours ago
Wanda: *Screams*
Y/N, rushing into the room: What?! What?! Are you hurt?! Who’s dead?!
Wanda: No. No. There’s a mouse.
Y/N: A fucking mouse?!
Wanda, as Y/N is reaching for it: Wait, don’t do that. You’ll catch something.
Y/N: We’re already going through one plague, I think another will be fine!
Bruce: Also, you’re more likely to catch a disease from touching genitalia, than a rodent from the street.
Y/N: Thank you Bruce, for your daily dose of disgusting trivia.
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salted-snailz · 3 hours ago
Y/n: Sometimes I like to place my hands on someone’s cheeks, look into their eyes…
Y/n: …And violently snap their neck!
Peter: That took an unexpected turn.
Ned: So did their neck.
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fandombroker · 4 hours ago
Tony Stark x Y/n | #5
Y/n : I learned some very valuable lessons from this.
Tony : I’m guessing they are all horrible distortions on the lessons you actually should’ve taken away.
Y/n : Death isn’t real, and I’m basically a God.
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trikruismybitch · 5 hours ago
Steve: Y/n are you coming to the press conference its really important.
Y/n: Is Natasha gonna be there?
Steve: Maybe...why?
Y/n: I need Natasha there. I need someone to glance at when other people inevitably annoy me.
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zemosimp05 · 5 hours ago
Zemo x F|reader, prompt given by @thelasthargreeves
A/n: I wanted to make it short but just could not so bear with my crappy writing abilities :')
Y/N: Bucky you sure about this? This is the best way?
Bucky: It's gonna be all right doll...
Y/N: I'm so nervous... I don't know if he even.... I mean we all know what helmut been through before... And I don't want him to feel lik-
Bucky: Should have thought about it before having unprotected sex.
Y/N:.... you're not happy?
Bucky : Doll, I'm beyond happy for both of you... I can't wait to be an uncle...don't worry he will be just fine.
Y/N: okay...
*y/n and bucky walking up to a small office which Zemo had in home* *Y/N knocks then both enters hearing a soft come in*
Zemo: Oh hi...
Y/N: Helmut we need... we..
Bucky: *dragging out a small camera* I'm planning on making a family album so I'm gonna need some random photos of you two together.
Zemo: Umm okay... *getting up from his seat and standing next to Y/N wrapping one arm around her waist*
Y/N: I... I think... You need to sit... I mean We need to sit down... For be-better picture.
Zemo: Is everything alright schatzi? Why are you fumbling??
Y/N: I'm fine... Fine....
*taking his hand and walking over to small couch sitting down*
Bucky: Ready?
*Zemo and Y/N look at the camera*
Bucky: 3...2...1 say Y/N's pregnant.
Zemo: Y/N's preg- WHAT? *turning towards y/n in disbelieve*
Bucky: My work is done... See you two later.
*Y/N pulling out the ultrasonographic pictures from her pocket and giving it to Zemo*
*Zemo taking them carefully examining. He was in shock... May be in disbelief... So many emotions clouding inside him...* *Y/N getting more anxious... What if he doesn't want it*
Y/N: Helmut... Say something... Anything...
*Zemo was still looking at the picture with same expression. Y/N closes her eyes taking a deep breathe, as she was ready to bust out in tears... But when she opens them she gasps softly. Zemo was silently crying... Tears streaming down... Still looking at the picture but with a soft smile*
Zemo: I'm gonna be a dad?
*He looks at Y/N with a full smile, teary eyes*
Y/N: Hel- *Zemo crashes his lips with her before she could utter anything else. The kiss was so passionate yet so full of determination that it take y/n's breath away when he pulls away*
Zemo: I thought I will never have a family again.... But after meeting you... Now this.... You Darling.... You have given me yet another reason to live.
*the words sink deeper than it should...he tried to kill himself in past...lost his entire family... But now... Y/n is here... yet again fulfilling his life...*
Zemo: *peppering kisses all over y/n's face making her giggle* I will protect you two till my last breathe. No one...I won't let a single soul to hurt you two.
Y/N: That's a promise?
Zemo: Yes that's a promise my love.
Tumblr media
✨️people here giving me prompts and I'm writing down my imaginary life with daniel😢✨️ Send more prompts✨️
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nini-trash-forever · 6 hours ago
Hey y’all! I’ve been a little silent for a while about writing because of personal circumstances. I finally finished something that I started months ago (Luca Changretta x reader) and I’m going to be posting it within a few days. Over the next few weeks I will definitely be trying to work on more stuff that I had promised a while ago. Please forgive me.
On another note, I’m a college student and I’m not in a financially stable situation. It would mean so much to me if someone could help out. As of right now, the platform I have available is Venmo, but I plan to get more set up.
Tumblr media
If you could help out, that would be amazing. If not, please share. I really need help. My requests are open as always and I plan to branch out to other stuff besides Peaky Blinders, but it’s easier to do that if you ask. I hope everything has a good day or night.
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vampireoutofbusiness · 6 hours ago
Never a Dull Moment
Pairing: sub!peter x reader
Warnings: oral; male receiving, constant teasing of pbp because he's so adorable I can't, and typos because i won't proof read until I'm fully awake
Request: i sound like a pervert but, can i request Parker with a S/O who just really enjoys his ass or being a pervert in general? like, slapping it or make inappropriate jokes bout it in front of the avengers or public in general, how he would respond to them?💀 general neutral is okay ano! and fluff + crack with slight smut? thank you!
Synopsis: You've spent the whole evening getting Peter worked up and decide to take care of him in the middle of dinner.
a/n: um...I need sleep. also, it's all consensual and ya'll are 18+ cuz you have your own apartment together and all that shit
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
Peter Parker was quite frankly the most attractive person ever. Calling him your boyfriend gave you a little leeway. You took every opportunity you could to touch him or make an inappropriate remark. He never told you to stop or said he didn’t like it, just blushed or gave you a meek smile.
You walked into the kitchen of your shared apartment to find Peter unloading the dishwasher, a mischievous smirk on your face.
“Hi,” you reached your arms around him from behind and held him against you.
“Hey sweetheart,” he continued doing his task with you holding him.
“You ready to go soon?” You slowly slid your hand down his shirt that covered his toned abdomen and to the front of his pants.
It’s been a few months since you’ve seen Ned or MJ so you and Peter were going out to dinner with them this evening.
“I-“ his breath hitched when you applied more pressure, “I have to get- um…my shoes on,”
“Okay,” you rubbed up and down his crotch until you felt him get hard, quiet curse words falling from his lips, “I’ll grab your shoes,”
You removed your hand, kissed his cheek, and left to get his footwear. There he was, putting one last plate away with a boner. You brought his shoes back to him and watched him bend over to put them on. You started walking to the door and slapped his ass on the way.
“Y/n,” he stood up and frantically looked you up and down.
“Yes, Peter?” You gave him a big grin while throwing on your coat.
“P- please,” he walked over to you and pulled your hips flush with his, his dick hard against you.
“We’re going to be late, let’s go,” removed his hands from your torso before grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door, several whines leaving his lips.
The entire cab ride over to the restaurant was spent with your hand running up and down his thigh. Each time you got closer to where he wanted, you took it away.
When you got inside, he made an effort to keep you near and in front of him. You turned around and leaned close to his ear.
“If you keep trying to hide it, it will never go away,” your voice was sultry and only turned him on more.
He quickly nodded, a dark blush on his cheeks. You slid your hand down his lower back to his ass, squeezing a little and fully aware of how busy the restaurant was. People’s eyes were all over as you followed the server to your table where Ned was already waiting.
Peter’s boner and your firm grip on his backside were probably not family-friendly but you didn’t care. You’re just claiming what’s yours. And Peter’s going along with it like a good boy.
By the time you got to the table and sat down, you weren’t sure if you had seen Peter’s cheeks redder. His other cheeks definitely have been.
“Never a dull moment with you two, as usual,” Ned said when you greeted each other.
“He’s been hard since we left,” you quipped before taking a sip of water from the cups Ned must have ordered earlier.
Both pairs of eyes at the table with you widened and you thought Peter might choke on air.
“Since you lef-“ “Forget it,” Peter stopped the conversation from going any further and you shrugged when you felt his eyes burning holes in the side of your hide.
You pulled out your phone and saw MJ had texted you.
“MJ’s running late, she said to go ahead and order her cheese ravioli,” Ned nodded, letting out a small chuckle.
“What’s new?” His tone was sarcastic, making you both laugh while Peter was too focused on the feeling in his pants to pay any attention.
“I want you to order by yourself,” you whispered in Peter’s ear, a frown appearing on his face.
You narrowed your eyes at your boyfriend and he immediately shut his mouth.
A few minutes later, the server came over and Ned ordered for himself and MJ before you ordered for yourself. Maybe it was a little mean to have Peter order his own food because normally you would do it for him, but you had a plan.
He took a deep breath and kept his eyes on the menu.
“I’ll h- have spaghetti,” he said quietly.
“Pardon?” The server stepped a little closer to try and hear him better.
“I- um,” Peter turned to you but you didn’t provide any help, “spaghetti, please,”
Your server wrote it down and took your menus before making his way to the next table.
“Why- you know I don’t like that,” Peter kept his head down, embarrassed.
You leaned down close to him, you didn’t want Ned to hear everything.
“I’m gonna suck your cock, you did so good,” your voice low and your hand running over his crotch, “go wait in the bathroom,”
He kept his head down so Ned couldn’t see his beet-red cheeks, before quickly excusing himself.
“Is he alright?” Ned asked, watching Peter speed walk to the bathroom and almost fall on a table in the process.
“He just needs to take care of something,” you smiled and checked your phone, “MJ’s here, I’ll go grab her,”
“Sounds good,” Ned was pretty aware of what Peter was doing and what you were probably going to do.
You spotted MJ walking in when you got to the entrance. You greeted her and gave her a quick hug, then pointed to your table across the restaurant where Ned was patiently waiting.
“I have to use the bathroom, I’ll be right there,”
“Okay,” MJ walked over to the table, giving Ned a confused look
“Hey dude, where’s Peter?” “Bathroom…Y/n?”
“Bathroom- they’re definitely-,”
Yes, your friends are spot on. Thank god for the singular bathrooms or what you’re “definitely” about to do would rather difficult. Actually making him keep quiet might have been fun…
You reached your hand down to Peter's belt, quickly undoing it without taking your lips off of his. He moaned into the kiss as you pulled down his pants and boxers. Your knees met the cold tile of the bathroom floor.
“So pretty,” you stoked his shaft and looked up at him, your eyes full of lust, “and hard. Who made you this hard, pretty boy?”
He was already shallow of breath and you hadn’t even done anything.
“You,” he whimpered as you placed an open-mouth kiss on his tip.
“And you did so well, ordering for yourself, I’m so proud of you,” you praised, then took him in your mouth without warning, his breath hitching at the sudden contact.
His dick hit the back of your throat and he finally got the sensation he needed all night. You knew what you were doing when you got him all worked up before you left. You placed your hands on bare hips to keep him pressed against the wall.
“Your mouth feels so- fuck- so good,” he moaned while you continued sucking him off.
You made eye contact with him as you repeatedly gagged, watching his mouth fall into an “o” shape. You wrapped a hand around his balls, kneading slightly while he squeezed his eyes shut. He was close, you could tell and you couldn’t blame him after all the teasing you did.
“I’m gonna cum,” he said breathily and you took your mouth from his dick, keeping a steady motion with your hand on it still, “please let me cum, p- please,”
“Good boy, you can cum,” you grabbed some toilet paper quickly and brought it to his tip.
His face contorted and let out a loud moan as he released, an intense orgasm washing over him. You wiped him off a little before throwing away the used paper. He caught his breath and you tried fixing up your hair and overall appearance in the mirror.
You figured he was still pretty out of it so you helped put his boxers and pants back on, a timid thank you leaving his lips.
“We can’t be in here much longer,” you kissed his cheek before buckling his belt for him.
“Yeah, okay- my hair,” he looked at it in the mirror and you fixed a few pieces that had fallen out of place, otherwise, he looked perfect.
“Ready?” “Ready,”
“I’m surprised the food’s not here yet after you took so long,” MJ said as you and Peter sat down at the table.
“How are you?” Peter asked, changing the subject.
“I’m alright, you guys?”
“Well, Peter’s doing the great after that,” Ned and MJ chuckled while you stifled a laugh.
Peter looked at his lap to avoid everyone’s eyes on him.
“You weren’t so shy a few minutes ago, were you?” You teased and put your hand back on his thigh and the other’s laughed, “I’ll make sure you aren’t when we get home either,”
He looked up at you, mouth agape and pants tightening once again. What fun it will be.
Taglist: @avengersbitch @criminalyetminimal @quaksonhehe @tayyx @marthakookie @t-bag2 @stefans-wife
Sign up for it here
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messrfeathers-ficrecs · 6 hours ago
Favorite MCU Fanfic Authors. . .
***These are not in any order of preference.
***I do not know any of these authors personally; furthermore, their being on this list is because of the quality of their work, not for their character, though from what I know they are all good individuals. This also means that I don’t necessarily agree with all of their opinions and beliefs, so don’t @ me if you don’t like something they say. (This should be common sense, but whatever.)
***Some of these authors do post Smut or other material that is 18+, so please be cognizant of that and heed warnings that they post for their fics. Also, though they may post smut, it is not in any way recommended by me for consumption. I, however, have no control over your own likes and dislikes, so you do you, and, again, don’t @ me for anything you don’t like.
Started: 6/21/21
Last updated: 6/21/21
@wkemeup — Bucky Barnes and some Steve Rogers — Kas is an amazing writer; I have not read a single thing that she has posted that I didn’t love. She’s so talented!!!!!
@softlybarnes — mainly Bucky Barnes — Another fabulous writer!!!!! I love her work; it is definitely worth reading!
@winter-soldier-vibes — mainly bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers — Her fics are so well written; the angst!!! And a majority of her fics are comfort fics for anyone dealing with mental illness such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc. Her writing never fails to hit me write in the heart but always provides comfort.
@loving-bucky-is-easier — Bucky Barnes fics — Though she has not many, the fics Meg does have are soooo good! #high quality over high quantity all day everyday
@babyboibucky — mainly Bucky Barnes — Bee is amazing; I love all of her one shots and have heard only good things about her series. She does post some particularly saucy stuff so make sure you read the warnings.
@samwilsons-pillowpecs — mainly Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, and Sam Wilson, but also plenty of other characters including Thor — Suz has a great writing style and she has a way of making her stories manifest that just blows me away!
@belladonnabarnes — mainly Bucky Barnes and Loki, but also has some Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Peter Parker — Two words for you: SO GOOD! Jaye is a wonderful writer and I always look forward to when she posts new stuff.
@divine-mistake — Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Loki — Taylor writes angst so well that it hits you in the chest every time! #totally worth the pain
@moonstruckbucky — Bucky Barnes and some Steve Rogers — Meg knows what she’s doing; her one-shots and miniseries are *chef’s kiss*! Love, love, love her work!
@anika-ann — mainly Steve Rogers with some Bucky Barnes — My FAVORITE writer for Steve one-shots! I have yet to find a someone who writes his character as well as her, though several of the other authors listed come very close. Just read her fics, then you will understand.
@certifiedskywalker — Loki, Peter Parker, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and others from the MCU — Certi is so talented; several of her fics from each of the characters mentioned above are on my fic-rec lists, and for very good reason. Her writing is phenomenal and she is able to write so well for so many different characters! I haven’t read her work outside of MCU fics, but what I’ve read is so sO SO SOOOOO GOOD!
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thefieryphoenix · 6 hours ago
OH MY GOD I- *inhales*
I’m here again for the vampire au with the maximoffs BUT the reader is their young sis and is h u m a n
Oh, so you mean in a platonic way?
Well I don't think they'd be drinking your blood since you're their baby sis. Though I wonder how you're a human and you have 2 vampires as siblings....
When they can't control their urges they'll just tell you to leave them for a while till they find food and they'll lock you in a room that they won't be able to enter since they don't want you getting hurt
If you allow them to drink your blood, they'll be hesitant at first, not wanting to hurt you and make you loose your blood but when you insist, they'll do it really slowly and take only little. You are still their little sis after all
But other than that they are very protective of you. Any other vampire who dares to mistake you for a snack, they'll be glaring at them with their most threatening and angriest glares ever. Wanda and Pietro will hardly ever let you out of their sight. You're the youngest sibling and it'll break their heart if anything happened to you
Besides that they really love cuddling with you after a long, hard and tiring day of chasing down people and drinking their blood. Since you're human you'll make them wash up and then cuddle with them. You'll be squished in between both of them, arms wrapped around you protectively and lovingly while they caress your hair, telling you how their day went
Sometimes you'll force to them to eat a bit healthy since they can't always live off on drinking blood. And they're damn glad that they have such a wonderful little sister who cares for them so deeply. You'll be helping Wanda cook at times when she decides to cook and they'll eat whatever you make for them, after all, your cooking tastes like heaven to them and they'll feel like the worst siblings on the planet if they don't complete what you've made for them
Anytime you wanna try going out it'll be exactly like an FBI Interrogation. "Where are you going?" "What? Why to a party?" "No, who knows who'll be there?" So in the end, you won't be leaving till one of them accompanies you since you're the little baby of the family. Talk about overprotective lol, but they still love and care for you and they're only doing this for your best interests
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mrs-mischief-209 · 7 hours ago
All My Written Work
Tumblr media
One Shots:
Sebastian Stan:
A Chance Meeting
Stephen Strange:
Mystic Love
Bucky Barnes:
For A Shield
Wonder Room-with Jefferson
Sam Wilson:
Just A Game
Sam Wilson:
Dark! Recording Studio
Biker AU A Simple Man
Sebastian Stan:
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pengwengs-writing · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: angst, bad writing, grammatical mistakes probably
Word Count: 1191
Summary: y/n waited for the right time for way too long but it's time she has to confess her feelings
This is written for @writing-wh0re's writing challenge
Tumblr media
The evening in your city was as busy as ever. Multiple vehicles flashing their headlights as they rushed, enlightening the view along with the many advertisement billboards, the biggest and loudest one of the Daily Bugle, as journalist Jameson went on about Spiderman. All this chaos going on below and yet a peaceful silent in your apartment. The noises becoming incoherent as they reached the seventh floor. This was a perk. Another one was that your window served as a passage for a certain someone.
Spiderman, aka Peter Parker. You have been best friends with him since childhood. Always been each other's shoulder to cry on, always supportive. Not to mention it didn't take long for you to realise that it was your best friend who swung around the city in a spandex. Much to his surprise, it did not shock you. You did notice how weird he started behaving after that one school trip. Sure enough, you and ned had been there for him. Making excuses for his absence, taking notes for him when he needed to sleep in class, and occasionally doing his homework.
Naturally, it it did not take long for you to figure out about his crush on Liz. You would have helped in with all your heart, you really would, but if only it wasn't for yourself. That was when you realised you had cought feelings for him.
It was quite painful to see him looking at her like you looked at him, and the way you wanted him to look at you. You soon dropped the idea of asking him for homecoming. You waited for the right time. Again, it never came. Peter was quite open to you, and hearing about how he still had nightmares about the ‘Vulture’, you held back. More events occurred, more time went by, but your anxious self could not gather enough courage to ask him out.
Then as the school trip to Europe was announced, he started going on about his perfect plan of asking out MJ. Paris, the Eiffel tower, the necklace. How could you be so stupid? What on this damn Earth were you waiting for? Yes, you were friends with MJ, and yes she was an amazing person but it could've been you! And god you wished it had been you.
You still regret it, with every cell in your body. Maybe if you had just said it would have been a lot easier for him. MJ broke up with him, it was six months from now. Peter was a mess, to sum it up. He told you everything, and it seemed quite clear it was his own fault. But a part of you was not ready to accept it. It had to be her, Peter could not possibly be at fault. Peter was perfect, right?
Even though you did feel bad at the way he cried that night, you couldn't help but feel selfish at the fact that he came to you, and this continued. Like he used to do before his relationship, he would arrive at your place most of the nights, blabber about random stuff, sometimes for help to patch himself, and occasionally when he was tired, to just slip into the covers with you and cuddle until morning. You knew it was an innocent, platonic gesture, but you enjoyed every moment of it. Loving every second of him holding you physically, while you held him emotionally.
This changed since a last few weeks though. These days had been rather unpleasant. He only talked about his past. You tried being as deceptive as you could. It hurted, in a way, when he told you how nothing ever works in his life. Hell, you wanted to change that. Eventually, you felt some anger brewing inside yourself. How could he be so oblivious? Was it not crystal clear that you were into him?
Today was not different. He cane at your place around midnight after a particularly rough encounter, bruised. Even as you were cleaning the cut on his cheek, holding his jaw firmly with your free hand, he kept talking about things could have been different, his voice unusually low.
“And... I dunno, y/n, if only it wasn't—” “do you ever shut up?” you snapped, not even letting him complete. He closed his mouth shut as though he was intimidated. Now that you were on it, you knew it was time. “Do you ever see other people Peter? Ever look around you and glance at everyone who are still with you? Wondered why anyone would listen to shit that's got nothing to do with them?” you exclaimed more than asking.
“... Do I bother you talking about patrol?” he asked with a small voice. “Well honestly that's the only thing I like to listen, among others,” you admitted, softening yourself now “but Peter I don't like hearing about you and MJ, I don't— I can't” you finished, and knew you could be tearing up any moment. “Why?” he asked quietly, but felt as though he already knew the answer. “Because I love dammit!” you confessed, voice louder than you wanted it to be. Peter looked at you for a while.
“I love you too” he replied softly. “No you don't” you spat “or you wouldn't be playing this...this game with me. If you did you wouldn't be raising such awful topics with me. Do I ever tell you more than a couple words about my dates?” Peter sighed, leaning closer to you and cupping your face to make you look at himself. “Hey hey, listen to me,” he swallowed “I... I love you, y/n, I really do. I just...look, I'm not good with feelings, I've never been. You know it better than anyone. So when I realised I wanted you, I thought I needed excuses to come to you. Bruises and heartbreaks, these were the only things that allowed me to be close to you and- and clearly clearly I was wrong, I forgot the we had a relationship even without all that shit.” He finished, his eyes looking into yours, wishing desperately that you would understand.
“Why didn't you tell me earlier” you asked, gaze softening. “I- I thought it'd ruin what we have. Everything you do for me, listening to me ranting, patching my hell you let me stay and cuddle overnight. I didn't want to lose that for my stupid feelings” he mumbled the last part. “...But I feel the same way” you stated after a while “still thing it's stupid?” you asked, fighting a smile. “No no no,” he panicked, a very Peter thing to do, that's bot what I-” “stop. I know” you grinned.
He breathed out in relief “okay, good...can I kiss you?” he asked, blushing as though he was fourteen. “Yes” you replied after a quick thought. And with that, both of you took a brave step towards each other, lips meeting in a small peck first. Then diving right in to a chaste and slow kiss.
Peter knew, maybe ages before he realised this, that it had always been you.
Tumblr media
A/N: hey peeps! This is my first try at a reader insert fic so if you like it, thank you very much, because I didn't expected you to. Okay bye, thanks!!
Tagging: @thestarmirror
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imaginestuffs · 7 hours ago
First Kiss- Peter Parker x Reader
word count:2137
warnings: lots of kissing. don't know if that needs a warning but i put it anyway. just fluffiness!
Summary: Reader and Peter have their first kiss.
Tumblr media
(not my gif!)
Music was playing throughout your room and you danced around singing along. Your parents were away for the week and so you were home alone. You had on one of Peter’s shirts you had stolen and your hair was messy from shaking it about. You had on one of your favorite playlists on Spotify. You simply titled “Classics” it consisted of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, The beetles, Carly Simon, Queen, and so much more. You had grown up listening to what your parents did and so in your opinion, you had immaculate music taste.
You could barely hear the sound of the busy streets of Queens beneath you. You were too busy singing along to Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison; to be bothered by the sound of your window creaking open. You never usually locked your window because Peter would stop by after patrol.
He quietly set his feet on the floor and closed the window again. You still had yet to notice him, as you kept on singing along as loud as you wanted.
“Whatever happened
To Tuesday and so slow
Going down the old mine with a transistor radio
Standing in the sunlight laughing
Hiding behind a rainbow’s wall
Slipping and sliding
All along the waterfall, with you
My brown-eyed girl
You sang loudly before Peter decided to step in and finish the last words of the verse.
“My brown-eyed girl”
You jumped and let out a little yelp of surprise when you saw him standing there with a soft smile on his face. “Peter! You scared me! I thought you would be later.” you lightly scolded your boyfriend as you turned your music down to a lower volume. “I wanted to see you sooner, I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he explains shyly. He had a blush on his cheeks. His hair was messy from being under the mask for a while. He had no cuts or bruises on his face which caused you relief.
“I don’t mind at all. I’m just used to knowing when you get here. My music was just a bit too loud it’s not your fault. I’m sorry you were subjected to my terrible singing.” you apologized with an embarrassed laugh. He walked towards you slowly with a smile on his face.
“I love your voice. It’s perfect.” he complimented you and your cheeks flushed.
“No need to say that. I’m sure yours is better from the little that I heard,” you told him and stepped toward him as well. You grabbed his hand and sat him on the edge of your bed. “Now! Spider-man. What’s the damage tonight?” you ask in a fake stern tone. Your hands were on your hips as you looked at him intently. “Nothing too bad tonight just a bruise on my arm, and a few scratches there as well,” he explained to you. “Well, then I guess I’ll take care of those for you. Stay here I’ll be right back,” you said before placing a quick peck to his forehead and walked into the bathroom to fetch the first-aid kit you had on hand. Peter smiled at the way you treated him. You were always so gentle and compassionate.
You walked back into the room and set everything you needed on the bed next to him. “Alright spidey let me see your arm,” you said. Peter pressed the Spider at the center of his suit and it fell from his shoulders. You immediately grasped his hands and checked to see what arm it was on. You saw some small cuts with dried blood stuck to his skin. “This might sting a bit Peter, I’m sorry I’ll try and be quick. I promise. You grabbed the rubbing alcohol and began to clean his small wounds. He would let out a hiss now and again but other than that was quiet enough. He looked at your face and saw the concentration etched onto it. Even though it was the smallest injury he’d had you still paid all your attention to it.
He saw your lip drawn between your teeth and couldn’t help but want to kiss you. He had never kissed you before but had been waiting for a good time.
“(y/n),” he said quietly. He lifted his hand and gently gripped your chin to turn you to look at him. You looked t him in confusion. “What’s wrong Peter?” you question in concern. “I’m fine. I just- I guess I just wanted to see you up close. Your eyes are more beautiful than the last time I saw them this close. You smiled shyly.
“That was only a day ago Pete.” you cast your gaze downward, he moved his hand to gently cup your cheek. “Still, They’re more beautiful than ever. You know like the stars but even brighter,” he explains in a cliche way. The compliment makes your stomach fill with butterflies. Your smile broadens and he cringed at what he had said to you. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that was so cheesy. I hope you didn’t take that seriously.” he rambled. You looked at him with a flash of offense on your face. He didn’t mean it?
He saw your look and his eyes widened.
“No. no. no! That’s not what I mean. I just mean that it was super cheesy the way I said that and I hope you don’t take the cliche so seriously. I really meant it. Your eyes are beautiful.” he ranted on but you let a small smile claim your lips at his rambling. You grabbed his hand in yours.
“Peter. Peter, it’s ok I understand. You’re too sweet, now let me finish cleaning you up ok.” you said and leaned forward to kiss his head. He nodded in silence, letting you get back to placing a tiny band-aid over the cut. You kissed it and stood back a bit smiling at what you had done.
He admired you as you admired him, and you caught his gaze. He reached towards you and stood up. He grabbed your waist and pulled you into a hug. Your head rested on his chest and his chin rested on your head.
“You know babe, I think a shower would do you really well right now.” you tease him. He looked down at you and chuckled. “Clothes still in the same drawer?” he questioned before moving away from you. “Yup, now hurry, I miss you,” you said as he gathered his clothes. “I’ll be quick I promise.” he walked out and threw a smile over his shoulder.
After a while, he walked back in with damp curls and comfy clothes instead of his suit. He walks over to you once again before holding you in his arms.
All the sound heard in the room was My Girl by The Temptations. The calming music and the feeling of Peter’s chest rising and falling grounded you and you relaxed. He noticed you relax into him more and he held you a bit tighter. He swayed you both a bit before pulling back slightly so he could see your face. Your cheeks were darker and it made him smile.
Looking down at you he knew he wanted to make his move now. If you said no, he wouldn’t do it, but he had no idea where to even start if you said yes.
His hand traveled from your waist to the back of your neck and you looked up at him in wonderment. You placed your hands on his chest tracing miscellaneous patterns on his chest. It sent shivers down his spine at the feeling of your fingers touching him so gently. He was sure you could feel his heart beating rapidly beneath your palm.
He looked into your eyes for a sense of reassurance. As if to ask for your permission before he started to lean in. your eyes lit up a bit at the sight of him leaning in and so you closed them and leaned in as well. The way he enveloped you entirely, his smell, his rough hands, and warm breath fanning against your soft lips made your knees go weak. Your heart leaped in your chest as you could feel him get closer to you. You could feel his lips brush yours and just as he was about to completely close the gap between you, he spoke.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.
Instead of saying anything, you let your lips answer for you. Your lips collided with his and he let out a surprised hum. It made your stomach do flips.
He brought you as close as possible your hands reached up to run through his unruly curls. The hand that held your head tugged your hair softly and you let out a soft whine at the feeling. This only spurred him on and soon enough his tongue was nervously seeking entrance to your mouth. You parted your plush lips and tentatively let his tongue stray into your mouth. You sigh at the feeling and push up on your toes. The need for air became evident and so you pulled away slowly letting your lips part from his. Your cheeks flushed and his hair messy.
Your breaths were heavy as you just stared in awe at each other. You two have had kisses with other people before but this one felt like it wasn’t any kiss, it was the kiss. The one you knew you needed forever.
You smiled and gently pulled away from him. You pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and looked away from him. “Wow.” were the only words that escaped Peter’s lips. A broad grin broke out on his face and he chuckled. He watched as you put the first-aid kit away. The way you moved and the smile on your face. He looked at you like you were the universe, because to him, you were.
You walked into the room again and smiled at him.
With no thought other than you Peter moved forward and swept you off of the floor. You let out a surprised yelp and a laugh bubbled past your lips. You let your head fall back as he spun you and he watched on in wonder at you. He let out laughs as well and he set you down steadying you both. Your closed your eyes and scrunched up your nose a bit which caused his heart to melt just a little bit more.
You opened your eyes and a look of pure joy appeared in those (e/c) eyes he loved so much.
He just stared at you for a moment in concentration trying to memorize every part of you.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” you ask with a furrow of your brow. He lifts his hand and gently relaxes the crease between your eyebrows. “Nothing is wrong. I just- I wanted to look at you,” he mumbled. You could practically feel your heart burst.
“(y/n).” he paused anxiously. You nodded, encouraging him to continue.
“Can I- can I kiss you again?” he asks bashfully. You blush and let your hand trail down his arm to tangle with his. You look at him through your lashes.
“Yes.” that was all he needed before he leaned back in. his lips collided with yours more passionately than before. His free hand circled completely around your waist pulling you tightly against him. Your other hand raised to run down his chest. He whined a bit at the feeling and you sighed at the noise. He took the chance and let his tongue once again wander your mouth. Massaging yours and feeling you relax against him. He held you up, letting go of your hand his hand ran up your spine and trailed back down it. Your hand moved up to cradle his face.
Things began to slow down and he ended up pressing small kisses on your lips between breaths.
“We need to do that more often…” he breathed out. You nodded and nudged his nose with yours. “I agree, let’s make the most of our week alone huh?” you ask with a Cheshire grin. He blushed but nodded his head quickly grabbing your hand tightly.
“But…” you let silence break your sentence.
“First. Would you dance with me?” you asked bashfully. Peter smiled brightly and nodded.
“I’m not too good at it but I’ll do anything for you.” you smiled at him before reaching to lock your hands behind his neck. “I guess we’ll learn together,” you told him. You felt his hands move down to grip your hips and your heart fluttered.
You leaned up and pressed another kiss to his lips.
“You’re too lucky,” he mumbled.
“I’m even luckier,” you said and rested your forehead on his.
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companionjones · 8 hours ago
Same (5/8)
Fandoms: Marvel, MCU, The Avengers, Doctor Strange, BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Fem!Reader x Doctor Strange
Summary: In this chapter, we head back in time a bit to see Stephen and Reader meet, and what happened right before Reader met Sherlock.
Warnings: A bit of angst, but I think that’s it
Author’s Note: Head’s up, I’m not done writing all the parts to this. So if you’re following this story, there might be more or less chapters than eight, and there might be changes in chapters after I post them.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 (original chapter posted)
Tumblr media
    Stephen spotted you as he descended the main staircase in New York’s Sanctum Sanctorum. “I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong address.”
    You were standing in the foyer. “Nope. I know where I am. You’re Dr. Strange.”
    He nodded. “That I am. May I ask who you are?”
    “Y/n L/n,” you happily answered. “Well, I’m better known as S/h/n.”
    Strange reached the bottom of the stairs. He narrowed his eyes. “What do the Avengers want?”
    You shrugged. “We’ve heard about you. We know you’re powerful, and we think you’d be able to do more good as a member of the team. What do you think?”
    “Uh, I’m good,” he turned you down with a bit of a sarcastic tone. “I do all the good I want to here.”
    “Okay,” you chuckled. “It was nice meeting you. I hope we see each other again. Have a lovely day!” You have a cheerful goodbye, and left a business card on a table on your way out.
    The next time you saw Strange, ironically, it was after he joined the Avengers. “Look who it is,” you smiled as you entered his quarters at the Avengers Compound. He still lived at the Sanctorum, but Tony still made a place for him at the compound. Because of course he did.
    Steven was still unpacking. He glanced up at you, “I will be splitting my time between here and the Sanctorum.” He sighed, “I realized I could help more here.”
    “Good,” you giggled. “My room’s down the hall.” You gestured to your right. “Third door on the left...Welcome to the Avengers, Dr. Strange.”
    A couple months passed, and Stephen settled into the routine of working at the Sanctum Santorum during the weekdays and visiting the Avengers Compound on the weekends. The doctor was also on call for any disaster the Avengers might need him for.
    Whenever Strange was at the compound, it was a sure thing that you’d be with him. The two of you had quickly become inseparable. You often asked him questions about his abilities. “So there really are infinite dimensions out there? Like there are infinite yous and infinite mes?” You had one of his pillows in your lap, and you were sitting criss-cross on his bed.
    Steven was sitting in a chair by a window. His right ankle was resting on his left knee. A book was open in his lap. Strange casually answered you, “Yep.” He then inhaled deeply, thinking. “I could show you some...other universes, that is.”
    “Wait, really?” Your eyes went wide. You set the pillow down next to you. You were already ready to go.
    Strange chuckled. “Yes.”
    “Can we...go now?”
    He looked at you. “Now?”
    Steven sighed, “...Sure.”
    “Oh my god! Yes! This is so exciting!” You jumped out of his bed as you giggled.
    Strange chuckled at your antics. “Alright. Stay right next to me. Usually, travelling between dimensions can be very jarring. I’m going to use a method I discovered, where we travel using the ring portals.”
    “Is this called ‘The Strange Method’?” You tried your absolute best to hide your smile. You failed miserably.
    He gave you the side eye. “Are you done?”
    “Yep,” you chuckled. You saw that Stephen was smirking a little, too.
    “Alright.” He opened a portal. “Shall we?”
    Steven showed you several dimensions. Some were normal-looking, with only a few differences from your reality; and others were down-right bizarre with bright matter and creatures you did not recognize.
    While the two of you were in one of the visually familiar dimensions, Strange got a call from Wong. He was needed back at the Sanctum Santorum for something.
    “That phone works in different dimensions?” you questioned in a laughing tone.
    Stephen laughed, too. You had gotten him to loosen up quite a lot that day.
    He replied, “Be nice. Me, Tony, and Bruce spent weeks getting this phone to work.”
    “I see...Stephen, could I stay here while you go deal with that?”
    That surprised him. “You want to stay here?”
    “Just to have lunch. It’d be pretty cool to eat in another dimension. This one has the same food and money, right?”
    Strange nodded. “Most things are the same here. Are you sure, Y/n?”
    “I am. Are you okay with this?”
    A bit distracted, Stephen repeated your words, “I am...Okay, I’ll come back in two hours exactly.”
    “I’ll meet you right here,” you promised.
    Stephen was still a little hesitant. “You’ll...stay safe?”
    “Of course. Do you know a safer person?” you asked, then remembered exactly who you were. “Bad example. I’ll be fine, Strange.”
    He sighed heavily. “Okay. Two hours.”
    “Two hours. I’ll buy you lunch, too,” you smiled.
    He still seemed unsure.
    “I’ll be fine,” you told him again.
    Stephen searched your eyes. “Okay.” He leaned forward to kiss your forehead. “I’ll see you in two hours.” He stepped away from you and ducked down an alleyway.
    Two hours. That was all it took for everything to change. You met Strange where the two of you agreed. It was so hard not to spill all your thoughts to Stephen once you saw him again.
    “Hey, Stephen,” you greeted him quietly, “How’s the Sanctum?”
    “Fine,” he replied, “Wong was just worried about something in Hong Kong. It was nothing. We fixed it.”
    “Good,” you nodded.
    Strange furrowed his brow. “Did something happen?”
    You had to physically push your answer out. “Yes.”
    Immediately, he was worried. “Are you okay?”
    “Yes, I’m fine.” You put a hand on his arm. “I promise, okay? It’s just...I think I want to stay here?”
    He resteadied his feet. “What?”
    “I know it’s sudden.”
    “You’ve only been here two hours!”
    “I know! I know...Let me show you something.”
    You walked Strange a couple streets over, to Baker Street. There, the two of you spotted two men entering address 221. One of them looked exactly like Stephen would without a beard.
    “Would you look at that,” Strange commented on the sight.
    You explained, “That’s Sherlock Holmes, and his friend there is John Watson.”
    “Watson looks exactly like Agent Ross from the CIA,” Strange pointed out.
    Your eyes widened. “Oh my god, he does!”
    Strange wondered, “Why did you take me here?”
    “Those two men want me to move into the spare apartment in that building,” you revealed.
    Strange was understandably confused. “And you’re just going to do that?”
    “Well...if I’m being honest, I’ve been thinking about leaving the compound for a while now,” you admitted, “And Sherlock...”
    “What about Sherlock?”
    You sighed, “He’s an extremely clever man, a detective. Stubborn, too. Sherlock convinced me to go along on a case with them when I helped them chase down a suspect. We solved that case within the hour. Sherlock asked me if I wanted to partner with them officially.”
    Strange wasn’t convinced. “What is it about Sherlock specifically though?” he questioned roughly.
    You ducked your head and rolled your lips. “I guess I form attachments too easily. Even to people who don’t feel the same. I mean...that’s what happened with you.” You swallowed at your confession. You turned your gaze back up Stephen.
    The doctor almost looked hurt. “Is that why you want to leave? Because of me?”
    “What? Like you could ever feel the same way.” You laughed bitterly, but then you caught his eye again. What you saw made your heart drop.
    So many emotions were hidden in his eyes-too many emotions.
    “Oh, Stephen...” You placed a hand on his cheek. Your voice was raw. It was too late for the two of you then. “ I think I need to go.”
    He put his own hand on yours to hold it in place.
    “Tell the others I’ll come back once a month to check on things. Never come to the flat, okay? If Sherlock saw you...I don’t know what that would do to him...”
    Strange smirked, “Flat? Going British on me already?”
    “Maybe I am,” you chuckled, “And I’m sorry I didn’t grab you lunch.”
    Stephen joked, “I’ll hold that against you forever.”
    “If it’s any consolation, I didn’t have lunch either,” you chuckled.
    He laughed a little more. “I’ll come back for you on the 30th so you can visit the team.”
    You nodded, then leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek. “Goodbye, Strange.”
    “I’ll see you soon, Y/n.”
Author’s Note: Thank you so much for reading! Boy, I am so glad I was able to build on Reader and Stephen’s relationship. Fill up that heart and reblog if you liked it! I would also really appreciate a comment, if you have the time. If you would like to read more, I have more MCU and Sherlock fics over on my page. You should check it out. Thanks again! Have a nice day, night, or whatever time it is for you! <3 <3 <3
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Is That a Bet?
Clint Barton/reader
Summary: the reader and Clint give each other a first lesson in their respective skills.
Warnings: Alcohol, mild swearing. Just a simple fluff piece because I love Clint and I think he needs more attention. There's really no plot lol
Disclaimer: I'm no expert in either of these skill sets so yeah just putting that out there
You picked up the knife by the handle and tossed it between your hands. You stared down at the target at the other end of the room about twenty-five yards away. Feeling fancy, you stepped forward spun once and launched the knife at the target. Bullseye.
"You know it's scary how good at that you've gotten."
Your gaze shifted to the open doorway where your favorite sandy haired agent leaned against the frame. "Better than Natasha?"
"Oo," he scrunched his face, "I don't wanna answer that question."
You couldn't tell if he was afraid of offending you or Nat, but you laughed anyway. "Wanna show me what you got?" You held a knife out and he walked over and took it.
"Yeah why not."
You watched as he fiddled with his stance for a moment. Then he brought his arm back and ripped it forward. You watched as the blade barely pierce the bottom left of the target and then fall to the ground. “Come on, you can throw harder than that, Clint.”
"Gimme another one."
You handed Barton another knife and took a step back to watch him. He didn't change anything and threw the knife again which had a similar outcome. "I guess the hawk is only good with arrows."
He shot you a look. "I'm rusty."
You rolled your eyes and dropped your hands to your sides. "Show me your stance again."
He stood facing the target with his right foot slightly forward and shrugged.
"You're throwing right-handed so move your left foot forward."
He switched his feet, but they were a little too wide.
You kicked the back of his right boot, "bring this one closer. Stand up straight. No, don’t tense up, just relax."
"You're kinda bossy."
"Just take the knife and try again," you smirked.
He took the blade from your hand and threw again. This time it hit more centered on the target, but it was still low.
"I think you're bending your wrist, try to keep it straight." You handed him another knife and guided his arm up. “You want to let go right about here but don’t cross over your body. It’s not like throwing a baseball.”
"Okay, okay," he shrugged a few times. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly before throwing the last knife. This time it landed two rings away just to the right of the bullseye.
"Nice," you clapped twice.
Clint sighed, “knives aren’t really my thing."
He walked with you to retrieve your throwing knives. When he plucked the blade that you threw out of the bullseye spot he pointed it at you. "I bet you can't hit that with a bow and arrow."
"Is that a real bet, Barton? Also don’t point my knife at me." You plucked the blade from his hand and started walking back.
"Sure, it’s a bet." A smirked crept across his face as he caught up with you, but it quickly disappeared. "Wait, you've never shot a bow and arrow have you?"
"No,” you laughed, “but it can’t be that hard, right?"
He grinned now, "Oh this should be fun."
You waited for him to retrieve his bow and arrow from a locker on the far wall of the training room. In the meantime, you recalled all the times you’d watched him shoot target practice in this room. Of course, he hit the bullseye every time until there were too many arrows in the way for him to land another one and have it stick.
"Here you can use my bow. Just try pulling back and see if it's too tough."
"Too tough? Really Barton?" Your hand on your hip as you glared at him.
"Hey, it's about 60lbs of draw weight. Normally people have to work up to that."
You stood up straight and drew the bow back. It wasn't as easy as you thought but still managed to pull it back. "It'll do for a few shots." Your arms were flexed showing off the definition in your biceps and forearms that otherwise goes unnoticed. Clint definitely noticed them right now, giving them an approval nod.
"Good. Come over here." He motioned for you to stand across from him, so you did. "Alright here's an arrow, there's your target, take your shot."
“Alright,” You set the arrow in the bow and pulled back as you raised your arms to eye level. You took a deep breath and on the exhale you let go of the bow and the arrow struck the bottom of the target, not even inside the outer most ring. "Damn it."
You heard Clint chuckling and glared at him. "At least mine stuck on my first try."
"Fair enough. I also threw four times, so I'll give you three more shots. Just to be fair," he winked. He retrieved another arrow from his quiver and handed it to you.
This time you held your breath without even realizing it. You let the arrow fly and it hit the outer ring on the right side. At least you hit the target you thought to yourself. "Two more," he stood beside you offering another arrow.
"Aren't you going to offer me any tips?"
"Tips to help you hit the bullseye so then I lose the bet. Why would I do that?"
"I helped you!"
"Fine!" He tossed his head back like a child. "What are we betting anyway?"
You shrugged, "loser has to swipe a bottle of whiskey from Stark’s private stash." You raised an eyebrow waiting to see what he thought of that proposal.
"Alright, you're on."
"Don't think about sabotaging me either with bad advice."
He shook his head and laughed. "I would never. Okay show me your stance again."
You stood up straight with your left foot forward and drew the bow back.
Clint walked around in front of you then behind without saying a word. Suddenly he kicked your back foot, "wider and turn your foot outward just a little."
You did as he said, and he stopped beside you. He was maybe half a foot taller than you, so you were very aware of how close his face was to yours. When you felt a light touch on your triceps your skin reacted with those little goosebumps. You cleared your throat, pretending you didn’t notice.
The smirk on Clint's face told you he noticed but he didn't say anything. Although his hand did linger on your arm. "Don't let your elbow drop."
You placed the arrow in the bow and resumed the stance he just perfected for you. Again, you took a deep breath and held it before releasing the bow. "Shit," you cursed a little louder this time as you were closer to the bullseye, only a few rings out. "I still have one more shot, right?"
"Yes ma'am." Clint offered you another arrow and you took it. This time you were determined to hit the bullseye even if your arms were already getting sore from pulling on the bow.
You adjusted your footing before drawing the bow back and lifting your back elbow.
You were about ready to shoot when Clint stepped right up to you and placed his fingertips on your left forearm. "Don't rotate your arm out. Keep it straight."
"Okay," you nodded once. Clint didn’t move so you looked up at him waiting for more instruction.
"Also, I noticed you hold your breath." He lightly jabbed your abdomen with his thumb. "Exhale and then fire." He stepped back and you dropped your arms wanting to reset your form before taking your last shot.
You drew the bow back, keeping your back elbow up and your front arm straight. When your target was in sight you inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly through the mouth. As soon as you released all the air in your lungs you let go of the bow but kept your form. To your surprise you actually hit the bullseye. You turned your head towards Clint and dropped your arms. "I think I just won a bet."
He stood there with his arms crossed, staring down at the target. “I’ll be damned.”
You lightly punched his arm and handed him his bow back. "I like whiskey. See if Stark has anything from the UK."
Once inside you made a bee line for the kitchen to make something to eat while Clint had disappeared on you. If you were honest you didn't actually expect him to swipe a bottle of liquor out of Stark's office.
By the time you were done making the chicken stir fry and sat down to eat it a bottle of Knappogue Castle slid across the kitchen island your way. "This one was already opened so I figured he'd be less mad if he found out."
Your eyes widened at the top tier bottle of whiskey sitting two thirds full right in front of you. "Oh my God you actually did it."
Clint shrugged. "Bets a bet." He stood up from the bar stool he sat on and pushed himself away from the counter.
Before you even processed what you were about to say the words were already out of your mouth. "Are you going to make me drink this alone?"
He considered his next words you could tell. "You just want me around, so you have someone to put the blame on if he finds you."
“I do not!” You couldn’t tell if he was serious or not until his face broke into a smile. You rolled your eyes at him and grabbed two glasses from the cabinet underneath the island. Clint helped himself to the rest of your stir-fry before taking a seat on the barstool beside yours. You poured each of you a single shot and sat down.
He tapped his glass on yours before you each took a sip. "Mm, that is smooth."
"Mhm," you agreed.
Two hours had passed as you talked about this and that, and your empty plates still sat in front of you. You two had gotten into a discussion about what it’s like trying to date when you live lives such as your own. It started after Clint asked you about a date you went on a few weeks ago and you scoffed.
“He knew exactly who I was.”
“He did and he told you he didn’t?”
“Yeah. Here I was thinking I could finally meet someone and go on a regular first date but no. All he wanted to do was ask me questions about the Avengers. He asked about your bow by the way. He wanted to know how the different arrows worked. Also, I’m fairly sure he just wanted to know if I could get him Stark’s autograph. Guess working for the man who runs the Avengers has its downsides, huh?”
“Yeah,” he chuckled. “Sorry it didn’t go well for you.”
“Eh,” you shrugged, “I’m not losing sleep over it. What about you?”
“What about me?”
“Are you seeing anyone?” I regretted asking as soon as I did but part of me really wanted to know.
“Uhh, no. I really haven’t seen anyone for a little while now.”
“Oh? How come?”
“Ahh, just, I don’t know… no reason.”
It was a funny answer the way he seemed to struggle with it made me think there was a reason. He just didn’t want to tell me, his friend. Nevertheless, I dropped the topic and moved onto something easier.
You were each on your fourth glass of whiskey now because you drank the first two rather quickly and then you both killed your third one when you thought you heard Stark come home. When he didn't make an appearance, you poured another glass and nursed it this time.
"How do you shoot that bow and arrow every day and not have your arm fall off?" You sat there stretching your arm across your body.
He didn't waste the opportunity to put down his glass and flex his bicep for me. "You get used to it," he answered nonchalantly.
Clint was always making you laugh, maybe you laughed a little too hard this time, but you did start drinking before your dinner had a chance to absorb into your system.
"Are you laughing at my muscle, (y/n), I am hurt." He still laughed though.
"No, no!" You placed a hand on his relaxed bicep. "They're very nice."
"Yeah they are." He flexed once real fast while your hand was still on his arm. You shoved him but he barely moved. He laughed that kind of laugh that comes from deep in the throat. "I don't know about you, but now I have a sweet tooth."
"Mmm," you eyed the fridge, "Steve always has ice cream in the freezer."
Without hesitation he hopped off his bar stool and checked the freezer. "Just vanilla. Not much left."
"That'll do." You set the dirty plates in the sink and grabbed two clean spoons. No sense in dirtying up bowls for this amount of ice scream.
Clint finished off his whiskey and poured himself another glass. "More?"
You polished yours off and slid the glass his way before taking a huge bite of ice cream.
Clint watched you. "You're going to get a brain freeze and I'm going to laugh so you know what please continue," he waved you on.
You swallowed the ice cream and stuck your tongue out at him. He snatched the carton from your hand and took a spoonful.
"Hey Friday," you both heard Stark's voice down the hall approaching fast. Quickly you grabbed the bottle of whiskey by the neck and held it below the countertop between the two of you. Clint hid his glass behind the ice cream carton, and you hid yours with your other hand. Stark barely glanced up as he passed through, thankfully his iPad was more interesting.
You set the bottle back on the counter and took the ice cream back, spooning another large bite into your mouth. The two of you passed the ice cream back and forth and continued to chat about your respective skills with you claiming you could outshine him one day. He responded by painting the tip of your nose with vanilla bean ice cream.
"Really?" You wiped it off with your thumb and index finger then licked them clean.
“Maybe I’m just a better teacher than you are.”
You opened your mouth to protest that theory when someone else walked into the common area.
"Hey guys," Steve was headed for the kitchen so you quickly slid the ice cream carton down the island, and it landed in the trash at the other end. Clint shot you a look and whispered, “it’s empty.”
"Hey Steve," you greeted him while Clint gave a lazy attempt at a peace sign over his shoulder.
"Man, someone finished off my ice cream."
"Oh no, you should probably put it on the list."
Steve did just that and settled for an apple before bidding you both goodnight.
“I do feel bad,” you expressed once Steve was out of ear shot. “I’ll buy him more tomorrow.”
It was quiet again and you both heard the door to Stark's office open down the hall.
"We should probably relocate unless you wanna offer him a drink?"
"Nope. Go, go!" You ushered him out of the kitchen and through the common area. You figured sitting out here would be just as risky as standing in the kitchen, so you lead him out onto the balcony. The blinds were shut so Stark wouldn't even see you if he walked by.
You leaned on each other, giggling like a couple of teenagers, as you walked to the edge of the balcony and rested your arms on the stone wall. It was a chilly night but the several shots of whiskey in your systems were keeping you warm.
"We forgot the glasses.”
"Eh," he took a sip from the bottle and passed it to you. You took a drink and held onto it.
"I’m glad Stark built the compound out here away from the city."
"Yeah," he agreed, "being able to see the stars is nice." Clint stood with his back to the stone wall and looked at the sky behind you.
The stars were slowly revealing themselves across the night sky when you noticed Clint was staring at you.
He looked like he was going to smile but shook it off and grabbed the bottle from your hands. He took a long swig and savored the taste of the whiskey in his mouth for a second.
Suddenly you realized you were watching him for longer than most would consider normal and quickly shifted your gaze to the lawn out in front of you. Not quick enough though.
"Something wrong?" He had a little half smile forming on his lips when you looked back at him.
You finally met his eyes with your own and shook your head. "Nope.”
"Well, you won the bet so you should get the last drink." He offered you the bottle and you took it.
Once the whiskey was gone you set the empty bottle on the patio table behind you.
"That was a really nice shot you took earlier. Are you sure you didn’t hustle me?" He nudged my side and I flinched because I'm very ticklish.
"I swear that was the first time," you laughed. “I did have a good teacher."
“Maybe I just had a really good student.”
You faced him fully now, leaning on your side. The cool night breeze felt refreshing against your face, but it probably did little to calm the rosiness in your cheeks that you suspected was there. You noticed Clint looking at you, like he wanted to say something.
“What’s on your mind?” You nudged his foot with yours.
"Nothing," he brushed it off but there was a hint of a smile on his face that had you curious. He tried to hide it by facing forward again.
You face forward as well, your arms brushing up against each other. Clint snuck a few glances at you; it was obvious something was on his mind, but he seemed nervous almost. You looked over at him admiring how good he looked in this lighting. You thought he looked good in any lighting though. His dark grey t-shirt fit him so well; it was a good color on him. Your eyes traveled back up to his face, lingering on his lips for just a moment. You actually wanted nothing more than to kiss him, but you convinced yourself not to take that risk. Until…
The way Clint was looking at you had you thinking maybe he wanted to kiss you too. You found yourself leaning in closer as he did the same. He reached his hand across and cupped the side of your face. Just as your lips were inches apart the door to the balcony slid open. The two of you quickly pulled away but not quick enough.
“Alright, which one of you took my, oh,” Stark lost his train of thought when he saw us. “Huh, that’s new.”
Clint cleared his throat about to speak but you cut him off. “That would be me.”
It was then Stark noticed the empty bottle on the table and his eyes widened. “You drank all of it?”
“It was already open,” you shrugged, trying not to laugh but Clint was already snickering by your side.
“Okay, you’re both drunk. I’m going inside now. One of you better replace it, that was good whiskey!”
The door slid shut behind him while he mumbled something about not hiring anymore spies and you burst into laughter. “Well, we almost got away with it.”
“He must have seen the glasses we left on the island; I don’t think you finished yours.”
“Ah, damn.”
Silence fell between the two of you. If you had to guess you would say he was thinking about what almost happened before Stark interrupted because that’s what you were thinking about. The silence stretched on for a few minutes with nothing but crickets sounding off down below you. You were looking up at the night sky watching a plane make its way across when Clint spoke up suddenly.
Your head snapped in his direction.
“Listen, I,” he started to speak but couldn’t find the words you guessed.
“It’s okay. You don’t have to say it. I mean, it’s probably just the alcohol you know…” you brushed it off like it meant nothing but in reality it hurt to say those things because what you really wanted to say was kiss me now. To avoid further awkwardness, you pushed yourself away from the wall and turned towards the door.
“No, wait, please.” He reached back gently grabbing hold of your hand. You stood there looking up at him waiting for him to say something more. “It’s not the alcohol, (y/n).” He drew you in closer until you were just inches away from him.
You gave him a questioning look and he laughed. His breath coated in whiskey.
“Okay the alcohol might have given me the courage, but I promise you that sober me wants to kiss you just as bad if not more.” He paused for a moment, still holding your hand in his own down by your sides. “I mean, if you would like that…” his voice trailed off as he looked down at you, eyes searching your face for some kind of response.
You brought both your hands up on either side of his face, your thumbs brushing along his stubble before bringing your lips up to meet his. The kiss was sweet and easy, like you did this every day. His hands settled on your waist, holding you as close to him as possible. You moved so that your arms were draped around his neck. It wasn’t how you expected this day to end but you were definitely happy with how it played out.
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FanFic Week!
Tumblr media
Hello lovies! I have an 18 hour drive this week (please save me) and in turn have lots of free time! So I am taking requests all week long for Marvel and Criminal Minds! Have fun!
Please be respectful
If I don't write your request right away, please do not harass me, I will get around to yours as soon as possible
No smut
No dark fics (character kidnapping R etc.)
I write f!reader, gn!reader, and m!reader
No homophobia, transphobia, or racism
I don't write age regression, nothing wrong with it I just don't feel comfortable writing it
You do not have to choose a prompt although I will put some down below!
Natasha Romanoff
Wanda Maximoff
Carol Danvers
Pepper Potts
Peter Parker
Tony Stark
Steve Rogers
Bucky Barnes
Bruce Banner
Criminal Minds
Jennifer Jareau
Emily Prentiss
Penelope Garcia
Elle Greenaway
Spencer Reid
Aaron Hotchner
Derek Morgan
list #1
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