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#MCU fanfiction
teadrinkingstoryteller · 5 minutes ago
New post for Marvel Monday where Loki helps you through an anxiety attack, and you show him The Office for the first time.
Just a little short something to get this week started♥️
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Tumblr media
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alexcat45 · an hour ago
Someone is leaving bits of sonnets for Steve.
For AllBingo Cotton Candy - Poetry
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louthefish28 · an hour ago
i want someone to write me a fic where two people, Person A and Person B are entering a contest, and Person A is just there for the money/ as a joke but Person B has been preparing for that their entire life. Person A keeps getting to the next levels by sabotaging/pure luck while Person B struggles to get through the next levels. somewhere along, they fall in love and on the night before the final round, Person A confesses Person B that they dont really want to win the competition so they wont try so hard to win it. Person B is slightly shocked but nods. The next day, the final round’s topic is announced and both of them start preparing for it. Person A accidently ruins Person B’s project and Person B thinks that it was on purpose and the whole thing was just an act. Happy ending tho. SOMEONE WRITE ME THIS PLS I BEG OF YOU-
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natromanoffxox · 2 hours ago
Oh my gosh your Guilty fic was absolutely amazing! They really beat the crap outta reader! I am curious tho: Would it be an inconvenience if I requested a little bonus of the Guilty fic where the team come to (wake up) from the gas and their reactions on what they did? I’m curious to know what they said when they remembered their actions and going, “Oh my god I almost killed (Y/N)!!!” Pretty please 😖🙏 🥺👉👈I’m sorry if it’s not in the books right now!
Wow, this was actually harder than I expected to write! But I hope this is something along the lines of what you were after…
(This has not been proof read, please be kind!)
GUILTY pt2 - The Flip Side
Natasha’s eyes snapped open when she heard the clicking of fingers right in front of her face. Her vision focused within seconds, allowing her to see Bruce squatting down in front of her seat trying to wake her.
“Good, you’re awake. We’re about to land.”
She glanced around groggily, wondering when she fell asleep. Wondering when she got back on the jet. Did she get knocked out? Natasha closed her eyes for a moment, a pulsing ache radiated through her brain making her groan in annoyance. She hated headaches.
She sat forward, only to see Bruce was actually going around all of the seats with her team mates in, snapping them awake just as he had done with her. Did everyone seriously fall asleep?
“What the hell happened?” Clint grunted as he rubbed the side of his head, as if to ease a similar pain to what Natasha was feeling.
“You guys inhaled some sort of gas, it sent you nuts. Code green was called. We got you all back to the jet but…” Bruce couldn’t finish his sentence, and she looked around the jet. Steve and Wanda were opposite her, Clint by her side and Tony on the other side, while Bruce began to take a seat next to Wanda, strapping himself in ready to land safely.
“Wait-“ Natasha sat up straight, ignoring the wave of pain her head gave out with the movement. “Where’s Y/N?”
Bruce opened and closed his mouth, unsure whether to tell his team the full story. He wasn’t entirely sure if they would remember the scene, or if the memory with fade as the drugged gas left their system. It was the first he’d seen of the substance, and it could be a definite problem in the hands of the wrong people. People like HYDRA. That worried him intensely. What worried him more was the probable PTSD his team mates were going to have when they learned what they had done to you.
The quinjet landed, and before anyone could even unbuckle themselves, the medics came dashing through pushing a gurney. The team were stunned, not even getting a chance to really check who it was on the bed. They figured it out though, and that’s when it all came falling down on them.
“We did that. We did that to her.” Steve whispered as he let his head drop into his hands. Wanda was instantly in tears, while Tony was pacing with shaking hands. Clint was silent, but tears had welled up in his eyes threatening to spill at any moment. They were all recalling the incident, each remembering every hit, every bit of pain they slashed you with.
Natasha stayed silent, the lump in her throat keeping her from even moving never mind speaking.
“Come on. The doctors are going to see to her now, she’ll be fine.” They knew Bruce was lying. He didn’t have a clue on your condition. They all were silent as they entered the compound. All not daring to share a glance, because they knew, they knew what they’d done. They remembered what they had done. What they’d done to their team mate, to a loving member of their family.
Steve was first to go see you. He took a bunch of flowers down with him, setting them on the table by your bedside. You were unconscious, unmoving, and honestly, a total mess. Every bruise he saw, every stitched up slice in your skin, brought back the memory of him. How he saw you as an enemy that needed destroying. He rewatched it in his mind when he looked at you, seeing him sending you across the room with a punch, making you cough blood from your mouth. He remembered the power he through his shield with, aiming straight for you. The guilt slammed him down, making him fall into the chair by your bed and weep. For the first 3 days, that’s all he done. He cried every time he looked at you.
Clint was weary of entering your med room, but after a day of debating, he knew he had to. He had to see you, had to apologise. But when he got down there and saw you, his heart shattered. You were like a little sister to him. You were so sweet and kind and loving. His brain instantly swung him back in time, making his rewatch as he fired an arrow at you, watching it go straight through your thigh and knocking you down with a pained scream. He wanted to take all that pain from you, and put it on himself. He wanted to rewind time and make sure they never entered that room, so you’d be awake and unharmed. The doctor assigned to you had told him of all of your injuries, which didn’t help him at all. If anything, it truly knocked him off of his feet. He’s back slid down the wall until he was sat with his knees to his chest just looking at you.
Wanda walked down to your room, tears already falling down her face with each step. She hadn’t done much to harm you, but she knew if you hadn’t knocked her out, she definitely would have killed you in that moment. She recalled the feeling she had back then, the feeling of pure rage. She’d never felt like that in her life, even when her home was blew up, even when her brother was killed. No one had ever angered her the way that that blast of gas had, and it terrified her. When she finally took a deep breath and opened the door, her breath stuck in her throat at the sight of you. Wanda let out a pained sob, covering her mouth with her hand as she took careful steps towards your bedside. You’d been in the compounds med bay for 3 days, and you were still unconscious. Your eyes were black and blue, swollen drastically. Your brow was stitched, as was a slice on your cheek bone. You had bandages over your left shoulder, and some of your fingers on both hands strapped up. From what she could see, they’d really done some damage on you. She’d done some damage on you, and that broke her heart. She loved you. You were part of her family. You were her best friend, her shoulder to cry on, like her sister, and she’d hurt you. The only thing that kept her sane was seeing into your mind, seeing the happy dreams you were having with your team mates. She didn’t even have to fake any scenes for you, she just watched your mind with you with a smile.
Tony visited once while you were till unconscious and couldn’t bring himself to sit there looking at you. He refused to go back down to the med bay until you were awake, but even then, he didn’t have a clue what to say. The man who always had something to say, some comment to give back, was speechless. He didn’t talk much after that mission, not even to his team mates. He was simply thinking of all the possible ways to make what he done up to you. He thought of countless things he could buy you, to put a smile of your face and hopefully forgive him, not that he actually expected you to forgive and forget what your family done to you. Tony couldn’t sleep at night. Every time he closed his eyes he was back there, watching the scene once again on replay, seeing what he done, how he hurt you. He could never forgive himself for that, even if he wasn’t in control of his body.
Natasha was a ghost. The team hadn’t seen her for days. She locked herself away from the world. She drank her emotions away with a bottle of vodka every day. She barely ate, barely slept. It wasn’t until the alcohol knocked her out when she’d get some shut eye. Her team thought she’d never went to visit you, but she did, once. It was a few days after their return home, late at night when everyone was asleep. Everyone but Natasha. She’d crept down to medical, and into your room. She stood in the shadows silently, just watching you sleep. Watching your chest rise and fall. Looking at the slowly healing wounds. Looking at your patched up shoulder. The shoulder she put a bullet in. She looked at your face, and tears sprung to her eyes instantly. She couldn’t stop seeing herself with a gun pointed to your head. She remember the feeling, how she wanted to kill you, how she wanted to see you die. She never went back down to the med bay after that. She didn’t talk to anyone, only coming out of her room when she had a mission to complete. The team never tried to push her to talk, they understood how she felt. They were all feeling the same way.
Everyone was slumped around the living area in silence. It was so quiet that even a pin dropping could be heard.
“What do we do?” Wanda whimpered, not even bothering to hide her pain.
“How do we make it up to her?” Clint added, his voice stronger than the witches, but still heavy with guilt. “There’s only so many flowers we can buy.”
“Make her recovery as easy as possible?” Steve asked, not lifting his head from his hands. It was the only thing he could think of that seemed like you’d really appreciate it.
“I can cook for her.”
“And I can do all the washing and shit.” Clint added.
“I’ll make sure she’s comfortable at all times.” Wanda spoke, a tiny smile finally lifting on her lips.
“I’ll buy anything she needs.” Said Tony, quick to unlock his phone and begin ordering anything he though you would like or want.
Natasha stood in the background, not having anything to say. Because what was there to say? Her team mates were trying to make you feel better, make your recovery an easy time, but that didn’t stop you from hating them. From hating her.
There was no chance you’d ever forgive her. She nearly killed you. There was no coming back from that. She’d lost any chance she might’ve had with you the moment they stepped into that room.
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mischievoushiddleston · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Plot: Loki and Bucky spend a night of passion with a woman. It was supposed to be just one night, but the three don't know yet that one night wouldn't be enough for Bucky, Loki and Y/N...
WaF Masterlist here!
My Beta-Reader: @fa-me
"Y/N? Are you okay?" She turned to look at the two men standing in the doorway. Y/N nodded briefly before turning her gaze back to the city below the balcony. "You disappeared quickly after the news, we were worried." Loki approached her.
"I...I just needed a moment alone. I didn't want you guys to be worried." Y/N explained softly.
"We'll always be worried about you." Bucky said, smiling slightly. He leaned against the railing and crossed his arms in front of his chest.
"What now? One of you is going to be a father of twins and the other..." Y/N stopped in mid-sentence and took a deep breath. "It wouldn't be fair to force one of you to raise another man's children." Bucky and Loki raised their eyebrows and looked at each other.
"We promised you that we don't care who the father is, Y/N. We love you and our children, who the biological father is makes no difference to us." Loki explained lovingly. Y/N looked at him with a smile and wiped the tears from her eyes.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ruin our day." Y/N said and looked at the floor. Loki lifted her chin and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.
"You didn't Y/N." Bucky stood behind Y/N and gently rubbed her arms. She turned to him and began kissing him. The kiss heated up quickly and Bucky slipped his tongue into her mouth.
"That's pretty unfair, you'd already have all the fun first thing this morning." Y/N broke away from the kiss and laughed. She turned to Loki and kissed him as well, her fingers running through his hair.
"How do you feel about being a little naughty in public and celebrating the good news of the twins?"
He moved her backward until her back was against the wall next to the door and stroked her cheek. His body rubbed against hers and she felt his cock harden. Y/N broke away from the kiss and looked over at Bucky. She stuck out her hand and silently asked him to come closer to them. Loki's mouth traveled down her neck and began kissing him. Bucky took her hand and placed it on his crotch. Y/N moaned as she felt his hard erection. His hand moved to her breasts and started kneading them. He rolled her nipple between his fingers.
Loki's hand pushed up her dress and his hand wandered under her dress. He let his fingers gently slide over the fabric of her panties. Y/N opened her legs a little more to allow his fingers access. Loki pushed her panties to the side and let his finger slide over her already wet pussy. Meanwhile, Bucky had unzipped his pants and let his big cock pop out. Y/N started to stroke it, but would be quickly stopped by him.
"I don't want to cum in your hand." Bucky quickly stated. Loki also opened his pants and pulled out his cock. He lifted it up by her waist with ease and Y/N wrapped her legs around his waist. Loki guided his cock to her wet pussy. Quickly and hard he filled her pussy. He thrust into her slowly, but his thrusts filled her completely. Bucky moved closer to the couple. "Turn her over." His hand grabbed her chin and turned her head toward him, and he began kissing her passionately. Suddenly, he grabbed his cock with one hand, which was pressed against her ass from behind, lifted her dress and pulled her panties away with the other. She felt the head of his cock slide between her butt cheeks. He pushed it in a little and repeated before thrusting his cock into her ass.
Y/N moaned loudly from the overwhelming feeling of both cocks inside her. Both men began to slowly move together. Loki kissed her while Bucky bit and sucked on her neck. Soon their movements sped up, she managed to move her hips to get enough friction on her clit. Finally, Y/N felt her climax overwhelm her and moaned loudly. While her body was still shaking from her orgasm, she felt the men, still pounding into her pussy, tense and spasm almost in sync, finally filling Y/N with their hot cum. The three of them gasped and tried to calm their breathing.
"That was definitely a way to party that I really like." Y/N laughed as the two cocks slid out of her and then she was back on the floor. Their cum flowed out of her while the two men zipped up their pants.
"Well, it's not every day we find out we're going to be fathers." Bucky smiled and Loki looked like he was lost in thought. "Are you all right, Loki?"
"Yeah...Y/N, I didn't just want to go to Asgard so we could go to the healing chamber. I asked Idunn for an apple."
"An apple?" Bucky and Y/N asked at the same moment.
"It gives immortality for both of you." Loki opened his hands and a golden apple appeared in each of their hands. Bucky took one of the apples Loki gave him. Y/N also took it after a moment's hesitation and examined it.
"For me too?" Bucky asked Loki in confusion.
"The three of us are family and we belong together. You're my best friend, Bucky." Loki nodded and smiled at him. It was clear that Bucky had chosen the apple, so the two men looked at Y/N questioningly.
"Why are you guys staring at me? Of course I'm going to eat the apple." Y/N smiled at Bucky and Loki. It was visible that both were relieved.
"Good, there's something else you should know now that you've made up your mind. I didn't want your decision to depend on it." Y/N furrowed her brow questioningly. "Your apple has another effect than Bucky's. I asked Idunn for a spell to combine Bucky's DNA and mine, changing the babies' DNA as well." Loki explained. "There would no longer be any question as to who the father is, both Bucky and I would be the biological father of the children."
Y/N hugged Loki happily and he wrapped his arms around her waist. She looked behind her and beckoned Bucky closer. Bucky was pulled into her arms. "We were going to ask you this later, but we think now is a good time."
The two men broke away from the embrace and sank to their knees in front of her.
"Will you do us the honor..." began Bucky.
"And will become our wife?" finished Loki.
Y/N nodded excitedly. "Yes. I will be your wife." Loki and Bucky stood up and pulled her into their arms together. They shared a moment together as the two men rested their hands on her stomach and all three wondered how they’d gotten so lucky..
Taglist is open! @smoke-and-sunsets @everybitch @coco-puffses
A/N Last Chapter of the short FF, I hope you had like it💚
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elvenfforestydd · 3 hours ago
Be Strong, Saith My Heart
Tumblr media
CHAPTER 4 HERE “Take courage, my heart: you have been through worse than this. Be strong, saith my heart; I am a soldier; I have seen worse sights than this.”― Odysseus The Illiad
Rated: M - Whump, Non Con, Underage Characters: Clint Barton, Peter Parker (No Slash)
Summary: Clint wakes up in an abandoned motel room, tied to a chair, the result of an unfortunate professional hazard. He has no idea where he is or who has captured him. What he does know is he will do whatever is in his power to keep Peter Parker safe.
It must be morning. It has to be morning. Clint thought. He hadn’t slept that night. A few times he dozed off, but woke up with a start, not wanting to leave Peter alone. Peter, on the other hand, did seem to finally fall asleep. Clint knew this when his breath no longer sounded forced.
Clint’s voice was haggard and horse. He spent most of the night talking to Peter until Peter fell asleep. He spoke of anything that came to his mind.
His question was answered. The lights were thrown on. Morning. Clint stirred, stiffly. They had been in these chairs for over 48 hours and his body was complaining. He moved the parts of his body that he could, stretching.
At some point, the men would come back and he would need to figure out answers. They couldn’t afford another night here. He glanced at Peter, who still had his eyes closed. Either the lights hadn’t woken him up or he was pretending, not wanting to open his eyes. Clint hoped he was still asleep, but either way, he hoped it allowed the kid a moment of escape. Now in the light, he got a better look at the mask covering his face. It was a simple black piece of material, tightly strapped behind his head. Clint could see the red puffy skin around where the mask dug into Peter’s cheeks. It made Clint’s skin crawl looking at it. It was contrasted sharply against Peter’s young face. Some of Peter’s hair had fallen across his face and over his eyes.
Peter stirred, a small groan escaping from behind the mask. His bloodshot eyes slowly flickered open. They landed on Clint. Clint saw them flash from worry to reassurance to exhaustion.
CHAPTER 4 HERE Tag List: @dottiejohnson
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natromanoffxox · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I LOVE REQUESTS! And this^ this shit right here^^^^^ fuck, I loved writing this!
Here you go bestie! I hope you enjoy❤️ @wickedmuses
Warnings: Swearing, violence (I think that’s it?)
(This has not been proof read, please be kind!)
Tumblr media
For once in your life, you didn’t know what to say. Well, that was a lie. You had a lot you could say, but you bit your tongue.
It was your first solo mission with the notoriously Black Widow, and honestly so far, you weren’t sure what you thought of her. Yeah, she was gorgeous, but she was also venomous. One wrong word and she’d strike. Especially on a bad day… You’d seen it happen, and did not want to be on the receiving end of that fight. You have the super soldier serum running through your veins but you definitely weren’t up for that.
It wasn’t a hard mission, all you had to do was stake out the place, get the information from the computer and get out. That’s what Steve had said anyway. What he didn’t say was that you’d be staying in the same god damn room as Natasha. Two single beds, thankfully. You couldn’t imagine the uproar if there were any less than that.
Natasha had only spoke to you when she needed too. Simple things like ‘we’re landing.’ ‘This is our room.’ And ‘I’ll take the left bed.’
That was it.
But you didn’t want to push a conversation she clearly did not want to have. Even if all you wanted to do was know more about the secretive red headed woman, you wouldn’t force that information out of her with words she didn’t want to speak. So you stayed silent. Natasha was in the bathroom, while you were scrolling through your phone, killing time until you eventually felt tired enough to try and fall asleep. It was going to be a difficult task when you had her right next to you. You often found yourself just looking at her, admiring her. Watching the way she worked, the way she fought, the way she breezed through enemies like it was the easiest thing in the world. She was incredible to say the least. You wanted to tell her that, but you imagined she already knew, and had heard it one hundred times before.
You heard the shower cut off, and the bathroom door opening shortly after, letting a damp haired assassin into your point of view. Damn. She really was a sight for sore eyes. You snatched your eyes away, trying to focus back on your phone screen but failing. From the corner of your eye, you could have sworn you saw her smirk.
“We should get some sleep. We’ve got to be up early in the morning if we want to get this mission over with quickly.” She said as she climbed under the covers of her bed. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to go to sleep, more like you couldn’t.
Natasha flicked off the lamp, leaving the room dark other than the low light coming from your phone screen. You wriggled around a bit, trying to find a comfortable position. You don’t know how long you flipped and turned for, maybe 5 minutes, maybe 30, possibly longer? The room was pitch black, and you were just lying there wide awake, unable to fall into a deep sleep like Natasha had a while back.
“Stop-“ You heard a whisper, stopping you in your movement the second your ears caught the sound.
“Please, stop!”
It was Natasha. She was whimpering in her sleep, and the noise broke your heart. Was she having a nightmare? Should you wake her? What if she broke your arm if you touched her?
“Natasha.” You spoke out into the room, sounding much louder than you expected due to the silence of the night. You got no response from the Russian spy. “Natasha!”
“I won’t- stop! I’m not that person-“ Her whimpers turning into cries, her body making twitching movements as if she was trying to hold something, or someone, away from her. You flicked on the bedside lamp, sitting up on the side of your bed as you tried again.
“Natasha, wake up!” Your hand shuck her shoulder slightly, and her next movement struck you still. She flipped around, sitting up with the movement and swung a first straight at you, hitting against your shoulder with a lot more power than you expected. Even for a super soldier, that kinda hurt.
“Ow.” You rubbed your shoulder for a moment before looking back at Natasha, finding her staring up at you with wide eyes filled with what you could only read as terror. You dread to think of what her mind had created to scare someone had fearsome as the Black Widow.
“I’m sorry.” She stuttered out quickly, pulling her hands up to the covers as if to hide them away from you.
“It’s okay.” You whispered, “Are you alright?”
“Yes… yeah. Just…” Natasha couldn’t get the words out of her mouth, trying to think of the best way to put it without scaring you off. “Look, I know this is weird, but could you… hold me tonight?”
Her question took you by surprise. She hadn’t spoke more than 5 sentences to you all day and suddenly she’s asking for you to hold her. You’d be freaked out if you weren’t so attracted to the woman.
“Okayyy.” The word dragged longer than you meant it to, making you wince at how it sounded out loud. You climbed up onto the side of her bed, letting her find the spot she wanted to lie in. Eventually, her head was resting on your chest with her arm draped over your stomach. Not to be dramatic but, you were finding it hard to breath. Having her so close, literally on you, made you feel things you’d never felt before. You were tense for a moment, but finally relaxed as you heard the soft levelled out breathing of the red head, feeling more at ease knowing she’d been able to fall back to sleep after her nightmare. You lay there, just staring down at her before your eyes eventually fluttered closed too.
The screeching of the alarm beside your head sprung you awake. Your eyes shot open, body stiff with shock at the sudden noise. You’d forgot you’d set it the night before, making you groan in annoyance at yourself and the stupid beeping sound. You’d had one of the best nights sleep you’d ever had in while, and all you wanted to do was curl back up and fall into that deep sleep once more. Natasha had other plans though.
“Come on, we have a mission to complete.”
And with that, she was up from under the covers, pulling them down from your face to let the light of day shine into your eyes. You moaned in annoyance, turning into your front and hiding your face in the pillow before letting out a long sigh. Yeah, you probably should get up.
Natasha was already dressed in her catsuit when you eventually dragged yourself out of the bed, running a brush through her curls to tame the mess that sleep had created. All you could think was, damn I want to run my fingers through those soft locks.
You clocked Natasha’s smirk in the mirror, her eyes on you as you watched her from behind, sending what you could only describe as a flock of butterflies wildly fluttering around inside of you.
“Get ready. We’ve got a job to do.” Her tone was hard but her face was the complete opposite, and you weren’t sure how to take it. Instead, you grabbed you clothes and headed for the bathroom.
You eventually made it to the sight of the mission, gun in hand ready for anything. Natasha had gone through the details once more; she was going to get to the computer and download the information they needed, while it was your job to make sure no one got to her while she was in there. Simple. Easy. Nothing you hadn’t done before. You were basically her body guard.
It was far to simple getting into the building, literally walking through a door and through the hallways. Natasha had memorised the blue sheets of the building, knowing where every corridor led to and all the possible exits around them. You weren’t feeling one hundred percent positive that this was going to be as easy as it let on. You’s shouldn’t have been able to get as far as you’s had without letting out a single bullet. You shouldn’t have been able to walk through all these hallways without seeing a single enemy.
“Something feels off.” You whispered to the spy.
“I know, but let’s just get the info and get out of here.” She whispered back, hand on gun feeling just as tense as you were. It calmed your nerves slightly knowing that Natasha was also waiting for something to happen, it made you feel like it would be less of a surprise if both of you were awaiting it. But it didn’t. Natasha was inside the compute room, tapping away at the keys quickly while you manned the door.
It shouldn’t be this easy.
The words kept running through your head as you scanned each direction over and over again as you waited for your team mate. Your gun was in hand by your side, ready to fire if literally anyone walked around either corner.
“Done. Let’s get out of here.” Her voice came from behind you, making a shiver run through your body. God, even her voice was intoxicating. You were walking the halls once more, when you heard the noise. You weren’t sure which direction it came from, and apparently Natasha was unsure too. She dragged you into a doorway quickly, closing it behind her. You were in a compromising position to say the least. Your back was against the wall, her chest pressed against yours, staring at one another. You couldn’t stop your eyes from falling down to her lips. You couldn’t stop staring at them. Jesus, you wanted to know how they felt. A simple movement, and they’d meet. You felt Natasha inch forward just slightly-
The door swing open, and in came a bunch of enemies. What a way to kill the mood: guns pointed at your heads. It was a damn good thing you and Natasha were quick thinkers, because if you hadn’t pulled her down to the floor, you’d both be sharing bullets in your brains. Natasha lifted her gun, shooting up at the goons as you stood and send hit after hit into them. Being a super soldier definitely had its benefits. Normal people went flying from one of your punches, and you were a lot quicker than they were. You saw Natasha fire a bullet at a mans leg, and watched his knee cap literally explode. Ew.
“Jesus, Romanoff. That was brutal to watch.” You couldn’t help but laugh as you shot at another enemy who entered the room. She sent you a wink quickly before throwing down another onto the floor, hitting him hard with a loose pipe that lay beside her feet. This woman… was fucking amazing.
Soon enough it was clear for you to run out of one of the exit points Natasha had memorised, finding safety in a back alley far from the scene of the crime.
“Well, I can’t say I didn’t expect that.” You chuckled as you leaned your back against the wall, hands wiping against your knees to wipe the blood from them. Thank god for black uniforms, huh.
“I knew those fuckers were playing games.” Nat wiped her brow, and ran her fingers through her hair. The image of her right there, gave you a boost of confidence. You were in front of her before you knew it, and pressing your lips against hers before a blink of an eyes. Her gasp made you pull away after a second, a blush creeping up on your cheeks.
“Sorry, I just needed to know-“
“Shut up.” She interrupted you, pulled your face back to hers and locking her lips on yours. It was deeper this time, but her lips were soft and sweet. Your fingers ran through her hair the way you always wanted to. Your lips moved against hers like they fit together perfectly. Her tongue found yours, twisting against it heavenly. You were on cloud 9. You didn’t want it to end, but you had to catch your breath and so did Natasha.
“That’s one way to end a mission.” You breathed out as your head rested against hers.
“Get used to it.”
Oh, you could definitely get use to it.
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princesscassashoneypot · 4 hours ago
Making Time With Steve's Girl | Teammates Nothing More C.4
Tumblr media
Summary: You're first training session with Bucky is a smashing success but you have no idea what's starting to brew between Steve and Bucky
Warning: Minor angst, some light choking (though not sexual)
Word Count: 970
Please do not repost my writing anywhere. If you like this reader imagine, please feel free to like, comment, re-blog, and follow for new posts and updates. <3 Also DM me if you would like to be added to my tag list.
Tag List: @littlebirdofrivia @smile-sugar @ughdontbeboring @peachatori @daddys-littlewhitegirl @wheretheriversrunintothesea
Master List | Coming Soon | Support | C.1, C.2, C.3,
One hour later you’re standing in the gym, leggings and sports bra warming up when Bucky walks in.
You’ve never seen him train without a shirt on. He’s trained in t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, never shirtless. It’s a bit of a stunner. Of course, it took you a little while to stop staring. Steve aside, there was something to admire about Bucky’s wash board abs. Those shoulders and back muscles?
Holy Moly.
Okay, maybe this wouldn’t be awful. You hate working out; you hate training, but it was what you were training for that mattered the most. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to so we can achieve what is important. You don’t want to be just another geek in the lab, no shade to them. They were a massive part of the team. To the Avengers, to SHIELD–but you couldn’t help feeling like there was a lot more you offered than just being the voice in someone’s earpiece.
Bucky moves around you, and it’s unmistakable. This is what it’s like to be caught in the Winter Soldier’s cross hairs. You know Bucky won’t hurt you, but the sensation that creeps into the pit of your stomach is difficult to control. His baby blues are assessing everything from the way you stand, to the way you hold your shoulders.
“Move onto the mat.”
You inhale quickly and Bucky comes to stand in front of you, coming at you with no hesitation and you haphazardly block his attempts. This makes Bucky smile.
“That’s very good, I like that but try this.”
Bucky motions for you to attack him and while he’s blocking you, he catches your arm and twirls, spinning you away and brings his forearm to your throat, pulling back as he keeps one of your arms locked behind your back.
“Feel the pressure I have on your arm?”
Bucky gives your arm, the one twisted behind your back, a small tug. Not enough to hurt you, but enough to show what he was doing.
“I could snap your wrist and dislocate your shoulder if I wanted to. This is a good move to have in your arsenal if you ever need it. With this and the pressure applied to your throat, if you squeeze any harder it will restrict air supply. You’ll start getting dizzy and pass out. If you are trying not to kill your opponent, this is ideal for incapacitation.”
Bucky releases you, and you start all over sparring together. Now and then he stops to show you something, encouraging even joking a time or two. Every time he comes at you, and you do something wrong, he corrects you.
By the end of the hour, you’re feeling more confident than you have in months' training with Steve and the two of your hits the weights. You talk, you ask him about before–before he came back. Before it was one of Stark’s super soldiers. It feels good; it feels like you are part of a team. The way you always thought it was supposed to feel, not because you wanted so badly to be recognized as one of the world's heroes, but because it would mean you were a part of something.
A family.
As you rise from the weight bench, you feel your head suddenly swim and your knees wobble, throwing your hand out to catch yourself, Bucky is there before you hit the floor. His arms pulling you up close.
“Hey, look at me, you okay, YN? I didn’t think I pushed you that hard.”
Bucky tries to laugh it off, but he looks genuinely concerned as he helps you stand up, making sure that your balance is okay now.
“Yeah, I think I just stood up a little too quick.”
You tell him, laughing off your light-headedness, but then you feel another wave hit you, and Bucky guides you down to the weight bench, instructing you to put your head between your knees as he grabs a bottle of water.
Taking it, you sip some of it and after a few more swigs, your head clears and you sigh.
“I’m such a dumbass.” You say, refraining from shaking your head.
“No, you aren’t, YN.”
Bucky is searching for your face, the back of his fingers moving to gingerly touch your forehead. He didn’t feel any fever.
“Yes, I am. I ate nothing this morning. You know how Steve is always chanting about breakfast being the most important meal of the day.”
You look at Bucky and frown at your own stupidity.
“That’s easily remedied and I won’t tell Steve you skipped breakfast.”
Bucky has seen how Steve treats you, and he also knows the truth too. He turned then, going to the cabinet that kept extra towels and grabbed a crinkling package before crouching in front of you again.
“Crunchy Peanut Butter. I know you like that one the best.”
You look at the Cliff bar and slowly take it from Bucky’s fingers, splitting the wrapper in half.
“Thanks, Buck.”
Inhaling slowly, you take a bite as Bucky stands once more, glancing at the clock. “Better get back to work, I’ll see you later.”
“What the hell are you doing?”
Steve stops Bucky in the hallway as he’s heading from the gym, grabbing his shirt and tugging it over his head. He needs to get back to his room, shower, and then get to work, but Steve’s accusatory tone makes Bucky stop in his tracks and look at him.
“Doing what you couldn’t.”
Bucky breezes past Steve, leaving him standing in the hall before Steve clinches his fists together, his jaw tightening.
He shouldn’t be angry. Bucky was only doing what was right, but he couldn’t stop the boiling anger that knotted in the pit of his stomach.
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ynrogers · 5 hours ago
We slept at Buckys house because the A/C is broken. I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about Bucky all the time
This is my outfit for the last day at school.
Tumblr media
When I came downstairs I saw Bucky in the kitchen and he looked at me. I think he saw the short skirt.
Tumblr media
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616-buckycap · 5 hours ago
Part Twenty of The Fixers
Tumblr media
A part of Luna didn’t want to leave Asgard as it was a beautiful place when she first arrived. Another part of her was glad to leave because it didn’t look very beautiful now. There were fires everywhere and the main palace was just a large heap of rubble.
“I must stay here,” Thor said, “and find Hel and Loki.”
Luna felt terrible then; during Ragnarok, Thor was going to fight a giant snake.
Both would lose.
However, maybe it wouldn’t happen.
“We’ll keep an eye out for him,” Steve said.
“Thank you. See you soon,” Thor said.
Luna then teleported them to the airship.
Unfortunately, Loki was sitting in the pilot seat, drinking a beer.
“Well, this is awkward,” he said, burping. He laughed a little too loudly.
He was drunk.
Great, Luna thought to herself, we have a drunk god in our airship.
“Where’s Katherine?” Luna asked Loki.
He smiled at her.
“She’s-she’s with Hel. I think. I don’t know, I just decided to see what you’re travelling in. This is a very nice place. Can I stay?”
“No. You should leave,” Bucky said sternly.
Loki laughed. He stood up, swaying quite a bit as he walked over to Bucky, who had to look up at him.
“You think you’re so tough with your muscles and your fighting skills, but you’re actually tiny. You’re like a little, um, what’s the word? A little toy? Is that it? Yes, that’s it, isn’t it? You’re like a little toy.”
Bucky frowned a little at that.
“Look,” Clint said, “please leave.”
“But I want to stay!” Loki protested like a small child.
There was something underneath the protest that made Luna feel uneasy. What was it that Loki had told her in the cave; don’t take everything he said at face value?
“Why do you want to stay?” Steve asked.
“Because I want to help you,” Loki snapped.
“Help us with what?” Natasha asked.
“With whatever it is that you do.”
“I’m sorry,” Sam said, “but you’re the God of Mischief. Why should we trust you?”
“Because I helped your witch.”
Everyone turned to stare at Luna.
“Did he?”
“Of course he did. He gave me a dagger.”
Luna pulled out the golden dagger from her sheath, and everyone gasped.
“Why didn’t you tell us this earlier?” Sam asked.
“Well, we did end up in a spot of bother,” Luna smiled.
“There’s one more thing I forgot to mention; I know someone who can get your familiar back to you.”
“That’s not possible.”
“It is,” Loki said, smiling at Luna. “If you know where to find a witch who will do it. And I just happen to know the exact person.”
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butterflies-in-dust · 7 hours ago
Peter parker : I am reviewing every rooftop and terrace in New York on the basis of how many times I have fallen off them.
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dianaswanda · 7 hours ago
Dating bucky barnes would include
Tumblr media
Many pet names but the most used one would be “doll” or “darling”
He feels worried he may hurt you with his metal arm so you need to reassure him that he won’t hurt you
Will still try to keep his metal arm away from you at first til he feels comfortable
Once he feels comfortable that he won’t hurt you he will not try to keep it away from you as much
You would probably be friends before dating because it may take him a while to get close/trust people
Playing with his hair
He would often surprise you with flowers
Loves your smile and always does small things to make you smile
You loving to see his smile
Loves kissing you and will kiss you anywhere
Tries to make you blush
Falling asleep on him
He’d tell you stories from the 40’s
Teaches you how to dance like they did in the 40’s
Trying to teach him more current dances
Getting close to Sam and Steve
Watching how he interacts with Sam’s nephews and it reminds you of one of the many reasons you love him
Showing him shows/movies he has never had a chance to see
He also likes to show you older movies that he liked to watch
Adopting at least one cat
Would feel very protective over you
Reassuring him that he is not his past
Waking up to comfort him after nightmares
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mischievoushiddleston · 8 hours ago
Hey everyone💚
Since many of my readers want another fanfiction from my one-shots, I will vote on which of the one-shots deserves the most FF. The rules are simple, each of my readers (i.e. each user) can submit a comment for the desired one-shot, which should become a fan fiction. I will evaluate the votes and inform you of the winner in a few days. You can cast your vote here in my comments or also privately. I also accept your votes on Wattpad here!
May the best one-shot win💚
Hey ihr Lieben💚
Da viele meiner Leser sich eine weitere Fanfiktion von meinen One-Shots wünschen, werde ich eine Abstimmung machen welcher der One-Shots am meisten eine FF verdient. Die Regel sind einfach, jeder meiner Leser (also jeder User) kann ein Kommentar für den gewünschten One-Shot abgeben, der eine Fanfiktion werden soll. Ich werde die Stimmen auswerten und euch in ein paar Tagen den Gewinner mitteilen. Ihr könnt hier in meinen Kommentaren eure Stimme abgeben oder gerne auch privat. Auch auf Wattpad hier! nehme ich eure Stimmen an.
Möge der beste One-Shot gewinnen💚
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greekgeek21 · 9 hours ago
Percy Jackson & The Avengers: Convergence - they steal an old pirate ship
I'm alive!! I'm so sorry for just ditching you guys, but I was in Shasta for a week and didn't have any internet access so I wasn't even able to say that I was gonna not update. But I hope this nice, semi-long chapter makes up for it!  Reminder that this is also available on FF, Inkitt, Ao3, Webnovel, and Wattpad
On a completely different note, I'm going to be starting to write a book. Like, a real published book. It'll take a few years but I'm determined and I love the idea I thought of so if any of you are interested, email me at and I might be willing to send some samples. I want input, badly. And all the people in my life are biased. Total strangers on the internet are totally made for this, right?
I recently got into readers marauder era fanfics and I'm already in too deep, gays (and yes I meant to say gay, we all know it if you're reading pjo fanfiction). There is no escape.
Anyway, I'm running out of prewritten chapters, so I have to get to writing that while preparing to write a book. Wish me luck! Happy pride month! 🏳️‍🌈✨
- your author
Ω ♆ Ω
"Run it by me again. Just one more time," Steve asked, still highly confused.
They had made it to Florida and were now at a private dock. Percy had just briefly explained his control over any water vehicle and the Captain was not getting the point.It was understandable. Percy still barely got it.
However, they didn't have a whole lot of time, and every second they wasted discussing Percy's weird powers was another second Annabeth's captors had to hurt her. They did not have time for this.
"We are going to steal a boat, and I'm going to sail us the rest of the way," Percy sighed.
"Ok, but, how are we going to sail it if only you know how to do it?" Steve asked.
Even Piper was getting frustrated now. "He can control the boat! We won't have to do anything! The boat will listen to his will! Oh my gods!"
"But how is that possible!?" Steve shouted.
"How would I know?! I was just born with the freaky powers!" Percy yelled right back, getting fed up with this never-ending conversation.
Jason decided to cut in before things got too out of hand. They had to save Annabeth.
"Guys! This doesn't matter! What matters is that we save Annabeth, and we can't do that if we're stuck here arguing over something that is out of our control," he said.
Percy huffed. "He started it."
Hazel rolled her eyes. "How does Annabeth put up with you?"
"Honestly? No idea," Percy smirked.
"Let's just get going, team. We have a boat to steal, right?" Tony asked.
"Yep. And I think this place has the perfect one for the job." The son of Poseidon then started walking away, apparently following his weird sailing powers.
I guess we're supposed to follow him, thought Piper.
Ω ♆ Ω
"This is supposed to take us through the most cursed waters on the planet?" Bruce asked, looking the boat up and down.
"Yes. Isn't it beautiful?" Percy said and smiled, running his hand along the side.
Tony leaned over to Frank. "Is he seeing the same boat we are?"
Frank just shrugged, used to Percy's weirdness by now. Honestly, it was a little hard for him to imagine the team taking what was in front of them to Polyphemus' island. It seemed like it wouldn't survive the normal ocean.
To be clear, what Percy was suggesting they take was an old pirate ship, currently on display inside of a warehouse at the dock. It was covered in dried-up barnacles, and the mast was split in half. There were also holes all along the sides. It was a miracle the thing hadn't crumbled already.
"Yes, Tony, I am. This thing will run for me. It doesn't even need to be repaired, I can handle that. The only thing that matters is that it is built to withstand the type of waters we're going out in," Percy said. "We need all the advantages we can get."
Natasha, to everyone's surprise, spoke up, "I think we should trust Percy. If he says it'll work, then it'll work. He's the son of Poseidon, right? Nothing can hurt us while in the ocean. Am I correct, Percy?"
Jason cleared his throat and gave Percy a significant look. The Avengers needed to know that they were basically powerless in the triangle. The older teen looked ready to explain, but Frank spoke before he had the chance.
"Actually, no. The Sea of Monsters is outside of Poseidon's realm of power, hence the name. Percy won't have the same access to his father's domain as he does out here," he said, "So, basically, we're entering a dangerous situation, with no backup, and an inexperienced team. Should be fun, right?"
The Avengers were shocked, to say the least. Not at what the boy had said, but who had said it. As far as they had seen, Frank wasn't as confident as his physical form portrayed. They were wrong. Frank was confident, and his friends were proud of him for it, too. It had been a large transformation from when Percy had first met the son of Mars.
"Well, I think we should start heading out. We want to get as far as possible before the sun goes down, right?" Piper asked.
"Right," Percy nodded.
She wasn't really certain about all of this sailing stuff. Sure, she had been on the Argo II, but that was different than an actual boat. For one, it could fly and was controlled by a gaming console. She hadn't really bothered learning how to actually run a ship for that.
But now, she had to act like she knew what she was doing, and that was scary. The Avengers may put on a confident front, but she saw the insecurities in all of them. Some were harder to find than others, but finding insecurities was her specialty.
They really were going into a completely unknown situation. At least Piper and the Seven had been in this world for a little while, but the Avengers hadn't even encountered a monster before. It would sure be a shock when they were faced with some of the worst ones for their first fights. So, she and the rest of the demigods had a responsibility to be the examples, no matter how much the "adults" liked to point out that it was "ethically wrong" for them to do that.
Ω ♆ Ω
Turns out, the kid hadn't been lying about being able to sail the ship. Tony would be the first to admit that he was skeptical of the structure of the vessel, but he was proved wrong when, after the group had gotten the thing into the water, it had started to magically prepare itself for departure. Not a single drop of water leaked into the interior; it was like the water simply moved around the holes.
It was spectacular!
Before he knew it, the group had settled into the boat and were moving away from the dock. The Avengers were marveling at everything around them, considering that Percy wasn't even steering the thing, and yet it was supposedly moving in the right direction. To add to the shock, the ship's parts were moving themselves. It was not logically possible, and yet there Tony was, watching it unfold like some kind of acid trip.
"This is...amazing," he muttered, leaning against the rail with Leo, who he had taken a certain liking to. They were a lot alike.
The son of Hephaestus grinned, "Right? I told you guys Percy had cool powers. You should see him with Blackjack or Arion. It's wacky, man!"
"Who's Blackjack and Arion?" Tony asked, noting the new names.
"Oh. Right, I forgot. Blackjack is Percy's pegasus, and Arion is Hazel's horse. Percy can talk to them because his father created horses," Leo answered.
And just when the man of iron was getting used to all of this, he was pulled back into astonishment.
Ω ♆ Ω
After a couple hours of mingling and exploring, Percy called the team up to the deck. He had started to feel it a while ago when he knew it was still a distance away, but now he knew that they were approaching the Sea of Monsters.
It was a blank spot for him. Everywhere else, he could feel the ocean's power thrumming, waiting for him to control it. But here, there was nothing. Considering they were in the middle of the ocean, it was pretty obvious what it was. That was how he had tracked the place down without a map. It was his blind spot. He would just follow the blankness like it was the North Star.
Once everyone had gathered, he told them the news, and to say the atmosphere changed was an understatement. What smiles they had had disappeared, and their expressions turned serious.
"It's time, guys. Get ready. The first thing we're going to come up on is Scylla and Charybdis. We have to go through them to get into the sea. Now, I've planned this so that we should hopefully be able to pass through without any problems, but with six demigods' luck, we shouldn't rely on that too much. Charybdis only feeds three times a day, so if I planned this right, we should be able to pass over her without a fuss. Everyone got it? Be prepared for a fight, but don't expect it, please. We don't need any more reasons for the Fates to curse us."
Hazel stepped up, "Should the Avengers help us if we end up fighting something? Or should they just observe how we deal with monsters first?"
"We can handle ourselves," Steve defended.
Jason sighed, fed up with the same old arguments, "Alright, that's it! The Avengers will let us take the lead in any fights we may or may not end up in. They will not do anything without one of our approvals because we have actual experience with these beings. They will not be put on the sidelines, but they will also not be on the front lines. Does that work for everyone?"
Percy sent a thankful grin to his cousin, "Thank you, Jason. And yes, it does."
Jason just nodded in return.
"Alright, gang! Buckle up! Make sure to keep your hands and feet inside the ship at all times, and remember, the sword points away from you. It's showtime!" Leo cackled.
Just as he finished, they entered a wall of mist, which was unsettling to say the least. The temperature dropped almost three degrees as they passed through it.
Percy pulled out Riptide before steering the ship towards Charybdis. Hopefully, if everything went to plan, they would be out of this Hades-forsaken place by sunrise.
But, of course, nothing ever went to plan on a demigod's quest.
Ω ♆ Ω
Maybe it wasn't the best idea for me to come, was Bruce's first thought as he got his first glimpse at a greek monster. He had taken refuge inside the sleeping quarters of the ship, practicing his breathing exercises. He was really hoping this didn't turn into a Code Green. This was definitely not the place to let the Hulk loose.
So far, it had been silent upstairs, so Bruce concluded that it was going good so far. He had researched the Greek and Roman myths before they had left and on the plane, and everything that he could find on Charybdis was not reassuring. It was true what Percy said, that she only ate three times a day, but nobody really knew when those times were. Until Percy, apparently. He had survived the Sea of Monsters, so everyone on this ship had to trust his judgement in everything they did here. Bruce could tell that the other Avengers were struggling with taking orders from a "child." But Bruce had learned to not underestimate anyone on his travels while in hiding. Plus, look up any demigod's name and there was a whole list of accomplishments to find.
If Percy said that he knew when the monster liked to eat, then he knew when the monster liked to eat. It was as simple as that.
So, ten minutes into their first obstacle, and things were going fine. Everyone was eerily quiet, but no sign of Charybdis or Scylla yet. Of course, as soon as someone thought about it, an outline of a serpent appeared in the fog surrounding the boat.
Frank was the first one to spot it. "Guys..." He looked up at Percy. "We have a problem."
He pointed into the fog and Percy cursed. "Oh schist. I knew she couldn't just leave us alone."
The Avengers had figured out that something was coming and were unsure what to do. The demigods seemed to be just waiting like sitting ducks for the thing to attack them, and that was not a good plan. The Avengers don't wait for their opponent to strike first.
"Alright, that's it. I'm going to see what it is," Tony mumbled, activating his Iron Man armor.
"No, Tony! That's not a good-" Piper got cut off as the billionaire flew off, "...idea."
If she couldn't yell at that idiot, she was gonna yell at his teammates. She turned around, prepared to cuss out some idiot "superheroes," but Hazel beat her to it. "What was he thinking?! Why didn't you idiots stop him?! He has no idea what he's getting himself into! That monster is NOT something you guys can handle without our help! Mortalium tam stultus!"*
Natasha appraised the small demigod. She sure was a young spitfire. And from what she had seen already, a powerful one.
"Ok, let's just calm down, alright? Tony should be able to hold his own until we can go save his stupid ass," Leo sighed. Working with mortals was draining.
They were always so brash about things. And yes, coming from a greek, that statement was pretty hypocritical, but it still wasn't a lie. He idolized Mr. Stark's work, but man if only the guy could learn some restraint and he would be perfect.
Just as Leo had spoken, an explosion was heard, followed by a muffled string of curses. Only Tony Stark could come up with those creative swear words, so at least there was proof that the guy was still alive. For now, at least. The group needed to get that soon.
"Alright, hold on! This is gonna get bumpy!" Percy shouted, steering the ship towards the sound of fighting.
He willed the vessel to move faster, and it, of course, obeyed. In his head, Percy was just thinking rush rush rush. They needed to get this fight out of the way and get to Annabeth right after. Percy was praying to any god that would listen for there to not be any more disruptions to their journey. He just had to be confident in his skills. He had done this before, so he knew what lay ahead of them.
And it was going to be a challenge.
Ω ♆ Ω
Tony would deny any claim of him being held in the mouth of a sea serpent by his leg. Cuz that didn't happen. Totally.
But if it did, then the rest of the questing group would have worked together to fend off the monster until they could get away. Percy would've used Riptide to stab the monster in the leg, while Jason flew up and used his gladius to cut open her eye. The rest of the group basically just put on a full-frontal assault until Scylla released their idiotic teammate. Leo blew some fire, Hazel manipulated the Mist so that the Avengers could all see it for what it was, Piper made it loosen its grip with her charmspeak, Frank and Clint released some well-placed arrows, Natasha fired some gunshots, and Steve sliced into it with his shield.
All in all, the thing realized quickly that it was outmatched.
Then, after Tony received a very stern reprimanding by Piper and Steve, the group carried on. They didn't have time to dilly-dally. Saving Annabeth was their top priority.
Ω ♆ Ω
"Let me go, you skatá!"* Annabeth screamed, kicking her captor in the knees.
She had been knocked out as soon as they had shadow traveled, so she hadn't woken up until an hour ago. When she had, her wrists and ankles had been shackled to a stone wall with imperial gold shackles. The terrorists had stepped up their game.
There was dim lighting, but from what she could figure out before, she was in a cave of some kind. They had completely cleared out the area around her, so there weren't any visible location markers. That is, until they moved her.
The people who had grabbed her were strong and bulky and covered in black. They had black combat suits with black ski masks covering their features. Stereotypically, Annabeth would've figured the goons to be stupid, but they kept her shackles on and put a sack over her head so they at least has someone smart on their team.
Annabeth was getting really sick of not knowing anything, though.
So that's where she found herself at the moment: as a "defenseless" hostage. It was quite comical, really. Did these idiots really think that she would go quiet?
She felt one of her kicks come into contact with a kneecap and heard a satisfying grunt of pain from one of the thugs. Good, she thought, I hope that hurt.
Then, she was thrown onto the cold, stone floor and forced to hold her head up. The whole situation was so stereotypical that she wanted to laugh. But then she also didn't want to come off as more psycho than her captors, so she kept it to herself.
"This is quite interesting," a voice said, "The prideful daughter of Athena, reduced to a simple mortal's hostage.
The sack on her head was yanked off, so Annabeth spat down at the man's feet, glaring at him with a burning hatred. Taking a quick survey of the room, Annabeth found that she was being held captive on Polyphemus' island. The room was the main room of his cave; the one where she, Percy, and Grover further blinded the cyclops.
"If you had actually gotten me on your own, it might have been impressive, but having to use monsters is just pathetic," she said.
The leader growled and kicked her in the jaw. It didn't have enough power to break it, but it did cause her to bite through her tongue.
Annabeth spit out the blood produced in her mouth, dirtying the man's shiny shoes. The guy would have to do a lot worse than that to scare her.
"Hmm... I like your spirit. It's going to be that much more fun when I break it," he hissed, kneeling down to her eye level.
"I hope you rot in Hades," is all Annabeth responded with.
The guy laughed. ACTUALLY laughed. So, he was a crazy sociopath hades-bent on tearing down the natural order of the universe, Annabeth decided, how nice.
Ω ♆ Ω
I kinda really love this and I hope you did too. Now, to get into some unasked political shit: Love is love. I like all genders, and I still don't want to see any of them practically having sex in front of me. So just, accept yourself and others for who they are and move on. Is that so hard? Happy pride month & happy Father's Day!!
- your author
PS Remember to comment, like, and reblog!
other chapters :)
Ω ♆ Ω
Bonus scene!
The group was spending time in the dining room of the ship when all of a sudden, Percy remembered something truly horrifying. Like, beyond disgusting!
“Oh, my gods! Guys!!!” he exclaimed.
Hazel rolled her eyes and said, “What, Percy?”
“Charybdis is my half-sister! Ew ew ew ew ew EW EW EW EW!!!” Percy shouted his answer.
Everyone simultaneously gagged.
(Inside, Steve was starting to get seriously concerned about these kids’ chaotic family.)
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vampireoutofbusiness · 9 hours ago
Our Love Is Unconditional
Pairing: anorexic!peter x reader
Warnings: all about an eating disorder, angst, again typos I'm sure
Request: Could you please write about Peter having an ed and it’s lunchtime at school and she encouraging him to eat and he just publicly freaks out on her and something about her feeding him and helping him through it
Synopsis: You're done watching Peter skip meals and start helping him through his struggle
a/n: damn this is sad. also, thank you for all of the requests! I'm working on them, I promise.
Want to request something? Click Here
*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
You weren’t oblivious to Peter’s change in eating habits. Whenever you went out to eat, he’d pick at his food and just say he wasn’t hungry or that he had a late lunch. You knew neither were true.
Maybe he just was watching his diet but he didn’t need to do that. His metabolism is way too advanced to be eating so little. He needs all the nutrients he can get to be Spider-man. At this rate, he was doing so much physical activity, you didn’t think he had anybody fat left.
Your other friends had noticed it too and even asked if you thought about talking to him. It was concerning how slim he had gotten in the past couple of months.
Now at the lunch table, you sat with Ned, MJ, and Peter. He had a few things on his tray but he didn’t bother touching them. You waited a while, occupying yourself by talking with MJ about going to a movie this weekend.
“No way am I going at three in the afternoon to a movie, that’s boring,” MJ told the table before going back to her book.
“Is there a better time that works for everyone?” You rolled your eyes and looked to Peter who had zoned out of the conversation, “Babe,”
“Oh- what?” He leaned towards you until he realized you weren’t the only person focused on him.
“You don’t have anything going on this weekend, right?” Ned looked at your boyfriend, a little concern in his eyes when he saw how much food was on his tray still.
“No, I don’t think so,” he said to the group before looking down at his hands in his lap.
You furrowed your eyebrows and looked at the others. MJ glanced at Peter and back to you, her usual cold expression turning into a worried one. You leaned close to Peter’s ear, your breath hitting his skin.
“Want me to get you something else?” You whispered, your hand finding his back and rubbing small circles.
“I’m good, thanks though,” he answered quietly.
He’s not. He’s withering away before your eyes and you didn’t know why he would do this. Watching the life of the person you love deteriorating was killing you.
“Why don’t we go talk in the hall?” You looked over at the door towards the end of the cafeteria.
“I said I don’t want anything,” his voice was raised and he finally looked up from his lap, his usual happy, big brown eyes were dull and angry.
“Hey, it’s alright,” you kept your hand on his back and tried to keep him calm, a few eyes from other tables were watching now.
“Dude, come on, don’t get mad at Y/n,” Ned chimed in, hating to see his best friend like this, “she’s just trying to help,”
“I don’t- stop, I don’t need help from you,” he got up from the table before you grabbed his hand.
He turned back to you, a glimmer of his normal self showing on his face when he saw the sadness in your eyes.
“Don’t do this,” you told him, trying to slowly pull him back to you.
He shook his head and took his hand from yours, briskly making his way out of the cafeteria.
“Just let him calm down a little, Y/n/n,” MJ sighed and watched your frustration when you picked up your boyfriend’s tray, still full of food.
“Maybe raincheck on the movie?” Ned added, and you nodded before walking to the trash cans.
The air felt gloomy for the rest of the day and night until you went to bed. Several unanswered calls and messages from you had collected on Peter’s phone.
He felt so defeated. He did so much and yet he never got a break. You made sure he was taken care of and that he felt appreciated but you couldn’t pause the world for him to take a breath.
Now it was Saturday and instead of a movie, you were sitting with Peter on his couch. At this point, you weren’t going to take no for an answer. You were extremely worried about him and weren’t going to watch him starve himself.
“Are you going to talk to me?” You nudged him with your foot from the opposite end of the sofa.
You didn’t acknowledge you, just continued sitting in silence with you waiting for him to finally respond to your prying.
“Come on,” you scooted close so you could take his hand which he didn’t object to this time, “please just answer me, I can’t help you when you ignore me,”
“I’m so sorry,” he looked at the floor, tears pricking his eyes.
“What on Earth do you think you should be sorry for?”
“I shouldn’t have…it was wrong to lash out at you yesterday, you didn’t d- deserve that,” he turned to you and just broke.
You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him into your chest, his tears quickly soaking through to your skin. You kissed the top of his head, running your fingers up and down his back. He was significantly lighter than when you cuddled just a week ago.
“It’s okay,” you whispered against his curls, “you’re okay,”
You held him, his heavy sobs shaking both of you until they turned to soft whimpers and sniffles. He pulled back just a little, his lips barely leaving the crook of your neck.
“It’s the only thing that I- that I have control over,” his voice was hoarse and you felt his heavy breathing hitting your skin.
“Yeah and…I just feel like everything else around me goes wrong because I’m there- you shouldn’t even still like me I mean-,”
“Peter, I’m in love with you. Nothing will ever change that,” you sat up a little so you were at eye level, “you are the reason for so many good things in the world, it is indescribable how happy you make me,”
You ran your thumbs under his eyes to collect the tears, a meek smile appearing on his face.
“But it hurts me more than anything to watch you do this to yourself,”
That, right there, did the most damage to him. More damage than not eating for days. More damage than running on nothing during his patrolling as Spider-man. He was damaging the person he loved more than anything and anyone.
“I know, I’m sorry,” he nodded and he placed a soft kiss on your lips.
“Don’t apologize, I only want to help you and please- no matter what- please talk to me,” you brushed a curl out of his face, “talk to me because I’ll listen to whatever you have to say,”
“Okay,” he agreed before cupping your cheeks.
“Promise me,” you told him, kissing each of his palms.
You initiated getting up off of the couch and pulled him over to the kitchen. You suggested several options that you could make for lunch and decided on grilled cheese. He waited patiently, his seat on the counter watching you make it and he couldn’t be more grateful to have someone like you in his life.
When you were done, you grabbed the ketchup bottle and put some on each of your plates before handing him one. He looked down at it, no matter how appetizing it looked and smelled, he couldn’t.
It’s not like you expected for him to immediately be his usual self. Things like this took time to recover from. You were willing to be here as long as it took because you love him.
“Peter, please,” you set your own next to him and placed your hands on his thighs that we still on the counter.
He just looked down, shame coming over him for disappointing you.
You picked up on the squares you cut for him and slowly brought it to his lips. He looked down at you, his eyes soft.
“Just one bite, I’ll have some too, okay?”
You picked up a piece from your plate and brought it to your lips. He copied you as you took a bite and you grinned at him when he followed.
“Good right?”
He nodded and took the piece from you, bit by bit eating the square.
“I love you,” you leaned up and kissed his forehead, a small smile on his face now accompanied by that light in his eyes, “and I’m so proud of you,” “I love you,” he grabbed another piece from his plate, “how I deserve you in my life, Y/n, I’ll never know,”
You and Peter finished your sandwiches after much encouragement from you. Then you guided him back over to the couch, opening your arms for him to lay in your embrace. Your hands found his hair and lightly rubbed his scalp.
“Please don’t ever leave my life,” he whispered against your skin.
“I wouldn’t dream of it,”
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threewickfic · 10 hours ago
A Return to Self: Bucky Barnes Ficlets
hello hello, under the cut i have the start of what i hope to be a series of little one-shots of bucky becoming bucky again after being the winter soldier for so long. if y'all are interested, i'd love to keep writing these xoxo find me on threewick on ao3 where i'll post them from here on out!
The doctor tells him to start small.
“It’s good to talk, James. Just to get into the habit. Just a greeting - a ‘hello,’ and that can be it.”
She had said it like it was easy. She said everything like it was easy, like it was within his reach. Bucky liked that about her.
He liked a bunch of things about her. She was teaching him to like things again, starting with the way she spoke to him - not like he was wounded, or stupid, or dangerous. But with a warm curiosity that somehow matched the way she balanced her clipboard on her knee and cocked her head after she asked him a question.
He liked the way she wore her yellow hair up in a twist, and the way little strands of it loosened and corkscrewed around her temples. He liked how the soft skin at the corners of her eyes and mouth had deep lines even when her expression was neutral, like she’d spent so much time smiling that it had permanently etched itself onto her face.
He had lines like that, too, but they were across his forehead, gauged in by scowling. The Winter Soldier had scowled a lot, he’d been told. And had spoken very little.
Some of the Winter Soldier’s habits had seemingly, over the years, become Bucky’s habits. Sometimes he was scared to find out just how many.
But he could start small by talking.
“How does that sound, James? Just a ‘hello.’ Just to the people on your list.”
His list.
The doctor had made him make a list of all the people he could potentially feel comfortable around. She had wanted a list of everyone he already did feel comfortable around, but had ‘hmm’d in a tone of kind disapproval when he’d handed the paper back with a single name on it:
So she’d expanded it to everyone who could, maybe, one day see himself feeling comfortable around. And it had grown by four:
And, crossed out twice before being rewritten in a precise, clear hand:
He had intentionally left off Stark and the Maximoff girl. They both made him uneasy. And it wasn’t that he disliked Thor and Vision; he just didn’t understand them yet. Gods and Visions hadn’t existed the last time Bucky had been Bucky, and he needed some time to adjust.
So he had his list.
“Can you do that?” she prompted, head cocked, warm and gentle as ever. For some reason he didn’t hate speaking with her. Maybe because he rarely spoke; it was mostly nods and shrugs, an occasional grunt. Monosyllabic answers.
“Yes,” he finally said.
His doctor beamed at him as if he’d just offered her the entirety of the world and a clean bill of his own mental health. It was almost enough to make him smile back - almost.
At least he wasn’t scowling.
Stark was letting him stay at the tower.
Bucky had resisted at first; everything about it screamed no, screamed claustrophobia and too many eyes and too high in the air and too much oversight and where was Steve. He had lived well enough on his own before all of this, lurking as he’d been in alleyways, squatting in luxe spare houses that sat empty for months at a time, breaking and entering as he saw fit and never leaving a trace.
“Thank you. No,” he’d said stiffly, repeating himself intermittently during gaps in Steve and Stark’s arguing match, the pair of them talking over one another at increasingly high volumes, neither of them seemingly aware that Bucky didn’t want either option - he didn’t want to live under Stark’s thumb but he didn’t want to live with Steve, either. He was tired of being at the behest of other people, though he could see Stark’s point, even as inelegantly as he’d put it:
“We can’t just have one of the world’s most sophisticated weapons curled up at the foot of your bed like a pet, Rogers, not when he’s about as mentally stable as Vision after a Nora Ephron movie.”
“He’s my friend, Stark - he needs to be with me -”
“Or do you need to be with him?”
“Just because you can’t understand what actual friendship feels like -”
“Thank you. No.”
“- Doesn’t mean that you can belittle what I’m trying to do here, what progress Bucky’s made -”
“Counterpoint, Capsicle, Benedict Arnold here gets triggered by some Russian and strangles you in your sleep -”
“Thank you. No.”
“He wouldn’t do that -”
“There need to be protective measures to look out for civilians -”
“There need to be protective measures to look out for Bucky -”
“Thank you. No.”
“- So that Anton Chigurh over here doesn’t go on a rampage -”
“No one’s going on a rampage, Tony, for goodness’ sake -”
“I’m just saying, he needs to be where we can see him, where we can intervene if anything goes wrong -”
“FINE! Fine, we’ll both stay here!”
“Thank you. N- what?” Bucky had stared at Steve, scowling again, trying to work out how he felt about this development. Neither Steve nor Tony seemed to have noticed; for someone they were both so concerned about keeping tabs on, it was worth noting that both seemed to go completely deaf and blind to his presence when heated. Steve only gave Stark a heated glare before adding a stipulation.
“But you’re covering the rent on my apartment, Tony.”
“Oh, golly gee, a squat in Brooklyn, however will I afford it?!”
That’s how Bucky had come to be living - temporarily - at Stark Tower, where he was in proximity to the people on his list. Granted, he did spend most daylight hours in his room; he had gotten accustomed to a nocturnal sleep schedule and still found the bustle of the tower during work hours off-putting, even on the domestic floors, so he’d taken to sleeping during the day and exploring at night.
‘Prowling,’ Stark called it. ‘Perimeter checks,’ Romanoff countered, kinder. ‘Bucky stuff,’ Steve said, always with a smile.
Whatever it was, it meant he didn’t always run into other people, which he preferred. Steve was the one he saw most frequently, and even that wasn’t every day, though he did ensure that Steve was present and every morning, midday, and evening.
But his doctor had told him to start small. He could do that. He could start small.
It was just after ten o’clock and Bucky knew that this was the time Steve usually returned from the tower’s gym, hair damp from the shower, face freshly shaved, always wearing gray sweatpants and a white shirt. It was routine - Bucky liked routine. Sometimes he wondered if Steve knew that and he made himself predictable on purpose.
Usually, at this time, Bucky was in the kitchen off of the common area, putting together something for ‘breakfast.’ Steve would always step out of the elevator and greet him with his toothpaste-commercial smile: “Hey, Buck.” Sometimes Bucky would smile back. Sometimes he wouldn’t. It depended on which nightmares he’d just woken up from.
Tonight, though. Tonight he was ready.
He had a pile of fluffy scrambled eggs untouched in front of him and he waited, watching the elevator. The numbers suddenly began to tick - 32. The gym floor. Climbing up, up, up, until they settled on 84, the doors sliding open to reveal Steve, damp and clean, gray and white. He saw Bucky and his expression lit up the way it always did when he saw Bucky, and he opened his mouth -
“Hey, Steve,” Bucky said, beating him to the punch.
Steve’s answering grin could’ve powered the tower for a week.
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agnessharknes · 11 hours ago
The One With…
A fanfiction of one-shots. Feel free to send requests if u want on this post. Currently it’s focused around Kathryn Hahn, SVU, some MCU characters and I might write some random fluff that has nothing to do with any of them. I’m sure I will edit this to no end so keep coming back.
The One With The Kiss
Kathryn x femreader
This includes: Slight smut? i.e kissing. She basically falls in love with you. And yes there is a part 2
The One With The Kiss…Part 2
Kathryn x femreader
This includes: slight/suggested smut, kissing, like 1 profanity, this is a continuation of The One With The Kiss
The One With The Daughter (Agatha Harkness)
Agatha x fem reader
This includes: softer Agatha, two profanities, told in 3rd person (narrative form), Agatha is your mother and you find out she is a powerful witch.
The One With The Witch
Agatha x fem reader
This includes: ✨smut✨, I don’t think there are profanities, you are Agatha’s student but also lover.
The One With The Wine Night
Technically Y/C x reader but it’s heavily influenced by Kathryn
This includes:
SVU related
The One With The Apology
Olivia Benson x Elliot Stabler and team
This includes: Some profanities (i believe), does not follow the timeline of SVU, is sad cuz we didn’t get this irl.
Other MCU
The One With The Last Record
James “Bucky” Barnes x fem reader
This includes:
The One With The Premier
Scarlet Johansson, Chris Evans, other MCU x femreader
This includes:
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give-me-a-moose · 11 hours ago
More Than Anything
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Loki/Fem!Reader
Drabble: Within the TVA, Loki finds a familiar face. (AU/Not Canon)
By Hook or By Crook Masterlist
Tumblr media
Loki rubbed his eyes and watched the propaganda disguised as training videos. It was painfully boring, and he hated every minute of it. But, he knew he had to play the game for now. Soon, he would be able to formulate a plan and enact it. For now, he had to lay low.
“Loki!” Mobius jogged over to the desk, “I have someone I would like you to meet.”
Loki looked up and saw you. Your face seemed older, and you had some scars that Loki did not recognize, but it was still you. He immediately stood, unable to look away from you.
“My love, I-” Loki reached out to touch you, but you grabbed his wrist and ripped his hand away from you. You instantly twisted his wrist in a painful manner, shocking him.
“Try to touch me again, Laufeyson, and it will be the last thing you do.” you hissed at him before shoving him away from you.
Loki stared at you in horror before turning to Mobius.
“She is not your Y/N.” the agent explained, “She’s a variant as well.”
“You and your father brought pain and devastation to my people.” you crossed your arms defensively.
“My father? What did Odin do to you?” Loki asked, incredulously. The way you looked at him with such hatred in your eyes was wrong. It felt unnatural.
“Not Odin. Laufey.” you corrected him, “I vowed I would kill you one day. The TVA has allowed me to fulfill my oath. Many times. ”
Loki felt sick to his stomach.
Mobius cleared his throat, “What she means is, she is an expert in catching Loki variants. I know this will be awkward for the two of you, but I think together we can catch our guy.”
You and Loki stared at each other before speaking simultaneously.
“I’m not working with him.”
“I will not work with her.”
In spite of your rejections, you and Loki still found yourselves looking over case files together.
“I have to know…” Loki set down the file he was reading and looked at you, “Did you get to kill me? Your version of me, I mean.”
“Unfortunately, no.” you did not look up from your own file, “Laufey ruled over the nine realms with an iron fist. With you at his side, it was difficult for assassins to get through.”
“You were an assassin?” he asked, “I must have done something awful to inspire such...devotion.”
You set your file aside. Staring into Loki’s eyes, you unfastened the top few buttons of your dress shirt. The idea of making yourself vulnerable to Loki made you sick, but you pushed through.
“What are you doing?” he asked. In any other circumstances, the sight of you disrobing would have been a blessing to Loki. But the blank look in your eyes made it more of a nightmare.
You showed him your permanently discolored skin. The frozen burns that remained after a Frost Giant’s touch. Loki shied away as he saw the hand print another version of him left behind on your throat. That nauseous feeling returned, but he forced it to the side. He adopted a mask of casual disinterest instead.
“I feel like I should apologize.” Loki shrugged, and he picked up his file again. You quickly buttoned your shirt back up. You hated feeling so exposed. He did not apologize, and silence fell over the two of you. Loki stared at the words in front of him, unable to actually process them.
“What was I like?” you asked after some time had passed, “Your version of me, of course.”
Loki considered lying to you, but he found he couldn’t. It did not matter that you were not the same woman who held his heart. He still could not lie to your face.
“You were my other half. My soulmate, if you are inclined to believe in such things.” Loki sighed deeply, “You made me better than I was.”
A small smile cracked across your face, “I clearly didn’t do a good job at that if you are here.”
Loki surprised you by chuckling, “I doubt the blame rests on your shoulders.”
A tense silence fell over you both. Your assigned files were long forgotten on the table. Neither of you even pretended to read them anymore. There was an elephant in the room and it was affecting your ability to focus on the task ahead.
“Mobius was right. This is awkward.” you sighed, leaning back in your chair.
“Awkward? How so?” Loki asked with a fake smile, “I have the face of someone you hate more than anything, and you have the face of someone I love more than anything. Nothing awkward there.”
You rolled your eyes, “What do you suggest? Meet in the middle and become friends?”
“Friends? No. Neither of us have the capacity for that.” Loki barked a laugh, “But we can at least try to be civil to one another. Allies even. We are both Variants after all.”
Loki extended his hand towards you, and you eyed it cautiously. Trusting a son of Laufey went against everything you believed in. It went against every instinct in your body. But there was something about this Loki. Something that made you think maybe you could trust him. Almost like you knew him.
“Allies.” you shook his hand over the table, “For now, at least.”
“For now.” Loki agreed.
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callmeniyahoran · 11 hours ago
seventeen :: p. parker ::
Tumblr media
summary :: “we’re only seventeen,” he breathed through the grin spread across his face. Cheeks red with blush while his pink lips were chapped from the cold of the snow that fell around him as he stood outside your window. || when your eyes met those honey brown ones, you felt something, but weren’t sure if he felt it too. He felt it. 10X harder.
paring :: peter parker x asgard!fem!reader
warnings :: heavy fluff tehe, teen romance// strangers>>lovers, cursing, slight smut (HEAVY make out and maybeee grinding ;) )
word count :: 2.6k (2,646)
[a/n] :: this is just a really cute idea I had and it just flew out of me. I’m IN LOVE with this and I hope u guys. Kk I think that all <3. click here to make a request!! click here to join the tag list!!
“Have you ever noticed how dull the world is?”
Your eyes were fixed on the window of the car beside you. You watched as the snow Incase the cars around you. Not being able to tare your eyes from the window, you talked to your sister, Valkyrie, with your back turned.
“It’s 'cause you’ve lived in a world of sunshine and rainbows,” Valkyrie said in a sarcastic tone and she glanced at you through the side of her eye. The two of you were in the back of a taxi, going to a location Thor Odinson had given you. After the prophetic was for filled and Asgard had been erupted into flames by Satur, the people of Asgard followed their new leader to earth. You were clueless as to where everyone went once they had adapted to life on earth while you stayed cooped up in an apartment, not having access to the outside world— until today.
Valkyrie had gotten a call from Thor saying that he needed them to come to the address he had told her.
You watched the city of Brooklyn, New York pass by flash by with all of the colorful lights and neon sign. People yelling on the side of the road with others crossing roads- horns being hooked as everyone rushed everywhere. It was chaotic, but you loved it. It was different.
“Can you stop staring and listen for once,” you turned your body around fully to face Valkyrie as you rolled your eyes. She looked at you with a blank expression before continuing.
“Remember, this isn’t Asgard. What seem normal to you is strange to mid gardens.”
“Okay okay, I get it. Is that all?”
“Whatever- just don’t embarrass yourself. Alright sis?” She held out her fist signaling for you to bump it with yours. A small smile spread across your face when you bumped fist.
“Where here,” the two of you turned forward to look at the taxi driver who looked back through the mirror. You shrugged and opened the door to leave the car.
“Hey! Missy! Where’s my money? I don’t do this shit for fun now,” he said with a raspy voice. You looked at your sister and she shrugged with a smile. You nodded as you both ran out of the car, slamming the doors.
Running side by side, you looked over your shoulder as you flipped off the driver as he honked and drove away— Valkyries laughing sounding in the air but came to sudden stop. As soon as you turned, you face came into contact with a large mans chest in your face. You slammed into him, causing you to fall back. The brown eyed girl next to you crouched over as she laugh and point at your face.
“Ahaha!- you should have seen your face dumbass!”
“Shut up,” you groaned as you sat up, a hand being held out to you. Looking up you saw that it was Thor with a big grin on face. You grabbed his hand, pulling yourself up along with his help.
“The hell is wrong with you,” you grumbled as you wiped the snow off of your clothing.
Thor chuckled as you slung his arms around the both of your shoulders, walking into the building in front of you.
“Lady [y/n], Valkyrie, welcome to the Avengers tower.”
“Stark!” Thor’s voice boomed through tower; his thick accent being herd loud and clear. You walked behind him and your sister, your figure being hidden behind them. Your arms crossed over your chest as you scanned the place over. It was nice and had lots of cool technology. You saw an averaged height, middle aged man with facial hair approaching. He had a glass of whiskey in one hand and the other tucked away in his pocket.
“Ah yes, Stark— and man of spiders— these are the girls i wanted you to meet!”
Man of spiders? You hadn’t seen anyone else walk in but you did hear A second set of footsteps.
“This is Valkyrie,” Thor said as he placed both hands on my sisters shoulder. She sent Stark a small nod and smirk. He returned it with a wave and a small ‘pleasure’.
“Annndd…where [y/n]?”
You pushed past Thor, arms still across your chest as you stood next to your older sister.
“Oh- well this is [y/n], Valkyries younger sister,” doing the same smile and nod as your sister, you gaze landed on the boy next to Stark. His eyes were already locked on you.
The boy looked around your age, seventeen in human years. His eyes were golden, honey shade of brown that matched perfectly with the mess of chocolate curls that sat on his head. His cheeks were flushed with pink as he swallowed the lump in his throat. The clothes he wore were nothing like the boys in Asgard. You had to admit, you loved how it looking on him. You couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes stared deeply into yours, keeping you prisoner.
You loosened your arms that were formally crossed on your chest and started to play with your finger nails, not knowing what else to do. A feeling boiled inside you that you had never felt before. It was warm, and fuzzy. It sound so cliché but it was all so true.
“Ah- well it is very very nice to meet the two of you. This is the newest avenger, Peter. Peter Parker. Who is also known as Spider-Man.” Peter didn’t say anything as he continued to stare at you, but you have averted you gaze to something else.
“Tony, I think he’s frozen,” Thor said to the man next to Peter. You snorted a laugh, hand coming to cover you mouth. Tony snapped his fingers in front of the zoned out boys face.
“Uh- oh hi! I-I’m Peter Parker.. which you knew already…sorry,” he said with a nervous smile as he looked down to avoid your direct gaze.
“Ooookay, Thor will you take them to their rooms? I’m a bit busy,” Tony said as he point with his thumb to the room behind him as he walked into it. Thor nodded with his usual smile. He clapped his hands while turned towards you and Valkyrie.
“Let go shall we?”
“I can take [y/n] to her room! I-if it’s okay… is it [y/n]?” Peter called out, his eyes landing back on you. A smirk slipped onto your lips as you walked towards him and grabbed his hand. His breath hitched at the warm contact. You tried to contain your confidence as you looked at him.
“Lead the way,” you leaned into his face, “man of spiders,” you said with a giggle. Peter’s face became red.
“I love your accent,” he gushed causing you to smile widely, looking at him through your mascara coated lashes.
Peter began to walk you turn your room, you trailing behind, hand in hand. Looking over your shoulder, you winked at your sister. She laughed as she winked back. Thor looked down at her with an arched brow as you and Peter disappeared down the hall.
“What? Don’t cock block my sister!”
Approaching a gray door with a sliver handle, Peter opened it and led the two of you inside. Looking around, you were impressed by how nice it looked. It was absolutely amazing compared to the apartment you had been in. The best part to you was that you had a corner that you could sit in with a window. You already planned on watching earth through that window.
Peter started at you as you looked around the room with a smile.
“This is amazing. Thank you for showing me my room, Peter Parker.”
He almost groaned at the sound of you Asgarden accent saying his name.
“Any time,” he breathed. Looking down you saw that your hands where still in each other’s. You smiled and glanced up at him as he looked down and saw it too.
“Mrs. Stark has a message. Lights out kiddos.”
“What the fuck was that?” Your hand ripped out of Peter’s as you looked around for you could have said that. Peter laughed and explained that it was mr. Stark’s personal virtual assistant, Friday. You sighed and laughed in slight relief.
“Uh well I’ll see you tomorrow [y/n]. Goodnight,” Peter said as he walked over to the door, as smile on his face, lighting up his already rosy cheeks. You smiled back at him with a wiggle of your fingers, “night Parker,” you said as he closed the door.
Turning around you saw that there was a whole wardrobe for you. You started to strip, tacking off the sweatshirt Thor had given you to reveal your bare chest.
The door cracked open and Peter poked his head in.
“Let me know if you need—“ he paused as he saw your bare back facing him. Your looked over your shoulder with a smile.
“Thanks, but I’m good,” you slipped a shirt you found on over your head, now looking for shorts. Peter quickly closed the door.
The curly haired boy rested his back on the door as he let out a breath he had been holding in. His mind replayed the image of you body in his head on repeat. His breathing was un even as he closed his eyes, feeling the sweats he was wearing suddenly become uncomfortable. Running his hands through his thick curls he made his way back to his room.
You were finished changing, now sitting in the corner you had spotted earlier. Your chin rested on your forearms that were leaning on the windowsill. You watched the scenery out side. Fantasizing you and Peter, running and playing in the white, fluffy snow that covered the ground. You couldn’t help but think that you were a fool. How had you fallen so fast for a boy you just met one hour ago? But you could care less. You had never felt this way before, and you intend to make it last. Peter Parker was tattooed into your brain.
And tattoos never go away.
“What up,” Peter slid into the chair next to the one you sat in. It was the evening by now. You had spent the whole day exploring the avengers tower. Talking to some of the people you saw around. You started to really enjoy it there.
Currently you were sat in the living space, reading a book a lady you had met named Natasha has given you.
“Hey man of spiders.”
“Oh I’m never gonna get tired of you saying that with that voice of yours,” Peter admits. You blush at the complement.
“What you got planned for today?”
“Nothin’” you shrug, setting down your book, looking in to his beautiful eyes that you just couldn’t get enough of. You noticed him get flustered, making you smirk.
“Ok good. Make sure you keep it like that.”
That’s all he said as he quickly walked away, not giving you a chance to answer. You laughed to yourself and went back to your book. You weren’t able to focus on it though. Your mind kept going back to Peter and how much you wanted to kiss him all over and be with him. But you kept telling yourself to wait and that the day would come. You had no idea what he had planned but whatever it was, you were more then ready.
That night you were sitting on your bed, trying to learn how to use the phone Tony had given you that morning. You were in a pair of shorts with fluffy socks and a blue and yellow hoodie that you found on the couch in the room you were in earlier that day.
You herd a loud tapping on you window, causing your head to jolt up and look to see what it was. Walking over to the window you made out the shape that was there. It was peter, but he was holding some mask and wearing a blue and red suite. You assumed that it was his suite for the avengers, remembering that when Tony introduce you, he called him Spider-Man.
Rushing over, you popped the locks and opened the window.
“What the hell dude! You scared the shit out of me,” you whisper shouted at him, causing him to laughing.
“Look, I know I met you yesterday.. and this is the most cliché thing I will ever say. But I like you. Like really really like you. So please, give me this chance?”
You smiled at his words as your cheeks heated with the blood rushing to them. You nodded your head fast, letting out a giggle.
“Oh,” he let out a deep sigh, “good. I was scared you’d say no,” you chuckled nervously.
“Never,” you said with the same smile you had when you first met.
“Best part is, I get to spend the most of my time with you. We’re only seventeen,” he breathed through the grin spread across his face. Cheeks red with blush while his pink lips were chapped from the cold of the snow that fell around him as he stood outside your window.
“Come with me,” he held out his gloved hand,”trust me.”
You took his hand you slowly pulled you through the window.
You swung around town with your legs wrapped around his waist and you arms around his neck. Small screams leaving your lips whenever you would look down.
Peter landed onto of a very tall tower, letting you slip from his grasp. You stood and gazed at the breath taking view. City lights flashed all around you, cars honking and speeding past. The night sky dark. But the best part was the snow. Everything was covered in the thick white snow. Lifting your head you looked up into the sky at the snow that fell onto you face. Laughing escaped your lips and you spun around and ended up in Peter’s arms once agin.
“Shit! I’m sorry, I forgot you only had on shorts- and my hoodie,” the last part came out in a whisper.
You let a soft smile form, “I’m for Asgard. I can handle a little cold.”
“God I can’t get enough of you,” Peter said as he let his gloved hand slip around you neck as his other went to the small of your back, pulling you hips in to meet his.
Your hands rested on his biceps as one came up to the back of his head. The two of you stared at each other in comfortable silence.
“I really, really wanna kiss you right now.”
“Oh please do it man of spiders,” you both laughed for a second before Peter pulled you in for your lips to meet with his.
Your lips moved in-sync, like they were meant for each other. You felt his thumb slide across your chin before his lips parted from yours. Peter put his thumb on you lower lip, pulling it down as he smiled.
He moved his mother closer to yours, sticking out his tongue, letting it explore every part of your mouth it could reach before letting your lip go, allowing you to kiss back. You moaned into his mouth as you raised your leg to wrap around his waist. He grabbed the back of your thigh and raised it, squeezing it gently. Your lips trails off of his and to his ear as you started you grind you core onto his cock hard.
“Oh fuck,” you moaned into his ear, causing him to groan. His hands traveled to your ass, snaking and groping it.
That’s how you knew he wanted what you wanted just as bad. And oh man did you love being in love, young, dumb and seventeen.
Should I make a part 2… ;) lmk
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