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elsewhereuniversity · a day ago
A gift for the archivist, freely given for the one who gives endlessly. An enchanted mirror embedded in treelike metalwork that allows you to see any place you desire; once a month on the full moon it can safely transport you to a magical world of your choosing, ensuring a safe return and no harm to your origin world. You will never be lost or harmed, and will return to the library safely without fail.
What to offer you for this wonder? Like for like, I supposed, is the tradition. Take a different mirror in turn. It is not spectacular in make, just a simple brass frame without decoration. But in the moment of your most dire need you can step into it and pass safely through the mirror world, exiting to safety from any other mirror you choose. Once only can you use this gift; the price of its protection has been paid already by the one who left it with me. Make it count.
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Tumblr media
I had dinner with friends on Sunday and light on this window plant was magic. I think I’ll call this one “Sunday.” 
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bitchfitch · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
im taking a break from the space twink bc im getting hashtag frustrated wif it, so heres Fantasy!space twink and his husband who is not an ai in this universe.
jdjsjs, Everard was originally Boar!Everard instead of half elf!Everard. which is why hes so fuckin big. i was just too lazy to make him smaller
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umbrie · 11 days ago
There's been a team of guys working on our roof for the past few days, and for the most part you hear everyone speaking Spanish. This morning is the first time I'm hearing consistent English from someone and this dude sounds like an old-time-y prospector. I don't know where they found him but it's great
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graceentertainment · 15 days ago
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lickmydevilfruits · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
To kick off my creativity I decided to draw one of my newest Black Clover OCs, which @silenceofthecookies accidentally inspired (also wanted to test out using a new art program)! Her name is Eliana Laurier, and she belongs to Golden Dawn, using Glass Magic. She’s the only child of a noble family who was told they couldn’t have kids, and because of this grew up fairly sheltered and ironically treated like even the smallest thing could make her shatter.
She proved it all wrong by becoming a Knight, but her early life gave her a wonderfully different view of the world and even mundane experiences, and she possesses an extremely caring and forgiving soul.
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mystiika · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
re; isaac's boggart
   defense against the dark arts wasn’t even remotely close to isaac’s favourite subject. so often would he stumble across a ‘monster’ that felt no different than him. he found it difficult to be engaged & he feared he would fail the course so went to the classroom early hoping to speak to his professor for a few minutes. if only to inquire if there was some sort of extra credit he could do — he wasn’t sure he could handle another grade lower than acceptable.
   the room was spacious, so open the teen wondered if he were to yell that the sound might echo around him. his professor seemed nowhere to be found & so isaac began to inspect some of the objects scattered about the edges of the room as if to form a frame. finally, he stumbled upon a wardrobe. a lock hung haphazardly through the opening but it was open. curiosity took over & his fingers reached out, curling around the lock to lift it from its place & allow him to peek behind the door. the second the padlock was removed, the doors burst open, forced outward by some unseen form & isaac was thrown onto his back. elbows slid beneath him & he propped himself up, blue eyes rising to find his father standing in front of him. angry.
   frozen in place, tears gathered in his eyes, waiting for the looming figure to begin its torment but no words poured forth. footsteps were heard echoing on the hard oak flooring but it remained unknown whether it was simply a fragment of isaac imagination.
   a moment later, isaac was reminded of what he had been taught in class. it was a boggart, surely. it had to be. how did you deal with a boggart? eyes shut tightly as he tried his damnedest to imagine his father doing something silly. anything was better than what was going to happen in just a few short moments. blue eyes opened to find the figure remained unchanged. his ‘father’ drew back his arm, ready to spring forth in a wildly hurtful blow.
   then the professor arrived.
Tumblr media
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crystalsofthemyst · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sparkly Clear Quartz Seer Stone, Ema Egg, Window Quartz Crystal from Brazil 1.5oz / 43g
Available in my Etsy shop CrystalsofTheMyst -
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shesdaylight · a month ago
tag dump: rapunzel’s verses ( ii )
in a land far far away ⟶ ouat.
one & the same ⟶ princess protection program / seesgood.
artifact hunter ⟶ curator / casanovarogue.
you were wrong about me ⟶ marvel/dc.
all magic comes with a price ⟶ witch.
hope; the only thing stronger than fear ⟶ star wars.
it’s not a place it’s a way of life ⟶ hollywood / coronaslight.
this ain’t a fairytale; this is a small town ⟶ schitt’s creek.
and they were roommates ⟶ housemates / xiaolindude.
and they were roommates ⟶ housemates.
ever in your favor ⟶ the hunger games.
intersects & scrapbooks ⟶ chuck / brokenspy.
somewhere beyond winning & losing ⟶ bodyguard / klarsynt.
sneaking out late; tapping on your window ⟶ childhood friends / floatmenow.
rapunzel carter -> eloise brooks ⟶ witsec / floatmenow.
close your eyes i’m by your side ⟶ bodyguard / starlcved.
the camera flashes make it look like a dream ⟶ hollywood / floatmenow.
this daydream is dangerous / lunelios.
i could never give you peace ⟶ immortal / klarsynt.
to the moon and never back ⟶ padawan / sithdestined.
your opal eyes are all i wish you see ⟶ pv. / klarsynt.
on a balcony in summer air ⟶ regency.
somewhere beyond the sea ⟶ pirate.
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windowmagic · a month ago
Tumblr media
Window Magic’s Transmission Service #41
There is a new episode of my radio show coming on April 9, tune in to at the following times:
Los Angeles - 5am 🌎 New York - 8am 🌎 London - 1pm 🌍 Berlin - 2pm 🌍 Moscow - 3pm 🌍 Beijing - 8pm 🌏 Tokyo - 9pm 🌏 Sydney - 10pm 🌏 Collage by yours truly 🧑🏻‍💻✨
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tcs-main · a month ago
ALSO title: love at last sight here ya go!!
Okokok this is a hard one bc I don't wanna do MCD, yknow? So I'm stuck here... hmm.....
Fuck. Okay. Fuck. You know what. Fuck it. Fuck it I'm going the Cinderella route. Fuck it.
Love at Last Sight
"Wait!" Arthur called out to the man running down the steps, "I don't even know your name!"
The handsome, mysterious man just shook his head rapidly, speeding up his descent. Arthur's heart ached, longed to know who he was beneath the mask.
"Will—Will I ever see you again?" His voice cut through the cold, windless air. The man seemed to hesitate.
"...Perhaps one day, my Prince!" He finally called back, with that voice that sent a thrill through the Prince.
And then he was gone...
The Pendragon Royal Family hosts a special ball once a year. A masquerade! Only those with an invitation may be let in, but there are people from all walks of life who find themselves with an invitation.
When one year, a guest appears, and manages to slip in without an invitation, and capture Prince Arthur's heart in a single night... The Prince makes it his mission to discover who his mystery suitor is, and make him his Husband.
Unfortunately, once moonlight filtered through the windows at all angles, signalling it was at its highest point... The man fled with frantic apologies and a single, stolen kiss.
Fortunately, Prince Arthur was not a man to give up so easily.
Ahahhaha do you like what I did with it???
What would Merlin leave behind?? I am stuck on that....
send title now👁👄👁
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