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#MAAM oh okay she’s just- nope no
al3x1ss · 6 months ago
Bring them to your home for the holidays {HCs}
Includes: Oikawa, Akaashi, Noya, Terushima, Kiyoko
Author’s note: In my family, thanksgiving means the Christmas stuff is put up after breakfast, so I got this idea ab the holidays and I got v happy. Enjoy!
Warnings: None, fluffy holidays for y’all!
okay mans HATES the cold confirmed
like snow comes he’ll probably hiss
(Not me seeing a few feet of snow with my sisters and going “wow look at all that cocaine”)
so y’all met when both of you happened to be in Brazil and he thought you were cute
long story short you had a few dinner dates, even hung out with Hinata!!
you guys hit it off very well :)
so you guys have been together for about 2 years and you’re like ya know what
“Come to my house for the holidays :)”
not only is this man a simp but he loves the warmth so ofc he says yes!!
so while you’ve lived here all your life, only really moving out of Tampa to Miami, you did have to take this tourist him to a basic spot
but you did want to take him to some of your favorite places
after him seeing your family again, you took him to one of your favorite carnivals!
then classic gotta go to the beach I mean
why not go to the ocean!!
issue with December weather in Florida is it changes every second so today was a bit C H I L L E D
(You did have to force him to eat something other than rice tho)
Picky eater kawa confirmed
what better way to spend December 25th than Disney
I mean
Mans whole went “wow 😍” when you told him
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you were an exchange student during her whole high school career, turning into best friends and deciding to go to college together
college came along, and with the help of a few friends, parties, and a little too much twister, you realized
you were actually lesbian.
which you know what, we support!
it’s not like you’ve never liked a boy, it just happened to be that women were more your type
oh yeah another thing
Kiyoko is the prettiest thing in your eyes.
so what you DONT know is that Kiyoko has realized she actually feels the same
during your third year in college, she had broken up with her boyfriend of a year, Tanaka, but never told you why
i wONdEr whY
But, after living in Japan for 7 years, Christmas time is rolling around once again
And you are going home for the holidays!
usually you would go home during summer break, but this time you really wanted to spend Christmas since your older brother had your niece!
and since Kiyo didn’t have any plans you were like
“hey, do you want to come home with me?”
home girl choked on her water 😳
“Yeah! I’m going back to New Orleans for the holidays.”
cue brain calming down and like sLIGHT disappointment
it’s you
and she loves you.
so you guys did presents and stuff
your niece LOVES Kiyoko btw
your dad was like “👀”
been knew you were 💅AND HE SUPPORTS
so around 4 you’re like let’s go do something!!
and she says okay!!
so one movie Kiyoko really loved was “Princess and the Frog”
Funny enough there’s actually a bakery you’ve gone too growing up
so you get New Orleans’ best beignets!
Ahh, fun times
next, you’ll always hear some type of caroling anywhere you are in the city
which means?
you see random groups of people smiling around 7pm, the sun already down
and you’re thinking to yourself
I want to ask her to dance.
and you do :)
Finally at around 10pm you take her to this one street where each place has a bunch of Christmas wonderlands lit up
hile it doesn’t really snow in New Orleans, people used fake snow!!
gotta get that spirit somehow 😗
when I say Kiyoko is a goddess I mean it
the lights bouncing off her face while she’s smiling?
*chefs kiss*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ah yes the city that everyone thinks is a state
Chicago!! ✨
Terushima HAS visited Illinois before
However, surprisingly has never been to Chicago
So you were like
I’m born here!! 🥰
Come come!!🥺
And he said
Si si!! 🤪
so y’all flew out on the 20th
while your parents don’t live here, some old friends do
and why not have them meet your amazing boyfriend!
literally all of them were shocked I mean
(Y/N) likes a boy with a tongue piercing?
the amount of BONKERS
but yes you love him very much
and he loves you!!
honestly your friends already fell in love with you two being in love it’s canon
afterwards you guys went too ZooLights
you threw one at his face
Not y’all fighting like little kids-
n e wayz
best way to end the 24th?
ice skating-
It’s actually buying late presents because you two actually forgot to get some people presents and Christmas is literally in like 4 hours!!
It was mega fun tho
surprisingly y’all didn’t get kicked out
you almost did when Terushima thought it would be a good idea to ride a skateboard into the electronics section at target 🤡
but we will ignore that for tonight ❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this one will be the longest one with the most detail for certain reasons! also, for akaashi’s you do have a given birthday because Dec 30th is actually my birthday and I wanted to sprinkle in some of that ❤️
best for last :)
So you got to be in an exchange program during college
and that’s when you met akaashi since you guys were in the same classes!
he also showed you around and was very sweet
so you offered to get him coffee
and after a while he confessed by giving you a copy of a book you both really loved
you semester was ending
which means home for the holidays
luckily, you guys would only have one more semester away from eachother before you guys graduated
but you did want to spend the holidays together
so you offered for him to come to New York with you
boy got excited so fast my heart-
But like Christmas in New York with your loving boyfriend of 4 years?
Sign me up
So you know that during winter it’s a hit or miss with snow
is it still freezing cold?
But can we guarantee 3 feet of snow every December?
But we can guarantee it in like March JEJHRTJ
one thing you told him immediately was that you guys will be watching the ball drop from the roof
“Because I don’t want to get mugged, shoved, or vomit on my shoes, Keiji.”
Yes ma’am indeed
so you guys had a pretty (quiet?) Christmas
your family?
Regarding to going places
You guys chilled all day in pajamas
Like the most y’all did was go to dunkin for hot chocolate
but the days leading to New Years?
Classic tree photo yes ma’am
bro side note their kabobs in that one corner
best thing I’ve ever had I stg
I haven’t been to the city since last Christmas wow now I miss it
you wanted to show Keiji so many things
You were used to walking like 10 blocks in any shoes as fast as you can
Akaashi was not 😂
So y’all had to take breaks sometimes
get him warmed and fed ya know
give the man smoochies 🥺
id be giving him smoochies 24/7 if I could
so you better for me 😠
His favorite place was the big Macy’s no lie
the perfumes and cologne section on the 2nd floor looked SO WELL PUT TOGETHER
okay nvm scratch that
FAO Schwartz was his favorite place
he loved the trains
you bought him a train as a late present SHH NO ONE SAY NOTHIN
So the 29th you decided to take him to where you were born
it was super fun showing him where you lived before you went to college
and before your siblings moved to different parts of the city
It was lovely
But the final thing you wanted to do was December 30th
your birthday :)
and one thing you absolutely love to do is ice skating
now usually you go ice skating at the public rink like a few minutes away from Rockefeller rink
not only was it cheaper, but there was a Panera like 2 blocks away so quick food!
you also wanted to give Keiji the experience
so you sucked it up and paid
you guys went at around 8 and had a blast
one of the best birthdays with him honestly
but, you realized people were starting to exit the rink at around 10
“Doesn’t the rink close at midnight?”
“Huh, weird.”
but Keiji kind of starts looking around while you realize you two are the only ones on the ice
So you’re like
I guess we have to get off 😔
But this sly fox
Pulls you to the center of the rink
Now, you were never one for the cliché act
Especially since so many proposals have happened on this rink that you’ve seen
But when you saw Keiji get to one knee
It didn’t even matter that this happened to so many other people
It was happening to you.
I guess you can just suck it up, cuz at least you have a ring on your finger :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- Lex 🖤🤍
End note: Let me know if you guys would like a part 2! Also if you have any ideas for a certain character or place, put it in asks!
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lucigucci · a year ago
come for me (part one)
prompt: #saveportia this wasn’t a request i just wanna do something nice for my favorite girl and that just happened to come in the form of ghosthunting (come for me by sunflower bean)
fandom: the arcana
pairing: Portia x Apprentice
word count: 2126
warnings: spoops
“We’re visiting an estate east of here,” Portia pipes up, too quick for you to stop her.
The bartender’s grey eyelids shoot up at once. “You don’t mean-- Tenelona?”
You give her an awkward laugh. “Uh… how’d you know?”
She thrusts the glass she’s cleaning under your nose, and you back away quick. “That place is haunted,” she says.
“Well, yeah, that’s why we’re going,” Portia replies unconcernedly. “Y’see, we’re ghost hunters.”
“Ghost… hunters?” The bartender blinks at her with shrewd owlish eyes. “I’ve never heard of such a thing. No matter if you hunt ghosts or not, if you visit, you’ll bring the spirits back with you, and they’ll haunt my inn!”
You are awoken with a start by a pillow thumping against your face. You groan, rolling over. “Rise and shine, gorgeous!” Portia announces.
“MC, c’mon--”
“Portia.” You roll back over, batting the pillow away from your head and opening your eyes so you can squint at her. As always, Portia is already dressed and prepared for the day, this morning in a pair of houndstooth trousers and a white tunic. She’s got an amused hand resting on her hip and a mug of coffee in the other. “Portia, my love,” you mumble. “My heart. My world.”
“How many times do I have to tell you that I’m not a morning person?” you grunt.
“At least a few more times.” She leans down to plant a kiss on your forehead, and you try to catch her lips in yours, but she’s too quick and ducks away. “I’ll leave this juuuust out of your reach,” she says, setting the mug down a few feet from the bed and sashaying away.
“Wuh-- no-- no wait stop--” You reach out for her, and, seeing that she isn’t coming back, you grumble and throw the covers off your warm body. With a sigh, you stoop down and pluck the coffee from the floor. Portia has already made it just the way you like. You take a long sip.
“Better?” she asks.
There’s a softness between your ankles and you glance down to see Pepi winding around your legs. You can’t resist reaching down to stroke the cat’s back. “You didn’t forget, didya?” she asks, raising her eyebrows.
You put down the coffee just enough to smirk at her over the top of your mug. “Of course I didn’t. How could I forget Portia and MC, Ghost Hunters Incorporated, Rights Still Pending?”
“You know I’ve gotta check,” she laughs. “We should leave this morning if we want to get there by the time the sun sets. And I already made breakfast to go.”
You peer around her shoulders to the cottage’s kitchen table, on top of which is a familiar woven picnic basket. “Babycakes, you know I love your cooking, but do you think we could have it sitting down someday?”
Portia mock-sighs. “MC, there’s a whole world out there that won’t wait for us to eat breakfast! Things are already changing out there and we’re missing it!”
You wrap an arm around her waist and plant a sleepy kiss on her cheek. “I’ve got you. I don’t really care if the world waits for us or not.”
“Aww, you know I can’t resist you when you talk like that” She wiggles free of your grip so she can start unloading the picnic basket. “And… oh, alright, I guess we can take a few minutes to go over our plans for tonight.”
You slide into your normal seat at the table, reaching into the basket to dig out a pastry dotted with blueberries, and taking a satisfied bite. Once you’ve swallowed, you answer, “thank you.”
“Yeah, yeah.” She sits across from you and takes a sip of what you assume is tea from a thermos.
“Okay. Game plan. Let’s strategize,” you say. “We’re going on foot until we reach Cammans, which is when we hire some horses and get a room at an inn for the night. Then we take the horses south to Tenelona.”
“You worry too much,” she interrupts. “We don’t have to stay overnight in Cammans. We could totally make it back to Vesuvia in one piece with time to spare.”
You chuckle. Now that you’re finally waking up, you can keep up with her. “I’m pretty positive that we can’t.”
“We’ve got your magic and we’ve got my everything else,” she protests.
“Yes, but I’d feel a lot better if I knew that we weren’t risking our lives for the second time in one night,” you reply.
Portia huffs and sips her tea once more. “Oh, fine. You’re right. We’ll stay in Cammans.”
“And after the hunt at Tenelona, we’ll skedaddle back to our inn, and by that time, we should have enough time for a good night’s rest before we head back home.”
“Bada bing bada boom,” she finishes.
“Did I miss anything?”
“Nope, I think you got it.”
You finish your pastry and wash it down with another swig of coffee. After a relieved sigh, you say, “give me a minute to get ready, and we’ll be out the door.”
Almost as soon as you stand up, Pepi jumps into Portia’s lap, curling up and purring. Portia keeps her seat so as not to disturb the cat and instead calls to you from the other side of the bedroom door. “Do you think we’ll need all those talismans we got from the temples?” she asks.
“I mean… maybe. They were free handouts, but they were religious free handouts,” you reply. You change into something layered and comfortable that goes well with your heavy-duty travelling boots.
“They’ve got to mean something,” she muses, “even if the temple leaders were just giving them out as advertisements. I bet at least one of those little doodads could repel a ghost.”
You laugh as you pull on your socks. “Let’s just hope that the ghosts were religious when they were alive.”
“Yeah-- hey, Pepi, getcher paws off that!” There’s a jingling of metal and the thump of a cat landing on the ground. Portia giggles. “At least they make good cat toys.”
You open the bedroom door stride out, grinning. “That’s something. Ready?”
Portia jumps up from the table, almost literally bouncing with excitement. “Of course I’m ready!”
You carry the picnic basket out with you and join Portia in waving goodbye to Pepi as you stroll down the cottage path. Instinct weaves your fingers between hers. The day is sunny and bright-- perfect for a picnic. If you weren’t going to be hunting ghosts, you’d suggest to Portia that you travel to the forest and have a nice brunch under the periwinkle sky.
Tenelona Estate, the location that you’re travelling to, is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in the country. Portia said that Hestion said that he had a cousin who once dated a butler who worked at Tenelona. The butler recounted that the family inhabiting the estate had to leave because of all the supernatural activity. There was even one story about a poltergeist levitating one of the children by their feet before letting the child fall to the floor, nearly giving her a concussion. Ghosts are rarely so violent or so strong.
So, obviously, you have to check it out.
The tiny town of Cammans is only a mile past the outskirts of Vesuvia. You’ve finished breakfast and nearly started on lunch by the time you arrive. Cammans is quaint-- a little too quaint sometimes, Portia says, since she prefers the hustle and bustle-- but charming. There’s a very small inn that you stop at in the center of town. The ground floor is devoted to a tavern so you talk to the bartender, a grizzled old woman cleaning a pint glass, about a room. Portia is able to talk her price down a bit so you have enough in the budget to buy a hearty lunch. The bartender hands you the keys with a grunt. “Vesuvians don’t usually come here,” she remarks.
“We’re visiting an estate east of here,” Portia pipes up, too quick for you to stop her.
The bartender’s grey eyelids shoot up at once. “You don’t mean-- Tenelona?”
You give her an awkward laugh. “Uh… how’d you know?”
She thrusts the glass she’s cleaning under your nose, and you back away quick. “That place is haunted,” she says.
“Well, yeah, that’s why we’re going,” Portia replies unconcernedly. “Y’see, we’re ghost hunters.”
“Ghost… hunters?” The bartender blinks at her with shrewd owlish eyes. “I’ve never heard of such a thing. No matter if you hunt ghosts or not, if you visit, you’ll bring the spirits back with you, and they’ll haunt my inn!”
You and Portia glance at each other. If this meant you were going to lose your room-- “Maam,” you cut in, giving her a theatrical bow, “we are highly experienced professionals. I even happen to be a magician trained by the great Asra Alnazar in the ways of spectral magic.” (This is sort of a lie, but who cares.)
“Never heard of Asra Alnazar,” she grumbles.
“Ohhhhh, yes!” Portia declares, twirling around you. “MC is the most powerful magician in the land next to him!” She lowers her voice conspiratorially, eyes twinkling, as she leans closer to the bartender. “Don’t you know that MC is the one who exorcised the dead Count Lucio’s ghost from the palace?”
That strikes a nerve. The bartender’s eyes widen and she begins to splutter. “W-well-- oh, my-- then by all means, I suppose--”
“Don’t worry, Maam, my lovely partner and I will banish the Tenelonian ghosts faster than you can say ‘boo’,” you assure, taking her hand that isn’t holding the glass and raising it to your lips with a roguish wink.
She blushes. “Oh… alright, then. It… it couldn’t hurt business…”
“We won’t let you down!” Portia promises. She takes you by the hand and leads you up the stairs until you reach the top floor, where both of you cannot suppress your giggles any longer and break down into each other. “Oh my Gods-- that was perfect--” she wheezes. “The great Asra Alnazar--”
“Nice thinking bringing up Lucio,” you add between laughs.
“Well, it’s true,” she replies, flipping her hair behind her shoulder. “Okay. Okay. We’re good. Let’s find the room.”
It doesn’t take you long. There’s only about five rooms in total on the second floor-- which is also the top floor. You unlock the door and enter to give yourselves a bit of privacy before lunch. “Do you think we’ll be able to do it?” Portia adds, flopping down on the bed to give her feet a break.
“Hm? Do what?”
“Y’know. Get rid of the ghosts. I know we said so just to convince that lady downstairs, but…”
You smile and sit next to her. “Nervous?”
“Of course not, not when I’m with you,” she chuckles. “It’s just… Lucio was a different case. This is the first time we’re going out on our own without everyone’s help. And what if these ghosts are nice ghosts that don’t want to leave their home? We would be mean just kicking them out for no reason...”
“If the ghosts are nice, we’ll talk to them, and if they want to be left alone, we’ll leave them alone. Neither of us have much experience with ghosts and we’re still learning. So, we don’t have to get rid of them at all if we don’t want to.” You pat some of her stray curls of hair down against her back with a comforting smile. She exhales her stress away.
“Yeah… yeah. Thank you, MC. You’re right. We can do it our own way.”
You kiss her cheek and she stops you from pulling away so she can return the favor with a kiss on your lips. She smirks to see your blush. “W-well. Lunch,” you muster.
You jump up from the bed and offer her a hand to help her up, even though both of you know that she doesn’t need it. She accepts. “What are you in the mood for?” you inquire.
“Something… hearty. Like... vegetable soup! We’ll need strength for tonight.”
Following her suggestion, the two of you search for a cozy diner, and you find it just a few streets down. “Which is lucky,” Portia mutters to you in private before you enter, “‘cause it’s probably the only diner in Cammans!” The service and the interior isn’t that bad, to be fair, and you do actually get some vegetable soup. You’re sure to keep your voices down when you’re discussing Tenelona so you can avoid a confrontation like the one at the inn. She eases your rising nerves about tonight, citing all the scrapes you’ve gotten yourselves out of in the past and the weaknesses of ghosts in general. “They’re incorporeal,” she says after swallowing a large mouthful of soup, “so really, what can they do except make a racket?”
“Lucio could manipulate the environment,” you point out.
“Yeah, he made his room a little warm. So what? We got through it.”
After lunch, the quest continues. The two of you rent a pair of horses from a friendly looking horse trader and stop by the general store for snacks. There’s nothing left to do. You mount the horses, and, with one last look around the town, you ride out.
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cosmic-goddess-leo · a year ago
maam, spare nip piercing iwaizumi hajima pls... maam, we need nip piercing iwa pls,, for soul cleansing
Tumblr media
It had been too long since Iwaizumi had company.
He wasn’t a messy guy... at least he didn’t think he was until he started cleaning his apartment.
The bachelor’s life had apparently gotten to his head without him realizing it. He was now stuck rushing to throw out the trash, straighten out the kitchen, and sweep the floors before his guest arrived.
How long had it been? 2 years? 2 years since he was Seijoh’s manager, (Y/n).
Iwa was sure Oikawa had snatched her up first chance he got, so he was surprised when he got a phone-call from her an hour earlier asking to go over and hang out.
The tone of voice told him it would be a bit more than hanging out.
They had been best friends since Kindergarten, sexual tension had begun forming between them once they hit puberty, it only got worse when they got to Seijoh and joined the volleyball club together.
Seeing Iwa in those jerseys, sweating and working out was enough to make (Y/n) hotter than July. And those track suits (Y/n) wore always hugged her curves in all the right ways.
Iwa snapped out of it when he heard a knock at his door.
He looked down at himself, groaning at the sweat seeping through his cotton shirt. There was no way he had time to change.
Another knock had him tripping over himself to get to the door.
He opened it, smiling down at (Y/n) as she smiled wide and opened her arms for him.
“Iwa!” she squealed, hugging his neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
“(Y/n), it’s so good to see you.” He mumbled, closing his eyes and breathing in her familiar scent.
The two parted and Iwaizumi made room for her to enter.
She eagerly looked around the apartment, smiling at the various posters and photos littering the walls.
“So? What brings you by?” he asked, leaning against a wall as he watched her set down her purse on the kitchen counter.
“Mmmmm I just wanted to see you, I finally got a break from my classes so I figured ‘Hey, lets call up Iwa.’”
Iwa raised an eyebrow at her, looking her over. “There was no one else you wanted to call...?”
(Y/n) smiled, leaning against the kitchen counter and crossing her arms. “Nope... You’re the only one I had on my mind...”
They stared at each other for a moment. It was a weird dance really, a silent challenge. An ongoing one since their hormones started hitting when they were in middle school.
One of them would crack and go for it. But it wouldn’t be Iwa.
“Well, I need to change my shirt. I’m sweating from all the cleaning...” he trailed off, turning towards his room and already lifting the fabric over his head.
(Y/n) caught a quick glimpse of something on his chest, she had to stop herself from grabbing him by the arm and turning him to face her. instead she let him change his shirt.
When he returned, (Y/n) had kicked off her shoes and made herself comfortable on the couch. Her skirt rode up enough to show her upper thighs, her shirt showed a small peek of her cleavage.
Fuck. This was going to be a long night.
Iwa wordlessly sat beside her, noting the way she stared at the tight tank top he wore. He knew she could see them slightly through the shirt. 
“Netflix?” He piped up.
“Trying to Netflix and chill?” (Y/n) smirked, turning and kicking her feet up to rest on his thighs. This offered a new angle of her legs, one that made her skirt ride up even higher.
“Only if you are.” He grunted, turning away from her and keeping his expression hard as he turned on the TV.
(Y/n) snickered settling further into the couch with a smirk on her face.
As the two watched whatever show Iwa put on, he noticed (Y/n) stretching her arms over her head every 5 minutes. He knew what she was doing. And it wouldn’t work.
Iwa stretched his arms over his head, mimicking her movements, and draped his arms over the top of the couch so his chest was huffed out.
After a minute or two in this position, (Y/n) groaned and sat up, kneeling beside him and gripping his shirt. “Okay, I gotta know what’s under here!”
Iwa smirked at her, lightly smacking her hand away. “You know what is is!”
“No I doooont!” (Y/n) growled, grabbing his shirt again and tugging on it.
“Are you going to hurry up and pull it off? Or do I have to?” He asked, absentmindedly taking a strand of her hair between his fingers and lightly tugging on it.
“... you.”
Iwaizumi sighed dramatically before lightly pushing her hands away and tugging off his shirt.
(Y/n)’s eyes went wide and she clamped her mouth shut, staring at the two nipple piercings glistening on Iwa’s chest.
“... Did you lose a bet or something?” (Y/n) asked, staring at the piercings. 
Iwa slowly shook his head, looking into her eyes, challenging her once more. “No... I heard you always liked these on guys, figured I’d give them a shot...”
(Y/n) stared up at him silently. She slowly draped her leg over his thighs, straddling him and pressing her hips against his.
Iwa released a shaky sigh against his will, watching (Y/n)’s eyes seemingly darken as she ground her hips against his and wrapped her arms around his neck.
“Is this why you did it?” she asked, brushing her lips over his.
He nodded back, gripping her waist and pulling her into a rough kiss.
(Y/n) sighed shakily and melted into the kiss, pressing herself flush against him.
The two pulled back once they felt the need to breathe. (Y/n) quickly relocated to Iwa’s chest and began planting kisses on his pecs.
He felt the hair on the back of his neck stand as she traced her tongue up his sternum. 
She slowly swirled her tongue over one of his nipples, earning a deep moan from him.
Oh yeah, this was why he got those piercings. 
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