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#Lizard please leave for your safety
jedimordsith · 9 days ago
So uhhh. You gonna finish your Visions of the Future series? Pretty please? 🥺
I absolutely WILL finish my VotF series!! I've got a good chunk of Katana written already and outlines for the rest. I got a little derailed getting DBW posted and then Sedo ate my brain BUT I haven't forgotten about VotF or lost my love for it!
I'm taking a partial hiatus for a bit this summer as RL demands will limit my fic time, but I'll try to post updates about what fic is coming and when once I dig back in.
In the meantime, here's a sneak peek from Katana Ch 3! <3
Luke caught Mara’s hand as they exited the lift and walked toward their rooms. They hadn’t spoken in the lift, the weight of their upcoming separation suddenly real and pressing. Part of him — the responsible part — was grateful Mara would be staying behind on Coruscant. She’d be safer with Karrde’s people than with him, and Force knew she badly needed time to regroup after the trauma and mayhem of the last few weeks.
But he’d only just gotten her, and the idea of being alone again — even temporarily — of leaving her safety and care in the hands of others while things were still so new and fragile felt perilous and raw. He wanted to do something, anything to lessen the sensation.
When they reached Mara’s door, Luke followed her in and impulsively demanded, “give me your comm.”
Curiosity flickered across her face but Mara complied, handing over the device. Taking it, Luke programmed in a series of numbers.
“What are you doing?”
“Making myself feel better,” he answered as his thumbs flew over the device. “I’m putting in comm codes — mine, and a direct line to Artoo. Han and Leia’s place, too. And Iella’s Wessiri-Antilles’ office.” Handing the comm back, he pulled a piece of flimsi and a stylus from the table beside the suite’s door and scrawled out three codes in blocky script. Turning around, he folded it and held it out. “These are my codes. The first two are to get into my wing of the Palace residences and my apartment. The third is my security clearance as the New Republic’s only Jedi.”
Mara stared at him, then hesitantly extended her hand to accept the flimsi. “Why are you giving me this?”
“Because I don’t want to leave you.” Luke stepped in close and ran the backs of his fingers over the soft skin of her cheek. Mara’s eyes fell shut at the touch and his heart squeezed. “I know Karrde’s people will protect you, he said, sliding one arm around her and pressing his lips to her forehead. “And you’re not helpless — you can take care of yourself. But it’s a risk, being mine, I know that.” Luke closed his eyes against the memory of the ranks of loved ones who’d died because of him, directly or indirectly. “If I can’t be with you myself,” he finished thickly, “I can at least leave you everything I have that might help you stay safe. If — if anything happens, call Iella. Give her my codes and tell her you’re under my protection. You can trust her.”
Mara’s arms wrapped around him and she pressed her forehead into his chest. “Come back,” she demanded roughly, her hands fisting in the back of his tunic.
Minion rumbled on her shoulder, and Luke knew enough by now to recognize the sign that Mara’s feelings ran far deeper than she was trying to let on. Impulsively, he clucked his tongue at Minion and lifted the little lizard from Mara’s shoulder. The lizard squawked indignantly but let him place it on the stand beside the door.
The instant Luke pulled his hand away, awareness of Mara’s stormy sense hit him like a sucker-punch to the head. There was a ragged, gaping wound in her silvery sense. Jumbled images and feelings gushed out of it, splattering over him like blood. Luke’s throat constricted with remembered terror that wasn’t his, and cold swept over him.
Alone, alone, donttouchme, stopstopithurts, blackness — so much blackness. Grit and cold and screams — they never stopped screaming. I was good Iwasgood why did you leave me? I hate you comebackcomebackcomeback.
Luke’s fingers clenched, digging into flesh — no, not flesh. Metal.
Celestial winds whipped around him, stinging his chapped and bleeding skin, icy and battering as he hung beneath the city. Ben, Ben help me please! The winds tore his words away, flung them into the vortex. Ben would not come. No one would come. He would die here alone, a failure, his body lost, his soul lost, he’d wander forever in the empty swirling gases — a new sound… a thin, reedy cry threading through the winds. A screech —
Everything cut out. Tiny claws dugs into Luke’s shoulder through his tunic and his knees buckled.
Minion. The little lizard squalled his displeasure and then the claws were gone. Pain nipped at his fingertips and Luke jerked his hands back. They felt numb and clumsy, and it was only when he let go that he realized he’d been gripping something. His stomach plunged and he blinked rapidly, willing his vision to clear even as he realized he was shaking.
Movement. The Force rolled back in and with it the ability to clear his head. Digging the heels of his hands into his eyes, Luke pulled on the Force desperately. Calm and light poured in. It grounded him in comforting surety, but couldn’t completely chase away the queasy, shock-y affect effects of falling that deeply down the hole of old trauma.
Dropping his hands, Luke wrenching his eyes open and blinked them clear. His vision resolved on Mara and an entirely different sick feeling slid like a blade between his ribs. She was on her knees, curled forward into a ball, her looped braids falling forward across her cheeks, her hands wrapped around her upper arms. Minion had latched his claws into the front of her tunic and wedged his small body under her jaw, his purple tongue flicking at her skin frantically.
Shavit. “Mara.” His voice came out rough and she flinched. The blade in his chest twisted.
Luke crawled the two steps between them and half-sat, half-collapsed behind her. Dropping back onto his butt, he pulled Mara to him. Her shoulder pressed against his chest and he tucked her head under his chin as he propped one leg up so that his knee could brace her back and dropped the other, tucking it so his foot locked against her rear. Wrapping his arms around her, he fully enclosed her in his embrace and began to rock slightly.
“I’m sorry,” he murmured, pressing his lips to her hair over and over in anxious, guilty kisses. “I’m sorry, Sweetheart. I didn’t know that would happen. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“What…?” Mara’s voice cracked and she couldn’t finish the question.
“A feedback loop,” Luke answered anyway, his eyes squeezing shut. His voice sounded strange around the low, buzzing hum ringing in his ears. “Your… war sickness triggering mine. Creating a cycle across the bond. It happened to Leia and I once. After Bespin. Before I knew we were twins. I didn’t realize…” He shook his head, her hair soft against his cheek. “I thought I could help. Through the bond. But it’s… different from anything else I’ve seen. I never imagined —”
“‘s fine.” Mara turned her head, pressing her face into his tunic. “Just — just come back. You and Talon. Promise me.”
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oversharingempath · 19 days ago
When you make a mess are you more likely to clean it up right away, or do you get to it later?   i’ll clean it up right away unless i just don’t have the time Do you like to have croutons in your salad?   i don’t care for them, no Which do you find more irritating - sunburn or bug bites? bug bites for sure. itching is sooooo annoying What shape/type of fry do you like best [waffle fry, curly fry, steak fry, sweet potato fry, tater tot, etc.]?   oooh, i love a good curly fry What’s your favorite type of bird?   i like cardinals 
How many friends do you have on Facebook? 0 because i don’t have facebook anymore How many contacts do you have in your phone?   at least 100 What pet names do you use with your significant other? i don’t have a s/o and if i did, we’d probably have our own particular pet names we used for one another What’s the name of the store you usually get your groceries?   target or wegmans Do you carry any means of protection on you while out in public? nope Have you ever been inside of a cave?   i have Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker?   no, that’s super unsafe  Did your parents ever show you pictures of you when you were a baby inside your mother’s tummy?   i don’t think so and thank god for that because that would creep me the fuck out When you were in school/if you are in school, do you actually share your grades with your parents? If you got/get a bad grade, do you hide it from them?   oh, i didn’t have a choice. my parents were control freaks. they knew when report cards were coming out and were waiting for me to show it to them. now, as i went on to college, i wasn’t as forthcoming until i had to drop out  Have you ever learned to play a song on an instrument just by listening to it and not looking at sheet music? nope, i’m not musically gifted like that at all Is anything hanging from the doorknob in your room?   yes, i keep a little canvas bag there for change and i think i have a tote hanging on there as well right now Your first love walks up to your door, what do you do/say?   ”please leave” Do you honestly think you could last a week without a computer or cell phone?   ooh, it would be hard, but i could do it Do you know anyone who does cocaine? not anymore. i used to know a lot of people who used it recreationally though What is something that most people wouldn’t know about you from simply looking at you?   most people wouldn’t know i was born a girl lmao What’s your longest road trip?   18+ hours Do you have any videos on your phone? If so, of what?   i have so many of so many different things Do you think that your bedroom is a reflection of your personality? Or would people look at your room and misjudge you?   well, my bedroom is still pretty bare. i’ve lived here over a year and i’m seriously slacking on getting stuff put up. so yeah, they’d probably think i was super boring but really i’m just a fucking nerd Do you follow the ‘five second rule’ when you drop food on the ground?   it depends on where i drop it Does it bother you when people make weight comments? absolutely. get your fatphobic shit out of my face What’s a quality that your sister has that you absolutely can’t stand? i don’t have a sister that i speak to Have you ever been caught right in the middle of a rain storm outside? oh yeah When was the last time you visited the park? Who did you go with?   i went to the park today, but i was by myself Do you live in a town where basically everyone knows everyone else?   no, i live in the second largest city in my state Are your grandparents the kind who are very protective of you?   no Which singer’s vocals would you love to steal?   hmm, i don’t think i have anyone i feel passionately about that  Have you got a hairdresser that you can trust?   i have a shop i trust, all the barbers/hair dressers there have never let me down Do you like the smell of BBQs?   yes Who would you really like to become better friends with?   people from my program in college Do you personally know anybody who has more than five tattoos?   yes, me included How big is your bed?   queen Have you ever been to a bachelor or bachelorette party?   i actually haven’t! Do you think it’s important for children to have a father figure in their life as they grow up?   i don’t think it’s necessary at all Do you include your middle initial in your signature? only on really official documents  Have you ever imagined how it would feel kissing a certain someone?   yeah Have you ever taken a picture with Santa when you were little?   yep What is the population of the city you live in? i think it’s like, close to 400k If you could have one more pet, what?   a lizard  Something you want to buy real bad?   art supplies Something you would NEVER buy? donald trump merchandise What do you think will happen when you die?   nothing. i think you just... die  Could you wait until marriage for sex?   nope. no offense to those who wait, but i would not be able to marry someone without knowing our sexual compatibility  What was on the last sandwich you ate?   turkey and extra sharp cheddar What pet names do you use with your significant other? i don’t have a s/o What brand is your toaster, if you have one? i... i think it’s... oh god, i don’t know actually Have you ever dated a smoker? If not, would you?   yes. i don’t know if i’d date one now because i used to smoke and it might be too tempting for me  How would you describe your sense of humor?   dry, witty, and sarcastic Do you share a middle name with any of your siblings?   no Do you currently have any bruises on your body? i don’t think so Can you cry on command? If so, have you ever used it to your advantage? lmao no, i have a hard time crying in general Have you ever seen a lunar eclipse?   yes A solar one? yeah, dude, that was sooo fucking cool Do you know anyone who writes huge essays when they message you?   lmao this is me, i am that friend Do you think your first love still loves you?   no Are you a money saver or spender?   i’m both for sure. i balance my spending and saving pretty well these days unless unexpected expenses come up Do you know anyone who has been arrested? yeah Are you someone who has to analyze everything?   oh yeah What’s the last thing that scared the hell out of you? uhh, i don’t actually remember Who is the last person you pushed out of your life? Why?   hm... there’s a possibility i’m pushing someone out of my life now. because i don’t feel like he really cares about me as much as he claims he does. i’m starting to think he just uses me Do you have any awkward music downloaded on your iPod? no Have you ever been to church? What was it like? yeah, i have. i hate church. it’s not for me at all Has a member of the opposite sex ever seen you naked? yep Do you use an umbrella when it rains? usually  What articles of clothing have you been wanting to buy/did you buy recently?   i bought a fucking crop top yesterday and i am SO excited for it to arrive Were you ever a flower girl or ring bearer in anyone’s wedding when you were little? i think i was the flower girl when my mom married my first stepdad, but i don’t know for sure Are you afraid of speaking to large audiences?   it depends on how large the audience is and who it is honestly. if i was talking about like, being trans, i wouldn’t be afraid at all. but if it was something really professional or maybe something i didn’t know much about originally, i’d be shitting my pants If you could either be fire resistant or breathe underwater, which would you rather be capable of? breathe underwater for sure Have you ever bought fake money and tried to make it pass for real? uhh, what? lmao no Have you ever had to sell something for a school fundraiser? yeah, but i never did it If you have any piercings, who did them?   most of them were done by my specific piercer i’ve been going to for like 10 years except maybe 2 Have you ever cried while watching a movie trailer?   not a trailer, no Do you know someone who had completely changed for the worse when he/she started hanging out with another person? If so, who?   YES. not going there though Have you ever been pulled over, but just let off with a warning? a couple of times Have you ever taken shots? (of alcohol) yes Have you ever had to evacuate somewhere do to a fire/flood/some sort of threat to safety? If so, what happened?   nope Do you like mash-up songs? sometimes Have you ever played a real pinball machine? i have What is the saddest thing that has happened to you? hmm... losing my relationship with my mom for over 2 years What about the happiest?   getting my shit together and moving out of a very toxic situation What do you consider to be a bad grade? i mean, i guess just failing. so in some cases a d or a f, but mostly just a f  Who was the last person you slow danced with?   don’t know Do you say “like” a lot? i do, it’s awful Would you ever consider adopting a child with a severe mental illness?   well, i’d probably never consider adopting a child period, but if i did consider it, i would be okay with that Do you ever go into photobooths?   once every like, 5 years Have you ever pole danced before?   no Have you ever seen a live bat?   yes
Has a pet ever stolen food from you as you were eating it? yep, little assholes Are you more comfortable kissing a boy or a girl? i’m down to kiss anyone of any gender  Are you waiting for something? yes Have you ever kissed someone and hated it?   oh yeah Can you touch your nose with your tongue? yep Who in your family is the hardest to please? my dad Would you ever pierce your “private” areas?   i’ve thought about it for sure
What type of humor do you find funniest?   dry humor mostly What types of things fascinate you? space, plants, living things in general, bees, art... so many things Are you ever rude to people on purpose?   no
What kind of place would you want to raise your children? i don’t know, i don’t want kids so i don’t think about this ever Will you hold hands with the last person you held hands with again?   probably not lmao Has your father met the boy you currently love?   sigh. let’s not go there Why did you last cry? i was sad and angry Do you eat raisin bran?   yes, i love it Would you rather spend a whole day with your mom or your dad? my mom What serial killer do you find most disturbing? hmmm... there are soooo many to choose from. probably john wayne gacy though Have you ever written or received a suicide note? i’ve written one before Do you have the same color hair as your siblings?   not naturally, no Do you have the same color eyes as your siblings?   nope What is your favorite type of cat?   i just love cats, i’m unbiased What’s your opinion on tattoos in the workforce? How about piercings?   who cares? just let people fucking express themselves. as long as it’s not vulgar, let people show off their ink/metal Do women breastfeeding in public make you feel uncomfortable? Why or why not?   no. it’s totally natural How many times is your cartilage pierced in your ears?   it’s not pierced at all
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homopathicsociosexual · 28 days ago
Hi please read these scenes from what I’m calling “Washing Machine Wizard” and tell me if they’re actually funny
The dryer wakes me; it sounds like someone threw gravel in it. I try to fall back asleep but Mardek starts singing while they slam their robes into the washing machine. 
“Nobody likes me,” they call out, no regard for the time, which my phone states to be 3:06 AM, “everybody hates me, I’m gonna go eat worms. Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna go eat worms. Nobody-”
“Yeah?” they poke their head into my bedroom.
“Is there any way you could do that during the day?” I ask. They sneer at me.
“No I can’t wash celestial robes during the day, Dave,” their voice drips with disgust. “If the sun sees them she’ll know I stole her sisters.” Mardek leaves the room and resumes singing, but it seems they’ve finished loading, as I hear the washer door slam and the basin starts to spin. I expect to hear them creep off to bed, but instead they stay in the hallway singing the same three lines until my exhaustion takes over.
When I come home from work Mardek is sitting on the dryer, stirring the washing machine with a large wooden paddle. “Basin spin and mixture bubble,” they chant, upending a purple can, “Four Loko grape to fuel Steve’s troubles!” They throw back their head and cackle, but they sneeze in the middle of it and instead just go back to stirring looking embarrassed.
“Who’s Steve?” I ask. I lean to look in the washer but Mardek slaps me away.
“The fumes can fuck you up, come on. Basic chemistry lab safety rules. Anyway, Steve is just some… man” they say it like they’re trying to get a bad taste out of their mouth “at work who’s been irritating me lately. But not for lo-ong.” They sing the last word.
“You’re not making poison again are you?”
“No it’s not- well- I mean he’s not going to eat it, anyway. It goes on his skin. It won’t kill him,” they say with a wave of their hand, “if that’s your concern. Now,” they climb off the dryer and stretch, arching their back. “That needs to congeal for three hours, don’t touch it or you’ll be hungover forever, your teeth will shrink, and none of your shoes will last more than a month. Byesies!” They skip down the hall to their room, locking the door behind them with two of their three deadbolts.
“David!” Pounding on my door wakes me up. “I need to do laundry, get your shit out of the dryer!” The pounding continues until I open the door to see Mardek’s fist stop an inch from my face. “Oh,” they say, “were you asleep? It doesn’t matter, there’s no time. I need the dryer, come on.” They drag me to the machines and start piling my clothes in my arms. A low rumbling comes from the washer, which is definitely not running.
“What is it you need to dry?” I ask.
“It’s a- uh- thing. You know. Sock.” Mardek says between armfuls of clothes. “Alright, great.” They finish with the clothes and push me back toward my room. “Go back to bed, I’ve got to get it in the dryer before-” The rumbling stops. Mardek waits a moment, then starts ushering me to the door again. I’m in my room when there’s a scratching on the lid of the washer and Mardek whirls around. “Good night!” they say.
“Wait, what’s-” they slam the door in my face and the knob glows violet. I add my clothes to the pile on my chair and try to open the door but my hand just passes through the knob. “Mardek!” I shout, banging on the door to no effect. For a few minutes, noises ranging from thunder to hoofbeats come from the hallway, and multicolored light flashes through the crack under the door, then all at once it goes dark and the only sound is the running dryer. Then a moment later, the creak of Mardek’s door. After an hour or so my doorknob becomes tangible again, and I lock it and go to sleep.
“Mardek! What the fuck is in the washer!” I start to turn around but Mardek is already right behind me, peering over my shoulder. “Jesus Christ what the fuck don’t do that.”
“No promises,” they say. “Honestly? I have no idea what that is. Weird.”
“What? How can you not know what this is?”
“IDK man, I got pretty fucked up, and I can kinda get… creative.”
“So you dumped fucking… what even is this? Boba? Caviar? Some cosmic horror I can’t pronounce? Into our washer?”
“Those are all equally good possibilities,” Mardek says. They start pulling things out of their robes- books, measuring cups, a blowtorch.
“Why?” They stop and stare at me for a moment, a lizard they’re holding by the tail dangling in the air.
“Yes, Mardek, why did you do this thing?”
“What the fuck do you mean, why?”
“What the fuck do you mean, what the fuck do I mean?” I slam the washer closed and turn fully around. “Why? To what end? What could you have possibly been doing that would require you to fill our washer with any of those things?”
“Oh, David, you have no idea how many answers there might be to that question. I mean, normally cosmic horrors are actually the end result, but any kind of egg, as the seed of life, is useful in magic.”
“And the boba?”
“I just really like boba. How else should I make 20 gallons?”
“I don’t- I can’t even-” I throw my hands up. “Get it out. I have to clean my clothes.”
“There is nothing that we have to do but die,” they say, turning away and walking to their room.
“Wait, what? That means nothing, get back here and fix this!” Mardek throws a withering glare over their shoulder.
“Do you want me to use my fucking hands, David? I don’t know what they are; I have to go get gloves, and a shop-vac, and volcanic ash, and who knows what else.” They slam the door shut behind them.
“Thank you!” I shout down the hallway.
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fanworldbuildingfun · 29 days ago
“Not again. NEVER again” Artha didn’t bother to lower her tone as she continued flipping the switches in the cockpit “Hear me, Madras? NEVER”
So what if the nicto couldn’t hear her? So what is she probably should have used less force to smack that button that now sagged to one side as a result of her palm slamming on it? The cathar was in a mood and she wanted the world to know it
Especially since she couldn’t throw that mood in the face of her passengers. Of which, there was far more than Artha expected or cared to have on her ship. When she and Madras spoke of the pick-ups she had to make, he never gave her the impression she was going to ferry a good two dozen people on her freighter. The bunk room was all taken up (and oh gods, those brats were going to ruin the beds with their snot and whatever else brats produced). Those who weren’t “lucky” enough to snatch a bed? Those, were parked in the cargo bay, along with all the luggage the motely group dragged in with them. All in all, there was zero free space and zero privacy to speak of and SHE. WANTED. OUT
Flipping on the last switch, the cathar felt the engines turn on and little by little the ship started to raise. The hangar gates were already open – with proper authorizations and permits it took very little time, and wasn’t that a novelty? Piloting out was a breeze. The woman pointedly ignored (and she was perfectly at rights to grumble, can it!) the ambient noise of the crowd as she prepped the ship to blast the planet’s gravity well. Altha might have had the process down to a T, but it never hurt to check.
It also helped to keep her thoughts off the fact that one of the cargo she picked up was a freaking Gen Dai. GEN DAI, kriff it! She thought she was going to lose half her fur when she saw the mountain of a being that towered over the group of aliens she was picking up here. Took her a moment to realize the guy wasn’t dressed in the full-out battle armor his ilk usually had on, and that he probably won’t be a problem…
Yeah, snorted the cathar, that was what she first thought when her fellow smuggler – may his scales fall off – offered her the job.
The first batch wasn’t that bad – even if that one white-haired echani creeped the beejees out of her. The one that stuck to the cargo bay and sat in the corner, staring at everyone like they were the best holodrama he had even seen. And saying nothing, which made him all the creepier
Oh, and the brats. Can’t forget the brats. Little, mostly twi’lek brats that were climbing all over her poor sleep berths. Spreading their little twi’lek germs all over the place. Point in their favor - at least those looked reasonably cute. As much as they could, to the cathar’s eyes. Somewhere on the same level baby kovakian monkey lizards, before they turned into right pests that were a pain and a half to out of the cargo storage.
Altha’s thoughts were interrupted by a violent shudder given by the ship as it broke through the atmosphere and into the space proper. Cursing, the female worked to stabilize her freighter till the remaining tremors smoothed out. Air well, of all things – and just as she was about to exit atmosphere
“Oi! Strap in, we are about to have some turbulence here! If you ain’t hooked up to the nearest seat in the next five minutes, the shiner’s on you!” at least they knew what to do – she caught the sounds of hasty movements before the comm unit clicked off
Now, to finally reach the relative safety and stability of space…
“Brat 1, off. Brats 3 through 8, same to you” the cathar looked rather comical as she tried to shake off the plethora of small twi’leks off her body. A quick look to the side quickly turned into glare as the feline realized that one: no. the adult contingent wasn’t about to help her and two: those asses were all too busy snickering at her plea.
Twisting around again – and failing to rid herself of the brats, much to their squealing delight – Altha turned her glare down onto her hang-oners. Male brat number 2 had the audacity to look straight up at her and giggle. Yeah no. Altha might have liked that particular shade of lilac, but not while it was wiggly and full of elbows and hanging off her.
Lowering herself a bit, the cathar froze for a moment and sprung up, jumping up into the air (no more than half a meter, she wanted the baby twi’leks off, not dead). She hanged in the air for about a second of two before gravity reasserted itself, pulling her down. And with the jarring landing, the small hands lost their grip on her and rained down. Some rolled a bit before coming to a stop. Some just dropped on their itsy behinds right by Altha. All of them seemed ridiculously pleased none the less
Altha used the moment to make her escape. That green one a few steps away from her? She looked stunned but the cathar knew how willy that kid (Mera? Oyu? Eh, she couldn’t be expected to remember each individual kid) was. Quick too. And stubborn
She almost liked her, but that did not mean she was going to give the kid a chance to recover and get her clingy fingers on Altha’s forearm again. But lo and behold! It looked like the remains of the adults decided to finally descend from her ship. There were just a few stragglers left, most of those loaded with the last of the packages they came in with
The last one to leave was that albino creeper. He took his sweet time going down the ramp, and unlike the rest he didn’t have an excuse of heavy load. Altha’s eyes narrowed as she looked at him – her vision tunneling to the point that, when she felt a hand patting her shoulder, she almost jumped out of her skin
“Kriffing – are you trying to kill me?!” the cathar bristled as she swirled around, fur standing at an end as she stared up at the bemused face of older twi’lek woman. The twi’lek said nothing – at first. Then those infernal snickers started again
“Jumpy one, aren’t you? But I wanted to thank you – we expected… Well, worse. So thanks” her words seemed sincere. Altha had a biting reply ready to be spit out just at the tip of her tongue – but the infernal twi’lek managed to beat her to it
“Take care of yourself – and do visit when you’re here next time. Oyu would enjoy seeing you again” and with a final pat on the shoulder, the woman was off. Leaving the cathar to fume to herself. Figures the woman would be related to that pest of the brat. The resemblance was uncanny – in their ability to irritate Altha, if nothing else
She snorted at the twi’lek’s retreating back (not knowing her name robbed her of the delight of cursing at her, even if it was inside privacy of Altha’s head) and swirled her head around, finally taking notice of her surroundings.
The place was… Green
Really, really green. And clean smelling.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the distant sounds of construction and something resembling buildings poking out from the nearby rocky outcrops, this place would have looked unsettled. Fresh colony? Huh. By the things Madras implied about this place she expected it to be… Bigger. It was decidedly not. She hoped that old lizardface did not swindle her with this whole affair
A smudge of white entered her peripheral vision. And it spoke
“Miss Altha?”
Not again! It was that echani guy, now standing close enough to be within arm’s reach. How the hell could she forget about him? And for that matter, how come she didn’t hear him approach?
The glare was back on the cathar’s face in very, very short order. The echani, though, seemed completely and utterly unfazed. In fact, he almost seemed serene. And he was holding his hand out in a commonly accepted offer for a handshake. She was in no hurry to accept it though – her eyes switching between the hand and the echani’s face and back. The male’s face remained unperturbed
Huffing, the cathar stuck her hand out, gripping the man’s hand in a firm handshake
“I am Rathos” he paused “I will be your escort for today – we shall be meeting Madras at the cantina” his gaze stopped at the cathar’s face, as though looking for any sort of recognition. Was she supposed to know him, or something?
The thought must have been telegraphed at her face, as, with a quirk of his lips and a small nod, he released Altha’s palm. The blonde creep – wait, it was Rathos, on the off chance the echani was of any connection to the Ekkreth lady Madras mentioned, insulting the employer was a no-no – gestured in the direction of the buildings Altha noticed earlier. Without much ado, he set out, clearly expecting the cathar to follow.
Which, she did
But not before yelling at her droid to lock up and cursing out the guy she had to run to catch up with.
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fuckingthefictional · a month ago
Hi! I would like a request about Derek from teen wolf, please. The reader is trying to approach him, taking care of him "because Derek is too busy taking care of the others", BUT IT'S BEING SO HARD because of all of his past. Derek and the reader argue one night because of the overprotective nature of the reader about him, and when she tries to leave the loft, completely upset with Derek, he tries to fix things between them. Could you do this with a lot of angst and, then, tons of fluff? Thanks!
Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader
Warnings: Angst bbyyyy, and some fluffy goodness at the end, not checked over (so probably a crap ton of spelling errors)
A/N: hello hope you enjoy, sorry it took forever! I’m so busy with work, college and personal issues that writing has been put on the back-burner.
Tumblr media
When the name Derek Hale was mentioned- one immediately thought of the broody, salty, sarcastic young man who lived by himself after the tragic Hale house fire.
Nobody would ever associate the name Derek Hale and caring. It just wasn’t in his nature. Because under no circumstances could Derek be remotely kind, caring or soft in any way possible.
That’s what people thought of Derek. But not you- or the majority of the pack for that matter.
Yes, you saw where others came from with their ideas and judgement (Derek’s lack of colour in his wardrobe obviously didn’t help either).
But to you when you heard the name Derek Hale, you immediately thought of the kind hearted man who would give up anything for the safety of his friends and family (as much as he claimed otherwise).
You knew him differently, you knew him like the back of your hand. You knew that his favourite food was Spagetti Carbonara without the mushrooms, that he didn’t like Coca Cola, that he secretly loved watching trashy tv shows like keeping up with the kardashians, and most importantly that he was running himself ragged.
He had bitten off more than he could chew when it came to helping everyone out. He was the one giving lifts and helping with homework and hosting pack nights, and handling Isaac’s nightmares, all of this happening at the same time as some supposed lizard creature being on the loose.
You had been ignored by Derek Hale for approximately 72 hours. Now this wouldn’t be bad if it weren’t for two things.
1. He wasn’t aware that he was actively ignoring you.
2. The idiot wasn’t your husband of 2 years.
Over 68 hours ago you hadn’t minded, you had even brushed the silence and distance off- knowing that Derek liked to have a little time to himself.
But when it hit the 5 hour mark of the 4th day, frustration and disappointment had begun to set in.
There was one more thing that made the whole situation worse. He was blatantly ignoring you- and only you.
It hurt. You could admit that to yourself easily without any qualms at all. It hurt.
Whether that was to do with the whole ‘mate’ side of things you didn’t know- all that you did know was that Derek Hale was drowning and he wasn’t going to swim until everyone else was okay.
Thud, thud, thud, creaak
“Der please sit down”
“I can’t. I gotta figure this shit out before the school finishes for the day.” Derek grunted from his spot in the middle of the room. His head firmly stuck in the thick, dusty book that he had been pouring through for the majority of the afternoon.
“Der please, take a break.” You pleaded with him, begging him to just stop for a second and relax.
“I can’t,” Derek murmured again, before he pivoted in his heel and walked away up the staircase.
His heavy footfalls retreated upstairs, the musty book still clutched in his grasp.
Swallowing the lump in your throat, you willed the tears in your eyes to stay put and to not roll down your cheeks in fat drops.
Why couldn’t you be enough for him?
The next plea came around 2 hours later, when you brought a bowl of homemade pasta and garlic bread up to Derek. Hoping that just maybe it would strike up a conversation, that maybe he would utter more than two short sentences to you.
“Babe- I made you lunch.” You elbowed your way into the room, balancing the bowl and plate in your hands.
“Just leave it on the desk.” He motioned to an empty slot on the overcrowded surface.
“I just thought that maybe we could have lunch together, have some time with each-other.”
“Y/N/N’s I would- but I have so much to do. Stiles and Scott are already on my ass about the damn lizard freak in town.”
“Der, you need to take a break.” You placed your hands on his shoulders. Instead of feeling them relax you could feel his muscles tense up.
Shrugging your hands off, he pushed the fresh plate of food away, “I can’t.” He spoke simply.
“But-“ you tried to object in protest, trying to plead with the broad shouldered man in front of you- hoping that maybe, just maybe he would come to his senses.
He did not.
“I said no Y/N.” Derek ground out, “I’m busy. Please for the love of God stop bothering me.”
The words stung you, causing you to stumble back in shock. Derek had a hard exterior, everybody knew that. But he had never spoken like that to you.
He had promised on your wedding day that he would always be kind, that he would be your biggest supporter and largest source of love.
But all those words felt like lies now. You felt alone, like an empty shell of yourself. Why couldn’t you just be enough?
Hours flew by, the watch on Derek’s wrist occasionally beeping to signify the new hour. If he were being honest- he had lost track of what the time was.
The only signifier was that Stiles, Scott and the others were in his presence- meaning it was at least 4pm
And judging by the sky outside of his office window, it was late evening, as the sky itself had melted from cool blues into a fantastic array of oranges and purples.
But besides the low chatters and bickering coming from Isaac and Stiles, the house felt almost too quiet.
There was no tv hum coming from the living room, no occasional flush or running of water from the restroom, no sizzle from food coming on the oventop, no sound of a page in a book turning. Nothing. Just silence.
“Hey Derek,” He looked up to see Scott staring at him, “Where’s Y/N?”
“Yeah, I haven’t seen her yet today.” Isaac chimed in.
“I’m not actually too sure.”
Derek was met with a sea of blank stares.
“I’m sorry- there’s a kanima out there roaming Beacon Hills, the very same kanima that is killing more people by the day. And you don’t know where your wife is?” Stiles asked incredulously, “Are you kidding me.”
“Well I’ve been so caught up on this research that I haven’t been spending as much time with her.” Derek attempted to defend himself.
“Derek, please tell me that you haven’t been ignoring your wife.”
Everybody had there eyes on him again.
There was an uproar of protests, all of which were yelling at Derek for ignoring and deserting his wife.
“You better find her Derek, before something happens and you regret it for the rest of your life.”
You really didn’t know how long you had been out here for. All you knew was that the night was closing in and the chill was setting in your bones.
But you didn’t want to go back to the loft, you honestly didn’t think you could handle seeing Derek after his outburst earlier.
The cold, damp ground soaked into your body- sucking all the warmth out of your body at a creeping pace.
The spot you sat in, hadn’t changed much since your first date with Derek. It was still isolated and it gave off the best views in Beacon Hills. Nobody knew about it but you and Derek.
Sighing deeply, you looked out over the viewing point- watching the tiny specks of light flicker in the distance. Every single light showed a different life that was being lived, each one with their own struggles. Beacon Hills was something else to say the least.
“I knew I could find you here.” A familiar voice broke your train of thought.
You kept silent, staring straight ahead, willing that your bottom lip wouldn’t start trembling and the flood gate wouldn’t open in your eyes.
“Look I’m sorry.”
You sniffed, still unable to look your husband in the eyes, “Are you though?” You briefly shut your eyes to stop any tears from breaking through, “or are you just saying that to get on my good side.”
You could feel Derek’s presence settle down besides your own. His breath creating little puffs of mist under the dark sky.
“I didn’t realise you were trying to help me, until it was too late and you’d left the apartment” He muttered, “It’s my fault, I should’ve taken your advice, I should’ve listened to you.”
You listened intently, knowing his words were sincere and heartfelt, “Why didn’t you listen to me then Der?” You responded bitterly.
“Because accepting help means showing weakness, and showing weakness is something I haven’t done since before the fire.” Derek’s voice was small now, “Before I met you, accepting help was off the table- I was a lone wolf, with no pack or family. And now I’ve found you and I’m desperate to not lose that again, I can’t lose you to this new threat in town- I can’t be alone again.”
Silence hung heavy in the air as your husband’s words set in. It made sense to you; why he was studying non-stop, why he had barely slept or ate.
It was apparent that while he was trying to protect his loved ones, he was also pushing them away in the process. That needed to change.
“You won’t be alone Der,” You lay your head down on his shoulder, “I promise that much- it’s you and me forever.”
“Through every supernatural event that happens in this town?”
You giggled softly, “Yes, and every single thing in between.”
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australianservices1 · a month ago
How to win at throwing a kids’ party!
It is no secret that kids like to be entertained at parties, regardless of age. Party entertainment ideas vary greatly, from children’s party activity packs to professional entertainers and from kicking a ball around to playing pass the parcel. A successful kids’ party requires a great deal of preparation and can come with considerable expenses. How can you make your kids happy, preferably without breaking the bank?
What to think of when planning a kids’ party?
The average cost of a birthday party for kids in Australia can be anywhere from $300 to $10,000. The party tends to be more expensive when it symbolises a milestone, such as turning 1 or becoming a teenager.
A few helpful tips and tricks for saving money on your kid’s party:
-          Organise the party at home so you don’t have to hire a kids’ party location;
-          Focus on what entertains children rather than spending money on lavish decors that are meant to impress adults;
-          Make your own decorations instead of buying expensive ones;
-          Assign the role of the entertainer to a friend or relative who is good at interacting with children;
-          Prepare kids colouring activity packs to replace other expensive activities;
-          Choose inexpensive entertainment ideas like playing music, lawn games, charades, or hide and seek.
Should I host my kids’ party at home or go to a specialised venue? Each option comes with its own advantages and disadvantages:
At home
-          Saving money on rental costs;
-          Not wasting time and money on transportation;
-          Some children can feel more at ease in a familiar environment, especially toddlers;
-          More flexibility as venues can have quite strict rules;
-          Venues are very busy and the most popular times, such as weekends, are often already booked.
-          You may have to clean a lot of mess up when the party is over; there is also the possibility of kids going through your personal stuff;
-          You will need to decorate your home and source all kinds of party props;
-          You will need to define the spaces where children are allowed and where they are not.
At venue/function room
-          Kids’ venues are often already decorated and prepared to host a kid’s party, which allows you to save a lot of time and effort;
-          Venues often collaborate with their caterers and entertainers of choice on your behalf, which simplifies party organisation;
-          These places are designed with safety in mind;
-          Once the party is over, you just leave home and don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess.
-          Venues can be quite expensive and stretch your party budget considerably;
-          The time assigned for each event is limited and it can be difficult to make kids understand the party is over.
Guest numbers
The ideal number of party guests can vary from 5 to 20 kids. The number of guests depends on multiple factors:
-          The age of your child, as young children may not have so many friends to invite;
-          The number of adults who can supervise children; parties larger than 20 children can be difficult to manage;
-          How much your child can handle – younger children may not handle crowds and noise very well, excessive stimulation can be overwhelming and cause upset.
The age of the kids attending the party and the relationship between your child and guests also count in the equation for a successful kids’ party.
For a great kids party that both children and their parents will love, you will need to choose healthy food ideas that are still fun to eat. Some of the most popular ideas that won’t leave parents feeling guilty include:
-          Mini pizzas;
-          Fried rice cups;
-          Vegetable and cheese nuggets;
-          Chicken tenders;
-          Beef and vegetable sausage rolls;
-          Sweet potato chips;
-          Banana ice cream;
-          Oat bars with dried fruits;
-          Low-sugar jelly bites;
-          Mini banana breads;
-          Fruit yogurt pots.
This takes us to one of the most important parts of a kids’ party. The entertainment and socialisation between kids can be so captivating that guests often forget to eat and don’t even notice the amazing decors you have worked on so diligently. Here are some of the most popular entertainment ideas for kids’ parties:
Animal zoo parties
Get an animal zoo party package that will offer kids the possibility to stroke a bunny or touch a lizard.
Older kids will love this idea which encourages them to perform in front of an audience and increase their self-esteem.
Arts and craft parties
Personalised children’s activity packs will keep kids busy for a certain amount of time and they will also have a cherished item to take home with them.
Puppet shows
Book an entertainer who will set up and deliver a puppet show. The little guests will giggle and shout out with excitement as the story unfolds.
Bouncy castle
Give kids the opportunity to burn off energy by setting up an inflatable bouncy castle. Assign an adult who will supervise the castle to prevent accidents.
Cool science experiments
Hire a mad scientist entertainer to perform science experiments in front of kids.
Pizza party
Ask your favourite pizza chain restaurant if they can host a pizza party, where kids can make their own pizza dough, add the toppings, and have their creation cooked in a pizza oven.
Balloon modellers
Kids never get bored with this tried and tested idea – the entertainer will twist balloons into swords, animals, and crowns to thrill the little guests!
Face painting
Face painters are always a hit at kids’ parties. There is a huge selection of temporary tattoos and kids also learn how to wait patiently in a line.
Contact a local kids’ party entertainer and ask them about the activities they provide – the same entertainer can do multiple ideas.
Safety is often overlooked at kids’ parties because nobody expects bad things to happen to them. Before opening your door to guests, consider the following safety aspects:
Pool safety
Keep pool gates shut. If it’s a pool party make sure there is an adult present and watching at all times. A compliant CPR sign must be displayed, either attached to the pool fence, or displayed near the pool, so that the sign is easily visible to anyone near the pool.
Food allergies
Ask parents to list any allergies their child may have and adjust the menu accordingly.
Fire safety
Pay attention to flammable decorations and birthday candles and prevent kids from playing close to the grill or the cooking area.
Choking hazards
Choking hazards are represented by deflated balloons, small party favours, and food items. Make sure younger children are never left unattended.
Keep a first aid kit within reach and make sure you know how to react in case of an allergic reaction, a kid chocking or drowning, or any other type of accident.
Boredom Busters
Aside from a number of at least 4-5 captivating group activities, you can also provide children with a solitary alternative, like activity boxes. Not all kids are extroverts and some might need spending some time alone completing an interesting activity in order to manage the pressure and emotions associated with a social event. Children’s party activity packs like the ones from Busy Nippers will eliminate boredom and also provide a safe retreat for kids who need some quiet time.
Gift Bags
Gift bags can be personalised children’s activity packs for the party that will keep them busy and make parents thank you for the peace and quiet. Send kids home happy with their own activity packs – you can get these to suit the theme of the party too. A variety of characters and styles are available to please even the pickiest guests.
Busy Nippers activity bags are used by parents and businesses alike to keep kids entertained for hours. You can design your own and there are a wide range of activities in each bag or set. Check out our wide variety of children’s party activity packs here and choose the ones that suit best your party theme, kids’ preferences, or business type!
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jangofctts · a month ago
Tumblr media
Bloodsport (din djarin x fem!reader) (part one) 
rated: 18+
word count: 5.4k
warnings: smut, knife kink (no blood is drawn and consent is clearly given), blowjobs, vaginal fingering, din is sorta a virg duDE, alcohol, mentions of violence (reader punches someone in the face kwejrkejh), some gambling (sabaac) also please let me know if I missed anything!
It’s been a couple months since Din’s stepped foot on the sandy nightmare of a planet. Went through hell and back and kriff—it feels like a lifetime ago. But the landscape before him hasn’t changed an inch, Mos Eisley same as always—busy with all sorts of scum and villainy he turns a blind eye to. 
Din hopes it’s not the only thing that’s stayed the same—selfish as it is. Someone as volatile as you is bound to catalyze and shift, so is the nature of life. A lot can happen in a month or two and it’s ridiculous to think that you would ever push your life to the side and wait for him to return.    
Turns out, you are here, still working as the resident mechanic. Though in the same elated breath of hearing that tidbit of news, it’s equally dissatisfying when he somehow misses you completely. You’re off planet, looking for power converters and electrical wiring—back in few days Peli promises. Maybe by the time his wild goose chase is over, back from the butt fuck middle of nowhere, he’ll get to see you— 
Nothing goes as planned—naturally. All Din finds is a man playing dress up, an oversized lizard, planetary drama he’s forced to resolve and—to top it all off—an attempted stickup. Maker—he’s not even worried about anything save for the kid and your speeder. The very same one now scattered over the sand in miserable heaps.           
At least some of it is salvageable…
By the time Din reaches the outskirts of Mos Eisley, the binary suns are smearing across the horizon like molten puddles of magma. Deep aches amass in his shoulders and back from the weight of the speeder parts, his gear, and the second pair of armor. Maker—it feels like his arms are going to be ripped off.
The baby babbles something incomprehensible. 
“Almost there, kid,” Din responds, sparing a quick glance down the baby. “How does soup sound?”
Instead of trudging back to the hangar, Din wanders to the cantina. Call it a hunch or just you and your aunt’s tendency to lurk around the premises, he’s certain he’s going to find one of you here. 
Din is right.
The moment he steps inside, he spots your mess of hair, the low solar lights illuminating the rich colors with a soft orange. The baby coos and blinks up at Din, his tiny clawed finger gesturing in your direction. 
Din hums. “Good job—you found her.” 
The child’s little teeth peek out, pleased with his discovery. Din steps into the doorway, down the carven stairs and over to your table. A older man—a ship rigger by the looks of his uniform—sits across from you, a game of Sabaac spread across the table between you. You’re winning. 
“Hello, Shiny.” You greet, dipping your chin in his direction. “Your armor is looking a tad ripe.” 
It’s true. The layer of slime coating his armor had baked and crusted under the suns—probably doesn’t smell too good either… 
“I killed a Krayt dragon.” Din states it with a twinge of smug satisfaction despite knowing how little something like that would mean to you. He could conquer three dozen planets and shower you in all the precious metals in the world and you’d still turn your nose up at everything.  
“And I curb stomped a centipede today—you aren’t special.” Your eyes never leave the set of worn cards you hold between your fingers, acutely ignoring him like you would an overly enthusiastic puppy. You inhale and scrape your right thumbnail along the edge of the hexagonal cardstock—it’s a subtle tell, one Din would more than likely miss if he were the unlucky bastard brave enough to sit at the other end of the table.  
“You playin’ or what?” Your opponent gripes. He scratches his unkempt salt and pepper stubble and quirks a furry brow. 
You lift your chin in scorned defiance and lay your hand down—full Sabaac. The man hisses through his crooked, clenched teeth and utters a curse as he shoves his winnings towards your end of the table.  
“Peli promised me information.” Din pushes, hearing the kid coo in curiosity as you begin shuffling the cards with practiced flare. “About others like me.”
“Do I look like my aunt to you?” You grumble. It’s the first time your eyes leave the perimeter of the game to look at him. They settle on the kid first with a guarded version of compassion, then leap to the faded green armor clipped to the heavy luggage, and then his visor. Your lip twitches at the green slime still coating the beskar. “I’m assuming my speeder didn’t make it.”
“A technical difficulty.”
You roll your eyes and snort, dealing out the cards then setting the stack in the middle. “Right…”
The background ambiance of the bar and the quiet rasp of cards fill the brief lull in conversation. Any other rational person would take the blaring hint to leave, but Din is just as stubborn as you are. 
“I don’t remember where the hangar is,” Din lies, cocking his head to the side in mock innocence, “could you show me?” 
The tip of your tongue peaks out of the corner of your mouth. The unconscious tic is not one of irritation—not yet. Though before you’re able to respond, your opponent beats you to it. 
“Yeah—I know where it is. It’s between fuck off and take a hike.”  
Din turns his head, the cool, even tone of his words sharper than shrapnel as he address the man. “I was speaking to her.”        
This is funny to you Din realizes—one of the tiny mysteries of your entirety clicking into the place of the puzzle map he’s conjured for you. 
“Well, I don’t have the time of day for cowards who wear shiny buckets over their head.” The man gripes into his drink, dark eyes flicking over to Din as he sizes him up. “What’s a Mandalorian doing out here anyway? Thought your planet exploded or something.”
The man’s ignorance irks him—sure. How could it not? But with years of harsh words and jabs at the foundation of Din’s very being, he’s learned to adapt. It’ll always sting no matter how many layers of beskar he wears but you on the other hand…
Your eyes spark, molten and bright like the last solar flare on the surface of a decaying star. Each encounter Din’s had with you, he’s bared witness to the deep well of your anger that fuels your being like the auto-mechanical heart of a droid. He’s felt the bite of your rage firsthand, but this anger—this is the tragedy of the delicate mayfly wings trapped between the black teeth of misfortune—the story of the boy who rammed a spear into the flank of an ancient beast that bites before it barks and gnashes its yellowed teeth in warning.
Din’s hand inches towards his blaster. He’s not willing to weigh the safety of the kid against your rash decisions, despite it being on his behalf.   
Though, just as quick as it appears, it recedes like the cool drawback of a tumultuous ocean. Din’s arm relaxes at his side as you release a puff of air. 
Your scuffed up fingers, stained with years of engine grease, scars and dirt, curl around your half finished drink. You stand, lay your cards face down onto the table and flash the stranger a feral grin.
Without a word, you toss your drink directly into the man’s unsuspecting eyes. In another breath, the pointed edges of your knuckles fly forward and hook beneath the point of his chin with a meaty thunk. The man’s head whips backwards and connects with the gravely wall—
Out like a light.  
Jaw clenched tight, you shake out your bleeding knuckles and gather up the strewn credits over the table. You shove them into the pockets of your jacket and side eye Din. “Restitutions for damages,” you mutter. 
The other patrons keep their eyes to themselves as the three of you hurry out the door. Only an apathetic glance from the bar tender serves as proof that something did, in fact, occur. No one wants to dirty their nose sniffing about where they shouldn’t be when they have their own business to safeguard.
The crisp night air rustles the stray strands of hair that escape from your ponytail. Ghostly moonlight carves the shape of your cheeks into an almost ethereal sight—one of those deep space creatures with pointy teeth and hellfire for eyes. Stuff of legends you’d never think to look in a dingy bar for.     
But he knows—Din knows that cool mask is just a front from what you hide. It is a hungry ghost that hounds your thin stretched shadow—what ifs and the glories of war you never really escaped. You forget that you are flesh and blood and ghosts are only air and echoes, nothing more. 
Din is sharp edged steel. A stray fragment of a shattered mirror, the lacerated reflection of a nameless purpose and a faceless existence. He’s torn edges and cracked glass but his heart beats within his chest with the blood of a thousand suns. Two souls under the umbrella of the word damaged but entirely different in nature.     
“No one—“ you growl, your voice a steady and lethal timbre that terrifies a part of Din’s unconsciousness, “—speaks that way to my friends.” 
“Don’t look at me like that, Creature,” you huff, staring down at the child who gurgles in return. “He deserved it—“
The reunion certainly wasn’t the one Din imagined, though it’s a relief to find that there’s no roughened edge like sandpaper over skin wedged between you. Picked up right where you left off—no questions asked and no inglorious retelling of how Din nearly died on the floor of a shitty cantina. There’s not a doubt in his mind that you'd laugh at him for it—it is sorta funny…   
The rest of the evening is spent walking back to the hangar, arguing over the fact that yes Din should take the couch instead of that miserable little hovel he calls a bed, and spend the night. He’d have to find some other mechanic to work through the night if he wanted to leave in the morning, because you certainly did not want to volunteer for that. And so—Din reluctantly takes the couch and agrees to let you tackle the monstrosity of fixing up his ship for tomorrow. 
He has to admit…the couch is a bit smaller than the length of his body, but it’s comfortable…maybe he’d buy a better blanket while he was here. As a treat.
You purse your lips and whistle. “I swear each time I see it, it gets worse. Y’know, I know a couple guys selling—“ 
“Can you fix it?”
You fold your arms over your chest and roll your eyes.“Yeah I can fix it, jeez—no need to get your undies in a twist.” 
You try not to take offense, because hey—you’re offering him the info on the good deals on new ships (and at this point anything would be better than this old rust bucket). But if Din doesn’t want anything to do with that, then whatever. His loss.   
When you wander onto the ship, toolbox in hand, the Mandalorian tags along. Unsure if he doesn’t trust you with his things or just wants to hang out, it blankets the space with an air of uncertainty. Turns out it was neither of those guesses. All he does is throw open his stash of weapons, collect his pile of vibroknives, and set them on a table to polish and sharpen. 
Makes sense, you suppose. Everything has to be as shiny as his armor. 
You drop to your knees near the closest wiring panel you find. You wrench open the paneling and frown at the disarray of sparking wires and tangled cords. You organized these perfectly last time he was here. “Who the fuck junked up my rigging?”
Mando sits at the little table tucked away in the corner, brooding over his cache of weapons. He shrugs. “Could’ve come loose when I landed.” 
You roll your eyes at his half assed excuse and mutter a foul string of curses under your breath that’d make even Peli wince. It’s fine. It’s cool—no biggie. You can sort through this in a couple hours, maybe three. 
But of course rarely anything goes as planned. As time ticks away, arms deep in wires older than the kriffing Clone Wars, the distractions begin. The scrape of metal on durasteel makes the hair rise into little pricks all up your arms—you shoot a glare over your shoulder. Din tilts his head, your kneeling self reflecting within the ever dark visor, features scrunched into an obvious tell of annoyance. Huffing, you bury your head back into your task at hand. 
The second distraction arrives in the form of a quiet hum of curiosity originating from the Mandalorian. Out of the corner of your eye you see him bring a vibroblade up to his visor, inspecting the notch in the blade that disrupts the electrical current that flows through the weapon. Din then rubs his thumb over the handle of the vibroblade in a slow, sensual circle. You lick your lips and tear your eyes away. That shouldn’t be hot.
You furrow your brows and tear apart another wire, but the metallic tap, tap, tap of Din bouncing the tip of a different blade over the table is bothersome. You swing your head to your left, mouth parting to snap at him, but his hand—sans glove—brings you to a halting stop. 
It’s alluring, the way his long, weathered fingers twirl the knife with practiced ease—like silk through water and followed by the low hum of electricity meant to slice through flesh. Din tosses it in the air, watching it spin three rotations then catches it by the handle. Your lips purse when his visor meets your eyes. He spins it between his fingers.  
“Am I bothering you?”
You scowl. “It’s fine.” 
The soft rasp of his thumb sliding along the flat of the blade entices the eye and damnit—he’s doing this on purpose. 
“Doesn’t seem fine,” he hums. 
“Well, it is.” You retort hotly. You snatch up your pliers and imagine you’re pulling his teeth out in place of the crooked paneling. “I’m currently thriving in my element.”  
Din hums, the sound buzzing with grainy distortion. “Do you want a closer look?”
You chew your bottom lip. He’s playing with an open flame and you with volatile jet fuel. 
“I don’t know, seems kinda lame from here.” You scoff, busying yourself by pinching and twisting another set of frayed wires between your fingertips. “A toothpick if anything.”
Din snorts behind you. The deadly whisper of beskar against the durasteel tabletop makes the hair on the back of your neck prick into points. You tense as heavy boots shuffle along the floor, the near silent rustle of armor tinkling behind you as Din steps closer. You’re slow to stand, even though the presence of the Mandalorian is no less than overbearing. You wipe your grimy hands onto a spare rag, continuing to face the paneling. You then turn, a coy smile threatening to break across your face. 
Stars Din is broad—and close enough you swear you’re able to see the perspiration of your breath fog the beskar plating. Your eyes follow the seams of the cuirass, across the leather bandolier and up to his helmet that’s fixed in an impassive glare of tempered steel. Your back bumps into the wall as Din takes another step forward, boxing you in. To escape you’d need to duck under his arm and yet…you refuse to move.   
Your breath catches as he languidly lifts his hand and taps the flat side of the vibroblade over your collarbone. The sharpened point tickles up the column of your throat, a crackle of nerves and your pounding pulse following in its wake. Din turns the blade to flat edge and pushes into the space right below your jaw—you squirm when he chuckles, the sound low and deep. 
“You like this…”
Din grunts as your hand reaches between his legs, squeezing the growing hardness there. “So do you.” 
Din circles his hand around your wrist with his free palm. Moons above his hands are warm. He murmurs your name—you shiver. “Tell me you want this—want me.”
A blush, hotter than the surface of Tatooine in the midday sun, rushes up your neck and pools into the apples of your cheeks. Maker you want him. With a shuddering sigh you nod—braving the scathing shrapnel of vulnerability. “I need you, Din—please.”
A low chuckle rumbles through Din’s chest. “Don’t think I’ve ever heard you say please before.”
Din drops his hold on your wrist as you roll your eyes. “Shut up, Bucket Head.”
The Mandalorian snorts and dips his head—gesturing towards the blade still lightly pressed against the base of your throat. “This ok too, Skitter?”
You flash him a wolfish grin. “Gonna fuck me with it?”
Din swears under his breath, crowding his body closer to yours. You hear his strained sigh as he dips his head closer, the beskar a chilly whisper against your cheek. “You’re depraved…take off your pants.”
You smirk, tear off your belt and shimmy out of your pants and underwear, bottom half now bare. His visor dips, entranced.  
Your heart leaps into your throat, your pulse roaring in your ears as he settles one of his bare hands over the swell of your hip while the other trails the blunt edge of the handle from your clothes collarbone, and down your belly. From your mid thigh he skates the handle up your bare thigh and then rests it over the crack of your thigh. Heat flushes through your entire body, a stark contrast to the cool metal of the handle. A shiver races down each vertebrae when he drags it over the swell of your cunt and then carefully pressing it against your clit. You gasp and arch into the light touch, your thighs involuntarily jerking as he increases the pressure. It’s cold, rigid and filthy. Who knows where that knife has been—how many lives it’s taken or severed through muscle and skin. 
You don’t find it in you to care all that much.    
He trades his hold on your hip to slide his hand into your shirt, palming and kneading your breast through your bra as you roll and whine against his fingers. The tight circles he's drawing over your clit burns through your abdomen, drags you closer to the precipice that you’re all ready so close to. Fuck—it’s been so long since you’ve indulged in this sort of pleasure.You whine his name as wicked heat licking up your body and spreading to each limb. You arch into him, the handle of his knife slipping through your folds as arousal drips from your cunt.   
Your groan as you tilt your hips into the handle, craving any lick of pleasure he’ll give. Your breath hitches as Din pushes the hilt closer to your throwing entrance, murmuring praise as he sinks the first couple inches inside of you. It’s cold—the knobby feel of the handle not too much thicker than one or two of your fingers combines. You huff and grab at his cowl, the warmth of his hand grazing your pussy each time he rocks his wrist forward. 
“You’re so quiet,” Din goads, pulling the handle free from your aching center. “You usually have plenty to say.” 
You shoot Din a glare, tongue weighed down by arousal to come up with a god retort. You lean your head back against the wall of the Crest and with a chuckle, Din’s hand leaves your shirt to pull you against his chest, the vocoder rumbling against your ear. The blade clatters to the floor and instead brings his calloused fingertips to your cunt. He softly rolls your swollen clit between his forefinger and thumb, delighting in the way you shake. “Be a good little thing and cum for me.”
Shit, you didn’t think it’d be that easy. Your body seizes as white hot heat ripples through your core. Stars, brighter than a dying sun burst behind your eyes, a high pitched cry filtering past your lips as shake and fall apart in his arms, your cunt clenching tight around the thick fingers he slips inside of you. 
You whine as he pulls out, little aftershocks of pleasure wracking through your body in wake of your euphoric high. You groan as he lifts your head and pushes his digits, coated in your juices into your mouth. You lick them clean, tasting the tang of your own arousal and the salt on his skin. “Fuck—that was good.”
You can only imagine that Din rolls his eyes. He takes a step back but before he can escape—
You drop to your knees, a wicked smile curling over your lips. The muscles in his thighs jump as your palms smooth over the outsides of them, then up to his narrow hips, your thumbs lightly massaging the ligaments that protects the fragile joints. Din sucks in a sharp breath when your fingertips hook around his trousers. 
“What are you doing?” Din asks, brushing a thumb over your jaw. 
You pause and glance up at him. You quirk a brow. “Was gonna suck you off, but if you have something else in mind…“ He hisses and tips his head back, flashing the underside of his chin as your hand leaves his hip to cup the heavy bulge tenting in his trousers. 
“Maker—“ He looks off to the side, inhales a choppy breath and then snaps his head back. “You’d…you’d do that?”   
You nod and flash him an encouraging half grin. “Wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want to.”
Din mumbles an incoherent string of words under his breath and shifts his weight onto his right leg. His fingers touch your cheek again then tuck a loose hair behind your ear. “But—“
Moons above this man is straight out of some kind of fucking fairytale—arguing about getting his dick sucked—or not. 
“Din…” His breath hitches at the sound of his name. “I’m asking you kindly to fuck my mouth—it’s cool if you don’t wanna, but my knees already kriffing hurt and—“
He cuts you off with a hasty nod. “Yes—stars, please.”
Fuck yeah.
You smile and slide your eyes past Din’s legs to the cargo crate shoved up against the wall. “You should sit—easier that way.”
He nods and shuffles over, lightly perching himself on the edge and ready to flee at the barest hint of well—anything.
Din’s knee jumps when you place your palm over it. You assume his nerves are from the nature of his occupation—trouble always strikes when you least expect it—and what better time would that be when his pants are around his ankles. “Relax—I’m not gonna bite—maybe.”
He makes a wary sound low in his throat as your fingertips hook into the waistband of his trousers and pull. Din lifts up as you tug the fabric further down his legs, tan skin and solid muscle following in its wake. Fuck…
You swallow, mouth feeling quite dry when your eyes drift between his legs. Din is thick, a rosy brown color, flushed at the tip and curling towards his bellybutton. Beads of liquid shine at the tip, dribbling down the underside and pooling into the dark patch of curls at the base. Din’s fingers hook over the side of the crate, squirming under the weight of your stare. 
Yeah—that’s gonna leave your jaw aching.    
You hear his breath hitch, magnified by the crackle of the vocoder as your lips descend over a silvery scar on the inside of his right knee. You pepper a trail of wet kisses and light nips up his thighs, and by the time you reach the crease of his leg, his hips mindlessly rock with need. 
The second the wet warmth of your tongue brushes over the tip of his cock, his hips jolt off the crate, a load groan echoing through the empty ship. It’s like striking a match to an open line of kerosene—devouring and explosive that’ll leave your delicate skin singed. You’re not nervous playing with fire if this barest scrap of wild heat is anything like burning to a crisp. 
Emboldened by his initial reaction, you wrap your hand around the base, pulsing and achingly hard beneath the velvety flesh. You flatten your tongue over the tip, lapping up the sticky liquid the slip the head of him into your mouth. His hands fly to your hair, tightening into fists as he throws his head back. The beskar scrapes over the durasteel with a sharp squeal, but you don’t find it in you to care about the abrasive sound—eardrums be damned.  
“Fuck—kriffing hell—“ Din snarls, arching his hips to seek more of your warmth. “K-keep going.”  
Your own rekindled arousal blazes hot in your core hearing his stuttered pleas. You pull away to catch your breath, feeling almost guilty for doing so at Din’s low whine of protest. He picks his head up, watching as you languidly jerk him off—entranced with the way your hand rolls over the leaking tip, back down to the base, then up again. You could keep him like this—tease until he cracks under the pressure and begs you for whatever iota of pleasure you want to give but—
You’re not that mean.    
Wetting your lips with your tongue, you part your mouth and slide nearly half of his length into your mouth. Din mutters something garbled, his hips jolting as you hollow your cheeks and bob your head.
Din shifts, arching his back and stuttering out broken whispers of encouragement. Placing your hand over his thigh, you can feel his pulse thrumming beneath your fingertips, wild and alive—something real beneath all that heavy armor and unforgiving helmet. 
“You—you look…” He grunts as you hum around around his cock, swallowing him down further. “Shit—you look so p-perfect like this.”
You groan and squeeze your thighs together, attempting to ignore the gnawing hunger snapping at your insides. 
Rolling your tongue along the underside of his shaft, your fingers slide over what your mouth cant reach—squeezing and gently coaxing him towards his high. He seizes up tight—yet, just when you think you’ve got him skidding off that precarious edge—
His hand fists your hair at the base your neck and yanks you off his cock. He huffs, breathy little pants as he folds into himself like he’s been punched in the gut, his head rolling forward onto his shoulder. Din shivers as he scrambles for control, beginning to loose that slippery foothold he’s so intent on maintaining. His cock, flushed an angry red and still slick with your saliva, twitches and throbs for the release so cruelly wrenched away. 
You let him catch his breath. The fingers tangled in your hair go lax and drop away to rest at his sides. You swallow, his previous skittishness suddenly clicking into place. “Din, are you…?” A virgin. Your question tapers off, unsure if it’ll embarrass and scare him off. 
“No,” he answers—not in a sharp way like you’d hear with a bruised ego—just stating a fact. “Just not—not this. Never had someone—stars—“
Your teeth roll your bottom lip between them, forcing your face to remain neutral despite the stroke of pride blooming singing in your chest. You’re his first—lucky enough to make this the best goddamned oral he’ll ever have. Something he’ll remember for years.  
“Do you want me to stop?” You ask, praying to the Maker he’ll say no. 
He shakes his head, sucking in another calming breath and unfurling himself. His fingers clench into fists then relax, crackling with pent up energy and unsure nerves as to where he should put them. You solve it by threading your fingers through his and placing them around you head. 
Your lips quirk. “You’re allowed to cum in mouth—don’t worry about it.”
His cock twitches as a quiet moan fizzles through the modulator. “You su-sure?”
“Oh, yeah.”
With a smile you bring your mouth back to his cock, tongue swiping up the entire length of him. Din groans as the soft warmth of your mouth slips over the flushed tip of cock, his thick length twitching as you hollow out your cheeks and suck. You bob your head as you slowly work him in further because even like this, hardly halfway into your mouth, you feel your lips stretching a bit too much around him. You groan and part your mouth wider, letting him sink into the soft warmth of your throat.  Din inhales, the sound shaky and unsure as his hips twitch with a few tentative thrusts. 
You take it slow—lifting your mouth nearly all the up to the tip then back down to the base. Din rolls his hips, helping you ease into the gentle pace. Saliva drips down his cock and over your knuckles making an absolute mess you have zero intentions of cleaning up. It’s his ship after all. Din swears as his hips stutter, your hand squeeing around him, trying to push him off that edge he so deserves. Din gasps your name, the pitch of his words knocking up to a lighter, more airy tone, warmer than melted butter. 
“Ca-can’t believe, it—ah—it fits.” He groans with astonished reverence. You preen under his praise. 
You swallow around him and grunt at the abrupt jolt of his hips. There’s no distinctive rhythm you can follow as you let him rock his hips into your mouth—seeking out his pleasure without a coherent thought in sight. Just a cacophony of gasping breaths and rough moans. 
You can feel is cock twitching over you tongue—he’s close—and when your eyes roll up to meet the darkened visor, he’s gone. He shouts your name and knots his fists around your hair as he spirals of that edge. You nearly gag from the force of his release hitting the back of your throat—cock throbbing and jerking in your mouth like he’s been denying himself release for months. His moans, fragile and gasping, filling the quiet space as his hips grind his cock deeper down your throat, his hands threaded into your hair acting as an anchor—the sole tether he has to the waking world. 
Din’s grip relents as the last few catastrophic waves tear through his body. He doesn’t move his hands, just lets them rest over your skull  as his chest heaves for precious air, a harsh crackle through the vocoder. You pull his still twitching cock halfway out, dragging the tip of your tongue below the frenulum while one of your hands circles the base of his length. Maker—he’s still going—
Last little dribbles of his cum spurt onto your tongue and drip over your knuckles still securely wrapped around him. His legs and lower abdomen flex when your hand falls lower to carefully knead at his balls, milking out his pleasure for all its worth. You let his softening cock slip from your mouth when he swears and mumbles your name.      
When you rest your back against the wall, he slips himself back into his trousers and joins you. You take a risk and rest your head over the chilly beskar pauldron. You’d never call this love—the word is much too harsh for this delicate string of seconds. Love means giving pieces of yourself to others like martyrs give their hearts to the sky—or risk fragile skin against the rays of an unforgiving sun. Broken ribs and clenched fists, immensity beyond comprehension—
“You should come with us,” he says with a hesitant mumble. Love is formidable—but you know that somehow, here, pressed against Din’s side, that this is right. In a golden way, a honeyed way, a path that tastes of blood, freedom and blaster smoke that will leave your lungs stained with blackened soot. Cowardice has long made a home inside of your soul, and he’s offering you a chance to shake off the layer of frost clinging to your bones and step into the gentle merciful dawn.  
“Yeah—alright, Din. I will.”
tags (only tagging some moots for now bc i have no clue what’s going on in this fandom anymore dbdndn): @goldafterglow @jango-fettish @djxrxn @blsmjoon @spookoofins @krissology @steeeeeeeviebb @teaofpeach @comphersjost @gummiishark @delusionsxfgrandeur @pettyprocrastination @huliabitch
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[#8] Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - LUCK IS ON MY SIDE • INCOMPLETE CHILDHOOD
All right, hello, my name is cats, games. Welcome back to episode a of san andreas. Here we are back to this game. Need to finish. This need to finish this completely i'm sick of this game we haven't played in a while. Only thing i can show you right now: that's different is the driving school. My friend, pegaf literally just did an amazing job and just took it upon himself to finish the driving school, because i was losing my [ __ ], trying to do it over and over again just pointless. So shout out pegf we're gon na be able to do the wang missions now, which i'm excited for oh [, __ ]. Did he leave this car in here? For me, that's class cheers backup yo get the [ __ ] out of here he's trying to steal a car, we're trying to steal my cars, get the [ __ ] out of here as honored as i am to share my home with you. We should lure these lizards out into the baking sun. We were followed here. The da nang boys are watching this apartment as soon as we leave, they will attempt an assassination hey. What'S the big deal, won't you cruise on out of here lead them to a place. Quiet and capped they flat asses, no offense, none taken. We find you funny look long as they think mr farley here is in the back. They'Ll follow me. Wherever, after a while, you can come out safely, simple amazing. Your success will be rewarded, mr johnson, get into the decoy car, oh boy, so it's going to be like a jfk thing. Well, yeah san andreas is back. I don't know if you all are happy or not, but like i really want to finish this game. I'M not saying the game is bad, it's just the anxiety of having to do the flight school missions in the future is ridiculous. I could always have two: let's plays going on at the same time. I was thinking about that, but the very difficult thing is i could get burned out and i do not want to get burned out what the [ __ ] is this place. Do we get followed or some [ __ ], oh [, __ ] follow the checkpoints to the okay they're, just gon na drive next to me. Okay, is this the stop hey? Mr johnson? It'S guppy. Are you okay, yeah? It'S nothing! They took the bait like morons. Mr ram [ __ ] steering wheel. Yes, woozi has taken him to safety. Thank you. Cool i'll, see you later man, it's decoy back to chinatown, okay! Well, damn! Well! This is basically san andreas. Now i got ta drive all the way back. I don't care! I don't give a [ __ ]. All right next mission we got is, i guess i'll. Just do i'll do woozy until we can do him no more and then i'll move on to the pimp guy amphibious assault. How is he playing video games? What hey man quit trying to distract me? How are you in the water? What you mean? Can i swim yeah? Can you swim? Well, no, i can't [ __ ] man, damn how you do that you need more practice underwater before you can start this mission. I guess we can't do woozy no more um until i learn how to swim. So i guess we're going to do this. L guy, i forgot, i actually forgot his [ __ ] name. I haven't played in like two weeks or some [ __ ] mike toreno. Take a chill pig and just lay back and let the red mist fall brother, hey, let's open your eyes, dawg can't you see we're getting messed with here: huh, hey partner, t-bone! Look! It'S car now he's a real hero out there. What'S up see, we still good? What are you stupid someone's on to us? We need to go back and rethink. I think they was just trying they look mike mike i've been trying to contact you. What oh man, who are you? Okay, just keep talking time is clipping through the phone got ta make. This quick mike doesn't got much time on his battery level. Battery seagulls mike can hear golf seagulls, [ __ ] that could be anywhere in this town. He can hear heavy machinery seagulls and heavy machinery. What is that a building site or landfill or something there's a building site in doherty? He says he can hear a truck reversing. He says it's busy like a freight depot or something freight. Ah, they must be down at the docks what easter base [ __ ]. He says they stopped. Then he heard gunfire. He thinks they just shot their way through a security gate. They don't have heavy security at the docks, but they do at the airport's freight depot to the airport. What the [ __ ], i'm here, there's the gate and some dead security guards hey. This is the place, keep your eyes peeled for that van okay. The tank should work now, holmes tag. What the hell is the tank after that last bit of trouble. My kid, the transponder in the white. We was gon na, follow it to the game, but something must have [ __ ] up. I'Ve never been here, got ta use it to find the van and rescue mike okay. So there's a signal thing on the right and i just got ta get close to the van hello. Oh it's at the end of this okay, whose van is this [? Music? ] boom, what do i do? I forgot how you shoot? How do you shoot? I don't have the gun so like that i dislike the gun. Oh he's, gon na just shoot. Okay who's! This con in this [ __ ] bike, kill those goons okay, who the [ __ ]. Is this hey? That'S one of jizzy's clowns, relax! Weddle! You hear that we got ta torch, this van with the coke in it hey charlie. Where do we in torching nada? This is a setback, but doing 20 to life is a little more than that. Comprende amigo, hey right man. Let'S do it and get the hell out of here who the [ __ ] asked you this ain't, a committee exactly, i call the shots here now shut up and let's go okay. There. You go get the hell out of here before the cops come okay game. Please don't flip. Yes, oh look is on my side. Cops is right behind us, though so okay, man, chief, i've, been to los santos with my family. All right give me his wallet what hey get off quit struggling and concentrate on the road. Here you go mike carl johnson huh all right. I'Ve seen enough here it was a dub in there better still be there. When i check it shut the [ __ ] up, it doesn't seem. My music is gon na play. So, if anyone's an expert on how to get that to work, because i want my own music, so i don't get copyright every video. Please do. Let me know in the comments on how to like get it to work, so my songs play another mission. Complete look. Is on my side how i did not fail a mission yet, but i i do not want to say that, because i'm definitely going to probably fail some kind of mission. Outrider is writer gon na be in this jizzy what's going on? Well, my business associates. They need a little assistance and i thought of you: friends meet t-bone at the gas station next to the docks in the eastern base. What'S happening, cj gon na get set up man what the hell everybody anyway, the car's so oversized. Ah hey what the hell! You think you can mess with me. I i will blow your head off and rape and kill your family. You snake, you think you can [ __ ], [, __ ] me and [ __ ] me over. I know your [ __ ] gay. I don't know what you talking about man out my throat who you working for nobody turn around and look at me. Man, i'm just trying to make some money keep my mouth shut. I swear man, i almost had you man, i almost [ __ ]. Had you gotcha, you got to be careful in this business man. You know that. Are you boys done playing around yeah, we're straight back? Oh good, that's great! Now we got ta go meet this shipment, we're late as it is. Let'S go you heard what happened drive to the vans? Okay, so there's, apparently a van and there's another green thing over here. What'S this green thing, a [, __ ], rpg, hell yeah and a sniper too get out and grab a bike. This shipment has to get to the factory you make sure it does we'll make it worth your while. Okay, we just got to protect the van. I guess i use the rpg for that. How did i miss i like how this is all happening right next to my garage kind of weird innit. This is the worst site i've seen and then you got oh [, __ ]. There'S phones up here all right, another one how's that constantly missing. Okay, there's one more left thank [, __ ], but the van's very close, hello cj. Why are you not running? Why are you not running [ __ ], [, __, ], [, __ ], i'm panicking i'm fighting again: okay, [ __ ]! Why is that tree there? On uh, i'm probably failing the mission because there's like one car left, i have no more rpg. I can't i can't do anything. Oh look is on my side today. Okay, we made it, but the cops gon na be all over the spot real soon. So i got ta snap him inside i'm gon na get out of here. Okay, your country - oh, that's the mission that was that um, i'm not gon na end the episode yeah, i'm gon na do a few more missions. If i can snail trail, hey cj. What'S up hey, what's up jethro, some cops are looking for you in the office man champion all right nice to see y'all kicking back. Oh, i wonder how your brother's sleeping curled up next to his shower daddy. While you live comfortably on the outside bro. What y'all want this time? Well, what we want is to get on with our jobs in peace without some damn bleeding heart liberal poking his nose into affairs. He won't even understand the press on here. What the hell would you know about it? Boy whoa easy there eddie, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Some young journalist out there is trying to get a name for himself. Do we got to kill the journalist or torture that he's supposed to report? What he's supposed to report yeah anyway? We need you to shut him up for us and that stooly shut him up too yeah. There'S some reporter who's digging up dirt on pulaski. We don't know who's talking, but we know the reporters meet them today. Take care of them yeah we're doing [ __ ] jobs for [ __ ] cons, porta is a cranberry station. Follow him to his meeting, plays with the target trainers arriving at the station. You don't have much time before these with the reporter [ __ ] bike. Oh it's too late for that. It'S another train dirt bike mission. The train is approaching the market station. The report will be preparing taxi. Am i supposed to like kidnap him or some [ __ ]? If the reporter suspects, he is being tailed, he will abandon the interview, so don't get close to him all right, so i can't be on the bike. Spooco meter - oh my [, __, ], god follow him. You'Re gon na need some wheels. I don't know what the [ __ ] to do. I'M i'm panicking i'm panicking anakin, i'm panicking anakin! gta 5 out of memory fix , give me this [ __ ] car, oh [, __, ], they're, coming right here! No! No! No! Ah i got ta. Do this whole thing over again, i didn't know he was gon na turn here, i'm all the way across the [ __ ] map. I'M all the way here and i have to go back here. What about? I follow the guy with the dirt bike and then i'll have a set of wheels. Will he be suspicious hearing a [, __ ] bike right behind him in a metro station? I really want to try that out. I even drive up the stairs with this bike. Okay, i apparently does not hear him [, __ ] motorbike right behind him, but apparently a black guy walking the street spooks him out see. This is why i have to be paranoid about every [, __ ] thing in a video game. I spooked him. I just spooked him and i did nothing seven minutes of following the train. 14 minutes spent on this mission. What the [ __ ] anyways, i'm not [, __ ] doing that again. Thank you guys for watching this episode. I'M sorry to end on such a [ __ ]. No, but this game is just [ __, ] terrible! I don't. I don't know if i'm going to play this again honestly. Thank you guys for watching, hopefully see you in the next episode. Bye, bye,
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BreakOk: Wonders of the Wilderness Chapter 2: The lair of the Rakkida
Summary: Brea seeks out the skeksis language and meets an alien.
The Castle of the Crystal and its lords, was less like a grand castle of a Maudra or the Orrery of Aughra, and more like a cave. A cave that held a pack of beasts, all sharp fanged and all quite willing to fight over what they had. But Brea was not a shy princess that entered the cave with an old sword, shaking from fear. She entered it with a shepherd's staff, ready to shake away any curious beasts. "Oh, dear princess, I possibly cannot help -you- with this" one of the beasts dressed up in finery stated, lifting his gloved paw up to his eyes. "But you know it, the skeksis language? Why shouldn't it be recorded?" Brea challenged the Ornamentalist, keeping her posture confident and her eyes focused on the skeksis' eyes. She had noticed, and recorded, that the skeksis understood body language better than any speech. She was the aide of the Scroll-Keeper, she had his scent on her, thus Brea was one of the 'flock.' The Ornamentalist huffed, more like a fizzgig than a gelfling. "It isn't about what -I- want, princess. The one you are seeking is not a skeksis you should -ever- be near. I might like you, the Scroll-Keeper might love you, but the... you know. He doesn't -care-, if you are a liability, he will not hesitate" the skeksis said, slumping his shoulders. Even mentioning the -title- was too much for him, Brea noted. "I know he is dangerous, but I am here so our people could work together better. He should see the benefit of it, right?" she tried, keeping up her dominant gestures. "I can tell you where to find him. But please, do not get killed. I haven't seen the Scroll-Keeper so happy in a while"
Despite her bravado, Brea knew she was entering the lair of a rakkida. Not only that, but she could -feel- the gaze of him on her, even in the deepest of dungeons. Something moved past her behind pillars, something large. It couldn't be the Chamberlain, he was nowhere near that big. The being stopped, sniffed the air audibly and headed towards her. Brea tensed, her ears falling flat against her head and her wings fluttering. Had the Ornamentalist sent her to death? Brea thought he liked her and did not want the Scroll-Keeper hurt. "Ouuurr?" the thing said, sniffing her. Brea held the lamp to it, her ears falling even further back. It was a giant blue thing, like a snake but with wings here and there. It wasn't crawling on the floor, it was floating -just- above the ground. "Woo, urr" it declared, before licking Brea's face. No matter what it was, it sure acted like a tame whouf. Brea shook herself, the skeksis gesture was useful when wet. "Hello, who are you?" she asked, petting the giant thing on its snout. She had never seen anything like it, not in any books or even in the ancient scrolls the Scroll-Keeper kept. "BorMir! Where is best boyyy? Come to Sil, have treats!" the Chamberlain's whiny voice echoed through the dungeon. The snake-thing wriggled and whistled, grabbing Brea by her shirtcollar in its mouth. 'BorMir' transported her straight to the Chamberlain, the skeksis looking quite baffled while holding onto some hay. Brea couldn't help but register that, it was a herbivore. "BorMir...what the spit?" the Chamberlain asked, blinking at Brea. BorMir dropped her on the floor, then took the hay from the Chamberlain's claws and munched happily. "It is your pet?" Brea asked, not really thinking on just who she had asked this. The Chamberlain didn't seem to hear her, marching to his pet. "Didn't say fetch, you dumb lizard" he said with a chuckle and tapped the beast on its beak. It only chuffed in return. "Dear princess Brea, far from the Brothers' light. Far from safety, hmm?" the skeksis said, his voice changing entirely as he finally looked at her. The fake smile was plastered on his jaws, so unnatural looking. Brea had seen actual skeksis smiles, none of them resembled the sneer the Chamberlain had. Like he was trying to mimic gelfling smiles. "Lord Chamberlain, I came to ask you about skeksis language" Brea stated, standing up on her feet and taking the dominant and confident stance she had practised. The Chamberlain's sneer did not falter, not one muscle on his snout or face moved. He was like Seladon and mother, his mask firm and like stone. "Skeksis language, hmmm? Little Princess mistaken, no skeksis language exist. Just growls and hisses" he said, voice wheedling and whining like a whouf pup. "I disagree, Kraivehkah. We kefflink have good ears" Brea argued back, lifting her ears up further to look more dominant. It was like a switch was flipped, the 'smile' melting away from the Chamberlain's jaws and his whole posture changed from a lowered body and tail to a tip toe posture with his tail lifted up. Brea kept her own posture, fighting to keep her ears and wings from revealing her fear. "Good hearing, yes. Pity, such pity" the skeksis snarled, exposing his insicors and fangs. "Little Princess not on Har'rar, not safe with mother. Is in the Castle, is with Lords. Thinks can play lord, Hmmhhh?" he continued, starting to pace around Brea. Despite her fear, she had managed to get him to take her seriously. He began to chuckle, licking his jaws. Wetting them for a fight. "Hahaha, will see how brave she is!" Chamberlain growled, before lunging. What was most likely meant to be a frightening jump at Brea, was interrupted by a blue snake tackling him from the air and wrapping around him. The Chamberlain let out an indignant squawk as he tried to wrestle his pet off. "BorMir! No, not play, stop" he whined, trying hard not to get licked. Brea tried her best to hold her posture still, even as her opponent was trying to dislodge a snake. But she soon found herself chuckling to her hand. "He isn't supposed to be here, isn't he?" she asked, grinning her own grin. The Chamberlain tensed, glaring at her. "He is your secret, something you treasure" she continued, approaching the snake and petting it. "I'll keep it, but for a price" Gambling was one thing on Thra that often skirted the grounds of legality and not. Sure, Stonewood children were known to bet on their insect fights and that was accepted. But on the other side of Skarith, there were many Dousan and Sifa known for betting on the lives and fates of any traveller they hosted. That was technically illegal if anyone ever caught them in the act. Brea felt like she had just bet on Tavra's life with a Sifa, as she put down the symbols given to her by the Chamberlain. The paper smelled musty and old, and a lot like a skeksis. The Scroll-Keeper had been correct, the language was simple and to the point, like something a barely sentient creature spoke. The door of the library creaked, Brea's ears shooting up as she heard the Scroll-Keeper's paw steps. He seemed to be in a rush, given the grey and blue skeksis all but lunged at her table. "Princess, what were you? Why? Didn't I- Is that skeksis?" he whined, going through several sentences as he saw the reference sheet. Brea swallowed a smirk and pulled her ears back. "Yes, Lord Chamberlain generously provided the information for me. For the good of all of us," she said with false conviction. The Scroll-Keeper sighed and shook himself. "You could have been killed, Brea. I don't know how, but don't... don't ever do that again, please" he whimpered, head lowered and posture nervous. Brea's ears flicked at the use of her given name. " I won't, Sc-skekOk, I barely got out of it alive anyway" she admitted. Even now, she knew she had placed a target on her head. Whether the Chamberlain would forsake his pet to get back at her, she did not know. But she could not leave the Scroll-Keeper nervously looking over his shoulder, either. "Could you help me make sense of this writing, my Lord? It is all sidetic scratches to me" Brea diverted the topic the best she could. Luckily, he took the bait, helping her work through the clumsy writing of the red skeksis. Though she was nervous, Brea smiled. It was good to have such important allies at the Castle. The Ornamentalist had promised to get back to her about skinning an eel, after all.
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mynamesbetty · 4 months ago
What she does in the shadows || The Beatles x vampire reader
Summary: Vampire au! the bug boys all start to go missing and non of the police can find them
Face claim: Rachelle Lefevre
Warnings: mention of blood and pain
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The wind smelt funny. It wasn't what most people thought when they ran somewhere but for Y/N it was. The scents of so many things filled her nose as she came to a stop under a bridge. She smelt them first, cigarettes and cheap drinks trying to be hidden under even cheaper cologne.
She retreated into the shadows to watch them jump around the street in a childish manner. They pushed and shoved one another along the street, Y/N could just make out their faces in the pale moonlight, the bigger question she had to ask herself was which one to pick?.
The cocky one seemed like a good fit and considering the smell of alcohol on him no one would believe that he got bitten by a vampire.
Or maybe the one who was singing something to himself in a low tone, feet kicking up dirt as he went along. He wasn't the best candidate but he might do.
Then there was the silent one, she doubted he would actually speak up if she did pursue him and he already had the look for her kind.
And finally the little one with the bright blue eyes. He would definitely stick out like a sore thumb if those eyes suddenly went red but he did seem the most charismatic of the group.
A decision had to be made before she lost her chance. The street was devoid of any signs of life and no one would question if one of them screamed, they would just put it down to rowdy teenagers staggering back from the various bars on a Friday night.
One of them slipped over and started to cackle loudly, he showed his bloody hand off to the other members of his group who joined in with the laughter too. She'll have to pick him, there's no point attempting to get the others if her mind is set on him.
The boy checked his hand over under the streetlight and Y/N pounced, running at such speed she only hoped something would cushion them when they fell into the alleyway on the other side, he attempted to scream but Y/N shot a hand to his mouth. His eyes filled with fear at the sight of her, brown meeting red, she only smirked at him before biting down hard on his neck.
His scream was muffled by her hand so the others didn't even hear him over their laughter. He thrashed about against her grip but nothing worked, he'd been bitten and his only fate now was to become like her.
The boy woke up a few days later, his throat stung like he'd drank lava and flashes of the other night came into his mind. How long had he been here? Where even was he? Were the boys looking for him.
"Evening" a sickly sweet voice came from somewhere in the shadows opposite him "where am I? What is this place?" Y/N came out of the darkness and the boy scattered back across the floor to get away from her.
"S...stay back" he stuttered, his back hitting the wall, Y/N continued to come closer to him "oh don't be frightened, we're the same you and I" those fangs flashed and the boy cowered slightly.
He caught sight of himself in a cracked mirror across the room and he realised she was right, his brown eyes were a blazing red and his skin made him look sick "what did you do to me?" Anger shot through him only be replaced by fear when he met her gaze.
"I made you strong" reached out to caress his cheek but he pulled back and Y/N sighed "the sun will be down soon, I'll take you for your first hunt" she got up and began to walk away from his cowering form.
"Wait, what's your name?" The boy didn't want to be rude, especially to a lady, and possibly the only person he could talk to from now on "Y/N, yours?" The girl turned with a smile "George" he smiled back, fangs sticking out at her.
George peered over at the group through his mirrored sunglasses, with his heighten hearing every word was clear like he was sitting right there at the table. He'd passed the missing posters with his face on it about a million times since they were put up.
Him and Y/N had started to get lonely with just the pair of them in that run down house by the riverside. He suggested getting someone else and Y/N let him chose because it was his idea.
"I reckon he's dead by now" John stirred his tea "don't be so negative John" Paul reached over to grab the suger "he could'a got a bus somewhere and be living the high life" George bit his lip to stop himself from laughing.
He wouldn't exactly call where he was staying the 'high life'. It would be John he turned, he seemed the most concerned about him and this would be the only way to reassure him.
George couldn't eat anything but he thought he should leave some money anyway. He threw a few coins onto the table and pulled his thick coat closer to him so the sun didn't get him, he looked at the boys worried faces as he passed and wished he could just tell them he was alright.
John was a squirmer, he wriggled on the floor in pain after George bit him, profanities falling from his lips as he screamed. His nails dug into the muddy floor under him "I can't watch" George whispered to Y/N, she held him by the shoulders so he wouldn't be tempted to rush over to John and drain their new companion completely.
"You're doing well Georgie" she whispered back, kissing his neck so shivers ran up his spine. "You think I'm doing well?" His eyes were glued to John's withering form "oh definitely" Y/N had moved infront of him, placing her hands on his cheeks with a feathery touch, he jumped slightly but soon melted into her hands.
He kissed them gently, his fangs grazing against her palms slightly but she didn't mind. The screaming that was ripping through John's body finally stopped and he began to breath heavily "George what have you done to me?" He stood up shaking like a child who refused to wear extra clothes in the snow.
"I made you one of us" George had pulled away from Y/N to go talk to him. John looked at the same cracked mirror George had first gazed at his new face days prior, another scream ripped through John at the sight of it. This was going to be a long night.
John laughed to himself as he jumped from building to building, he'd caught sight of George and Y/N not far behind him so he knew he was safe. He stopped to look out over Liverpool's busy streets from the safety of a low house, it was like he was seeing this place for the first time and everything was new and exciting to him.
"You alright Johnny?" Y/N called from a neighbouring rooftop "yeah fine birdy" he smirked in her direction when a gust of wind smacked into him "really George?" Y/N chuckled as she swung her legs over the side of the roof, if the owner of the house was to open their window right now they'd see her feet dangling from above.
The police were out in force tonight and the three vampires watched on as a trembling Mimi was being comforted by George's mother. It broke their hearts to see the ones they loved like this but Y/N had made them promise not to mention to anyone what they had become.
Ringo and Paul were there too, hands stuck in coat pockets while silent tears escaped them, obviously not being able to comprehend that two of their friends had gone missing over the course of a week. John studied their faces before an idea popped into his head "can we change them?".
Ringo wasn't like the other two. His screams seemed to be entirely gagged and he didn't scratch at anything when the pain got too much. John had bitten Ringo, the silver from his rings leaving marks of their own after he was finished. "You got a little something there" Y/N pointed to the corner of John's lip where some of Ringo's blood still remained.
John's tongue darted out to clean it up like a lizard and Y/N couldn't help but giggle. A thud sounded from behind the couple but they didn't panic, they knew who it was, George liked to play with his prey before he actually went in for the kill.
Paul crawled away from George the best he could but he was pretty exhausted from the running "please don't hurt me, I'll give you anything you want" he begged breathlessly "George would you hurry up" Y/N whined, torturing him was getting boring after she'd seen him do it to about seven other people, Paul seemed to stop when his friend's name was called from the darkness.
He looked up at George then over to John "I... we... you're both dead" he stuttered out. George's hand shot out, connecting with Paul's neck, he raised the man a few feet off the ground before biting into his neck forcefully. Paul screamed out at his friend but nothing would stop him, he whimpered something before George pulled away.
"And on tonight's 'nightlife bingo' you get a point if you see a police officer, a police car, missing posters or any member of our immediate family crying on the roadside" John leaned against the chimney above the others.
Paul had taken a seat at the edge of the roof so he could have full view of the scene down on the street. George looked like he was sunbathing, he didn't want to see his mother crying again so had made sure he was far away from the edge. Ringo was walking back and forth on the top of the roof like he was in a tight rope act "can I have a double point because I see all those things?" John chuckled at his friend but didn't say anything.
Y/N had allowed them to see their family one last time before they left, there was no reason to stay in Liverpool anymore so they were going to travel the world, they couldn't actually go down to say anything but just seeing them made it seem like they weren't completely abandoning them.
"The sun'll be up soon won't it" George checked his watch and then the sky like Y/N had taught him "time to bounce" he dusted himself off and waited for the boys to be ready. Paul took the longest, he started at him mother's wheeping face for ages "ya alright mate?" John squeezed his shoulder. Paul nodded "time to go" he agreed with the others.
Y/N was waiting for them on the makeshift stairs when they walked past. John didn't say anything and let Y/N kiss his cheek as he passed, George was the same but he nodded at Y/N after her lips connected with his cheek. Paul offered her a small smile despite the resentment he felt in his chest, the kiss was short lived. Ringo seemed to be the most enthusiastic of the group, smiling wildly at her and even waving after she kissed his cheek.
They didn't hate her for turning them but they just wished they could say goodbye to their families somehow before they left behind everything they knew. John suggested writing letters saying they got tied in with a drug dealer or something worse so they wouldn't come looking for them.
They posted the letters when the sun finally set, the last thing they would probably ever do that would be tied with this life, Y/N waited for them by the river in the shadows so non of the late night fishermen could see her. They commandeered a boat and the boys watched as Liverpool passed them by, they would live in the shadows from now on. Never talk to anyone but each other and survive simply in secret.
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r0setarts · 4 months ago
Greetings Mars! :D Essay Anon is back for the first time in forever to clog up your blog again. I’d love to have unleashed my enthusiasm earlier but I wasn’t quite sure what to rant about. I seriously need to just come off anon so I can talk to you like a normal person I just haven’t gotten around to it.
So, last thing I remember mentioning other than Mathair was Prima Noctis and since I’ve said too much already on Mathair and there’s almost nothing on Prima Noctis and I’m really excited to see how you’ll expand on it, I’ll jump into that. I’m already fairly familiar with it but decided to go back and research it just like I did for harems and mistresses because it is just so fascinating. (Can’t let you do all the thinking and the research for us! :p)
So, Prince Noctis defined: when a feudal lord exercises the The right to take a young woman’s virginity, popularly associated with wedding nights but also payment for if she wished to leave his land, an exchange to buy her family his favour and in the worst cases, as compensation or a punishment. It has a lot of different names, spans various cultures and even rumours to go back to prehistoric times. While most historians deem it an urban myth, there are a lot of stories surrounding it. Research has led me to the conclusion that it was likely never made an official law, but a tradition or something done under the table, basically a form of prostitution. Its most popular association is with medieval Europe where there were a lot of flagrant abuses of power against women of all standings but especially commoners.  it doesn’t help that Prima Noctis basically became an umbrella term for sexual exploitation (which it was) across varying cultures and times, further muddying the water. 
The concept itself is dark and you can deafly make it dark in this AU as well if you wanted. Not just because it’s a barbaric practice being performed in the Medieval Hell (love that phrase) Valley of the Thorns but also the aftermath. Firstly, MC must be both horrified and confused as hell when it’s explained to her, one because of the tradition itself and two, because she could learn that Malleus has never exercised this right over any of his other female subjects, which is deeply suspicious and has awful implications. Then afterwards where he’s too attached and obviously doesn’t have enough compunctions against abusing his power. While it’s only Sebek she wants to be with, she doesn’t have many options. Poor Sebek, this would probably have his inferiority complex one whole. After presumably going through a whole character arc where he learns to accept himself, get the job of his dreams serving his great Lord and then miraculously building a relationship with a human girl he presumably loves with all his heart, this happens. On one hand for the king to want his wife must be the highest compliment to her and Sebek’s good taste. It is a great honour that the king himself should want her Sebek tries desperately to convince himself. Yet, this is still his wife and no husband worth the air he breathes is ever going to be comfortable with the situation but what can you do? Say no? Abandon the life he’s dreamt of and built in the kingdom and hope there will be no terrible consequences? realistically speaking there is no good alternatives so he just has to convince him self this is a good thing. Then there’s Mal who is completely fine about it because it all works out for him. He has the justification of the law (even if he never partook in it before) To finally be with the girl of his dreams. it’s unlikely to have any backlash as it’s the law of the land, the maiden in question is a complete stranger of little importance so no angry relatives, and finally Sebek is completely loyal to him so no backlash from an angry husband. The King can do as he pleases and if he doesn’t want to let her go then no one is going to stop him.
I’m having evil thoughts about MC hearing about the tradition beforehand and having a traditional wedding and night from her own world traditions even if she’s bullshtting about it, because if her fiancé plans on springing his bullshit traditions on her, he’d better play along with hers. Or just MC being raised in a modern society with a culture that doesn’t care about premarital sex and banging her crocodile man long before Malleus broaches the topic.
On the other hand, like Mathair, this could be hilarious and not a disaster. I mean, throughout history from Roman emperors to medieval nobles, wives of military officers, servants and lesser nobles have been mistresses of powerful rulers, a practice that wasn’t just seen as regular but even encouraged by some husbands. Those women could win their husband titles, land, positions, the ear of the king or compensation for their time as a mistress (I.e. the monetary kind).
So, it could turn out pretty well for everyone. Instead of protesting or freaking out when Mal makes it clear he doesn’t want to give her, MC could roll with it. I mean, if her husband doesn’t see this as a serious problem, it doesn’t ruin her marriage and it was a good night with Malleus, then she could get used to the introduction of “King Malleus, MC the King’s Mistress, and Mistress MC’s husband, Sir Sebek.” Sebek can see it as an honour from the King and if his marriage is strong enough, he can be assured of her love for him and that it’s not a mark against him in any way. King Lizard would probably be relieved that there is no extra fuss. He gets to keep a complacent MC at his side as he never thought he be able to, won’t have as many worries about her safety or concerns about her leaving him then if she were unmarried, and he didn’t have to do alienate his most loyal guard in the process. 
It just works out. Mal Never goes all ‘despotic tyrant’ about it, MC can handle herself and both men without many disputes cropping up, and Sebek is just crazily devoted enough to both his ruler and spouse to not let this bother him that much. No one knows quite how it works but they make it work. I could probably write a whole other essay on the idea of children, the world, and more in-depth reactions but I’m eager to see what you come out with first. 
Also, took a quick scroll through your OC works (they’re all lovely btw) and talking about Sebek has me thinking about Dietrich because he’s like a cross between Sebek and Jamil, amoral, hates fae instead of humans, and a real good representative of the villain archetypes. Like he’s not good and there are reasons for that and he’s more than a bit of an asshole but like the kind you want to have as a friend in case you’re involved in a suspicious incident or need your head slapped straight. I have a fondness for him now, thank you for creating him.
Hello Essay Nonnie, you were missed. I do hope that you overcome your shyness and DM someday :C by this point we are practically friends.
I have to confess that there are two drafts about Primae Noctis. One that’s just the bare bones, darker version of it. Full of existential crisis from Sebek, MC being ok with it until she was not. It is mainly about her thinking it was a one time thing, only to find out that Malleus is about to go tyrant on them and refuse to give her back. Forcing Sebek into watching how his wife is turned into the King’s mistress. And the subsecuent fights between MC and Sebek, because goddamit Sebek, she’s your wife, not Malleus. TBH, it’s just one smutty excuse to write Sebek’s existential crisis about his identity, the love of his life and his idol’s image shattering.
It’s also an excuse to write Tyrant Malleus. Because people are starting to forget I’m an evil fake fae historian.
BUT, since this is my Valentine’s day gifts to my followers, we are getting the second version of it. We are getting a quite… modern MC that had a crush on Malleus she never acted upon, Sebek who is utterly devoted to MC and Malleus, and Malleus that was ready to go tyrant on them but once again doesn’t have to. Instead, he talks it out to Sebek, Sebek is completely okay with it, talks it out with MC, she’s okay and makes it clear that the one she loves is Sebek but if they are giving her free reign, what’s the harm in it? Her dear Sebek is even encouraging her to go for it. The thing is that they liked their night one stand, and with Sebek’s encouragement and to the consternation of the court (and their NRC friends) they start a fully-fledged, very public affair. Sebek even joins them forming a full menage a trois that somehow works quite well.
And about children, well… this is being written in the same format as Mathair, so we may get a scene about it or in a drabble some time after, since you know… twins can be of different fathers.
And about Dietrich, to be honest I love writing about him and I’m surprised so many people like him, since he is, quite plainly, an obsessive asshole that would rather see the world burn than to allow Malleus to be happy, but he also wants Marsella to be happy, and her happiness is dependent on the damn lizard, so cue moral dilemma for the amoral bastard. He’s probably praying to whatever god he believes in for Marsella to get over the Lizard.
Just DM me nonnie, so we can talk freely without spoiling anyone hahaha.
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catgrump · 4 months ago
“I’m alive?” [For Sondham Sonia/GUNDHAM?] Your writing is 💕💕💕
I’m so glad you like my writing 💛💛💛
This is an Idea for a little scenario from Cruise Ship AU! I have plans for a full-fledged Sondham fic in Cruise Ship AU so this is a taste of what’s to come I guess lol
Gundham stared at his reflection in the cramped bathroom, leaning on the faux-marble vanity
He sighed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”
Could this cost him his job? Potentially. He’s thought about that. He can’t remember the last time he was disciplined, so maybe this would be worth the risk.
The ship was docked at its private island. He’s never actually stepped on shore. And when she found that out, she insisted he abandon his post for the day to spend time with her.
“I was going to do so many things alone! It would much more fun with a companion!” She pleaded
And he gave in. When he first met her just a few days ago, he felt like he lost his inhibitions. She’s captivating. He looks forward to stopping by her family’s suite each day for a chance to see her. She’s kind, and curious. She’s asked about him and his life.
So he’s taking a chance.
Not like he isn’t taking a chance whenever he goes out of his way to see her. But this is something entirely different.
He left the employees’ quarters to meet her on the dock.
He stepped onto the gangway and felt the sun beat down on his pale skin, and felt like he could sweat immediately seeing Sonia sitting on a nearby bench
She’s beautiful. Her long blonde hair was gathered into braids that cascaded against her frame, adorned with a sleek swimsuit, dark shorts, and a sheer black shawl. She was glistening in the sunshine.
And then she saw him. She grinned ear to ear and stood up, gathering a bag closer to her and waving with unbridled enthusiasm
He walked down to join her. “I am so glad you are here!” She was practically bouncing with excitement, “Part of me was not expecting this.”
Gundham shrugged, smiling, “I do not take promises lightly.”
“Then come with me! I have a reservation in fifteen minutes,” she took hold of his wrist and practically dragged him down the dock toward the island
Gundham followed Sonia’s lead as he took in the sights around him. The island itself was clearly designed to be accomodating to vacationers. Before the bombastically colorful front gate, one of the first things you saw were giant water slides towering into the sky.
The sky was perfectly blue and the waters looked crystalline. The sand on the shore was almost was white as the clouds. It was almost too perfect
Sonia continued to hold on to Gundham as she trudged through tourists. They passed by souvenir stalls, rows of chaise lounges, private waterfront cabanas, snack shacks, musicians playing calypso, and tropical flora and fauna— which Gundham always took note of. There were far more lizards here than he anticipated, which was exciting.
By the time Sonia finally said “we made it,” Gundham thought she had made a mistake.
When Sonia said ‘a reservation’, he thought it was for a meal. But there was a shack in front of them, storage lockers behind them, and... water vehicles of some kind parked in the water beside them
They weren’t boats; they were much too small. Gundham had never seen a vehicle like this before. It appeared to be a scooter or motorcycle on water
Sonia finished talking with the attendant in the shack and approached Gundham, jingling a small key on a ring. “Anything you do not want getting wet goes in a locker,” she chirped
Oh. So she did have a reservation to... ride. He didn’t take her as someone who’d want to do those sorts of things.
Gundham did his best not to stare as she removed her shawl, revealing more of her figure. He swallowed, but then quickly averted his eyes when he saw her start to take off the shorts she had on. He could feel himself growing more and more flustered as his imagination ran wild
He bit his lower lip as he looked at his feet idly kicking the sand
He had to snap himself back when he felt a finger tap his shoulder. Sonia was standing in front of him expectantly. “If you have a phone on you, I suggest leaving that in my bag in the locker,” She giggled
“Right,” he nodded and followed her advice, taking his phone out of the pocket of his swim shorts and placing it in her tote bag once he was at their locker.
She has not said anything, Gundham paused, standing still in front of the locker, contemplating an insecurity of his, I do not think she will make any remarks...
He took a deep breath and decided to remove the shirt he had on. Sonia had only previously seen him in uniform— a uniform where he was able to cover his scars. They adorned both of his arms, and he had some across his chest. When on the clock, he went out of his way to appear more friendly and approachable than he desired to be. Even with his brooding presence, Sonia had led him this far. The last thing he wants is for her to be scared of him.
Gundham did his best to control his breathing while he folded the shirt. We ARE on a beach, he told himself, This is perfectly acceptable.
He took one last deep breath before turning around to face her. A weight fell off his shoulders when she smiled and clasped her hands together with glee.
“Come on,” she instructed, “We have to listen to the safety information!”
They sat among strangers and listened to an instructor guide them through driving the vehicles, which Gundham learned were called ‘wave runners’.
His leg bounced with anxiety as he tried to focus his nervous energy on gripping his own knuckles
When the presentation was over, they put on life vests and went to the docks.
“Is it alright if I drive?” She asked with pleading eyes. But they were entirely unnecessary.
“Y-yes, that is fine,” Gundham did his best to hide his fear. This is not the type of activity he would do to seek a rush of adrenaline.
Sonia climbed on, taking hold of the steering handles with zeal. Gundham waited for her to settle in before cautiously sitting behind her, and searched for some sort of handle on the side of the vehicle to grab.
There was no such handle.
Well, he had to hold on somehow. He very carefully wrapped his arms around her waist, doing his best to maintain a respectful distance between them. She’s beautiful and she did invite him out, but he can’t make any assumptions.
On the insteuctor’s cue, the fleet of wave runners started off. Sonia turned over her shoulder and asked “Are you ready?”
Gundham nodded yes with a tight, forced smile.
He felt like he was flying. And not in a graceful, peaceful way. It was as if he were a crash-test-dummy in a race car, headed toward his inevitable demise. Sonia’s profile over her shoulder was the last thing he saw. Removing one of his senses just amplified the others. He couldn’t look at anything, but he could hear the motors speeding through the waves, he could smell the salt of the sea as it hit his face, he could taste his mouth getting drier, and he could feel how he had suddenly grasped on to Sonia with all of his might. There was no distance between them anymore. His brain was telling him that if he let go, he would fall off, and who knows what would happen after that?
He was squeezing his own arms for stabilization, and listening to Sonia laugh, trying to center himself. This went on for what felt like eons.
Until they suddenly stopped. “Gundham?” He heard her say his name and opened his eyes. He picked his head up to see her looking down at him with wisps of hair in her face and a concerned smile
“I’m alive?” Were the first words out of his mouth
She laughed, and covered her mouth with one of her hands. “Yes, we made it back! Our time is up.”
“Oh,” Gundham suddenly felt incredibly embarrassed, “That was not... so bad.”
“Gundham, you have not let go of me.”
She was smiling, but Gundham instinctively released his grip. Was his face heating up from the sun, or because of her?
“I think I owe you a stiff drink after that,” she continued, swinging a leg over the side of the waverunner, “Come on; my treat.”
She stepped off the vehicle and offered Gundham a hand. With his heart in his throat, he accepted it.
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artemiseamoon · 4 months ago
!!!! congrats on your milestone!!! I'm so glad i found your blog bc I love your fics so much.
For my request can i have #35 “You make me feel safe.” with Ezra 🥺🥺 i love how you write him so much.
don't know how much it'll come up in this specific prompt but but a gn plus sized reader please?
CONGRATS AGAIN!!! -agentwhiskeypussyindulgence
☺️ thank you💜! Here is some Ezra angst/fluff for you.
Ezra x GN reader (plus size)
Tumblr media
Words: 1,257 | Credit to GIF owner | Warnings: En route to safety, Ezra and You are feeling a bit rattled after an encounter with the Mercs. Mentions of theft, self defense, the loss of Ezra's arm. After that it’s all fluff! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As the noxious moon shrinks in the sky, you take a deep breath in and out. You must have done so louder than expected as Ezra stirs in his sleep; his eyes flutter open slowly to view you.
“Little Bird,” his voice is low and broken. Exhaustion has consumed him and his skin was pale, “did I snore and wake you?” He asks with a smile.
Even in pain, he still had a smile for you. It softens your heart and you place a hand over his. You can only turn to him so much, as you are strapped into your seats.
“I woke you.” You correct him, then squeeze his hand.
Ezra swallows and rests his head back against the seat. You whisper, rest. He closes his eyes again.
Your body was still shaking and the tears you held back finally came to the surface. Down there, there was no time for fear, when everything went south with the Mercs, you both fought for your lives.
The Mercs had no intention of paying you, it was something you figured out only after digging up a decent amount of auralac for them.
Thanks to Ezra’s quick thinking, you were able to get the upper hand and eventually, kill them. Taking all the auralac, you piled onto the ship and took off.
Now, you watch the way Ezra drifts in and out of sleep. Even down one arm, he protected you, he got you both out of there. Sure, it was a team effort but this was your first time dealing with some shit like this and you were deeply grateful for Ezras knowledge.
His skin is a little cold to the touch, you know you won't relax until you get him some medical attention. You did the best job you could with his arm, but it wasn't enough. Ezras recovery was essential to you.
You turn your head again and look out at the galaxy. The farther away you get from that moon, the more hope returns little by little. 
Ezra reinforces his grip on your hand before raising it to his lips. They’re dry against your skin as he plants a kiss there.
“You’re still shaking.” He whispers, his eyes half open.
You part your lips and pause before speaking. “I think i’m fully feeling it now, everything that happened today.”
“If I could, I would save you from the savagery of the world Gem. I assure you, once my condition has improved, you will under no circumstances feel unsafe again.”
Ezra fully opens his eyes, they're soft and vulnerable now as they steady on your face. You return the smile.
Worry fills his expression and you know he’s likely obsessing over all the ways he thinks he failed to protect you. To reassure him, you squeeze his hand again.
“You make me feel safe, Ezra.”
“As much as that pleases me, it is not enough. It is my vow you will never experience something like that again. Though I can't shield you from the ugliness of the world, I can make sure none of its poisonous vines entangle you with their wickedness.” 
He pauses, then continues, “I did not know I was waiting for you, but now that I found you I will not let anything happen to you. I’m from an unrelenting world, it was a reality I long ago made amends with until Kevva crossed our stars. You, my love, are incandescent with the fires of life and I am honored you have chosen me to share not only your bed, but your heart.”
Warmth washes over you as you pull on the strap for more wiggle room. You only stop once your lips meet Ezras in a gentle kiss.
“I love you too.” You whisper against his lips.
1 Day later
Your eyes follow the rays of sunlight as they stream in from the window and across Ezra's face. This was a nice hospital and Ezra was in good care. He already looked better, the color even returned to his skin.
Though you arrived 10 minutes ago, you didn’t want to wake him; he looked so angelic, so peaceful. Unable to stop yourself, you did smooth his curls out of his face, the light touch didn't disturb his slumber and you settled into the chair next to the bed.  
You didn’t expect to fall in love with the handsome yet rugged prospector, but here you were. Your heart beat faster the second you saw him that morning you met before flying out. It was almost disarming, how well you fit together; it was like you knew each other for years and romance blossomed quickly after.
Though you did have self confidence, the way Ezra looked at you, the way he touched you and said your name made you feel the most seen you’ve ever felt. With Ezra, you could be you, completely and unapologetically, it was one of the many reasons why you loved him.
“Is that you Gem?” His southern drawl is heavy with sleep as his lips curl into a smirk.
You quickly rise from the chair and sit beside him. You smooth your palm over his curls as he looks up at you. His eyes are bright and clear.
Hey. You mouth the words and move your hands downward to cup his cheeks.
Ezra shifts his head to kiss your hand. “I feared you were a dream amidst a nightmare Little Bird. How relieved I am to see you.”
“I’m not going anywhere, you're stuck with me!” You brush his dimples with your fingertips before laying down next to him, careful to not touch his bandages.
Ezra kisses the side of your face once before relaxing his head back against the pillows.  
Ezra knew he had a long road ahead of him, he was prepared for many things but this wasn't one of them. Even so, with you at his side, the future didn't feel so bleak.
Ezra’s hand seeks your own, and a sweet sigh leaves his lips as your fingers interlace.
“I wouldn’t want it any other way.” He sings.
The words wrap around your heart and settle into your bones. Savoring the feeling, you relax into the bed and stare into his eyes.
The amount of Auralac you gathered was enough to not only give Ezra time to recover, but to give you both a decent and comfortable life for a while.
There was a lot to figure out and move through in the coming days, weeks, and months; but you’ve never been more certain of anything in your life; it was you and Ezra against the world and you could handle whatever came next.
With a satisfied breath, you close your eyes and Ezra soon does the same. The sunlight continues to trickle into the room, warming your faces and arms as the morning sun recharges everything it touches.
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nukapind · 5 months ago
Botched Morals: Chapter 6 (Dabi x Reader)
It’s been like a month and a half since I last updated this and I have several excuses but y’all don’t care about that so on with the reading! Feel free to send in requests to the askbox and as always this was crossposted to my AO3.
Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4  Chapter 5
“Come on, knives are so much better to use! You get to the good stuff faster and don’t waste money on bullets. Give it a try!” The sound of Himiko waving her blade made you wince, shaking your head. “I think I’ll leave the knives to you… I don’t want to take yours. Now put that away— someone’s gonna see you.” With a small huff, she tucked the knife into her skirt— how she never ended up nicking her own skin was a mystery. Shoulders relaxing slightly now that you didn’t look so suspicious, you straightened up, clutching the grocery bags in your hands tightly.
Groceries didn’t get themselves, and Kurogiri was too busy making the plans with Shigaraki— you’d be damned if Himiko would go hungry under your watch.
“All I’m saying is that guns are no fun.” Chewing on the inside of your cheek. You shook your head. “It’s a quick death.” And that was what you had convinced yourself— a quick death was the greatest mercy you could bless a person with, given your circumstances.
“Did you hear about the new recruits? We’ll finally have some fresh meat in the group. We even have a new girl in!” Her smile was wide as she blathered on.
You hadn’t heard a thing about it, besides what Dabi had told you the morning after Himiko had been attacked. They hadn’t had you in a single of the meetings for the plans, each meeting they’d shit the bar close and Dabi give you that sleazy fucking smirk before telling you that you had to run along before slamming the door shut in your face as you stood outside the bar. — leaving you with nowhere to go for hours on end.
“Seven recruits, right?” The words left you before you could even think, and she nodded eagerly— going on about an escaped convict, a middle schooler, a masked man, a lizard, a magician, some muscled man, and last but not least the new lady of the group.
Somehow, these new additions to the group sound like a freak show— though you’re sure you’re not that far off from the truth.
“Twice is a lot of fun, he can make copies of anyone! And Mr. Compress can trap people in little marbles, the next big mission is gonna be sooo easy.” That last part caught your attention— she had to be talking about the plan to convert the high schooler into a villain.
Slowly you nodded, keeping your face even. “How so?” Himiko chuckled as her eyes narrowed to you, her dangerous smile plaster bright on her face. “Dabi told me not to tell you or I’d be in trouble— and I don’t feel like having Patchwork burn me alive. All you need to know is that we’ll have company soon enough.” It was nearly enough to send shivers down your spine, it was unnerving to see Himiko so serious in times like these— especially because she’d be threatened by Dabi.
Dabi could threaten you all he wanted— he wouldn’t do a thing to you, after all he’d been keeping you nearby recently. But threatening Himiko?
You’d give him a piece of your mind, whether he’d turn you to ash or not.
“Don’t worry about Dabi, ‘kay ‘Miko? I’ll make sure he doesn’t it a finger on you.” She beamed at the right smile you gave her, nodding. “What’s Dabi’s deal anyways? He acts like he’s been here longer than me, but we joined together anyways.” You shrugged, pushing the bar door open. “No clue, but he gets on my nerves too.”
“Hope you’re not talking about me, are ya Doll?”
Speak of the devil and he shall unfortunately appear— though in your case, it felt like he rarely bothered leaving.
Biting the inside of your cheek, you pursed your lips. “I need to talk to you.” You didn’t miss the grin on Himiko’s face, she was all too ready for a show. “In private. Go inside ‘Miko and put the groceries away please.” And at that addition, her face fell and the smirk sprang to Dabi’s. “You heard the lady, get in. Shigaraki’s looking for you anyways.” You could’ve sworn Himiko had practically hissed at Dabi, but the man didn’t seem bothered by a thing.
It was infuriating.
Just once, you’d like to see him squirm— wipe that smug look off of his face for once. Unfortunately, each conversation you had with him seemed to leave you squirming in your seat while he enjoyed the show.
You waited until Himiko shut the door behind her as she walked in, though it was doubtful that she had left it. Knowing her, she’d probably have her ear against the door to try and listen in on the two of you.
“So what did ya want Princess?” Dabi had to admit, it was nice for you to be trying to get his attention for once, made this an awful lot like a real relationship rather than just a game of cat and mouse. Maybe you finally noticed that there was something else right in front of your fucking eyes rather than just being the bloodsucker’s keeper.
“You need to leave Himiko alone, she’s a kid and I don’t want your vague fucking threats anywhere near her.”
Ah well, it was nice to pretend you weren’t so fucking obsessed with the safety of your ‘precious’ little sister. Still, you were definitely cute when you were angry. “Sorry Princess, I’m just doing what Shigaraki said to. You know, our dear boss? Haven’t you heard not to shoot the messenger?”
Your fingers tightened around your purse at his low drawl, gritting your teeth. “Well if you or Shigaraki, or even Kurogiri lay a hand on her then I’ll do a lot worse than shooting the messenger.” You’d bring them just back to the point they were nearly healed, and shoot them again— with what you’d done for her already, you certainly weren't above it.
Especially not if they were plotting to hurt her.
And Dabi had to admit— with that little snarl on your face— you almost look menacing. Maybe you could scare away a purse snatcher with that look. Faking a defeated sigh, he held back the urge to roll his eyes. Sure, he’d be civil to the wannabe vampire, there was a greater prize on the line. This was just a step he’d have to take to win this game. “I’ll leave the bloodsucker alone.”
He didn’t get why you were so obsessed with taking care of the kid— hell, Dabi hated his own family— so what in the world made Toga so fucking special that made you wander into the league? And why did Dabi want to mean even more to you than what Himiko did?
But that little surprise, almost pleased, look on your face when he agreed so easily was something he relished in. The look of accomplishment, though you’d done nothing; Dabi had agreed because of his own greed. As if he’d actually let you govern his life.
You tried staying tall, keeping your chin up as you nodded— maybe you really were starting to get the respect of the others. Sure, Dabi was an asshole and a flirt but maybe he was starting to understand you were honest when you said Toga was the only reason you were here.
Unable to hide your proud smile, you nodded. “Thank you, I’d appreciate it Dabi.” Pausing, you shook your head— that wasn’t quite something you should be thanking him for. “I’ll just… head in and make dinner for Himiko.” Pushing past, you didn’t notice how he didn’t move much, only settling for a small grunt.
“Huh.” Dabi shook his head slightly, that’d been the first time you’d actually said his name.
He’d burn it into his brain.
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milky-pal · 5 months ago
Never gonna give you up
Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader 
Summary: After being kidnapped by the League of Villains and meeting you, Bakugou thinks about you. But then you meet again. Will he let you go again?
Request:  Hi! I saw requests were open, could you please write a scenario for Bakugou, where during his time kidnapped by the lov, they had another captive. A girl who is his age, but she has been there for a few months. The reason why she is there is because of her quirk. Her blood can heal others, all they need to do is drink some of it, the bigger the injury the more blood. They are saved together but then separated. It’s been two years of no contact when Bakugou goes to recovery girl to find the same girl who was a captive now learning under recovery girl. They hit it off.
Warnings: curse words
Notes: Did I change my story just to fit the title? Yes, absolutely. Also this was requested by @jessie4098​, hope you enjoy! Sorry again for taking so long!
Tumblr media
Bakugou struggled against the bonds that were tying him to the chair. After kidnapping him, the League of Villains had encased his hands in a metal box so he couldn’t activate his quirk. Of course that did nothing to quell his anger. If they dared come close to him he would knock them out if anyhow possible.
But since he couldn’t do anything right now, he took in his surroundings instead. Their hideout was in some sort of bar- one of them, the warp villain from the attack at the USJ, even wiped the glasses with a rug. There was only one door and no windows, so he couldn’t tell what time it was or where he was. 
Obviously he already knew the warp villain and the hands villain but there were some new faces. The scar face that had pulled him through the portal stood in a corner, a lizard-human next to him. In another corner was the masked villain that had managed to capture him with someone in a full bodysuit next to him. Surprisingly, there was also a middle school girl there. Had they kidnapped her? It certainly didn’t look like it. Otherwise she would also be tied up. 
Suddenly that girl moved towards- and past him, towards another chair that he hadn’t noticed before. Another person sat slumped down in that chair, tied up in a similar fashion as him. The girl tugged on the persons arm, in an almost whiny manner.
“Hey there, sweetheart!! I got hurt pretty badly in the fight so it sems that I have to take some of your blood again!!”
The person didn’t respond. Ignoring that, the girl brandished a knife and cut their arm. Then she proceeded to lift their arm up to her mouth and... drank it? What kind of sick shitshow was this? Looking at them closely, Bakugou noticed the countless cuts and band aids all over their arms. It seemed that they did this regularly. Maybe they had some kind of quirk that required her to drink their blood? The crazy girl did say that she got hurt... Even though there were no visible injuries on her bodies.
Putting their arm down, the crazy girl strolled back to her original place. With the other person there, Bakugou would have to be more careful with blasting those stupid villains away. They didn’t look like they knew how to fight and they certainly weren’t in any condition to do so even if they could. If, you know, their slumped form was any indicator.
After the crazy girl had settled back down, the hands villain started to talk. He spouted some stupid bullshit about joining the League of Villains. As if Bakugou would ever become a villain. He was determined to beat All Might and to become the number one pro hero and he was not willing to let go of any of his goals. 
That was why as soon as the bodysuit took off his bonds he got ready to blast all of them away. Shuffling closer to you, he carefully took of your bonds too and then stood in front of you to protect you. But then the heroes barged in and they got sucked away in one of the slimy portals. He grasped your arm but the portals forced him to let go. Before the fight between All Might and All for One, he got rescued by the others, but he doesn’t know what happened to the person. They weren’t on the battlefield like the villains so he desperately hoped that the heroes saved them. Sometimes, late at night when a nightmare of that time wakes him up, he thinks about them. Regrets of not being able to grasp them and bring them with him to safety plague him occasionally. 
But why is he thinking about them now anyway? There wasn’t really a lot he could’ve done about them and it’s been two years since then already. And yet he couldn’t bring himself to give up on you.
Bakugou shakes his head, hoping to get rid of those stupid thoughts. He got hurt while sparring with Kirishima, so he’s now on his way to Recovery Girl to get fixed up. Taking a deep breath to calm himself down, he opens the door to the station. 
That isn’t Recovery Girl. 
Standing in the middle of the room is a person that looks eerily similar to the one that also got kidnapped by the League of Villains. 
Upon hearing the door open, you turn your head only to discover Bakugou standing there. To be honest, you had never met officially, but you’d be a fool not to at least know his name. For one, he’s one of the most successful students in all of UA, but he’s also that boy who stood up to the villains.
When you got kidnapped, you were barely conscious half of the time because of blood loss, but you do remember him. How could you not? He was so brave, standing up to them as if he was saying that he would win no matter what. You had to admit you hadn’t seen his features properly at the time, so you only remembered his blonde, spiky hair and his angry posture, but you had figured out who he is because of the news fairly easily. Funnily enough, they barely mentioned you, but you don’t mind at all. It allowed you to live a fairly calm life without having to worry about anyone recognizing you.
Now that he’s standing right in front of you, you allow yourself a moment to check him out. He still has his spiky blonde hair and even if he’s simply standing there, you do notice that he still has a slightly angry body language. Besides that, you also notice his ruby red eyes staring at you.
While you do admire him and think he’s hot quite a lot, you also have a job to do, so you point to one of the beds standing in the station and tell him to sit down. A first glance tells you he isn’t that badly injured, meaning alcohol and some bandages would probably be enough. Preparing everything, you put it aside before asking him about his condition. 
This is the first time you heard him talk since then. His voice sounds a little gravelly, though you’d be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy it. Shoving those thoughts aside, you focus on the cuts he shows you. Most of them aren’t bad at all, but some of them look pretty bad. Though you realize upon closer inspection that they’re is still only on the surface and doesn’t even require stitching. So you carefully clean and disinfect his wounds before putting band-aids or bandages over them. You try your best not to smile, since the band aids you used had pink Hello Kitty motives on them. They are the courtesy of Recovery Girl, who decided to only use those ones as a sort of punishment, since a lot of students are pretty reckless and don’t care whether they get hurt. 
Bakugou stays very calm during the entire procedure, not even flinching at the pain from the alcohol. You wonder if he remembers who you are, considering he didn’t mention or do anything that makes you assume otherwise. But perhaps he just doesn’t know how to approach it. Frankly you can’t blame him for it. It’s not exactly the easiest subject to talk about.
After finishing him up, you pull out a document and a pen, explaining to Bakugou that you need to record every student you treat because you’re only an apprentice so far. You already jotted down his name, so instead you asked for his class and noted his injuries and what you used to treat him.
Closing your pen you give him some last advice. Dismissing him, you put the document in its rightful place before going back to cleaning equipment. Of course you want to talk to him about well, everything, but how can you possibly ask him to spend time with someone he barely knows? 
But then he brings up the topic.
“Are you the one who was also kidnapped by the League of Villains?”
Well that’s pretty direct. Instead of leaving as you had told him he could, he only stood up. He turns towards you, clearly expecting an answer. So you clear your throat and confirm his suspicions. Upon hearing this, he stalks closer to you.
“Do you have time right now? There’s some things I want to know.”
“I actually don’t have time right now, since I’m, you know, doing my job. Recovery Girl deserves a break so because I am fairly capable already, I took over for today which means I need to be available at all times. But-”
You walked back over to the desk, then you pulled out a small piece of paper and a pen. Scribbling your number and name down, you folded it and gave it to him. 
“Here’s my number so we can meet up or just text if you prefer that.”
Taking the paper from you, he nodded and walked out of the station, though not without saying thank you.
Once outside, Bakugou finally allows himself to relax. He was so tense the entire time he was talking to you. It was difficult because he didn’t know how to approach you about it but also because you’re very pretty. A tiny smile wormed itself onto his face when he thought about you. He clutched your note a little tighter in his grasp, afraid of letting you slip through his fingers again. 
Maybe it’s good that he didn’t give up on you.
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dadzathechaosgod · 5 months ago
Favourite Stream Moments!
Streamed by Philza on Twitch on Tuesday 22nd of December
Dream smp pog!
House arrest not pog ):
“I’m under house arrest. That’s the stream.”
“I’m already a hermit” (are you tho, philza?)
we’re barely starting and little blade is already begging for a jailbreak lol
phil really wants to break down the “you </3 little P” sign down, bc it ruins his view lol
“mysterious” chest in the middle of his house
(it’s just techno promising to break him out)
phil is making it really obvious he “does not know who that could have left there”
he’s throwing out the technoblade wanted posters :(
he is not allowed to leave, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make a basement
bright pink coral tunnel down the bottom of your house, not suspicious at all lmao
he’s placing the decoy down agin purely to be able to wear his dept strider boots for the water thingy down to the basement lmao
heartattack delivered right to your home, courtesy of ghostbur and friend
annnd ghostbur came to deliver friend then logged off again lol
okay now he keeps logging on to a) check on friend and b) keep giving phil heart attacks
“today is gonna be a weird one”
aaand phil did not, in fact, go down far enough rip
but at least he’s making the “dad playing with his trains in the basement” thing more accurate
lmao phil already has a “yes” ready when wilbur logs on now to ask about friend
“i don’t like the drippy. lemme see if i can fix the drip”
...uhoh friend is gone (nvm wilbur is being chaotic again)
phil had a very very extremely chaotic thought about his basement: phil knows how to break bedrock
(i personally think that would be pog)
yeah it’s wilbur sabotaging it and yoinking phil’s doors
“i’m about to just break out the belt on a ghost. how do i hit a ghost”
*dono saying tubbo said bedrock breaking is patched on this server* *phil starts to cackle like a supervillain* “i guarantee you there’s a way”
spawnproof basement pog?
bc there’s now 40k viewers, time for the sbi explanation around the things techno said (35 minutes in!)
friend is gone crab rave
“little bit wider? yeah okay” *meanwhile in-game chat: FRIEND IS DEAD?*
(wilbur (attempting at) speaking dutch to fundy pog)
tommy is fine, just taking a bit of a break bc yt plus streaming so often is a lot
“i’m thinking bedrock boys” (does he realise??)
a dono explained that people were spamming “glatt” bc of the friend = glatt theory, and he instinctively pulled out his sword while staring at friend pog
phil’s only criteria for sbi canon is “does this make me laugh”
lmao tubbo came while phil was in the basement so he just,,, zoomed out of the basement, took off his armour and took three attempts to put the ankle monitors back on
phil laughed at techno interrupting dream with subscribers and techno came by to say “no plot, only subscribers” lmao
uh oh he’s threatening to make a fridge bc he’s getting stir crazy from house arrest
tubbo’s here again uh oh
tubbo begging to still be friends meanwhile phil is like “you locked me up and tried to kill me”
curse of binding for plot purposes pog
ghostbur is here to break down the door as well pog
phil’s sentence ends on christmas day (pog?)
ghostbur is confused why tubbo is being mean and also fully willing to canon death tubbo
ghostbur is going to make some “toast”
friend doesn’t fit through doors, so ghostbur is attempting to convince phil he’s not fitting through doors, while leaving through them to climb onto the roof
phil is immediately jumping down the basement to try to lower the durability of the boots
“oh tubbo is here! hello mr president- oh wait we don’t like him” *immediately starts to shoot tubbo*
tubbo has a helmet as well and ghostbur is attempting to sabotage it while also suggesting tubbo stream snipe to check he actually put on the right one
then suggested phil chance scenes to just his facecam lmaooo
lolol tubbo got an ad
ghostbur put on the helmet (and now has to stay with phil)
meanwhile ranboo is staring through the window (again)
phil should’ve just put on the helmet lmao
uh oh tubbo fell down the water hole to the basement
lmao phil threatening to block it off and lock tubbo in
wilbur got a headmounted gopro bc he wants to start doing parkour bc of videos phil sent him??
phil enchanted another helmet lmao
oh tubbo actually wants the binding one back to put on ranboo “bc it’s funny”
“i am the monitor helmet now”
lol phil and tubbo both threatening to canon death the other (and tubbo accidentally put on the other ankle monitors as well)
it’s almost tubbo’s birthday pog!
the bone blocks are so ugly tubbo why
(phil is already slowly losing his mind over it)
phil is jumping down to lower durability again lol
ghostbur actually teaching tubbo l’manberg was all about freedom to do whatever someone wants
tubbo suggesting “philsmas”, a holiday around phil’s name?
techno is still in chat lmao
obscure comedy songs pog?
also cave basement pog
momza is here! to kidnap his phone?? (probalby for apple pay lmao)
wilbur clowning tubbo about his guardian farm lol
“i need to come see your farm at some point. oh wait-“
they’re ignoring rp rn and going to see it now lmao
RANBOO LMAOOO “oh we don’t care about the law anymore? awesome”
wilbur doesn’t like marvel movies
phil is finally revealing the truth to tubbo and wilbur: dream smp is just florida
lmaoo phil freehanding the “placing the boat on the ice path” while tubbo was doing his staring thing
wilbur denying that anyone from the dream smp is from florida
ranboo is british now
phil why would you actually tell tubbo about trying to find a cactus
wilbur trying to get tubbo psyched about running people over once he learns how to drive
wilbur singing dancing queen to tubbo
lmao an entire torch grid on the floor and tubbo just leaves an entire platform until above it
tubbo gets all his food from the guardian farm lmao
lmaooo phil is taking damage and thus lowering the durability on the boots from the guardian farm
phil was about to make a break for it lmao
techno coming to stream soon pog??
wilbur soot christmas album please?!?
“all i want for christmas” has the same chord progression as “creeper” by radiohead lmao
phil just stole tnt lmao
tubbo knows about the magma blocks but he doesn’t realise the actual guardians lmao
meanwhile wilbur is adlibbing all i want for christmas on his guitar (also hayloft)
phil enderpearl + tridenting out and tubbo being impressed before he realises lmaoooo
“what’s the point to the tracker bracelet if you don’t know where he is” good point wilbur
there’s only a few points of durability left
phil is a hot commodity now lmao
wilbur attempting to give an ad for dominos lmao
morse code pog
wilbur claims to know sign language bc there’s no way to confirm it bc his camera isn’t on and he’s not streaming
wilbur arg is so pog btw
“a child” *murders it*
anyway they’re on the way to the blaze farm
tubbo is only now realising phil is always in hardcore mode
tommy is here now as well ig?
and phil destorying the boots by standing on a magma block continues
wilbur is ordering domino’s in an australian accent again
tommy just wants vengeance
*que phil zooming in on his own face in despair*
wilbur messed up the morse code coords lmao
lmao phil has been whispering his location to techno and techno is only now discovering that tubbo is with him lmao
phil looking at the war crime sign and taking out his bow while considering shooting tubbo to reset it to zero lmao
ranboo is still just staring through the window???
techno Suffering due to the not lore vibe of the streamm lmao
“im gonna kill him as soon as his birthday starts” “pog”
techno got discovered and had to kill tubbo crab rave
meanwhile phil just continues working on his basement???
this whole thing is a trainwreck
in the back wilbur and tommy are still talking about tubbo’s iranian birthday
tommy vibes with lizards dropping their tails
phil is just,,, continuing his basement?
“tommy you’re not actually a lizard, you know” “watch me”
“what pizza did you get?” “it’s the none of the business pizza” “oohhhhhh”
back at the really bad small talk questions huh
the boots are broken lets gooooooo
time to haste II out of here pog
instead of running away they immediately go right back into the middle of l’manberg to check tubbo’s emergency bunker bruh
lmao techno polling his chat but literally all of the numbers are getting caught by his spam filter
techno propaganda in the bunker poggg
ranboo just watching this unfold lmao
“DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES” (...does techno realise this really just broadcasts his location to the enitre smp)
hound army pogggg
techno pretending to be ranboo to tubbo when ranboo is literally right there
phil is out of invis rip
LMAO PHIL SEEING TOMMYS TOWER RENDER IN and the house tommy and ghostbur made
ranboo wanting to gift phil something and phil just like “i am a fugitive now :)”
techno defending tommy as seperate from c!tommy poggg
lmao phil saw the fanart of techno interrupting dream in the bird meme format
aww it got buried in his likes rip sub general come thruuuu
lol the bell in the background
ranboo using his memory problems to be able to visit phil lmao
phil trying to gently ask techno if ranboo can visit and techno immediately thinking of ways to kill ranboo lmao
“sure, but i can’t guarantee your safety” “alrighty!”
“were going to a nicer place! it’ll be finneee”
“this must be how tubbo feels all the time, I’m just gonna execute this guy, whooptidoo”
it’s like the villager knows lmao, he really doesn’t want to go to the lava pool
why do phil and techno murder villagers every time they play together
phil thought he duped netherite for a second lol just imagine
“just a side effect of the vaccine”
techno going “he had five years of preperation last time!!” when aksed why he’s so defensive of phil regarding the baby zombies
“i see an unsupervised child in walmart and just BANG jump kick”
ranboo and techno blocking up the child to prevent him from bonding with adults lmaoo
phil is losing his mind laughing at it lmaooo
actively traumatising the child to make it grow up pog?
from zombie to corporate zombie pog?
“grandchild who i hate”
rip all of fundy’s family bonds
ranboo thought he had snow blindness for five min but really he was just looking at a bone block tubbo had placed in front of him
which,,, is a really ranboo thing to do i’m learning
“AAAH” “you’re alright?” “yeah but there’s not an igloo anymore”
techno leading zombies to the villagers to see if one of them will change (they just die on easy mode)
lmao techno’s brother asked him to be quiet and techno is like,,, “this is literally my job”
fundy came into the call to beg ranboo for stone then asked if he could watch techno doing human experimentation
phil told him to just get anything he needed from phil’s house bc he’s not coming back anytime soon
ranboo and techno discussing how many times he’s canon killed ranboo this week (it’s eight)
back to traumatising the child
“we might have inflicted just enough trauma onto this child to make it become funny” “oh so it can become a minecraft youtuber”
tubbo has been muted on call for a while now lmao
it’s so funny to find him just chillin with the same people he tried to kill/imprison like an hour ago
seriously tho where did techno get that END ROD (i watched that stream, end rods where not among the stuff drista pulled out)
“you’re just canonically a villager now”
you just become an npc when you run out of canon lives lmaoooo
they’re going back to the hound army and techno is attempting to lose/kill ranboo lol
“don’t you animatic line on me now”
“this is like manhunt only i’m following you and you’re trying to kill me”
phil is at the bees and meanwhile techno and ranboo are “roleplaying” trying to secretly get techno to phil without ranboo knowing
someone who is not ranboo is actually literally outside lmao
they’re tag teaming jack manifold now what did he do to deserve this rip
they’re trying to tell jack it was punz now lmao
they’ve collected antfrost and fundy and they’re all mobbing punz now????
punz in chat telling them he’s not at his house lmao
fundy losing his mind about how quick techno types (which, fair)
literally the enitre smp is waiting on punz meanwhile he’s just 800 blocks deep in the nether
he got into the holy land so they’re just booing them now lmaooo
“one of us kills him and none of us tell”
ponk just,,, backing away when he sees the crowd in full netherite attempting to murder each other lmaooo
puffy is here now too?
he tried to make it uncanon and got told he didn’t have that power because he misses half the important events lmao
well that was an anticlimactic, punz got killed by jack ig
back to jack getting jumped for content lmao
puffy got the kill on him “merry christmas!!!”
ponk yoinked half his stuff, puffy took the rest and fundy got the chicken lol
“i think we learned our lesson on killing in the holy land today” “yeah it makes instant content”
RANBOO IN CHAT LMAO “this is really just kindergarten but with swords”
“third generation pokemon”
“i just wanted to build a basement today”
this was all actually not planned for today lmao, phil really was just going to build a train set and armor stand dolls on stream today
phil finding what remains of hotter girl
back to chill phil vibes now pog
“days since last war crime, zero”
phil telling techno he’s going back to the base and then like,, backtracking to cover it up when fundy and jack are still in the call
“we’ve got an orphan in the basement working for free”
phil making sure techno repeated the “du du du du” lol
phil asking what techno used the honey for and techno going “”
“you’re not hiding anything diabolical from me, are you techno?” “would i do that”
the wall actually looked more suspicious before the door lmao
love the way phil goes POG then considers they needs more soulsand
“this might as well be a server wipe”
phil isn’t allowed to end yet bc techno is raiding him lol
also rip the scripted phil leaving was def not planned today
phil knowing techno needs to eat before techno actually realises he’s hungry lmao
time to raid fundy!!!
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aion-rsa · 6 months ago
A Guide to Pet Safety During the Holiday Season
When you think about it, the holiday season is an unusually dangerous time. Christmas and the subsequent year-end festivities typically involve large quantities of humans gathering together. And wherever large human gatherings go, disaster statistically usually follows. Even during this very strange Christmas season, in which families will (hopefully) forego mass gathering due to the coronavirus pandemic, plenty of dangers linger. What are chestnuts roasting on an open fire, if not massive fire hazards?
As the human animal has demonstrated time and time again, there’s probably not much we can do to mitigate the dangers of the winter holidays. Brittle, flammable Christmas trees must be lit, and blister packaging must be torn open with a giant knife (NOTE: Please do not do this anymore). But hopefully we can at least all agree to do our best to protect the other, non-human animals we like to call our friends.
For as dangerous as the holiday season is for people, it can be just as dangerous for our beloved pets. The holiday landscape is positively littered with items and decorations that could prove toxic to dogs, cats, birds, and more. Not only that but more animals land in the ER around the holidays due to burns from candles than in any other season. 
Drs. Vernard Hodges and Terrence Ferguson are the veterinary duo behind the Critter Fixer Veterinary Hospital in rural Georgia and the stars of Nat Geo WILD’s documentary series Critter Fixers: Country Vets. They know better than most the dangers that the holiday season can pose to our furry, scaly, and/or feathered friends.
“During the holidays, we’re only really closed on Christmas Day,” Dr. Ferguson says. “We’re open the rest of the time.”
“I am sure I’ve spent at least five and maybe six Christmas mornings up. Accidents and emergencies happen,” Dr. Hodges adds.
Den of Geek spoke with Dr. Hodges and Dr. Ferguson (who also penned this year’s childrens’ book C is for Critter Fixer) about what it takes to keep pets safe during the holiday season.
Dangerous Decorations
Perhaps the most consistent and pervasive element of the holiday season, decoration is also the most dangerous to pets. While human beings know (for the most part) that tinsel, streamers, and mistletoe aren’t there to be munched on, animals don’t have the same savvy. 
Of all the possible decorations during Christmas, Hanukkah, the New Year, and other observed winter holidays, Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Hodges point to plants as the most problematic. 
“One of the most popular plants is poinsettias and they are highly, highly, highly dangerous to dogs and cats,” Dr. Ferguson says. “You definitely want to keep them out of reach so they can’t get at them. They can be very toxic. They can cause death.”
Lilies, another common holiday mainstay, can be toxic to dogs as cats as well. But the doctors also point out that toxicity isn’t the only hazard presented by plants and other decorations. Anything consumed that was not meant to be consumed can prove to be dangerous to animals whether toxic or not. 
“We get a lot of animals in here that are vomiting or can’t hold food down. They have blockages,” Dr. Ferguson says. “A lot of these cats are very curious. The mistletoe, the tinsel, and things like that, they like to play with them and then they’ll ingest them.”
Oh, Christmas Tree
Of course, the ultimate decoration during any Christmas festivity is the mighty Christmas tree. Christmas trees pose many potential hazards to pets due to their height, ornamentation, and lighting. As one might expect, the ornaments in particular can prove irresistible to felines. 
“The cats will try to get up and bat the balls and everything. They aren’t normally afraid of them, so you want to be really careful with the cat actually tipping over the tree. If you have certain things on it you can probably cause a fire, so you want to be careful with that,” Dr. Hodges says. 
“Even with your lighting, some cats are ‘pawers,’ some cats are biters, so you don’t want your cat to be electrocuted either,” Dr. Ferguson adds. 
Burns are indeed a real concern during the holiday season, and the dangers aren’t just posed by the lighting on Christmas trees. 
“When potpourri was big, we used to see a lot more cats getting burned and I guess things are now not quite as bad. They smell those candles and potpourri and they instantly want to play with the wax and stuff,” Dr. Hodges says.
Watch What You (And They) Eat
While this is bound to be a safer holiday season for humans (and hopefully animals) than usual due to fewer people at family celebrations, one area of concern that won’t change much is in food preparation. Just about everyone knows that chocolate is toxic to dogs, cats, and other pets, but Drs. Hodges and Ferguson point out that there are many other foods cooked during the holidays that could be harmful to animals.
“You want to be really careful with some stuff while you’re cooking. If an onion falls on the floor, get those onions. Onions are quite toxic,” Dr. Hodges says. “Also grapes; people prepare salads and fruit salads and different things. When you’re preparing and that grape falls on the floor, don’t think, Okay, just let the dog eat it,’ because that actually destroys the kidneys. You get some nephrotoxicity from grapes. Garlic as well.”
Even holiday food that is not necessarily toxic in the moment for dogs and cats can cause issues down the road. Dr. Hodges identifies the common practice of throwing fat from meat on the floor for dogs as a common cause of pancreatitis for the animals.
“Animal-specific food only,” Dr. Ferguson says of his holiday food guide for pets. “Dog food for the dogs and cat food for the cats. Nothing from the table.”
Specific Risks for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and More
Perhaps you’ve noticed thus far that cats and dogs are the pets that make up the majority of the risk during the holiday season. Part of this is because they are the two most common house pets in the U.S. by far. But it also cannot be denied that they are just uniquely chaotic creatures. Which of the two represent the most danger to themselves and others during Christmastime? According to Drs. Hodges and Ferguson, it’s the doggos. 
“I’ve got to give it to dogs,” Dr. Hodges says. “Cats, they stalk and do different things, but dogs are, by nature, notoriously kind of clumsy. If anything hits the floor, they’ll eat it. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve had dogs come in. A vet is just trying to figure out ‘what the heck is going on? What has this dog done?’”
Dr. Hodges recalls a time that an owner believed that their dog got its paws on golden chocolate coins (gelt) from Hanukkah celebrations.
“Sure enough, I took an X-ray and this dog ate them whole. I think I cut out maybe 40 of these things – just whole coins from a whole bag. Dogs, I think, will find a way.”
Though dogs and cats make up the majority of holiday mischief, the vets’ advice to owners of less popular pets like birds, lizards, and hamsters is similar
“It’s pretty much the same thing,” Dr. Ferguson says. “If they can’t be watched or are not observed, then they need to be in their confinement so that they can’t get into these different things.”
“With birds, you have to be really careful with Teflon because Teflon is very toxic,” Dr. Hodges adds. “When you’re searing that butter and then the butter burns, that will move to your bird and you’ll find it at the bottom of their cage.”
What To Do During a Christmas Day Emergency
Thus far all of the Critter Fixers’ advice has been surrounding how to avoid holiday season pet emergencies. But what if an actual pet emergency arises on Christmas Day? According to Dr. Ferguson, the best plan of attack is to consider that possibility ahead of time and have access to your personal vet’s emergency line.
“We always let owners know to make sure they have our number, but they also have the number to the local emergency hospital so that when emergencies happen, you’re not scrambling trying to find numbers and you already have them stored,” Dr. Ferguson says. 
Dr. Hodges concurs: “If this is truly an emergency, then you definitely want to reach out to your veterinarian or emergency cert because some of this stuff can’t wait. A lot of times clients will call and they’ll be like, ‘I’m not sure if it is an emergency or not,’ and I normally say, ‘Look, if it was important enough for you to call, more than likely it’s an emergency, let’s get to the hospital.” We’d rather be safe than sorry.”
How Will COVID Effect Pets’ Holiday Experience?
Of course, the pet elephant in the room this holiday season is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Medical experts have rightfully recommended that people not travel or visit with family this holiday season. Given the stress of that new normal, wondering how our animals will react to a change in schedule for the holiday season is probably not high on everyone’s list of concerns. But it’s worth asking the question anyway: will our pets notice these new, unusual holiday celebrations?
According to Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Hodges, our pets have already spent much of quarantines and lockdowns adjusting to their owners’ new schedules.
“The pandemic is allowing us to be home more so when we do leave, it causes a lot of anxiety in the pets because they’ve become accustomed to you being there all the time,” Dr. Ferguson says. “It’s not like normally when you leave in the morning and come home in the evening. They become accustomed to that and now they’re accustomed to being there all day.”
“I have this exact case,” Dr. Hodges says of a patient in exam room 6. “The guy was a truck driver and he’d been home (for quarantine) and when he started leaving again, the dog was really acting out.”
The jury’s still out on how changes in holiday preparation will affect pets’ psyche but the duo explains that as long as owners are attentive to their pets’ emotional state, things should be just fine. 
Despite the strangeness of this COVID holiday season, and all the risks inherent to seasonal celebrations, the Critter Fixers have some good news to go out on. 
“Hopefully with the vaccinations coming out, we’ll all be able to experience a normal holiday next Christmas. In the meantime, give your pets a lot of love and enjoy that unconditional love,” Dr. Hodges says, before adding, “We’ve been asked this all throughout (the pandemic): ‘Can pets get COVID and give it to you or vice versa?’ The answer is no. We all know that your pets are COVID-free, so you’re free to hug and kiss them.”
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You heard the doctor’s orders. Happy holidays, everyone. Go hug and kiss some animals. 
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