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therandomestwriter · 47 minutes ago
“I trust that what is coming is meant to come. It’s part of my journey, it’s part of my growth. I don’t resist the change - I welcome it with my heart wide open.” - LN
(Source: Moon Omens)
I feel like I need to keep this in mind for this year. It’s been a very odd year so far, and I’m not sure how I feel about it right now, so I’m just going to accept it.
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koreanstudyjunkie · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Simplified Explanation:
Just Add -살
Age (In Native Korean Numbers) +
저는 열 여덟살입니다!
I am 18 years old!
Questions You Might Encounter:
몇 살이에요? (Polite/Casual)
나이가 어떻게 되세요? (Formal)
연세가 어떻게 되세요? (Honorific)
살 vs 세
살 and 세 have the same meaning, but there is a difference in when to use it and who to use it with. We use 세 when we talk about an elder person's age and 살 is used when talking about oneself, younger people, & friends.
세 is only used when you ask about and talk about someone's age older than you.
So you can say your age like this:
I am 20 years old.
나는 20(스무)살이다
세 Is used with sino-korean numbers only and 살 Is used with native-korean numbers only.
Also, for using 세 :
Only use 세 for someone's age older than you or someone who you meet at first.
1: How old are you?
연세가 어떻게 되세요.
2: He is 70 years old.
그는 70(칠십)세 입니다.
For Number 1-4 & 20, the form of the number changes If another word comes after it.
(하나 becomes 한, 둘 = 두, 셋 = 세, 넷 = 네, 스물 = 스무)
두 살이다 = to be 2 years old
수무 살이다 = to be 25 years old
수물 doesn't change if another number is after it (For Example: 수물하나, 수물다섯, 스물일곱, etc.) But If the number is followed by the counter 살 and the numbers 1-4 are after it, then it becomes 수물두 살, 스물 네 살 and so on.
*about age and korean culture
Age is particularily important in Korean culture. Close relationships (brother/sister/friend types of relationships ) are usually established among people In the same age or similar ages to you. When Koreans get closer, their relationship is based around age. For the sake of titles like 언니/오빠/누나/동생. So, asking age is usually to figure out who is older.
If you're not in a situation where you are trying to develop this kind of brother/sister/friend relationship, asking for someone's age is rude. Asking age to a person who is clearly older than you is also really rude for this reason.
Age is private.
So you might want to ask In more indirect ways, for example asking what year they were born In
A Common Way:
무슨 띠에요?
(what animal of year were you born?)
Another way is asking the birth year:
몇년 생이신가요?
(what is your birth year?)
More Forms:
몇년 생이에요? (Polite/Casual)
몇 년생이세요? (Formal)
Even when speaking to younger people, If you want to be sure to not be rude It's good to opt for questions like these instead.
To elders, you are not going to be developing this type of relationship. So you shouldn't ask their age but If for some reason you ask be sure to use the honorific question that I showed earlier.
List Of Native Korean Numbers (1-99)
*reminder: the native/pure korean number system only goes up to 99. After that, numbers 100 and up are sino-korean numbers
하나 - 1
둘 - 2
셋 - 3
넷 - 4
다섯 - 5
여섯 - 6
일곱 - 7
여덟 - 8
아홉 - 9
열 - 10
열 하나 - 11
열 둘 - 12
열 셋 - 13
열 넷 - 14
열 다섯 - 15
열 여섯 - 16
열 일곱 - 17
열 여덟 - 18
열 아홉 - 19
스물 - 20
서른 - 30
마흔 - 40
쉰 - 50
예순 - 60
일흔 - 70
여든 - 80
아흔 - 90
아흔 아홉 - 99
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andrewplitt · an hour ago
(12) Tai Chi 24 Form: Connecting Moves 1-13 (Follow along)
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jjspina · an hour ago
Lazy, Hot Days of spring not quite summer yet! Summertime Reading!
Lazy, Hot Days of spring not quite summer yet! Summertime Reading!
We have had a stretch of extremely hot days lately and it’s still spring. What’s it going to be like in summer? I will be cranking up the AC all summer long and staying indoors if this is any indication of what to expect. Is this Global Warming? I don’t do well in extreme heat unless I can sit in a pool every so often and cool off. When we go to Aruba it is in the 80’s – 90’s every day. Evenings…
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tavianjeanpierre · an hour ago
How to Tell Your Story to Add Value
How to Tell Your Story to Add Value
“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”Maya Angelou We all have stories to tell. And our life experiences give us a unique perspective on how we believe we should live our lives. In the blog on successful marketing, I highlighted the power of storytelling. As humans, we create stories to carry meaningful messages with us. That is why we have books, films and TV…
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sinnoman · an hour ago
the lack of reaction + emotion to MC’s choices via game is bothering me so… let’s talk about it.
tw: cursing, death, talks mental health and PTSD
i know that we all know that we love our nine demons, two angels, and shady ass sorcerer. but i wish solmare allowed MC to stop being so passive all the time. it’s a self-insert game, i should be allowed to be angry at times. example one, lesson one and lesson 20+:
“Welcome to the Devildom! Here you’ll be one of our only human exchange students where you’ll be forced to go to demon college and try not to die!”
Tumblr media
huh? i don’t remember signing up for anything like that.
don’t get me wrong, Dia, honey, i think your dream to unite all three realms is amazing and i hope you accomplish it someday but come on. i didn’t even get a notice first!
what if i was using the bathroom before he summoned me, or at my dead grandmother’s funeral? or on a date? oh i’m sorry,. i didn’t know i just had to tell my date that it wasn’t going to work out because i was going to demon school now…
and that’s another thing to! imagine you just got your diploma for undergrad and now you’re being forced to go to school AGAIN for another year. however, you’re not learning anything that your diploma can help you with; it’s a whole new world.
“So not only have I been abducted, I’m being forced to go to school? What the fuc—”
honestly, i would have been so angry but more at the fact i can’t just willingly decline. and i know that defeats the purpose of the game but still. there’s so many things wrong with it. MC’s just willing to go along with it like it’s a normal everyday thing. no, baby, we were just kidnapped! put up a fight, bargain, do something!
i think i would have gone a little paranoid and burned out at first if it were real. not only have i been thrown into a new spiritual plane, i also have to make sure my grades are satisfactory to Lucifer’s taste. (the man is scary, okay? imagine him lecturing you because you have a D in one class. he would absolutely do this and i absolutely would cry.)
and then, when we come back you make me take test like all the other demons even though they’ve been there for centuries and i only a year.
Tumblr media
example two and three, lesson 16+:
this an on and off conversation but i’m so mad that the brothers really didn’t care about us dying or basically pretended the whole belphie situation didn’t happen afterward.
you mean to tell me after i had brought your family closer together; constantly stuck up for all of you; and even managed to prove myself to you many many times; the minute i die your only reaction is a “Oh wow! There’s two [Name]s. Lucifer, do something.”
yet, when i start talking about your sister it’s celebrations all around. suddenly, the heavens have opened up and Jesus has descended back down to the human world again. (/j) all is good and all is great. it’s not as if i just saw my dead body in Mammon’s arms was a traumatic experience.
noooo, not at all…..
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it just feels like MC is a replacement for Lilith, you know? i know that the boys have been through something traumatic themselves (they all need therapy) but to force actions and ideals onto MC just because they’re a descendant of her isn’t fair.
“Why do you prefer me more now that you know that I am related to Lilith?”
it’s a question that i think should be addressed but i know will probably never be addressed. however, you can really see the change in the dynamic between MC and the boys after the whole lilith reveal. hell, Lucifer even gave us a hug.
does this man look like he gives hugs?
i know that the boys love MC unconditionally (that’s their human) but you have to admit it’s a little backhanded.
the way Belphie goes through five stages of grief in three seconds after he murders us and i’m supposed to accept that he’s changed when he proposes to give me his pact mark?
i’m a little surprised that MC’s mental health hasn’t declined at all. or at least they aren’t a little doubtful about themselves. hypothetically speaking, i think it would have been better to build Belphegor’s relationship with MC from their instead of basically time skipping it and just throwing us a party.
anyway, whether emotional or not i still love obey me. its actually the only otome game i’ve kept on my phone for a long time (even longer than Mystic Messenger, which is like one of the holy trinities of otome games) although i criticized it i still know it’s just a game and that it shouldn’t be taken quite seriously.
i wanna hear your thoughts and opinions on this too. whether you agree or disagree or simply just don’t care. let me know.
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tenniswimbledonpark · an hour ago
Eastbourne LIVE: Watch Karolina Pliskova, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova & Camila Giorgi plus scores & updates - Live - BBC Sport
Eastbourne LIVE: Watch Karolina Pliskova, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova & Camila Giorgi plus scores & updates - Live  BBC Sport from tennis_wimbledon_news
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