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katieskrsgard · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
365 movies for every day of 2021
127/365: The Departed (2006) dir. Martin Scorsese
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Ray Winstone, Vera Farmiga, Anthony Anderson and Alec Baldwin
An undercover cop and a mole in the police attempt to identify each other while infiltrating an Irish gang in South Boston.
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canadaloveselena · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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portalemcioranbr · 49 minutes ago
"Uma poética sobre NADA? O niilismo em Augusto dos Anjos" - Leonardo Vicente VIVALDO
“Uma poética sobre NADA? O niilismo em Augusto dos Anjos” – Leonardo Vicente VIVALDO
Dissertação de Mestrado apresentada ao Programa de Pós-Graduação em Estudos Literários da Faculdade de Ciências e Letras – Unesp/Araraquara, como requisito para obtenção do título de Mestre em Letras (Estudos Literários). [PDF] Lambe a ferida o animal feridoE se dissolve em língua, carne, pele,Dentes inúteis, espalhados.Cada parte reclama a sua parteDe vida – resto, soproMiúdo, exalação,…
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textosquetocam · 50 minutes ago
Existem três tipos de pessoas: as que veem, as que veem quando alguém lhes mostra e as que não veem.
Leonardo da Vinci
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globaldefensecorp · 57 minutes ago
Nigeria Ordered 24 M-346FA Aircraft
Nigeria Ordered 24 M-346FA Aircraft
In recent days, Nigerian media have published about the purchase of 24 Leonardo M-346FA light fighter aircraft by Nigeria. The deal has already been signed and ‘At least six aircraft will be delivered before Q3/2021,’ they say. The modern Italian platform would be intended to replace the older Alpha Jet ground attack aircraft of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF). A quick analysis is enough to…
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captain-kinda-trash · an hour ago
Hi! I wanted to request some headcannons for rottmnt boys with a reader who gives great hugs and gets a plush hoodie this winter, so hugging them feels like hugging a teddy bear now
Of course!! Thank you so much for the request!!
Teddy Bear (ROTTMNT Headcanons)
Tumblr media
This was what I had in mind while writing 🤔🤔⬇
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let's just be clear about one thing
Leo LOVES your hugs
CANNOT get enough of them
Long night of fighting for justice? Huggies
Gets into an argument with Donnie? More huggies
Hell, even walking past you in the lair, he'll do little grabby hands and act like a whiny baby until he gets his daily hugs 🙄 😩
But then you get a super soft, super fluffy, super warm sweatshirt?
He's dead
You're basically like a human heater for this cold-blooded blue boy
Since you've gotten it, you can hardly stop wearing it, because it's the most comfortable thing ever-
And Leo has gotten even more excuses to hug you
"Leo, im cooking!"
Will, without a doubt ask you to carry his lazy ass, just because he wants to snuggle into your sweatshirt
And don't even get me STARTED on movie nights with him
Because what begins as a cold-blooded turtle hanging onto your arm like a baby koala
Ends up being Leo curled up in your lap or somehow wrapped around you with this hot sweater
So while he's practically purring with comfort, you are sweating like a dog
Not to mention, this bitch is just heavy
like 200+ pounds of straight muscle, so I hope you don't have to use the restroom any time soon because it's going to take a while to pry this big baby off of you
I'd also like to mention, that you don't need to tell him not to steal your hoodie
because he’s gonna do it anyways 😎💙
You discovered this one day, when you slipped the article off to bake with Mikey
After a nice batch of cookies was made, your jacket was gone and you began parading around the lair to find it 
Only to see Leo, snuggled in his bed and playing on his phone, with your hoodie practically swallowing him whole
If he hadn’t looked so comfortable, you would have been angrier, and just settled for scolding him playfully for stealing it
it was hell trying to pry it off of him,  though...
This turtle knows how to wrestle and he will not hesitate to kick your ass over this fluffy sweatshirt 😤
These two things (hugs and your hoodie) combined just make Leo melt into a puddle, and he couldn’t be happier to have all of your teddy bear hugs :>
Tumblr media
um, have you met this turtle?
KING of hugs
It’s so great how both of you share the same energy
Though he’s more cold-blooded, like Donnie, he needs all of the hugs
It’s just your thing
With Raph, you have fist bumps, Leo, you’ve got a cool handshake, Donnie is more for high-fives 
And for Mikey, it’s hugs 
He practically tackles you to the ground in tight hugs whenever you get home from school/work and come to the lair, like a happy little puppy
Speaking of puppies…
That’s what he says your hoodie feels like whenever it first arrives in the mail.
Immediately, you throw it on, and Mikey is all over it, petting the soft fabric and squealing in excitement 
Can he please wear it?? 🥺
Little Mikey didn’t even have to ask before you shed the hoodie and let him try it on
And OH
The amount of cuteness that this turtle radiates when he’s smiling like an idiot and flapping the oversized arms around is just-
He vows to get his own since it’s so warm and comfortable
But he’s very respectful and gives it back to you
Only to attack you in another hug and lift you off of the ground because you look so adorable
“You’re like a little teddy bear!” *excited squeal!*
Mikey 100% respects your space so if you’re ever snuggling, he’s instantly aware of your getting sweaty or uncomfortable and will let up or loosen his arms
Winter days?
Snuggles all day and night
when Mikey (politely) asks to wear your jacket, he’ll throw it on and give you piggyback rides around the lair, because we love fun
And for Christmas, you get him his own, and he’s IN LOVE 
Sweater buddies 
He gets one in his favorite color and little ears on the hood and once a week, when they need to be thrown in the washer, you’ll keep him warm while he waits.
(Leo gets jealous of all the attention you’re giving Mikey >:o)
Tumblr media
we all know that Don isn’t the biggest on physical affection
If he wants a hug, usually he’d be the one to initiate, which is totally cool, since usually he’s forced into a hug by his brothers (secretly loves it tho)
He does enjoy your hugs, though he can be a bit awkward and stiff with them at first
If he’s feeling down, needs to be warmed up a bit, he’ll immediately seek your comfort
Even out of his brothers, you’re secretly his favorite 
Sure he loves Dr. Delicate Touch, but sometimes Donnie would rather go to someone who isn’t very pushy with solutions, and is willing to listen
And we can also all agree that he has an immaculate fashion taste ✨💜
When he sees the fluffy sweater draped over your arm, he’s immediately running over, analyzing the fabrics, and rushing to get you to try it on
Why? Fashion show 
Loves the warmth of your hoodie
And I because “it’s so soofff”
Donnie’s blood runs the coldest out of all of his brothers and he has the most sensitive shell, so he just adores your sweater
Is definitely contemplating on getting one for himself, though he wouldn’t tell you at first, because you might think he’s trying to copy your awesome style, and that would just destroy his massive ego 😩💅
He enjoys it when you sit in his lab with him, maybe rested against his side with your hoodie on, as you play on your phone/read/draw
Also up for snuggles when it’s extra chilly in the Lair, or when his brothers aren’t around, because once again, damaged ego
Movie marathons?
Hell yeah
Donnie will always make sure your comfortable before he gets comfortable on the couch, so you won’t shift around while watching the movie
He’s also very vulnerable when he takes his battle shell off, and in more ways than one
You know he’s got real, strong trust when he does so and will let you carefully hug him from behind with your hoodie on, since it’s so soft
Donnie will also snatch your massive jacket if he gets the chance, and disappear into his lab for days with it on
And he’ll never tell a soul this…
But he loves it the most, because it smells like you, 💜
so it’s like having you right beside him while you’re gone, or when he’s busy building something 
Also, tries to use his classic and sarcastic charm when it comes to asking for your hoodie back
“Come on Don, it’s cold outside! I need it!”
“But would you take it from such a luxurious face as this?” 😏
“Right, giving it back-“
He totally gets his own hoodie, by the way
Purple (obviously)
But it just isn’t the same as your own, so Donnie might just have yours on and then wrap his own around his waist
He sure does love his teddy bear 💜
Tumblr media
Okay but Raph is an actual teddy bear-
A big, mom-friend, weapon-wielding teddy bear
He LOVES giving hugs, and most would recognize this, seeing the various pictures and instances where he pulls all three of his brothers in for a great big group hug ❤
He's constantly reminding himself that you are much much more prone to injuries than his brothers, so he holds you like a little baby when he hugs you
(Unless he gets super excited or has a really rough night, so just be aware that you might be restricted of breathing privileges in that case-)
Usually so gentle 🥺
Just picks you up and wraps those huge freaking arms around you like giant pillows
And he LOSES HIS SHIT when you come back with this fluffy ass hoodie
Has this infatuation with petting the fur and running his fingers over it
He has never felt something so soft in his entire life 😩❤
And then when he hugs you with it on-
"Why are you a like big teddy bear?!"
"Buddy, you're just getting a taste of my own world-"
Poor Raph, being the size he is and having such a spiky shell, can't just wear your hoodie like his brothers :(
I mean, sure he could take it so easily
But he doesn't want to disrespect your things, or make you upset, because this man is The Gentleman™
So, rather than asking to wear it, he'll ask to spend more time with you
Not just for the hoodie ofc, but because of your sweet gentleness and warmth
Better quit your job babe, because your new occupation?
Raph's cuddle buddy
He refuses to let you become uncomfortable, makes sure there are the right amount of pillows, blankets, and room for you to move around while you snuggle together etc.
Raph is also a heavy sleeper, so once he gets comfy and warm enough, he'll probably doze off and trap you in his big "arm cage"
Really, his nature is pure and gentle and everything you could ever imagine when it comes to hugging his little teddy bear ❤🐢
@getacactus @turtle-babe83
Hope you enjoyed this little ditty! I LOVED writing these!! 💜💜
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mlrecords · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Debut album, the self-titled record. Leo. Tomorrow.
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wildmacncheese · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Princess of Saxford Makes Way Into Ballet, Bach Younglings Out of Sandringham and Ostringham 
The Princess Ekaterina’s eldest son has officially started schooling at the coveted Couronner Private. The crown-funded institution has become the educational home to many of Borduria’s most privileged young scholars. Most notably King Anton, King Killian of Cordonia and Belgravia, and the Princess Ekaterina. The two year old Prince Sergey is currently enrolled in the pre-primary school program, one that prepares the child for its primary-secondary instructional years. The now twenty-six year old future Queen holds her children’s futures in a high regard, often listening to classical musics when pregnant to possibly produce a savant. It is unknown if said music fueled techniques have worked. Far less accessible is the education of royal Cordonian and Belgravian children. Who, are most commonly taught by private tutors at Sandringham Palace. In the blooming summer gardens of Sandringham Palace, during the daytime, his Majesty and the Crown Prince can commonly be found. While the five year old heir apparent receives a very sheltered teaching via privately funded tutors, said education allows for much more time in the palace walls with familial ties. The King and Princess Consort have not returned to their Brindleton Bay estate, Vasiliev House, since the autumn leaves where falling and snow laid.
Tumblr media
The Princess Ekaterina, was quite renowned for finishing her studies early at sixteen to better tend to her growing royal duties. Much like her educationally encouraging sister-in-law, the twenty-nine year old Belgravian Rose has taken much interest in insuring a well off future for her two royal children. The eldest of the sibling pair is the Crown Prince Leonardo, who is prepared every single day to one day serve as a King Regnant of Cordonia and Belgravia. But what of the spare? What is delegated to a child of her kind? The three year old Princess of Saxford spends her adolescence mostly accompanied by her mother at her weekly ballet course. The class hosted at the Royal Ballet, the Princess Klara’s former stomping grounds, provides the highest dance and theatre education for young ballerinas and ballerinos. Seen commonly leaving this esteemed lesson, little Olga has been confirmed to be dancing in her first recital by the summertime. The role will be as Bunny Number Two in Goodbye Spring. The Princess of Saxford’s first performance will be held at a theatre local to Cordonia’s Capitol city, a building once guested by the likes of King James VIII of Cordonia and the Unifier Queen Mara Angelo of Cordonia, and more renowned groups of royal guests.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Just today Miss Feng told me to start writing in a journal. She is very nice so I will listen. Papa and Mummy are veri busy with Olga. I like Olga alot and am veri happe she is hear. Mummy got sick wen Olga was in her belly and i was scared. Papa told me at the hospital if i was good I woyd get a puppe. Olga is three now and i still want a puppe. I saiyd my prayers and brush my teth. Mummy and Papa have come now to put me in bed. Goodbuye mr journal i heart you.”
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exovapor · 2 hours ago
Raph: Dude. was it? Don't hold back.
Mikey: Yeah, brah, don't hold back on the details...we NEED this! We need to experience it vy-caribly through you.
Donnie: The word is VICARIOUSLY, Mikey...and if you two would shut up and let him talk, we would find found out.
Leo, we know that she called saying she needed to see you after reading some of @turtle-babe83 's posts. So, how was it? What was it like?
Raph: Yeah, was she all wet and ready?
Mikey: Exactly how wet was she?
Tumblr media
Lol..thanks for all you do girl! <3 exovapor
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contranalisis · 3 hours ago
Ana Belen en vivo ¿Para ti que es la felicidad? parte 2 06-05-2021 -
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turtle-babe83 · 3 hours ago
39 and 45 please with Leonardo 💙 soooooo romantic on your other story of him!!
I got you boo! A little Leo lovin’ for a lovely friend!
Warning: Language and NSFW 18+ only
Tumblr media
You never suspected anything on your long commute home. You had spent the last week in upstate New York, working on an new account for your boss because he just couldn’t trust anyone else to do it properly. Video calls with your sweet boyfriend just weren’t enough, you had missed him terribly. You thought it kind of strange that he wasn’t picking up his phone, but then again, he was one of the city’s protectors. Perhaps patrol was busy tonight. A twinge of worry twisted your gut. You hoped he was alright.
Upon entering your apartment, the hairs on the back of your neck stood up. Someone was here. You dropped your bag, grabbing the first thing within reach, an umbrella in the stand by the door. You snuck around the corner, ‘weapon’ raised, when a large hand clamped over your mouth and spun you around disarming you at the same time. You squealed when you realized it was Leonardo.
“You jerk! You nearly gave me a heart attack!”
He laughed out loud. Holding up your umbrella, he asked with a chuckle, “What did you plan to do with this? It would break before it did any damage!”
You smacked his big bicep, then threw yourself into his arms. He held you tightly, lifting you up and spinning you. When your lips finally connected, it felt like coming home. Before the kiss could become too heated, Leo pulled back and looked into your eyes.
“Did you miss me?”
You frowned slightly, “Of course I did, you know I did, baby.”
He ran his fingers up and down your spine, causing you to shiver. Leaning into your ear, he whispered in that deeper tone he only used when he was aroused, “I missed you so damn much. I’ve been planning tonight since the day you left for your trip.”
He slid your suit jacket from your shoulders, tossing it on the couch. Pulling his phone from his pocket, he clicked on a playlist, starting some slow music. You watched with a small smile as he swayed to the rhythm, pulling you closer.
“What are you doing, you big dork?” you giggled. He twirled you around, then bent to pull your heels off, tossing them behind him. His answer was to press your back to his plastron, still moving from side to side. His hands tugged your work blouse out of your skirt, then he undid each button, while moving the two of you around the living room. Your top was tossed somewhere towards the television. Soft kisses were pressed to the back of your neck. Just as you started to lean into it, Leo turned you again. Hands went to the zipper of your skirt, then it was shoved down your hips. Getting into the game, you shimmied till it fell to the floor, where you gave a little kick to send it flying.
You were left in just your underwear and he was still fully dressed. Hardly fair. When Leo reached for you this time, you dodged his hands, instead grasping his belt. You made a show of unwinding it from his slim waist, then added it to the array of clothing around the room. A coy smile crossed his face as you tugged at his pants while he kicked off his sandals. Now both barefoot and down to underwear, you took your slow dancing a little more seriously. Soft candlelight illuminated the dark, curtains drawn to keep out the neon cacophony of lights outside the windows. The sounds of the city that never sleeps dulled by the music faintly playing from your Bluetooth speaker. Two sets of bare feet stepped softly on thick carpet as your bodies swayed in a slow dance around the room. Hands drifted over flesh, lips trailed kisses, all while Leo maneuvered you to your bedroom door.
“Hang on baby, I need you to close your eyes.”
Once he had waved his big hand in front of your face, and knew you weren’t peeking, he opened the door to your room and led you in a couple of steps.
“Okay, open them.”
You gasped as you took it all in. There were dozens of candles twinkling all around your room, white rose petals strewn all over the sheets and floor surrounding the bed, and oh god, the bed! He had bought dark blue satin sheets, that shimmered with all the candle glow. You nearly cried, it was so beautiful and sweet. The thoughtful terrapin even had bottles of water next to the bed. Then you felt your cheeks heat and your panties dampen at the sight of the silky ropes fastened to the headboard. You licked your suddenly dry lips. It was a good thing you were off work tomorrow, it was going to be a long night.
Leo smirked as he watched your reaction. He knew the second you spotted the ropes, and he couldn’t wait to tie you up.
“I’ll be gentle, promise.”
Placing his hands on your shoulders, he slid your bra straps down and unhooked the back, letting it fall. Your panties soon joined it on the bedroom floor. Taking your delicate hand in his calloused one, he guided you over to the bed and motioned for you to climb up. You sat in the center of the bed, awaiting his instructions. He looked over your beautiful naked form and churred low in excitement of what was to come.
“Lay back and let me take care of you.”
You did as you were told, laying back on the petal covered bed. Leo wasted no time in securing your wrists. Stepping back, he admired the sight you made, as he slipped off his boxer briefs. Lifting one tiny foot, he pressed a kiss to your ankle, licked a fat stripe up your calf, and left a small love bite on the back of your knee. He kissed and nipped his way up your inner thigh, and you bit your lip as he hovered over your bared cunt. You could feel his hot breath, and just when you thought he would take a taste, he withdrew. The whimper in your throat was met with a chuckle, as he lifted your other foot, starting the process all over again.
He gave a particularly hard nip at your whine, making you jump and pull at your restraints.
“So needy,” he murmured into the soft flesh of your thigh, “you did miss me, didn’t you, sweetheart?”
You gave a huff in response. Looking down between your legs, you saw how close he was to where you wanted him, and rolled your hips up to brush your pussy against his lips. His tongue darted out to sample some of the wetness you had just smeared on his mouth and chin.
His churr was a deep rumble in his chest as he savored your taste.
“Needy and eager, who am I to keep you waiting?”
With that, his tongue delved deep within your folds, lapping to draw out every drop for his greedy mouth. Using his fingers to spread your labia, he sunk his tongue as deep in your hole as it could go, again and again. The sounds you were making as you bucked and thrashed were making him painfully aware of the hardened weight between his legs, and he pressed himself into the mattress, grinding for some relief. He rubbed his thumb in delicious circles around your sensitive nub, not slowing until you arched your back and wailed his name as you came.
Sitting up on his knees, Leo hoisted your legs and bottom up to meet him. Legs wrapped around his hips, with his hands firmly grasping your ass, he lined himself up and sunk deep in your heat. He groaned your name as he pulled back and rocked forward again, pulling you tightly against him. Over and over, he plunged while you pulled at the ropes, begging him to untie you so you could touch him too. He was too far gone to take the time though. His imminent eruption was rapidly approaching and by the tightness around his cock, you were nearly there again yourself. Letting go of your ass, he bent forward and grabbed the headboard, using it to pull himself forward as he thrusted hard and deep, letting the bottom edge of his plastron rub your clit. A lot of senseless babble poured from your lips as you tightened around him. Fucking finally, he thought, letting himself go. Curses and churrs burst forth from Leo as he filled you with his hot seed.
Leo rubbed your wrists gently as he untied them. You looked absolutely gorgeous at this moment, marked as his. Lying beside you, he tucked you against his side, and tilted your chin up for a lingering kiss.
You sighed happily, “Maybe I should go out of town more often.”
Leo tugged your hair playfully, “Maybe I should go with you next time.”
You didn’t answer, you were already fast asleep.
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seraphicists · 3 hours ago
starter     ⤍     @aquivxres​     .     tobias  &  leo  .
𝚑𝚊𝚟𝚒𝚗𝚐  𝚏𝚒𝚗𝚒𝚜𝚑𝚎𝚍  𝚞𝚙  𝚊𝚗𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛  𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚕  𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚘𝚝  𝚏𝚘𝚛  𝚝𝚑𝚎  𝚖𝚊𝚐𝚊𝚣𝚒𝚗𝚎  ,  tobias  did  his  typical  routine  of  collecting  all  of  his  things  and  making  his  way  to  the  lift  ,  not  interested  in  speaking  to  any  of  the  interns  that  had  taken  a  liking  to  him  during  his  two  day  shoot  .  not  only  was  he  entirely  unimpressed  by  them  but  he  was  also  adequately  exhausted  by  now  and  also  slightly  irritated  .  sure  ,  he  spent  most  of  his  time  laughing  at  wes’  life  choices  ,  but  it  didn’t  mean  the  sudden  business  of  both  his  and  josh’s  social  calendars  stung  any  less  .  tobias  disliked  most  people  ,  after  all  ,  and  he  was  particularly  riled  up  and  ready  to  piss  somebody  off  .
so  it  was  fate  ,  really  ,  when  the  lift  doors  opened  on  the  bottom  floor  and  tobias  walked  straight  out  ,  colliding  with  someone  he  ,  at  first  ,  didn’t  think  he  knew  .  he  looked  up  ,  ready  to  either  apologise  or  stare  in  disgust  depending  on  who  it  was  ,  but  instead  all  he  did  was  laugh  .  hard  .     ❛  little  leo  hendricks  !  how  long  has  it  been  man  ?  your  girlfriend  doing  okay  ?  ❜     he  said  all  of  this  casually  as  he  moved  out  of  the  path  of  the  elevator  ,  shit  eating  smirk  on  his  face  the  entire  time  .  he’d  calmed  somewhat  in  his  recent  years  ,  josh  being  a  much  better  influence  on  him  than  most  ,  but  he  was  still  him  . 
still  an  asshole  .
Tumblr media
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askdani · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
(Dani with Leo, Mikey, and Rockwell during the confrontation scene with Vizioso in Mutant Gangland)
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captain-kinda-trash · 5 hours ago
Hello love! I hope I’m one of your first asks!!! 😍
Can I order up a new love/confessing feelings with a side of fluff, a la Bayverse Donatello please?! 💜
Sure thing lovely!! Hope you enjoy!!
Truck Repairs (Bayverse! Donatello x Fem! Reader)
Tumblr media
"Torque wrench please."
"Got it."
The slap of cool metal against scales resounded from underneath the Turtle Truck (a name Y/N commonly used, much to her companion's distaste), as Donnie was handed yet another tool from the plastic box next to his feet.
"Thank you." He huffed out. The cranking of gears, clinking of iron echoed out from the truck.
"Sure thing, Don," The girl said, sitting cross-legged on the floor beside the turtle's legs, "How much longer do you think this should take?" Her eyes stole an extensive glance at those toned, long, delicious-looking limbs. Wait. What? That didn't come from her mind again, did it?
Of course, it did. When did it not? Donatello sighed, voice floating out from below the massive machine, and then the wheels of his skateboard rolled against the cement as he uses his feet to pull his body from underneath.
"Uh, I'm not sure. The damage inflicted on the lower regions of the compression body is pretty tremendous. It could take up a few days, weeks even, if not strategically maneuvered-" he pushed the goggles from his eyes to settle comfortably on the top of his head, revealing the glittering hue of those beautiful amber eyes, "But it seems to be going well at the moment."
His mouth cutely curled up into a smile, one that never failed to release a cocoon of uncaged butterflies in Y/N's stomach.
She grinned back, and then shyly turned to study the soles of her shoes, evidently more interesting than looking at his uncannily handsome face.
"That's good to hear. Maybe we should take a break soon. You've been working like crazy since you got back from patrol."
His smile very subtly faded at this suggestion, though he made sure that his friend didn't catch it. Donnie enjoyed this company that she provided working with him on the truck's repairs, much more than he was willing to admit. Though, yes, he could use a nice break, maybe grab a snack or glass of water, the mutant knew surely that nothing fueled his cravings like her sweet presence (incomparably rich to the taste of his beloved pop tarts).
And if the same wasn't in her book about him, then by gods...
I mean sure, he's a mutant. Gross right?
Wrong. So, so very wrong.
"Y-yeah I guess we could take a little break." He responded, then let out a sort of struggled grunt as his body lifted to sit upwards and rest his shell on the side of the garbage truck.
Y/N's eyes wandered once more at the marvelous rolling and extending of his muscles as he did so, draping a single sturdy arm across one knee and using the other to adjust his glasses. She gulped. Her gaze shamelessly traveled to the seemingly endless length of his legs, until she caught the quick movement of his head in her peripheral.
She immediately averted her stare, back down to the laces of her converse, trying to subside the heat crawling quickly over her neck.
"T-tell you what, why don't I go grab you a snack, and you stay here and see if there's anything else we can do." Y/N pushed herself up from the ground and before Donnie could respond, she had already scampered out of the workshop to avoid any further humiliation.
"O-okay!" He called after her, though the likeliness of hearing him was probably far gone since she was already in the kitchen by then.
Y/N grasped the bridge of her nose between her for dinner and thumb, letting out an exasperated sigh as the tap water still poured, pattering against the metal sink.
'He totally caught me staring,' she thought. Though her self-control was usually tempered, easily under restraint, it melted into a helpless puddle when Donatello's presence was made known around her. Hell, even passing up the open doorway of his lab as he worked was a strain, and Y/N found herself peeking in curiously as his eyes fixated carefully, passionately over a project as he worked.
It took every willful ounce in her body not to just snatch the tails of his violet bandana and yank him in for a savory kiss every time he was a few feet away from her.
Her brain, exhausted from such thoughts, tried to focus on her footfalls, the wrinkle of pop-tart wrappers, the clinking of ice against glass cups, a cool contrast against Y/N's warm arms.
She halted directly outside of the workshop, inhaled, exhaled, and then rounded the corner to see-
Nobody? Weird. Perhaps Donnie had gone to his lab to grab more tools or just put them away since the aforementioned bucket of appliances had gone missing right along with their possessor.
"Huh. Weird." Y/N thought aloud, and then after looking over her shoulder and out of the doorway, she decided that she might check out the inside of the truck. After all, it had been some time since she'd seen it and was rarely able to because of the lack of missions she joined in on.
She set the two cups of water and foil packages gently on a nearby bench, before making her way towards the rear entrance. Y/N's hands settled on the large iron handle wrapping their small extent around it and then pulled down with all of her strength.
Man, the brothers made it look so easy, and by the time the lever reached its lowest point with a loud click, she had managed to work up a bit of a sweat.
The door, a huge garage-like lift system on the back end of the truck, began to lift, creaking and groaning as it did so. Y/N smiled, eyes glancing down carefully as her feet made contact with each rising step into the truck.
However, her plan had been spoiled, if you could even call it that. Because, just as she was entering the vehicle, it seemed Donatello would be exciting. As Y/N looked up from the final footstep, and Donnie from his tech pad, their noses and mouths bumped, and all was still. Both of their bright eyes were wide with shock and unbearable mortification at the sensation of petal-soft skin against cool scales, lips awkwardly resting upon one another.
They both pulled away as fast as they had come together, though Y/N had been so caught up in her humiliation, that she forgot about the staircase behind her and lost footing. An abrupt shout escaped her lips, helplessly flailing her arms in the air to grab onto something and a strong pair of arms had quickly caught her.
When the girl hesitantly opened an eye to analyze her seemingly unfortunate position, all she was met with, was the shine of Donnie's lustrous eyes, glinting in the bright lights of the workshop. Both were heaving breaths, adrenaline rushing from the swiftness of this occurrence.
"Thanks..." Y/N managed to squeak, trying to calm the furious blush and racing tempo of her heart at the touch of Donatello's strong arms still wrapped around her, "I think I just saw my life flash before my eyes..."
At her remark, Donnie's expression seemed to relax, and he let out a little giggle of amusement. Y/N smiled softly, and then placed the tip of her finger on the bridge of his snout, accompanied with a small 'boop!' That made him laugh even more and then a snort, something he didn't seem to proud of.
"Have I ever told you how cute you are?" She asked, rather abruptly, and the blunt question caught the turtle off guard. She wanted to smack herself across the face at the spilling of her internal conflicts but figured that doing so would cause her further embarrassment. Instead, Y/N was stuck trying to interpret Donatello's dumbstruck expression.
"E-erm, uh no. No, I don't think you've told me that..." Stupid, stupid stupid! What a response! Donnie's mind quipped, Could have at least said thank you... "Y/N..."
"Yeah, Don?"
His answer was completely wordless, just boring endlessly into her sparkling eyes. Though his next move seemed to be a more suited response.
Before he could stop himself, Donnie closed the short distance between and capturing her mouth in a short kiss, tightening the strong grasp of his forearms around her waist and back.
Y/N blinked once. Twice. And nothing shifted, though seemed completely unreal, like one of the hallucinations that she'd conjured in her mind before.
But this was just so... Real. He pulled away before Y/N could fully process what was going on, leaving her mouth to chase after his momentarily.
"You're really... U-um, Y/N I think you're beautiful. And I have this strangely romantic fascination with you..." Donnie trailed off, realizing how utterly stupid he must sound, however, the girl held tightly in his arms found it extraordinarily romantic.
Her fingers danced around the back of his neck snatched the tails of his silk bandana, and then pulled him in again, this time for a lingering address on the lips, tilting her head just slightly to deepen it. Donnie let out a short squeak of surprise, that faded into a satisfied chirp, bellowing from his throat.
They broke away, heaving puffs of air, and idiot-like grins spread across their faces.
"I really like you too Donnie."
"I'm glad," he breathed, just inches away from her face, "cause now we can work together and you don't have to hide staring at my legs."
Y/N flushed immensely before swatting his chest repeatedly, trying to hide her smile at his amused laughter.
"Donatello I will take away your pop tart privileges!"
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Unexpected results
Rex and Quetz found themselves in a new room. It was plain, the walls were white and there wasn't much room.
Rex: how the hell did we get here?
Quetz: I'm... not sure.
The two were a bit concerned as to how they got there, worrying it might be a trap or something.
Rex: so... should we try to bust out?
Quetz: not sure if we-
But then a sign lit up. The sign said "room that doesn't unlock unless you sleep together"
With that the two looked at each other.
Meanwhile in another room, a pair of Da Vincis and another Master was observing them.
Da Vinci: Val, do you really think this is a good idea? Remember what happened with Faye?
Val: yeah... but she needed more rest! And so does Rex! In fact he might be even worse.
Da Vinci: you're not worried he'll do the same to you that Faye did?
Val: he's not that kinda guy. He might get mad bu- wait!
Val looks up at the screen and sees the two... enthusiastically following directions.
Val: woah! Cut the screen! Cut it!
The screen turns off, Val somewhat surprised.
Val: what the fuck...
Da Vinci: well... they did follow the directions.
Val: I didn't expect them to take it literally! I thought they'd decide to be cheeky like Faye and Eresh were!
Other Da Vinci: you don't know them well enough then.
Val: and you didn't say anything because!?
Other Vinci: I wanted a good laugh. What made you expect the same results?
Val: well he's surprisingly similar to Faye. The way he basically worships Quetz is not far off from how Faye worships Eresh and so on.
Other Vinci: ok... but you have seen that Quetzalcoatl is nothing like Ereshkigal right?
Val:'re right.
Eventually the door does unlock... tho the two didn't seem to notice.
A/N: I really liked the stories with Faye and Val from before and wanted to do something similar. Hopefully Val is OK with it. This isn't the Val/Rex crossover I'm planning, just wanted to have a bit of fun.
@hasishtardoneanythingwrong @hasereshdoneanythingwrong @haspaulbunyandoneanythingwrong @hasabbydoneanythingwrong @hasnightingaledoneanythingwrong @hasbbdoneanythingwrong @haskamadoneanythingwrong
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littlewitty · 5 hours ago
Now I cannot stop imagining how Mc would have to learn Leo’s vampire side when she is turned cos he defo acts human for her
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littlewitty · 6 hours ago
Imagine how MC must have felt when she will be turned into a vampire for leo, seeing her lover showing his blood lust for the first time. She would be shocked and confused as she probs didnt realise it affected him as much as it did.
Tempted to write something for it.
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marsresident · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Quick study in risings
They are the true "pretty boys" and "poster girls" of the zodiac. Not only that Venus blesses these individuals with a pleasant exterior, but she also gives them sweet charisma & diplomatic talent.
Libra stands for peace, balance and justice, and as an air sign, it is polite and makes a wonderful conversation partner. People feel at ease due to their cordial energy.
Risings embody all of the above amplified. Suns carry those traits as well, of course, but they are more likely to be noticed in a rising because our rising sign shows how we come across.
Drama has no place in their life even though too much diplomacy can cause others to think that they're two-faced or that their intentions aren't genuine. They are people-pleasers. Networking is more important to them than to other risings.
Capricorn in the 4th house creates a child who will grow up in a family where practicality and structure rules over trivial things, such as love or pleasure.
They are taught, at a young age, that winning is more valuable than making sure no feelings get hurt in the process.
As a result, they end up going against the grain as adults, by making a conscious effort to keep everyone around them happy.
These people know how to pursue their goals in a smooth, graceful manner and how to talk their way in and out of things. They're not the type to step on toes to get ahead. In fact, they are quite cunning and manipulative in their approach.
A fear of missing out and a distorted perception of the self can represent real problems to them. They might feel as if they don't know who they truly are without others around. They might be too eager to talk about their problems in search of external advice instead of looking inside first.
Let's not forget Libra is still a cardinal sign, so if you think you can't make your own decisions or be freed of the expectations others have put on you, you are wrong.
You are more than capable of doing so. You just have to look opposite from you. Borrow some of that Aries-like attitude.
Conflict resolution is also a hiccup when Libra is placed in the first house. They could make great decision-makers. They are the most emotionally tuned air sign and the most socially aware rising sign to have. They posses a great deal of mental clarity and objectivity, accompanied by a sort of idealistic outlook.
Libra risings are here to serve as peacemakers, however, they should also focus on building an identity that's not just a reaction to whatever is happening around them.
Celebrities who share this rising:
Beyoncé, Britney Spears, James McAvoy, Jared Leto, Fiona Apple, Avril Lavigne, Frank Sinatra, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jared Leto etc.
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