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#Lemony Snicket
accio · 24 minutes ago
some a series of unfortunate events characters as vfds
klaus: victimised, farsighted dude
violet: visionary facilitative dame
sunny: valiant fierce dentures
esme: vapid, faithless dilettante
olaf: vain, foolish dumbass
lemony: voyeur faked death
jacques: vivid, friendly, dead
kit: vigilant, fatigued, distraught
beatrice: very flammable damsel
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pocketneophyte · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Commission of Esme for @and-a-stolen-object
This was apart of @asoue-network’s fundraiser!!
Well done to everyone who took part!
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laalain · 2 hours ago
Lemony Snicket is wild out of context. Like
""The worst he could do is say no"
"Or cough""
"For instance, if you woke up in the middle of the night and saw a woman trying to crawl through your bedroom window, you might call your mother or father to help you push her back out."
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Esme: I'm going to miss these little perks when I'm in jail, being forced to wear a knock-off suit and drink tap water.
Count Olaf: That's what you think jail is?
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135 days left until poison for breakfast!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some terrible character sketches. In order: Lemony Snicket, Geraldine Julienne, Jerome Squalor, Eleanora Poe, Kit Snicket
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Count Olaf in disguise: *to the Baudelaires* I'm Count Olaf.
The Baudelaires: Why are you telling us this?
Count Olaf: Because no one will ever believe you.
The Baudelaires: You sick son of a bitch.
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vfdinthewild · a day ago
Tumblr media
“A frequent contributor to Vanity Fair, Dunne also appeared regularly on television discussing crime from the 1980s to the end of his life.”
-from the Wikipedia page for Dominick Dunne
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136 days left until poison for breakfast!
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vfdinthewild · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“If you have felt this way, too, you may be asking yourself, ‘What is this very fancy drink doing in a book that advertises advice to the contrary?’”
-from Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman, pg 63
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Tumblr media
Lemony Snicket wrote this
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doradorapuff · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the world is quiet here. - an asoue playlist
various fantastic ditties
yesterday - the beatles • horseradish road - the mountain goats • it happened quiet - aurora • baudelaire - angus & julia stone • evil is but a shadow - miley cyrus • dead meat - sean ono lennon • even dead things feel your love - petter carlsen • no one's here to sleep - naughty boy, bastille • people help the people - birdy • volunteer - bitter ruin • the kids aren't alright - satellite empire, payne • it's a long road - the sly guys • what a way to win a war - tom mcrae • missed the boat - modest mouse • to build a home - the cinematic orchestra, patrick watson • mad world - gary jules, michael andrews • we all go the same - radical face • i knew you once - hollie allen.
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wakkass · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Сделала дизайн Эсме.  Нравится мне делать персонажей этой серии книг, довольно быстро и легко идет процесс. Вообще в 2017 году я ее уже рисовала. Среди всех дизайнов этот был самым стабильным, потому что я ее как придумала, так и не трогала. Я чувствовала удовлетворение от ее образа, что тогда было для меня редкостью, поскольку я очень часто меняла дизайны других персонажей. Итак, версия 2017 года:
Tumblr media
Если говорить за мои любимые детали, то в нынешней версии дизайна присутствуют такие штуки, как:  - мелирование в волосах, потому что если делать полосатый образ, то полоски должны быть ВЕЗДЕ. - в ней довольно много треугольников и ромбов. Из-за этого она получается острой, а из-за вытянутой прически и большого количества вертикальных линий она еще и ощущается статной имхо. - не знаю, заметили ли вы, но в центральном ромбе читается глаз, а полоски будто ресницы. Я сделала это совершенно случайно, глаз не планировался, но мне очень нравится что он там есть.
Если сравнивать с более ранней версией персонажа, то основная масса с середины ее старого дизайна сейчас ушла наверх (в воротник и плечи), что мне больше нравится. А длиннющие туфли теперь являются некой опорой для этой массы, чего раньше не было, и она была похожа на шарик на палочке.
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137 days left until poison for breakfast!
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and-a-stolen-object · 3 days ago
Esme joining the VFD:
i got bored
Esme: Hello all. Thank you for recruiting me as the newest member of VFD
Lemony: We didn’t recruit you
Beatrice: Who even are you?
Olaf: Oh she’s this girl I met a theatre group. You were there Beatrice. She was the girl who kept doing the improv about killing people.
Beatrice: Oh right I knew I’d seen you before.
Lemony: Are you sure she’s VFD worthy?
Kit: Improv about murder. I like her.
Beatrice: So do I.
Lemony: Fine she can stay just don’t tell the others.
Olaf: Well I’ve already told Frank and Monty and Josephine and Ernest and Bertram and I was on my way to tell Jacques.
Kit: Don’t tell Jacques he’s very uptight about murder.
Olaf: Well that’s odd considering what we do...
*jacques walks in*
Olaf: Hey I’ve recruited a murderer.
Jacques: What? (Sees Esme) Wait your sugar bowl Esme.
Esme: Thank you thank you very much.
Jacques: She can stay.
Esme: And scene.
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Has anyone else noticed the similarities in plot between the last two books of ATWQ and Northern Lights by Philip Pullman? Girl’s parent turns out to be villainous scientist, kidnaps large bunch of children into experimental station, boy is kidnapped, girl rescues him by infiltrating experimental station under a false name and plotting with some of the other kidnapped children, secretly keeps plot-crucial item she wishes to deliver to sinister parent in bag she always carries. The primary difference is that when Ellington hands over the statue to Hangfire, it is ultimately Lemony who ends up killing him, whereas in Northern Lights when Lyra gives the Alethiometer to Lord Asriel, he ends up killing Roger.
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debbie-f-m · 3 days ago
So I’m studying architectural engineering and in my HVAC class we’re leaning about variable fan drives and the acronym for that is VFD so every single time we talk about it my brain just automatically thinks of A Series of Unfortunate Events
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