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#Legolas x oc
ypfanfics · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Imagine saying “Happy Fathers Day” to Thranduil and he tells you all about his little leaf that has left the forest.
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So in the books Elladan and Elrohir are really only there for a little while, and aren't characterized much beyond being sorta stoic and noble, and they aren't in the movies at all (actually, I think they might have been in the hobbit movies, but I've only seen the last one so idk) so I've really been developing them the way I want to as I write my Aralas fic. It's gotten to the point where I love these two so much and I have to remind myself that they do not exist in cannon the way that I picture them. Like, back before school ended when we were finishing up ROTK my teacher was like "I hate Elladan and Elrohir because I can never remember their names" and I had to stop myself from getting personally offended because I have fallen in love the idea of them that I have created in my writing.
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mimilind · 6 days ago
Cat of the Fellowship: Chapter 23
Tumblr media
Chapter 23:  Who is the mysterious wizard, and what does he want with them? The company learns many things about the past, present and future.
Links to the story:
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solacryptid · 7 days ago
Unexpected Fate
Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) & Lord of the Rings Crossover
Summary: Vilansia and her dragon, Svellevarina, have spent many years training the young dragon riders alongside Eragon and Saphira. But their time of adventure has come. The people of Middle Earth have called for aid and Alagaesia will answer.
Tumblr media
Chapter 2: Wyrda
The oranges and pinks burst over the treetops as the light blue of the daytime sky spread. On any other day, most would still be asleep, not yet ready to start their day. This morning, however, Elves were bustling around the Great Hall not far from my own home. A gentle breeze hushed through the large opening of my home, the sound of rustling leaves outside carried with it. The tree in which my home was built was taller than most others surrounding it in order to accommodate my dragon. The opening was wider than her wing-span and significantly taller, allowing for growing room over the next few years. The room itself was also large and open. While the wooden interior of the tree had been sanded down prior to the two of us settling in, the rubbing of Svell's hard scales has carved grooves into the floor with scratches from her talons interlaced throughout. The room felt emptier than usual, as the majority of my belongings had been packed away for travel. An unfamiliar tightness resided in my gut. It was a matter of minutes before Svellevarina and I would be leaving our home country for the first time. I could feel waves of Svell's excitement through our bond and I hated to dampen her mood with my uncertainty. There was no doubt that the task before us was daunting. My intuition was telling me that we were to become involved in something much bigger than originally thought and I knew better than to ignore that.
I tightened the last strap on one of the many saddlebags, ensuring that they were all secure for the flight to Middle Earth.
The sound of sliding scales against the wooden floor broke the silence as Svellevarina shifted to face me. "We best be off to meet with Arya Drotting,"
I nodded in response, heaving the saddle into my arms and carrying it up onto the back of my dragon. She licked her talons clean with her barbed tongue as she waited for me to secure the saddle comfortably. I climbed back down, surveying the room one last time.
Svell nudged my back gently with her snout. "Come now,"
With a sigh, I placed myself in the saddle and held on to the neck spike in front of me as Svellevarina stood, making her way to the large window. A slight breeze shifted my long hair as Svell spread her wings out, the very tips just touching the edges of the opening. Svellevarina jumped, the air catching under her wings and carrying us over the tops of the surrounding trees. She angled toward the left as she soared, the wind carrying the fresh scents of the early morning.
A crowd had already gathered outside of the Great Hall. The chatter from the surrounding Elves coming to a halt as Svellevarina landed. I slid out of the saddle just as Arya Dröttning approached, Eragon by her side.
The Queen looked between Svellevarina and I, her lips drawn tight. "Come. Eragon and I have something prepared for you both."
I raised my brows in question before glancing at Svellevarina. Her shoulders shifted in a dragon form of a shrug. The two of us followed the elder riders inside the Hall, leaving the growing crowd of Elves. The Great Hall was built inside the largest tree in Ellesmera which created a grand and open space. The inside wood of the tree was smoothed to perfection from the magic of the Elves that created the Hall. A throne of roots and vines rested on a step on the opposite end of the door. Normally, that would be the only furniture that resided within, however, a round table sat between us and the organic throne. Both Firnen and Saphira were resting next to each other, waiting for us. I could see a few things set upon the table, the natural light from the openings in the tree catching the light off of something.
"Never before has a dragon and rider acted as an ambassador in another country," Arya said, speaking in the ancient language. "As such, I cannot tell you what to expect. I can, however, give you the tools that you will need so that you are as well prepared as possible." She gestured to the table before us.
I walked forward, taking in what was laid out. My eyes widened at what I saw. Turning to Arya, I said: "Dröttning, this is all too much, I cannot possibly-"
She held up a hand. "You must, Vilansia."
I faced the table again, my hands reaching for the sparkling opal blade. It was unmarked, as it was yet to be named, but it was unmistakably a rider blade, the hue a perfect match of Svellevarina's scales. I held up the sword to the light, reflecting tiny rainbows on the surrounding wooden walls. The blade was long, matching my reach perfectly, but was thick enough to allow me to execute parries without fear of the weapon breaking. The end of the hilt bore a rounded opal that would serve as a storage of energy if Svell and I should need.
"It's beautiful," I said breathlessly.
"Well of course," Svellevarina said as she lifted her head high. "They had a perfect example to follow,"
I caught Eragon's smile at her remark. "Now you must come up with a name to match its elegance."
I knew instantly what I would name my rider blade, as did Svell. While we had known that it was unlikely that I would receive such a symbolic weapon, I had discussed this with her for many years after we had graduated our training. Since Svellevarina and I did not travel outside of the Island or Du Weldenvarden due to our duty of training the young riders, such an important blade was not necessary. But as new representatives of Alagaesia it was only proper that I should now wield a rider blade.
I faced my dragon, lowering the hilt to my chest, the sharp tip pointed at the ceiling. Svell lowered her head and gently rested the top of her snout against the flat side of the sword. Together, we named the weapon. "Wyrda."
The blade began to glow just above the hilt and the ancient language symbol for fate was now forever etched into it.
Saphira hummed. "It suits you,"
I traced the mark with my fingertips before I carefully placed the blade within its sheath.
The queen rested a hand on my shoulder, drawing my attention back to the table. "While I felt that a rider blade was of great importance for you to have on this quest, Eragon made an excellent point in that the current saddle that you possess would not be suitable for what lies ahead." She walked forward with me as she gestured to the black rider saddle.
"I based the design off of the one that I had used years ago during the fight against Galbitorix," Eragon informed Svellevarina and I. "With a few modern modifications, this saddle can be used for travel and battle. The satchels are removable, and these leg straps can be undone instantly with this snap here." He paused to face Svellevarina. "I had Saphira's help in making it as comfortable for you as possible. The underside is made to glide along your scales as smoothly as possible without chaffing."
"Thank you, Eragon-elda," Svellevarina replied, bowing her head.
I ran my hands against the saddle. It was incredibly smooth, the edges were sewn tightly and with great precision. I especially liked that Eragon had chosen black for the saddle, as it would contrast with Svell's scales flawlessly.
"We are both incredibly honored by these gifts...thank you, all of you. Svellevarina and I will carry them well," I spoke to everyone, my smile wide with gratitude. Arya's eyes were bright as she returned the smile.
"Alas, there is one more thing before you both take your leave of Alagaesia," Firnen added, his low voice rumbling in our minds. My eyes fell to the large pouch that remained on the table. The material matched the saddle, suggesting that they could be easily attached. I stepped around the table to the pouches and opened the one closest to me. What rested inside glinted as the sunlight hit it. As I pulled to object out I realized that it was a piece of armour, the metal carrying the green hue of Ellesmera. It was a shoulder plate that I held, the designs of my people etched into it. I placed the shoulder plate with the rest of my armour.
"I will wear the armour of Ellesmera with pride. Thank you," I said, my chin lifted.
"Come, we mustn't tarry any longer," Saphira said. "There is a long journey ahead of you,"
With Eragon's help, I replaced Svelllevarina's old saddle for the brand new one, securing our bags and satchels on tightly. It fit her perfectly. The rider blade bounced against my left thigh as I moved, with each movement reminding me of the fact that my dream weapon was now in my possession.
"It is time, Vilansia," Eragon said gently. He handed me a scroll and as I glanced at the parchment I saw the drawings of a map. The Queen must have drawn what she could based upon the information this Gandalf had given her. I bowed in silence before climbing up Svell's legs and settling in the saddle. I did up the leg straps loosely, as they were only really necessary for flying during a fight. The two elder riders mounted their dragons as well. Firnen led the rest of us through the Great Hall doors, and we were all met with cheers from the large crowd of Elves that had accumulated during our meeting. I caught words of "farewell" and "safe travels" from them as the dragons stood on the large wooden steps leading up to the Hall.
I looked amongst the crowd, searching for a familiar face but did not find it. Svellevarina shifted under me as she heard my thoughts. "Murtagh and Thorn will be here. Give them time, you know how they are with large groups of people," I rested a hand on the side of her neck in acknowledgment, but a part of me still worried that I would not get a chance to say goodbye to them.
"Svellevarina Bleikr-skul and Vilansia Shur'tugal, as you depart from Alagaesia I send you with my blessing," Arya Dröttning said, her voice loud enough to carry over the crowd. "Not only do you represent the Elves of Du Weldenvarden, but you represent the dragon riders of Alagaesia as well. Do not forget that." She paused as Firnen took over.
"Your duty as peacekeepers here shall carry over to Middle Earth. Do what you must to ensure the safety of their people. Fight strong."
"We will not forget your words, Arya Dröttning and Firnen-elda. Elrun ono," I said.
"You both know what you are capable of," Eragon spoke now. "You have the strength and the wisdom to see this mission through. However, you must have a balance of both in order to be successful. Without strength, you will be overpowered and without wisdom, you will become ignorant to what needs to be done. The two of you make a perfect pair as you balance the other, but do not let that work against you. If you let it, that balance will lead you to success in whatever you take on as you are a connected pair, dragon and rider, partners of the heart, mind, and soul."
Saphira nudged Svellevarina gently as the elder dragon hummed. "A fire grows in you, Bleikr-skul. Tend to it and it will become a force that guides you. Protect your rider. Protect the innocent. I speak for us all when I say that I have the utmost faith in you. May the wind guide your wings as you travel, and may your fangs stay sharp." She turned her head to face me. "Wear the armour of your people as Svellevarina wears her scales with pride. Keep your blade sharp and your mind even sharper. Remember your training here, Eragon and I have given you all the skills that you may need to do what must be done."
"Erun ono, Eragon-vodhr and Saphira Bjartskular. We are honored to have been under your tutelage and will carry your teachings with us forever," Svellevarina replied.
Saphira let out a gentle growl. "Now go! Middle Earth awaits you!"
I reached down and pulled my rider blade from its' sheath and held it above my head, the sunlight dancing along the blade, reflecting on the surfaces around us. Svellevarina spread her wings as I did and roared, causing the trees to shake as it resounded through the forest around us. The crowd of Elves cheered in admiration.
I returned my blade to its' place and grabbed hold of the neck spike in front of me. Svellevarina crouched before jumping forward into the air, her wings pumping to catch the air under her. She gained altitude quickly, and below us, the cheers turned into song, the music of my people carried on the breeze. I turned back to gain one last look at the capital city of the Elvish country, my home. The bright blue and green of Saphira and Firnen grew smaller until the tops of the surrounding trees covered my line of sight.
A snarl drew my attention away from Ellesmera as my gaze snapped forward. Svell flared her wings, coming to a stop before she angled her wings to hold us in place. A flash of red shot overhead of us, then came back around to face us.
"Thorn! Murtagh!" I exclaimed. "And I was beginning to think that you wouldn't see us off,"
Murtagh chuckled. "I would never forgive myself if I didn't come to say goodbye,"
"Neither would we," Svellevarina added. Thorn flicked his tail playfully.
"In any case, it brings me joy to be able to see the two of you before we leave," I said.
"Tell me, why did Eragon choose you to go?" Murtagh asked after a moment.
"It was my suggestion," Svellevarina replied. "After all, we were the best choice. Everyone else agreed,"
"You needn't worry, my friend," I added, trying to reassure him.
"I am aware that you both have been asked to do all you can to see this mission through, but remember to keep yourselves safe as well. We want to see you two return when all is said and done," Thorn said. Their minds were left open to Svell and me, something that we became comfortable with over time. It made communication easier between the four of us, especially since humans had a different way of expressing emotions than Elves did. It was at this moment that I felt their concern and dread at our departure.
"While I cannot, and will not, make false promises to either of you, I can assure you that Eragon and Saphira would not have sent us if they did not believe we were capable," I said to them before Svellevarina added: "Much time will pass before you see us again. Listen for my wingbeats and you will know that we have returned safely,"
Thorn hummed and I felt a small portion of their worry fade. Murtagh shifted in the saddle. "I know it is not my place to ask this of you, but if I may, would you do us a favour while you are in Middle Earth?"
Puzzled, I hesitated. It was not lightly that either of them asked for a favour of any kind, as their independence remained an unwavering trait of theirs. Even with his mind open to me, I could not discern what exactly he was thinking. I only felt disquiet.
"What is it you are asking?"
"When you have the chance, I ask that you scry Thorn and I so that we may remain in contact while you are away. And, though I hate to speak on my half-brother's behalf, I know that both he and Queen Arya would be grateful to hear from you as well,"
I offered a smile and Svell gently bumped her snout against Thorn's neck. I spoke in the Ancient Language now, signaling to them that I was making a sincere promise. "Of course. Svell and I will scry you when we are able. You needn't consider that a favour, I would be happy to,"
"Thank you, Vi,"
"We must continue on our way. It is a long way to travel within a short amount of time," Svellevarina said softly.
Thorn snorted, a puff of smoke released from his nostrils. "Fly fast, Svell. I will wait for your return,"
"Stay out of trouble until I do!" Svellevarina replied with a small growl. With a push of her wings, she launched forward. I turned in the saddle, holding my hand high as a way of farewell. A wave of desolation washed over me and my hand fell to my lap. For the first time since we became close friends, I had to close my mind to Murtagh. The emotions were powerful, the level of which was something I was not used to. I would not allow myself to be inflicted this way, not now.
"I did not realize our departure would cause so much sadness," I said to Svell.
"They care for us," Svell replied simply. "It pains them to not be at our side ensuring our safety,"
"We have never needed their help like that before. I had thought they had more faith in us than that!" My hands clenched slightly. Did they not believe in us? Did they think we were doomed to failure?
"You know as well as I that that is not true. They believe in us, they always have. I think they are just...protective,"
"I know, Svell. I just wish they knew that they did not have to be,"
"You know they act of their own accord. Besides, is their protection such a bad thing?"
"Perhaps not. Though, was it from anyone else I might be so tolerant,"
Svellevarina's sides shook as she chuckled. "In a sense, you have to be. They are breoal, after all,"
-next chapter-
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entishramblings · 9 days ago
Chapter One — That’s Not How You Talk to the Recruits!
Is now officially posted!!!!
Here is the wattpad link in you prefer
Also! This is a sequel!! So read TLLOTS first haha!
TLLOTS/FATE Tag List: @bathewithsatan @wanderingmerlin @elvish-sky @ellies-iced-coffee @ladymidnight77 @lady-latte @pumpkin-queen-666 ? @angelxnaa
Just LMK if you want to be added to the tag list!
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entishramblings · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Cover for From Ashes to Embers (FATE)
in celebration of finally publishing the first chapter of the sequel, here is some cover art!
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entishramblings · 9 days ago
From Ashes to Embers (FATE)
Prequel: TLLOTS
Links: AO3 | Wattpad
A.N: here it is! The sequel to The Last Light of the Star! Thank you all so much for being so supportive of this fic and all my other works.
Summary: This fanfiction follows the ending events of TLLOTS. After the Prymafire, things seem to be going smoothly in times of peace. However, that does not last long, something is brewing in Dol Guldur.
In Progress!!
Chapters: N/A
Total Word Count: N/A
Warnings: violence, mentions of death, depression, anxiety, angst, fluff, occasional light smut, burning people alive, burning people dead, etc.
Additional Content:
TLLOTS Content
Arryin Concept Art | TLLOTS All Characters Concept Art | FATE Cover Art
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sapphire-reads · 10 days ago
by @reality-warp
Chapters: 19/? Fandom: The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types, The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings (Movies) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Legolas Greenleaf/Original Female Character(s) Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir, Gandalf, Merry, Pippin, Théoden, Éomer, Éowyn, Gamling, Haldir, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s), Eleanor Dace, Tink - Character, ravame, Sarra, Vár Additional Tags: Rávamë’s Bane Trilogy, Compos Mentis, Modern Girl in Middle Earth, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Suspence, Tenth Walker, Slow Burn, Mild Gore, Humour Series: Part 2 of Rávamë’s Bane Trilogy Summary:
To put it mildly, Eleanor Dace is up to her pointy elven ears in it.
In the past few years she’s managed to get herself stranded in Middle Earth, joined the Fellowship as its resident healer, and now it turns out she has a Maia trapped inside her head. On top of that, the only people in Arda who have answers to her bizarre situation, or how it happened are either dead, or bound by an ancient oath to never speak of it.
Meanwhile, as Eleanor struggles to make sense of what little information she’s scraped up on her past, things within the sundered Fellowship start to move in an even stranger direction. A decision that saved someone's life has some unexpected repercussions, and as Eleanor starts to notice some worrying changes in herself and her abilities, an even bigger issue looms: Is it finally time to come clean about where she really came from? And who she really has living deep in the vaults of her mind.
In the chaos of a brewing war, only one thing is certain for Eleanor anymore. If she can’t somehow figure out who she once was, and the reason why she chose to erase her own memories in the first place, she might not survive long enough for the plucky spirit sharing her head to say ‘I told you so.’
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solacryptid · 12 days ago
Unexpected Fate
Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) & Lord of the Rings Crossover 
Summary: Vilansia and her dragon, Svellevarina, have spent many years training the young dragon riders alongside Eragon and Saphira. But their time of adventure has come. The people of Middle Earth have called for aid and Alagaesia will answer.
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: Distant Lands
I let out a cry of laughter as our blades slammed together. "Well done, Adelina!" The young girl furrowed her pale brows and charged forward while I disengaged and stepped away. "But you need to focus."
I am trying, Master." She turned to face me as she wiped the sweat from her brow. "It's just-"
I held up my hand, silencing her. "Ne. I don't want to hear it. There are no excuses in the midst of battle." I stepped closer to her. "Focus, Adelina, and be careful not to let your emotions get the better of you."
She dug the tip of her blade into the ground, uprooting the grass. "I am only human, you know,"
A small smile tugged at the corner of my lips. "Eka kenna, I know. But you will learn to find balance, shur'tugal." I rested my hand on her shoulder. "Now go, return to your studies. We are done for today."
Her head snapped up. "My apologies, Master, I'll do better...please, can we try again?"
I searched her wide eyes for a moment before shaking my head. "You needn't apologize. I believe that perhaps you should reflect on our lesson in preparation for tomorrow." I let my hand fall from her shoulder as I reached for her practice blade. "Ganga. Go,"
She offered the blade with a sigh and bowed. "Eka elrun ono, Master. I will do better."
I nodded in reply before she turned from me. I watched her go as I reflected on the lesson of the day. As a human rider she had much to learn about the balance of emotion and logic, and being young didn't help the matter. Yet, I had faith. Her passion would carry her far.
A slight breeze shifted my dark hair as I placed the blades into the weapons rack. The training island was unusually quiet today, as most of the riders were in the Hall attending to their studies as their respective dragons were training with Saphira. My own dragon, Svellevarina, was among them, helping Saphira-elda with the younglings.
I entered the Hall, the creaking of the large wooden door causing a series of faces to look my way before returning to the books and pages on the table. I came to stand beside Eragon, who was overseeing the young riders as they studied. He raised an eyebrow as I met his gaze, clearly expecting an explanation on Adelina's early return.
I spoke in the Ancient Language in a hushed tone as I explained: "I have asked that she take time to reflect on balancing her emotions while in combat. It does no good to allow them to get the better of you."
"Emotions can be used as a tool," he replied.
I shook my head slightly. "Not when you allow them to overpower you, Eragon-vodhr."
"Hm. Balance is needed, I do agree," he glanced in her direction. "Alas, she is young. And human. There is much for her to learn."
The young riders concluded their evening of studying when their dragons returned to the island with Saphira-elda and Svellevarina, allowing them to eat, rest, and spend much needed time with their dragons. The sun was just peeking over the tops of the trees now, giving the clouds in the sky a navy shadow.
"You and Svellevarina may be dismissed for the evening. No further training is needed tonight." Eragon told me.
I bowed my head. "Eka elrun ono, Eragon-vodhr. Svellevarina and I shall return tomorrow morning."
Eragon nodded with a small smile as I turned from him and made my way to Svellevarina, who was laying next to Saphira in the training field behind the Hall. In comparison, Svellevarina was much smaller than Saphira due to their drastic age difference but she was just as beautiful. Her white scales managed to catch every ounce of light and reflect them into rainbows on nearby surfaces. It was if she was made of diamonds.
Svellevarina hummed as I approached.
I bowed to Saphira, twisting my hand over my heart before I addressed my dragon. "Eragon-vodhr has dismissed us for the evening."
Svellevarina shifted, allowing me access to climb up onto her back and into my place in the saddle. She nudged Saphira gently before coming to stand on all fours. She took a few steps forward and unfurled her velvet wings, making sure not to hit the elder dragon in the process. She pushed off the ground with her powerful legs, her talons taking up the earth with her as she pumped her wings and rose into the air. I held on tightly to the neck spike in front of me as she gained altitude, my brown hair whipped back behind me. It was only when Svellevarina angled herself and was level with the horizon that I relaxed in the saddle.
"Adelina has come a long way," Svellevarina remarked.
"Indeed, she has. But as Eragon-vodhr said, there is much for her to learn,"
"They all do, Vilensia. That is not unique,"
I chuckled, looking over Svellevarina's side and into the ocean waters below us. "Her dragon, Kydus, he is quite like her,"
"He has spirit. As every dragon should,"
The edge of Ellesmera, the Elvish capital city, was now in view. The light blue glow of the night lights lined in the treetops could be seen even from this distance. It was old magic that kept these lights aglow every night and dimmed during the day, allowing for those awake in the night hours to see their way through the city. They were especially useful in places where the rays of the sun could not pierce through the thick canopy of the trees. Behind us, the sky was painted with purples and oranges as the sun-kissed the horizon. There was a patch of vibrant red ahead of us, however, that stood out from the colours of the sunset. The colour sparkled in the dimming sunlight and a playful roar echoed across the water. Svellevarina responded in kind as we intercepted the dragon and rider.
"Kvetha, Murtagh!" I called as the dragons flew circles around one another. "Kvetha, Thorn,"
"How goes the rider training?" Murtagh asked.
"Slowly," Svellevarina replied. "Even the oldest of them have a long ways to go yet,"
"It is best that their training is handled with patience. Time is not against them," Thorn replied.
Murtagh grinned. "Not everyone can excel at their training as the two of you, after all."
Svellevarina bobbed her head and drew her lips back in her form of a grin, exposing her teeth and gums. "Now this is true. We were, nay, are an exception."
I patted the side of her neck. "Come Svell, we best be off. Another day of training awaits us tomorrow and the sun is always early to rise."
She snorted in response.
"Well, I am glad we were able to catch you on your way home," Murtagh said. "Thorn and I were on our way to see Queen Nasuada,"
I sent him a knowing smile. For as long as I could remember the Queen of Men was rather close to Murtagh and Thorn, though I was never aware if anything was official between the two of them. I had met Queen Nasuada only a handful of occasions to deal with formal matters on behalf of Eragon if he was not able to leave the island. She was sharp-witted and strong, with the courage to challenge a dragon. The two of them were fitting companions.
Svellevarina stretched out her talons and flared her wings back as she entered the opening of my home tree. She perched on the ledge as I unseated myself from the saddle and climbed down into the room. Papers had scattered off the table and onto the floor from the wind created by Svellevarina's landing. I began my nightly routine as Svellevarina crawled inside and settled down in the open space on the floor next to the window.
"Do you think we shall get the chance to travel one day, Vilansia?" My dragon asked.
I paused in unbraiding my hair, my ends flowing loose. "Maybe one day, bjartskular," I continued letting down my hair. "Why do you ask?"
She sighed, a small cloud of smoke escaping her white nostrils. "My wings ache to soar on different currents. It would be good for us, don't you think?"
I offered her a small smile as I sat down beside her head and looked out the window with her. I rested my left hand on the top of her snout and scratched her scales. Svellevarina hummed in pleasure. "Yes. It would be good. My heart tells me that there is still so much more to see. Maybe one day,"
Svellevarina said nothing in response as she closed her scaly eyelids and slipped away into her dreams. I closed my mind slightly to her to prevent my thoughts from disturbing her rest.
I sighed as I settled in the chair in front of my desk, gathering my papers together. I reviewed my notes on the young riders in training, rubbing my temple. There was not much else that Svellevarina and I were kept busy with. Not to say that this was entirely bad, Alagaesia was experiencing a glorious time of peace and tranquility with the new dragon riders stationed across the country. New treaties had been made with different cities and it was our duty to ensure that the rules of the treaties were followed. Svellevarina and I, however, were asked to stay with Eragon and Saphira to assist with the training of the next generations of riders. We were honored by the request. Other riders and their dragons left Alagaesia, for once they finished their training they were given the freedom to do so. Few rarely came back, not because they had perished, but because they made the choice to stay wherever it was that they had settled down.
I began to write today's notes on Adelina's training, making sure to state that it had ended earlier than usual. Tomorrow I would be training with another of the older students, a male elf named Ivsaar, who was still but a child by Elvish standards. His training was coming along quite well, but where Adelina was emotional, Ivsaar was proud. Proud to the point of arrogance. I pushed my dark hair away from my face as I leaned against the back of the chair. There was never a moment of boredom for Svellevarina and I, our duties always kept us busy. I often wondered how Eragon and Saphira had done this for so many years on their own. Svell's tail twitched in her sleep, the sliding of her scales on the wooden floor making a slithering noise. Through our bond, I could interpret the theme of her dreams. Tonight her mind led her to a world of winged battle, fighting enemies from the skies. I smiled in her direction before turning my attention to my notes. As an Elf, I had no need for rest, though in some time I would need to recover. I could go many nights without sleep. Rather, our minds and bodies slip into a deep meditative state, where our subconscious remains alert and awake to the outside world, allowing us to rise at a moment's notice. Tonight would be one without rest for me, as there was still more paperwork to be done.
Pinks and oranges coloured my room as the sun peaked over the horizon, marking the start of a new day. I pressed my mind against Svellevarinas to wake her gently. She snorted, small sparks shooting from her nostrils. Her scaly eyelids opened to reveal her apatite coloured eyes as they focused on me.
"It's morning already?" She asked.
I couldn't help but chuckle. "So it is, Svell. Kvetha,"
She hummed in response, the vibrations created in her chest echoing throughout me and the room.
I gathered my notes together and placed them in my pack so that I would be able to go over them with Eragon when we arrived at the rider's training island. I quickly braided my hair back before throwing my pack over my shoulders and hauling Svellevarina's saddle over to her. She shifted so that she was no longer on her side and tucked her wings against her. I placed the saddle in the space on her back just before the start of her neck where there was a large space between the row of spikes that grew from the base of her head to the tip of her tail, where the largest and sharpest spike created the point of her tail. She stood slightly as I looped the straps around her midsection and tightened the buckles. Once everything was in place I climbed up her foreleg and sat in the saddle, shifting until I was comfortable. Svellevarina informed Saphira-elda of our departure from home as she climbed on to the ledge of the window, spreading her translucent white wings. She jumped, allowing the wind to catch under her and soared over the treetops of other Elvish homes.
Eragon greeted us at the front of the main hall when we arrived, his right hand held up in the form of a wave.
I jumped down from the saddle once Svell landed and bowed to Eragon, my hand over my heart. "Kvetha, Eragon-vodhr,"
"Kvetha, Vilansia, Svellevarina," He replied, nodding to each of us. "I take it you wish to review your notes on some of the young riders?"
"If you have a moment, yes. I only wish to ensure that we are on the right path for Adelina and Ivsaar," I replied.
"Very well. I will meet you in the Hall." He faced my dragon. "Saphira is waiting for you in the training field,"
She did not waste a moment to take off into the air once again to meet with the elder dragon.
I followed Eragon into the Hall, sitting in one of the many oak chairs that lined the long table. Eragon sat beside me and waited patiently for me to gather my notes out of my pack and arrange them accordingly.
I rested my palm on one of the two piles. "Here I have recorded the progress made with Adelina's training. I made sure to update it appropriately last night,"
He pushed the stack of papers toward him before picking through them, scanning the contents of a few of the pages. "I would not change what is written here, I believe you have done well. Perhaps we should discuss the direction of her training,"
"I had hoped you would be willing, Eragon-vodhr. I believe there is much to discuss,"
He leaned back in the chair, his elbow propped on the armrest with his fist supporting the weight of his head. "It does not do well to force the process. Adelina will come to in her own time. If I have learned anything in my many years on this island it is that each dragon and rider requires a different length of time to complete their journey here. While it is our duty to ensure the quality of their training, it is also our duty to respect their individuality and the needs that come with that," He let his hand fall to his lap. "You are not wrong to worry, Vilansia. Your concern demonstrates your care. But do not forget your own duties,"
I bowed my head respectively. "I admire your wisdom, as always. Elrun ono,"
He offered a small smile. "You are doing well, you needn't stress yourself so. Saphira and I both appreciate the dedication that you and Svellevarina have to train those that come here,"
"Why, of course!" I replied quickly, my brows raised. "We are honored to assist yourself and Saphira-elda with the rider training,"
Before Eragon could reply, the Hall doors swung open, the wood creaking from the sudden movement. "Apologies, Master Eragon, Master Vilansia," a male dwarf rider spoke. "Arya Dröttning and Firnen-elda have arrived on the island!"
Adelina burst in behind the young dwarf. "I have called on both Saphira-elda and Svellevarina-elda to return,"
"Very well. Elrun ono. When the dragons all return, gather the youngest riders and their dragons together. You are all dismissed from training for the remainder of the day." Eragon ordered as he stood.
I followed suit, the two of us making our way to the front entrance of the Hall where the Elf queen and her dragon would be waiting. The emerald green of Firnen-elda was the first thing my eyes were drawn to before my gaze rested on the elegance of Arya Dröttning beside him. Eragon and I both bowed to her, our hands twisted over our hearts.
"We are graced by your visit, Arya Dröttning. And you as well, Firnen." Eragon said once he stood to his full height. "Though I must inquire about the reason behind your visit. It is not often the queen of Ellesmera and her dragon find themselves on the training island."
"Indeed, it is not," Arya replied. "We bring urgent news from a distant land that must be discussed immediately,"
Eragon gestured to the Hall, allowing Arya to walk in front of him as he rested his hand on the small of her back, guiding her the rest of the way. I followed the two of them, walking a few paces in front of Firnen. The Hall doors were large enough to accommodate the largest of dragons easily so that they may be present for any and all meetings within the Hall. Arya sat at the head of the table and Eragon placed himself on her right side. I sat next to Arya on her left as Firnen curled himself behind Arya Dröttning.
I wanted nothing more than to barrage the queen with questions about this pressing news, but I knew better to wait for the arrival of Svellevarina and Saphira-elda. It was not often at all that the queen made an appearance. In fact, it was rare for either her or Firnen to leave the borders of Ellesmera, as their duties required them to stay close to home. I couldn't help but notice the small glances that Eragon cast her way. There was no denying the care that he held in his brown eyes towards her, as he made no attempt to hide it. The two of them were an unlikely pairing. Saphira had shared the story of their meeting to me when I was considerably younger after I had pleaded for some time that someone tell it to me. She seemed happy to indulge my curious mind. Their fondness for one another was something I had grown up with, just as Svellevarina had with Saphira and Firnen. While the two never showed it, I was certain that the time and distance a part from one another certainly had it's toll.
Saphira was the first to enter the Hall, causing Firnen to stand and greet her as she settled in behind Eragon. He rubbed the top of his snout against her neck, humming until Saphira returned the gesture.
Arya cleared her throat, her green eyes sharp and focused. "I received word from outsiders of Alagaesia," she folded her hands together on the table in front of her. "Our people have known of distant lands for some time. As you all know, we have not always resided in Du Weldenvarden. Since that time, however, we had not heard from those living outside Alagaesia. That is, until now. I was contacted by an individual who claimed to be from a country called Middle Earth. He introduced himself as Gandalf Mithrandir but would not share much more about himself,"
"How was he able to contact you?" I interrupted.
The queen shook her head. "I do not know exactly how, I had believed our blockades around Du Weldenvarden to be stronger. In any case, he was able to scry me and he told me that his country is in a state of crisis, a war for them is inevitable. His purpose in contacting me was to seek out help so that they may have a better chance of defeating the evil forces threatening to take over. Apparently there were ancient texts describing our lands that he came across, thus leading him to seek someone out,"
Saphira lifted her head above Eragon's chair, leaning over her rider. "If he is asking for help, what exactly does he expect from us?"
"That is for us to decide. I believe that something must be done, though it is not up to me alone. Hence this meeting," Arya Dröttning replied.
Eragon shook his head. "Our graduated riders are scattered across Alagaesia. Even attempting to contact them would take some time,"
"Time is something those of Middle Earth do not have," Firnen stated.
"What is the threat, exactly?" I asked.
The queen's gaze fell on me, her mouth was pulled tight. "Gandalf Mithrandir described a sleeping darkness that is finally beginning to wake. A being capable of complete devastation on the free people of Middle Earth and has been slowly growing in power,"
"It must be stopped," Svellevarina said.
"I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that I agree," Arya replied, her green eyes focused on her hands in front of her. "The question remains. How are we to send aid? Firnen and I cannot leave, our duties require us to remain,"
Svellevarina shifted. "What about Vilansia and I? We are not so needed here as you all are,"
I couldn't help but turn to look at her. She glanced at me briefly before focusing on the others. There was no hesitation in her, she was completely set on this decision. After a moment I turned back around, my back straight. It was true. While Svell and I did much of the rider training on the island, our presence was not needed in the way that Eragon and Saphira were. There was no question that Arya and Firnen would not be able to leave the country, and with the other graduated rider's whereabouts unknown, it only made sense for Svellevarina and me to be the ones to go. All eyes were on my dragon and I.
"We are certainly capable,"
"There is no question about your capability," Eragon said. "The question is if you are willing,"
"I was not given much more information besides what I have already shared. Gandalf gave me coordinates to a meeting place in Middle Earth, but aside from that I know nothing else," Arya Dröttning added. "There is no question that this will be dangerous. It is only a matter of time before battle ensues,"
A small smirk played on my lips. "Eragon-vodhr, did Svellevarina and I not excel in our training?"
"You both did, yes,"
"There is no doubt, then, that we are a fitting choice," Svellevarina said.
Firnen growled low in his throat. "Do not take this matter lightly. You would be entering a time of great peril,"
"They need help, Firnen-elda," I replied. "We cannot deny them that. Svellevarina and I should be the ones to go,"
There was a moment of silence while everyone remained deep in thought.
"Very well," Arya Dröttning said, breaking the quiet. "The two of you shall leave tomorrow morning. There will be preparations made for your departure," She stood from the table. "I shall meet you all at the main hall of Ellesmera at sunrise," She faced me. "Gather what you are able. Whatever provisions you are lacking I can provide," With a twirl of her dress skirts, she took her leave of the Hall, Eragon being quick to follow her.
Saphira nudged Firnen along as they made their way after their riders.
I stood from the table as well to face my dragon. "You truly wish to take on this mission?"
"It will be a worthy adventure, Vi,"
I tilted my head. There was a small part of her that was slightly intimidated. The stress in Arya's voice was indeed sincere and we knew better than to take that lightly. I too was apprehensive, but the confidence I had in our abilities overshadowed my doubt.
"And we are a worthy team,"
Svellevarina's tail twitched in approval as she swung her head to nudge me gently. I rested my head on the top of her snout where her scales were the softest and held on to her bottom jaw. I closed my eyes, Svellevarina's hot breath shifting my hair with each exhale.
-next chapter-
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so, by now, I can assume that you all know that I have been planning a sequel to The Last Light of the Star (TLLOTS)
Well, it’s official. From Ashes to Embers (FATE) will be coming soon!!
I want to give a special thank you to my friend @elvish-sky for helping me go over/organize the chaos in my brain and plan out this fic. I appreciate all you have done for me! <3
If you want to be added to the TLLOTS/FATE tag list, please let me know!
TLLOTS/FATE Tag List: @bathewithsatan @wanderingmerlin @elvish-sky @ellies-iced-coffee @ladymidnight77
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bitter-sweet-farmgirl · 17 days ago
'Agl Ya id-Fund Uzbad
Tumblr media
Part 36 of ‘A Deep Misunderstanding’.  Link to Series Masterlist.
Note:  If you wish to be tagged for certain stories, just let me know and I can add you to a tag list!
@kumqu4t​​ @pixierox101​​ @elvish-sky​​ @ladylouoflothlorien​ @vicmackeybullshxt @lothloriien​ @shadowhuntyi @hellonogblogstuff​ @justfollowtheroad​​​
OC(s) Used: Estel
Word Count:  2,015
Translation(s): 'Agl Ya id-Fund Uzbad: Talk with the Elf King
Tirith im iest cadfadh: Guard, I wish to speak to you
Eneth nin: My name
Hir nin: My lord
Ego men: Leave (more or less 'be off, go')
The prisons of Mirkwood were a bit nicer than I expected; with clean cells that did not smell of dampness or past prisoners. But that didn't mean it was pleasant being locked in a cell by myself.
All the other Dwarrows were concentrating on fruitlessly throwing themselves against the iron of the cell doors. I knew well the strength of Elvish forging and chose not to bruise myself needlessly. Instead, I peered out through the bars, cataloguing our surroundings.
There was that blond ellon standing guard after the red-haired elleth had walked away from Kili's cell. He stared after her silently, and based off their conversation, I wondered if he might have felt affection for her. It was strange that he would react so jealously to Kili watching her.
Commotion suddenly rose again as a pair of guards marched past the cells--the Dwarrows jeering at them as they passed by--and stopped by Thorin's cell which was just out of my line of sight. Keys jangled and I heard muffled voices speaking words I couldn't quite make out. Then footsteps drew nearer, punctuated with the soft clinking of armor.
I sucked in a deep breath as Thorin was led past my cell. Relief rushed through me as I watched him walk steadily; no trace of a limp or anything in the way he carried himself.
Even though we were separated, it was comforting just to see him and reassure myself that he was alright.
As he passed by where I was imprisoned, Thorin turned his head ever-so-slightly towards me; his own gaze scanning me to ascertain I was alright. In the split second when his steely-blue eyes met mine before he was led out of my sight, he smiled the tiniest bit. Then he was gone, leaving me with only the sound of his footsteps.
I slumped against the cold bars, tucking my chin against my chest and closing my eyes to ward off the hot, stinging tears. Why did it seem that I never was allowed to be beside Thorin anymore? Why was it the moment we bound ourselves to each other we were separated? A mere two days had passed by since Thorin and I had been wed.
Drawing in a shuddering breath, I raised my head, swallowing hard. It would do no good to stew over things out of my control. Instead, I could try and remedy the situation the best I could.
Since I knew Síndarin, that made me a valuable asset if we were to try and negotiate our freedom. But I was confused over whether or not Thorin wished the Elves to know that I could speak their language. He had very obviously not wanted Bofur to tell them when we had been captured in the forest.
Screw his prejudices. I didn't want to be stuck here.
Looking through my cell door, I caught sight of the blond ellon pacing along the walkway outside the line of cells the company was incarcerated in.
"Tirith, im iest carfadh!" I called out, catching the attention of him. His pacing paused and he looked back in my direction with a furrowed brow; as if he didn't quite believe his pointed ears. "Aye, nin." I affirmed and he strode quickly over to tower above me.
"How do you know Síndarin? You are a Dwarf-female." He questioned in rapid-fire Elvish. His piercing crystal blue eyes seemed to bore into me as he waited for my reply.
"I was taught it as a child by Elves." I answered ambiguously, not wanting to give up my entire history. "What is your name?"
"Legolas." He replied, cocking his head to the side as he looked down at me. "What is yours?"
But I hesitated upon responding, looking at him in a new light. Legolas--greenleaf. It couldn't be. Yet, as I looked him over with a careful eye, everything seemed to add up. There was a vaguely similar facial structure, low cheekbones and the eyes. Merciful Manwë, I felt as though I was looking up into my Naneth's blue eyes that seemed to pierce my soul.
Could he be my Naneth's son? This ellon who was obviously a captain of some sort? Where was his father?
"Eneth nín.... Estel." I replied after hesitating. I did not know if it was wise to give my obviously Elvish name to this ellon.
Legolas raised an eyebrow. "That is an Elvish name.... It seems there is more to you than meets the eyes." He responded suspiciously, and I dropped my gaze to the stone floor. "Come, I will take you to the King; he will be intrigued."
Keys jangled and my door swung open with a faint creak. Legolas grabbed me by the arm and tugged me out onto the walkway. Pushing me ahead of him, he directed me towards a wider path that led up from the depths of Mirkwood.
I wondered what the Elvenking would look like; how he would respond to a Dwarf knowing Elvish. It was no secret that he was not overfond of Dwarves.
But my train of thought was interrupted by the approach of a pair of guards leading a Dwarf between them. Eyes widening in surprise, I watched as Thorin was forcefully dragged away from the Elvenking's presence.
When he caught sight of me, Thorin ceased his struggles, a flicker of fear flashing across his face before he schooled his expression and opened his mouth as if to speak to me. A quick, almost imperceptible shake of my head had him closing it again.
It would be better if the Elves knew nothing about my relationship with Thorin.
With that, we passed by each other; going places where the other couldn't follow. Legolas led me up into the throne room of the Elvenking; a place that took my breath away with the sheer elegance of it.
King Thranduil himself sat upon a lofty throne created out of the antlers of an elk, fiddling absentmindedly with the rings on his fingers. Upon our entrance, he glanced up and raised an eyebrow.
"Why do you bring me another Dwarf, Legolas? And a female at that?" He asked in a voice that could almost be described as bored.
"The Dwarf-female speaks Síndarin." Legolas stated in a rush, not answering the question of his king. The silver-tressed Elvenking became more interested in me all of a sudden, rising to his feet and gliding down the staircase of his throne.
"Oh, she does, does she? Tell me, Dwarf, what is your name?" Thranduil addressed me, circling around me in a way that reminded me of a vulture.
"Eneth nín Estel, Hîr nín." I replied, inclining my head to the Elvenking. Flattery would be the only way out of here.
Both of the Elvenking's eyebrows rose and I saw a glimmer of shock cross his face before the mask of indifference was replaced. "Legolas, ego men." He commanded, and Legolas nodded to his king before turning and exiting the throne room.
That left me and the king alone.
"So, tell me, how did you, a Dwarf-female, come to know the language of the Elves?" Thranduil asked, studying me closely with his cerulean blue eyes.
"I was raised within the woods of Lórien and a woman by the name of Enyalie taught me." I stated, carefully avoiding telling him that she had also raised me. There were some details that did not need to be shared.
My words had the Elvenking whirling around in a swirl of silver from his casual pacing to look at me with wide eyes. "An elleth by the name of Enyalie taught you?" He asked, striding quickly across the floor to stand over me. "Speak, Dwarf."
"Yes, she taught me Síndarin." I stammered, unnerved by the close proximity of Thranduil and the desperate tones his voice had taken on.
"Where is she now?" He asked, and I made a quick decision in my head.
"I do not know, my lord. She moves from place to place and never lingers long. She was only in Lothlorien for a short time." I lied, listening to the little voice within my head that warned me not to reveal too much about my foster-mother to this Elf.
Thranduil stared down at me for another moment before he turned his back on me and strode away to a small table that I hadn't noticed before. He reached down and grabbed something that made a delicate clicking noise.
He turned back towards me, a delicate golden chain strung between his fingertips. On the chain hung a tiny, teardrop-shaped crystal of a shimmering pale pink; one could almost say that there were golden flecks sparkling throughout the gem. A single minuscule diamond rested above the pink crystal; both set in gold.
Thranduil gazed at the ornate piece of jewelry with sorrow brimming in his cerulean eyes. His facade of solemn indifference seemed to fade away before my eyes; leaving him a broken shadow of a man.
Hesitantly stepping closer, I broke the silence that hung heavily in the air. "I take it the necklace has some significance to you, my lord?" I asked, wondering too late if the question was too intruding.
But Thranduil didn't seem to care and looked at me with cerulean irises dulled with the heavy weight of grief. "Yes, it does, Estel." He replied in a soft voice; gently touching the pink gem with a fingertip.
"It must have belonged to someone you cared about?" I questioned, my curiosity overriding my common-sense.
"Once more, yes. It belonged to--" Thranduil cut himself off, raising his chin and looking down at me. "It is none of your concern who it belonged to, Dwarf. Legolas!"
In that instant, all his defenses had been slammed back up and locked; the facade covering his emotions like a mask.
Legolas entered the room and nodded to his king. "Yes?" He asked, and Thranduil nodded indifferently to me as he replaced the necklace on the table with great care.
"Take her back to the cells."
"Of course, Adar." Legolas responded, and his simple choice of words had my mouth falling open in amazement.
Adar? Father?
The blond-haired ellon grabbed my arm and escorted me down to the dungeons where he locked me back up in my cell. He lingered for a moment, watching me with a curious eye. "You are different than other Dwarves. Never have I seen Father show anyone that necklace." He murmured, breaking me out of my preoccupying thoughts.
"To whom does the necklace belong to?" I asked, and Legolas' expression darkened for a moment.
"The necklace was my mother's." He answered quietly, then turned and walked away before I could ask any more questions.
Not that I really had any more; my one question had confirmed my thoughts.
Thranduil's recognition of my foster-mother's name was strange in itself, but what was stranger was how he reacted. It would not have been unusual if he recognized her name, but the sadness that had overwhelmed him told me there was more to the story than I knew.
The necklace obviously belonged to his wife--late wife, if the history tomes and Legolas were correct--whom he loved as much as life. That much was clear.
I knew for certain that Legolas was my Naneth's son; the translation of 'greenleaf' was one unique to the dialect she spoke--a combination of Silvian and Lórien Elvish--with the roots of the name being older words. The same she used when describing her son to me.
But if he called Thranduil 'Adar' then that meant the the Elvenking was the husband my Naneth had left eons ago. This was the part that puzzled me. Why would my Naneth leave her prestigious role as Queen of the Green Wood to return to her childhood home? She had a handsome husband who obviously loved with his whole being, a son, riches, and status. What more could she have wanted? Why had she left?
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The Last Light of the Star (TLLOTS)
Links: AO3 link | Wattpad link
Sequel: FATE
A.N: Here is the new official intro post for my lotr/th fanfic because I accidentally deleted the last one. So here it is! Any feedback is welcomed :)
Summary: Arryin is a descendant from an ancient elven race, the Núr -o Gilgalad (People of starlight). She has suffered great lost, her entire village was burned to ashes and she has been on the run for 984 years….just to stay safe and keep her secret hidden. What happens when Arryin’s past catches up to her and she meets a certain blond elf?
HERE is further explanation on the story if you want
Chapters: 34
Total Word Count: Approximately 140k+
Warnings: violence, mentions of death, slowburn, pinning, angst, fluff, a lil spicy, self harm, depression, etc.
HERE for specific chapter by chapter warnings
Additional Content:
Arryin Concept Art | All Characters Concept Art | Cover Art | Moodboards | POC/Character inspiration
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entishramblings · 22 days ago
I read TLLOTS and I was surprised to see POC. Can u give some details about your inspiration?
Hello Anon! This is a fantastic question to receive!!
Here is visual that I created for almost every character through artbreeder!
But yes, I can most definitely give you more details!
I wanted to include diversity in TLLOTS because I feel like I rarely ever see POC or other ethnicities in tolkien fanfiction! So, I wanted to include that while still keeping Tolkien’s elven culture!
And I’m just gonna include all the characters if that’s cool with you :)
Arryin was intended to be of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean decent! So, she has a darker skin tone and the white Núr -o Gilgalad tribal markings/tattoos.
Well, Legolas is Legolas. Blue eyes and blonde hair ya know
Belanor is intended to be albino. He has white hair, eyebrows, eyelashes—everything! And grey eyes to match :)
Beyla is black! However, she has what I describe sunshine-colored hair! She usual wears it in box braids! She’s also a sweetheart and was inspired by Flora from Winx Club (cartoon, not the shitty whitewashed netflix adaptation)!
Rowan is intended to be of Irish decent! He has long, straight, red hair and dark eyes! He also has some happy little freckles! His personality was entirely inspired by Sokka from ATLA!
Faelynor is inspired through European culture. His physical characteristics were taken a bit from Latvian decent! However he’s got dark black/blue-ish hair!
Razela’s physical appearance was actually inspired by Rosa Diaz!
Halafarin is also from middle eastern decent, specifically inspired by Arabian culture! He’s got dark hair and dark eyes
Aredhel is also black! He’s got dark dark skin and warm, brown eyes! He’s also hella buff and HELLA hot (sorta inspired by Derek Morgan from Criminal Minds hehehe)
Miliel is your basic white-skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed gal :) but she’s a gentle soul
Thranduil is well Thranduil
Fraeya has brown hair and brown eyes!
Ristala was inspired by Latino culture! She has darker skin and gives off slightly-angry mom vibes! But basically—she don’t take shit. She was inspired by Sofía Vergara!
Thank you for this fantastic question!!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Last Light of the Star (TLLOTS) — Legolas/OC
all images found on Pinterest <3
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entishramblings · 22 days ago
Hi! I hear a lot about your fic (and I think I will read it when I have the time and mental capacity to start something long) but I’m not entirely sure what it’s about? I get the basic sort of premise but beyond that I’m just a little bit confused?
Hi Mellon Nin! Thank you for the ask!
I shall try to explain it a little better! I didn’t want to give too much away in the intro post, but I’m happy to give you more detail on here ;)
So...below the cut is further explanation (just want to add a “keep reading” for people who want to go into it with no knowledge)
Arryin is a descendant from an ancient elven race, the Núr -o Gilgalad (People of starlight). This group of people have been hunted and killed for their powers that were gifted to them by the Valar. These powers stem from the stars, so they manifest as fire!
Anyways, Arryin had been on the run from the orcs hunting her because she was the only one who survived the massacre when she was twelve. And, due to all this, her elven race faded into legends.
Eventually, she ends up in Mirkwood. She becomes a member of the elven guard under Thranduil’s request; however, she doesn’t want to be there. She’s only staying because she thinks Thranduil knows her secret; and, in order to keep herself safe, her plan is to kill him if he knows that she is Núr -o Gilgalad. Cuz, if word got out, the orcs and others that would want to use her for her powers, would hunt her again.
As the story goes on, she begins to develop friendships with Legolas and other elves; which is all knew to her because she’s never really trusted people. So, the story is her journey with new emotions and relationships—which means addressing her grief and past. Furthermore, the orcs and spiders have been stirring so an impending war with darkness arises and she has to learn to twist her self-centered views into ones that benefit others!
I hope this explanation helped!! And if you have more questions PLEASE come to me. Hehe I love talking about my fic!
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sapphire-reads · 24 days ago
Chapters: 26/26 Fandom: The Lord of the Rings - All Media Types, The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings (Movies) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Legolas Greenleaf/Original Female Character(s), Boromir/Original Female Character(s) Characters: Aragorn, Legolas, Legolas Greenleaf, Boromir, Gandalf, Elrond, Merry Brandybuck, Pippin Took, Sam Gamgee, Frodo Baggins, Original Female Character(s), Arwen, Eleanor Dace, Haldir, Galadriel, Glorfindel Additional Tags: Rávamë’s Bane Trilogy, Lapsus Memoriae, Modern Girl in Middle Earth, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Tenth Walker, Slow Burn, Unrequited Love, Mild Language, Mild Gore, Humour, really slow burn Series: Part 1 of Rávamë’s Bane Trilogy Summary:
Every Tolkien fan has a “Tenth Walker” in them — but Eleanor Dace hasn’t read a word of Tolkien since she was thirteen and was still fantasising about adventuring in other worlds.
Now she’s twenty-two, a third year English Literature student about to graduate from college; when she discovers that her teenage fantasy just got a bit too realistic for her liking. Now she’s trapped in Arda, a world she has little idea how to survive in, trying to recover a missing set of memories that might help get her home. Or they might just make things go from merely life-threateningly bad; to apocalyptically worse.
With little more than her hazy recall of the Lord of the Rings trilogy to draw on (and a sarcastic second personality giving cryptic advice in her head) Eleanor begins to realise that there is something sinister going on in Middle Earth, besides the return of the One Ring. Something more than just mere coincidence brought her here, and only remembering what it is will get her home again.
Oh, and in case things weren't complicated enough already — her ears just got a whole lot more pointy.
  [My spin on the ever popular cliche: “a girl falls into Middle Earth.” Rated for language.]
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3, 12, 24 for the OC asks!
Hey, Maia!! Thank you for asking! ☀️
My OC of choice today is my main homegirl; Bonnie Maxwell, from Heart of Gold.
Tumblr media
3.) What does your oc’s voice sound like? (Or, if you have one, what’s their voiceclaim?) Can they sing, whistle, or roll their rs? Do they have any speech impediments or notable dialects/accents?
Bonnie is very quick and deep with her voice—perhaps a slight raspy edge, too, like Amy from Little Women (2019). However, my voice/face-claim for her is Emmy Rossum, inspired most by her debut as Fiona Gallagher.
The inflection I hear in her tone most, though, is whatever accent Mickey Milkovich has got going on.
Bonnie can carry a tune, but nothing in comparison to the elves of Middle-earth she soons find herself spending time with. She’s more on par with the dwarves’ style of music—loud, boisterous and merry.
She can whistle quite well, though—she even does that “two finger in mouth” whistle thing!
Tumblr media
12.) How does your oc handle talking to somebody they can’t stand? What if it’s a situation where they’re forced to work with this person?
Sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm—if Bonnie has a problem with you, you’ll find out very soon, and not in a nice way. Bonnie’s only skill is being able to talk circles around someone, until they’re left baffled. Life of a Silver-tongue. She’s always ready to win a fight, and enjoys the process.
Tumblr media
25.) How does your oc handle sadness?
She simply doesn’t. She’d prefer to not focus on it, throwing herself into her work instead (she picks up blacksmithing as a trade/hobby to find her feet after the events of Smaug).
After a while, though, her emotions will eat at her, until she eventually breaks something in frustration and, in turn, breaks down herself.
Tumblr media
I have a proper introductory post saved in my drafts for both her and my story with all the cover art etc, so maybe I ought to get around to posting it?
In conclusion, I love my problematic, alcoholic warrior 💛
Just look at her little morally grey face 🥰
Tumblr media
she’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll deck you in the fucking face to remind you of your place <3 —Bilbo, at one point, probably.
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entishramblings · 27 days ago
Chapter 31 — Nothin’ in the Cage of My Ribcage
is now posted! also, oh my god! only a couple more chapters to go....what the hell?? how did that happen?
tllots tag list: @bathewithsatan @wanderingmerlin @elvish-sky @ellies-iced-coffee
Lmk if you want to be added to the tag list!
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mimilind · 27 days ago
Cat of the Fellowship: Chapter 21
Tumblr media
Chapter 21: Kat tries to cheer Legolas up with a discussion about birth-control, but it gets more personal and serious than she expected. Later the Four Hunters bump into some stern riders.
Links to the story:
Tumblr media
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entishramblings · a month ago
Chapter 30: Realization and the Price of Regrets
is now posted :)
tllots tag list: @bathewithsatan @wanderingmerlin @elvish-sky @ellies-iced-coffee
lmk if you want to be added to the tag list
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