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#Legolas x Gimli
celeste-clearwater-06 · 22 hours ago
Hey everyone!! I know I've been gone for quite some time, as im taking a momentary break to deal with some personal at home stuff, and I really appreciate all of your patience and kindness with my time away!
I'm not sure how much longer I'll be gone, however, don't fret, because all of your requests are being worked on and edited as we speak! Just need some time to reevaluate and get back into the swing of things! Thank you all for your patience!! 💜💜
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mania-mono · a day ago
Just a scene where Gimli is riding a horse with Legolas and telling the latter about the beauty of the Caverns of Helm's Deep and both making a promise that if they were to survive the war then they would journey together to visit Fangorn and Helm's Deep. It's cute how Gimli jumps into a monologue about the cave's beauty and with each new sentence he calls Legolas to listen to him. Just this thought of Gimli sharing beauty with Legolas.
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gamgeesgarden · a day ago
Gimli: *struggling to retrieve an item from the top shelf*
Legolas: Do you need me to get it for you?
Gimli: *gasps*
Legolas, laughing: Okay then...
[moments later]
Gimli: *defeated sigh*
Gimli: Help me.
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lady-latte · 2 days ago
Hey Friendos! Requests are now open temporarily! Send in whatever you wish within request rules. If you have any questions let me know!
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mrsmidnight15 · 3 days ago
Lotr/The Hobbit one shot Requests open!
I want some more practice writing one shots so I am now opening requests.
Characters I write for:
The Fellowship
I do not write nsfw
I will write platonic and family relationships between reader and character.
Please be specific when requesting, for example a situation or reaction to something. I'm not sure how to respond to just "character x reader".
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unnamedelement · 3 days ago
Part 3: This Elf and This Dwarf *Might* Be Gay
Let’s sail into the West together—no homo! (LesbiReal, tho, they are—in the most conservative interpretation of the facts—at least enjoying a QPR or an exceptionally romantic friendship.)
they’re in love, your honor
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bonthescottishvamp · 5 days ago
So I just finished marathoning The Hobbit & LOTR movies yesterday. Having never seen them or read the books and having only seen some memes here on Tumblr before, I didn't know what to expect.
I certainly didn't expect to come away from it shipping Legolas with Gimil, but, well, here we are I guess;
Tumblr media
The Elf and the Dwarf are husbands, your honour.
And I love them both so much.
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unnamedelement · 5 days ago
@roselightfairy has been kind enough to let me practice podficcing on some of her fics, which I am very grateful for, as she has some of the most beautiful Legolas & Gimli prose I have read. This is the first full-length recording I made with my new mic, the Shure MV7. I still have a lot of learning to do audio-editing wise and I did this in one take, but I am excited with this new start. (Of course, it helps that this is some of the most heart-wrenching material in the active L&G LotR fandom!) Thanks, Rose--you’ve been an anchor this past... half a year now? Thank you. And may Legolas and Gimli *sob* live long and prosper. Please, if you enjoy this, give some love to the original fic at this link (and the podfic at this link). Music is legally licensed from James Beaudreau.
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roselightfairy · 6 days ago
Following conversations with @unnamedelement about cut stuff from Tolkien’s drafts (and the stuff that made it into the story!!) I find myself just...mad with curiosity about whether he was AWARE of how gay he was making Legolas and Gimli? Like that whole line in the Appendices where he says it was “scarcely to believed: that a dwarf should be willing to leave Middle-earth for any love” and then follows it immediately with “it is said that he went also out of desire to see again the Lady Galadriel, whose beauty he revered . . . More cannot be said of this matter.” Like it’s the most deliberate no-homo I’ve ever witnessed. “It’s so strange that he loved Legolas enough to go with him OH IT MUST BE BECAUSE OF THE WOMAN don’t worry they aren’t gay.” And then all this stuff he cut out of drafts! Like! I know authorial intent doesn’t matter, but did he know??? How could he not know how gay he was making them??? It makes me want to scream and tear apart my whole room aswierjiohgojfioewjdskajoijaaaaaaaaaa
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unnamedelement · 6 days ago
Part One: This Elf and This Dwarf *Might* Be Gay
Inspired by this TikTok series on SamFro and this desire I accidentally typed into being:
Tumblr media
For a slightly more nuanced take, here is the longer YouTube video. (CC available. Mind the credits and disclaimers in the video description.)
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I don't know.. I don't know if I like this story or not.. but it's worth a try. The first LOTR fanfic about Legolas and Y/N is here
Pairing: Legolas x you
Warnings: alcohol, grammatical errors
Summary: You will get drunk. What will Legolas do with it?
Drinking game
I love this gif so much! Leggy looks so cute and adorable! I had to put it here..
Tumblr media
Legolas was ignoring me.  For a long time.  I didn’t know why, but I slowly started to worry … did I do something wrong?
Brain told me that not.  But doubts still bothered me.
Did he find out … that I liked him?  I don’t know how he did that, because I didn’t let any of the my clues show that I like him!   I was afraid of his rejection.
But how did he find out?
So that was the question.
To keep my pride anyway, I pretended to don’t care that Legolas was ignoring me.
We were in Edoras now.  A feast was here, and I welcomed the feast with great pleasure.  We deserved it … We lost a lot of our fighters … but we won.  I wanted to forget about the fight and the others, at least for a while.
Gimli was sitting at a table with a huge glass of beer in front of him.
I raised an eyebrow.
Legolas stood with a glass on the table in front of him.  I smirked.
“Boys, are you going to play a drinking game?”
Legolas looked at me.
“Yes! And you? Don’t you want to join, lass?"  Gimli winked at me.
I laughed.  "I don’t drink alcohol. It’s been a long time."  I added.
In fact, I don’t have a good experience with alcohol.  Every time I take a sip of alcohol, I have to have another one and then I get really drunk.  And when I get drunk … I do all the stupid stuff.  The last time I ran naked into the woods.  Oh god.  No one has seen me there yet.  I hope.  
Alcohol?  No, please.
Legolas spoke up.  "So what exactly is the point of this drinking game then?”
That would interest me too.
Gimli mysteriously faced and grinned.  “Last man standing wins kiss from Y / N!”
“I am on!"  Legolas screamed and took a good gulp.
I looked at him in shock.  He ignored my gazes.  Does he want me to kiss him?  He ignored me!  I really don’t know men. Or elf - men. Not really.
Gimli also started drinking.  The two of them didn’t notice me either, they were biased to drink.
I walked over to Éomer, who was watching in amusement.
"They went crazy, didn’t they?"  I asked him.
Éomer grinned.  "You can’t blame them, Y / N. They want their deserved kiss.”
I rolled my eyes.  “All right then. Except that Legolas doesn’t look like he wants a kiss with me, but okay.”
Éomer faced in confusion.  “What are you talking about? The man is into you. Didn’t you notice the way he looked at you? And he almost died for fear that something would happen to you in battle!”
I widened my eyes.  “I don’t believe you, Éomer.”
“You know what, Y / N … you’re really a fool. You two walk around yourselves, but you don’t admit to each other that you feel anything for each other.”
“Who told you that?"  I hissed.  He couldn’t notice it in such a short time.
Eomer rolled his eyes.  "Even a blind man would notice. Everyone knows it. Aragorn, Gimli, Gandalf, …”
I looked at him.  “Aren’t you drunk?”
He sighed.  “As you wish, Y / N. As you wish."  And with that, he walked away.
What was it?  It can not be true.  Legolas isn’t into me.  That’s enough.  The end.
I walked over to the table.  There was a pitcher of some lemonade.   I was hoping there was no alcohol in it.  Surprisingly, it tasted good and I didn’t smell any alcohol.  It was really good.  I poured it to myself again.
After a long time
Somehow my head was shaking.  I didn’t care. I was in a good mood.  Life seemed so nice!
I started moving to the beat of the music and then I fell.  Oops.
Someone helped me get up.
"Y / N. How much did you drink?”
Legolas.  Of course.
I pushed myself away from him. “I didn’t drink anything. By the way, how did you do in that game? Who won?”
Legolas squinted at me suspiciously.
I noticed Gimli on the ground.
“You won, didn’t you? You don’t look drunk. So don’t you want your prize?"  
"It doesn’t matter. I’ll take you to your room …” he took my hand.
 Didn’t I attract him?
“Let me be!"  I shouted and wanted to drink, but Legolas took my glass.
"That’s enough.”
“Legolas! That wasn’t nice of you!”
“Y / N .. trust me, you will thank me in the morning ..”
“Why are you so caring? You don’t like me!"  I whimpered.
Legolas blushed.  "What the hell are you talking about?”
“You’re ignoring me! Still! I don’t understand why, we were friends, didn’t I? But you probably started to think I liked you! You know what, my dear, it’s not at all! I don’t like you at all!"  And with that I ran away from him.
I didn’t know where I was going.  Or did I know?  I do not know.
Suddenly I was standing on the table, all eyes on me.
I wasn’t afraid.  "I, Y / N, will show you a great dance now! Look!”
Some looked amused, some even applauded me.  I didn’t care.  At that moment, the whole world belonged to me.
I started to curl up and I danced.
I felt like on fire.  I was warm.
“People! Are you so hot too?"  I shouted.  And I put on my top clothes.  I throw it somewhere.  There was an admiring whistle.
I also wanted to undress a short cloth that covered my chest.  I had nothing under it.
"Come on! Get undressed!"  someone shouted.
I wanted to fulfill his wish when someone put me down from the table.
It was Legolas.  "Put it on. Quickly."  He held his garment in his hand.   He was half naked.  He undressed because of me.  And he looked divine.
"Why? It was fun!"  I said unhappily.
"Yes, it was fun! Why didn’t you allow it to us, elf-boy?"  there was a male voice.  I guess it was the voice that supported me in undressing.
Legolas looked furiously.
He quickly pulled his cloth over my head and pushed me into someone’s arms … I looked up.  Aragorn.
"Take care of her."  he told him.
Aragorn nodded.  He had a small grin on his lips.
"What is he doing?"  I asked.
"Watch."  he said.
So I watched.  Legolas walked over to the guy and … hit him hard.
"Never support a drunk girl in undressing. Is that clear to you ?! Never! And especially not my girl! Because next time … I’ll kill you."  Legolas crashed into him a few more times and the man fell.
I had no words.  Why?  Did he say my girl ?
Legolas returned to me with a deadly expression and grabbed me from Aragorn’s arms.
"You’re coming with me.”
I didn’t object.  My head was still spinning.  He led me somewhere.  We found ourselves in a small room with a bed.  Legolas sat on it and put his head in his hands.  His hands were covered in blood.  I felt guilty.
“Legolas …” I walked over to him.  “I am sorry.”
He raised his head.  “It’s okay, Y / N. Get some sleep.”
I nodded and lay down on the bed.
Legolas got up and wanted to leave without a word, but I stopped him.
“Don’t go … stay. I’m scared.”
He smiled weakly.  “Is that brave warrior afraid?"  But he came to me.
I came in.  "Yes. Lie next to me.”
“Are you sure?"  he hesitated.
"Of course I am.”
He obeyed me and lay down next to me.  But as far away from me as possible.
I sighed.
“Why are you so far away from me? Come closer.”
Sigh.  “Y / N.”
Since he didn’t do anything, I moved closer him.  I laid my head on his .. still bare chest.
“Sleep already."  he ordered me, but stroked my hair.
"Hmm …”
I couldn’t sleep.  I turned my face to him.
“Did you call me your girl?”
He sighed again.
“Yes, Y / N. I called you.”
“It means…”
“That means you have to sleep."  he wanted to end the debate.
I nodded.  All right.
My eyes began to close.
I felt as if he had kissed me on the forehead and whispered, ”Ni meleth le.“
Headache.  Terrible headache.
That’s what I felt when I woke up.  And a terrible dry throat.
"Here’s the water,” came a pleasant voice.  Legolas.
What is he doing here?
He put a glass of water in my hand.  I drank it immediately.
“Legolas … what are you doing here?"  I rolled my eyes at him.
He grinned in amusement.  "You don’t remember?”
“What should I remember?"  I closed in confusion.
"Well … you was drunk. A lot."  he explained.
I looked at him like he was crazy and I started laughing.  "What? Certainly not. I haven’t drunk alcohol in 4 years.”
“But yes. You got drunk. And what do you remember from yesterday?”
I scratched my head.  I felt horrible.  “You and Gimli. You played drinking game. And then …”
“And then what?”
“I don’t know .. I’m doing something about dancing .. warmth, it was so hot! And .. I remember you too. And some battle!"  My head hurt even more.
"Well, Y / N, you probably don’t want to admit it, but you got pretty drunk yesterday. You danced on my desk. And you wanted to undress. If I wasn’t there, you would already standing there naked. And some guy was verbally harassing you."  he said.
I looked at him.  Did it really happen?
"But … but … I drank non alcoholic drinks!"  I shouted desperately.
"It wasn’t non alcoholic. It may have tasted without alcohol,  but that was strongest alcohol at the feast.”
I stared into space.  All the memories gradually came to my mind.  Bad memories.  I danced.  It was foggy.  A .. and Legolas!  God, I was arguing with him or what!
It’s true.  I got drunk.  I did it.  I don’t even want to see alcohol for years.  Actually, never again.
I looked at Legolas slowly.  He didn’t seem to mind.  He actually looked amused.
“Legolas, will you do me a favor?"  I asked him.
"What’s the matter?”
“Kill me. Seriously. Bury me in the ground. Come on, don’t laugh! That’s not funny! God, I feel so embarrassed … I’ll never drink again. Never."  I declared and he laughed.
"Come on, Y / N, it doesn’t matter. Each of us does a mess sometimes.”
“Has something like this already happened to you?”
“Um .. well .. probably not ..” he said.
I chased him.  “You see.”
“It’ll be fine. Really."  he smiled.
I sighed.  "Actually, I want to thank you for being with me yesterday and for fighting with a guy you didn’t have to do and for not allowing me to do something stupid … and for everything. Thank you ….  ”
“You’re welcome … really. I’d do it again.”
I smiled at him.
“And this … well, um …” I blushed.  “I’m sorry I acted like a camel.”
He smiled even wider.  “Y / N, you didn’t act like a camel. You don’t have to apologize. I should apologize. I ignored you.”
I was silent.
“Because … I love you. And I don’t know what to do. And I don’t know if you even like me …” he blushed.  It was adorable!  But I didn’t expect him to say he loved me …. Oh gosh, is it really happening?
“I love you too. Really. We acted like two idiots. The others were right.”
“They were."  Legolas agreed.
"By the way, I had a dream yesterday when we slept together. You said something in Elvish."  I remarked.
"It wasn’t dream. I said Ni meleth le. It means I love you."  he said.
"Oh Legolas …” I smiled.
We just held hands in silence for a moment when Legolas suddenly spoke.
“And while we’re at it, where’s my drinking game prize?”
I smirked.  “Come after it.”
If you liked it, please let me know!
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witcher-and-his-bard · 6 days ago
re-watching lord of the rings and already i want to cry because i love it so much
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crownlessdunedain · 7 days ago
Chapter 5 is up!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
She looked at him in the eye, hand still cradling the side of his face. “I love you,” she said, and what she meant was: We were wrong about the shape of our love, but not about the space it took.
Aragorn hummed and smiled, fluent in the language of her eyes. “I got to kiss you, though. That was nice.”
She grinned back. “It was.”
“Not as nice as kissing Eowyn would be, though, uh?”
She pushed him off the bed.
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lilyofthesword-writes · 9 days ago
Continue - Part 2
Summary: You have been ripped away from your world and tossed into one that is supposed to be pure fiction. You know the stories, how they are supposed to go. Despite your knowledge, you are unable to change the fates of the Fellowship you had grown so close to.
Pairing: Legolas x Modern!Reader
Word Count: 853
Warnings/Disclaimers: Boromir’s death. Anxiety issues.
A/N: Direct sequel of Continue. So I guess this will kind of be a series now. My thought is to hit specific scenes rather than rewriting the whole book series.
Tumblr media
Pulling the boats ashore, the blonde archer kept true to his word and was sticking close to you, helping you unload the small amount of extra baggage. Now that the Fellowship was away from the safety of the Golden Wood, things could go south quickly, and should the binding magic activate in a battle again, you would be defenseless. Legolas was not about to let you be hurt over something you could not control. It was certainly a weight off your shoulders that someone else knew and understood. Now if you could just get him to be a bit more subtle.
In the lineup where Galadriel was gifting each member their special items, he had made sure you were between him and Aragorn, earning looks from everyone. Merry and Pippin were especially curious, unable to tone down their excited whispers. When it came to boarding the boats, he had you in the same boat as him and Gimli. The dwarf merely chuckled at Legolas’ antics.
With the last bag settled on the ground, you turned just in time to see Frodo meander into the forest. Another pivotal moment in the story was about the play out, a light tingling in your chest to remind you about attempting to interfere. The feeling washed over your entire body, your heart stuttering, when Boromir entered the forest under the pretense of gathering wood. The confrontation that would take place between the man and hobbit was necessary, you supposed, but you still felt for the both of them. Your heart broke a fraction just thinking about their own internal turmoils and how this would push them to the brink.
A feather-light hand grazed your lower back, grounding you in reality. You hadn’t realized how long you were staring off at nothing in particular, or that you were doing it in the first place. Legolas’ blue eyes held a curious worry.
You tried to tell him you were fine, but no sound left your throat. The magic wasn’t choking you this time, just a warning to spur you away from temptation. Clearing your throat of the lump that was forming, you gave him a small smile.
The gears in his head seemed to click into place. Legolas’ gaze locked onto Aragorn across the way with such an intense seriousness that you were surprised no one else noticed. The ranger seemed to understand and slinked away into the forest as well.
Tumblr media
The Uruk-hai and orcs had thinned out and disappeared amongst the trees when Legolas, Gimli and you found Aragorn kneeling beside Boromir’s near lifeless body. It was still happening. Despite Legolas stepping in for you, the Steward of Gondor’s son was still trading his life for that of the hobbits who had grown so dear to him.
This hurt worse than when Gandalf fell. He would return, reuniting with you all in Fangorn Forest. Boromir would not. He would never return to Gondor. He would never see his brother or father again.
Legolas somberly watched the scene unfold at your side. Lacing his free hand with yours, he squeezed gently to break your reverie. You reciprocated his grasp and glanced up at him, his form a touch blurry. That was when you noticed the tears about to break free. Wiping them away with your sleeve, you let out of quiet huff.
From where you were standing, you had a clear view of the two men of Gondor. Boromir’s mouth was curved... up? He was smiling? That was different.
“He’s thanking Aragorn,” Legolas spoke low so only you could hear him.
Your brow furrowed as you stared at the elf.
“For preventing him from making a mistake,” he answered your silent question.
Tumblr media
Legolas was beside you, holding your hand again, the pad of his thumb comfortingly gliding over your knuckles. The now funeral boat was ready to be pushed offshore, Gondor’s pride adorned with his sword and armor. If you didn’t know any better, you’d say he was in a peaceful slumber.
Aragorn rounded the boat and sidled next to you.“Thank you,” he started quietly.
Was that directed at you? “Pardon?”
“It’s fairly clear you know a few things. If it hadn’t been for you and Legolas, Boromir would have met with Frodo. I fear what the consequences of his actions would have been had I not been prompted to follow.” He patted you on the shoulder solemnly before returning to the other side of the boat.
So he did manage to prevent their skirmish... And Frodo... Frodo was able to deal with his own inner demons, deciding for himself to leave without being pushed over the edge through the Ring’s induced betrayal. Did he feel more at peace with his decision than he would otherwise?
Boromir’s body was sent down the river and over the waterfall. Frodo and Sam still separated from the group, heading for Mordor on their own. Merry and Pippin were still carried off by the enemy. The end result was still the same, but the sting of it all was dulled. At least there were still some events that could change.
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