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#Legolas shitpost
I’m idly reading Tolkien’s letters to Milton regarding The Silmarillion, and I’ve just hit his explanation of Mairon…
So, Tolkien basically says that Mairon starts off “fair” with his motives following Melkor’s defeat. Middle-earth has been “neglected” by the gods — left to ruin. Mairon wishes to “reorganise” and “rehabilitate” it.
It’s the Second Age, and Men are now seriously starting to outnumber Elves.
Mairon, as stated by Tolkien, explicitly hates both Elves and the gods, however, nothing is said about him hating us as a race.
Do I need to read further in his letters, or was Mairon totally working towards restoring Middle-earth as a paradise where he oversees humans as the leading race??
Dudes, I think if we turned a cold shoulder to the Elves, we as a race would’ve been flourishing in Middle-earth under Mairon’s no-doubt tyrannical, but favoured rule, as in we’re his favourite race — the golden child he wants to see enjoying the land, against the scapegoated Elves.
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Imagine trying to have “boy talk” with one of your friends about Legolas on the Fellowship journey. You literally wouldn’t be able to. You’d both be watching him pose on a rock from afar, trying to whisper about his legs to each other, but he has the ears of a bat so it’d just end up like this
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Hi! Love ur posts!
Anyway - knowing that u listen to the podcast too - could u by any chance ask Billy and Dom what they think abt Tom Bombadill? I just dunno what was that place that u have to write to to ask them, so yeah. Could u do it for me?
I actually have no idea where that place is either XD but I’d be so scared of bombarding them with different questions hahaha
If anyone knows where the question submitting link is for me and anon here, would you be so kind as to drop it in the notes? <3
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You know how it was a really popular filmmaking trend back in the early 2000s to have your characters dancing to a popular song during the end credits?
Yeah well now I wish Peter Jackson had the entire Fellowship dancing to YMCA during Return of the King’s end credits, simply because that’d be iconic and make the post-trilogy pain go away ☀️
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At Legolas’ “coming of age” coronation:
Thranduil, sitting with Legolas in the carriage riding through the kingdom: part of being a Royal is displaying elegance, as in upholding the thousands of years of dignity our—
Legolas, leaning out the carriage window:
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entishramblings · 2 days ago
Legolas, in another room: Are you threatening me with a spoon?
*smacking sound*
Legolas: OW!
Aragorn: *sighs*
Aragorn: Gimli! Stop abusing the elf!
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Man it’s lucky that Aragorn is a genuinely nice guy and I’m not eligible to step foot into a medieval tavern, because if he were in a dark corner staring at me all night I wouldn’t withhold from pulling one of these
Tumblr media
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sauronnaise · 4 days ago
Tolkien fandom, describe your favourite character without giving a name.
Let's start: millennia after his childhood continent drowned, old grouchy hermit sends his son on a quest to help unfortunate tourists deal with jewellery and volcanic lands.
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Gandalf: *secretly collecting all the balrog XP to level up*
Boromir: *dies*
Frodo & Sam: *sharing in a coming of age buddy film plot*
Merry & Pippin: *kidnapped by orcs*
Legolas, Aragorn & Gimli: let’s go hunt some orcs :)
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(And no, I’m not counting the 1970s one)
It’s being made by Warner Brothers on a fast track (which means they’re pushing to release it before the Amazon show) and it’s going to be about the Rohirrim!
It’s called:
“The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim.”
An animated Tolkien movie is all I’ve ever wanted — seriously the animation will be beautiful. Granted I’d have loved seeing the silm in 2d animation instead, but this is a good start!!
Tumblr media
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plushchrome1212 · 6 days ago
Shipping Wars
The armies of Rohan have made camp for the night, journeying towards Minas Tirith to lend aid to Gondor. A campfire burns outside a tent. LEGOLAS and GIMLI are sat by the flames.
Legolas: The hour grows late. Yet Aragorn has not returned.
Gimli: Let him be, laddie. He has company to keep far more pleasant than yours or mine.
Legolas: You speak as though you know a secret.
Gimil: Secret? Ha! ‘Tis no secret that his stride often leads him to stand by Lady Eowyn. And why shouldn’t he? She’s a good match for him. Spirited, strong, humorous. They’ll make a fine pair.
Legolas: Mind your words; they are false! What of Lady Arwen?!
Gimli: Who?
Legolas: Arwen, daughter of Elrond! Long have she and Aragorn held an understanding!
Gimli: Oh, bah! 'Understandings,' a trifle of the past! You said yourself she's sailing away, off to the undying lands with all the rest of the elves.
Legolas: I said 'mayhaps,' nothing is definite!
Gimli: What's definite is that the lad could stand to find some happiness, and the same goes for Eowyn! They are good for each other, and I don't want their chances ruined by the ethereal and easily forgotten promises of a ghost in the night!
Legolas: Lady Arwen does not forget her promises! And neither would Aragorn! They have found a love that surpasses the length of time, that knows not the borders of land nor sea!
Gimli: She is leaving him to vanish to a mystical island!
Legolas: Her heart will carry his memory unto the end of days!
Elsewhere in the Camp stands ARAGORN, who is working with the shieldmaiden EOWYN, the two handing out blankets to the soldiers. The sounds of distant fighting begin to carry over on the wind.
Eowyn: Does that not sound like Gimli? I think I can hear the voice of Legolas as well. (AT THE SOUND OF A LOUD CRASH) I wonder, what has happened?
Aragorn: Who can tell? Another lover's quarrel...
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i-shitpost · 8 days ago
Does anyone else ever see someone/something, whether they’re real or fictional, and you’re just like- yes- that’s my gender now 🖤💙😩🤯
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How I imagine an argument between Legolas and Frodo would go regarding Sindarin pronunciation:
Legolas to Aragorn, rolling his r’s: Arrragorrrn, can you please fetch morrre firrrewood?
Frodo, with his book knowledge on Sindarin: why are you speaking like that?
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Tumblr media
Legolas Greenleaf: prince, archer and soldier of Middle-earth.
“He was tall as a young tree, lithe, immensely strong, able swiftly to draw a great war-bow and shoot down a Nazgûl, endowed with the tremendous vitality of Elvish bodies, so hard and resistant to hurt that he went only in light shoes over rock or through snow, the most tireless of all the Fellowship.”
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Omg Orlando blocking an entire side street to park his car to meet the hobbits for brunch is such a Legolas thing to do
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pippinsunderstudy · 11 days ago
Idk how to do a poll or if you can on tumblr so:
Who would win in a thumb war?
Like for Aragorn
Reblog for Legolas
This is for science, guys.
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You’re making a movie out of “The Silmarillion”
Who are you portraying as the main protagonist?
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How was Mairon the “Lord of the Rings” ? He wasn’t of noble birth? And all he did was climb through the ranks until he became a lieutenant? Did he just declare himself a lord for the aesthetic? Because there’s not a drop of noble blood in him to grant such a title lmao
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littlefreya · 15 days ago
Do you smell that, little Goddess? It's Tuesday.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wish you a lovely day! 🤍 If anyone needs an ass kicking... I'll fetch my axe (don't tell the elf) :P
Every time Legolas pulls a face, I die! Die i tell you 🤣
Thank you my love, the day only started and I’m already gasping. 😰
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i don’t think i actually know this, and i’m very curious! so, how did you first get into the Tolkien fandom and what made you want to start writing?
My first introduction to Tolkien is actually quite traumatic. I hope you’re prepared.
So, my grandparents had a two storey house growing up in the early 2000s. I was around 3 years old—my age when Lord of the Rings was big in cinema at that point in time. (I was 0-3 when they were coming out)
At the top of the dark stairs, they had this motherfucking cardboard cutout sat in the shadows.
Tumblr media
I didn’t know what Gollum or Lord of the Rings was at the time, so to me, this was just a childhood demon I’d creep up the stairs to stare at in horror.
I watched the hobbit movies when they came out (I was about 9) and understood nothing beyond “lol Bilbo is cool and there’s a DRAGON IN THIS MOVIE” — I was fixated on httyd at the time.
I watched Lord of the Rings properly for the first time a few years ago, when I was about 17.
Fell in love with it for many reasons, and was instantly hooked. I started with Legolas x reader fanfics, but didn’t like them as much as the idea I had in mind.
I started writing my own x reader story for the hobbit, and my love and knowledge simply grew from there.
And now, I’m Silmarillion trash with a crush on the dude who was originally nothing more to me than a flaming eye 🤦🏼‍♀️
Poetic irony
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