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#Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
tinyboxxtink · 31 minutes ago
"Clueless" *Part 7*
I'm cutting these really badly, aren't I? Shut up. More is coming immediately, okay? GET OFF MY BACK. 😂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rafael stared at his phone. He really wanted to check on you, but after you both had left the squad started giving him a hard time about both of you. He wondered if mentoring you was still a good idea. But he also really wanted to make sure you were okay.
TEXT Y/N: feeling better?
You stared at the phone for a minute not believing your eyes. Did you just manifest him texting you? Did he read your mind? You went over what to say in your head over and over again finally typing a reply.
TEXT RAFAEL: I feel like a truck ran over me. And backed up. And ran over me again.
Your reply made him laugh out loud. He remembered back in the day when he used to go on benders and college. Oh god.. that was so long ago. Whatever. He tried to put the age gap out of his mind.
That sucks. Do you think you are up for continuing our conversation?
Again, you stared at your phone in disbelief. You actually were not up to even getting out of your bed, but if he wanted to meet you for anything you would damn sure be there.
Yeah sure I might need a couple hours but maybe dinner? If I can keep food down by then.
Now it was Rafael's turn to stare at his phone. Like a date? Coffee was one thing to discuss law manners, but committing to full meal; did that constitute a date? Maybe it wouldn't be if you had a third wheel.
Well if you don't feel up to going out, maybe I'll just bring takeout for me, you and Ariel.
Ariel? Was he trying to put you guys back together? Did he need a buffer? Did he think you were going to try and hit on him again? Oh god. What have you done? Oh God, now you needed Ariel and you were still mad. Great.
Oh yeah sure whatever.
Rafael texted Ariel.
Hey, are you going to stay in tonight?
I was going to bring over take out and I thought we could just hang out.
We as in me and you? Or we as in me you and a certain hangover bookworm.?
I don't know, maybe all three of us.
Why exactly do you need me there? Did your friends give you a hard time about wanting a younger model?
I just.. I want to make sure she's okay. But last night she said something about my eyes.. and I don't want her to get the wrong idea.
The wrong idea? Okay 🙄
Whatever I'll be there at 7:00 I'll bring Chinese.
Ariel decided to text you instead of going into your room.
Hey.. did you get my note?
Really? You can't walk 10 feet?
I wanted to make sure it was safe.
Get in here you weirdo.
A few seconds later Ariel was in your room and sitting on the bed.
"So... Rafael wants to come over and eat later?"
"Yeah.. I think he's upset." You sighed.
"Why would he want to come over if he was upset?"
“Okay not upset but.. freaked out?”
"Why…?" Ariel gave you a look.
"Last night when I was drunk, I kind of said he had pretty eyes." You said in embarrassment.
"I said it.. in you know a sexy way." You insisted.
"There's a sexy way to compliment somebody's eyes?"
You know what I mean!" You threw a pillow at her.
"So your idea of seducing someone is complimenting their eyes?
"Look whatever. I think that he thinks that I'm going to try something again, but he wants to be a good guy and keep his promise about mentoring me."
"Oh yeah.. I'm sure that's it." She rolled her eyes.
"Why else would he want you to be there?"
"I don't know.. he's shy?"
"Whatever. All I know is I can't feel like this when he comes over. Do you have anything more than this" You held up the bottle of aspirin.
"Oh honey" she laughed. "Let's get you a hangover cure."
That night
Rafael knocked on the door carrying boxes of Chinese food. You opened the door, dressed in sweats and your glasses with your hair pulled up in another messy bun with no makeup.
To Ariel's dismay and heavy protest, you did not want to pull another makeover stunt.
"Hey, are you feeling any better?" He scanned you up and down. You suddenly felt very self-conscious. But you wanted to stick to your guns about making sure he got the message that you are not going to try anything, and you weren't interested anymore
He definitely noticed. And he was definitely disappointed. But it was what it was.
"Hey.. yeah I'm fine," You lied. Just seeing him and knowing that your little flirtatious relationship was over broke your heart.
"Hey if you two are done trading secrets I'm starving over here," Ariel called from the kitchen. Rafael rolled his eyes and followed you into the dining room.
He started handing out the food as Ariel grabbed some super fancy plates and laid them down. Rafael gave her a look.
"What? These are the only plates my mom has in this place," She shrugged.
There was a long awkward moment as you all just sat there eating in silence.
"Oh I brought over some notes and things that I took during my time at law school," Rafael pulled out a folder from the duffel he had brought. He really was just coming over to help you out.
Both you and Ariel exchanged looks. She gave you a sympathetic look. You shrugged it off and dismissed her. Then you turned and faked a smile to Rafael as he turned back and handed you the papers.
"You kept all of your notes from what, 20 years ago?" Ariel laughed.
"It wasn't 20 years ago!" He snapped.
'Okay I'm sorry, maybe like 10," She laughed
"Maybe," he mumbled.
"It's really nice of you," you interjected, trying to break up the fight. Maybe you were the buffer.
"Yeah I am sorry if they're really hard to read," he apologized. "I kind of have shit handwriting," He laughed.
"Oh yeah.. maybe you should go over all of them with her. All the time," Ariel suggested, causing both of you to give her a look.
"... Actually I should probably get going," Rafael looked at his phone and started to stand up.
"What.. but you just got here!" Ariel protested. You sat there silent, not wanting to show emotion either way.
"Yeah but I have a lot of work to do." He lied
"On a Saturday?" Ariel challenged.
"Yes Ariel, actual grown-ups don't get a day off and don't party 24/7," He rolled his eyes walking towards the door but Ariel wasn't having it. She followed him angrily.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" She quietly yelled trying not to alert you.
"What are you talking about?" He acted oblivious
"Why do you insist on playing with my best friend's emotions? This is exactly why I didn't want to give you your number."
"You're delusional." He scoffed. "I told her that I would help her out with law school stuff, that's it. I dropped off the notes. I wanted to make sure she's okay, she's fine. So now I'm going to go back to my life,"
"You and I both know that you didn't just come over here to give her notes" Ariel scoffed.
"Yes I did." He defended. "What Ariel do you really think that I would start something with someone so young?"
"Your minions did get to you didn't they?" Ariel crossed her arms.
"Nobody got to me, Ariel. I'm trying to be a nice guy. Obviously she just wants me to be her mentor,"
"Are you serious?" Ariel laughed sarcastically. "That girl is…"
You had been quietly eavesdropping, but hearing Ariel about to drop the huge humiliating truth bomb was enough for you to come out of hiding.
"That girl is very grateful to have your notes Rafael. Thank you for bringing them over. I'm going to go study them right now. I'll talk to you later,"
Ariel looked at you and disbelief as you walked off your room and shut the door
"See?" Rafael gestured towards your room.
"Both of you are so infuriating!" Ariel stumped her foot
"Ariel, stop trying to play matchmaker and focus on your own life." Rafael rolled his eyes and walked down the hall.
Ariel stomped into your room where you were pretending to go over the notes, but were actually sniffing the notes to see if they smelled like him
"Oh for the love of God…See I knew it!" Ariel cried.
"Ariel!" You jumped back, throwing the notes across the room.
"You're in love with him he's in love with you and you're both being stupid!!" Ariel argued.
"Oh my God Ariel did you not hear him? Stop trying to make up something that's not there."
"But you….him….you know what? Fine.. I'm out, I'm done." Ariel slammed the door and stomped up to her own room.
You went over and picked up Rafael's notes and looked at them sadly. Even if on the slightest of chances she was right, obviously he didn't want to do anything about it for whatever reason. And you weren't going to push that.
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more-hats · 47 minutes ago
I think I’m liking this new chief!!!
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tinyboxxtink · 47 minutes ago
"Clueless" *Part 6*
Ayyy my babies, I got to dictate today, so I cranked out 3 chapters!!! Well, I wrote about three chapters, I need this to get to 10 so I am going to divide them as evenly as possible.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tag List:
"Well if you're going to do that then first you need courage." She dragged you to the bar and ordered four vodka shots and a glass of water.
"Okay now you're going to pound these, and then you're gonna kick ass,"' she instructed you.
You looked at the four shots then you looked at her and you busted out laughing. "Are you kidding me?! You want me to take four straight shots without vomiting all over this place?"
"That is what the water is for," she told you. She handed you a glass of water and one shot. "Drink the water first ,then mix the shot in your mouth at the same time it'll dilute it enough that you can swallow it,"
"I don't believe you."
"Try it with one shot. Just do it!"
"I don't want to…" You whined.
"Do you want my brother or not?" Ariel crossed her arms.
You looked over at the group. Rafael looked adorably uncomfortable, staring at his group of friends. But when he glanced at you a small smile crossed across his face.
"All right fine.." you took a swig of water kept the water in your mouth and then took the shot mixed together Ariel actually was right. It wasn't that bad. You did it three more times, then shook your head and shivered.
"Woo!!" You yelled.
"Now do you feel better?" Ariel asked.
You did actually. You felt more than okay, you felt great. You had never really been super drunk before so you didn't know how wasted you actually were, but you felt good enough to conquer anything right now.
"Yep let's do this!" You yelled a little louder than you intended excitedly.
"Oh God, maybe four was too much... let's go," Ariel chuckled. She took your hand and led you back to the stage leaving you there, standing a little wobbly.
"Okay stay right here," she told you. You just nodded, unable to respond vocally. She gave you a look. "Can you stand…?"
"Yeah I'm fine," you answered, but weren't really sure.
Ariel went over to the DJ to tell him what song you were going to sing. Meanwhile Rafael had run up to the stage.
"What the hell did you do to her?" He asked with serious concern, Looking from you to her.
"What are you talking about?" She asked innocently.
"I saw you take her over to the bar. I know she can't handle alcohol. You know she can't handle alcohol"
"Oh please it's not like she's a kid. She has drunk alcohol before, Raff,"
"You are so…!!!!" He griped as he left her and walked over to you.
"Are you okay?" He asked, putting both hands on either of your shoulders.
In your state, it felt absolutely exhilarating. Many dirty thoughts started going through your mind, but luckily you were sober enough to keep them to yourself.
"Yeah.. I'm fine. How are you?" You drunkenly giggled.
"I'm going to kill Arie,l" he growled under his breath then looked at you with puppy dog eyes once again.
"You have really pretty eyes," The words came out of your mouth against your will.
To your surprise, he didn't freak out or run the other way. He just got the same smile that made you melt. Then he put a hand on your face.
"Thank you, so do you," He responded, knowing you were only saying that because you were wasted. But it was still nice to hear.
"Kiss me," you whispered drunkenly against your will. Rafael's eyes went wide and his mouth dropped.
"Excuse me?' He asked still staring at you in disbelief. Suddenly Ariel came up behind you, almost not believing what she just heard.
"The song!" She quickly spoke over you. "She wants to sing 'kiss me'; but I'm not going to let her. She doesn't sing it very well,"
"Yeah.. yeah totally that's what I meant.," You quickly agreed with her, realizing what an idiot you were being.
"Right yeah no of course," You swore you saw Rafael blush with a sad expression when you gave him the fake excuse
"Okay little lady, ready?" Ariel asked you. You turned to her, suddenly her face started getting really fuzzy. And you started feeling really dizzy.
"... Ariel I don't feel so good…"
Uh oh. Ariel knew that look. She had to get you out of here before you made an even bigger ass of yourself.
"If you'll excuse us bro," She grabbed you and escorted you through the crowd.
"Don't throw up in here, don't throw up in here, don't throw up in here, don't throw up in here!" you mentally told yourself. "Don't throw up in here!" Ariel added out loud.
Finally after what seemed like forever, you were out the door and on the curb and you let all hell break loose out of your mouth. While you were in the midst of vomiting, Rafael came running out.
"What the fuck Ariel?!" He yelled.
"What?" She asked once again innocently.
"I told you she couldn't handle that. She's your best friend. Why would you do that to her? Do you even care about her well-being at all?" He yelled in rage.
"How dare you say that to me? Do you even know the kind of shit she's been through?" She yelled back angrily.
"Yeah, I do. She told me," He replied.
"Yeah of course she did.." she rolled her eyes.
"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked defensively.
"Nothing. But then you should know that I care a lot about her, and do want what's the best for her. Even if I screw up most of the time doing it, I have good intentions,"
"Yeah and look where your good intentions got her!" he gestured to you, still vomiting and now crying from the pain.
"Look she's my problem, I'm really sorry I called you. Now you should probably get inside before your crew has suspicions. I know that's what you're really worried about,"
"I...." she was right. He cared about you, but he really didn't want the squad asking any more questions than they already were.
"I just want to make sure she's okay," Rafael said sadly.
"Ugh" she turned to you. You'd finally stopped vomiting and we're sitting on the curb crying.
"Y/N... honey I'm really sorry, are you okay? She asked you softly.
You had heard the end of the conversation between them, and you knew that if he stayed any longer it would look bad for him; no matter how much you wanted him to. And vomiting all the shots out, you were pretty sober now. So you chose logic one of your emotions.
"Yeah…" you sniffed. You looked at Rafael with sad eyes. He looked up back at you with equally sad eyes.
"You should go…" You sniffled.
"Y/N... are you sure?" He asked.
"Jesus Rafael!" Ariel exclaimed. "How many times does she have to say it? She's fine, go,"
"Okay" he replied reluctantly. Then he addressed you. Feel better sweetie," he then reluctantly and sadly walked back inside.
"Can you believe that guy?" Ariel scoffed.
"Are you serious?!" You were really pissed off now. You had gone from being totally happy drunk to totally angry.
"First you bring me to a bar and make me remember my parents dying," you cried. "Then you call Rafael down here to what? Be your emotional supplement? Then, you try and make me make an ass of myself, and instead just got me incredibly sick in front of the guy that I could possibly, maybe fall in love with!" You were super screaming now.
"Oh god..." Ariel rolled her eyes.
"Shut up!" You yelled. "You told Rafael that you really care about me and that you have good intentions, but do you really? All you did today was hurt me. For your own sick amusement,"
"That's not true," she mumbled sadly.
"It is true! You said that you were okay with me hanging out with your brother, then you just completely sabotaged it. I don't think you were ever serious about that. So you just did what you do best. Manipulate and destroy,"
"Y/N…" she started to apologize, but you weren't hearing it. You were on a roll. You'd never stood up to her like this before and you weren't about to stop now.
"You were right." You left sarcastically with tears still in your eyes and throat. "I'm completely at your mercy. I'm so angry at you, but I don't have anywhere else to go"
"Look I know you're upset right now and I'm sorry," she said. "But let's just go home, get you some water, and we can talk about this in the morning. Okay?"
"Not like I have a choice."
She called an Uber and you both rode home in silence. You stomped into the apartment and went into the guest room, slamming the door behind you.
The next morning you woke up in your bed with a pounding headache. You don't think you'd ever been this hungover before. Got how much of a lightweight were you,.?
You looked over to the nightstand next to you and saw a bottle of water, a bottle of aspirin, your phone plugged in and charging and a note. You picked up the note and read it:
Believe it or not I really do love you and want the best for you. I'm sorry about last night, I hope you feel better. Also I won't interfere with you and my brother anymore I swear it. Love Ariel.
You took the aspirin and chugged the bottle of water while rereading the note. You felt bad for yelling at her, you'd known her long enough to know that she really did have bad intentions even if she did have the absolute worst execution. .
You checked your phone. No new messages. No missed calls. Nothing. Nada. Why were you expecting there to be? It wasn't like you were dating. It's not like he even liked you. Why would he be checking up on you?. But didn't he seem concerned last night? Maybe you were too wasted, it was all in your head
Was it?
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fuckyeahpedropascal · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Agent Greer throughout this whole episode: “Me?? Whaaaaat? As if!”
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fuckyeahpedropascal · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Do you know how much I would bribe someone to get the desk across from Pedro? Issa lot
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Olivia: baby.
Alex: now is NOT the time for pet names.
Olivia: no. I'm calling you a baby. I'm insulting you.
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chaotic-neutral-dm · 9 hours ago
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321pm · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
It's hard not to like SVU or OC because the main characters are all HOT ASF 🥵
And the ones tagged can ruin my life...
#respectfully 😈
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seblainerworld · 13 hours ago
SVU Binge Timeline
Timeline of my binge of the show:
Started season 1 in December 2020, finished January 2021. Started and finished season 2 in February 2021. Started and finished seasons 3-6 in March 2021. Started and finished seasons 7&8 in April 2021. Started season 9 in May 2021 and finished in June 2021. Started and finished season 10 in June 2021. Started season 11 in June 2021.
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RPTL 3-Settling In
Tumblr media
Summary: Danielle goes to stay with Elliot
Pairing: eventually Elliot x fem!OC
Warnings: mentions of abuse, mentions of sexual assault, PTSD attacks, will add more as needed
This is an AU. Kathy and the kids don't exist.
Word Count: 1204
The small joke Elliot made was enough to make Danielle smile. It was probably the first true smile she had given since what happened. "Okay then. Guess that means I'll be staying with you. I don't have a place yet."
Elliot turned a little to look at Donald, but kept his hand on Danielle's in a comforting manner-at least he hoped. He knew he was being tasked with watching her, but wasn't sure what that involved. 
Donald nodded. "I don't have room right now other than the couch. I want her to feel safe so it's best she can stay someplace with a room where she can lock the door if she feels the need."
"Right. I have a spare room. She can stay there. It's got a lock and everything."
Danielle visibly relaxed at the mention of the door having a lock. Her Uncle might trust Elliot and she was willing to stay with him, but she didn't want him to be able to come in without her consent. She appreciated the fact he understood that. 
Tumblr media
After going to the hospital and having a rape kit done Danielle wanted nothing more than a shower and a nap.
She had picked up her second duffle from the locker she stored it in while at the police station as she hadn't needed it while talking to Donald as it didn't hold evidence. There wasn't much in the duffle, but it had her clothes and would be enough while she stayed with Elliot. She didn't see this as something that would last long. A few days tops and then she would find an apartment. She refused to be a burden.
She looked around Elliot's house and hummed. It wasn't big, but it was rather nice. From the small mud room at the entrance of the house she could see the living room. The round carpet under the mahogany coffee table was a mix of dark blues and browns. The light tan suede couch looked comfortable and a little worn. She looked to the walls and saw a 42 inch TV along with a few paintings of nature. The end table beside the couch had a grey small lamp with a white shade. Overall it had a welcoming feeling. 
"It's nice. I like the set up." 
Elliot smiled. "Thanks. Your room is this way." He gently moved past her, making sure there was no unwanted contact. While a slight bump wouldn't normally be a problem he knew she was still in that scared, jumpy mindset. He walked through the living room and started down a small hallway.
She followed him, eyes darting everywhere. She wanted to know where everything was; not that the hall held much. There was a door on each side and then one at the very end. She almost bumped into Elliot when he stopped in front of her, but managed to catch herself. 
"This room is yours." He opened the door for her and stepped in. He rightfully assumed that she wouldn't want him out of her line of sight. 
She stepped in and looked around. It wasn't anything special. Not that she needed that. She was used to rather uncomfortable beds, sharing a bunk, and having a chest for her few items. She took in the full size bed with the black pillow cases and matching sheets and comforter. The end table was a dark oak with two drawers and a reading lamp sitting on top. The walls were white and the border black with white swirls. The floor was hardwood and a similar color to the end table. Over the window were grey curtains that were made to block out the sun. 
"Hope it's good enough. If you need something we can change things."
"No, no. There's no need for that. This is fine. Thank you." She kept her eyes on him as she walked in and sat her bag on the foot of the bed. 
He nodded. "I'll leave you to settle in.  I'll let you know when dinner is ready. If you want to shower it's the room at the end of the hall."
"Thank you." She smiled a barely noticeable smile.
Tumblr media
He left her alone, closing the door as he did so.
The sweet and savory smell of chicken permeated the air along with the smell of fried rice. There was also the sweet, tangy smell of wine. It was enough to pull Danielle out of her room. She had showered and changed into a pair of jeans, pulled on her vans, and a Pickachu t-shirt. It was comfortable while making sure nothing was shown.
Elliot looked up from setting the table. He smiled a little bit. "Figured ordering Chinese was the best bet since I didn't know what you liked."
"That's fine. Thank you." She looked at the glass of wine he had poured and bit her lip. Her hand twitched toward it, wanting to drink, but she moved to the fridge and got a bottle of water instead. She took a seat. "It smells good." She began making a plate.
He noticed her choice of drink and noted it. He had seen the way she looked at the wine; from now on he would sit both out for her. That way she knew he wasn't pressuring her to drink. "How was your room?"
She took a bite of her food and looked across the table at him. "It's good. The bed is comfortable. The shower was really nice. Can't remember the last time I got to enjoy a nice hot shower." She smiled a little. 
Being in the military meant she didn't have time to take long soaks in a bath or soothing showers. Neither was there going to be enough hot water because of all the other people on base. 
He chuckled and nodded. "Yeah I can imagine. So where did you serve?" He sipped his wine.
"I was in Iraq. I was a doctor so I didn't see combat, but some of the things I saw…" She shut her eyes and could hear some of the men screaming from pain. She saw her bunk mates, the others in her battalion, men she had trained with and saved. She cringed and shook her head. Those were the last people she wanted to think about. 
Elliot frowned and sat his fork down. "Hey, you don't have to talk if you don't want to. We can talk about something else. Favorite sport?"
Danielle was grateful for the subject change. She smiled a little. "College football. Always preferred it to pro. They seem to play harder and have more heart."
"You know you make a good point." He chuckled and went back to eating. 
They spent a few hours like that. Sitting in the kitchen, the expanse of the table keeping him far enough away Danielle felt safe, and talked about sports. They even mentioned a few of their favorite childhood memories. 
Danielle could tell Elliot was trying to make her feel at ease. She appreciated the effort he was putting in. While she didn't trust him and didn't want him out of her line of sight she had released some of the tension her body was holding. 
If you like my stories please reblog. Likes are great, but they don't share my work. If you like this check out my masterlist in my bio for more.
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tinyboxxtink · 22 hours ago
"Clueless" *Part 5*
Alright y'all I'm not gonna lie, this one kinda got away from me. I just kept typing, and this is what came out. God I hope you like it.
Tag List:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes I will continue to put Tai/Cher gifs, don't at me.
You practically skipped home, floating in the front door of the loft. Ariel was doing her own hair and make up to go out.
“Back so soon?” She popped her head out of the bathroom.
“We were interrupted,” You tossed your bag on the couch and walked to where she was.
“Uh oh,” She paused with the eyeliner in her hand. “Another woman?”
“Lady from work,” You shrugged, picking up a makeup sponge and playing with it in your hand.
“Uh oh,” She paused again. “Olivia?”
“Yeah…” You stopped playing with the sponge.
“I’d watch out for her babe, I heard she has a thing for him,” She warned you.
“Really?” Your face scrunched.
“Oh I wouldn't worry too much about it, especially looking like this!” She waved her hands at you. Maybe you SHOULD look like this more often.
“Hmmm…” You started to ponder, analyzing every detail on your face.
“Well, you’re definitely NOT wasting all of this,” Ariel poked you in the stomach.
“What does THAT mean….?” You looked at her quizzically.
“It means we are going out, duh,” She hit your head as she walked into her bedroom to pick out an outfit.
“Oh, Ariel I really don’t want to--” You started to protest.
“Oh no, none of that tonight. You finally look the way God intended, a stone cold 10,” She gestured to your entire body.
“...Really? A 10?” You examined yourself in her full length mirror.
“Yes! And if my stupid non brother can’t appreciate it, we will find you someone that will,” She pinched your nose like a little kid.
“Ariel it’s not like he just ditched me--” You sat on the bed as she continued to pull out clothes.
“Yeah, it’s worse. He had to work. Like a boring grown up,” She rolled her eyes as she picked up a Fred Segal top.
“Ariel believe it or not, we are grown ups,” You paused. “Well, at least I am,”
“You know what I mean,” She rolled her eyes. “We’re FUN adults,”
“Yeah you and I have two different ideas of ‘fun’,” You rolled your eyes with a smile.
“I bet you we doooon’t….” She said in a sing-song voice.
“What does that mean?” You raised an eyebrow.
“Since you let me finally dress you up, we’re going to compromise,” She beamed.
“Again, what does that mean--”
“You’ll see!” She giggled. “Now come let me touch you up,”
“What was that?” Olivia asked as her and Rafael strolled down the street back to work.
“What was what?” Rafael looked up from the text he had just sent.
“Rafa…” Olivia gave him a look.
“Liv…” He gave her the same look back.
“What are you doing ‘mentoring’ young, pretty women? Was that girl even in law school?” She scoffed.
“Jesus Liv,” He shook his head. “What do you think I’m some kind of perv now?”
“No!” She shook her head. “I hope not,”
“She’s a nice girl, she’s a friend of my sister’s,” He explained as they walked up the stairs of the station.
“Your sister?” Oliva asked, surprised.
“My ex-step’s a whole thing,” He waved his hands dismissively, taking off his coat.
“Right,” Olivia nodded sarcastically.
“And she IS starting NYU Law in the fall,” He insisted.
“As long as it’s just that,” Olivia crossed her arms.
“IT IS,” He gave her a stern look.
“Okay…” Olivia played along as they both walked into the squad room.
“Can we just-- Okay?” He dismissed her as they sat down with the rest of the squad.
“Okayyyy--- open your eyes,”
Ariel had taken you somewhere against your will, blindfolded. If you didn’t trust her so much you’d think she’d take you into the woods or something. You took off the blindfold, and adjusted your eyes to the light.
You’d much rather be in the woods.
What greeted you was a flashy, kitschy bar. There was a huge karaoke stage, drunk people your age were thrashing on the dance floor, some hooking up in the corners, there was a line to ride a ridiculous mechanical bull.
“How is THIS a compromise?” You looked at her in disbelief.
“Please, you think I’d come to such a tacky bar as this normally? I thought this would remind you of your sad little Podunk town,”
“...Where my parents died? Why would I want to remember that, Ariel?!” You were suddenly furious that she was so obtuse to your feelings.
“..I didn’t think about that,” She looked at you with an "oops" face.
“No, you didn’t,” You crossed your arms. “You don’t ever think, Ariel,” You turned and stomped away.
“So, what we should do next is--” Rafael’s phone buzzed in his pocket. He raised it slowly to glance at it:
“Sorry, we need to--”
TEXT FROM ARIEL: Answer your phone, idiot.
“I’m sorry guys, one second,” He excused himself and walked over to the side, calling Ariel.
“Are you serious right now, Ariel? I’m at WORK,”
“Still? Jesus Christ Rafael it’s 9 pm! Do you guys sleep there or something? Or do you just have some weird lawyer orgies after everyone goes home?”
“Ok I’m sorry--”
“Did you need something?”
“It’s about Y/N…”
“Wha--Why would you be calling me abou-- Did something happen? Is she okay?!”
“I mean, physically yeah…”
“Oh for fuck’s sake Ariel what did you do now?”
“Ok well I THOUGHT it would be fun to go out to some cheesy hole in the wall bar like the ones she’s used to from Butthole Jersey,”
“....Where her parents were killed?”
“See now why do YOU think about that? That’s not where my mind went!”
“Well of course not Ariel, you’re totally incapable of thinking about anybody's feelings but your own,”
“Look, I’m doing something NOW alright?”
“What exactly are you doing…?”
“Look she went into the bathroom and she won’t talk to me, I think she’s crying...Can you--” She sighed deeply, not really wanting to do this. “Can you please come talk to her or something? You’re good at the whole…’feelings’ thing,”
“The fact that you need to call me to help you with YOUR best friend should say a lot to you, Ariel,”
“Yes yes, I’m the monster, I get it. Can you come or not?”
“Yeah….alright fine, I’ll be there,” He hung up the phone and returned to the squad room.
“Hey, you guys it’s Friday night, we should….we should be out,”
“Out?” Nick raised a suspicious eyebrow.
“Like, you know-- eat, drink, have fun,” He began to pack his stuff up.
“Okay...where are we going?” Sonny eagerly grabbed his jacket.
“Oh I didn’t mean we all had to--” Rafael put his hands up.
“Are you trying to ditch us, Barba?” Fin was now suspicious.
“For who?” Amanda chimed in.
“No! No...I just…” He ran through his head of excuses. “My sister is causing a scene at a bar, I need to go handle her,”
“Well it sounds like you might need back up,” Olivia crossed her arms, not believing a word you said.
“....You know what, fine!” He threw his hands up. “You guys want to be nosy, and stick your nose in the ADA’s business, then fine let’s all go pick up my train wreck of a sister,”
You finally pulled yourself together, but not soon enough to save your makeup. You stared at the tear stained, sad clown hooker mask now on your face. At least now Ariel would feel bad enough she’d let you leave and maybe Rafael would text you later.
However, a very different reality met you outside the bathroom. First of all, Ariel was standing right outside the door.
“I’m sorry,” She said sincerely.
“It’s fine, I don’t know why I lost it so--”
“No no, I’m REALLY sorry, Y/N…” She actually looked seriously guilty.
“Ariel, what did you do…?” You were really starting to panic. She only responded with a guilty look. You pushed past her and saw the worst possible scene: Rafael was sitting in a large booth with several other…”grown ups”, including Olivia. You looked back at Ariel, even more fuming than you were before.
“I’m so sorry, I was just worried about you, so I called him. I didn’t know he was going to bring his whole ‘crew’....”
“You ASKED him to come here?” You asked in shock.
“And he came RUNNING,” She pointed out.
“With CHAPERONES,” You also pointed out.
“Well maybe he didn’t want to make it obvious,”
“Can you just…” You pointed to your face. “Fix me?”
“Oh honey it’ll take more than that to ‘fix’ you, but I can redo your makeup,” She laughed, but stopped when you glared at her. You rolled your eyes but turned your attention to your shirt.
“Shit!” You gasped in horror; You had stupidly wiped your entire make up job onto it while crying. “What am I gonna do NOW?”
“On it,” Ariel went into her giant Louis Vuitton bag and began pulling out random clothing items.
“What the--Why do you have this…?”
“Are you kidding?” She laughed. “Do you know how many times I have or had someone puke on me while I’m out? I learned to be prepared,” She grabbed a dress and shoved it in your hands.
“We’re gonna fix...this,” She gestured to your face. “Then you’re going to change into that, wait 2 minutes, and then walk over there nonchalantly. Got it?”
“I…” You started to whine but Ariel put up a finger. “Alright fine,”
“Good,” She patted your head and escorted you back inside the bathroom.
“So, where’s this ‘disorderly’ sister of yours?” Fin asked, scanning the bar.
“I don’t see her,” Rafael said nervously as he texted Ariel.
“Act wasted, I know that won’t be difficult for you,”
“...Why are you all getting a table?” Rafael suddenly noticed the rest of the squad sliding into a giant booth.
“Well as long as we’re here, we might as well ‘hang out’, Barba!” Sonny replied as he grabbed a waiter to order drinks.
“For fuck’s sake…” He muttered under his breath. This is not what he had in mind for his Friday night.
“HEYYYYY Rafffee!!!” Ariel came bounding over to the table, instantly clinging to Rafael.
“Hey, Ariel…” He mumbled, acting like he was embarrassed by her. He didn’t have to act that hard.
“Well I should get you home, so let’s--” Rafael tried to pull Ariel away from the group.
“Home? Seriously?” Ariel dropped her act to Rafael’s dismay.
“ARIEL,” Rafael hissed, urging her to stick to the plan.
“I’m sorry, but what exactly did you tell your friends to get them here?” She whispered. Luckily they were far enough from the booth to hold a conversation.
“I didn’t tell them anything to get them here, they followed me,” Rafael still glanced back, making sure none of the squad was paying attention.
“I knew it!” Ariel clapped her hands in victory. “I knew you wanted to be alone with her,”
“Seriously, Ariel?” Rafael suddenly noticed you weren’t attached at Ariel’s hip per usual. “Where is she? Is she still upset?”
“Upset about what?”
Rafael and Ariel turned to see you stepping through the busy crowd and approaching the booth. Your makeup was redone and your hair was pulled up into a messy bun; Ariel had given you a little black dress to change into that hugged all the right places.
“...What?” Rafael blinked with a blank stare; all of his thoughts just poofed from his mind when he saw you in that dress.
“Clearly she’s fine, we’re all fine, so you can leave now,” Ariel patted Rafael on the shoulder.
“You’re the one who brought me down here!” He said through gritted teeth directed at Ariel, but kept staring at you.
“Wow and WHO is this?” Nick Amaro stepped into the conversation while the rest of the squad was in the booth. He had been walking back from getting himself a drink.
“I’m Ariel,” Ariel immediately put herself in Nick’s eyeline.
“That’s nice honey,” He nodded. “And you are?”
“...Me?” You looked around, trying to figure out who was talking to.
“Yes you, gorgeous,” Nick flashed a smile. It was pretty cute you’d admit, but nothing compared to Rafael’s. Speaking of Rafael, out of the corner of your eye you noticed him getting the slightest twinge of jealousy.
“Her name is Y/N,” Ariel answered for you, causing you to elbow her. “What? I’m helping,” She glared at you.
“Are you?” You whispered.
“Jealousy makes the heart grow fonder,” She smirked, gesturing to Rafael’s fuming glare at Nick.
“But…” You looked at her with sad eyes, really not sure about playing mind games with Rafael. He had done nothing to deserve it; but you were completely out of your depth in this social situation and could only really do what Ariel told you to.
“That’s a really pretty name,” Nick kept smiling at you.
“Thanks,” You bit your lip with a giggle.
“Y/N’s my mentee,” Rafael interjected rather possessively.
“Is she now?” Nick nodded playfully, noting the jealousy. “So he’s just like, your old boring professor or something?”
“Something like that,” You spoke without thinking, but Nick’s smile was a bit distracting. Immediately you saw Rafael’s eyes sadden just a hint, and you wished you hadn’t said anything.
“So your ‘sister’ seemed to sober up pretty quickly there, Barba,” Amanda called from the table.
“Maybe he just wanted an excuse to see her,” Fin added with a smirk. “Kind of a Josh/Cher thing going on?”
“Hey that’s what I said!” You giggled, but Rafael and Ariel were NOT amused.
“NO--Well--” Rafael started to deny it, but then would have to admit he came there for you.
“NO,” Ariel jumped in looking at him with a furious expression. Both you and Rafael elbowed her at the same time, knowing the real reason was surprisingly more damning.
“I mean...yeah, alright,” Ariel begrudgingly agreed. “Yeah totally, you know one day I was just out shopping and I realized...'Oh my god, I love Barba!',"
“Alright I don’t think there’s no need for mocking,” Rafael grumbled.
“I mean, it’s a funny picture though, right? Olivia chimed in. “Imagining Barba with someone THAT YOUNG? It’s ridiculous, don’t you think?” She gave Rafael a look.
“Hey, you guys wanna do karaoke?” Ariel changed the subject, grabbing a binder from another table.
“I’m sorry, what?” Rafael looked at her in confusion.
“Yeah, WHAT? Nobody wants to hear you butcher ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody,’ Ariel,” You quickly shut her down with a smirk.
“But you have an amazing voice,” She smirked back.
“What? N-No why am--” Your mind started racing.
How did you get here? How did you go from sitting in Ariel’s living room watching a movie; to standing here in the middle of a bar with a bunch of strangers, the guy you’re in love with, AND some dude trying to get in your pants? You had known Ariel for almost FIVE years, and not once did she actually succeed at turning you into her. And yet, here you were.
You hated the idea but then you thought: Ariel is fearless. Ariel always gets what she wants. And you wanted Rafael. Badly.
What would Ariel do in this situation?
“....You know what? I do have an okay--AWESOME voice,” You said with the best fake confidence you could muster. Both Ariel and Rafael stared at you in disbelief.
“Let’s do this!” You took the binder from Ariel and started flipping through the pages.
Either this was going to cure your social anxiety, or you were about to go down in horrifying flames with unrecoverable mental scarring.
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