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unnamedelement · 3 days ago
Part 3: This Elf and This Dwarf *Might* Be Gay
Let’s sail into the West together—no homo! (LesbiReal, tho, they are—in the most conservative interpretation of the facts—at least enjoying a QPR or an exceptionally romantic friendship.)
they’re in love, your honor
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at-the-exd-of-everythixg · 2 months ago
Pjo big list!!
Ava - Daughter of Mars. Ava ran away from home at a young age and was sure that she wouldn't be found...until she was found by the guards of New Rome. There was a brief fight, but now Ava has settled in more and enjoys having a place where she can do well along her siblings. She's a skilled soldier but...tends to be dragged into a lot of messes from her siblings, Red and Adonai. Ava almost wishes that she still didn't know about gods because of them.
Mimi - Daughter of Poseidon. The Jackson legacy lives long and strong, but Mimi is determined to stay away from that expectation as it's stupid and she'll crush you if you try to call her Perseus or Safira. She likes to help the younger campers and owns blessed bracelets from her father for battle. She spends a lot of her time sitting in the lake in her inflatable coffin and enjoys sword training the most but gets rather panicked at times but she's handling it!!....kinda.
Finn - Son of Demeter. Sweet boy who is loved by his father and mortal stepmother. He grew up with basic knowledge about mythology and it wasn’t until he was twelve that his parents began to send him to camp. People keep trying to bring Finn into training and fights, but he just wants to be able to grow berries into jam, is that too much to ask? He likes helping people though and can often be seen helping Apollo kids in the medical cabin or sitting around with the Dryads to have nice lunch talks.
Pascal - Son of Apollo. VERY powerful child. While Cassandra is only a summer goer, Pascal stays all year rounds due the intensity of his visions and powers. Pascal often wonders what the hell Apollo was thinking when making him so strong, but after having his father stay at the camp for some time, Pascal just thinks that he got a bit lucky in the lottery of powers. He spends a lot of time conversing with the rest of his cabin or with Chiron to try and do his best in protecting the children of Camp Half-blood and to keep his inner sun.
Mahogany - Child of Loki. Not much is known about them, other than Mahogany came from somewhere far away, can pass the barrier and seem to be happy to help the people around them despite the distrust that’s often aimed towards Mahogany. In truth, they’re enjoying a place that’s a little calmer and not a full out reminder of the fact that they used to be surrounded by the dead or the fear of their world ending. Staying at the Camp is so much better than facing those issues or their grandmother, even if people think they're weird.
Sal - Child of Dionysus. Sal got a rough start, just like his father. Born odd against his siblings, a hateful stepfather and his mother disappearing out of nowhere was what Sal needed to leave. He spent some time on his own and fighting monsters until coming across demigods and finding Camp Half-blood. Sal spends a lot of his days lazing around, enough so that his father doesn't get on his case. He's brash and rude but what most don't know is the dark secret that Sal is determined to keep. Being disliked by his own kind is easy, dealing with the Curse of Nyx is another thing entirely - and slowly killing him.
Wulf - Son of Aegir. While Wulf is thrilled to be part god, he often wonders if it's the right choice in letting him be part of such a world. A lot of that self doubt has to go away though if Wulf truly wants to try and control his powers and to keep up with his sister. Camp Half-blood offers a fun place to relax and meet like minded teens. Although Wulf is heavily suspicious of the one gangly child that seems very determined to avoid him. The Poseidon cabin has taken to practically adopting him as they could use more members and wind goes well with the sea!
Edith - Chosen as a Valkyrie not long after her brother was claimed, Edith has no hesitation in being a guard and doing her best to protect the people she loves. It's hard at first, to have such power and to never know exactly how things were going to go, but Edith is determined to do her best. Especially when you have a younger brother who is apparently the son of a god. That often means one must up their protective sister game in order to ensure Wulf won't be killed on the first day of he job.
Lace - Child of Athena. Lace...really doesn't seem like he would be cut out as a child of wisdom, at least to his own opinion. Lace is somehow unaware of how smart be can be at times, probably due to the fact that he lowkey hates himself lol. Lace stays at camp all year due to the fact that he isn't...really welcomed back home as his family sees Lace as the source of everything bad that's happned, what with how he attracts a lot of monster...far more than any normal child of Athena. In any case, Lace enjoys being able to study as many things as he wants and to be able to help any other kid.
Pie Trio - Children of...???. No one knows and the PieTrips refuse to actively tell anyone. People have bets so far with who belongs to who, with Dae holding Pluto and Peach holding Poseidon. The most anyone knows about Mordecai is that he has a brief fling every now and again with a child of Venus. No one knows that they’re all really just children of Demeter. Currently they all only stay for summer as Iris ensures that they keep coming back home with her, but not many people are aware of how Iris has deeper plans for her adopted children than most realise. 
Adonai - Child of Venus. Doe is a very strong child and they are more than aware of that...which doesn't mean good things as they often enjoy using their abilities to get stuff. Doe stays full time and often hangs out with their sister, Ava, or flirting around with Mordecai. They like being able to have such powers, although Doe is currently struggling with having to go back home with his mother vs not wanting to go back home.
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at-the-exd-of-everythixg · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Bam! Here's lil thoughts about my muses and gags since I saw this on twitter! Anyone who isn't here doesn't like gags.
Ava: Fangs and the way her jaw is shaped makes things an issue at times but Ava likes to bite more so bars or ball gags are best to bite down on if she can't sink her teeth into a neck.
Mimi: Loves ball gags on her partner and has a certain love for external dildo gags but is often rather open to anything else so long as it isn’t anything too excessive or tape/covering  her partner’s mouth with her own hand. Particularly since she’s worried about hurting her partner with her strength. 
Pascal: Loves being fucked in his mouth to be kept quiet, toys shouldn't talk after all. Honestly, pretty much for any of these he likes but Pascal has a particular soft spot for ring gags or having an item of clothing shoved into his mouth. Whatever humiliates him more tbh
Mahogany: Fussy about being gagged since they can’t mark up their partners as well as they wish to, but likes eating out and if their partner is firm enough on them, then Mahogany will allow a ring or bar gag in order to stop them from biting down too hard. This...also gets a shitload of drool though.
Sal: Baby has oral fixation so anything he can have in his mouth??? Is here for it. Has a small collection of ball and ring gags along with a bar gag for ponyboy outfits but has a soft spot for internal dildo gags as well as getting weak in the knees for when someone suddenly covers his mouth/shoves fingers in for him to suck on...not to mention the fact that Sal loves having his throat fucked more than anything. 
Edith: I imagine Asgardian gags to be rather fancy looking, a bit like overzealous headgear? Has some pretty gags at home but her favourite one covers her eyes and has a leash connecting to the bridle bit. Often also uses her vines and flowers to make more styled gags for others and particularly herself when travelling on Midgard with Wulf in a desperate bid for silence lmao.
Morde: Gags are...useless on someone who can speak with his mind, but Morde still likes the feel and look of them and likes the rush of embarrassment that can come with some teasing on it at times. Likes more sensual or smutty gags?? Just not tape or bridle since it was used in a lot of “discipline” sessions when he was younger. It’s a more visual level of control that makes Morde melt often 
Lace: Likes cloth gags and ball gags, probably especially likes the ones that have a little bows around the back of your head. Lace gets very flustered at those ones. Tends to cover his mouth during intense moments, especially if a partner is trying to make him be loud or if they're in a morw public place.
Doe: Loves seeing partners in internal dildo gags or with ball gags since it makes it all the more cuter to tease their partner with. Likes headgear stuff since it helps take away their senses or they enjoy cloth gags since Doe has bitten through metal before and doesn't care for choking on the scent of a hand pressed against their face.
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bakatenshii · 3 months ago
i am interested in the thirst pls 👀
no thirst brain drained but I tentatively offer thee a thought of—
slimy, grimy, sleazy giran who reeks of cheap whiskey and cigarette smoke with respectful, classy, well-groomed mr. compress who always smell like a mix of rich musk and clean cotton. it’s a delicious contrast, one that has your mind reeling with whiplash and body confusingly aroused.
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at-the-exd-of-everythixg · 4 months ago
Memes! Part one
@awkward-snake-girl / @blind-mutant
Rhys: What if I were evil and ran towards you at very high speeds
Jen: My arms are strong, I would catch you and hug you
Lace: brb gotta go darken my clothes and strike a dramatic pose
Samuel: I have one foot in the grave but in a kind of fun flirty way, the way one might slip on a fishnet stocking
Rick: Every text is a risky text when you're a dumbass who can't use words right
Mahogany: I mean I guess I could try dressing as an actual member of society, instead of a disheveled, hungover swamp witch, but the question is why
Finn: I don't want all this complicated stuff I just want to love and be loved and maybe a hug
Samuel: Oh, so when other people to outside it's "good for their health" and "highly recommended", it's only when I do that it's a "containment breach" and a "high level threat to public safety and security", huh???
Mattie: Sometimes u gotta be like "okay" and leave that shit alone
Rhys: Good morning I regret to inform everyone it is in fact another fucking day
Skaar: I wish I was a flower they are pretty and don't do anything
Pascal: Yeah can I get uhhhh some fuckin physical affection
Rhys: I am evil and bi. I commune with the rats. I have 17 knives. I don't have horns yet but I'm working on it.
Rick: No offense but do I look like I understand anything
Finn: Y'all wish your only responsibility was taking care of a small vegetable garden
Jen: You ever wake up from a dream like "damn I guess I'm not coping with THAT as well as I thought I was"
Dae: I say no worries a lot for someone who worries 101% of the time
Samuel: yes I'm trying to kill you LOL stop being so immature about it
Skaar: Bro stop looking so flirty I'm trying to fight you with my sword right now
Sal: I did meet some of the most insufferable people. But, they also met me.
Hulk: I'm the sexiest bitch in this secret government containment facility
Mimi: Outfits that say I'm cute but there's something wrong with me
Betty: Birdwatching goes both ways
Samuel: A new study indicates that it's too late. Beyond hope, the study finds. Who even cares, the study suggests. (Heaving sobs), the stufy concludes.
Lace: If you love something set it free. If it returns, borrows into your ribs, devours your heart and becomes your new heart, it was meant to be.
Skaar: If I could swing a really big sword it wouldn't even matter if anyone loved me or not
Abby: Hello everyone I'm proud to announce that I've finally been accused of blasphemy
Mattie: I'm a simple girl. I read a book. I find a lowkey traumatised dumbass who hides their feelings with sarcasm and humor. I adopt them.
Pascal: God still hasn't smited me for my hubris, so my work is unfinished
Red: A motherfucker could use an embrace
Adonai: Reinvent yourself. You'll need to get some human bones and skin and organs, which can be expensive. But the results will amaze you
Rick: My phone corrected yet to yetis because I talk about abominable snowmen more than the inevitable
Mattie: Can you go to bed
Rhys: Sorry I told you about my truama do you still think I'm hot
Mattie: Why not fall in love?
Sal: I got shit to do
Ava: I'm saving my brain for special occasions. If I use it every day it'll get dirty
Jen: With all due respect, which is none
Samuel: Good morning god has let me live another day and I'm about to make it everybody's probablem
Mimi: Um hi, my friend wants to know if you think I'm hot
Lace: Not gonna lie I'm pretty uncomfortable all the time
Rhys: What's on your cute little mind?
Samuel: Death
Hulk: Once I come out of my cage and start doing just fine it's over for u hoes
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avguis · 5 months ago
Sorry, I couldn't help myself, Can I suggest vampire Amane & gothic Nene?
Tumblr media
Hmm,, is she gothic enough mmm thanks for the suggestion !!
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at-the-exd-of-everythixg · 5 months ago
U know what I wAS going to merely just write about Dae and Sal's new doggos but. I have instead decided to do...all of my kids. Ur welcome.
Ava: Still working as a PI, but now she takes more into helping ex Dragonflys out as well as bringing new members to where they belong. Much happier and better at controlling her powers and often keeps her biker sense of style but it practically never seen without her leather jacket that shows a mint green dragonfly surrounded by flames on the back.
Mimi: Has moved out of the pro wreslting life as she finally got to study and become a life guard. She's often happy to spend most of her time out there and teaching swim classes to kids in the winter time as well, not to mention relaxing at home with her pet fish, Gubby and Bubby.
Finn: Owner of Cotten Tail Bakery and is not only big handsome tall man, but sports a beard full time now and is no longer ashamed of his mutation. 6'3 and a doting rabbit man 👀. Peter is somehow still alive and Finn is now the proud father of a new Netherland Dwarf called Cookie. Peter os not amused at his new sister.
Pascal: Bigger Dog Dad Dilf than ever. Works full time in the dog shelter but now has accepted the good he can do at his own pace and this leads to Pascal often helping the animals get homes faster and at weekends, visiting hospitals to aid his visions. Cassandra now lives with Pascal as well as the fact that Pascal wears moonstone glasses to keep his eyes at bay, like a "Cooler and Hotter Scott Summers" Pascal quotes.
Mahogany: Now the Alpha of their Own Town, Mahogany happily takes those with powers in and has formed their own well known coup of super humans that have powers far beyond anyone else. Not to mention the fact that Mahogany has now begun to dabble in magic that could allow them to break through into other realms. Got hotter in the fact that they often have long braids to join the many scars decorating their body...and the fur from their beloved baby: Baby Daisy Dukes the big poofy white cat.
Edith: Proud second in command of the Valkyries. Loving life as she gets to visit other realms and ensures to always bring a souvenir back for Wulf and to hopefully not get herself and Ragnarok scarred up too much. Hair goes to the FLOOR baby we're repunzeling this shit along with the fact that she's covered in tattoos and flowers now. Has a lovely fellow warrior named Talitha that Edith has begun to court recently.
Wulf: Finest warhorse trainer in all of Asgard by now and has shifted along to guarding cattle to, which explains the long scars up his back and arms from barbed horns. Wulf occasionally visits other realms but has decided to lay back now and enjoys the connection he gained from the tempest of Earth and is more assured in what he wants for himself and his choices. Has taken to showing Asgard the songs of Earth and is the reason why "Bad Romace" by Lady Gaga has been sung at parties for four months now.
Adonai: Starting to thread themselves back together after years of damage. Merajo lives with them and Ava and the three live together, trying to reconcile over time. They have started a unique job of filling in for celebrities or politicians when needed and Doe actually quite enjoys a job that gets them admired and that means they don't have to kill as often as they used to. They stick with their own form more now, although Doe will take on other people's eyes and skin markings if they like them. If not with anyone for either of them (or maybe an ot3 hm???) Then Doe has begun to slowly date Mordecai again.
Lace: Finally getting off his medication after SHIELD and Xavier's and many court cases were filed against the people who made Lace's family for decades of human experimentation. On the positive side? He's finally getting good therapy and being trained with his powers. The bad side? Suddenly Lace is open about his feelings and it stings. Not to mention the fact that he can barely go around places without catching some paparazzi's eye. At least he still has Ferret and has been allowed to get a lot closer to his family, who also struggle with their broadened world.
Peach: She's starting to move past her truama and the first step of that was slicing her hair short into fluffy curls. Peach had decided that while she loved her other halves more than life itself, she needs to see the world for herself. Basically? Peach is on one long self discovery journey that involves her travelling around with water while sending home the occasional message when Morde and Dae worry too much. Peach dreams of being able to start a bar fight and come at her loser, her little brother and big brother will kick your ass when she yanks them though a pool. Very into the pirate outfits.
Mordecai: Has given into the curly life more now and suffers Fluffy Man syndrome only on weekends along with rocking his scars and prosthetics after Dae ripped his arm and leg off. He still sticks to the slitted skirts though and skips the sunglasses that would normally hide his eyes from people. Morde is more than thrilled to have Doe trying to reconnect and Morde has even begun to work at the pet shelter with Pascal since his powers come in handy with dealing with rowdy dogs...and because Morde still can barely stand most humans.
Dae: Still the curliest boy with the shyest smile, Dae has started to let his skin peel in order to show his diamonds out more and no longer worrying about human skin and blood. He killed Iris guys. Still likes to cook and helps Finn out at the bakery and now had a service St Bernard called Onyx, who is a very gentle giant and yet has the loudest bark ever as he waddles around and gently carries Honkers in his mouth often.
Sal: His sight has declined far enough that Sal eventually decided to shift to a smaller town where he could get better and...never really left? He's shifted to doing camera porn work to keep money going in while trying to figure out what he could do for himself more. Not only has he shifted into his country form, but Sal's lost enough eyesight over time that he ended up getting a guide dog, a rottweiler and golden retriever mix who he named Artemis...and who Sal nicknames Doodlebug. Sal's...happy, but mortified if he finds someone from a previous life.
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april-stranger · 6 months ago
leather straps and lace, confining my flesh - i flourish under your eager eyes, and melt in the blissful oblivion your hungry lips bring
- S.
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at-the-exd-of-everythixg · 6 months ago
Daemon verse for the kids!! Redid some stuff and got new ones for new muses!!
Ava: Musteloid - Kinkajou called Ambrose. Ava knows she can split apart from her daemon but it isn't like they enjoy doing such things. Mostly her and Bo cling to each other and even then, he often snarls at the slightest comment made to Ava...which doesn't help when you take in her appearance and her occupation of PI. Still, Ava tries to not snort too loudly when her daemon screams "cunt" very loudly in a British accent.
Mimi: Perching bird - Cardinal called Jimi. Like....Jimmy but Jimi. She's so fucking bad at naming. Jimi is fully aware of this and sighs raggedly every day but for the most part happily flutters around Mimi, doing displays during her fights and perching on her when they relax. Jimi enjoys packing around Mimi's scales to make sure they keep clean as well as fluttering around her head when Mimi flirts terribly. Of course, someone needs to be ready for pecking some eyes out...or to drop a gift that shows their care and affection.
Finn: Deer - Pudu called Wisteria. She's sweet on the outside and satan on the inside. Finn is...pleasantly unaware of the fact that Wisty has got some hell of a mouth on her. She knows Finn is soft and sees the best in people, which is why it falls to her to see that only said best are the ones who can be near Finn. Especially since Wisteria carries a lot of guilt about not being able to help Finn through most of his childhood when he was being bullied.
Pascal: Owl - Little owl called Mazgin. Maz is a sweet girl who is more open about the shit she and Pascal have time through. It was bad and Maz misses Cassandra and Laurel more than anything too, but Maz takes it upon herself to know that things aren't the same as they used to be, hm Pascal??? Don't you think that honesty is better than trying to push people away in the name of fate??? She can see the future too and by god she's going to enforce feelings and love upon her sweet boy.
Mahogany: Caprine - Domestic Goat called Plum. Plum doesn't mind being a he or she and Mahogany is happy to adhere by that. The only goat who won't ever be eaten, Plum knows that Mahogany was hurt severely when they lost everything and Plum shares their own fair share of burn scars across their body. But they aren't put out and are more than happy to help keep Mahogany safe and that included learning how to read and being aware of most things. Probably the smartest daemon around easily, which levels out Mahogany's empty head.
Sal: Primate - Capuchin called Dulce. She has the same cracks as Sal but unlike Sal, tells people to fuck off if they keep on staring. Alien monkey!! Sal uh. Wasn't aware that most primate daemons didn't have eyes running down the side of their bodies, or oversized hands. Or four ands at all. But ah well, Dulce is his girl and the only one Sal will always be happy to mush over. Very particular about who goes near her since Sal remembers Cecil and the way she grabbed Dulce before Sal killed her.
Wulf: Domestic dog - Golden retriever/ Equine - Fjord called Auđr. I saw in a fic that Asgardian daemons have a locked range of forms and I was like 👀. But yeah! Auđr's form definitely stands out, whether she's in her six legged horse form or her horned and two headed canine form. But she's a mother hen through and through so it isn't uncommon to see Auđr following people around and constantly checking over them to see if they're okay. Uh...just don't get too upset when a giant golden man ans a giant golden horse/dog come running towards you for a cuddle.
Edith: Antelope - Duiker/ Raptor - Eagle called Hildr. Like Wulf, Edith's girl often catches eyes with the fact that she's the size of a small gazebo in her eagle form and the six legs in her duiker form. But Edith adores Hildr and is always happy to carry her aprund, which is useful since Hildr is big on being able to relax when she is not needed. She claims it's all in "a final rest" before she is called to battle. Edith always snorts behind Hildr's back because she knows her companion just enjoys a realm that she can nap in.
Dae: Domestic dog - St Bernard called Remy. Remy has deep diamonds etched along his body and larger than most St Bernards but he's still a big gentle boy for Dae and anyone that is nice to Dae. Silent most of the time but goes ape shit the moment anyone speaks bad to Dae. On the inside. Protective as fuck over Peach's and Morde's Daemons....anyone else's daemon really. Big oof is that Remy is quite used to being touched without Dae's permission so...good luck when he brushes against people Dae remotely likes and has the general freedom to do.
Morde: Flightless bird - Chicken called Monet. Monet has matching diamonds running through her but she doesn't mind it as she can still run and pluck the eyes out of anyone who goes near them. Often enjoys being carried by Morde and more than once Monet will just...sit on top or Mordecai to keep him still while she naps. Morde wants to argue over the fact that she doesn't NEED to sleep but they both know its just so she can get the joy of sitting on Mordecai and he can't do anything about it.
Doe: Primate - Colobus called Bach. What's more disturbing than a shape shifter who doesn't cafe about who holds their daemon is a daemon that can shapeshift even through adulthood. A colobus is Bach's main form but it doesn't stop them from laughing happily when Doe shifts into the same species and they run around to play. Despite that, Bach is actually aware of most things and serves to be helpful by acting as Doe's memory and keeping them relaxed when they get overwhelmed by sensations and missions. But just because Bach remembers most things doesn't mean that they'll share secrets.
Lace: Eulipotyphla - Shrew called Snickershrewdle, real name Perseus. Of course Lace wants to keep his demon's name a secret too, what person would take a small daemon with a name like that? Snicker knows this too and thus he wears the stupid name proudly to keep Lace settled that he will in no chance intimidate anyone. Even it Snicker kinda reveals in being so small and knowing that he too can become any other form of daemon. But Lace screamed the last time he woke up to a bear in his bed so Perseus sighs and sticks with the form that Lace adores. Brat.
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at-the-exd-of-everythixg · 7 months ago
Halloween costumes! (2020)
• Ava: Carmen Sandiego
• Mimi: Wolverine
• Finn: Rayla from dragon prince
• Sal: Werewolf
• Mahogany: A sheet ghost
• Pascal: Sully from monsters inc
• Wulf and Edith: Mario and Luigi
• Lace: A priest with Ariston
• Dae: Honkers
• Morde: A skeleton
Peach: Ariel
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at-the-exd-of-everythixg · 7 months ago
Ok uh DND HEADCANONS aka welcome to fantasy queer eye
Ava: A tiefling paladin. Bonar Fidea ("BONER?" "Shut the fuck up Sal.") Is sworn to her mission to protect the group of travellers she's met. Especially when faced with a particular half orc,,,ahem, Bonar is intent on doing good, not for the cost of gold, but to perhaps wipe her hands of bloodshed left over from a suffocating war that she refuses to talk about....just a shame that the rest of her party doesn't agree with the motives.
Mimi: Dwarf fighter named Viet Clearwater ("'Cause she drags her enemies through the fucking mud!"). Dwarf milf -
("wait," Lace squints and Mimi grins. "How is she a milf??" "WELL. You know that thing where a woman gets out of the fire and shakes her head? That's that." Everyone waits for a moment before nodding appreativatevly.)
- who worked in a blacksmiths for many years before meeting Sal's character and ending up joining his kid onto becoming fantasy bounty hunters for a few months before meeting the others. Viet's personal mission is to get a beach day yet each plot ends up derailing her from it each and every time.
Finn: Druid Elf called Roisen-Mae Maylar who worked in fantasy Greggs before Bonar robbed them and Roisen-Mae was the one who was sent after her due to him being "the new guy". Long story short, Roisen-Mae realised he was underpaid and joined Bonar in her avenging for justice, quickly realising that "justice" was conceived of breaking into places and killing people in order to free others. Roisen-Mae kinda wishes he could go back to Fantasy Greggs but...he likes the feeling of adventure in his blood, likes helping people in such a freeing manner.
Sal: Elvish Bard named Chester. Out here playing the top hits of "I want thy love" and "I was created for loving thee." With the backups of Wulf's character. Realised that he could get more cash and that there was...fuck, there was something magic about his voice that struck the monsters and mysterious assassins often sent after the party for some reason.
("Wait so you're some sort of siren?" Pascal had begun to laugh as Sal sqwuaked in indignation. "No! Its- its magic! Shut up you solar piece of shit!")
Sure, murder wasn't was Chester was expecting. But fuck if it ain't gonna be fun (skksks ngl I'm...half wondering if Sal would let his dnd character be in love like I am with him and me being ace sksk)
Mahogany: No character since they struggle with grasping the game but they usually have someone sitting on their lap while they watch everyone play and suggest actions. Sometimes they're allowed to be monsters but often Mahogany is just there to get some cuddles.
Pascal: Orc rogue named Solgrindr The Rugged. 100% he's here to get jacked and each mission allows him to gain One Ab. His guns are huge but his heart is even huge-er and Solgrindr speaks with a fiery passion to sell his training regime and to collect a million fantasy numbers. Since. U know. Solgrindr has earned these by now.
("So you're a Chad?" Mimi squints and Pascal lifts up a hand in offense before Sal interjects. "YEAH PASCAL YOU AN INCEL?" Pascal cried a minute later. He just wanted to be ripped, was that too much to ask?)
Solgrindr is but a man of his whims and what's a bigger whim than a fiery battle and an even hotter romance? ("His sole goal is to romance Chester." Pascal says, smiling viciously when Sal chokes from across the table.) Its just a shame he hasn't been able to live up to his full power yet...
Edith: A half-orc paladin called Yanag Broifstïgnäh who is...basically a carbon copy of Edith but no one's gonna exactly argue with a 6'something Norse angel who everyone excluding Wulf and Dae, are attracted to her. Yanag fights with the same ire and power anyone else would have done to protect her party entirely. She gets a magical axe that apparently washes her into an entirely new and powerful form only once every game.
(Finn frowns, tilting his head curiously. "You made Edith into a magical girl?"
Doe blinks and for a moment, Finn shudders when his own eyes meet his. "Yeah. Is that what that's called? Coolio.")
Yanag saves and romances a woman with every town they go to, but it raises questions when she seems to deny their affections, just as its suspicious how black tar-like veins seem to spread on her the more she uses this power.
Wulf: A human ranger called Bob Greenson. Your average, typical human man who just so happens to believe in fate and adventure! He shall charm everyone and fight the good battles!
("So." Ava squinted and Edith tried to not smile. "He's playing as himself...but a human man?" Her question seemed to get a rough snort out of Edith and a slight nudge of the shoulders. "Aye, but 'tis what makes the man happy I suppose.")
Of course, Bob is on a strict mission to product review as many weapons as he possibly can for his company, Weap'n'throw, while perhaps finding a few good spots to camp out for the ol' family? How's it goin' neighbour? Sure there are some sale issues, what with everyone wanting to murder Bob, but what sales pitch doesn't come with a bit of haggling, hm? With his mighty band of sales assistants, please speak to Chester on aisle three for magical trumpets!
Adonai: Dungeon Master! It's a relief to be themselves and to still be able to interact with the games and everyone else. Doe was worried at first that they would have been left out while everyone got to be something different. They would have joined, but the idea of yet again forming a whole new identity, trying to find the balance and sounded exhausting. They couldn't handle it.
Ava patted them and told Doe that they didn't need to be someone. They could think up the scenarios and risks and Joys. It wasn't often that they got an opportunity to take over and simply have fun with risking Mimi's life or trying to create romantic scenarios between Edith and Ava. Doe takes great pleasure in being the DM and it isn't uncommon for them to modify their body for certain campaigns.
Lace: A half-elf wizard named Elvish Presley (Everyone groans. Mahogany weeps. Edith demotes her Valkyrie ways. Sal becomes a nun.) Elvish is interested in learning all sources of magic and why their world works. Is there anything connecting them all? A reason for them being here? Elvish is determined to find out, no matter what the cost...mostly of himself though.
Whether he admits that he wouldn't allow his team to get hurt or not, that is entirely Elvish's thoughts and feelings alone. Quick! Put that healing spell away! We can't let these people know that we feel and yearn! But little does Elvish Presley know, everyone is aware that he is a giant nerd with a giant heart that weeps when Bonar rescues him from the angry orgre who's wagon dealership they ruined in a quest.
Dae: A dragonborn ranger named Torpa Armani who dreams of becoming a famous writer-
("Th-that's bas-basically what y-you do anywh-anyway." Morde squints as Wulf grins while Dae flushes and shakes his head. It's a weak argument, to hear your clone try and deny the elaborate romance novels he writes about his friends.)
-But! Sometimes you just get whisked away onto wild and heart melting adventures. Its hard to ignore how good it deeps to help other people with their problems. It seems that Torpa may just be finding out that there's more to life than romance or tragedy books for them. Especially if they seem so insistent on carrying a weapon and being willing to put their trust and faith within other people once more after being outcasted for who and what they are.
Peach: A tiefling ranger named Puddles Skipclear. Puddles was once a water nymph, but had been cursed into a more physical form that didn't allow her to touch water. She is bound to dry lands until Puddles is able to break her curse. Unfortunately, Puddles doesn't even seem to know what curse bounds her and changes her for possibly forever.
(Morde is quiet for a moment, not meeting his clone's eyes guilt makes his eyes and body dim and slouch. Dae does the same towards Mordecai and everyone tries to ignore the guilt that isn't there's suddenly shifting around the room.)
She likes the people she has chosen to travel with. They're silly and their quests don't always work out, but they're honest in helping Puddles and she wants to trust in them when they say that they will help her remove her curse. They're all rather different from her water sisters that faded away and slipped out of Puddles' too physical fingers, but she's begun to have high hopes about what this mission could mean for her along the way.
Mordecai: Orc rogue named Vecivus Brogun, who is a well renewed theft despite his size. Parties could only dream of having him upon their sides. It's easy to steal things from countless people, but it's harder to steal the secrets. Especially when such a strange party seems to hold so many of these secrets. Some of them have simple ideas and wants, but others?
Oh, there's mystery to them and contrary to what others believe about orcs, Vec is far more easily aware and shifty than most. If only the others would realise these and help him out with a few gigs...after all, is it so bad to steal from a dragon if said dragon had so many riches that he would have hardly noticed if a few went missing?
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at-the-exd-of-everythixg · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
@awkward-snake-girl oc babies!!! Its,,,also Finn's birthday today so memes later!
Ava is a fruit beast my god it needs fruit, why tf does Mimi have lemon on cookies and cream??? Finn....only normal bitch here. Pascal is normal and Mahogany can't eat cake but as a human? They're also a freak whi likes key lime of all things.
Love blueberries and basically demands fruit and chocolate, Edith had a very surprising cake considering her personality and I love the idea of her with the cutest cake ever tbh. Wulf is normal and tbh I imagine Asgardians have some special fruit that I can't be bothered to make up, Morde and Peach love strawberry and so did Dae but he is only able to really taste coconut now
Lace was normal but then decided to dip cake in peanut butter like a big weirdo.
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Tma babytars
Brought to you by an avatar of the hunt ;3! Ksksks
Ava) Avatar of the Hunt! Baby girl got sick of being hunted and used like a dog on a leash by her parent and Iris so what better than letting her wings unfold and letting fuel of wanting to catch and maul overtake her when she sees a familiar mint green tattoo gracing some skin. What's the use of attachments when she has her fellow hunters in the air? When diamonds and red hair spill across the floor and the hunt goes on and on and on and.
Mimi) Avatar of the Slaughter. What's the use of coming from a place of peace when she's stuck in a ring of fueled roars? Where the urge to hit and fight and win these small but so meaningful wars fill he every being. She is green and blue and pink but the red spills onto her and doesn't stop filling in her scales and veins until Mimi is so very sure that she was never as bright as she had once thought she was. Filled with a love of violence rather than a love of beauty for the sea or art.
Finn) The Avatar of the Dark! A world isn't safe to a small rabbit. Run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run into the dark where things are safe and even a small rabbit is something to fear. What is fear but a set of glowing eyes in the hue of the unknown? A cry is drowned out by the screams of the many victims who will claim back what should have been theirs'. Finn will wait for you in the dark and you'll never know until a lit set of eyes meet yours and your blood shall be the only thing left when the light and the predators come once more.
Mahogany) The Avatar of the Flesh. Flesh is family and Mahogany has plenty of it. When your animals go missing in the night, they flee into Mahogany's arms and into the family that is waiting for them. Meat is murder and they wait to slaughter you all. Mahogany has such dear love in their heart and they will wear your face and your smiles just to show people that you truly are loved. Who needs family when you have pale flesh against yours?
Sal) Avatar of the Desolation. Nothing more powerful or brighter than a star's emotion and while you're safe because a star is constantly hurtling away from you, that it cannot handle you, Sal is a star that will fall and haunt you and burn evey thing you ever wanted. Sal is a star and he will burn your sun and be your only light in your life, to make you rely on him for once. There's no bigger joy in life than nice clothes and something to blow up.
Pascal) Avatar of the Web. Yes, he could Behold or Burn, but fate demands that strings be pulled when when you grow up for years in an abandoned church full of corpses, it makes for good homes for spiders and webs. There is a sense of webbing when you tie someone to your predictions and Pascal is addicted to stringing people to him because what's a spider without some flies within his web? And he might as well trade one manipulative mother for another.
Edith) Avatar of the End. Really, it seems fitting for Edith. After all, what's the end to a woman who will take your hand and lead you into the dying river? People hear Valkyrie and assume a golden guard for the king of the Aesir but they never seem to realise that the Valkyries' main duty is to lead fallen soldiers to their finaly resting place. She accepts her role and how it may unnerve people but Edith will not let it stop her from continuing her mission of guiding fallen souls. Even if you don't agree with it.
Wulf) Avatar of the Vast. There is an emptiness to space and distance but Wulf can never get enough of it. What most see as endless, he sees as boundless, something to dance and love because what higher than a boundless love? An endless sense of emotion? The nine worlds are such a dizzying thing to behold and Wulf takes that in stride.
Peach) Avatar of the Vast. Like the sky, there is a depth and vastness within the ocean that hardly anyone knows about. There is no need to see, hear, smell or feel when you're trapped in the crushing depths. Dragonflies cannot survive in the water and Peach will always recognise small bundles of red hair floating around her, kept save by vast blue waves rather than the suffocating hands on land that only want to tear Peach apart from her family and from herself.
Dae) Avatar of the Corruption. There is disease and love within his diamonds and Dae knows this when he can feel the emotions and filth from everyone connected to him. There is love surrounding him because he extends into so many reaches and so many aspects of Him love him back. Dae knows that once upon a time he didn't want to be loved so furiously and to be suffocated under adoration. But then once upon a time, a woman with reflective eyes hurt him and hurt people he loved. Better to infect and be adored than used.
Mordecai) Avatar of the Eye. Morde wants to know and watch everything, like. Iris did to him once. He wants to know and understand and maybe there's a little bit of joy and interest in watching bad things happen to mostly bad people. Morde can't help it, its...satisfying to see that he isn't the only one being hurt in life. He wants to sit back and simply watch, it isn't his responsibility it someone gets themself into a foolish situation.
Lace) Avatar of the Lonely. Fear pushes others away and it pushes you further alone into a world where people actively avoid being near you. But that's what you want, right? To not be a danger, to be safe in a bubble where you're the only one who can be a danger to yourself. Does it sting at times? Maybe so, but Lace knows that nothing will be nicer than being able to look out into the fog of himself and to know that this is where he is supposed to be, not surrounded by hands and eyes and teeth and claws.
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You wanna bite ?
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Daddy loves when I wear my hair in braids🎀
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