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#LOTRO Landroval Server
lotrolulz · a month ago
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There is just so much that’s A+ about this. Magically levitating on a fence, honking away on a bassoon, literally dressed in fucking overalls like Mario, referencing mushrooms in the player title, and of course being a dwarf. I don’t care what anyone says.. if Mario were in Middle Earth, you bet your ass he’d be a dwarf.  Fight me. 
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lotrolulz · a month ago
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HOLY SHIT IT’S THE FUCKING BOY WONDER. HI ROBIN!  Er... Girl Wonder? Elf Wonder? WHAT U DOIN IN THE MORGUL VALE? Also I love you please be my bff forever ;____;
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noriseyebrow · a day ago
Thankful to the people on lotro server Landroval who held a much smaller concert in the crafting hall. The big ones are too overwhelming for me.
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sniperct · 21 days ago
Lotro: Your legendary server is dying, here's free moves to the other one
me: *after the transfers have been open like a year* Okay fine, I just wish I could move my alt army to landroval but I'd rather be where there are more people
Lotro: *3 weeks later* We're closing that old legendary server and if you're still on it you can move to any server you want not just the other legendary server
me: I just left, how is that fair?
Lotro: We listened to your feedback, you can now transfer off the remaining legendary server
me: thank you!
Lotro: That'll be $30 per character
me: *flips tables*
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lotro-sisters · 9 months ago
I play lotro tooo what server are you on?
The hobbits are on Evernight! I have some other characters on other servers too, like my lvl 9 elf on Landroval that I’d be so up for questing with any of y’all who want to with a super low-level character. I’ve never really played with anyone but my sister so be warned lol I’m pretty much a newbie despite having played on and off since 2013.
Sadly my highest level is 25 (pretty pathetic I know - I just found it hard to advance much further solo, now I play with my sis on that character though) Sooo yeah if you or anyone else wants to do some low level questing message me and lets do it!! sorry for how long this is btw yikes
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tolkienrsb · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello, hello, hello!  Welcome back to the TRSB Summer Showcase; today we have the fabulous...
( @erisofimladris )
I'm Eris, 27 years old, and quarantining with an adorable almost-14-year-old goldendoodle named Reese <3 I've been a Tolkien fan since I was 9 years old and started writing fanfic shortly after, although most of my early pieces have been lost. I discovered a deep love for the Silmarillion two years ago. In addition to wearing my elf dress around the house, my hobbies include video games, reading, and attempting to plot a fantasy novel.
Where can we find you? 
LotRO: Erisuithiel, on the Landroval server
How are you joining in with TRSB20? Writing and pinch hitting
Fourth Father
Rated T, no Archive warnings apply
Info about your piece: I've always loved Elrond, but felt intimidated to write him. I was certain that my first attempt would be criticized heavily, especially since I was writing about his relationships with his father figures and included a positive relationship with the Feanorians, which is one of my favorite headcanons. I was so pleasantly surprised to see people enjoying this story! To date, this is my highest-rated story on ao3 and I was even requested to write a sequel for the very first time! This fic helped me realize that headcanons aren't something to be ashamed of and others may enjoy what we've got in our heads!
Top creative tips/words of wisdom for fellow participants: Trust in your ideas - even if you think others might judge them, there's no way of knowing what other people will think unless you share with them!
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elezendad · a year ago
!!! What server are you on for lotro, dad?
I haven’t made the character yet because my ocd is being a real bully tonight but I’m thinking probably Landroval.
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lotrolulz · a year ago
Tumblr media
This isn’t mine, and I can’t remember where I found this originally (Reddit) but TOMORROW, Sunday June 30th, at 1pm server time (12 CST), there’s gonna be a party. You should come!
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lotrolulz · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
Bless you, Landroval. I cannot even say how nice it was to see this, and on my first login, no less.
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