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badapplebisexual · 14 hours ago
if you wanna invent a new sexuality label to describe “same-gender attraction”, which basically just means spicy SSA-leaning bisexuality, sure. Go for it. There’s a million microidentities which describe bisexuality anyways, what’s one more. Make your own flag if you want. Have parades if you want. Go hog wild.
But what you’re not going to do, is rebrand same-sex attraction as a “genital preference”. If it’s a preference, it’s not innate. If it’s not innate, it can be unlearned. If it can be unlearned, it’s a choice. If it’s a choice, it’s no different from any other uncommon sexual behavior fetish. This is religious homophobia and conversion therapy 101. Let me ask you a very serious question: what do you think takes place during conversion therapy sessions? What do you think the therapist asks the patient? What do you think the therapist tells the patient? And then ask yourself, why is it the exact same as what is nowadays considered “progressive”, “inclusive”, and the only “non-bigoted” descriptor of sexual orientation?
If sex-based attraction is a choice, then there’s no reason to have legal protections for it. There’s no reason for us to be treated equally with respect to people in heterosexual relationships. If Brenda from accounting can get fired for mentioning her piss fetish at the workplace, why shouldn’t I get fired for mentioning my girlfriend? After all, they’re both sexually uncommon practices, they’re both “preferences”, they’re both choices that pertains to our sex lives, right?
I support housing for everyone. I support psychiatric and medical care for everyone who needs it. I support everyone living their lives free of fear of harassment, violence or abuse.
But you need to leave the definitions that are the foundation of sex-based protections alone. Same-sex marriage was legalized based on it. Anti-discrimination laws were passed based on it. They’re there for a VERY important reason.
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smallpumpkinboi · a day ago
This is a harsh reminder to stop manipulating people to be "educating" and becoming and activists on every simgle problem in the world. I'm sorry but its mentally draining and not everyone has the mental or physical capacity for this. I'm tired of seeing posts that tell people they are shit for not posting about political issues or donating. Not everyone is capable of doing years worth of study in like a week (and honestly most of the time its biased ideas that have a bad understanding of the topics) AND donating money, even signing petitions can be a bit sketchy. We need to focus on the changes people make within their own community, not what they post or say online
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drunkenartwhore · a day ago
hello dear followers i am having thoughts
#babaradeep babaradoop#these are very personal so i am making space#3........2..........1............ go#so i have some self esteem issues that much is obvious#and ive been thinking about my relationships before reaching my 20s and they follow a very... constant line#in which im not seen as person?#i have a very particular way of loving people like#i learn what they like and i try to make them feel like they matter by bringing them my little raven gifts#like OH this looks like something youd like! i watched that show you told me about! lets do this together!#and so on#and i feel like#no one has ever shown me that level of care?#i mean my close friends do all the time but a partner?#i remember my ex used to compliment my small waist (which i dont have anymore)#and she used to say i was smart like it was a bad thing? cuz it made her feel stupid somehow?#i dont think she ever learned something as stupid as my favorite color#or my other ex that wrote me a poem that praised me for always being there for them?#both people that later went and treated me as an object#and i dont know! i dont know what is like to be seen by a partner and actually liked by the person i am#its always just... how i look or what i can do or what im not doing for them#which is like a big part of why sex makes me so miserable#i dunno. i feel like im not worth knowing most of the time#and that makes me so sad. and so angry!!!#i bleed love all over but i dont think there was a time where i wasnt performing for a partner in some level#like#the me i am isnt likeable#id love to get a letter from someone saying all the things they like about me#or something like that#id like to feel loved#OK EMBARRASING
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wildwood-faun · a day ago
Tumblr media
@cosmologicalhedgehogephemera helped administrate a group order from the land beyond the EU and my first Darcy Clothing pieces just arrived!
Just trying them on for size rn and in my unhemmed trousers, striped tee and post-helmet hair I've managed to bring a very 1970s vibe to the victorian if I do say so myself
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So, jot another movie down that people refuse to take at anything but face value, even if the writing isn’t even subtle.
You’re not supposed to walk away from Devil Wears Prada thinking that the “grind” as we call it now is a good thing. Yes, Miranda had achieved a lot in her career, but she had also had a number of failed marriages and could barely make time for her daughters due to her work. Andy walks away from Runway because she doesn’t want to be like Miranda. She recognizes that the woman has achieved a lot, but ultimately, she’s alone and is willing to throw even her most loyal followers, like Nigel, under the bus.
I mean, I hate the fact that Andy went back to Nate in the end, but other than that, she made the right decision in the end by giving up the “grind” and found a job she’d be happier with.
Again, this isn’t even subtle, but I guess I’m the one who didn’t watch the movie lol.
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lotussokka · 2 days ago
i was tagged by @rudiecantfail thank you for tagging me i love talking about myself
five songs i’ve had on repeat:
like a bird by yellow ostrich
loveline remix by zolita (ft. dorian electra & petal supply)
you by troye sivan, regard, & tate mcrae
ready this time by bronze avery
summer of love by austin p mckenzie
currently reading: 😔😔😔fic, just fic 😔😔the last original work i read was mdzs back in like early april
currently craving: some good fucking serotonin
last movie i watched: idk probably part of the fourth h////rry p////tter movie bc my mom had it on
currently watching: cql (im struggling my dudes... i just cant get over the terrible effects theyre constantly pulling me out of the scene)
im tagging @satinmagdalenes @gayghostfacer @hiyorism and @yokoyas
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