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lady-latte · a month ago
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Thank you?? Guys so much ?? For 101 followers holy crap I wasn’t expecting to get so many this is amazing (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃ 💗 I love all of you pls accept my hugs and kithes
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themedicalstate · 23 days ago
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A Year Without Germs
Months of exuberant hand-sanitizing and social isolation during the pandemic have changed our exposure to microbes, in ways good and bad.
Sales of alcohol surged in 2020, especially among the higher-proof varieties. But one type far outsold the others: hand sanitizer.
In the heat of the pandemic, Purell poured some $400 million into expanding its production. As anyone who resorted to bootleg hand sanitizer knows, the company came nowhere close to meeting demand. Distilleries and state governments also got in on the action; New York State’s version was, a mixture of urinal cakes and bottom-shelf vodka. All told, by the end of 2020, sales of hand sanitizer had increased by 600 percent.
Some of this sanitizer is presumably still sitting untouched in people’s pandemic pantry stockpiles. But much of it also went onto our skin, where the alcohol hastily dissolves most of the viruses, bacteria, and fungi it encounters. This dramatic increase in personal sterilization—combined with many other microbe-reducing habits, including masking and physical distancing—have prompted some biologists to wonder, in academic papers and prominent op-eds, about the extent of the “collateral damage” to our immune system.
To get this out of the way: Destroying the coronavirus is, without question, paramount. Millions of people are dead, and tens of thousands more die every week. At the same time, the majority of the trillions of microbes that inhabit our skin and gut—collectively, our microbiome—are either harmless or helpful. “The microbes we carry around are involved in many of the fundamental processes of Homo sapiens,” Brett Finlay said, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of British Columbia, in Canada. Among their other roles, these organisms interact with the immune cells in our skin and teach them to respond only to serious threats. The overall effect of messing with our microbes is not manifestly good or bad, but it is also manifestly not zero.
Our microbiome is constantly in low-level flux, depending on our environment—the people around us, the food we eat, the soaps we use, and so on. But many of our environments and daily routines have changed dramatically over the past year as a result of the extreme focus on hygiene and potential viral exposures of all sorts. This has almost certainly had substantive effects on our microbiome diversity, individually and collectively, Finlay said. “The concern among some microbiologists, for the last decade or so, has been that the collateral damage of excessive sanitizing and use of antibiotics is not good, in terms of microbes that we spent thousands of years evolving with.” He cited links between antibiotic overuse and increasing rates of asthma and obesity, as well as a smattering of evidence about the beneficial effects of vaginal deliveries versus Cesarean sections. There is also evidence that having a diverse microbiome is an indicator—if not necessarily a driver—of good health.
The pandemic may have accelerated that loss of diversity. In recent weeks, Finlay has been quoted on the subject in several news stories, as concerned work-from-homers begin to reckon with the long-term effects of their extended isolation. “When COVID hit, it created a fantastic experiment that’s ongoing,” Finlay said. “We have completely changed our behaviors, and when you do that, you change your microbial exposures: You’re not hugging and kissing people, not riding the subways; you’re spending more time at home making bread.” (How did he know?)
It’s too early to be certain of the effects, Finlay said, and any correlations could take decades to bear out. But he’s especially concerned about the very young and the very old, whose microbiomes are most labile. They also happen to be the groups whose daily lives were most affected by the pandemic. “Kids haven’t been in day care or preschool,” Finlay said. “Elderly people have been isolated from their grandkids, who usually slobber all over them.”
He is far from alone in this line of worry. “As a parent—not just as a researcher—I was extremely concerned by a lot of the plans for intense sanitizing in schools,” Melissa Melby said, a medical anthropologist at the University of Delaware. “The number of people reporting they were sanitizing everything they brought into their houses was pretty tremendous, and I think we have good reason to believe that dramatic changes in hygiene and sanitizing behaviors will affect our microbes, particularly for young children.”
One result of this has already been observed: We’ve broken chains of transmission for all sorts of disease-causing pathogens, including common-cold viruses and influenza. Cases of these illnesses last winter were at recent-historic lows. Microbiome experts are not suggesting that it’s good to get lots of common colds; they say we should be grateful for the recent dip in these infections, just as we’re grateful that we haven’t lately stepped on a rusty nail. The “what doesn’t kill you” adage does not apply to respiratory infections any more than it does to tetanus.
A recent piece in The New York Times described researchers’ “mounting sense of dread” about these behavioral changes and their potentially “irreversible consequences.” But some are feeling optimistic. Certain effects could be positive, says Martin Blaser, the director of the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine at Rutgers University. For one thing, because people didn’t get colds, they also didn’t get (inappropriately) prescribed antibiotics. Many of these are crucial, even lifesaving, therapies. Used too often, though, they can disrupt microbial diversity in the body. If the pandemic helped mitigate their overuse and misuse, that’s “unquestionably good” from Blaser’s point of view.
As for those of us whose microbiome might be lacking because of isolation, Blaser has more hope. “The microbiome in older kids and adults is very resilient,” he says. The microbes that we acquire from other people later in life don’t seem to stick around so long, or to fundamentally alter the microbial foundation that each person develops very early in life. Married couples, for instance, share far less of their biomes than do a mother and child.
Whether the loss of social contact over the past year matters for our microbes in the long term depends on how we transition out of this period. For older kids and most adults, Finlay reassured me, “the damage is not irreversible.” That is, your microbial diversity may fall, but your foundation stays with you. High-fiber diets can help bring the diversity up again. “Instead of a sugar and white-flour diet, try to eat more nuts and seeds and legumes,” Finlay recommended. Spend time outside when you can, and hang out with animals. “Dogs are a great way to get microbial exposure.”
In many families, young children were able to spend more time with their parents and pets than they otherwise would have. “I actually got my family outdoors more,” Melby, the medical anthropologist, said. But these benefits have not been uniform across the population. Although “some people have improved their lives in terms of microbial exposure,” she said, “I know a lot of people who went the other direction.” Among the latter are those who have lacked access to safe parks and neighborhoods, high-quality food, and clean air. “I think the way this is going to play out is going to be very dependent on what resources people had during the pandemic.”
“If they have the income to do it, there are measures people can take to make sure their young children develop a healthy microbiome,” says Tamara Giles-Vernick, who studies medical ethnohistory at Institut Pasteur. In particular, she says, breastfeeding at an early age seems to play a role in setting the foundation of a child’s microbiome. This may have been easier during the pandemic than during normal times, for people who have worked from home. For those who have had to take on second jobs, the inverse is true.
A microbiome gap is evident even in nonpandemic times. “Generally, communities of lower socioeconomic status tend to have less diverse microbiomes,” says Katherine Amato, a biological anthropologist at Northwestern University. In its most extreme form, this paucity is known as “dysbiosis” and is strongly associated with metabolic and autoimmune disorders. But the research is just beginning to scratch the surface in terms of microbial disparities, Amato says. “Things like stress, diet, shift work, and disturbances in circadian rhythms can have negative impacts on the microbiome.” Baseline inequities that affect the microbiome are clearly playing into the disparities in who’s dying of COVID-19. Whether the microbiome itself is a factor in those outcomes remains to be seen.
“Many high-income countries have moved to vaccinate the elderly first, and that’s incredibly important in terms of reestablishing normal microbial inputs,” Giles-Vernick says. Opening up nursing homes to outside visitors as soon as possible, too, may have more than purely social and psychological benefits. The same goes for common areas in nature. “In France, we’re in confinement, but unlike last spring, we can go to parks,” Giles-Vernick says. “That’s a really important measure.”
The ongoing challenge is to avoid binary thinking about microbes: They are not simply good or bad, any more than people are, and neither is Purell. “Everything can be overdone,” Blaser reminds me, and that includes sterilizing things. We should instead make targeted hygiene the goal—and focus on the proven, effective methods to prevent disease transmission. Hand sanitizer can be a miracle during a cholera outbreak; that doesn’t mean you should shower in it after every Zoom call.
By James Hamblin, M.D. (The Atlantic). Image: Adam Maida/The Atlantic.
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mikeyhoolio · a month ago
FREEDOM- chapter one
            Nora stood staring across the tracks at the Welsh young people, waiting for a train going in the other direction, they were looking at her anxiously and warily.  She pictured herself, was she dodgy looking, a possible terrorist.  A woman in her late forties, her hair now short and dyed black, her clothes non distinct, same as the people giving her those looks, it was something they all sensed.  Maybe I am a bit Phsyco she realized, do not value life much, mine or theirs.  But that is not it she knew, loads of cunts and bitches are like that.  
What is the difference in my case?  She wasn’t sure, maybe it was her belief they were all evil shitholes even if they tried to fool themselves different, Nah, loads of people like that to, she suddenly asked herself, do I really give a shit, they are all shit so why would I.  it is like that Joseph Arthur Song, alive at the station dead on the train, you are actually dead on the train because, you were so bored waiting for it to come, she felt herself glance across at the welsh young people to see if they found this funny. She coughed softly.  Still in the sight, she told herself, mind reading, you would be simpleminded to believe in such shite. Imagine you were able to feel someone thinking and the like, you would go slowly around the twist, all the shite people prattle onto themselves about, you would end up killing them with annoyance and frustration.
Fucking hell, nothing worse than waiting for a bus or train, you end up going a bit mental and spastic, most people stare at their phones. The welsh young people were no longer looking at her but were still all tense and worried looking. The COVID-19 thing, they like their little lives and the world, most people are like that or is that true, nah again, most people she imagined would be delighted if the world ended. Most people believe the maxim, life’s a cunt and then you die. Its only if you have been under the nutty doctors thumb you imagine different, obviously if sadness and depression is normal, they would be out of a job.  It is the uncertainty that is worrying them. I am lucky my whole life has felt like that, She slowly scraped the soul of her black pointy leather ankle boot along the ground, across in front of her, it was very quiet she realized, only the sound of low slightly howling wind and occasional sign creaking, most of the other travelers had earphones on,  She began visualizing some of them listen to her or Dichos music, what would they think, feel, would it speak of their lives, songs like new dawn fades by Joy Division or carnival by Jackson C Frank always had given her comfort as she imagined their feelings which would have come from similar feelings, Both singers had committed suicide
I am free now, she told herself, her legal rights restored, and a personal injury litigation set in motion back in Dublin.  Safer to let that unfold from over here. She stared intently and coldly at the sign on the station platform, written in welsh, it had been hard at first to believe her family had been moved to safe houses when she had first been put in an asylum. It had been nice to realize it, but all feelings of being able to feel love for someone had long been burnt out of her, it had been like seeing unreal ghosts. She had felt only confusion and a slight disquiet on the trip down to Kilkenny, to greet them. They had hugged her and seemed to have the same feelings she had, confusion and disquiet.  She had just wanted to get away.  
She was going to write her story. Become a novelist and it was a good, interesting story to tell. She knew some of the welsh people’s feelings were got to do with that, she had read somewhere all successful writers spend their lives in an almost fictional world. It takes 9 hours to get to north Scotland, she had booked a house on Orkney, for six months, she smiled happily imagining the wildlife and sea, Dicho had told her about it, no trees at all he had said, it felt a bit weird thinking of that, and not that much actual wildlife, but an incredible spiritual energy filled place, you could nearly touch it in the air. Like electricity, it translates as the hinge. A liminal place on earth between worlds, the old tir na nog, she suddenly let out a big guffaw of laughter, He was full of shite, She had scoffed then to as was her instinctual habit and he had stared at her as if she were simple, Does God not talk to me daily Nora he said, none of its to be scoffed at
She looked quickly across at the people, they were now glaring at her angrily, she stilled her mind, I appeared to do something there, she breathed deeply a few times, it hadn’t been what she had been thinking, the English police were near the station for some reason, someone’s being lunatic, robbing something or causing agro. The ole ring of fire for eternity might be coming for someone. She sighed sadly, the eternity thing was the sad bit, once on it, it is impossible to get off it. Just life put someone in that position usually, she knew from being on a mental health section, its hell on earth and each time your caught, your more dead each time, she realized its usually a form of slight hysteria when she found something funny, It is like Dichos song hobo blues. Ohh she sang softly to herself I thought a funny one, been thinking funny ones all day long, mm mm m  m  mm, mm mm m mm
I’m sad mad, lonely and blues, ohh lord, I’m the one who loves you, oh lord I got them hobo blues
It does be funny she knew, uncanny in that every thought becomes a witty one liner, or as Dichos sang sang a witty riposte or social commentary
Life was better now she was free, but a lot of the stuff was the same, logically if created madness is just to make you seem irrational and over sensitive about things, it is the legal situation was the important thing, she was an equal in the eyes of the law again. I am getting an objective view of other so called mad too, its freaky sinister shite, that would give you brain damage if you looked at it head on. She had no intention of ever going near any of them again, nutters, they could read her book and put ten pound in her pocket for doing so.
Ha ha she laughed quietly I’m returning to my sane cunty bitch self again; she began to feel horny suddenly and smiled and laughed again quietly.  She hummed her new song, ohh your so beautiful, oh oh you’re so beautiful, you’ve seen places exactly like places I’ve been, you’ve felt exactly feelings. that I did feel. And o lord I am free to love you SOOO, I am going to heal you baby, I’m going to make you well, you’re going to heal me baby, you’re going to make me well
She smiled to herself, that’s like winning the lotto she thought, she thought of her song about Jesus, it wasn’t him she was looking for now, it was someone like that and she had someone inn mind already might fit the role, an excitement filled her stomach, she almost felt love for him already, I’m like a teenager she thought, and she smiled again.  She told herself, it is like the thing about a perfect ham sandwich, is the contemplation better than gobbling it down, nah just different, I might suck his cock alright.
She looked at the clock on the wall, the train was not due for another ten minutes, there were other people standing at her side of the tracks now, she felt an instinct to take out her tin whistle and busk for the ten minutes. A memory of herself as a child, going into a local shop with spare change she had robbed , to buy fags, the woman serving her had looked at her warily as she had slowly counted the 10 penses and 5 penses, Did you sing for this or what, she had said, then she had laughed looking somewhere saying you will someday,  Nora pondered did she mean as a whistle blower about the nut farms or would she have an album someday, Maybe both she thought, all the album sleeves referencing her life suggested she possible did bring out and album or cd, They don’t care what happens you once it gets there on the shelves,  She had good songs she had lived through hell to have had the feelings, same as the story she would write.  Any mad that got free would be the same. She was reminded of the tv ad with the little girl going into a shop to buy her mum a bar of chocolate for her mum, a glass and a half in everyone, Do advertisers be deliberately stupidly clever , it’s trying to sell chocolate she reminded herself, She had been reminded because the woman in the shops face first that day had been angry and suspicious presuming she had robbed the money and would shop lift if she had the opportunity
She put down her rucksack and took out her tin whistle, she put it to her lips and began to play, an image came to her mind, of playing before, the songs were sad but the tears that had been falling were from something else, thy had been shafting her, her tummy, abusing her the cunts, it had been that time because you were not allowed or seem to be able to have rational sorrow or grief.  It had to be an irrational sorrow, about little innocuous things not about the shite you had lived through and seen, She played the tune of I am suicide, she became lost in the feeling of God calling her, it’s always because you get such joy when you are allowed be honest about such things, the calling, its known from the day you are born, you will kill yourself one day.
She switched to another song, knife crime, but then quickly switched to eternity, a cheerful song about nature, realizing, some bad feelings and energy were close by, she was free and didn’t want to die anymore, they just described a period in her life. After 5 songs she put the tin whistle back into her rucksack, People were smiling at her and one woman clapped. She was actually crap at playing music put maybe because she enjoyed it so much , that covered the musical cracks,  she as she pulled tight the cords  at the top of her rucksack, thought back, she had played the songs as if no sound, she was as if singing like all the morning birds, playing for the sole purpose of keeping her feelings private and inside her head, she wasn’t fooled anymore, no sympathy from anyone was true, gnosis, Jesus was inside, probably broad more she thought nastily,  Then the rattle and roar of the train approaching, the sound of steam escaping and brakes screeching, it all sounds smooth though as if electrified which it was of course,  She laughed quietly to herself, like a little cameo movie scene, the sad tin whistle music, one of the tunes was based on the sisters of mercy song, do you remember a time when there was time of angels, a time before pain , when days had no beginnings and days had no endings, I’m at the station , waiting for a train,  it was also part of Hobo blues, it was about the period in a child’s life before it is sexually abused,  She had seen a picture of Ian Curtis the joy Division singer. His head hanging down, under a clock with no hands, and loads of other clocks all set at a different time, it was what that picture referenced, she suddenly knew all his songs did
As the train pulled up. She walked along looking for an empty carriage, she reminded herself of the little scissors she kept in her back pocket, she spotted a good candidate carriage and pressed the button to open the doors, mind the gap, she read. Nothing, the door didn’t open, she paused, then hit the button again, the door slid open with a slow whacking sound, She glanced at the rail showing rom beneath, in image of would it be possible to kill herself, came in to her mind, just habit,  She walked down looking for a comfy beside the window about one third of the way the best, She plonked herself down after shoving her rucksack onto the shelf overhead, She thought back to the door, and the button, it had been the feeling she got, she had absented she knew. And it is just for the associated negative expectation, its then seems nutty A man got on, and sat near the front, she felt a slight anxiety, he must be sick she guessed. She stared out the window, thinking of the people on the platform, pleased with her music, the same people that when was on a section with look with glee as shithole thing shafted me and they were all like that.  Did not really matter. I do not know any of them,  She stared at the back of the man’s head, the sick have it doubly bad, being sick and also because of the effort to stop them making others the same, it doesn’t be logical, all of us apparently have some illness growing in us all the time, We are fucking illness as Dichohad said like a cancerous growth destroying everything but ourselves and he had laughed they say god made us in his own image, very very doubtful I’d say, I’d say god would get very annoyed at such a suggestion,  And she reminded herself Dicho had told her it doesn’t be the mad they are laughing at
She sat quietly, she should be excited but old habits die hard, before being free it could not possibly be good in any way, sadness or sorrow would always come every day guaranteed, not possible to be different.  Now she was unsure, it could still be the same, the dodgy life forms were still hounding her, like Jacobs ladder the film, same sort of thing.  She recalled the documentary she had watched about social media and conspiracies; she had sat realizing if your conspiracy theory was right, no nobody would be allowed view it. You could be half right or bits that hint at something but if it were the truth, nobody could know, maybe she wasn’t sure, or they else they would work around the clock to disprove it with other things
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thefanficmonster · a month ago
Vibe Check
Corpse Husband & Reader (Female) ft. Mykie
Warnings: Swearing 
Genre: FLUFF, Humor, RPF (Real Person Fic)
Summary: Any introvert can tell you meeting new people is tough, especially when those people are runners of the streaming industry, top tier streamers millions of people adore. Well, imagine the situation Y/N has found herself in when her friend Mykie forces her to go meet her friends and one of said friends shows up with a horse head on top of his own.
Requested by Anon. Hi darling! Thank you so much for your request! I’m sorry it’s been in the works for so long but here it finally is and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! If you want it prolonged or made more in-detail, please don’t hesitate to let me know! Love, Vy ❤
I’ve been sitting at the foot of my bed for an hour now, my unamused gaze following the lightning-fast moving silhouette of my best friend Mykie as she’s been ransacking my room, putting clothing articles together into outfits for me after I tried the typical ‘I have nothing to wear’ excuse in an attempt of getting out of the social situation she’s been coaxing me into for two weeks now.
“Y/N, hun, I’ve orchestrated a dozen outfits, need I compile a dozen more before you give in and stop acting like that?“ She says once she finally stops pacing left and right, situating herself in front of me with her hands on her hips and a parentally disappointed look on her face.
I drop backwards so that I’m now laying on my bed, aka over top of all the clothing combinations Mykie has littered the bed with. “Mykie, what’s so hard to understand here - you’re extroverted, I’m not. I don’t force you to stay at home watching movies and playing video games and not interacting with people IRL. Why can’t you do the same for me but reversed?”
I hear her sigh a second before she pushes my legs to the side, making room to plant her butt on the bed next to me, “You know I’m doing this for your own good, right? I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you look so unhappy sometimes, it breaks my heart.”
“Yeah, it’s because my best friend is trying to be more of a psychiatrist to me than a friend.“ I furrow my brows and, despite the response I give her, I find myself dwelling on what she said. Do I really look unhappy or is she just trying to mess with my head? I mean, I don’t feel unhappy or anything, I’m perfectly content with my life: living alone with my puppy Zoe, working a stable job which pays more than enough for a comfortable livelihood, having a small circle of friends I love and trust wholeheartedly - I basically have it all except the will to leave my house when I don’t need to.
There’s layers of reasons as to why: firstly, I don’t wanna change out of my homely get-up and into something more presentable and publicly acceptable; Secondly, I’m bad at social interactions with strangers - I may handle them better than I think I do, but in my mind it always seems like I’ve come across as the biggest weirdo and I’d prefer not to deal with the mental turmoil I bring upon myself; And thirdly and finally: I rarely have a reason to go out. I’m not agoraphobic or anything, I used to go out a lot more before the pandemic started, spending hours upon hours with my friends but since they’ve all moved out of state to be with their families during this difficult time, I’ve been left sort of on my own. Well, not completely, I still have Mykie and a few good friends I usually go to coffee with on the weekends but with busy schedules and time overlap I barely get the chance to see anyone anymore.
So yeah, my stay-at-home lifestyle is a combination of a variation of reasons, mostly having to do with work and a form of social anxiety. But, in order to put it in an easily-understandable way, I just say I’m an introvert. Come to think of it, I always have been. It’s not adulthood that has troubled me when it comes to making friends, in fact most of my friends I made in adulthood, but even as a kid I had trouble making friends because of how shy I was. The older I got the less I referred to myself as shy and more as insecure, which is something that has stuck with me even till this day.
And which is the very reason Mykie and I are having this argument right now.
“I’ll be the outcast at the table, Mykie! I’m gonna be the only uncool sucker in the group so really you’ll only do me more bad than good. In the end I’ll have to spoof a text from my neighbor that something was wrong with Zoe just so I can get out of the situation early. I’m telling you, your methods are appreciated but inefficient.“
She pokes my side, causing me to squirm away from her and take a fetal position as to avoid any potential future poking. “Don’t knock until you try it, sis.” Just then she pokes me again, proving my position to not be doing much to protect me from her attacks.
As I yelp for the fifth time, victim to her fingers poking my sides, I find myself slowly succumbing, helpless when faced with her convincing determination. So, the last thing I have to do is wave a white flag and I’ll be free. “Ok fine! Fine, I’m agreeing! Hear that? It’s me agreeing to come with - so stop poking me THIS INSTANT!” I roll away from her, falling off the bed like I should’ve probably done sooner but by now it’s too late.
Mykie’s cheering excitedly, “Hell yeah, got ya in the bag! Now...” her voice is suddenly level and somewhat serious which is a fearful switch in tones when it comes to her, “We need to choose you an outfit out of all of these!”
Well fuck, I should’ve know. I should’ve known and should’ve known better than this: escaping one attack at the price of falling in a trap later on down the line. That trap, in this case, is going on a picnic with Mykie’s streamer friends. Imagine the loner kid with no friends sitting at the cool kids’ table. Yeah, that’s me. And yeah, I’m gonna feel miserable.
                                                               *  *  *
Luckily, the dress-code Mykie decided for me was casual considering it’s a picnic after all. She told me there’d be seven of us in total. She abstained from revealing the names of her friends so I wouldn’t look them up and make myself even more nervous than I already am. Let’s be real, I’m already hellishly nervous just having a vague idea of their subscriber and watch count. Not only that though - I’ve heard from Mykie on countless occasions how wonderful these people are and, knowing how socially awkward I can be, the awaiting interaction with them is terrifying to think about. I don’t wanna leave a bad impression of any kind which is why I went to an extreme I haven’t revealed to Mykie yet - I sat down and marathoned a few videos of each person she’s ever streamed a video game with that I could find. I found Valkyrae to be the sweetest and this apparently faceless guy Corpse Husband to be the funniest and most relatable for me. He instantly passed the vibe check in my book - socially anxious, check. Likes horror thrillers, check. Likes his privacy but loves his close knit circle of friends, check.  I also listened to some of his songs which are rather dope so I can overall imagine he’s a cool dude to chill in person with too. Unfortunately, I doubt I’m gonna get to meet him today considering he’s keeping a low-profile and all that. I understand him completely, I wouldn’t attend this picnic if I didn’t have a girl basically dragging me to it but oh well - c’est la vie.
“It’s this really nice park, lots of sunlight, fresh air, greenery....“ Mikey has been comparing the pros and cons of me attending this picnic since we left my apartment. I was against the idea of taking an Uber and now I’m paying the price of getting to listen to Mykie’s substitute for an apology and it’s honestly laughable. Or it would be had it not been so miserable. “You’ll love it! I promise.“
“I sure hope so.“ I murmur, plastering on a satisfactory smile to please her enough into letting me off the hook of her monologue. Luckily, it works and with a squeal and a tight hug into my side she lets me live.
Before I know it, we’re walking down a narrow path that cuts through a large field of eye-blessingly green grass. A quick look around confirms there are more of these paths, winding, sometimes intertwining with one another. There are a few fountains and a few tiny lakes here and there.
We have arrived.
“Oh, there they are!“ Mykie shouts excitedly, awakening me from my Standby state, causing me to look around a bit more vigilantly in search of faces I’ve only seen on a screen before.
I don’t have to search for long but that’s not because I spot a familiar face - quite the opposite actually. I spot no face. Not a human face at least.
What my eyes have landed on is a horse mask looking right at me.
“Dude, I’ve heard of furries but this is next level.“ I find myself blurting out when we approach. Yeah, no greeting, no nothing, just jumping into the lore straight away.
I hear laughter coming from inside the mask, “You’ve seen Bronies, but how come the world hasn’t seen extreme fans BoJack Horseman? I’m just standing up for my fandom.”
“Yoo I love that show! Where can I cop one of those?” Realizing I haven’t said my name yet, I feel my cheeks heat up as I shake my head and outstretch my hand for a fist-bump, “I’m Y/N, by the way.“
He fist-bumps me and chuckles, “Corpse, nice to meet ya.”
Mykie suddenly clears her throat, “Um yeah, everyone, this is my best friend Y/N. We were neighbors at one point, as I’ve told you already, but we became inseparable even after I moved so yeah! We still tolerate each other is what I’m trying to say.“ She bumps her shoulder into mine, earning my attention which has been drawn by the small group of people, all wearing Covid-protection masks, sitting on the grass in front of me. “Oh, and she loves BoJack Horseman.“
“That’s the only vibe-check Mykie doesn’t pass, she’s never seen it and I don’t think I’ll ever get her to watch it with me.“ I admit, shooting her a mock-offended narrow-eyed look.
The horse mask wearing Corpse raises his hand, “Wait, so does that mean I pass a quintessential vibe-check? Are we friends now?”
“Depends.“ I say, “You’re gonna tell me where I can cop one of those or not?“
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akwardlyuncool · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Songbird (2020) - Review
TW/CW: This is a Covid Dramatization. We are still in the midst of a very real pandemic.
Note: I say this in my review, but to preface the post itself, all critique and animosity of Songbird in general are valid and I don’t disagree with many of the points made. This acknowledge that this movie was most likely made to scare people and profitize off of the current pandemic.
Jump ahead a few years in the future, where a new Covid strain sits on us all and the pandemic is now even worse than before. Covid-23 has caused lockdowns to be more than just mandatory, now it’s an actual crime to leave one’s house, for everyone, that is except for those who are immune and carry the right accessories to prove such things. Nico (Kj Apa) is an immune delivery guy who is in love with Sara (Sophia Carson) a woman who he’s never breathed the same air as cause she’s one of the folks stuck inside. They spend their time  FaceTiming one another and hoping that one day they’ll be able to get away from the police state that is LA  and finally be together.
Yes this is the star crossed lovers, meets The Bubble Boy, meets horrible pandemic, sci-fi, romance of your dreams. I understand when people say this movie is bad, simply because yes we are still in an actual, very real and not dramatized pandemic and it absolutely felt like it was feeding into the martial law fear that some people were trying to say would happen to us at the beginning of all of this, but...... I lowkey kinda liked it. Obviously I see the faults and everything that is wrong about the timing of this movie, among other things. We’re still going through all of it, so this is not a movie I feel you could escape to, most of us anyway. If anything it will just give you more anxiety. (Not gonna lie, I had a little bit especially at the beginning of the movie.) Is it timely? Sure. In a way, but I don’t think it’s necessary at this time to play the what-if game. To me it leaned a little to much into the fear mongering that many of us were trying to avoid, but hey that’s Hollywood for you. 
No I am not making any good arguments on why I was somehow feeling it and I realize that. It kinda gave me In Time vibes, however I only saw that movie once. I just feel like they’re giving similar vibes, even though In Time is still probably way better. I guess I’m just down for a sci-fi/action/romance setting, that isn’t a completely fantastical dystopian backdrop. There weren’t many characters, but I liked the few that they did have. The story line as a whole, as well as individually between characters, all could have been a bit meatier, but I was still captivated the whole time. Again I see the flaws, the critique is hella valid and it’s for sure not the greatest movie ever, but I still didn’t hate it.
It also makes me want to get the vaccine even more now, simply because I want human contact in the form of hugs. TONS of them.
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When he loved me....
An: Buckle up y’all I’m feeling sad. So have some unrequited love angst. Wow this came out sadder then I intended. I am sorry.
Recommend to listen to “cloud 9 cover by Pavari das” because that’s the version I listened to writing this out. It adds to the sadness.
Tumblr media
Loving Dom was like falling asleep on a long car journey, it happened slowly, very slowly, first your eyes close for a moment, just a second, and then, you were falling, deep, deep down into the spinning web of him.
His accent, his softness, his laugh and smile. His need to make everyone in the room feel seen or heard. He was pure and soft, safe and careful. He held your heart in his hands, not that he knew, you were just a friend to him, a friend he worked with in LA. Only that and nothing more.
Working on an album or four, you were simply, studio help, as you always had been. Though Dom often made sure you knew how important to him you were, you still were just a hand around the studio, helping set mics and amps up, helping by being the unseen side of album work.
The studio was your happy place, you were never good at singing, and had the barest of basic child level when it came to piano, but the studio was still a safe place to sit and think. And it’s where you often found yourself late at night, when Dom and his crew of people were finally taking much deserved rests. You enjoyed the empty studio, the soft buzz in the quiet, normally filled with guitars blaring or Dom screaming into the mic for a song.
This was a place where you could think, relax. Just be. No one else but you and your thoughts.
“But when he loved me....I felt like Floating....when you called me pretty....I felt like....” pausing you scribbled another word out sighing
“Like somebody” looking up your eyes met the soft doe eyes of Jesse, the sweetest women you had met in the industry not that you cared to meet many industry people, parties were never your thing, and clubs even less so.
Smiling at her you scribbled the lyric down
“Thanks. What are you doing in here, figured you’d be either stopping Dom from jumping off the roof or videoing it” laughing she plopped next to you leaning her head back.
She was beautiful, a goddess statue in human form, long and stunning, a voice like honey and eyes of fawns in the morning, she was everything you could ever hope to be. And more, a family that came from the world you were now wrapped in, she was everything you could picture Dom wanting.
“Nah he’s outside taking a smoke with Tom and Gav. Not feeling that today” just nodding to her you put your notebook down looking around
“How long has he held your heart in his hands with out him knowing?”
Wide eyed you looked at her blinking
“What are you talking about? Who?” Her sigh told you she had caught on quicker then you knew to your hurt heart, almost like you held the small crying thing in your hands at all times
“He may not see it, but everyone else does, it’s killing unrequited love does”
You wanted to hate her, for being, so nice, for being so wonderful and caring, for having what you wanted.
“It’s just a crush i’ll be over it soon enough. It’s happened before. It’s normal, part of life ya know. Plus you and him are so....beautiful together he is head over heels for you. It has to feel amazing ya know, being loved like that”
Looking at her you shrugged
“Have you thought of telling him? Maybe it’ll help your heart be okay again. Cause sweet pea, your poor heart is hurting, I can see it clear as day. When you look at him, or he gives you those eyes, the ones where you feel seen and heard, maybe telling him and talking about it will help.” Looking around you nodded
“Yeah. I just gotta work my way up to it, I will. If therapy taught me anything it’s, to be able to talk about very deeply repressed emotions. Thanks Jesse. You are....stunning” standing she brushed a bit of your hair back
“And so are you. You should see how beautiful you are.” With that she walked towards the door the subtle scent of her perfume held in the air
“Why are you so nice? Why can’t I just hate you like they do in movies? Fuck”
It was late when you slipped into the living room, Dom had dragged you to his rented home when it became clear he would be here longer then normal to finish the albums he had written in the covid lockdowns, offering you a guest room and not taking no for an answer.
Sitting at the piano you tested the keys, you knew a few notes and finger placements so it was enough to play basics of songs you worked on. Pressing the keys down you found the melody quicker then expected playing slowly. The noise drowning the gentle socked foot steps of Dom, peeking in from the kitchen.
“I don't wanna seem the way I do But I'm confident when I'm with you Lately all I feel is bad and bruised Tired of tripping on my shoes” you played slowly not seeing Dom slowly slip closer to listen to the lyrics you sang softly.
“But when he loved me I felt like floating When he called me pretty I felt like somebody Even when I fade eventually to nothing You will always be my favorite form of loving
When I started to tumble from the sky You reminded me how to fly Lately, I've been feeling un-alive But you brought me back to life” you could feel the tightness in your throat, the tears in the corners of your eyes
“But when you loved me, I felt like floating
When he called me pretty, I felt like somebody
Even when I fade eventually, I'm nothing
He will always be my favorite form of loving
But if he loved me, I’d feel like floating
If he called me pretty, I’d feel like somebody
Even when i fade eventually, To nothing
Dom, will always be my favorite form of loving”
Finishing the last note you sighed holding the tears back,
“You love me?” Jumping you slammed your hand on the keys turning seeing Dom stood behind you, his eyes sad.
“’s nothing just forget this, it’s just song stuff ya stuff” you could never lie to him, it was impossible.
“How long ‘Ave you been feeling this way?” You shrugged unsure of your own voice not to crack the dam open. Standing you moved past him quick his hand reaching out grabbing your wrist
“It’s fine Dom, it’s nothing, stupid is what it is, it’s nothing a crush, everyone gets them, it’s fine” turning to him you smiled praying it hit your eyes, knowing though, it never did.
“I....I didn’t.....” smiling at him you shrugged again
“It’s not your fault, how would you know if I didn’t tell you. Just forget it okay. I’m fine. This is fine. I’m gonna go to bed. Night” with that you rushed out of the living room. Forgetting your notebook sat on the piano chair.
“He called me heart reached out for him. I had to pull it back. Again..”
flipping through the pages Dom read each small note you had down, next to scrambled lyrics or dumb things you needed to remember.
“He looks at her like she hung the moon, if only he knew, I’d paint the stars in the sky for him, they are beautiful. I’m...happy for him”
“Dom doesn’t make it subtle mornings after. My heart shattered again. But that’s okay. He’s happy. So I’m happy”
Dom wanted to cry, wanted to scream at himself.
“Tom asked again, if I always had the sad heart broken eyes when I looked at Dom and Jesse. I punched his arm, told him to stuff it unless he wanted to be my therapist. He’s right though. I guess my eyes give everything away”
“He told her he loved her. I wonder what that’s like? That feeling of floating? Does she feel it? I bet. She’s wonderful. I wish I could hate her....but i can’t”
Dom stopped shutting the note book, wiping his face, had he missed it all? Had he missed the look of pure heart ache in your eyes? How? He wasn’t that blind to other people. He made sure he wasn’t. But he had missed everything and hurt someone close to him. And to you it had to seem like he didn’t care at all. And that hurt him down to his core. Did he love you? As a friend, as family, yes. But he didn’t love you like this, the way he loved Jesse or had loved ash.....he couldn’t not hurt you in that reality. Though he wished he could.
It was days later when he finally was able to get you alone. You were sat in the studio, untangling wires to headphones and guitar amps. Busy work, he knew that by now. Work to keep you from running into him or anyone else it seemed
“Hey....” he saw you stiffen at his voice, he didn’t like that, it confirmed you were avoiding him.
“Oh hey Dom, what’s up?” Walking closer to you he sighed
“We gotta talk about what it you know that right?” Standing quick you looked at him
“Talk about what? Nothing to talk about. I gotta go make sure things are set up in-“ he stopped you grabbing you and hugging you to him, one hand moving to your hair keeping you pressed against him
“I wish I could make this not hurt, could make this not be painful for your heart. ‘Cause you and yer heart don’t deserve that, not after me ignoring the signs. I’m so sorry. That I didn’ see you were ‘urting so clearly. Feel like a right dickhead.” He felt you shaking slightly, the tears finally breaking through the wall you had built up.
“I wish I could say this is like the shit romance movies and I love ya, and we’re meant to be and the end of the movie is me and you gettin married but.....” he felt you pull away looking at him
“But you don’t feel that way towards me. I know. I would be a little diluted in thinking you would.” He didn’t like seeing the tears on your face or the sadness in your eyes
“I....I wish I could just snap ma fingers and it’s better and nothin hurts for either of us. But....I can’t and I fookin hate that I can’t” his thumb came up, wiping the tears that still dropped down your face
“I know. But one day it’ll be easier for me. For you. It’ll just take time. And hey who knows maybe my Dom will come along. Though. Don’t think anyone. Could ever hold my heart like you. Even if you didn’t know you did.” Pulling away from him fully he let you walk out of the studio, a small smile as you waved to him, leaving him stood alone.
“If he loved me.....I’d feel like I’m floating....Dom will always favorite form of loving”
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bathtubginlauren · 2 months ago
In Arrivals
The flight back to New York, one Amanda had made many times before, felt heavier than times past. She ached to see her daughters, to hold them close and breathe in the scent that was intrinsically them- lavender and honey. Closing her eyes, she reflected on her two-week stint in her hometown.
The trip to Atlanta had been a whirlwind, in every sense of the word. Her dad's stroke had taken her father from a roar to a whisper; the sight of him in the hospital bed had been jarring. Upon her arrival things went from bad to worse. Within days his condition worsened and the doctor recommended "getting things in order". Luckily her dad thought ahead enough to have his affairs in order. It was the only gift Amanda could remember receiving from her father. He passed away without fan fare and because of COVID protocols, very few people attended. For such a raucous life, it seemed unfair to see it end so quietly.
The captain's announcement of their pending arrival brought Amanda back to the here and now. The skyline of New York City at night was hard to beat. She had mentioned to Carisi her flight information in passing but told him she would take an Uber home.
Amanda wrestled her suitcase off of the carousel, recognizing one of Frannie's bandanas that Jesse had tied onto her luggage before she left. Her sweet daughter brought sunshine wherever she went and Amanda couldn't wait to see her and hear about her adventures. Slinging her bag over her shoulder and grabbing her suitcase, she walks towards the exit. She could use the crisp air that New York City spring brings, a welcome change from the humidity in Atlanta. While seeing a familiar face in the Arrivals area would have been welcome, Amanda realized that she asked for this. She kept people at a distance, even those she cared for the most. Shaking her head, she walked through the exit.
The cool air causes Amanda to close her eyes for a moment and lean against the brick wall near the doors. The pick-up lane had some taxis and Uber cars ready for passengers. The airport soundtrack of laughter and milling about, car doors and trunks opening and closing, horns and random curse words made Amanda smile, the familiarity refreshing. She opened her eyes slowly and took a deep breath, readying herself for her trek home.
Scanning the line of cars from right to left, her eyes still on a dark Jeep and her heart began to beat quickly. Leaning up against the car, in his Fordham University hoodie and dark jeans, was Dominick "Sonny" Carisi, Jr. His hair was impeccably styled and his smile was smaller than usual but she knew him well enough to know that he was happy to see her.
Suddenly, the enormity of her time away from home, away from her daughters, her dog, her work, her life and this man, hit her like a ton of bricks. Her eyes welled with tears and she stood, frozen. He walked over to her, briskly, and wrapped her up in a hug. She knew that they had things that they needed to work on, to talk about, to get through. All she knew, right here and now, was that she was eternally grateful for him. Every hiccup and obstacle along the way had brought her to this moment.
Seeing her father struggle, suffer and pass away in quick succession had given her perspective. The people that show up, regardless of time and circumstance, are the people that you need in life. This makeshift family made of SVU members over the years, who loved her unconditionally, would be her strength in the tough coming weeks as reality set in. Her Daddy was gone and while they were dysfunctional at best, they loved one another. His last words to her were simple but profound.
"It's all love, dear."
She breathed in the fresh, clean scent that she always associated with Sonny and strengthened her hold on him. She screwed her eyes shut when she felt him place his cheek on top of her head. Finally, she heard him quietly say her name, as though trying not to disrupt the moment.
"Manda? We should probably get going. They love giving tickets around here..."
She broke away from him and chuckled quietly, wiping at the corner of her eye as he held her at arms length, smiling widely.
"We probably don't have jurisdiction in this airport now, do we?"
It was his turn to chuckle and he grabbed her suitcase handle to pull out to the car. She watched him walk ahead for a moment, taking in his lean figure and long strides. Realizing she wasn't in step with him, he looked over his shoulder.
"You comin'? There's a canoli in the cup holder if ya want. Jesse insisted."
She nodded once, decisively, and quickened her steps. Her father's words echoed in her mind and in this moment, all she felt was love.
Just a little fanfiction I wrote... hoping these two can get together already.
All characters and their likenesses are property of Dick Wolf.
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activelytaemin · 2 months ago
growing pains [lee taemin]
Tumblr media
◇ lee taemin x fem! reader
angst-ish? | college!au | non-idol!au
warnings: mature language, unedited
2.0k April 8th, 2021
everything written in this story is completely FICTION. i personally do not believe that this story aligns with any of the idol’s real lives. ultimately, this story is not meant to intentionally defame any idol in any way.   
chapter one [congratulations, but not really]
Dear {Y/N},
Congratulations! I am pleased to offer you admission to the University of California, Riverside for fall 2021.
the golden word congratulations lit up y/n’s eyes as she screamed falling into her brother’s arms.  tears emerged from her eyes realizing that she would finally leave the colorful city of busan for the sunny shores of california; this was a cultural reset that guaranteed her an infinite amount of memories to come.  
“i did it! jimin, i studied so hard”, she sobbed, grasping onto his slim frame.  “it feels worth it like—“, she paused to wipe her tears with her sleeves, “all my late nights, immense sacrifices, and good grades have made this worth it.”  
jimin rolled his eyes playfully and lightly pushing her off of him. “yeah, of course you made it in”, he scoffed jokingly, “we’re a family geniuses. you weren’t raised to be a dumbass.” he ruffled her hair before y/n grabbed his wrist.  
“i guess that’s why both of my brothers are stuck here—“, y/n held his hand lovingly before sarcastically stabbing his back, “especially the one named park jimin, he didn’t get accepted into any ivy’s or safety’s. now he’s stuck going to an online university.” she released his hand before smiling to truly appreciate him, “but all jokes aside, i couldn’t have done this without you.”
her mind wandered to the thought of sunny california. the excitement built up in her like air filling a balloon. there were nerves trapped within because this sense of curiosity and control was foreign.
would there be snow? 
what types of people would there be? 
how perfect does my english have to sound?
there were several wonders because south korea was engrained to her memory.  for the past eighteen years, korea was her home. there would be no more hanboks on seoullal, honorifics for friends, and (most importantly) her beloved family.  without her family, she wanted to venture on the outside on her own. yet, there would always be a yearn for the feeling of home. the universe finally served her freedom on a platter. she could finally leave the nest to fly.
was she ready for it?
“y/n, don’t forget that you won’t be alone. taemin goes to riverside too”, jimin’s loud mouth interrupted y/n’s thoughts.  soon enough, all her freedom had crashed and burned. she was caged once again. 
her imagination was left to torment her. when she heard his name, a roaring fire lit up within her because of her discomfort; the fire will never go out.
scars can heal, but y/n’s are deep as ever.  like an evergreen, scars can everlasting.
“taemin—i thought he was in new york?”, she questioned with a sense of worry. “i haven’t seen him since he graduated, and i don’t really like him at all. are you guys still friends? ”, an awkward laugh slipped out. she was quite uncomfortable at the mention of taemin, and her confession proved it all.
there was something about taemin that irked her soul. whether it was the memory of his being or thought of him physically, taemin would forever be an uncomfortable and undesirable person to talk about.
she remembers the day taemin walked in and out of her life.  
it seemed so sudden.
he never wanted to cause pain, but he left her with the sharpness of his trauma.  whatever was rooted in his cruel being had isolated her from her well being.
it was one thing for taemin to make y/n happy in secrecy. however, y/n had to suffer in secrecy once taemin had walked out because nobody knew the depth of her adoration for him.
jimin groaned before taking a deep breath to keep his composure. “one, taemin has been my best friend since 2015. two, he had to transfer because he had a change of mind—”, he let out a brief laugh, “well, that’s what he says—and three, it’s him or mom watching you.” 
he was taken aback by her dislike for his friend.  in his mind, he believed that y/n would be quite fond of a familiar face.  however, he let it go believing it was just another “girl problem.”
little did he know, taemin was a disaster that filled y/n’’s life with hundreds problems. 
jay-z once said, “i got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.” for y/n, taemin was the 99 problems and she was “the bitch.”
the seriousness in jimin’s tone was irritating to y/n, almost strangle-worthy. he doesn’t understand her dislike for him. in fact, he has a “bromance” with taemin.
to others, taemin is a cool and collected young man that seemed shy to the world while being confident to his friends.  jimin often saw his confident side, and that allowed jimin’s mind to feel as if taemin was heavenly.
to jimin, taemin had an aura about him that he couldn’t explain.  it drew him in. 
maybe it was because he was simply older than jimin.  or, he could’ve just been build with extra charm.
as much as y/n didn’t like jimin’s praise for taemin, she didn’t want her mom babysitting her because she is simply too grown to have her around. sometimes mother’s can be suffocating; they can control many aspects of your life.  it was a valid fear for y/n to have, and she was scared that jimin was going to follow in those footsteps.
jimin didn’t know any history between taemin and y/n.  he doesn't know she constructs taemin to be evil because he took advantage of her innocence. sadly in her heart, she believes the thought of him is bad for her health because he hurt her.
taemin is a monster. an emotionless, compassionless man who does not know how to love.
but, everyone is naive because they don’t understand his evil like y/n does.  
taemin does put up a front to the world, while y/n gets to see all of him at her own risk.
“i love mom, but you’re right”, she laughed in agreement. for jimin’s sake, y/n lied to him and herself, “i’ll take taemin any day.”
“yeah, but don’t forget to wear a mask. nobody wants covid in the states. you don’t have insurance”, jimin scoffed before y/n hit his back playfully.
jimin yelped in pain, “literally what the fuck? you’re a demon.”
 september 20th, 2021
the plane to california was unbearably long and did not comfort her senses.  although she did not mind wearing a mask, the uncertainty of her health on that flight kept her up the full thirteen hours. everyone was spaced out, but the enclosed space made her claustrophobic. normally, her senses are grounded. however, the pandemic blows everyone out of proportion and brings out a little bit of paranoia as well.
y/n was wearing a pink surgical mask to contrast with her plain wardrobe. before she left for california, she chose a long black coat, oversized uc riverside hoodie, and black jeans with her basic converse. she was trying to blend in with every other college freshman on move-in day.
a memory flew into her mind. while on the plane, the remembrance of what home felt like tugged at her.  the pain of missing someone never settled inside of her; the feeling was foreign because the past experiences weren’t genuine. or maybe, she is uncomfortable with missing someone or something because of insecurity within.
before y/n left, her mom hugged her tightly before sending her off with tears; love can be unconditional when it comes to your family.  on the other hand, y/n heard jimin laugh at his mom while giving a wave goodbye; hiding your worries with comedy makes you more worried at times. jimin was obviously good at hiding himself, but he made himself overly awkward this time.
when she knew she was saying goodbye, y/n didn’t feel anything because leaving was thought out to be normal. her mind didn't think her immigration would be sad. it was surprising to see her mother sad, but also the uncomfortable atmosphere jimin brought.
a ding from the intercom sounded off, “we will be beginning our decline to los angeles.  the fastened seat belt sign is now on for your personal safety. please remain seated during this time”, the voice was followed by another ding via the intercom.
as the plane began its descent, y/n gripped one of her armrests while closing her eyes. sadly, the feeling of traveling alone was brand new, not in a bad way. perhaps, the butterflies her stomach arose because she was going to be around a familiar face that makes her uncomfortable.
y/n wishes to hide away the memories of the two of them as if their world's never collided. in her mind, lee taemin was just another problematic teenage memory to get rid of
in summer 2018, the air was different. it was heavy, and the atmosphere was lethargic.  in the moment, y/n felt specifically upset as if the universe decided to rip out a significant amount of reality; the universe ripped something out, indeed.
lee taemin, long-term lover, graduated early behind her back.  suddenly, he is getting up to leave for new york. 
“i can’t believe you are leaving for college already”, her teeth bit her bottom lip before she felt his warmth encase her. tears were pouring down her face while creating a hurricane of bleeding makeup and anger.  “you can’t keep doing this to me. you told me no more fucking secrets!”, she gripped onto his waist before silently crying into him.
“i think you knew that this was bound to happen”, taemin brought a hand to her face, caressing her cheek to wipe away the tears. “the only difference between you and i is that we’ll be boarders apart.”
“i didn’t know this was your plan. you just dropped this huge ass bomb on me today!”, she aggressively pulled his hand down to suddenly push him away.  “taemin, this isn’t just about you. my love for you is real.”, she took a breath to let out a sarcastic laugh. 
“i love you”, her heart ached saying those words.  more tears came out of her eyes before she quietly croaked out with a general shakiness in her demeanor, “do you feel the same way at all?”
taemin shook his head, scoffing slightly. he grazed the back of her hand with his lips. no words were exchanged between them.
y/n was standing there confused, waiting for him to say something. even if the words were, "i don't love you."
however, his response never came, and his thoughts seemed distant. it was like taemin resisted y/n's desire and compassion for him.
the silence between the two filled the air. it finally hit her that his love was no longer apparent, and his place in their relationship became nonexistent.
just like that, taemin walked out the door breaking y/n’s heart as if it was glass. from her eyes, it truly didn’t feel as if he gave a damn to begin with. 
it was unreal, but most definitely her reality.
in her mind she is screaming because taemin makes her feel alive in the worst way possible. he is unbearable to think about because he is a reminder of everything that has gone wrong with love.
he is only a distant memory that she wishes to burn.
fuck love.
but most importantly— fuck you, lee taemin.
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cutestlittlekoi · 2 months ago
3 days. 3 fucking days.
Onyx sighed. She had been trapped inside her house for 3 days due to a spike in her towns covid cases. She laid against her bed sheets, head swirling with anxiety and anticipation. Groggily, she picked up her phone. She wanted to stare at something other than her ceiling for awhile.
"Alright. What the fucks goin' on today?"
Scrolling through discord, she suddenly receives a dm from Con. Onyx scoffs.
"Oh great, here we go again."
A little backstory, Onyx HATES Con. Don't get me wrong, she finds him super fucking attractive. I mean, have you seen the mans hands?? But anyways, that's besides the point.
Onyx opens the dm, only to find out Con's just threatening her again. She rolls her eyes and responds with a quick 'stfu' before putting her phone to the side to mope some more. She had liked con for years. Gone to school with him, did coding with him, hell, she lived a few blocks from him.
But they always had rivalry. Who was better? Who was smarter? He was a year older, so she had some catching up to do, but it was always a fight between them. I mean, it was such a childish game to play still. Con was a senior, 18, and stubborn as ever. Onyx was a junior, 17, close to becoming a grown adult with no need for such things.
She sighed again, covering her face and running her hands through her hair as she sat up. She needed to go on a walk. Slowly but surely, she got up and put on a skirt, some thigh highs, a tshirt, and some boots. Giving a glance outside, it was cloudy but not raining yet, so it wouldn't be too cold. Onyx fixed her hair and did some slight makeup, gathering herself, and taking a few brave steps out of her room. Her parents had already headed to work, so it was just her at home.
How convenient.
Once outside, she looked up at the sky, breathing in the fresh air. Soon, her walk had started and she began to unwind.
Counting passing cars, stopping to smell flowers, and petting every dog on the way was how she passed time. She giggled as she turned to walk backwards, eyes following a car, reading its bumper stickers. That is, until she ran into someone.
She stumbles forward, turning around to apologize when she hears a dark chuckle.
"Boy, aren't you a clumsy little thing."
She immediately shoots a glare, knowing the voice.
Con smiles at Onyx, smugly staring at her.
"Hello, Con." She says roughly.
"Aww, now darling, what's with the tone? We both know you love me." He laughs, enjoying her flustered reaction.
"You're such a dick." Onyx attempts to shoulder past him, only for him to grab her arm and swivel her around. She gasps as he grips her chin and forces her to look up at him as he pins her wrist against his chest.
"Now, now. There's no need for that kind of aggression," he growls in a low voice,"how about you and I set some things straight, my dear." A dark look filled his eyes, sending a chill down Onyx' spine.
Onyx unlocked her front door, walking in the comfort of her own home, closely followed by Con. He stalks behind her, watching her figure, knowing what he wants.
Eventually they make it to her bedroom. Onyx sits on her bed, facing Con, eyeing him as he turns and locks her door. Her face flushes and she swallows harshly. He turns to face her, taking his place in front of her legs, using his hand to tilt her chin to face him. As she stares into his eyes, she hears a faint 'click'. Her eyes dart to his side, seeing a knife flipping over in his hand. Gasping, Onyx backs away onto her bed to put some distance between the two of them, only to be grabbed by her ankle and yanked back down to the edge of the bed. Her hips meet Cons, causing her to turn red. He growls, feeling the contact. Taking the knife, he runs it gently across her neck, making Onyx whimper in his grip. He laughs darkly, moving his hand softly up her outer thigh, her legs already shaking.
"Pretty girl, we haven't even started. Why are you quivering already? Are you that excited for my cock?" His words cause Onyx' eyes to flutter. She couldn't believe this was happening. There was no way.
"Don't act so surprised," he picked up on her expression,"Naz told me months ago. All it took was the right opportunity." He smiled smugly down at her. But she was too enveloped by what was happening to care. Con proceeded to lift up her skirt, marveling at her perfect body. Her thigh highs accented her legs perfectly, her lace underwear marking against her skin. He felt himself blush from her beauty, only to snap out of it when she whimpered his name.
"Shh, don't worry, pretty. I'll take care of you." He runs the knife down her torso, across her stomach, until he reaches her panties. In a quick motion, he cuts the thin fabric, earning a yelp out of her.
"I'll replace them darling. Don't fret. Now, hold still for me, we wouldn't want an..." he presses the knife down, causing Onyx to cry out,"...accident, per say." He chuckles to himself, taking his free hand and collecting the small trickle of blood that's escaped her skin on his thumb, licking it. He stares thoughtfully at her now exposed heat.
"Well aren't you pretty." Taking his hand, he circles her entrance, collecting any slick that escapes, tracing patterns on her skin with his knife. Onyx eyes roll into the back of her head in pleasure as she arches her back, chasing his touch.
"P-Please Con..." he puts his hand on her throat, pressing his growing bulge against her.
"Fuck, what do you want darling?" He groans when she rubs against him, gasping at the friction.
"I n-need you! Please fu-fuck me!" She begs for him, making him advance to pull his aching cock from his jeans. He drags the knife roughly against her leg, cutting her delicate skin. Tears roll out of her eyes but she can’t help but moan for him. Con lines up with her entrance, pressing against it. He shudders at her warmth, her wetness leaking onto his tip. Onyx gasps as he pushes in, tightening his grip on her neck, moving his armed hand to rest next to her head as support. Slowly, he begins to move in and out of her, her moans becoming immediate encouragement to go faster. He pants as he feels her constrict around his cock, hitting all her soft spots. Con stares at the sight before him.
Onyx displayed beneath him. Her perfect cunt swallowing his big cock with every thrust. Tears dribbling out of her eyes, incoherent moans and whimpers spilling out of her mouth, both hands limp next to her head. Her makeup smeared in streaks down her cheeks. Cuts littering her lower body where he dragged his little knife along her beautiful skin.
What a perfect view.
Before long, she was cumming around him, gasping for air, arching her back. Begging for him to slow down. But, no, ohoho, no. This was his game to play. Con felt himself getting closer to his finish, but he refused to slow. He wanted to let Onyx know who was in charge. Who was dominant here. Who, exactly, was better. He pounded in and out of her, hitting every sweet spot, forcing her to take him. Soon, she reached a second climax. Now a shaking, quivering, whimpering mess beneath him, she begged for him to cum. She wanted him. She needed him. And more importantly, she needed his cum. His movements became sloppy. He panted out several ‘good girl’ s and incoherent praises as he reached his own high. Collapsing in on himself, he rested his head against Onyx shoulder, kissing and biting her neck, whispering confessions of love he would later deny were said. Con slowed to a stop, moving his hands from his knife and Onyx neck to run up and down her body softly, admiring her curves. He lifted his head up, pressing a gentle kiss to her lips and bringing a hand to wipe the collected tears from her eyes. He caressed her cheek, shaking her from her trance.
“Hey, you did so well for me,” He praised, pressing a kiss to her forehead,”let’s get you cleaned up, ok? Then I can make you some food. Is that ok, darling?” Onyx gently nodded, wincing as he pulled out of her and left to go get a rag. He returned several minutes later with some bandages, warm water, a rag, and some ointment. He wiped off her cuts and helped bandage her up, cleaned between her thighs, chuckling at her whimpers, before fetching a new pair of underwear for her. After she put on the new garments, Con wiped her messy makeup away, kissing her sweetly before hugging her and whispering a gentle ‘I love you’. Onyx leaned into his touch, breathing out softly, hoping this was a dream she’d never wake from. They both knew they would have plenty to talk about later, to discuss how they would proceed. But right now, it was just the two of them together. Alone. Content.
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swiftmendeshoran · 2 months ago
Niall Horan eater request: 7 yr old son and niall go on an Easter egg hunt and the ‘golden egg’ tbey find has a baby picture in (y/n surprised Niall with a pregnancy) and his son isn’t happy 😂
WARNINGS: a bunch of fluffy fluff. dad Niall. talk of pregnancy loss. 
Tumblr media
Your 7 year old son, Lucas, was so excited for Easter and the Easter egg hunt you had set up. Since it was just you three due to COVID, you wanted to make it extra special. So you set up this extravagant hunt and Lucas was over the moon. 
“Momma, momma can I start looking for  the eggs now?” he asked. 
“Hold on, Luke. You have to be patient. Please let take a picture of you first,” you told him. 
He stood there, cheesing from ear to ear, with his Easter basket in hand, dress shorts and a button down. Lucas looked absolutely adorable. Niall tried to make the holiday as fun as possible also. He came out dressed in bunny ears, a chick shirt, and bright purple pants. 
You couldn’t help but chuckle at him. At the same time, it warmed your heart to see how involved he was with this. 
“Ready Lukey?” Niall asked, grabbing an Easter basket for himself. 
Lucas nodded and Niall smiled. “Let’s go!” 
“Whoa whoa boys. Listen to my rules first,” you stopped them. 
They both groaned, but stayed listening to you. “There are 15 eggs to find and they have special prizes in them. However, there is one special golden egg to find that is the last egg you should open. This one is really more for daddy,” you smiled up at him. 
A million things ran through Niall’s mind, but he just winked at you. “Alright! Are we ready now?” 
You nodded, smiling happily at your boys. “Ready, set, go!” 
They boys ran around your yard, looking for the eggs. Some of them were obvious and others were harder to find. The ones that were higher up, obviously Niall had to find. 
It took them about 20 minutes because Lucas kept getting distracted, but they eventually finished and headed inside to open them. 
Lucas was excited to open his eggs, which were filled with chocolate, dollar bills, and little toy soldiers. He was so excited and distracted from those and his Easter basket that he forgot about the golden egg. 
“Don’t forget about the golden egg,” you nudged Niall as you sipped your coffee. 
He picked it up and threw it in the air slightly. “Is it... a watch?” 
“No,” you chuckled. 
“Is it....” he leaned over and whispered to you. “Something that we can use during sexy time?” 
“Niall, no!” you hit his arm. “Just open it.” 
He chuckled and looked at it. Lucas ran up next to him to see what it was. Niall opened the egg and was a bit confused. It looked like a piece of paper until he opened it. 
Niall gasped when he realized what it was- a sonogram. “Babe? Is this real?” He looked up at you. 
You nodded, yours eyes starting to get watery. 
“Oh my God!” he hugged you so tight. “Finally!” 
After Lucas was born, you and him had a hard time trying to conceive. For some reason it just didn’t happen. You had a miscarriage or you just didn’t get pregnant and it was really frustrating. But it was finally happening and you were so excited. 
“What is it, Papa?” Lucas asked. 
“It’s a sonogram. Mama’s pregnant, son,” Niall told him. 
“Pregnant?” he asked. “You mean there’s going to be a baby?” 
“Mmhhmm,” you nodded, smiling. “Isn’t that great?!” 
Lucas just kind of stayed quiet and went to go sit back down on the floor. Niall turned to you. “So, how far along are you?” 
“Two months,” you smiled. 
“Babe, you kept this from me for two months?” Niall asked. 
“I wanted to surprise you guys,” you shrugged. “Plus, I didn’t want to tell you TOO early and then we lost it again.” 
Niall grabbed your hand and squeezed. “I understand, babe. I’m so happy.” He started to get teary-eyed as well.
After you and Niall basked in the glory of it all, you turned back to Lucas who looked really sad. You had noticed he had a tear running down his cheek and you swooped down off the couch and sat next to him. “Lucas? Are you ok honey?” 
He didn’t answer. 
“Luke honey. Talk to me,” you said. 
He looked up at you, tears running down his face. “I won’t be special.” 
“What?” you asked. 
“I won’t be special anymore once the baby comes,” he said. 
You sighed, your heart sad. “Luke what makes you think that?” 
“Cause, cause there will be a baby and then you’ll forget about me,” he said wiping his eyes. 
By this point, Niall was sitting on the ground next to him too. “Luke,” he rubbed his back. “We will NEVER forget about ya. Yer still our son. Sure, a baby takes a lot of work, but you’ll have a best friend for life and we will pay as much attention to you too, ok?” 
Lucas was sniffling and nodding his head. 
“Lukey boy,” you said. He picked his head up. “Come here,” you held out your arms and he walked into them. You rocked him back and forth and kissed his head. “We love you Luke.” 
Niall’s hand was on his back and you all just had a little lovefest for a minute. Lucas eventually stopped crying, but you and Niall were still emotional from the whole situation. 
Lucas wiped his nose and looked up at you. “Can I have some chocolate now?” 
You and Niall both laughed and you nodded. “Sure, buddy.” 
Just like that his mood changed and he ate almost his entire chocolate bunny. Niall helped you up off the floor and pulled you in for a kiss. “Can’t wait to hunt for eggs next year with our TWO children.” 
You smiled. “I know. That’s so weird to say,” you said. 
Niall held your stomach. “I love my family.” 
“Love you so much, Niall,” you said, putting your arms around his neck. 
The rest of the day you spent just watching movies, eating ham, and enjoying your last Easter as a family of three. 
Taglist: @stuffycrookshanks @nerdypartytrashpsychic @candyharries @niall-whoreans-whore @socialfake @bellelittleoff @itsallyscorner @rhymelynne @gurkiloni @potatoniall2020 @franchesca-791
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g0ldenkiwi · 2 months ago
And the Winner is | Harry Styles
Pairing: Harry Styles/Reader
Words: 8,520
Warnings: NFSW (+18), smut, fluff, Dom/Sub Situation, Daddy/Little Girl Kink, Spanking, kinda Praising Kink, Oral Sex, Boa Sex, Unprotected Sex, no accurate Red Carpet.
Summary: Harry's Grammys day can be stressful, but Y/N will always be there for him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The shrill sound of the alarm next to their bed woke them both with a start, causing them both to let out sighs and begin to stir. Harry's arm was the first to reach out for the blaring alarm to turn it off. Rolling quickly to the half-sleeping figure beside him.
"Good morning, gorgeous," Harry spoke in the husky, deep voice of the morning making Y/N squirm with pleasure at that alone and making her smile happily at him with her eyes still half-lidded.
"Mmh, good morning to you too, my handsome boyfriend nominated for... what was it, 20 Grammys?" She joked as Harry positioned himself on top of her, his arm resting at her side head and letting their noses almost touch. The dark-haired man let out a deep chuckle at her eloquence.
"Three, babe, you know it's only three," Harry confirmed, his fingers stroking her unruly clump of hair without taking his eyes off her with all the love he professed for her.
"What with 'only three', you narcissistic..." She giggled cutting herself off mid-sentence as Harry let out another chuckle again, letting his dimples show more deeply. "But really Harry, I'm so proud of you, both as a singer and as a person."
"I know, baby, every day you remind me." At last, Harry was the first to bring his lips to hers, pocking them continuously, feeling under his lips the softness and delicacy of hers settling into his like a puzzle. His heart swelling more each day just by having her mere presence in his life and feeling like the luckiest man in the world with no need for prizes. "But you know better than to get your hopes up. I'm nominated alongside a lot of other artists bigger than me: Beyoncé, Billie... I mean, I have to be very lucky if I ever win anything."
"You will," Y/N said convincingly, her fingers caressing his defined jawline as she looked at him earnestly. "You've been striving for this for so long. You deserve a Grammy at last."
Harry stared at her for a minute longer, through his head memories of all the moments spent to create each of the songs he had made so far and in each and every one Y/N had been present. Every day and night, supporting him, even in the moments where his stress overtook him, and he felt that at some point he would collapse. But there she had been without even asking him any questions, confirming her undying love and support for him.
"Thank you, sweetheart," he kissed her again, this time more deeply, lingering as long as he could, not wanting to part from her. "It really has all been because of you and, even if I don't win —," Harry laughed as he watched Y/N roll her beautiful eyes and scoff at his lack of positivity. "— if I don't win, I know I'll have you there to support me and love me even when I don't deserve that love you give me. And I know I won't mind losing because at the end of the day I always win just by having you by my side."
Y/N stared into those deep green eyes full of adoration towards her that often made her feel so big, and other times made her feel so small. The seriousness of his words digging into her heart as she continued to stroke her thumbs over Harry's smooth skin on his cheeks.
"I love you, Harry," she could only answer him with a small smile that he returned as he leaned in again to kiss her, their lips caressing sweetly.
"I love you too, babe," their make-out session was becoming more passionate with each caress they gave each other, Harry slowly positioning himself between her legs open and willing for him as his other hand placed it on her jaw, so he could deepen the kiss, his tongue letting itself dominantly enter hers, frolicking with the rhythm, their sighs increasing as their hips began to rub each other over their nightclothes.
"Okay, okay," Y/N cut the kiss short at last with her hands lightly pushing on Harry's tattoo decorated chest who was out of breath like her; knowing that if they kept this up, they would go to another extreme point and remembered why the alarm had gotten them up so early. "That's enough, you know you have to get ready for your big day."
Harry let out a childish whine as he rolled out of her warmth onto his side of the bed.
"Fuck, I almost forgot," he pouted. "Can't I stay and fuck you until you can't feel your legs?" he asked in a boyish voice as he watched Y/N push the bedsheets aside and start to lift up.
"That's only for winners, handsome, so you know what to do." Y/N teased as she headed for the door to their bathroom. At what was said, Harry's head raised curiously toward her.
"I'll win all the Grammys then, babe," he assured her intensely. "And for every one I win it'll be around, what do you say?"
Y/N stared at him with narrowed eyes and a smile on her lips before saying "Deal," and closing the door to start getting ready for the day.
Harry on the other side of the door letting out a "yes" and celebrating, making her giggle.
Tumblr media
After getting breakfast and dressing for the day, Harry and Y/N finally arrived at the hotel where they would be staying, so Harry could get ready, both in makeup, hair and clothes for the Grammys. That day was Sunday, so she had no work to do and was excited to be able to see Harry at his first Grammy performance, even if she couldn't be there with him every moment because of the Covid restrictions, at least she could support him live all the time from the hotel and look forward to his arrival.
Just outside the door of the Hotel, Harry Lambert was already there waiting for them and rushing Harry to the clothing fittings that everyone was looking forward to seeing. Y/N had not yet been able to see what her boyfriend would be wearing, since Harry wanted it to be a surprise for her and for everyone else, although she suspected it would be very spectacular because of the sexy and smug smile that the dark-haired man always had every time she asked him with curiosity and excitement to know something about it.
"Are you serious?" Y/N didn't hesitate to ask as soon as she had processed what her tall boyfriend was asking.
"Come on, love, it's only an hour, and you can go back to the room to watch the Grammys," Harry tried to convince her with a pout as he fiddled nervously with his rings.
"You mean an hour while you get dressed and leave for the red carpet and that I won't even get to say goodbye and wish you good luck," she crossed her arms childishly, she had been bothered enough waiting all that time without even a hint of what he would be wearing but not even being able to say goodbye and give him a kiss of encouragement just to not see him seemed excessive enough. "Come on Harry, you've punished me enough, why can't I see what you'll be wearing?"
"Y/N —," the brunet whined, stretching out the last letter. "I really want this to be a surprise. It's my first Grammy and I want to surprise you and when I come back you'll still be open-mouthed." Y/N stood for a few seconds in thought at what he had just said as he pouted his lips again.
"What's going to be so awesome to leave open-mouthed?" She whispered with narrowed eyes making Harry let out a cracked laugh into the air, drawing the attention of the others in the room.
"Ah no, no, babe, you won't get anything out of me. My lips are sealed," Y/N could only scoff as she sighed in exasperation. "Now, can my beautiful girlfriend go have a nice lunch while her sexy boyfriend gets ready for his first Grammys?"
"You narcissistic son of a bitch..." She didn't hesitate to joke out again with a smile; her hands caressing his neck and some curls at the nape of his neck to bring her lips to his in a sweet, deep kiss before she broke away and whispered to him. "Good luck, baby. I know you'll do amazing and win." Harry just returned her love-filled gaze as he kissed her again, his lips embracing her bottom lip between them before he pulled away. "And remember your real prize when you get there, handsome." She finished by saying as she turned and walked out through the room grabbing her purse and keys, the last reminder of her boyfriend being a noisy laugh before she closed the hotel room door.
Tumblr media
Y/N had already finished lunch with some friends when she arrived back at the now uninhabited hotel room as she sat on the bed and plugged on the TV, so she could watch the Grammys when she received a call from Harry.
"Hey handsome, are you ready for your big night yet?" Y/N asked leaning back more as she watched the occasional commercial.
"Yeah, well... Kinda nervous tho," Harry was telling her on the other end of the line letting out a nervous sigh.
A sympathetic smile decorated her lips.
"Aw, don't worry so much, babe, you'll do great, you'll see," the girl tried to relax him; a small knot in her chest knowing the situation her boyfriend was in and not being able to be there, so she could hug him and distract him from his worries.
"I hope so. You've eaten already, haven't you?" They both made some conversation as they waited. Harry was telling her that he was already in the car heading towards where the Grammys and red carpet were being held while Y/N tried to assure him that everything would go great until on the other end she heard a second voice calling Harry's name.
"I have to go now, babe. I'll call you back later, okay?" Harry asked as Y/N heard him get out of the car.
"Okay, handsome. Break a leg!" Harry chuckled as he thanked her again and hung up.
The silence of the room enveloped her again as she stared distractedly at the television, with only minutes to go before the red carpet began.
At last, the raucous sound of the program began, Y/N watching excitedly as many friends and performers appeared on the screen, many of them thrilled to be able to make an appearance after the long confinement they were still in.
"And, oh my goodness, here comes Mr. Harry Styles!" The girl on the microphone shouted excitedly as at last the camera zoomed in quickly to where she was pointing.
Y/N's eyes widened as she left her mouth ajar as she finally saw her beautiful boyfriend make an appearance and felt in her chest her heart pounding as if it was the first time she was seeing him again.
"A freaking boa?!" She laughed uproariously as she threw her head back, a hand over her mouth as she again watched her tall boyfriend hesitate on the red carpet as if he was new at it.
He truly looked beautiful, sexy and fashionable as he always liked to be dressed: with the purple boa hanging from his neck, making a nice contrast with his yellow jacket and a pink polo shirt; all obviously from Gucci. But his best complement was, as always, his wide dimpled smile that would make the sun itself feel shy, his green eyes narrowed, eager for the night and excited to be there as he fiddled endlessly with his perfectly painted nails over his innumerable rings. Robin's ring made her heart shrink with a slight sadness but with the knowledge that, wherever he was, his stepfather would be proud of him.
The night went by, and it was already Harry's big moment: his performance, so expected by everyone.
Y/N found herself biting her nails as she watched Trevor Noah finally on the screen starting to introduce the artists that would be playing throughout the evening and saying jokes until he finally said what she had been waiting for so long:
"Give it up for Harry Styles!"
The camera finally moved to focus on the stage where Harry and the band stood, Y/N sighing in love as she saw her boyfriend approach the microphone after so many months of waiting, her eyes widening as she saw the tight leather suit and ANOTHER boa (green this time) encircling the tall brunet's neck making her let out a high gasp as she felt her pussy tighten slightly around nothing as she finally saw Harry in that outfit and how sexy he looked.
The show began and the room was permeated by Harry's melodious voice singing Watermelon Sugar. Y/N could notice some nerves in him that might go unnoticed to outside eyes, but not to her. Her body began to dance slightly to the music, appreciating that, little by little, Harry was once again feeling like the king of the stage that he was and was beginning to feel more comfortable and confident on it, feeling like he was finally him and doing what he so wonderfully loved and had been missing all this time. She could watch as the dark-haired man began to dance all over the stage feeling every note on his skin. His smile illuminated the entire stage, even devouring the pure light of the spotlights.
At one point in the song, where the beautiful chorus began to sing, the image of Harry on his back wiggling his ass to the beat as he removed his green boa and revealed his naked torso made her bite her lip, this time, to try to control herself from letting a pitiful moan escape her lips, her hands went lightly over her pants only as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter and felt slightly embarrassed that only seeing Harry at his best could leave her in that pitiful state.
Harry then moved towards the two gorgeous women and stood in the middle of them, a perplexed expression appearing on Y/N's face as she watched the camera shifted to the bass player and back to her boyfriend.
"Oh, my, God!" Y/N couldn't help but squeal smiling broadly as she watched Harry begin to sway his hips in sync with the chorus without any embarrassment whatsoever. "That little shit," she whispered to herself without stopping grinning, her panties getting damper with every move Harry made.
Again the brunet turned back to the microphone, so he could finish the song, her eyes dilated with lividness watching his perfect chiseled and tattoo decorated chest as he continued to dance till the end of the song.
A huge round of applause invaded the television and Y/N didn't hesitate for a second to clap her hands in unconvincing support of her perfect boyfriend as he pushed back his dark hair below the spotlight. Her smile had not diminished at any point during the show, and she simply loved seeing Harry so happy, and she adored that he could feel like the artist he is again on stage.
A few minutes later, when several artists of the gala had already sung as well, she received a call from Harry again, without a second's hesitation taking it.
"Hey, babe, how was it?" he asked still with tiredness in his voice but with a tinge of joy.
"Harry! Oh my god, you were great!" she replied without hesitation making him chuckle at the girl's enthusiasm. "And that boa!!! I loved it!"
"Thank you so much, sweetheart," he sighed lovingly as he walked through the locker room. "I really liked the idea a lot too when Harry told me about it, although I didn't know how people would react."
"That's great, babe. It was a super fashionable and a funny touch," she opined before remembering everything else about the performance. "And that dance..." she sighed noisily. "It was amazing and, well, let's just say I loved it too much," she confessed sheepishly.
"Yeah, baby?" Even from there, she could tell the smug grin that was appearing on Harry's face. "Did you get wet watching me dance like that, gorgeous?" His voice became a whisper and deeper and graver the more he spoke.
"Mmh," Y/N replied in a slight whine, her fingers again moving slightly inside her pants to feel the moisture of her panties. Harry on the other end got serious as he knew what was happening.
"Oh, don't even think about it, little girl," he warned mildly sternly, making her shudder at the command. "You'll have to wait for me until I get there and don't even think about touching my pussy or anything like that until I show up, understood?" Y/N just nodded not realizing Harry couldn't see her. "Did you hear me?" he demanded with a growl, she felt the walls of her cunt clench again as she bit her bottom lip.
"Yes, daddy," she replied urgently. "Please win and come back soon, daddy, I don't think I can hold out much longer."
"Oh baby, the Grammys just started, so you'll have to wait," he ordered again, this time with some wistfulness and mischief in his voice, wishing he could be there to see the situation she was in but loving teasing her some more. "I have to go now, little one. And remember: no touching what's mine."
Harry abruptly hung up the call, a small mewl of frustration escaping her lips knowing she would have to hold on for three or four more hours until her boyfriend showed up at the door again.
The gala went on until finally one of the awards Harry was nominated for started: Best Pop Solo Performance. Y/N's need to see the tall dark-haired man in the audience again diminished a little, and she was excited about what could happen.
"And the Grammy goes to: Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles!"
"Yes! That's right, babe! You get it!" The cheer Y/N let out would surely have been heard by almost the entire hotel, even standing up on the bed, jumping, clapping, and shouting nonstop. Proud tears started to fall down her eyes as she got on her knees on the bed and moved towards the TV, her hands clasped together, non-stop smiling as she watched a nervous, joyful, and excited Harry hug Jeffrey and then go upstairs for his first well-deserved Grammy.
The brunet's voice as he gave his thank-you speech sounded emotional and surprised, trying to memorize all the people who had participated in the creation of the song and all the team that had accompanied him until he was able to get there.
"And lastly, I want to thank my beautiful girlfriend who is probably watching me: Y/N, I love you and I want you to know that your support and love is what has kept me going and never feeling insecure about myself," Harry commented tenderly looking at the camera in front of him; hoping he could convey all his love, that Y/N would feel all the adoration he felt for her and wishing she could be there with him at this historic moment in his career and life.
"I love you too, babe," she didn't hesitate to answer him even though she knew she wouldn't be fully heard, but she knew Harry would know, from her eyes tears of joy and love for this man who had changed everything for the better in her life and was finally being given in return something he had truly deserved for so long.
Y/N could still remember all those nights where stress and fear would take over the green-eyed man, and he would cry into her chest while sobbing that he was no good and that he couldn't write songs on his own. In every case, she had assured him a thousand and one times that this was not true, but he never listened, his demons in his head silencing her sweet truths.
Now, however, Harry could truly feel his worth in his soul and could never doubt his musical talent again. And, if it happened again, Y/N would be sure to rub that Grammy in his face to make sure.
The night went on and, although she didn't receive another call from Harry knowing that right now he had to make a good presence throughout the gala and not disappear unexpectedly, her need to be able to hold her boyfriend in her arms again grew stronger and stronger, a feeling of pride and the desire to sub to him to celebrate the award ran through her more and more, wishing it would happen quickly.
The next Grammy Harry was nominated for he didn't win, but that was fine, Y/N was already happy knowing that at least one Grammy would return between the tall brunet's painted and ring-studded fingers, and she knew Harry would feel similarly.
Many times she had felt the need to caress her throbbing clit inside her pants; even taking a cold shower to try to control her passion without accomplishing anything, because just seeing Harry again in a different outfit and with a black boa around his neck made her moan again. Her hips slightly rotated towards the bed while she was dressed in a shirt of the dark-haired man and her white lingerie panties in desperation to feel something but without getting anything.
She felt herself losing more and more of herself and just wished Harry would show back through the door, so she could kiss and worship him as he deserved. Her fingers trembled with desperation, crying out to slide down her already ruined panties. She had to lie on the bed in an attempt to relax, the sensitivity of her skin burning her soul, her nipples hardening at the need under the shirt continually rubbing against the fabric and making her sigh every now and then.
She had already lost her sense of time so much that she didn't even know that the Grammys were over and that the TV was already starting to show another program. Her eyes were closed trying to relax as she clutched the sheets to her sides in her fists, her knees were bent and her hips were swaying ever so slightly to create a slight fraction between her legs that made her whine Harry's name from time to time.
In her mind she could only remember all the times she had been with Harry and imagine what he would do to her upon his arrival; a Harry full of self-esteem and narcissism would only mean that his dominant side would be at its peak and, honestly, she felt her own sub-space begin to surround her with every thought of her tall boyfriend that passed through her mind.
It was a loud knock at the entrance to the room that snapped her out of her own fantasy, causing her to sit up with a start.
"Babe, I'm here!" Harry's deep voice made her rise with joy and excitement towards him. The sexy look of the orange jacket and black boa still encircling the brunet's neck making her stop in her tracks for a moment before she came all the way over and greeted him as he deserved.
"Congratulations, my love, I knew you'd make it!" Y/N didn't hesitate to say as she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in the boa's soft black feathers, stroking and tickling her.
"Thank you, sweetheart," Harry reciprocated her embrace by wrapping his strong arms around her waist, lifting her slightly as he kissed her forehead and inhaled her sweet scent from her hair. "It's all been because of you tho, my sweet angel."
The kiss was not long in coming, starting out as just sweet, a small peak that slowly began to increase in intensity, the caresses of their lips beginning to make them sigh before Harry bit down lightly on her lower lip and let his tongue slowly slide into her mouth, so he could massage his muscle with hers in a slow dance until they ran out of air and separated as he felt her hands begin to undo his clothing harshly.
"Careful, little one. I had to come in these clothes because I couldn't stand not being able to see you anymore, but I have to return them," he warned with amusement, a smug smile on his lips as he saw the needy state Y/N was in and in which, even though it had been several hours since they had seen each other, she was still in because of him.
"Okay, daddy," she bit her lip as she watched those green eyes darken. "It's just that I'm so proud of you and I just want to make you feel good, and I need you so much right now."
"Oh, baby, you always make me feel good," he assured, stroking a lock of her hair as he tucked it behind her ears in a tender gesture. "How about you show me how my sweet pussy is and then you can make daddy feel good like you know how to do, huh?"
She didn't hesitate a second longer as she crossed her arms and quickly removed the shirt; letting her fingers dislodge the straps of her panties on her hips and slowly slide them down; the cold of the room making her nipples harden and the wind brushing against her aching clit making her mew quietly.
Harry couldn't help but let his dilated eyes roam over every crevice of her skin, loving every stretch mark and curve of her body, biting his lip and admiring her body reacting to him, knowing how lucky he was to know that this beautiful woman loved him just as much as he loved her.
His hand grabbed hers and began directing her towards their bedroom, making her sit on the bed as he continued to be fascinated by her beauty, and more so as he watched the glistening wetness of her pussy begin to slowly drip down her sweet thighs.
"Have you been good, little girl? Have you touched what's mine in daddy's absence?" He asked as he slid his thumb down her cheek until they caressed her lips slowly, letting her suck his digit as if it were his cock and making him grunt.
"No, daddy. I've been good," she replied in a sweet voice, her tongue molding to his long finger as she moved her head slightly back and forth.
"That's my girl," his finger left her mouth as Harry knelt down and brought their lips together again in a deep kiss as he tilted his head and wrapped his lips around hers. "And my good girl deserves a reward then, don't you think?" he pecked her sweet lips one last time before pulling away from her and standing up.
Y/N nodded quickly as she watched the handsome man in front of her begin to unwrap the black boa from his neck and drop it almost carelessly to the floor and then go piece by piece beginning to undress with an almost excruciating slowness that caused her impatient hands to reach up and begin to remove the expensive belt at his hips, kissing the branches tattoo in turn. The walls of her cunt kept tightening as she let the bedsheets lightly rub her clit.
"My needy baby," Harry growled above her, letting her do it as he stroked the threads of her head between his fingers, her lips beginning to warm him. His cock, which was already beginning to harden from the moment he'd watched her undress to this moment; not stopping throbbing inside his boxers just from the feel of her breath on his hot skin.
At last, she managed to unbuckle his belt and slowly pulled both his pants and briefs down his muscular thighs, her eyes glancing for a microsecond at the tiger tattoo before her orbs focused on his erect penis which sprang up as it was released from its confinement and making the man above her grunt at the relief and the cool air of the room.
From his long, thick penis a vein could be seen beneath it and from its red tip, small drops of cum began to fall slowly making her mouth water. Harry's cross tattooed hand interrupted her vision by wrapping gently and lovingly around the shaft, shaking it very subtly and taking out a few pants to himself.
"Come on, baby girl. Didn't you want to make daddy feel good? Give him his reward for winning his first Grammy, huh?" he addressed her in a voice full of pleasure; husky and deep that went so far as to make her tremble from the tips of her toes until her core aching at being abandoned like that.
Y/N could only nod faintly looking into his eyes for a moment before finally moving her head towards his cock as his hand moved towards her mouth, still stroking himself. Her tongue licked his tip slowly making the brunet throw his head back with relief as he removed his hand from his member and let himself be totally done by her.
The taste of the drops a shade between bitter and sweet began to make itself present in her mouth as she laved it, sucked, and kissed the entire length of the cock, focusing every now and then on the vein below that stood out as she lifted her hand, smaller than his, and began to stroke his long hard-on up and down and devoted her other hand to cup his hard balls.
At last and after several warning grunts from Harry not wanting to be teased too much by her, she opened her mouth and wrapped it around the tip, her lips molding to the hard skin as her eyes darted to those of the brunet above her who had let out a more sonorous groan that made her rotate her hips back into the sheets creating a rubbing in her throbbing clit that made her moan as well.
The sucking sounds along with Harry's pants and grunts began to flood the room causing her to also begin to mew on his cock; the vibration of her throat creating more pleasure for Harry. With her head creating gradually a more rhythmic back and forth, coming to feel the tip of his cock colliding with the wall of her throat that she had already gotten used to; the short, curly black hairs of his pubes tickling her nose from time to time while his scent lulled her in such a way that she felt dizzier and dizzier, never letting her gaze leave his green one that was almost all bathed in darkness through his dilated pupil.
Harry felt his explosion getting closer and closer, the unique sensation of her wet mouth and tongue tasting his cock made it start to pulse, feeling his pre-cum fall faster and faster on her palate and vibrate over his sensitive skin. All the sensations of her over arousing him, his hand firmly gripping her head as he noticed the pace she had picked up began to increase more and more.
A tingling in his belly was beginning to warn him of his near end as he felt his prick begin to throb more and more, so he had to stop her with his hand gently.
"Okay, baby, that's enough for now," his voice was hoarse because of the groans and passion; a cracked smile on his lips as he watched her pout as she was forced to pull away from his cock. "If I cum I want to come in your tight cunt as I watch my cum paint your thighs and lick it straight from your pussy," he admitted as he watched her mouth open at his statement.
Taking advantage of her disbelief, Harry pushed her back on the bed and positioned himself on top of her; Y/N's head resting on the soft cushion beneath her as the dark-haired man kissed her again with hungry. His tongue tasting hers and letting out a growl of pleasure as he savored himself on the roof of her mouth, massaging his muscle with hers; her lips beginning to swell from the constant kissing making him smile smugly as he watched her eyes being enveloped in a balm of arousal.
His green eyes looked down her body, admiring her again while lying beneath him, watching as her hips swayed slightly towards him in an attempt to make some contact. He looked back up into her eyes before kissing her again in a tender kiss.
"You are so beautiful, and I love you so much, baby, you have no idea what you do to me," his statement snapped her out of her reverie, a smile appearing on her face as she raised one of her hands already caressing the cheek and hard jaw of the man she loved and who never missed an opportunity to make her feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet.
"I love you too, baby," she pecked his lips. "And I assure you I can get an idea," she giggled, making the brunet chuckle as well before kissing again.
His kisses began to descend as he traversed every stretch of skin he could find, leaving a few hickeys and nibbles on her neck and collarbone causing her to let out a few sighs, letting one of her hands stroke his black hair encouraging him to continue.
At last, his lips reached her tits, parting slightly from her skin so that her green eyes were bathed in the sight before he let himself sink fully into the tender skin. His tongue catching the hard, needy left nipple making her mewl as he bit down lightly with his teeth without quite squeezing and licked and sucked it with happiness. His hand rising to caress the other solitary bud, between his index and middle finger pinching it mischievously, a smile appearing lightly on his lips as he felt her squirm and arch her back towards him to try to feel more.
Y/N felt herself getting more and more turned on by every graze Harry was giving her; her hand endlessly stroking his head while the other was leading towards his broad back starting to very gently clasp and scratch his skin as he kept moving. She felt her pussy totally damp and clenching from every lick and flick her sensitive nipples were receiving; her clit beginning to throb from not being touched yet as she kept moaning the man's name.
"Harry! Fuck, please! Do something now! Please, please, please!" she whimpered at last feeling that the teasing had already gone too far; her need was spreading further and further, after all, she had been waiting for hours for that.
"But I'm already doing something, baby girl," he replied without missing her frustrated and aroused expression as he pulled away from her nipple leaving one last peak. "Wasn't this what you wanted from daddy, baby girl? Didn't you want this reward?" Y/N shook her head as Harry snickered. "Then what do you want? You're acting like a brat. Daddy giving you a reward and not accepting it, plus complaining about it and not addressing me as 'daddy'... That's not right," he chided gently starting to move lower and lower down her body leaving a trail of kisses that made her sigh. "I think you deserve to be put in your place, baby girl."
Suddenly, Harry turned her over leaving her lying on her belly before making her bend her knees and lift her ass up as her front remained resting on the pillow with her back arched as he positioned another one under her belly and the dark-haired man positioned himself behind her on his knees.
His large hands began to caress her butt gently, his green eyes watching lustfully as from her pussy her juices bathed her thighs, and he felt a twitch in his cock at the sight.
"Okay, baby. I'm in a good mood today, and you've been good in my absence, so it'll just be five, okay?" He grunted without stopping squeezing the skin of her ass, watching the tight bud of her ass that he wished someday he could play with.
"Yes, daddy. Sorry, daddy," she mewled in pleasure as she swung her ass at him before receiving the first slap roughly making her let out a squeal of pleasure at being so unexpected.
"You know what to do, baby. Count them like the good girl you are... Now, let's start over," Harry warned before slapping another one on her other cheek.
"One!" And so it went on until it reached the corresponding five. With each slap, she could feel her core getting needier and needier and her thighs fully moistened with her juices making Harry growl each time her skin shook and her pussy clenched around nothing.
When Harry had finished, a feeling of wanting to fuck her flooded him. Both had already waited enough and more Y/N who already felt that she was in another world where pleasure and Harry were the sovereigns. Her hard and sensitive nipples rubbed all the time on the sheets and her hands did not stop wrinkling them wishing that the handsome man would take pity on her and fuck her until she could no longer know who she was and could only know Harry's name.
"I can't take it anymore, baby girl, you're so fucking good to me," Harry panted as he moved his head closer to her pussy and spit on it without any qualms between her folds and at her entrance; making her whimper as she finally felt something in her pussy and arched her back more as she finally felt the man's tongue lick her slit from her sore clit to her entrance with her lips totally wet. "Fuck, baby girl, you always taste so good," he growled burying his face in her cunt sucking and licking nonstop.
Y/N moaned as she felt Harry's livid tongue slid into her entrance, massaging with his tongue the helpless walls of her core that clenched around him with need as two fingers began to gently caress and pinch her clit only to pull away from her again in a few seconds making her squeal in exasperation at finally having received some pleasure.
"I know, baby girl, I know." He caressed her ass gently in an attempt to soothe her. "Don't worry, I'll give you something much better," he confirmed with a smug, lustful smile before positioning himself behind her.
With his right hand, he grabbed his throbbing cock and brought the tip closer to her dripping pussy, slowly letting it slide into her slowly making them both let out in unison moan of relief as he bottomed her out and felt them both connected in that intimate way they both loved.
"Fuck, baby, you're always so tight and wet for me," he grunted moving his hips very subtly so that he could endure the sensation Y/N's walls were making him feel around his cock.
"And you're always so big for me daddy," she mewled as she finally felt his tip caress her cervix inside her and his girth stretched her in the delicious way she loved. "So full."
"Yeah, baby girl? Do you love being full of daddy, ah?" he sighed in a deep and low voice, beginning to create a more rhythmic motion as he felt her more accommodating to his thick member.
"Yes, daddy. I fucking love it," she moaned as she felt his cock begin to move in and out of her with slow, deep movements, making her feel every chink of his length inside her, touching and stroking the sweet spots inside her continuously making her see stars as she scratched at the sheets, wishing she could do it on Harry's broad back.
His hands gripped her hips firmly, surely leaving some mark on her that in the morning he would enjoy seeing; as Harry watched his cock thrust in and out of her creating dirty, wet sounds as he heard her squeal his name in pleasure. The man's mouth was open letting out unashamedly husky groans and gasps, occasionally throwing his head back as her cunt squeezed so deliciously around him, making him grunt each time it passed.
His green eyes roamed over every expanse of her skin damp with sweat that also ran over his, feeling the curls of his bangs cling to his forehead.
Gradually the dark-haired man began to create a faster rocking, making his groin pound more intensely into her as his balls all the while collided with her sensitive clit making her moan his name more passionately and high, making his cock pulse inside her faster and faster.
"You feel so fucking good, baby, fuck," he growled at a particular clench that had momentarily blurred his vision, feeling his end approaching by how he felt his cock throbbing.
Y/N couldn't even articulate a word as she felt the tip of his cock continually hit her g-spot, even feeling him in her belly and feeling her pussy tingle with pleasure, a familiar tickle beginning to appear in her belly warning her that she would soon explode.
"Daddy... Daddy, I'm cumming. I'm so close," she managed to let out between sighs, her lungs slightly being compressed by the rapidity of her breathing.
A louder moan came from her throat as she felt Harry's naughty, long fingers begin to toy with her sensitized nub of nerves making her move her hips towards him with more intensity as her body rocked restlessly and shuddered each time he hit her core hard.
"Yeah, baby girl?" he gasped without stopping stroking her clit and her hips starting to rotate more sloppily towards her as he felt her walls closing tighter and tighter hugging him. "Then cum, baby. Cum, I want to see you cum on my big fat cock."
His words were heard and Y/N's back arched all the way up as she let out a cry of pleasure into the room feeling herself explode, her walls contract tightly and her juices bathe Harry's buried cock.
The dark-haired man soon followed her a few seconds later, with a loud groan burying himself deep inside her shaky warm pussy as his white cum mixed with her juices inside her quickly, taking several seconds to feel his seed spit out until finally deflating slightly; letting his cock slide out of her gently.
His cum leaking out of her satisfied pussy, wetting her thighs and slightly the bed, made him let out a grunt of appreciation at the sensual image, unable to help but bring his face closer to bury it back into her pussy, his lips and tongue cleaning up every trace of his cum that had mingled with her signature taste.
"Harry!" She moaned at the over-sensitivity, still trying to catch her breath as she felt the man's naughty tongue licking a line from her clit to her entrance and entering her suggestively making her arch her back again and move her hips towards him as she gasped.
"I'm so not done with you yet, baby girl," his almost animalistic growl made her shudder with pleasure before Harry turned her around suddenly; causing their unfocused, pleasure-darkened gazes to connect again.
Their lips connected again in a hungry kiss as they caressed each other's sweaty bodies, pulling apart to sigh and catch some of the breath they had lost. The smell of sex had already washed over the room as the two lovers on the bed slowly and passionately resumed their slow, passionate make-out, caressing and rubbing against each other's skin.
"I love you so much, baby," his words of love rang out again after the hot sex making her smile that, after all, Harry was always Harry again. "And you always make me so out of control, it's like... the first time I just want to be with one person in bed and never leave, just fucking, cuddling and talking."
"I love you too, babe," she commented pushing his damp hair away from his face, admiring his flushed face as they kissed again. "And that would be really nice. ”
"And you always look so good I can't help it," he complimented with a pout making her laugh.
"Talks the one who always looks flawless and breaking fashions like those boas," she teased along with Harry for a moment before the brunet stood there thinking, his eyes narrowing as he thought of something. "I know that look, what are you thinking?"
But the man didn't get to answer her while he was getting up from the bed. As he pulled away from her, a cold chill ran across her skin as she felt Harry's warmth outside her and making her shiver, sitting up on the bed,  watching him fully naked search around the floor of the room.
"Aha! Here you are," he finally spoke as he picked up from the floor the black boa that had accompanied him to the gala. "Here baby, I want you to try it on."
"Babe, I might get it dirty or something, I'm pretty sweaty and naked right now," she joked as the bed shifted as Harry sat across from her with the boa in hands.
"That's stupid, come on! I've been wanting to see you with the boa on all night," he whined as he pushed the boa to her chest, Y/N letting out a giggle at her boyfriend's childish act.
"Okay," she sighed, wrapping the soft feathers around her neck like Harry had worn it to the Grammys. "How do I look?" She asked with an amused smile not really knowing the effect it would have on the brunet.
Harry's green eyes darkened again as he saw how that black boa went so well with Y/N's bare skin, not believing she could look any better but with just that one accessory making him think of increasingly dirty things he wanted to do to her as those black feathers caressed her sensitive, moist skin; a needy growl escaping his lips as he saw how several feathers, in particular, caressed one of her nipples making him feel jealous.
"Fuck, you look so good," he gasped deeply as he moved back to her and brought their lips together again in a passionate kiss. His cock, which had been half hardened so far, got fully hard as he laid her back down on the bed and molded himself on top of her, between her open, welcoming legs.
"Yeah? You think so?" She asked teasingly, letting out a new moan as Harry's lips wrapped around her nipple again and his hands fondled her tits making her arch and feel aroused again as she began to sway her hips back towards him.
"So fucking good," he grunted nonchalantly as with his hand he fisted his hard sensitive cock and began to stroke it up and down, never ceasing to suck on her buds, and with his other hand, he caressed her waist.
Without thinking so much about it, the man brought the tip of his cock back inside her, sliding back inside her quickly and with a hurried and needy rhythm making them both moan and gasp with passion without stopping looking at each other and admiring their bodies.
Harry's hand reached over to the little table next to the bed last and hurriedly grabbed his cell phone, unlocking it as his hips continued to thrust and his cock soothed in and out of her rapidly, her wet welcome and tightness making him groan in satisfaction as he tried to focus his eyes on opening the camera app on his phone.
"Say cheese, baby. You look so good right now I need this saved on my phone forever," he growled making her smile. It was already normal to use the camera in sex between them, after all, they both had to survive on something while they were away from each other and couldn't contact because of the time difference they were on.
Harry's eyes wouldn't leave the cell phone screen after several pictures going on to record the beautiful and sensual image of Y/N's body swaying towards him as her tits bounced with each thrust that made her moan in pleasure and arch her back, her chest rising and falling from the accelerated breaths while the boa rested between both of their bodies sticking to her skin in an almost artistic way.
"Fuck, you're so sexy, baby," Harry finished the recording, so he could bring his lips to hers in a rush, not stopping to feel her sweet walls squeeze him, knowing they both wouldn't last long after having had such a good first round.
Their tongues fought and his teeth bit her lips as they panted in their mouths, Harry's groans increasing each time he felt the feathers sticking to his skin and some even stroking his cock as it shoved into her, just as there were several tickling Y/N's clit, making her jerk desperately as she wrapped her legs around the brunet's waist and with her nails digging into his ass pushing it into her, begging him to be able to pound her sensitive pussy with more depth and intensity.
The climax soon shook them in a rush this time, making them moan into each other's mouths as Y/N again felt his seed fill her warmly making her shudder, her eyes going blank as she arched into him and felt the walls of her pussy hugging him tightly again.
This time, Harry fell on top of her, their uncontrolled breaths in tandem as they tried to recover from the sex session with his now flaccid cock still sunk inside her and his face in her neck, filling himself with her scent and sensation.
"Fuck, that was great," Y/N could only let out after a while as she stroked the wet hairs on the back of Harry's neck, tickling him and chuckling at the comment.
"Well, of course, it's always great with me, baby," he replied petulantly as he already pulled away from her, receiving a playful swat as she giggled.
Both of them settled down to sleep for good as they rolled around in bed until they found a position where they were both comfortable. A few minutes of comfortable, warm silence enveloped them as Y/N's back rested against his chest, and she felt his strong arm wrap around her waist in a pleasant embrace.
"Today was a great day," Harry finished by concluding as he closed his eyes ready to drift off into dreamland, only hearing a humming of approval from his beautiful girlfriend in his arms making him smile for the last time on that special day.
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The Future Of The Pandemic In The U.S.: Experts Look Ahead
A year after the pandemic shut down the country, a growing number of infectious disease experts, epidemiologists, public health officials and others have started to entertain a notion that has long seemed out of reach: The worst of the pandemic may be over for the United States. หวย บอล เกมส์ สล็อต คาสิโนออนไลน์
No one thinks that's guaranteed by any means. There are many ways the pandemic could resurge. But many say it's becoming increasingly possible that the end may finally be in sight.
Even experts who have raised the alarm about the severity of the COVID-19 crisis nonstop for more than a year are optimistic.
"The worst may in fact be behind us," says Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown School of Public Health, one of more than 20 people interviewed by NPR for this story. "To be able to say: 'I think, [I'm] cautiously optimistic that the worst may be behind us?' Boy, that does feel really good."
Now, to be clear, more than 50,000 people are still getting infected daily with the coronavirus and hundreds are dying. So there's a great deal of sickness and suffering still in store for the country before the pandemic ends.
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OPINION: 5 Ways To Make The Vaccine Rollout More Equitable
How Is The COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Going In Your State?
And the newfound optimism comes with three big caveats: The worst may be over if too many people don't let down their guard too fast, if the more dangerous variants don't make cases surge before enough people get vaccinated, and if the vaccination campaign doesn't stumble badly.
But if none of those problems occurs, life could slowly but steadily return to something much more normal.
The optimism is based on the rapid ramp-up of the vaccination campaign combined with the fact that a significant proportion of the country already has some immunity from being exposed to the virus, and the warmer weather that is linked to slower viral spread.
"If all goes well, if we stick by the public health measures, if we effectively vaccinate, I think we are looking at a brighter future over the next several months. That's entirely conceivable and probably likely," says Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
Now, not everyone is quite ready to say the worst might be over. Several experts worry about the more contagious variants combining with too many communities lifting mask mandates and other restrictions and too many people letting down their guard, especially over spring break and Easter.
"I'm worried," says Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy. "If you wanted to put all the viral ingredients in one big mixing bowl to cause them to transmit in ways that would be very damaging to us, do what we're doing right now."
How To Sign Up For A COVID-19 Vaccine In Your State
In fact, new hot spots may already be emerging, especially in Michigan and other parts of the Midwest, and in the Northeast, including New York City and New Jersey. Not only has infections started increasing in dozens of state, but hospitalizations may have also started creeping up again in at least a dozen states, according to new data from Pinar Karaca-Mandic and her team at the University of Minnesota COVID-19 Hospitalization Tracking Project.
But while most experts agree that there's still a sword of Damocles hanging over the nation's hopes, most think that the country could avoid another big surge such as the one that occurred over the winter.
"There are nightmare scenarios that we can paint out. And I can't say that those are such remote possibilities that we can dismiss them," says Jeffrey Shaman, an infectious disease researcher at Columbia University. "But I do think that this was probably the worst, and it will continue to go down."
Here's a road map to what we can expect for the future of the pandemic in the United States.
Late spring and summer: a cautious return to social life
Experts NPR spoke to predict that this spring, as more people are vaccinated, more people may be able to return safely to stores, restaurants and work, more children could return to in-person learning, and small groups of fully vaccinated people can get together for dinner parties indoors without masks.
In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued guidelines that say vaccinated people can already start to get together that way.
And if case counts continue to decline and vaccination rates increase, many public health authorities think the summer could be even better.
"Life will get better for sure," says Ali Mokdad at the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. "We will see more grandparents visiting and hugging their grandchildren. More restaurants will open. We will see sport events. Weddings. Church and religious events. We will have summer camp for kids. People will travel more."
In fact, Mokdad says, he has plans to fly to see his mother.
Still, Mokdad stresses that activities such as summer camps could only probably safely operate with precautions, such as random testing, mask-wearing and open windows to provide fresh air.
And Americans still need to be careful: Hot spots could flare up due to the variants, people getting careless and triggering superspreader events, and among pockets of people who haven't gotten vaccinated.
"Specific communities may see a resurgence because of the variants — there may be hot spots," says Caitlin Rivers, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. "But I don't think there will be another wave like we saw in the winter."
Fall: Schools reopen, and life starts feeling almost normal
By the fall, while young children still won't be vaccinated because scientists have just started testing the vaccines on them, their teachers hopefully will be. So in places where infections are low, schools should be pretty safe, experts told NPR.
Students will probably still wear masks and may still need to keep their distance from one another. But hopefully no more slogging through school on laptops at the kitchen table for most kids.
Experts predict in-person schools will be able to open widely around the country by fall. Some places already have, such as Medora Elementary School in Louisville, Ky.
Jon Cherry/Getty Images
"I am counting on it, and I'm thrilled," says Jennifer Nuzzo, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, who has a 7-year-old son. "Seven-year-olds aren't supposed to spend their entire days on a computer."
Researchers such as Fauci hope that more aspects of our day-to-day lives could edge back closer to pre-pandemic times.
"It is conceivable, and probably likely, by the time we get to the fall — late fall, early winter, by the end of this year — that we have a gradual but very noticeable and important return to some form of normality," Fauci says.
Winter: Brace for another possible surge — and booster shots
Some experts worry the virus could follow a seasonal pattern like the flu and surge again in the late fall or early winter. And that threat may be even greater because of the variants, especially the strains originally spotted in South Africa and Brazil that appear to be better at evading natural immunity and the vaccines.
The vaccine works against the U.K. variant, says Mokdad of the University of Washington, so with more vaccination, other variants may become dominant. "And by winter we assume these two will become the dominant one unless we have more that show up. And they will cause more infections and more mortality."
But even if there is no new winter surge, the virus won't be gone. It just hopefully won't be causing anything like the suffering that's already occurred.
It could, however, still be causing significant problems in parts of the world that haven't gotten vaccinated, which could spawn new, even more dangerous variants that could travel to the United States.
As a result, the country will probably need new versions of the vaccines for the variants and booster shots. And many experts say it's crucial that the U.S. help the rest of the world vaccinate as quickly as possible, too.
"If we don't get rid of this thing everywhere, it's going to just come back and get us again," says Robert Murphy, executive director of Northwestern University's Institute for Global Health. "The virus will continue to mutate. This is really a worldwide problem."
The pandemic's aftereffects
But even if the country is on the road out of this, the impact has been tremendous, and the aftereffects are likely to be long-lasting, many experts say.
"This pandemic is right up there as a world-changing event. It has already had a profound impact on society, on basic questions like the nature of our social interactions. It's already shaped and reshaped this particular generation," says Keith Wailoo, a historian at Princeton University. "And the ripple effects are likely to play out for years, perhaps even decades to come."
The pandemic revealed some deep problems, such as how society treats older people, poor people and people of color.
"Pandemics create what some people have called a kind of stress test for all of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities and fault lines of societies, and I think that's been especially true of COVID-19," says Allan Brandt, a historian at Harvard University.
It could change so many parts of our lives. Our homes. Our work. Travel. How we touch each other. Will the elbow bump replace the handshake for good?
Online schooling and social distancing have taken a toll on kids and adults during the pandemic. The aftereffects of such widespread social challenges may be felt for years, experts say.
Gabrielle Lurie/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images
"There's a whole realm of everyday interpersonal practices that are going to be, you know, very, very hard to revisit and redevelop easily, like handshaking and kissing and hugging," Wailoo says. "Or even walking closely together with friends and laughing together. All of these things today carry the stigma of disease transmission."
The Black Death led to the Renaissance. The 1918-19 flu pandemic gave way to the roaring '20s. We've just begun the new '20s. It's impossible to know what world will emerge as the virus recedes. But it seems pretty clear we'll be hearing the echoes of this pandemic for a long time.
"The disruptions to our economy, to our sense of safety in the world are of an order that our established ways of thinking are likely to undergo some pretty significant changes," says Nancy Tomes, a historian at Stony Brook University.
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bunnyriviere · 2 months ago
my god i cant get my head out of this mess so imma rant, then MAYBE i can focus on my assignment like damn babe i thought your passion is stats, why are you obsessing over a guy that doesnt care enough. huh? care about stats instead babe!!!!!! i just want to only have to care about maths but i know my life is ruined if i dont have relationships, so i try. but i must suck at it so bad if everything just ends in flame like this, im so tired im teary eyes.
im on my phone and honestly dont know how to do the uh line to cut short the post so if anybody unfortunately see this im sr :(
this is not even about a romantic relationship, i dont even know why i just couldnt like a person like that but damn fine. this is about a male friend i made in grade 11 i guess. i have never liked men. im afraid of them and dont want to have to interact with them ever. i know its bad and i should change but i just really want them away from me im sorry..... so i wasnt even friendly with him, but i was polite, i know how to be a decent person. he was friendly and nice and friends to all which only made me think aw geez just stop being friendly i know this is not because you like me. but i was eating the snack he brought to class anytime he brought it without much thought cause he offered i aint gonna say no. all the while still not consider him a friend. not until a friend said im not being nice if im eating his food while still not seeing him as a friend. and i have always feel bad about not being friendlier towards men in general and he made the 1st move which made it easier for me to just go along. so i did and thats how we became friends.
hes really nice and i mean it. i think really highly of him. maybe its just me having bad luck so i havent met many that are nice?? i really believe they are just myth tbh, im about to settle for that thought. and this guy is really how i wish is the standard for all men. hes just that good, i have no complain. i truly like him and glad that my friend said something cause otherwise we probably wouldnt be friends.
again no romantic feeling. i just have to, remind the invisible audiences of this post i guess.
now we all know covid. and because of it, i couldnt come home and wanted to lay in bed even more than normal. so i didnt push for it when he said he couldnt meet anybody in the summer because he didnt want to accidently give somebody it. just saying that cause this is a 2 ways road right, nothing is ever only his fault, its also mine. i want to rant about my feelings but i dont want to dismiss any mistakes i made yk. so we didnt meet up then.
christmas came and before then we were talking about christmas gift and i didnt wanna any so i didnt prepare anything also. this person is too nice and i dont want him to feel bad. but anw i just thought maybe we can still meet up even if its not for gift exchanging. but i didnt ask or anything at all cause well, hes from here, he has family and friends that are definitely closer to him, and he had work. i know hes busy and if he wanna hang out he know where to find me. i just dont want to accidentally add something more onto his list of to do. he would be too nice to say no. and we are not that close i dont want to add more work for him. i dont have relatives or friends here other than him so im free anytime if he wanted to meet up. but that didnt happen, i dont think we talked at all. which fine i hate to admit but i was hurt. ugh hate showing how vulnerable i am. yuck. yikes. -100/10.
i just didnt think about it? i didnt try to reach out either so that was my fault too but just, if he didnt care then i wont either. so i really didnt think about him anymore.
came reading week! it really was 1 year from the last time i saw him honestly. he asked to meet up and if i want to go somewhere and tbh no im in the countryside rn is that the corect word so there are no place to go. but i remembered this 2ndhand place i like to go sometimes and i hadnt gone in a while so why not. so we agreed on that. and i know he was probably just tired, and there are people who sigh a lot, its not uncommon. but not seeing him for a long while and knowing this is a place i suggested, him doing that really made me feel bad. i probably shouldnt, but couldnt get the thought that he was probably doing this just because hes friendly not because hes friend with me. it fucking sucked. when we got out and he dropped me back at my home i still felt so bad he didnt get to enjoy himself so i asked if we could watch jojo together. yeah he loves jojo. i dont really care for anime im so sr i prefer realing manga lmao sr.
now ok maybe im still being dumb, probably. but tldr i truly believe people can be friends and affectionate even when they are from opposite sex. it didnt work out so well cause i got molested lmao cause some other guy thought that was cool to do. so that honestly worsen my uh wariness of men. but like i said, i think ive said it, i trust this person. honestly i do, we hug a lot and i had never felt afraid of it. i believe he wont do anything. im just really comfortable around him. so we cuddled while watching anime, that had happened before im really sr if you think thats wrong, i still believe that could happen.
but maybe its because i was tense from thinking he really didnt enjoy hanging out with me that much. i kept connecting remembering what the molester did and while i just knew i swear i knew he wouldnt do anything like that, i couldnt get it out of my head. i felt bad for that but there were just 2 things that happened so similar to what happened with the molester. haizz he kinda laced our fingers together but it wasnt handholding, same thing happened once before with m-dude and it felt weird but i didnt want to question that friendship so i didnt. and at some point of jojo i kinda jumped and he held me back, not pulled me back or anything but was holding me in place, and it was probably to make me feel safe but honestly if anybody even use a little bit of force i will just think of when i finally got the courage to turn around to confront the other dude for touching me, he held me back and i couldnt move at all. i think i froze a bit.
argh back to the main story. see how i totally suck? hahaha just blaming this friend for something somebody else did. im so sorry, i suck.
well after that we picked up talking again but idk! was it me overthinking? was it? because it felt like he didnt want to talk to me at all. it was, how to say it. he was friendly yes he talked hmm. damn how-- it felt like he didnt care for what i said. its a feeling idk how to put into words. and that sucks. he didnt seem interested in me before, felt happy enough when we cuddled, then back to being uninterested. i knew i know he doesnt want me romantically. damnit am i only good now for hugs. are we friends? what i meant is not sex but am i only good for physical stuff? i dont fucking know, the m-dude obviously just want a fwb and i was to trusting to notice. is this my gut feeling or my anxiety idk!
another side story. another guy suddenly expressed interested in me right when covid hit but it was because he couldnt get over his ex so i stopped talking to him for a while and picked it back up when i thought he was no longer idk being annoying about it. i thought he had to at least like me as a person to even express he liked me romantically. but apparently not. he looked so uniterested suddenly and denied when i asked, then stopped reading my texts.
so you see. i just cant if haiz ok do- do anybody like me? just as a person? idk.
god i knew i fucking suck for being so sensitive and anxious and im sr for wanting stuff but maybe i want you to look like you care a bit when i said you are reminding me of the m-dude, instead of saying ok we can talk less then. i already felt like you dont want to talk to me, you dont have to say that...
officially crying heyho.
just saying no you dont dont like talking to me when your actions were saying the opposite is not cutting it either... i also thought highly of the covid confession guy too but what happened now. im sorry for comparing you to others! but i learn from experiences... and this was sus... (yah its a joke i cant help it.)
and if i just agreed and stopped talking to him right it just, felt like a confirmation that yeah its true hes just letting me hug him not because im his friend and he knows i like hugs so he lets me. but its more like its convenient that a girl is hugging him so he wont say no. something like that. that sucks. thats all im good for. if i were his friend, it would include the talking too.
ah!! i know we are not close, we are both casual friend. he is definitely not on my top list to tell stuff to but damn i still like him enough to hurt. and to not asking for too much.
so anw i kept talking with the anxiety that never got solved and that made me frustrated and i picked at his insecurity to made him hate me enough to stop talking to me cause i couldnt bring myself to stop, id feel so bad. this is really toxic and i admit this is not the first time ive done it, to a different person but its the same thing.
hahaha act like i hate him while just want him to see how i feel so bad. yeah im a tsundere.
it worked so i stopped talking to him for a week and focused on talking to my other friends. friends i know without a doubt love me and want me because i really didnt feel that with him at all. sorry i know you were tired with covid.
that made me felt better and i was not in panic mode anymore, i can calmly assess things now. and before, i felt bad because i truly believed i was just seeing things, i couldnt see pass my anxiety and was blaming him for what, nothing. he did want to talk to me. but my mind was clearer after that one week and yeah i cant really make more excuses? yes i was sensitive and made things worse, but there must be something for me to pick up first. it didnt just come out of thin air.
so i sent him some texts saying that, because just leaving without a word is bad communication. i have to tell him and at least give him a chance to change i guess? did he need change? im doubting myself.
i- hm he just said yeah his look and way of talking really make him look like hes tired and uninterested, and laughed at my marie kondo joke. you know the one. idk! all i saw in that was yeah thats how it is, accept it. and i-- i, cant? i dont want to... i dont want to :(
but my mindset for just about anything is value the process, not the result, like as long as you put work in! thats great! and he- he was, talking... he put work in..... i would feel so bad to deny it. but at the same time, it was not enough... i hate! to say you need to do at least this and that! but it didnt feel like enough..... im sorry :(((( i am.
ive talked about my tendency to lash out. last time i didnt want it but i had to get away quick so i didnt mean it but i still did it. but this time i was truly angry. because i just wished there was more care for me but i know that was all there was, and i couldnt do anything about it. couldnt even ignore him. he was even drier then, and i got it, i lashed out at him, ofc he wasnt going to be friendly. but just why were you trying so hard... no, no it was not trying hard, you were answering texts at the speed of once every 2 days. why were you answering at all? you clearly didnt want to. but again so was i. did i really have a say.
so i sent angry texts at him. about how fake his friendliness was, did he really consider me friend, why did he keep saying no it was not that he was uninterested while it was obvious that he was. also that i want to fight him. i really do want to. hopefully he will beat me up hard enough that i can be in a coma and die in 9 months idk. (listen 9 months is enough time to make a new human, if im not awake by then, you need to let me go, thats my wish.)
he said that no he doesnt like to fight and thats the last text i got from him.
because ofc i dont hate him him, the whole him idk what im saying. just angry and hate that hes not matching me on how we value this relationship i guess. not besties like how he likes to joke, but eh, was hoping more than what i was sensing. i still sent a text being like ok fine do you still want to talk and if so how do you want me to do. but he didnt answer it in time so i decided for him that nah we wont talk anymore.
heyho i was sad, i am sad. and ok hear me out, HEAR ME, i dont use tarot for future but just for my feelings and how to deal with them, and my deck said ok babe this is the end, you will have to move on now. so i will.
tbh lmao for every relationships that i emotionally invested in. i always make an essay on my feelings because thats how i conclude things, and so i wont forget that my feelings are legit. so the moment i started this post, hes dead to me i guess.
wow this post is long. but i did really like him so.
im moving to uni city next month but i know he will leave in the summer so i wont have to worry about seeing him then. and probably not further in the future either, we go to different uni and are quite far away and our common are not gonna question things i dont think. dont think they would even notice, we are not in a group or anything. and even if i do end up meeting him. my feelings while was anger, but it stemmed from sadness and disappointment so it wouldnt be too bad. on the other hand... m-dude..... i am afraid of meeting you, lets please please please not meet damnit.
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gduncan969 · 3 months ago
Do You Smell?
Tumblr media
2 Corinthians 2: 14 - 16  But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere.  For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.  To the one we are an aroma that brings death; to the other, an aroma that brings life. And who is equal to such a task?
During my earlier years as a chemistry professor teaching students how to work safely in the laboratory, the first thing my students were taught was how useful the human nose can be as a front-line detector of what dangers might lurk inside any of the multitude of bottles lining the shelves in the lab.  This was in the days before  MSDS sheets (Material Safety Data Sheet) were available explaining these dangers and so it was important to teach the students how to tell if a bottle’s contents might need special handling.   The label on the bottle (if there was one) generally gave only the name of the chemical but little else, so the first lesson in the lab was showing them how to uncork a bottle, wave their hand over the top and gently waft any vapours towards the nose.  I would then invite them to try it for themselves and open some of the bottles on the shelves in front of them and have a sniff.  Invariably, several students who weren’t paying attention picked up a bottle labeled “ammonium hydroxide”, removed the cork, stuck their noses over the top and inhaled deeply.  This resulted in them doubling over in a fit of gagging as their lungs filled with ammonia gas.  They had ignored my instruction to wave and waft but fortunately the gagging soon ceased with no harm done (ammonium hydroxide is used as “smelling salts” to awaken fainting victims).  However, they always remembered never to do that again.
Odors, aromas and smells—whatever you want to call them act as triggers telling us whether the contents of a container are good or bad by the smell they create but they can also flood our minds with vivid memories of past experiences, some good and some bad, making us happy or sad or even angry, depending on the circumstances.  All of us can relate to walking into a kitchen filled with the aroma of fresh-baked scones or pies and being immediately translated back to our childhood, returning home from school to that selfsame mouth-watering smell.  Mind you, that may not be as true of our younger generation where mom’s (or dad’s?) pies and scones came fresh out of the package from the local supermarket but I’m sure we all agree that certain smells produce certain reactions in all of us and if that reaction is negative we do all we can to avoid that odor.  We now live in a world where the wearing of scents and perfumes is frowned upon because of some peoples’ negative reaction to them and giving off any odor in company is considered politically incorrect and inconsiderate.  Today, the emphasis is on wearing de-odorants—chemicals designed to remove any odors we might be emitting that might cause others to hold their noses or walk away from us.  The human nose is a very powerful organ that can speak to us as no other organ can.  It spoke to my students in the lab and told them what bottles could be opened safely in the room and what bottles should be opened only in the fume hood.  It speaks to everyone who has a sense of smell, either warning them of danger, like the smell of gas (which actually has no smell so the gas company purposely adds a stinking chemical to it) or, drawing them towards it like the smell of fresh baking or the unique smell of those we love, our children or our parents whom we hug to get a lungfull, sometimes even if means breaking the COVID rules!  
In 2 Corinthians 2: 15 Paul tells us believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have a unique odor to God, to each other and to the lost: “we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing”.  Although the dictionary defines all aromas as “pleasant and distinctive smells”, not all aromas are good aromas and not all good aromas are good to everyone who smells them.  To put it bluntly, believers smell of Christ but that does not guarantee everyone will like what they smell (sense) when in our presence. It should not surprise us then that some people take an immediate dislike to us when we meet them because to them we smell bad, not because we forgot to apply our deodorant but because we have the odor of Christ and it disturbs them, drawing attention to their separation from God and to their sinful ways—all this even before we may have spoken a word out loud.  But more importantly, to other unbelievers there’s something about our “smell” that attracts them because it reveals there’s a better life to be lived, a more satisfying one, a more joyful one, an everlasting one.  To God our Father, we are the pleasant aroma of His Son, Jesus Christ, the One who captivated us and leads us in triumphal procession before the Him.  God loves the smell of us!  Between ourselves, we smell the pleasant aroma we share of the promise of life eternal with the One to whom we have committed everything and we enjoy fellowship with those others wearing the same sweet perfume.  However, to the evil-minded that perfume is the aroma of death, “the aroma of the knowledge of Him” whom they detest, a deadly aroma to those who refuse to repent!  
Paul’s picture in this passage is of a Roman victory celebration where the triumphant general (Jesus Christ) parades his victorious army of faithful soldiers (us believers) before the emperor (God the Father) who displays us to all creation.  At the end of the parade are the evil-minded unbelievers, marching in chains with Satan himself at the head lamenting the defeat of his kingdom of darkness.  These captives smell only the stench of the eternal death that awaits them, a disturbing picture highlighting the reality of this present world, a world populated with just two kinds of people—those who know Christ and are saved and those who don’t him and are condemned.  Among the latter are those whom we know as friends and acquaintances but who do not have “the knowledge of Him” and are trapped in their sin until we convince them turn to Christ and be saved.  That’s the challenge we face: to do all we can to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ while there is still time and it’s an enormous task which is why Paul finishes verse 16 with the question: “who is equal to such a task?”  None of us likes to think that all those friends and neighbors who do not know the Lord will be eternally lost and eternally separated from him and us but if we fail to reach them with the Gospel, they are!  So, how do we bring them from the back of the parade to the front?
If it is true that we are the aroma of Christ and of life eternal (and we are) how do we make sure we are spreading the odor of Christ around us?  One of the simplest ways to stop a bottle of perfume from spreading its odor is to keep the cork firmly stoppered in the bottle!  I have never seen a woman buy a bottle of perfume without first opening the bottle and sniffing it (or using the spray bottle provided for that purpose), nor have I seen a man buy an aftershave lotion for the first time without flipping the lid and sniffing it.  As believers we can fill the atmosphere around us with the fragrance of Christ but only if we uncork the bottle and let the scent of his presence escape.  That means we need to let His Spirit within us flow out through us or no one will ever understand how much God loves us and them and what He has done for us all.  In Christ, we are  bottles filled with the fragrance of his Spirit and able to fill the air with the aroma of his Presence but only if we uncork the container.  We do that by allowing the Spirit of God within us flow out of us in “rivers of living water” (John 7:38), in our conversations, our praise, our worship, our attitudes and our lifestyles.  All of us realize that when we became believers in the Lord Jesus, he made us witnesses unto him and to the eternal life he gives us but what many fail to realize is that we are witnesses even when we fail to open our mouths and confess him.  That only makes us silent witnesses who think of ourselves as members of “God’s Secret Service” until we realize He doesn’t have such a Service.  But even if we are silent witnesses we still emit the odor of Christ to those around us so we can stop trying to be a witness for Christ and accept that we already are one despite our silence.  Thus, we can relax and begin to “open up” and tell people what that smell is that they detect in us.  
As a chemist, I used to work with many chemicals that smelled just awful and despite my best efforts I’d go home at night to my wife who would take one sniff and banish me to the shower room  to get rid of the smell I was reeking of. (I couldn’t smell it because my nose had long since quit telling me I stank.)  I think many Christians don’t realize they already smell of Jesus before they open their mouths.  You don’t need a heavy smoker to tell you he smokes because you’ve already recognized his tobacco addiction before he opened his mouth.  We are the aroma of Jesus Christ to a dying world even if we have, through the fear of man, tried to keep our bottle firmly corked. The Lord has many ways of giving our game away to others because if we truly love him, the odor of his presence will leak through the stoppered container through our attitudes, our interests and our lifestyles, all of which speak of him.  So, we may as well just take the cork out of the bottle, throw it away and let His fragrance fill our surroundings and start telling others why we are the way we are.  Take note though, the more time we spend in His presence, the more strongly we will reek of Him and the more others will notice.
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ronnie-azumane · 3 months ago
Haikyuu guys as stuff my dad did
This idea has been in my brain for a while, so I'm writing it out. Hope y'all enjoy :)
CW: idn, its pretty wholesome
Daichi answers your frantic phone call home expressing that you forgot your backpack and laptop for college when you went home over the weekend. Expressing that all of your notes are in the backpack, he decides to wake-up extra early Monday morning and make the 2 1/2 hour drive to your university, then drive all the way back to your hometown to go to work.
Sugawara came up with the best hiding spot for you while playing hide and seek at your 7th birthday party. He squeezed you in-between the back of the couch and the back couch cushions. Then, he sat in front of it to conceal the awkward lump it made in the couch. It took the others 30 minutes before giving up and telling you to come out.
Asahi asks you to style his hair for a zoom meeting he has later that day. After some deliberation, you both decide to do a mohawk style. He braces himself as you run off to get the brush, hairspray, hair gel, and hairdryer.
Nishinoya still wears the Annoying Orange shirt you got him when you were in 3rd grade. It's faded and has a giant picture of Annoying Orange on it, which faded from popularity in 2010, but he still wears it. In public.
Tanaka makes the dumbest jokes while in the audience of your colorguard/dance competitions. For example, he asked your mom if he should shout "Go get 'em George" to the group of girls performing to confuse everyone. Another favorite joke o his is to chant "the worm, the worm,, we worship the worm" while the previous team is carrying out their floor.
Ennoshida talks with you as you make one of the biggest changes in your life. Midway through your second semester at university, you determine that business is not for you, however, you do not have a backup plan. Talking with him, you end up changing your major to Geography, and now you love every second of it.
Kageyama drinks the milk out of you cereal. You hate the taste of milk by itself, but you don't want to eat dry cereal. To not waste milk, he drinks it after you finish eating your cereal.
Hinata fails miserably when your mom tells him to reapply the medical glue on your forehead. The day before, your sister threw a wooden block at you, causing a major tear in your head. Your mom took you to the emergency room, but they were busy and it was a school night, so they told her to just take some liquid band aid (which we called glue) and close the wound. Your mom told him to replace the glue, and he took ELMERS GLUE and placed it on the open wound. It hurt like a bitch.
Tsukishima takes you to go see the museum of natural history once a month. He knows you're the odd girl out of your class that would rather play with dinosaurs than dolls, so he takes you to see the dinosaur fossils. He also gets a discount because his place of work donated a significant amount of money and resources to one of the exhibits.
Yamaguchi helped set up your setup once you moved to zoom university. He attached your laptop to a monitor his job had extra, so now you feel like a badass whenever you use the two screens.
Oikawa out of nowhere invites all his high school friends over to stay the week at your house. A trip that probably should have been planned in weeks, even months, is planned in just a weekend. Everyone ends up sleeping on air mattresses and blankets on the floor due to your mom just finishing up replacing the floors in the house (she was not too happy with the sudden trip, but was welcoming anyway)
Iwaizumi makes you watch Godzilla with him whenever it's on TV. Some of his fondest memories include receiving Godzilla themed ornaments from his mom ever Christmas. He also unironically watches those cheesy fan-made Godzilla fights on YouTube for hours on end. Man just likes Godzilla.
Hanamaki and you wear funny hats to a volunteer cookout. The organizers told every one to wear a hat so that their hair didn't get in the food, but you two take it a step further. You wear a banana hat while he wears a hotdog hat.
Matsukawa taught you how to make all kinds of breakfast food at a young age. Whether it was a simple as a fried egg or as complex as French toast, he worked with you until the recipe came out perfect.
Kyotani scares the other parents off when it comes to the silent auction selling the class are projects. Now the shelf you and your kindergarten classmates fingerprinted flowers and bugs on sits proudly in your closet holding crafting supplies.
Ushijima scolds you for leaving the lights on. Most parents do that already, but he takes it to a new extreme. Your mom explains that he would never turn the lights on in his apartment when he was in college and would simply get his homework done before dark. Sometimes, if he had something to do, he would light a candle to finish something up.
Tendou recalls a story in which he stole a bus battery with his buddies to power an air conditioned tent at boy scout camp. He also recalls the year he and his friends tried to build a pool in the wilderness at the same count, only to get caught and reprimanded for it before filling it with water which totally had nothing to do with a camp counselor finding it and having a Vietnam flashback
Goshiki watches anime with you. He always acts like he is uninterested in whatever show is on, but he soon gets super into it and it will be the only thing he talks about for a week.
Kuroo sits at the table with you until 2am working on that math assignment you have been struggling with. You've definitely run out of tears to cry, and had to redo the assignment twice, but he is guiding you through the answers
Yaku isn't a fan of all the pets you and your mom have collected over the years. I mean, in his defense, at one point we had 8 cats an 3 dogs. However, he is also super cuddly with them, always giving them nose boops and belly rubs.
Kenma plays Xbox, Wii, and the ds with you. He doesn't find the bulk of the games you play with him entertaining, but he is willing to run through LEGO Star Wars with you. His personal favorite to play is Mario Kart and he doesn't let you win >:(
Lev is trying to convince the family to let him take the position in Alaska with higher pay. When mom raised the concern that the long winters wouldn't do well for your mental health, his counter argument was, "Yeah, and that sucks, but hear me out. We could have a pet Polar Bear." We didn't move to Alaska
Bokuto was definitely the most enthusiastic dad at the girl scout father daughter dance. He twirled you around in your pretty little JC Penney dress and made sure you two were the center of the dance floor. At one point, he lifted you above his head with each foot in a hand like a cheerleader. Truly terrifying.
Akaashi drives out to the 24-hour pharmacy to pick up some cold medicine when you couldn't sleep due to a stuffy nose. He also checks up on you every hour when you are coughing with some mysterious disease (due to the lack of tests and priority of the high-risk, I will never know if I had Covid when I got sick in late March)
Aone gives you the biggest hug after you get released from the graduation ceremony. He isn't the best with words, so this hug speaks so much to you.
Terushima has been taking you to Mardi Gras in New Orleans since you were a baby. He doesn't care that it's mostly an adult party, he believes that everyone in the family should enjoy a good ol' Mardi Gras
Atsumu carries you on his shoulders all the time when you're small. He just thinks it's the cutest thing.
Osamu makes sure to host a crawfish boil every year. Whether its the neighbors, family, both, or just the household, you can expect some good, spicy crawfish with corn and potatoes whenever he cooks.
Kita teaches you how to drive a stick shift. He's frustrated that you cant move three feet before stalling, but then realizes that the issue was that you were in third gear, not first. He is now impressed that you were even able to start moving at third gear.
Sakusa takes you along with him to work. His job is full of tough men, so when they see him with you in a little blue dress-up tutu and a plastic tiara on your head, their hearts just melt.
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mercurialmist · 3 months ago
To Be Something Else, Mathilda Oosthuizen, 2021
Crashing, right knee hitting hard, back, then head. Thud. The force brought her head back up from the concrete stairwell. Was she trying to get up? To move her purple jumper away from the spilt ketchup? To lift her head to joke? Complain or rib? Stillness. 
Adam was in the toilets. There were only two cubicles. No one else was there, yet. I’d wait until he finished, then show myself. As a scientist he would probably look at me with curiosity, making time for him to see who I was. I’d try and show him the handshake we used to do. I was sure he’d remember even though it was fifteen years ago or so. The flush sounded. Still on the ceiling, I began to make my way down. Adam flicked the lock, the door opened. 
My legs/arms touched something slippery. I stuck to every surface but not this. I scrambled to get a grip but it was no good. I was going down. I hit the hand drier and fell into the bin head first. I rustled around in the cesspool of papery germs trying to turn myself around, but there was no room to manoeuvre. The bin, mostly filled with damp hand towels from the early morning toilet goers, began to sway. This was not the entrance I had planned. The contents and I spilled out. After shaking the paper towels off, there was no sign of Adam. He had gone.
I felt something fall onto my back and saw a roll of toilet paper making its way towards the door. Adam was armed. If it wasn’t so tragic it would have been hilarious. We would have laughed as we passed a spliff. I tried to tell him it was me. I crawled closer so he could see the handshake. 
Look! I gestured towards him. He swung his leg out, clipping what once would have been my chin. My whole body was flung into the air. Adam began to shout. Telling me to get out. To leave him alone. Upside down, I could see his face, eyes wide, nose flaring, holding a toilet roll in his right hand, ready to fire. I scrambled, remembering the earlier technique of rolling and tipping. My head was spinning from the kick. Perhaps I deserved this greeting. I hadn’t kept in touch. Things had changed, we were different now. Even after Covid I hadn’t asked him how he was, or his family. Maybe he was just angry at me. Another roll hit my back, I fled. 
I had to find the food. That’s what they wanted, that’s what they’ll get. I focused all my energy. I closed my eyes, searching for something, some instinct that would alert me to nearby food. 
“That’s it, come on. Just go left, then you’ll have it. Come on.” Tamzin whispered under her breath. 
That’s more like it! Keep it coming, I’m all ears. Now where? Come on Tamzin! I waited for her to give me a signal. She moved around the other side of the maze. I followed her, turning left in the Perspex maze box. My hairs skated on the smooth surface of the plastic. She stood still, I tried pointing my antennae in front, to see if it could gather any sense of food. There was a small scent coming from somewhere, seemed to be right. I followed it around the corner. My stick feet became separated from the ground. I was being swept up in something. I wriggled my legs, trying to keep my face above the water, now be pulling me around the maze. 
“What are you doing! Matt stop! Are you trying to drown it!?” Tamzin tore the litre bottle from him. 
“ Just having a bit of fun. I wanted to see if he could swim.” He chuckled. 
“Not cool Matt.” 
The water seemed to be rising. As long as I could keep my mouth out of it. I was floating along the surface of the water. My shell was keeping me from drowning, like an in-built life jacket. Each time there was a ripple in the water, it splashed into my mouth, causing my arms and legs to wriggle, causing more water to splash into me. I spluttered, or tried to. Water seemed to be covering my shell. I held my breath. I could hear Matt laughing as I felt myself becoming engulfed by the water. 
The lid began to lift and a thin strip of daylight blinded me. The antennae were stronger than they looked. I’ll give them that. It was time to leave this shit behind. Literally. Mounting the pile I had created over the last few hours, I used my entire body, starting with the antennae, I had finally found a use for them, even the shortened one and pushed up with all my legs. Holding the lip of the lid with my front legs, I kicked and wiggled my way out of the dumpster. 
It seemed adding an outsider to a research project wasn’t allowed. The boss had instructed them to get rid of me. And so they had squabbled. What should they do with such an animal? Matt said it would be easiest to squish me, there was an incinerator in the basement they could throw me in. Thankfully this was voted out and I ended up here wallowing in the fatty acids and squalid thoughts of getting what I deserved. It was meant to be, I was finally where I had always belonged, animal or not, I recalled the urgency of finding answers. It wasn’t just my life at stake. I remembered Suzannah, her obsession, her books, that all things have force, have agency. I needed to show the world that Jane Bennet was right. We things matter, and are vibrant. For Alfie.
Forced to make my way out of a bin for commercial waste, my ego was squashed to the size of my broken antenna. The food didn’t help. Whilst in the lab, a voluntary test subject, a guinea pig ,the food had been shit. Mostly bin scraps. Probably pulled from this same bin. I needed some decent food. Some Halušky for example.
Approaching the back of the shops and restaurants, overflowing bins on either side. I scrambled down the wooden slatted fence and into the alley. It was an open space. I stood still. Cigarette in hand, she was looking out, down the alley, I was in her eye line. Checkered trousers ballooned around her, making it seem like she had one leg. The tightly fastened apron suggested otherwise, as it hugged the tops of her large thighs. I froze. She could easily choose to ignore me. Right? I couldn’t think of a time, when if a large insect had come into view, I would have ignored it. There was a chance when smoking with Tom, playing The Legend of Zelda, a chance. I wished for Zelda to appear now. Something to take the pressure off. But all was still. Nothing moved except the smoke drifting from her cigarette. I was relieved when she turned away. Maybe she hadn’t seen me. 
The pain was staggering. I couldn’t work out what was hurting. Neither could I move. 
“Take that!” I felt a thump in my abdomen as the chef’s foot pushed its way underneath me before lifting me up in the air. I landed on the other side of the alley on some bin bags. Old fish skins seeped out along with kilos of slimy noodles and meat packaging. This was not the problem. Towering above me was a very irate human. I watched in slow-motion as she swung a wooden post above her head. For a second I thought I was on World’s Strongest Woman the strain and bulging features, penetrating through her skin. The post came down hard on the bottom half of my body. Knowing this could be the end, I forced myself over, off the bags and onto my feet as once more the post was raised. I tried to limp fast. My back leg trailed behind me. My balance was off. I couldn’t move fast enough. She was getting closer. 
“Oi! Chef! Order!” 
I caught sight of the chef turning towards the voice. 
“What the fuck man? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something here!”
“Yea, well, customers!” 
I could see her once again raise the post. I kept running, looking for anywhere to hide. I felt pain all over, then my eyes closed. 
I cleaned the plate. Pleased to finally be allowed such a thing instead of the rabbit bowl I had been using.“More sleep for you, I think. You need it to regenerate those legs.” Marina lifted me from the table and carried me into her study. I nestled into her arm. Once in the room, she laid me down into the small dog bed she had had in storage somewhere. It was the ideal size. In the partially lined sheepskin bed, I felt cocooned but not constricted. As I was about to close my eyes. Something large entered the room and made its way towards me. It was huge! Black with some white wiry hair and a large tail it wafted around wildly. It knew I was here. I looked over to where Marina was sitting at her desk. I couldn’t run, I couldn’t escape to the ceiling. She hadn’t noticed the dog’s entrance. Marina! It began sniffing in front of me, wanting to get closer. Go away! Leave me alone!
It tilted its head to one side and made a whiney noise. 
“Oh Rory! What are you doing in here!” Marina grabbed the dog by its collar and whisked him out of the room, closing the door behind it. She came back, and seeing my agitation, insisted the dog was gone and wouldn’t be coming back. An apology would have been nice but she didn’t go that far. I’d never been into dogs. I never knew what they were going to do. Not like cats. They were much more relaxed. Marina, why don’t you have a cat!? I looked back at her but she was fully engrossed in her writing. He nearly ate me for fuck's sake. What were you thinking letting him in here? She must have sensed my unease as she swivelled round to my direction. 
“Sleep for you. Sleepy time. Gosh I need to stop getting distracted, first the dog now you. This paper won’t write itself.”
She was right. I needed rest. I needed to get my strength back. From reading books by Ewen Cameron over Suzannah’s shoulder there was a likelihood that I would grow back the legs. The one on the right was the worst off, most of the leg was gone. This was the ideal place to heal. The study was quiet. Marina would talk to me, I liked that, even though I couldn’t talk back. It was more that she was muttering to herself most of the time. She would read too, read aloud what she was writing. At first I found it difficult to understand, it all seemed so academic, so out of reach. But as time went on and my legs began to heal, it began to make some sense. She made sure the dog didn’t get back in after the incident. I’ve never felt so helpless. Not as a human anyway. This world was not made for me, that was very clear. It didn’t know how to react to me, to treat me. So instead I got violence. I got kicked, attacked with toilet rolls, chucked into bins, twice. And worst of all, I too had been driven to violence; the only person, perhaps ever, who had understood me, was dead because of me. 
Crashing. I watched in slow-motion as her right knee hit the edge of the step hard, her back smashed into the concrete, then her head. Thud. The force brought her head back up. Her purple jumper just missing the ketchup spill from the old chips. Was she trying to get up? To lift her head to joke? Complain or rib? Stillness. 
“Mum?” A quiet Alfie crept up the stairwell from where he was told to hide. He looked around the corner where he had last seen his mum, stopping abruptly, grazing the top of her head with his little knee. Looking down at her and then up the stairs towards where I was standing. I lay down. There was nothing to hold me up, it felt as if all my insides had gone. Had left me. Slumped on the floor, I watched as Alfie began to pat his mum on the pack, pulling at her tight purple cropped jumper. 
“Mum? We need to go. Mum?” Blood began to spill out from her nose. Her head resting limply near the edge of the landing. A small pool formed that soon expanded, sliding onto the stair below. Realising his mum wasn’t moving, Alfie took her hand which lay dumbly in front of her. And stood, watching. The blood continued to flow, her ears too began to bleed, building up in her outer ear, dripping from her lobe, spilling over and merging with the pool from her nose. Alfie watched as the pools grew. He looked up at me, as if he might see his Uncle Greg.  
“Uncle Greg!” 
I couldn’t move. As Alfie watched the door of my studio flat, I caught Gen’s eyes, they were open, wide open. Empty, but looking at me, as if to say, what have you done? 
A door opened below, voices echoed around the concrete stairwell. And I ran. I ran for my life. Ignoring the screeches that passed me. The kicks that nearly hit me. The cries from Alfie as neighbours began to see the state of his mum. I ran for the guilt. I ran.
See more of Mathilda’s work at:
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athenathesharkwrites · 3 months ago
Famous - Lando Norris
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Requested by: @feminismisaflawlessbitch​
A/n: So you sent me two requests in, so I decided to mash them up because they’re simular.
Warnings: COVID-19 doesn’t exist in this imagine.
W/C: 1.8K
Tumblr media
Being a world known famous singer had its perks and its cons, the con’s being that you could never have your privacy, no matter how hard you tried to keep it private and to yourself, the media outlets always seem to find a way to leak it, such as the latest headline.
Well-known singer, [Y/n] [Y/l/n], dating Formula 1 Driver, Daniel Ricciardo.
Which was a lie, you and Daniel had a mutual friend and the both of you just so happen to have been at the same club at the same time and decided to party with him and your mutual friend, and suddenly you were dating each other, well, according to the media and the magazines, meanwhile, you had just met him at the club that night and enjoyed his company.
“I can’t believe it, am I honestly not allowed to have friends without it being said that I’m dating them?” You ask as you toss the magazine onto the coffee table in front of you. “Am I not allowed to have friends?!” You were frustrated and close to tears, you look up at your manager, she could see how upset you were with the latest headline, they always published false stories about you, meanwhile, you tried your damn hardest to stay out of it and keep your personal life private, but lately, it started to feel like you were losing control of everything, of what the media was posting, and as much you tried to ignore it… it was always everywhere, the media didn’t seem like they wanted to accept that you didn’t want to share everything about your life.
“It’ll blow over, it always does.” Your manager tells you, she picks up the magazine to read the headline. “It’s not like you were caught kissing him, only caught partying together.” she tucks the magazine underneath her arm. “But for now, you will have to ignore it, because the rumours will amplify after McLaren announces that you will be joining them in the garage for the final Grand Prix of the season.”
“Right.” You laugh as you hang your head, running your hand through your head, it would definitely fuel the rumours even more. “Isn’t it this weekend?” You ask while looking up at your manager, she nods her head. “Perfect, it’s definitely going to a field day for the media.” It wasn’t that you didn’t want to go to the event, you were annoyed by the amount of media coverage that would be there, and once they spot you, you would be under fire and questions would be shot at you left and right and centre about yours and Daniel’s relationship, not that there was even a relationship, to begin with if anything… you would have rather just stayed at home and out of the media’s line of fire, but you would just have to endure it, unfortunately, you couldn’t cancel on McLaren, not last minute.
You push your sunglasses up the bridge of your nose as the door was opened, you step out of the car and was almost instantaneously greeted by several different photographers and camera crews along with reporters, in the distance, you could hear cheering from the fans in the stands as your face was shown on the big screen, you wave at a camera, hoping it was the correct one because you at least wanted to greet your supporters in the grandstand.
You were quickly guided to the security gate where you were quickly helped to get inside the paddock and away from all the reporters that didn’t have any permits to get inside, your pass was scanned, and you were ushered into the paddock where you were met with a few reporters that had permits to enter, you kept your head down low and eyes glued to the floor as you made your way to the McLaren building, you could hear the reporters firing questions your way, but you ignored them.
You enter the building and let out a sigh of relief when the doors shut behind you, thankfully the reporters weren’t allowed inside the building without permission, so, for now, you were safe, you look up and around the building and saw people dressed in McLaren’s official gear, talking to each other about the upcoming sessions, you reach for your sunglasses and pull them off and places them in the bag that hangs from your shoulder.
“[Y/n]!” You hear an all too familiar voice call out your name, you turn to the direction you had heard the Australian accent come from and smiled at him, you caught sight of a younger person following as he neared you. ‘You’re here!”
“Daniel!” You say as you meet him halfway, you wrap your arms around him, pulling him into an embrace. “Daniel the troublemaker Ricciardo.” You break away from the hug to look up at him. “Have you heard, we’re apparently dating.” Daniel takes a step back to put some space between them, the wide smile that he’s known for was on his face.
“I have, and I didn’t know that we agreed to date,” Daniel says. “I was shocked when I read the news.”
“Ahem.” Lando clears his throat to gain both you and Daniel’s attention.
“Oh, right, Lando, you’re still here,” Daniel says as he pulls him closer. “[Y/n], this is my teammate, Lando Norris, I think I briefly mentioned him at the club.” Your eyes slowly look Lando over, noticing how he styled his hair and how soft his eyes looked, your eyes move lower and saw a nervous smile on his lips.
“It’s nice to meet you, Lando.” You say while extending your hand out to him, he gently takes hold of your hand and shakes it. “Daniel did mention you, his new teammate for the season.”
“Haha, he’s the new one here at McLaren,” Lando says causing you to chuckle. “It’s uh nice to meet you, [Y/n].” You release his hand soft smiles at him, you had to admit, he looked much different than what Daniel had described him.
“Daniel, I think your description of him was way off.” You giggle while looking between the two teammates.
“What?” Lando quickly says as he looks at Daniel. “How did you describe me?”
“I said you were a kid,” Daniel says as he releases Lando. “Because you’re a kid.”
“A kid?!” Lando asks loudly. “Do I look like a kid?!” Daniel ignores Lando’s question and redirects his attention to you.
“I would like to show you around, but I have something to attend, so I’ll see you at or after practice,” Daniel says, you nod your head.
“DANIEL!” Lando shouts. “I’m not a kid!” Daniel shakes his head while walking away from you and Lando. “How dare you tell her that, what other false things have you said about me?!”
“Don’t worry, I can see that you’re completely different from what he said you were.” You say. “So, would you mind showing me around?” You knew that you could show yourself around, but you wanted an excuse to spend some more time with him and get to know him some more, see what else Daniel had lied about when he had told you about his teammate for this season.
Throughout the weekend you got closer to Lando and learned more about him, and he learned some more things about you, you had supported him through the entire weekend from the first free practice to the end of qualifying, which he had managed to ace and get a good result, you now stood in the back of the McLaren garage, your nails digging into your palms as you watched the race unfold, Lando was in second place and was catching up on first place with rapid speed, but the laps were quickly running out, and you were starting to think he might not make it.
“YEAH!” Cheers erupted through the garage as Lando managed to get first place with a late brake move, and with only one more corner to go, it would be impossible for the other driver to take first place back, the cheers became louder as the flag drops and Lando crosses the line first, winning the race, you lift your hands into the air, feeling the energy in the garage at their driver winning the race, you could see team members hugging each other and congratulating one another for the hard work they had put in this weekend, they might not have won the championship, but a win on the last race of the calendar was almost just as good, it showed how much potential their car had.
You were quickly guided to the podium ceremony to watch and celebrate it together with the team and Lando, it might not have been his first podium, but it was his first win, and you could see just how much it meant to him when he climbed out of the car and did the interview, you could see how proud he was of himself when he stood on the top step of the podium, accepting the winning trophy.
After the ceremony you were led back to the McLaren building and was instructed to wait until things had calmed down, so you could leave without any reporters storming you, so you stood on the balcony of the McLaren building with a bottle of water in your hands while looking up at the sky, you could hear talking below you on the ground as people scrambled around to pack up a few things for the night.
“Hey.” You turn around as you heard the voice behind you and was met with Lando’s smiling face. “You’re still here.”
“Yeah, yeah, I am.” You say. “I was told to wait a few hours for most of the reporters to go home.” He nods his head and joins you near the balcony railing. “How does it feel to be a winner?” He lets out a breathy chuckle.
“I’ll let you know when it’s fully sunk in.” He says. “Right now it still feels like a dream.” He takes in a deep breath through his nostrils before blowing it out through his mouth. “I’m actually glad that you’re still here.”
“Oh?” You breathe out in surprise. “Why is that?”
“Well, I wanted to invite you to the team dinner we’re having in a few minutes.” He says. “To celebrate the end of the season and my win.” You nod your head.
“Well, I have nothing else to do, and your win does deserve to be celebrated.” You say. “I’d love to come along and celebrate with you and your team.” You had a feeling that this wouldn’t be the last team dinner you would attend, nor would it be the last dinner you would attend with Lando, you had really clicked through the weekend, and you definitely wanted to see more of him.
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